Our story stopped where Hassan banished fear and ate much-needed food from an unknown source. He has his suspicion about who his benefactor may be and moves to confirm it. Time to read and discover how that plays out.


Later that evening, Hassan freshened up and went to see the girl opposite whose name seemed to have escaped him. He needed to thank her for the meal and, perhaps, hint that more will be appreciated from time to time. Unfortunately, she wasn’t around. Her younger sister, a fiery undergraduate called Tara, said she’d left on an official trip that morning.

She was just as voluble as her sister and kept Hassan trapped in a discussion of climate change. Seeing how passionate she was about the subject and how much sense she was making, Hassan agreed with her all through. She did most of the talking anyway claiming that Nigerians are pretending it doesn’t affect them.

“The people I blame most are those in academia, who ought to know better. You see lecturers in the natural sciences who should instruct others using SUVs, owning several of such high carbon-emitting vehicles. Does that begin to make any sense? People engage in all kinds of practices that are not environment-friendly and nobody cares.”

Hassan nodded and agreed that our elite often exhibit value incongruity. He added that the masses need proper education in these matters. Before he left, he sought to return the flask but the girl insisted it wasn’t theirs. Hassan then pointedly asked if they had cooked white rice recently. She burst into laughter and affirmed that no one did any sort of cooking in their apartment.

Confused but not particularly worried, Hassan went home only to meet another flask of food at the same position. It was his turn to laugh. He picked up the green flask of a similar size and make with the red one. When he shut his door, he began to sing,
Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah
I give You glory, honour, power and majesty
You are the Lord, You are the Lord.


He checked the food. This time it was semovita with groundnut soup. Wonderful! It seemed he would be eating better now that he was jobless because in the past, he was always too busy and mostly lived on junk food. But he really needed to unveil the angel in the shadows that had undertaken to feed him. And for that, he needed a plan.
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

At least, Hassan is getting the sustenance he prayed for. What do you make of the young neighbour he chatted with in this segment?

In the forthcoming segment, we find out Hassan’s proposed plan and the extent to which it works.

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  1. OMG!this is no longer a joke! Hmm,personally I won’t eat that food if I were in his shoes.
    The young girl,Tara is something else,who talks of climate change in this our Nigeria sef, but she gather brain sha!Next pls!

  2. Climate change ke! That was all to talk about? I don’t believe this. I am even beginning to suspect. But then, angels are hard to spot! Oya oo, let’s move on! Nice one Aunty Edith.

  3. hahahahaha.. seriously he needs a plan. he needs to know who the angel is.. it might be the same same or a friend in the office

  4. those who trust in the lord shall do exploits .brother, keep having faith…..surely d world shall knw u soon

  5. wow! so I got my previous guess wrong. This suspense is ehh.. nice one ma. I must admit your writing skill/style is awesome. kudos

  6. A funny saying goes like this, when one door closes, God opens the windows to serve as an escape route.

  7. Lol this is becoming like an answer to this popular prayer: give us our daily bread. Come to think of it the food comes in varieties oooooo

  8. Hassan is a very funny man. you don’t know the source of the first one and you are going for round two anyway he is a man with courage because it takes courage to do what he has done. Let’s wait and see how he plans on unveiling the Angel in the Shadows. Although i think Tara was lying to him.

  9. Wow! I was wrong. It wasn’t who i thought it was then. Still can’t think of any other mystery angel though. This suspense is killing me

  10. so it wasnt the girl next door afterall, who then could it be? Tara seems to be a smart girl, i can say from the converstion she had with Hassan.

  11. This is what they call “water don pass garri.” It wasn’t even the lady next door, i didn’t see that coming.

  12. Now, this is getting interesting. This is like a surprise package. What you expect is contrary to what reality is giving you .

  13. Are we now going to call it a mystery how is the food coming or is it someone that knows his present condition that God is using to save him from starving since he is so much convinced in eating the food well let him go on at least it’s helping his life

  14. I have discovered that faithful people live a life of miracles. This situation applies to Hassan. He ate not just food, but delicious one, without struggle. Grace goes with faithful peole, they don’t struggle as the ordinary people struggle. One thing is clear, he never begged anyone and he never told anyone of his problems, only his God.

  15. Oh my God this episode is really funny, Hassan should be worried about who brought the food he ate earlier but he is not instead he intend to eat another food which the source is unknown, I think Hassan should endeavour to unveil this issue and stop being silly. Well I can’t wait to know who this person is?

  16. The young lady is social but I am surprise that at first acquaintance with a man she may probably had not known before, she could go that far.
    Hassan is becoming better of than when he was working, eating freely. At least while he worked, he paid for the food he ate but this time around, no expenses are made. I think he is enjoying himself and he need to pray more for such. How I wish I were him but I must confess that being in his shoe may land me into trouble because I will be worried, not knowing who is providing the food.

  17. It wasn’t her? Ghen..ghen.. I’m scared for him.
    No job but “beta food” delivery, haha! I hope it doesn’t end badly for this my “mr. food from nowhere eater” but his prayer life; wow!

  18. Hassan at least made effort to find out where the food was from and to show gratitude to the source. I also think the young fiery undergraduate is right about her assessment of Nigerian elites, they fail to practice the real thing.

  19. Hassan should at least be worried about eating the food which he doesn’t know the source. Anyway, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. So let him enjoy his delicious food.

  20. What the girl said about climate change is true,we Nigerians have always neglected it and its beginning to eat deep into the society.

  21. Wait oo! So the food provider isn’t the girl as I surmised? This is getting scarier and more mysterious than I thought. And to think this young man is enjoying the whole stuff got me wondering the kind of mind he’s got.

    Tara has proven to be a smart girl. Which girl of her age talks about climate change? Wow. She seems to be overtly comfortable with Hassan though.

  22. See Hassan breaking into a song all because of food, lols. Nothing feels better than when your prayers are being answered.
    For the young girl he chatted with, she seemed exposed to a large extent.. An interesting read, thanks ma’am for sharing

  23. What an interesting story! My question now is, who could this Angel in the shadow be? The suspense is now too much for me to handle. I was even thinking that it was the young lady. This story is very captivating.

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