There is a passage in the book of Zechariah that reminds me of an incident that occurred many years ago. I was very sick and a special friend (a Christian sister) came to visit me. She became very angry because she sensed in her spirit that I was under a spiritual attack and she prayed this powerful prayer:

“The Lord rebuke you, Satan; the Lord that has chosen Zion rebuke you: is not this girl a brand plucked out of the fire?”

And the Lord healed me. His mercy brought me out of that challenge. A brand plucked out of the fire or, as the New International Version of the Bible puts it, a burning stick snatched from the fire, that is what I am because of Jehovah’s kindness.

So if you are in need of healing today or you are in any kind of ‘fire’, you too can pray Zechariah 3:2 over your life. When you do, believe that the Lord will snatch you out and douse the flames because that is who He is: a merciful God, a loving Father and a caring Friend. And I believe along with you that it shall be so and the poem in the illustration below will be your testimony in Jesus’ name.


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