“No, Mama, not again!” Nneoma wailed. “I just cleaned you up less than an hour ago and I’m set to go to church.”

“And who is keeping you from going?” Mama spat back. “I don’t recall asking you to come here.”

“I just wanted to let you know I was leaving but look at you!” Nneoma said, going into the adjoining bathroom to get water and towels. “And how do you manage to produce so much waste when you hardly eat?”

Nneoma meant that as a joke but Mama was not returning her smile.

“Are you insulting me?” she asked. “Have we become such mates that you can talk to me disrespectfully?”

“Easy, Mama! Why are you so uptight these days?”

They continued the exchange as she wiped Mama’s loins with disinfected water and changed her clothes, Nneoma doing her best to be cheerful but failing to lighten up the old lady’s mood.

When she eventually left for church, she wondered what she would do with her mother-in-law as she walked the one-kilometre distance. Her level of incontinence was becoming alarming. She couldn’t afford adult Pampers which would have made everything easier. She was running out of old wrappers to pad her with and the cleaning/washing was wearing her out. But what really made matters unbearable was that Mama had lost her good nature.

At first, she joked about her condition and wouldn’t stop blessing Nneoma for taking care of her, something her own children were loath to do. The irony of the situation was not lost on her because she had fiercely fought against Nneoma’s marriage to her younger son simply because the families were from different parts of Igboland. This misjudgment she apologised endlessly for.

It was not quite two years into the marriage before she realised that Nneoma was worth more than ten daughters to her. She was the one who remembered her during Christmas and Easter and once she had kids, she made sure they came to visit their grandma at least once a year. She brought her expensive clothes and food stuff from time to time. Mama was smart enough to know that her son, Chike, would neither think of blessing her so often nor pay for all that she got without prodding.

But as her condition deteriorated over the past year, she seemed to have begun to take out her frustration on Nneoma. When Chike, a workaholic businessman, slumped and died five years ago, his mother’s diabetes and hypertension were still under control and she averted the mistreatment that would have been Nneoma’s fate culturally as a woman whose husband died suddenly and “mysteriously.” She also ensured that Chike’s cash and assets went to Nneoma and her three children.

To ensure that greedy relatives did not harass the family, she moved in with Nneoma and her kids earning her the nickname, “Mama Police.” Chike’s older brother and his sisters, angry at how Mama sided with Nneoma after his death, said they’d washed their hands off the old lady like they’d done any substantial thing for her over the years.

By prudently managing her husband’s business, Nneoma was able to see her kids through secondary school and pay Mama’s hospital bills. But as two of her children entered university and Mama’s medical bills continued to grow, Nneoma began to be hard up. And Mama, who she vowed to love like the natural mother she lost at birth when she got married, was becoming increasingly cantankerous.

Nneoma did not blame her because Mama was tired of being sick, saw herself as nothing but a burden to the family and constantly expressed the desire to die. Nneoma’s attempts to encourage and assure her of her irrevocable commitment to care for her were met with brusque replies and disconsolate weeping. It was a battle to get her to eat, take her drugs or get out of her room.


Nneoma’s business was also suffering as she was hardly at her shops giving her sales boys room to pilfer stuff. She reviewed the situation for the umpteenth time, at least to know how to pray today. She couldn’t ask that Mama should die. Deciding who ought to die and when were solely God’s prerogative, she believed. She didn’t have the faith to demand for her healing either because Mama was already in her 80’s. She also wondered how Mama’s ceaseless griping and melancholy could be dealt with.

So despite her constant attempts at sprightliness when talking to her mother-in-law, it was a physically and emotionally fatigued Nneoma that walked into church that Sunday as the choir sang Frank Edwards’ “Chukwu ebuka.” They followed it up with Alvin Slaughter’s “God can.” The songs seemed to have been specially chosen for Nneoma, the first one reminding her of God’s mightiness and the second telling her, “When you can’t see your way through, just remember this my friend, God can, God can.”

By the time the pastor began to speak about God’s ability to turn any situation around, quoting Jeremiah 32:27, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?” and 1 Corinthians 10:13, “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it,” Nneoma knew that an answer was in sight. She knew exactly what to pray for – a way of escape, some relief to help her cope with the situation. She didn’t know how it would come but she was so confident as she left church that morning that she couldn’t stop singing, “Omewo ya, Jehovah Jireh emewo ya, Isi iyi nke ndu emewo ya, Omere ya n’oge ya.”*

During the week, her sons came on holidays and pitched in with taking care of Mama and the shops. Although she was glad about this, she knew it was just a reprieve, a pledge from God to assure her that bigger, more permanent help was on the way. And when it showed up, it came from so unexpected a quarter that she knew it could only have been the doing of God.

It was on Saturday of that week. An SUV (Lexus 330) pulled up in front of their bungalow and the driver confirmed from the nearby auto mechanic that it was the residence of Chike Ayalogu’s family before a gray-haired man in his late sixties or early seventies alighted from the owner’s corner. Nneoma had been spreading clothes by the side of the house but came to the front to admire the car. Chike had been meaning to buy an SUV but opted to complete the house instead and what a wise decision it turned out to be! But Nneoma still dreamt of owning one someday.

She was thus in front of the house when the old man came out and she could not believe her eyes for joy.

“Uncle Clem, is that you?” she asked. When he turned towards her, there was no doubt about it and she bounded into his arms like an adolescent, nearly keeling the old man over.

“You must be …,” he began.

“Nneoma”, she supplied.

“That’s right, Chike’s wife! But how come you’re looking like you’re in your twenties? Something’s not right here,” he teased. “We hear stories of bomb blasts and falling oil prices and think people here are just about done in, only to come back and see you guys looking so fresh.”

“Uncle, it’s the Lord’s doing oh!” she responded. “I am sooo glad to see you. Let’s go inside.”

Clement Izukanne, the visitor, was Mama’s younger brother who lived in Germany. He stopped visiting Nigeria ten years earlier after he was robbed on his way from the airport in Lagos but ran into an old family friend in Hamburg a few months ago. The man who was on a business trip from Nigeria extracted a promise from him to visit his family in Enugu sometime soon. He kept his word and decided to surprise his sister in the process.


What would have been a joyful reunion turned into a tear-fest when Clem, as he was called by Mama, saw his sister’s condition. He had no idea that she was having such a terrible time and could blame no one but himself since he hadn’t kept in touch. His sister’s surviving children had always been self-centred, he admitted, and he planned to give them a piece of his mind when the time was right. He furnished Nneoma with his contact details in Germany and his Nigerian cell number. He then offered to find a nursing home where Mama could be relocated to but Nneoma and her sons would not hear of it.

After some arguments, they settled for Clem to pay for a professional caregiver to attend to Mama full-time. That way, she would remain with the family but Nneoma would be free to run her business and have some personal time. Clem wired some money from his account with a local bank to help Nneoma make the arrangements. He added N200,000 to help with the children’s education and promised to come home biannually.

As Nneoma thanked him profusely, he said he was the one to thank her for doing what he and his family weren’t available to do, recounting how Mama took him in after the death of their parents and funded his education and his trip to Germany. He asked for her forgiveness for all the years of neglect and Mama said she was happy now knowing he was alive and well.

Mama is still sharp-tongued and cranky but at N50,000 per month with room and board thrown in, the nurse Nneoma hired says that the old lady’s barbs are music to her ears. Nneoma, on her part, remains grateful to God for making a way of escape for her on Mama’s case and tries in various ways to bring laughter and comfort to this woman who is the only person she has had the privilege of calling mother.
– The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

*”Omewo ya, Jehovah Jireh emewo ya, Isi iyi nke ndu emewo ya, Omere ya n’oge ya”‘is Igbo for “He has done it, Jehovah Jireh has done it, the Fountain of life has done it, He did it in its time.”

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193 thoughts on “A WAY OF ESCAPE (SHORT STORY)

  1. Oh. My mum has experienced a similar thing…and just like God made a way in this story, he made a way of escape for her too. This is really inspirational. God bless you ma for sharing this. Lives will be blessed.

  2. This is really a nice piece Ma. Nneoma really tried cus it takes patience and humility to be able to care for old nagging women. They can be very annoying. All the same blessed be God who always creates a way of escape. Good one Ma..

    • My dear, only those who have had old and ailing persons around will fully understand that this Nneoma of a lady was truly wonderful. Have a beautiful week, Vee, in Jesus’ name.

    • Wow! That story was really touching and impressive. The story have taught me a life time lesson . it just reminded of that song that Say’s” God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. His working the way we cannot see, he will make a way for us, he will make a way”. No matter what we are passing through currently, God will surely bless us one day. Thank you mma for this wonderful story, it really changed my perspective about certain things..

  3. Thank you for sharing this story my sister. It has made me realize just how many times my Lord Jesus made a way for me throughout my life thus far. So blessed to be a child, a bride, and servant of my Lord Jesus!!!! Alleluia and Amen!!!!

    • Glory to God! Our Lord is so caring and we are so privileged to call him our father. You’re splendidly blessed, Roberta dear, in Jesus’ name.

  4. Thank you dear Edith, Wonderful how God is always willing and ready to help us. Always uplifting. Bless you dear friend

    • Yes, isn’t it amazing how He defuses trouble and grants us peace? Thanks for dropping by, my beloved Astrid, and many blessings to you and yours in Jesus’ name.

  5. It’s not easy caring for old people especially sick ones.I Love Nneoma’s love,God willing I will be in a very wonderful relationship with my mother -in- law to be.Well done! Big Mama ,Its another good work.The good Lord will surely make an escape route for me,Amen

  6. Nice story……it reminds me of my grand fathers case,,although he didn’t make it through, I was inspired by the fact that my parents where there for him through out the period….

    • Thank God for your family. It’s heart-warming to see older people properly cared for by their families. Bless you!

    • Thank you very much ma for sharing this wonderful story. God always makes way for us, He always fulfills his promise, we should have faith in him, Be patient and prayerful; with him all things are possible.

  7. There is absolutely nothing like trusting in this our great God… Well done Ma.. Ur writings are awesome

    • As the Bible declares, those who trust in Him will never be put to shame. Bless you, Obianuju, in Jesus’ name.

  8. It is good to learn how to be patient and how to endure. this is one thing that i learnt from this story, so Nneoma should keep it up.

  9. It is never easy taking care of Aged people, it is almost d same as taking care of infants, i like Nneoma’s high spiritedness and attitude bcus cheerfulness is the key to coping in situations like this. My advice to ppl facing similar situations is to think of all d care and love as a parting gift to d person and something to be remembered by….

    • Very good advice. Thank you, Chioma! You have this knack of speakng wisdom beyond your years. May God multiply that wisdom and make it to fetch you recognition in Jesus’ name.

  10. Wow. I feel like crying but no tears. It always feels good to believe in God through all situations. So many lessions to take from this single piece. Inspiring, educating and lot more to learn from this story. Ma, there is lot more u can give from your wealth of knowledge. Keep it on u, are blessed indeed.

  11. this story has shown that God can always make a way where there seems to be none, it has really inspired me to always pray and ask God for help and he will surely see us through……. amen.

  12. this story is so interesting. it is rare to come across a daughter-in-law that would be patient like Nneoma in this story. She endured her mother-in-law’s barbs and was able to take proper care of her as her real mother. this will serve as a lesson to most daughter-in-laws (and all daughters) to take proper care of their parents not minding if they are in-laws or not.also, no matter the situation, we must understand that God is aware of it and will make ways of escape for us.
    nice one. keep it up ma.

  13. Awwn when I first started reading it I thought it was going to be one of those tales of the wicked mother in law and the innocent abiding daughter in law. Love the title makes you curious of the content of the story I always like hearing tales like this. I never had a grand parent they all died before I was born so its nice to imagine what it could have been like. Definitely abandoning them will be out of the question I admire nneoma. she wasn’t her own blood but she still tolerated her

    • I like what you said! Definitely, abandoning them would be out of the question. God bless you for that thought, my dear!

  14. Patience is a virtue we should all ask God for. Nneoma’s character is worthy of emulation.I pray we have this kind of faith in any situation we find ourself .I love the way the story was well written, God bless you ma for always touching souls through writing .

    • Yes, Nneoma really conducted herself well in the story. And thank you for the commendation and blessing. May God bless you abundantly too in Jesus’ name.

  15. Well, I have a granny who is diabetic so I understand what nneoma was going through, indeed she was one with the virtue of patience in fact she is the virtuous woman the Bible was talking about, this story just makes one to know that no matter what one is going through he (God)will always create a way of escape just as he did for the children of isreal when they got to the red sea and the Egyptians were pursuing them he created a way of escape, all we need to do is to trust him and he will surely fulfil his words……

  16. Patience remains one virtue everyone must seek to have, even as we journey through life. Sometimes, God could decide to delay our blessings for reasons best known to him. If we go out of our way to get what we want instead of waiting patiently on Him, we are simply flouting his orders. I admire Nneoma’s rare display of patience and tolerance. Ordinarily, she could have abandoned her mother-in-law. After all, the man who brought her in was dead. And there was no one to question whatever decision she takes. But she endured. And it paid off.

  17. Just so awesome! only if it happens like this in real life…such a touching story! Nneoma is really favoured. It sure pays to be diligent, longsuffering, trustful and prayerful

    • Sometimes, it does! When our situation becomes unbearable, something has to give and that’s when God steps in.

  18. There is nothing as important as faith in God… Nneoma received that faith when she heard God’s word in church… So wonderful. Reminds me of how my mum took care of my grandmother when her children abandoned her. Am glad Nneoma was remembered at last.

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  23. Truly God can do anything even the impossible, when all hope is lost he always sends help because he is a helper and miracle working God who does his things at the right and appointed time. Nneoma’s help came at the most desire time and because she was patient she was able to claim her blessings/miracle.

  24. God has a way of rewarding the humble, he is indeed a reliable God. some situations in life will make you feel there is no way forward but when God steps into the environment, there will be an experience of total change that will supersede the situation itself.
    Ma, your works are excellent, i love your application of new words and expressions.

  25. patience is a virtue… it’s like a costly ornament…. how many ladies these days could be as patient as Nneoma, most especially when it comes to mother-in-law matters??

    • I agree with you. Patience is not a common trait but being a fruit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit can teach it to us.

  26. it could be hard for someone who has never been in a situation where you can literarily see the end of the road and it is all gloomy to appreciate this piece. patience really does pay, and i couldn’t agree more with you, @Micah Adamu. the use of expressions and especially the graphics is simple and punchy. it sends the necessary message across. God bless you Ma, well done.

    • Nneoma is one charachar with a large heart. It will take only love and patience to overcome this type of hurdle. The part where she got timely help points to the fact that God still answers prayers . I’m glad Nneoma got a solution and Mama’s condition will be taken care of with enough love showered on her by Nneoma.

  27. This is a very wonderful testimony, the Lord always has a way of blessing those who trust completely in him. well done Ma

  28. This story reminds me of my own grandmother who has been with us though she has been sick, so the story is kind of inspirational

    • Glory to God! Forgive her crankiness if it ever comes up and do the best you can for her. You are blessed in Jesus’ name.

  29. A wise man will tell you that life requires patience… thus the saying “no hurry in life”. Nneoma exhibits such feature: patience. She, despite the burden of taking care of her mother-in-law, was patient and never raised a word of abuse at her… How I wish girls of nowadays would be like her! Nice story, aunty.

  30. Truly, God does His own thing at His own time. This is a story that tells us that God listens to us whenever we call upon Him.
    Amazing story Ma, keep it up

  31. God will always provide help at the eleventh hour, it only takes faith, and endurance to get what God has destined for you..
    Nneoma on her part has done her best as a human being.. All thanks to God that gave her the strength to endure the troubles coming from the old woman
    On mama’s side, I don’t blame her.
    Old age and suffering many a time do frustrate people

  32. Ma, serious o. I’ve had experience in this. taking care of aged people is like “hell.” You will really need to go out of your way just to see them satisfied and happy, if not, insult becomes your second name. I think I’m the heroine in this story, just that I’m not married #hahahaaa#. Nneoma really really tried and employing God’s method was actually the best thing that happened to her. just like Ahuekwe Chioma stated earlier, if you find yourself in this kind of situation,you have to first of all appreciate it by seeing it as an avenue or opportunity for you to leave a good memorial in someone’s mind. If not, you feel frustrated. Aunty, I so much enjoyed the story. That scriptural reference; 1st Cor. 10:13b, is actually one of my best bible verses. It always hit me with this great assurance that no matter how big a problem may appear to be, I must surely come out of it with testimony. Your exceptional ability in using scriptural backups in your write-ups makes them more interesting for me. Well done ma, more grace for more interesting stories!

  33. First and foremost, well done for the inspirational piece.
    It’s only those who had or still nurse an ageing person that will understand this very well. I’m a living witness of Nneoma’s situations because I have been in her shoes for quite long now. My grandma has been sick and just as Nneoma’s mother in-law is portrayed in the work is exactly what we face from her. Sometimes, u regret doing some things for her because of her actions.
    I like to say kudos to Nneoma because not every woman or wife no matter the love can do what she did.

  34. patience is indeed a virtue and it was written all over Nneoma. God sees us the same way irrespective of our faults, He loves and cares for us at all times and He is always ready to support us.

  35. To be able to endure, irrespective of the situation, is the quality of a few. Nneoma demonstrates she is a wife material by doing what many consider as venturesome. I commend her character and would recommend it to all ladies, especially ladies of this generation who are just after hedonism.
    Not all writers can carve out in actuality the character of Nneoma with so much veracity and well depicting the current trend of life.
    Thanks Ma. for that wonderful piece.

    • Praise God! Patience, and the things Nneoma did in this story, would be nice in BOTH males and females. Bless you, Daniel!

  36. God’s time is always the best. despite the suffering, the delay and neglect from the members of the family, Nneoma(good mother) didnt give up on her hope in God. and God in his sufficient love and glory proved to her that he was never asleep and did not give up on her especially when she thought she has no one. He is an awesome God.

  37. God is never late, He shows up just at the right time. It’s only a few women who can do what Nneoma did. In all God proved Himself faithful. Nice piece ma’am. More grace!

  38. Nneoma is a strong woman. So after her late husband’s siblings fled from taking responsibility in caring for their mother, she, the “witch” put it on herself to do all the caring and dirty work, the thought of tolerating the old woman’s sparks alone is scary. After everything, all the challenges she encountered, she managed to pull through with the help of her God. There is God.

    • Indeed, there is God! A faithful God who makes a way where there seems to be no way. You’re highly blessed in Jesus’ name, Valentine!

  39. God makes a way where there seems to be no way.. Nneoma did what only few ppl can do… her character is worthy of emulation n i recommend dat our girls can learn frm dat…. nice one ma’am

  40. lolz this post is quite a funny one…..how money can turn things around am glad it actually came at the time it was needed the most

  41. Wow,God is so good Nneoma didn’t expect the help she got at that last minute, although mama never liked Nneoma at first but she was mama’s saving grace.

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  47. Thank God for sending help to Nneoma and to mama also….Nneoma is a nice woman with good heart,she refused when uncle Clem wanted mama to go for treatment outside the house when some women will gladly accept saying God has come to their rescue.

  48. Thank God for sending help to Nneoma and mama.Nneoma is a nice woman,she refused when uncle Clem wanted mama to be treated outside the house when some women will gladly accept saying God has come to their rescue.

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  51. God has a way of providing and taking care of our every need. I have learnt from this story to cast all my burdens on the Lord. This story is a source of comfort and encouragement to remain strong in God.

  52. Nneoma is a very patient, God fearing and well behaved daughter in law, it is never an easy task to take care of old people especially sick ones, I pray God will give me a Nneoma in my life

  53. It is always good for us to have patience. Nneoma never gave up on her hope. Even though the members of the family neglected her. God showed up to help her when she needed him most. He is an owesome God.

  54. Thanks so much for this wonderful piece. It pays to treat people around us good because nobody knows who would be his or her helper in the future; just as in the case of Nneoma and mama her mother in-law. we also need to be patient no matter what problem or challenge we are faced with.

  55. Nneoma a very hardworking virtuous woman who loved her mother in law and took care of her wholeheartedly. She prayed to God and her request was granted in due time

  56. Nneoma is caring. I admire her patience and kind heart. Only a few women can do what she did. Truly, God does his own thing at his own will. This is a story that tells us that God listens to us whenever we call upon him.

  57. Humility and patience remains the key because notwithstanding various things she faced, Nneoma remained tolerant. This piece is really inspiring and motivational.

  58. I really enjoyed the story, it’s never an easy task to care of aged ones. But in every situation, if you wait and trust in the Lord, He will surely renew your strength and make a way for you just like He did for Nneoma.

  59. Before my grandma passed on,she was bedridden for almost a year.
    Taking care of her gave me a lot of joy,I was about 9 years then but I would always feed her myself when I visit.
    As Africans,taking our aged ones to homes is not ideal but these days people do it because they are imitating the Westerners,leaving these old people to die lonely without their children by their side.
    I like the way Nneoma refuted the idea to take mama away.

  60. Really this story is nice. Most mothers-in-law do not know the value of their daughters -in-law. They don’t let their sons make choices of the kinds of women they want to marry. Although some daughters-in-law aren’t good to their husbands’ mothers, Nneoma is seen as an exception in this story. The way she took good care of her mother-in-law irrespective of the way Mama treated her in the past. Even when things got difficult for her and her children, she never relented in taking care of Mama. At the end, God provided a way of escape.

  61. A personality like nneoma is hard to find this days, staying with an aged nagging woman is not easy,it take God’s grace to tolerate them………..
    Thanks alot ma for this write-up.

  62. Indeed nneoma is worthy of emulation……
    She has a good heart, she’s patient and also tolerates…… I pray God blesses me with such heart.
    Thanks alot ma for this post,it really made me imagine alot of things.

  63. Being patient and helpful is very important. Nneoma was very patient and also having faith always believing God for open doors, when she least expected it God made ways for her when it seems all hope was lost.Situations might not be encouraging but we should never give up. I learnt so much Ma from this blog and I would love to read more of this

  64. Having faith, been patient and helpful are three important virtue that I learnt from this short story(a way of escape) Nneoma had full faith and she was patient and also enduring all her mother’s behavior towards her she believed that God will make ways for her and he did when she least expected it.We might be in similar situation just like Nneoma but we should never give up.

  65. Nothing is too hard for the lord to do. He can do anything he wants to do and at his time. He’s always on time! Thank you ma for this beautiful story. It has taught me to always wait and depend on God. Once he says he’ll do a thing, he’ll definitely do it.
    Nothing is too difficult for him. No situation can last as long as God is involved.
    I’ve also learnt to be the best I can be even when it seems like there’s no reward coming. Nneoma never saw her release coming but it did come and it met her at the right place

  66. 1Corinthians 13:13, thus stated the three virtues we have to abide by to make things happen for good and to gain God’s grace; there are faith, hope and love. All characters in this story depicted all; Neoma, the protagonist, exhibited all, and so was mama. Though mama’s old age and ill-health made her loose hope and thought of dying, saying all sort of rude words Neoma did not give-up in her love caring for mama; her hope for better days which eventually came in its time through faith she has, and as she had sung is a challenge to us.
    An instance is, if it were girl of nowadays, she would have deserted the old woman not minding how she had cared and saved her after her husband died. Uncle Clem also extended this payback by taking care of the family.
    so, we should always do good to people for we don’t know tomorrow. Moreover, faith, hope and love should be our leading virtues in all our endeavours.

  67. Nneoma is the kind of daughter in-law every woman would want to have .God sent Uncle clem as a reward for Nneoma’s deligence.

  68. God indeed has a perfect way of doing things in the right time, and he surely never let those that believe him to be put to shame, that’s why even the bible says “those that wait on the Lord shall be strong and they shall do exploits”

  69. What a wonderful piece of write up …and very inspiring .. nneoma is the type of daughter in law that sets examplary life to others…

  70. The way of the lord is always mysterious since the dawn . it offers hope to those who still believe in the way if the lord. So comforting, thank you ma, we will continue to strive.

  71. God makes a way where there is no way,for those who believe in him are like mount Zion and cannot be put to shame.stay patiently, hopefully to God.

  72. God indeed answers prayers in strange ways and he does that in the most unbelieving way. I glad she got a happy ending and definitely things are going to ease up for the family.

  73. This daughter in-law is one of a kind but am so sorry she lost her husband just like that. Nevertheless, am also grateful to God for creating a very good escape route for her. Thank you Jesus.

  74. Nneoma is a good woman with a good heart. Just like a popular idiom says ” one good turn deserves another”. Nneoma deserves the good that was done to her by Clem. The good she did led to the betterment of her life. We should learn to be good to people around us

  75. Gods time is the best. God always makes a way when it seems there is no way. Nneoma was very patient and God blessed her for her patience and hardwork. We should learn to be patient and always have faith in God no matter what we’re passing through because God loves us and cannot forget us and he will answer us in his own time.

  76. Nneoma show us the qualities we should have which include love,faith, patience and great trust in God for he is always there for us in all situation. Nneoma was tried and this qualities help her to win. She was given an escape by God because she trust him and when we trust him, he will do wonder for us as he said inJeremiah 32:27, “ and 1 Corinthians 10:13,”.

  77. Alvin Slaughter’s “God can.” is a song that soothes the soul in time of turbulence. BTW that nurse is hilarious, as in the harsh talks of the old woman will be merry music to her ears .Of course it should be with that amount of money. But then Nneoma is a lady that never gives up and is always committed even when her husband died, she is still standing strong and high.

  78. Patience, endurance and faith in God are three key factors we humans need in this life. This world’s not an easy one but with these three factors, we are sure of getting the best from God Almighty.

  79. God will surely make a way for his children where seems to be no way. I wish daughter-in-laws like Nneoma still exist and greatful mother in-laws like mama too. Nneoma really tried I believe God had sent her to mama knowing what the future holds

  80. Very inspiring write-up. Just when if feels like things cannot get better, God changes the story and make the worse situations good,the impossible becomes possible. God bless you Ma for all your pieces, you are truly an inspiration.

  81. This is a very inspirational and touching story. This is like a reminder to all the unexpected miracles God has done in my own family. Also Nneoma is a rare gem, it only takes God’s grace to be that patient and kind.

  82. I just kept on singing that song from when I saw it until the end. Patience is not easy, Nneoma is a strong and admirable woman I wish to be able to handle tough situations without grumbling to myself like Nneoma. Very inspirational ma. God bless you

  83. Wooow! This story is very interesting, I couldn’t restrict myself from singing the song to the end. God is a faithful God! Definitely there’s nothing too hard for him to do only if we should trust him and make our request known to him. As he said in psalm 20vs4. That all our hearts desires shall be granted. Blessed be the name of God that makes way where there seems to be no way.

  84. God is indeed a waymaker, we should never lose hope. It’s however very terrible how some children tend to abandon their parents when they become too aged or sick to do anything for themselves. We should shun that attitude.

  85. God always makes a way even when there seems to be no way, sometimes it might be immediate just like in the case of Nneoma or it might even take some time but the fact is that he will definitely answer when we call on him in prayers just as Nneoma did and get results.

  86. Patience is indeed a virtue, and there is a reward for all our actions. If Nneoma gave up on mama she obviously wouldn’t have gotten the help she needed… And we shouldn’t be too quick to judge people because of their background, mama vehemently opposed to Chike’s and nneome’s marriage, little did she know that Nneoma was her source of blessing.

  87. Staying with old women is not an easy task. Sometimes you may not know what to do in order to please them. But there are blessings always attached to it especially when it is done wholeheartedly. Caring for the old is just like sowing a seed which you must reap. Thank God for a virtouvi woman like Nneoma, she really tried, and the blessings she got now is nothing compared to the words of blessings which her mother-in-law has been showering on her. She has sown a seed that will continue to speak for her, and she shall reap the fruit of the seed.

  88. Hahahaha Our parents could be worrisome at 80’s oo
    I know what we went through in the hands of my grandmother.
    But, what a Miracle God blew their minds with. And He is still in the business of doing mind blowing things.
    *Amazing God*

  89. In every situation, let’s hope unto God. Especially in unusual situation where things seem to have ended. Remember that God can still make a way where they seems to be no way.

  90. This is really inspiring…i admire nneoma’s strength ,,determination and love she showed towards mama ,,even if the still exhibited cranky behaviours sometimes which is normal with someone in her condition. Uncle clem was really her way of escape …indeed God really answers our prayers???

  91. As the cliché goes “no condition is permanent” that’s why I said in your story “5 amazing things that make me read the Bible everyday ” when I read the Bible I feel the presence of God talking to me and telling me things I do everyday, Nneoma the stone rejected by the builders have become the cornerstone, she went to church head listened to the word of God and keyed into them and things walked out well because it was time.

  92. I love the way Nneoma took care of her mother in-law though the woman was against her son getting married to her. I also love the way she accommodated her behaviour when she lost her good nature and got angry at little things,Nneoma still took care of her and never prayed for her death. This shows she is a good Christian and Christ like, and God really made a way for her,to ease her off the stress. God can never forget his people (just call on him,he will answer)Jeremiah 29:12

  93. Am amazed at Nneoma’s character cause it takes alot of great deal to care for old people, cause they can be annoying most atimes… We should all pray foe God’s Grace to handle any circumstance that might come our way cause His grace alone is sufficient

  94. God cannot give us something we cannot handle,if only we can trust and believe in him strongly.Nneoma did well and she taught me to be have patience with people and to trust God always.

  95. This story is a perfect example of ” don’t give up on God because he won’t give up on you” No matter the trials and tribulations we go through in life, we should have it at the bavk of our mind that God is ten times bigher than that problem. And with him by our side we are going to conquer it.

  96. Sorry for the previous comment, it was a misplacement
    No condition indeed is permanent and this has proven itself in this short story involving Nneoma and her mother in law. although her mother in law denied her of certain privileges she still endured and persevered till the end, this was accompanied not only with hard work but most importantly praying and having faith in GOD who knows the right time to give us whatever we ask for.

  97. God is indeed faithful, when he works miracles for us, its like we wrote a script for him. Right now,this is the song playing in my head “…ihe oma ne emerem odika m dere Chim akwukwu,ihe m buro ne merem odika m derem Chim edemede…”. I decree Nneomas blessing on us all,amen!

  98. Patience comes by God’s grace because its not really easy to endure somethings. We just pray for God’s grace upon us

  99. Having to cater for old and bone weakened ones are quite a taskful thing indeed. Nneoma on her part is quite a good and caring mother and daughter-in-law as we remind ourselves that not all ladies in her shoes could do half what she did, ensuring mama is well taken cared of. Thank God at the end she escaped the whole stress.

  100. God is faithful and brings help in the right time and he also knows how to bless the good ones.

  101. God’s word is sure. He just made a way for Nneoma when she needed it and He did it in a big way. It is rewarding to depend on God for help.

  102. Its good to do good. I don’t know why its normal for male children to forget their mom so easily. Anyways there is always a way and it came through Clem, whom everyone would have forgotten about. He surprised Nnenoma and things just changed.

  103. It is wonderful that God fulfilled His promise to Nneoma to make things better. Once we trust in God, he can always meet our needs to make things better. God can make a way, be the way or find a way.

  104. In every wilderness experience, God is always there to make a way. Truly, there is nothing too hard for God to do, so, let’s keep trusting on Him.

  105. What a nice story you got here.Being around nagging old woman is really an unbearable experience. God really makes a way for his children outta difficult situations.

  106. God has always being a great provider in the times of need as long as faith is present and this story is a perfect example of faith in God

  107. God has his ways of doing things,knowing the right prayer point contributes greatly to the desired response from God.God is ever ready and willing to answer and grant the request of his children, all we need to do is just ask,and it shall be done.

  108. This story reminds me of that Don’t Meon’s song, “God will make a way”. Most people are not patient enough to wait and see him manifest his power, when all hope seems to be lost he’s there to give you the assurance that all is well, opening doors that have been locked and pouring down blessing from the windows of heaven.

  109. Honestly , thus story has inspired me a lot. Nneoma is a good woman and I’m happy that God came through for her .God definitely makes ways for us where it seems like there is no way. All you have to do is have faith

  110. God never forsakes his own, he always makes way for them in any situation. Nneoma has a good heart not everyone would after what her mother in-law did to her before she got married to her son, have the heart to take care of her after her children abandoned her, that was why God looked into heart and saw how pure it was and sent help to her and also blessed her. This is an example of happy ending!

  111. Wow! This is a definition of love , sacrifice and answered prayers. Nneoma is woman with a large heart, this explains her love towards her mother inlaw. She’s a survivor because it’ll take a strong woman to surmount such odds. I’m glad she got help in the long run.?

  112. An inspiring story.nneoma has a heart of gold. She helped the woman that never wanted her into at first without complaining putting her in prayers caring for her doing what her children can’t do for her. Nne is truly an angel

  113. God always makes a way where seems to be no way. I thank God for Nneoma,who ran to God for help in the midst of her distress. With God, all things are possible

  114. Beautiful piece ma. Truly, God always makes a way of escape for us. He comes to our aid when we think all hope is lost. Thank you ma for the reminder in this story.

  115. This story encompasses love, sacrifice and answered prayers. Nneoma is one woman with a large heart this is why she loves and cares for her mother inlaw. She’s also resilient and hard-working. I’m glad she got help in long run.

  116. A lovely story. God can never forget his promises to us we should just keep trusting him.God is faithful.

  117. Situations brings out the good and bad sides in us Nneoma is indeed a brave person to have gone through all of that for her mother-in-law even if she at the verge of giving up she still endured because she know that not every thing is permanent in life and God manifested that through mama’s brother uncle clems.

  118. Glory to God
    I just remembered a song ‘God will make a way’. He always keeps to his promises.
    Nneoma knew the God she serves and decided to hold on tight

  119. Wow, whats life without God, in the most desperate time he shows his mercy and rush to our aid… This poam is the perfect description of, there is light at the end of every problem… We just pray,belive,hope,workhard and leave the rest to God.

  120. One thing is going to church another thing is going with an expectation.Nneoma actually went to church but she had a burden in her heart and there it was rolled away,that’s God for us.It was really inspiring Ma.

  121. This story encompasses love, sacrifice and answered prayers. Nneoma is indeed a woman with a large heart because it’ll take such a person to make the sacrifice she made. I’m glad God answered her prayers.

  122. God has a reason for every situation he places us in we all have our cross to bear tho taking care of the sick and old is not an easy task but Nneoma proved herself worthy and the grace of God kept her going.

  123. Mama’s condition reminded me of my late grandma (rest her soul). She suddenly became bitter and snaps at anyone at any slightest provocation. Little did I know that it was frustration that led her to aggressions. (what sickness can do ??).
    Nneoma is a virtuous woman and God rewarded her for her benevolence. Truly, it pays to be good. And it pays to serve Jesus too.

    I don’t have words for mama’s children that abandoned her. I just hope they don’t blame their village people when they’re been paid in their own coins. What goes around comes around you know.

  124. God knew that Nneoma needed help at that point and he sent her one.She really is nice because not everyone can show such love. She is also very patient and God really rewarded her virtues. …

  125. God always make a way for his people. Nmesoma tried because it takes understanding, patience to take care of old woman.

  126. The end point is…when it’s Gods time for your blessings, nothing can stop it.. Nneoma worked really hard for that family and deserves even more. She endured all the challenges caused by her mother in law and still took care of her without grudges. It takes a beautiful soul to pull through that.. Indeed, God sends us destiny helpers at His appointed time. Thank God for uncle Clem who eventually came through for them at their point of need.
    Come to think of it, why would a child abandon a woman that gave birth to them and sat a watch their infant head just because of greed.. Mama’s children didn’t do well at all and of course posterity has its special way of taking care of that..

  127. Though while I read, I envisaged mama’s healing when the pastor preached but I think the way it ended was more realistic.who says our God is asleep? He is never late. He comes just right on time. Welcome home uncle Clem**

  128. Nneoma’s triumph at last is encouraging. God provided a way of escape for her from her situation and I believe he can do it for everyone else. Uplifting!

  129. The way and manner God chooses to bless men is something I still can’t wrap my head around. What a relieve to the family. Of a truth it pays to help especially aged people. God bless you ma for this wonderful story.

  130. I must really commend Nneoma for her patience and courage. I know what it takes to stay with an ageing mother, i have had similar experience and must confess, i could not bear it.

  131. The Lord did it. God has a way of doing things, he is full of surprises. We should learn to look at the inner qualities of a human being and eschew the use of ties, location, tribes and other unnecessary things to judge a man. What if Chike had married another person, would the person have taken good care of her like Nneoma? I doubt that.

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