Bible Verses on Healing

10 Bible Verses on Healing (with Commentary)

The primary channel through which God heals is His word. He speaks and darkness turns to light, sickness turns to health, the damaged is repaired, the lost restored. It was through the same word that God created all things (Genesis 1). We can, therefore, release the same creative power when we pray God’s word over our minds and bodies. This requires studying and meditating upon God’s word so that the Spirit of God can quicken the right scriptures in our heart to pray with and undo whatever evil is plaguing us.

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How can a Christian deal with hyper-spirituality?


What if a Christian attaches, “The Lord told me,” to almost everything he says and constantly shares quite enthusiastically the next big step God would have him take or the latest profound truth God has revealed to him (sometimes asking for support to fund him) with no accountability for failed and contradictory prophecies he shared in the past?

What if in the midst of this abundance of revelations, the person’s life is not showing much evidence of the fruit of the Spirit or sustained spiritual growth/maturity and, sometimes, progress in general?

This post offers Scripture-based advice to such Christians.

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