In the last segment, Hassan’s notion that his neighbour fed him proved wrong and more food was supplied from the mysterious source. Let’s find out his plan for unmasking the identity of his secret provider and how well it works.


The next morning, Hassan woke early and positioned himself beside the front door. He would appear at the sound of footsteps and catch his benefactor before he or she could escape. That was his plan. But by 10 a.m., he gave it up and came out. Behold another flask! Must have been delivered when he used the bathroom but he was sure there had been no knock. Perhaps, the knocking was only done on the first day to alert him. He wished he had washed and brought out the previous flasks. His helper was running up an unnecessary bill providing a fresh one for every meal.

When he got indoors, he decided to call a girl from the Corporate Affairs Department of his former firm whom he really liked. They’d only gone out a couple of times with other work colleagues, but on the occasions they’d chatted alone, they felt very comfortable around each other like old friends. Although it didn’t seem right to start a relationship in his present condition, she seemed like the sort who could offer him a listening ear and some comfort at this time. Before he could locate her number, he received a call on his other phone. He couldn’t believe his eyes for joy. It was the girl he was about to call.

“Imelda, I woud have said, ‘Talk of the devil …'”

“Except that I’m no devil.” They both laughed at that.

“I know you’re busy and all that. But I was wondering, can we meet later today?”

“Sure. Come to the eatery by the office about five.”

“Hmmm … not a very good idea. Don’t want to be seen in the vicinity for now.”

“I understand.”

“You do? How? Why?” He had expected her to ask for an explanation but from her response, she already knew what happened to him.

“Listen, I can’t talk here. See you after work.”

Hassan wished he had found out why she called in the first place but he could contain his curiosity till they met. For some reason, he dressed carefully as though he was going for a date. At first, he wore a grey Senator outfit which he later shed because he felt overdressed. He finally settled on a pilot blue polo-neck shirt upon black trousers. That looked casual enough with his black loafers. He came back after leaving the bedroom. He had forgotten to use his favourite musk cologne.

He sent an sms to Imelda to meet him at another eatery in Gwagwalada where she lived. He’d been to her apartment once with other office staff to pay her a condolence visit after the loss of her mum. He didn’t want her to have to go far to get home later.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the establishment was closed for business as the building was undergoing renovation. When Imelda arrived looking smart in a navy blue skirt suit and black pumps, she suggested they go to her place rather than start scouting for a suitable place to talk. Hassan agreed because her house would offer them far more privacy for the confidential discussion they were going to hold than anywhere else.

When they arrived, Imelda dropped her bag on the sofa where Hassan sat and asked what she could offer him. He asked for a malt drink. As she went to get it, he stood up and followed her.

“Why don’t you let me get that while you take a moment to unwind?”

Imelda tried to stop him but it was too late. From where he stood, he could see into the kitchen and stacked on top of the fridge were about half a dozen small food flasks.
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

God can send you help from where you least expect it. Seems the vibes Hassan got about Imelda were right afterall. She is a really cool girl!
Have you been in a situation where you got help from an unlikely source? Or, perhaps, you’ve been in a tight corner and a friend in need, a friend indeed, stood by you. Care to share?

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