Answers to Tricky Questions of Faith 1: How Old Is The Earth?

If you’re a Christian, you’ve probably struggled with this seeing that scientists claim the earth is 4.5 billion years old and Bible chronology puts it at about 6,000 years old. I did a little research on this and found some very rich material which I’d like to share with you.

I realise that some educated believers worry about such issues where scientists sound so confident that they have the right answer but I would rather put my faith in the eternal God and His word than in the findings of finite man, findings which in time tend to be refuted by new evidence. The fossil record may seem ironclad to many today but is it really? Plus, I won’t be surprised if whatever seeming proof it gives to evolutionary thinking is reinterpreted in the light of new knowledge in the future.

There is no need to feel embarrassed when something in the Bible is at odds with science. If you ask me, science will align with it when man learns enough about the subject. The truth is that much of science is speculation and extrapolation from whatever evidence is available, with the scientists clearly pointing out the limitations of their findings. However, those who report scientific findings for the layman (in school books and in the press) often take the findings as more categorical than they really are and even hype them. Hence the need to educate oneself on these matters.

If you think religion and science are parallel lines, perhaps you should read material on the subject. A good place to start is this article about the work of awardwinning theoretical physicist, Marcelo Gleiser, in which he shows that “traditional religion is actually more compatible with science than atheism” and that “atheism is not even remotely scientific”.

Quit feeling that it’s stupid to believe in God and exercise faith in this modern age.

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On this particular issue of the age of the earth, note how the figures from science have been changing over time but the biblical answer remains the same. So, here we go!

Relevant Article

How Old Is the Earth? By Wayne Jackson

The idea that the earth is billions of years old is linked to evolution because it would take so much time for the species to evolve. Going by the creation story in Genesis, that isn’t what happened.

“Evolutionary Dating Methods Are Unreliable.” In other words, the methods used to date rocks, human and animal remains can’t be trusted because of certain faulty assumptions upon which they are based. Here are two of the examples cited:
a. “Studies on submarine basaltic rocks from Hawaii, known to have formed less than two hundred years ago, when dated by the potassium-argon method, yielded ages from 160 million to almost three billion years ….”
b. In one case, “muscle tissue from a mummified musk ox was dated at 24,000 years, while hair from the same carcass
dated only 7,200 years!”
New scientific evidence continues to show that the assumptions made about an old earth are wrong.

And this is the part I like most: the Biblical record itself shows that the earth and man were created about the same time. “The prophets affirmed that Jehovah’s sovereignty has been evident to man ‘from the beginning,’ even from ‘the foundations of the earth’ (Isaiah 40:21). How could this statement be remotely accurate if man did not arrive upon the planet until billions of years after earth’s creation?”

And so much more! Like some problems with the Gap Theory that claims there were billions of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 in order to accommodate an evolutionary timetable. My simple faith is already revolted by that! How can a Christian be struggling to align the Scriptures with evolution?

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This article is definitely worth a read. And it isn’t too long.

(I have also included at the end of this post some quotes that show that evolution is a fraud from a cross-section of scholars.)

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Other Helpful Articles

You can also read the following and research more on this question of the earth’s age yourself. For example, how can we explain dinosaurs (those huge reptiles that science says lived 65 million years ago) from the Bible?

1. How Old Is the Earth? by Bodie Hodge

2. Creationist Ken Ham discusses his belief in a 6,000-year-old Earth
“If Christians Don’t Believe In A Literal Genesis, They Have No Foundation For Their Doctrine”

3. Did Dinosaurs Really Exist? A Christian Response by Chris Carpenter
(This article points out the similarity between dragons in the Bible and what science calls dinosaurs, showing from archaeological,evidence that such creatures lived as recently as two thousand years ago in China and Latin America. If dragons were actually mythical creatures, why are they mentioned along with other creatures that still exist today as in Psalm 91:13 (KJV)? Meanwhile, the writer notes that some modern Bible translations replace the word ‘dragon’ with ‘jackal’ in some cases whereas the Biblical description shows a much larger animal than a jackal, an animal that is more like a dinosaur. (See Isaiah 13:22 for instance.)

You need to read this piece yourself. It’s an interview and it’s very rich!

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4. What is the Meaning of Dragon in the Bible?
(The descriptive features of the Biblical dragon are given here with the relevant scriptures. And the article adds: “The animal sounds like the Loch Ness monster in the British Isles that so many claim to have seen. Was or is he real? Henry M. Morris, a highly respected scientist, believes it was an dinosaur. Skeletal remains of such an animal exist – a sea animal with a long neck.”)

5. What Does the Fossil Record Show?
(The fossil record shows no evidence of transitional life forms. Species appear fully developed and disappear as such. With all the paleontological evidence that has been gathered in the over 150 years since Darwin made his postulations which hinged on finding these transitional life forms or missing links that show how the species evolved from elementary to complex forms, the missing links are still missing! If you ask me. evolution is nothing more than a hypothesis which shall forever remain unproven because the critical evidence will remain a mirage.)

6. We have still not found the missing link between us and apes by Colin Barras
(Written from a scientific, rather than a theological perspective, I found this BBC article hilarious because it showed that much of science is about conjecture and constantly shifting perspectives as shown in the search for the missing link between human beings and apes.)

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Let me end by pointing out that this question of the earth’s age has little to do with our salvation. We are saved by believing in God and in the finished work of Christ on the cross and accepting Him as our Lord and Saviour whether we subscribe to the idea of a young or old earth. I think each of us should keep learning but be wary of placing any other source above the word of God. May God bless us richly while we serve Him faithfully and await the glorious return of Christ, our Lord. Amen in Jesus’ name.

Quotes Questioning Evolution

“One is forced to conclude that many scientists and technologists pay lip-service to Darwinian theory because it … excludes a Creator.” – (Dr Michael Walker, anthropologist)

“The fact that a theory so vague, so insufficiently verifiable, and so far from the criteria otherwise applied in ‘hard’ science has become a dogma can only be explained on sociological grounds.” – (Ludwig von Bertalanffy, biologist)

“Darwinian theory is the creation myth of our culture. It’s the officially sponsored, government financed creation myth that the public is supposed to believe in, and that creates the evolutionary scientists as the priesthood… that’s why they’re so vicious towards critics.” – (Phillip Johnson, law professor)

[bctt tweet=”If Christianity … is true it cannot be destroyed by science. – E.Y. Mullins” username=”edithohaja1″]

“Scientists who go about teaching that Evolution is a fact of life are great con men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever. In explaining Evolution we do not have one iota of fact.” – (Dr T N Tahmisian, physiologist)

Every single concept advanced by the theory of evolution (and amended thereafter) is imaginary as it is not supported by the scientifically established probability concepts. Darwin was wrong… The theory of evolution may be the worst mistake made in science.” – (I. L. Cohen, archaeologist)

“We are told dogmatically that Evolution is an established fact; but we are never told who has established it, and by what means. We are told, often enough, that the doctrine is founded upon evidence, … but we are left entirely in the dark on the crucial question wherein, precisely, this evidence consists.” – (Wolfgang Smith, mathematician, physicist, philosopher of science, metaphysician)





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  • Precious

    I have always put my truth in God…
    He has the final say…..
    Thank you ma for this you have really saved a soul

  • Eya paschal uz

    Things about life relatively remains a mystery. Both scientific and biblical records are contradictory. The fact remains that there is a being that controls the existence of other beings yet the being is not controlled. I guess death will clarify our contradictions. However Learnt from the episode, much educating, thanks for the knowledge Dr.

    • Edith Ohaja

      There are some agreements and contradictions. And archaeological findings continue to shed more light on and validate Biblical records. Only God knows everything. In this life, we can only know in part as you rightly said. May God’s favour visit you in the coming week in Jesus’ name.

  • Onuma Salome

    Yes Ma I used to have that mentality about science and religion being parallel lines
    infact I saw a picture of Giant skeleton that where found deep under the ground. How ever from my perspective though science can be accurate sometimes I still feel there should be a balance to how much we believe in things from science so we don’t forget the roots of our religious beliefs
    Thank you so much Ma for an opportunity to share my view God bless you, Ma!

  • God bless u ma for this eye opening piece with spiritual inclination. I am particularly moved by the conclusion in which u stated that salvation is not a function of our knowledge of the origin of the earth but our belief in God. The problem of wasting time arguing the correlation between what the Bible said and what science said can be likened to the problem associated with the argument on which church is better or best. The time and energy we spend in this argument if utilized in growing our faith will be a plus to our spiritual life. Once more, God bless u ma

    • Edith Ohaja

      I agree that undue arguments can be counterproductive but we sill need to educate ourselves in case we encounter people with wrong views. Paul the apostle often debated with the Jews about the lordship of Christ, the place of Jewish practices in Christianity and he also debated about true worship with the Greeks. As Ken Ham pointed out, knowledge and belief in the Biblical accounts of the origin of man and the earth are essential to faith. God’s grace in your endeavours in Jesus’ name.

      • Kooyon Abigail A

        I believe in God.
        The Creator of Heaven and earth……..
        I’m not a believer of scientific claims and arguments.
        God made heaven and man and every other thing on earth. I’m still wondering why men indulge in tempting God by questioning His existence with no reliable source of dependency…
        God help us because as for me, when it comes to issue of how old the earth is?.. I don’t really need enlightenment from mere speculations.
        It’s a mystery.
        Go and study your Bible, every information you need is there.

  • Ibe Arinzechukwu Christian

    Science deals with empiricism I.e Scientists adopts empirico-scientific method in understanding the universe. Charles Darwin has been one scientist I’ve always wanted to meet and ask him one question which is “Where is the Ape you evolved from?”.
    They talk about the Big Bang Theory, how it exploded and the universe came into existence.
    Science has failed or rather has closed its eyes to reality. Why has man not evolved again? Why is the heavenly bodies structured in such a way that they work independently? From Homo habilis to Homo erectus, from Homo erectus to Homosapien, for millenniums we’ve been waiting for the next ” Homo” but I don’t think it’s forthcoming.
    The word of God is the only path to true knowledge. Believe in what it says because the Person talking through the scriptures has been in existence even before the laying of the foundation of this earth.
    Let’s be grounded firmly in the Word of God. God bless you Ma’am.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    What pains me most is that some courses students study have atheist scientists who question the existence of God. Some are even the compulsory General studies. They keep using their claimed ” scientific method facts” to disprove the existence of God. I know some people whose minds were captured. Now, they don’t believe in God, instead they believe in reality.
    Courses like these shouldn’t be in the school system.
    For Christains, I advise that you shouldn’t listen to atheists. Believe the word as it is and don’t be tempted to question it. The word is TRUE!

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right. If we are not rooted in the word of God, we can be easily swayed by fanciful ideas of man. May God grant us the grace to feed constantly on His word to build our faith in Jesus’ name.

  • Cyprian ojukwu

    The earth is as old as man

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    Mmmm, this is really philosophical.
    Whatever fact or evidence that scientists are trying to come up with about the evolution of man,I don’t care because I strongly believe that God created heaven and Earth and whatever found in those places were created by God.
    It is an educative one ma!

  • Ezeoyili Ogochukwu Perpetual

    This is another post that comes with a very wonderful lesson. From what is stated above; Science is more of speculation, and their findings has nothing to do with our salvation and belief in God. For you not to worry about this kind of issues, I suggest you put all of your trust and faith in God. If you are a Christian, be a GOOD Christian….. It matters a lot.

  • Onyeka Stanley

    The knowledge and facts science reveals to us is of ephemeral value. That’s why I hate it when I see statements like: scientists have claimed, research has proven, study has revealed, experts has claimed, this and that blah blah blah. Now the main purpose of science is to explain the mystery surrounding the Bible. What I mean is that the knowledge should be in alignment with what is written in the Bible.
    Now the Bible made me to understand that every scriptures is written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and according to Genesis, it said that when the earth was dark and void without shape, the spirit of God hovers over the water. Now, how can we find the answers, it is through the Holy Spirit and it can only comes through the word of God. Thanks ma’am for this eyeopener.

  • Euphemia Nwele

    While reading I underlined a word in my head – assumption. Scientific facts are based on assumption, they speak assumption. But the Bible doesn’t.
    Well, these were questions I wasnt clear on, but not any more.

    • Edith Ohaja

      The assumptions are called hypotheses. Observations and other means of gathering data are used to test them to see if they are right. The problem is that some unverified assumptions are passed off as valid in bad science.I hope you understand that. Soar in Jesus’ name.

  • Awaka vivian

    I actually believe we should leave most things to God as human beings, particularly things relating to our existence, how old the earth is (whether billions or thousands of years), man’s origin and so on. Right now I’m really doubting the existence of dinosaurs, they might actually be dragons.

  • Onoyima Juliet

    Scientists sometimes pass out invalid hypothesis, and have people basing their research on them. Things should really be double checked before publication.
    May God continue to guide us.

  • Ezeh Blessing

    Thank you very much ma for this wonderful write up. All these scientific and philosophical assumptions of how old is the earth, God does not exist, human being evolved from apes etc have been an issue of discourse and confusion among Christians especially the literates. The way these scientists and philosophers present their data are very convincing. Nevertheless, as Christians we are advised to work with the word of God (Bible) and forget all these research, observation, assumptions of a thing. May God help us.

    • Edith Ohaja

      We should take a look at what science says if we have the capacity to understand it but, as you rightly said, we should understand that the word of Gos is superior to any scientific finding. Have a fruitful week in Jesus’ name.

  • Sunday, Ezekwesiri Daniel

    What I know is that the ways of God is mysterious and works remains the same but the works and findings of scientists is not stable, it is dynamic in nature. And this settles why we shouldn’t doubt the mightiness of God as regards creation.
    Bless you ma.

  • Onu Tochukwu

    Nice write up ma. Science is based on hypothesis, which is unjustifiable, questionable and can change in time to come but the Bible is inspired by God which makes it rigid.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I would rather say that scientific knowledge grows and changes with time but the revealed word abides like you said. May this week be full of blessings for you in Jesus’ name.

  • it is actually a mystery the origin, as well the general existence of the earth. we’re only made to believe it to be fact that the earth came to being, following the pronounce of a Supreme Being. i believe that no human being knows the true fact about the existence of the earth except our creator.

    • Edith Ohaja

      God knows everything, true, but He communicates with us and reveals things to us concerning the mysteries of life, the physical universe and our own affairs. Man has also learnt a lot through science. The post is talking about the clash between the revealed knowledge in the Bible and what science proffers about the subject of discourse. I take it that you didn’t read the post. If you did, you would have found it very enlightening. God bless you greatly in Jesus’ name.

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    Evolution dating moments are wrong !!! yea i believe in science , but when it comes to the world of God its not real to me .thanks Ma for your work and some others works out there who really show and prove that as Christians we don’t have brains and tend to take everything in hook line and sinker especially what we cant understand.

  • ifunanya Obidigbo

    science is all about assumption (hypothesis), every account they make, they always assume. Assumption in this context means “the act of supposing a thing without proof; a supposition; an unwarrantable (not justifiable) claim. We need facts, proof that all these their assumptions are actually true, because one thing about scientists is that, they always counter themselves in their assumptions. Nice eye opening write up ma.

  • ErnestValentine

    Christianity and faith is good. But Science also should have the chance to decide what we know.

    It is such thing as faith that can make us to believe the Gospel of Jesus even when it was written by different disciples assummingly under the inspiration of the same Holy Spirit to contain untalying information about one event. Luke at some point was saying something different from what Mathew said.

    Critical inquiry should always preceed believe, we should only believe where critical evaluation is futile.

    I was informed by this piece. Thank you Dr. Edith.

    • Edith Ohaja

      The contradictions in the Gospel accounts validate rather than diminish them. That is what happens with eye witness accounts. The minor discrepancies in the Gospel accounts, however, do not change the essence that the events they describe actually took place. On divine inspiration, you need a better understanding of how it works. The Spirit of God does not completely overtake the human mind He is inspiring except when the vessel is prophesying. If you are creative, you will know what I’m saying. For example, I would tell you that my blog posts are divinely inspired because God plants the ideas in my heart, but I put my mind to work to prayerfully develop those ideas. God bless you real good!

  • ErnestValentine

    Dear Dr. Ohaja, why is it that good Christian believe every content of the Bible without a rigourous critical evaluation?

    • Edith Ohaja

      Does this article not show critical evaluation? It is because the Biblical account has been called to question that I embarked on the research and when you take time and read all the sources cited (which are just some of the sources I painstakingly consulted in probing this matter), you will see that I deeply reflected on the issue. Or are you saying I’m not a good Christian? Have a great new week!

  • Victor Nzubechi

    The existence of this earth has been one of life’s mysteries and most times it is better not to give heed to certain scientific beliefs and theories. I still believe God is supreme

  • Akuma Victor

    This piece reminds me of Dr. Michael Ukonu who in my second year taught us Graphics of Mass Communication. While handling the topic on Evolution of Writing, he rightly pointed out that even though he’s handling the course, he’s no evolutionist. I am not as well, I would rather believe in the scripture than in formulations of a “finite man,” (borrowing your word Ma), whose wisdom is only but rag in the sight of God.


    Why do we keep on bothering ourselves with irrelevant issues and ideas of people who don’t even understand themselves, we really know that science keep on hyping the so called the years of earth, just to escape the question always being put before them, “why did the evolution stopped occurring”. So telling us that the world has lasted this billion or the other billions years is just to brainwash people that evolution keep on occurring but it will take another billion years for its full manifestation .
    To be frank, these scientific utterances, is a big challenge to the believers, but the summary of everything thing is that Bible foretold it, that all these will happen, but those who know their God shall wax strong and do exploit. I, like my mentor Albert Camus, would say that I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t, than live my life as if there isn’t and die to find out there is. Having such at the back of your mind would be the best thing that can happen to you, because even if you die and find out that there is none, you loses nothing, because when the cold hand of death comes knocking, neither your pleasure nor your enjoyment would follow you.

    • Precious

      God is not a man that He should lie, neither is he a son on man that he should repent. His words are true and alive. It says heaven and earth shall pass away but His word will stand. Science and it’s dogma cannot be anyway compared to OR contradict the word of God.

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    God is supreme, every other scientific assumptions are counterfeit. My people os not only in science ooo the worst is the philosophers, sometimes I asked if they go to church at all or read the bible.

  • Chinenye Lucy

    I think somethings are meant to be left as a mystery. We are not supposed to understand everything that happens and that is the problem I think science may have. The constant urge to understand or make sense of creation when we are not exactly supposed to is what leads to bringing up theories, do not exactly make sense and has a lot of holes in their story when questioned properly. This need to make understandable to human what was made divine is what leads to the parallel relationship science and religion(Christianity) has

    • Edith Ohaja

      Do read the post and my previous responses to other people’s comments, my dear. You are blessed!

  • Nnachetam Favour

    Everyone is free to believe what so ever he wants to believe, its a free world. But what am not happy about is when the belief/ideology becomes unreasonable. My neighbor ones had a monkey as a pet, now dead, actually the monkey died a monkey, And am still waiting for an evolutionist to come and explain to me what happened, there is supposed be a change nah. The fact remains that the world of God is Truth.

  • Anabude oluchi

    There are always issues like these that would make one be in a state of confusion but the word of God stands above all. And is not that we cannot study these evolution but we should be careful not to get brainwashed with all that

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    Thanks for the insight on this issue ma’am. I like how you concluded by saying that the age of the earth has nothing to do with our salvation. This issue has been a source of confusion to many Christian but I’m certain this article will go a long way in clearing many doubts in our hearts.

  • Kat

    Come to think of it, I have never believed for a minute, all these evolution theories and whatnot. This post gives me so much joy as I have realized just how absurd Darwin’s theory of the earth’s creation is. Lee Strobel was right to have said that it is so much more bothersome trying to have faith in atheism and in my opinion, even the evolution theory than in Jesus. Why would i go through so much trouble trying to dissect and analyze all those ridiculous processes and stages? There’s simply no concrete proof to show that the evolution theory is true! So much for science and ‘facts’ ?. These scientists have to understand somethings are just the way they are by the power of God’s word. Then again they also don’t believe in Him either? and that’s the root of the problem. They musn’t explain why the sky is blue, why the sun shines or why we breathe for Godsake. Nothing so flimsy as the evolution ‘fiction’ can shake my faith. It’s still as strong as ever and increasing everyday and I urge children of God not to pay mind to it either. A very enlightening post ma’am. It would give Darwin a run for his money.

  • egbo Rita Somtochukwu

    I basically don’t believe anything that deals with science assumptions or philosophical facts because when properly digested it can mislead one to question God and his creation. We should believe in God and his word because the word is the truth and answers any confusing questions about life in general

  • Uzor Victoria

    Both Christainty and science require a belief in God. For believers, God is in the beginning, and for physicists He is at the end of all considerations… To the former He is the foundation, to the latter, the crown of the edifice of every generalized world view.”

  • Onoyima Juliet

    I must say, there are questions who’s answers I didn’t know before now but not anymore.
    God over facts when weighed we know the obvious heavier one – God.
    Thank you ma for this piece it’s helpful

  • Ukwueze Oluchi B.

    Wow. This has lots of information. Well, I think some of the teachings by so-called Researchers such as philosophers most times go contrary to the scripture. My position has always been that the moment a teaching or any thing goes contrary to the Word of God, I am off. I heard the guy from English Department who committed suicide recently became an atheist as result of a course they offered in Second year that posited that there is no God.

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    The truth is that science will continue to be science and I also think Christians should continue to be Christians if you believe in evolution I believe in Christ that is what settles it

    I have chosen to follow Christ because I have found the Truth in him

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    It has always been the culture of the western world to make names for themselves in whatever they come in contact with in life. The evolutionary theory, the Darwin’s theory etc has always been a means the western thinkers have sought to provide a scientific explanation of a world that existed even before their existence, just to become academic authorities, without considering the grand master God who has made those things
    Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
    This passage is telling us that God has always been there from the very beginning of this and is the creator of all things that even the scientists are trying to champion on, without respect to him
    As far as am concerned science has always sought to know what reality is all about. For this reason I advice all scientists to go back to the ancient path and inquire from the father of all that exists and all that has exited “God” of what they should know period. My faith is always in God, direct my path their lord.

  • Henry

    Science is meant to be the knowledge of a truth, but why are some scientists (atheists in general too) disputing simple truth from the knowledge giver himself- God. It is that pride of man that makes him want to dispute the Bible. Simple, I believe all the good book says not what their lab and assumptions says. Thank you.

  • iheanyi ugochi elizabeth

    some people do not know that God place the idea of science in men just for us to explore and accept His supremacy. The purpose of God for science is been misused by they that know Him not .

  • inorder to retain my sanity, Ma, i really refrain from racking my brain on these issues. issues peretaining to the beginning of the world and of creation, evolution, etc. probably that was why i chose mass communicatio as a course of study, hahaa. faith comes by believing , the real essensse of the practice of faith entails believing withou doubt whatever the spirit has revealed. thus irrespective of how irrational and illogical it may sound, we are mandated as christians to believe in the scriptures.

  • Annabelle Orji

    God bless you na for pointing out this million dollar topic. As a Christian we believe that whatever knowledge we have is God given and people put supremacy to science rather than believing in God’s word.

  • Chukwuma Wilfred

    Scientific account of evolution and the age of earth or not, one important thing I believe is that God’s knowledge is the best and through the word of God (Bible) this knowledge is made possible to us. Therefore, “The grass withers, the flower fades: but the word of our God will stand for ever,” only but His word is the true wisdom. Thanks ma for this piece, it really builds our (Christians) faith stronger.

  • Agugbua chisom

    Religion and science has always been in contradiction to each other. Personally i have asked questions relating to the existence of earth because i have been taught so many things. I am very pleased on the knowledge i have recieved from this post. There is no reason to doubt God and i still put my faiths and belief in God Almighty. Thanks ma.

  • Nnaka Chiagoziem Prince

    The world is gradually shifting from theology to scientific but no matter how hard they try, the word of God cannot broken. Mathew 24:35 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”.

  • Uchechukwu Felix Ibeziako

    Today science wants to predict everything about the universe forgetting that God gave them the wisdom and strength to carry out all those experiments and researches. If it wasn’t for God’s mercy and grace, no man would ever know they existed. The word of God cannot lie.

  • Ugwoke Victor Nnabuike

    A Latin theologian(St. Augustine) once said; “Credo ut intelligam” which represents “I believe that I may know” in English. Though scientific knowledge can be very correct in many cases, it does not replace the strength of the knowledge that proceeds from God. For those saying that biblical knowledge is just a matter of believe, I see such believe as necessary.
    Thank you Dr. Edith Ohaja. This post is educative.

  • Ayigbo Chineme Edna

    This post has just strengthened my belief that Science is based on hypotheses and is dynamic unlike the word of God. I strongly believe in God’s word than that of man.

  • Uche, David Ihechukwu

    science is clearly based on empirical research, but the thing is, not even science has a definite answer on how old the earth is. This post is purely an acknowledgement of the amazing creation of God. It explores the omniscient attribute of God. Not even theologians, scientists and philosophers can decipher the system of the universe. None of them can answer this lingering question. ‘How old is the earth’

  • Mbata Jemita

    Having all these thoughts can bring conflict to one’s own beliefs; so it is best that we leave everything in the hands of the Creator and keep trusting and believing in His words. Thank you, ma.

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    Scientific evidences on how old the earth is will keep coming. Their evidences will forever be questioned but God’s word is unquestionable. As believers we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be swept away by human facts that cannot stand the supremacy of God’s word.

  • onah ukamaka blessing

    what a very adorable post, i love virtually everything about this post.
    At times science that is so empirical as its been said is just full of speculations. How can science detect or say about something that existed before it came to be? i need a scientific reply

  • Kalu Divine Ogechi

    God can never change, from age to age he is still the same, science can be countered but the word of God can never be countered. Thank you ma for sharing this wonderful piece..

  • Amaobi Precious

    Amen! But isn’t it funny how the supposed apes we evolved from are still apes today. I mean, it may sound crazy and I’m no scientific guru, but, I always wonder. The theory of evolution includes a part where we gradually turned from apes to humans, but, there are still apes and monkeys in the world and last time I checked, no one came up with an amazing wonder video of an ape turning to a man. Apes are still apes. Man is still man. I don’t see any logical connection between apes and man. I will rather believe my Bible where I’m created in the image and likeness of God, than an unfounded science theory where apes turned to men. Blah! It doesn’t even sound right.

  • Amarachi Duru

    The conclusion that states that the age of the earth has little or no relevance to salvation is the main point. A times, people waste their time especially the so called ‘scientists’. They waste their time trying to understand mysteries or solve out puzzles why certain things are the way they are.
    This has posed a problem since some things are specifically hidden by God. Man should understand that his mind is too little to understand certain things.
    Science should stop making itself a God by wanting to answer every question and fill every gap as to the ‘how’ of the world.
    Let’s centre on what matters and acknowledge all to God and stop showing off for our even God’s foolishness is wiser than our best wisdom.

  • Chukwu Stella

    The earth is as old as man,science is more speculation and their findings has nothing to do with our salvation and belief in God ,the knowledge and fats science reveals to us is of emphemeral value and sometimes scientists pass out invalid hypothesis and have people basing their research on them,I think before any publication things should be checked well…..May God help us all

  • Ndiwe Vivian

    There’s a lot of physical evidence that point to the earth’s great age; from dinosaur bones to rock formations and craters. There’s also conclusive evidence that the moon was once part of the earth and was cleaved from it when an asteroid collided with earth billions of years ago. Recent rock samples from the moon have pointed to similarities between their chemical composition and that of rocks found on earth.

    Adam was made on the last “day”, but there’s no biblical evidence to point that those “days” were earth days as we know them today. Even bible scholars argue that they aren’t earth days as we know it.

    “A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.” – Psalm 90:4

    • Edith Ohaja

      Did you read the post, Vivian? I think not. It appears that you are merely answering the question in the title from your previous knowledge. Do read the post and the references before commenting. Bless you!

  • Science tries to show more knowledge within the physical forgetting their is a Divine metaphysical aspect of life..come to think of the critics of science on the nature of divinities of God existence… Some philosopher disregard the existence of God.
    OK the fact relating Human to Ape. But why is there no more change or transformation of apes to human form in present times.. Although science gave rise to some invention but consider the metaphysical aspect there is Divine existence of God

  • No matter how scientists tries to prove that God does not exist, it doesn’t remove anything from who God is. As a true Christian, we shouldn’t be swayed by all these their SCIENTIFIC findings through empirical knowledge. Our God forever lives.

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    I actually hate it when people keep arguing about nature. This life is a mystery and some things are better left the way they are. Scientist or not no body was there at the beginning, so no one can tell.

  • Bryan Casey

    God the master planner made science in order for man to understand his universal problems .. we all must believe in GOD and also in science.

  • Nweke Ujunwa Linda

    This is another post that comes with a very wonderful lesson. From what is stated above; Science is more of speculation, and their findings has nothing to do with our salvation and belief in God. For us not to worry about this kind of issues, I suggest we put all our trust and faith in God, because God is the ultimate end. As a Christian we should strongly believe in the world of God, be a “GOOD DEVOTED CHRISTIAN”….. It really matters a lot..
    Thanks Dr. Edith
    This post is really educative, may God strengthen u more..

  • Igbo Chukwuemeka kingsley

    thanks ma for this wonderful post, indeed its a tricky question, how old the earth is? no one can truly give an exact year of the world, scientist will always try but cant give the exact year.

  • Okoye Chilotam Annabel

    Good one mummy, but I must say that it takes the grace of God esp we that study philosophy, it has not been easy. But for me, I think I have reasons to continue to believe in God especially seeing all these your encouragement. God will continue to inspire you ma.

  • Otti Augusta

    It is a really tricky question.
    Last year, at the end of our natural science course, the lecturer prayed for the new knowledge we have acquired (birth of stars, death of star, Evolution of man, etc). She prayed that we may not be confused, instead our faith will wax stronger and we will be better equipped since we already know the truth (Christ).
    Meanwhile, I have always doubted the theory of evolution. It never made sense to me.

  • Chiwetelu Stella

    More fascinating is the way Aunty Edith discussed Evolution and passed the knowledge it teaches and still find way of dismissing the concept by hearkening to the comments and works of notable scientists.

    In the quest to finding out the age of the universe, it should be lost on us that God is the Ultimate Evolutioner! Thanks Aunty

  • Eze Nathaniel Izunna

    It is obvious to note, that scientific project and postulations/observations has gone extra superfluous to dare the biblical instruction or in nutshell biblical teachings.
    But then, one thing is very pertinent to me which is that I strongly believe in the biblical lessons.
    Eeven though, the Bible maintained that the earth is 6,000 years old and the scientific method put it to be 4.5 billion years.
    For me personally, from my own rational episteme, the knowledge of the Earth is as mystery as the knowledge of existence of God.
    Thus, scientist has in many ways done so wonderfully, God as the ultimate brought science into existence.
    Therefore, age of the earth remains a mystery to all existing being.

  • Ezeorah Cynthia Somtochukwu

    In all cases, just as with the old-age scientific methods, there are none that are totally reliable. They are all based on assumptions. However, it is interesting that there are so many more methods which seem to indicate Earth is not billions of years old one of which is the Bible

  • Edeh Chinaza Jennifer

    Going by the creation story in Genesis, what the Scientists posist to be the truth about the earth is wrong. This is because biblical history of the creation and origin of earth (Genesis 1:1) is as old as man and the same God who created Man equally made the earth almost at same time, so I believe what the Scientific systematical postulations claimed isn’t what happened.

    For me evolutionary dating methods are purely unreliable because their assertions are deceiving and dynamic but God’s own remains stable and unshakable years and years.

    I believe in the Almighty God and I hardly pay attention to such scientifical claims or arguments.

    Thanks so much for time to dig out the truth and correct this ill impression created by this digital age.

  • Ugwu Ogochukwu A

    One thing I can say about this is that, there is no need arguing if its scientific or biblical. One can still believe in both. You can still be a scientist and believe in God. You have got nothing to lose when you still believe in God. because if God really exist,and you don’t believe in him, i bet you have got so much to loose at the end.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    Dragons where in the bible??
    wow…i never knew ooo
    for me , all this scientific babadash about creation and the existance of earth , its all does not seem right ,
    something always seems to be missing
    i just reccently found out that God is the missing piece

  • Amah Damian Uchechukwu

    Scientific and Religious notion of God is one of the metaphysical problem of the world,one cannot know what to believe for religion is spiritual while science is emperical,I believe that every effect must have a cause which is God ,even if science start their method trying to counter his existence, I believe that he exist and also believe in him

  • Onoyima jane

    Who has the final say? Jehovah has the finally say. There is no reason to doubt God, my faith would always be on God.

  • Okonkwo Franklin chukwuebuka

    It seems that science and Religion is pararell,scientific believe, and that of reigion seems to be contradicting,but the truth there is to believe in God as our creator wheather scientific observation disprove it or not.

  • Otinga ifunanya Ruth

    Wow! I have also thought about this like a thousand times and sometimes question the existence of God…yet no answer. It is just very obvious that man cannot get the mystery of this world. Infact the world we live in as a whole is mysterious,yet, we cannot question the creator because jugding from the scientists and evolution just leads to misconceptions about certain things.the best option is to live as christains and follow the teachings of the church. Thank you ma for this post

  • From time immemorial, I always preach and believe that the greatest book of all time is the word of God (bible) because science in their extrapolation and prediction cannot always be accurate, since it will always change, but the word of God will always be Amen. What a wonderful faith hardening write up.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    As a student of Philosophy, we were taught how God doesn’t exist and I watched my lecturers question the existence of God. One fact I know is this, the earth is physical but nothing about it is physical. The more you try to understand with the human mind, the more confused and complicated it seem. Why stress yourself in that when there are countless facts and truth imbedded in the Bible? God already knew that all these questions would arise and to ease the stress, He gave us the Bible as our guide and companion.

  • Clifford Ndujihe

    Yeah this contradiction has always been an issue, because as Christians we are in a dilemma whether what scientists claim to be true if there are actually true, but looking at the scenero which this post has put forward it is evident that most scientific findings as regards the earth and spiritual things are wrong.

  • Ugwoke Jennifer

    So many people have so much put all their beliefs in scientist instead of putting their beliefs in God not knowing that scientist also make mistakes. I think things would get better if we believe in the word of God rather than believing in the word of the scientists and forget about sciences and their proves because it had led so many people into making some mini mistakes about life and everything about it.

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    I stopped bothering about these science and biblical contradictory findings because it started to shift my attention from focusing on God. I’m still happy that some Christians take out time to shed more light and validate these findings.

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    I believe in God. I believe his word is true. I believe in the biblical account on the creation of the earth and not on evolution because the theory of evolution is crafted by human beings.

  • Agwu Tochukwu Frank

    In deed, this is an eye opening writeup.
    I really learnt a lot from it. Irrespective of the contradictory nature of both evolution and biblical account of the world, the truth remains that I believe in that supreme being that created both heaven, earth and the inhabitants of the earth.
    God bless you MA.

  • Ani Fabian

    Well researched and balanced write-up Ma which is definitely worth sharing. However I seem to be at lost at those who believe in Big Bang Theory who still claim they are knowledgable. Not to lampoon but just wonder why? Evolution was just a propaganda for me.

  • Osisioma Princess

    I’ve had doubts about this particular thing as a Christian but I always put my faith in God and this has really helped a lot, I won’t feel so embarrassed about it anymore


    If evolution is real, why have the present man not evolved into another creature? Evolution is so unreal to me that right through my secondary school days when I started learning evolution I thought of it as a course used to fill space. When it comes to my salvation, I know where I pitch my tent and it is with God. Why? He is reliable. What he says happened, really happened and our doubts are cleared by the help of the holy spirit. Glory to God in the highest!

  • Bessong Faith A.

    Do we pay head to evolution?
    Scientific discoveries are dynamic like you said that the Bible remains an unchangeable voyage to this world. Dr. L.S .B Leakey made discoveries of human fossils paranthropus, zinjanthropus, Australopithecus Africanus,
    He made it known that humans develope from homohabilis to homoerectus then to homosapiens. Over the years man has not evolved to any other creature. The issue of dragons or dinosaurs may be a true discovery and may still be scientific presumptions. It is normal for men to make assumptions, scientific discoveries can be a fallacy. That is Why God is God.

  • Godson chimaobi ogenyi

    Stating the Age of the Earth is Not something people can be sure, even if we say it, it is Not certain or true because no one knows the Exact Year the Earth is. The age of the earth is Mysterious. I believe in God As the Creator of earth, The Scriptures indicate that the earth and the human family are substantially co-existent in point of origin.Science will continue to make its vain and vacillating speculations. Those who are wise will not panic with every “scientific” pronouncement, by seeking to adjust the Bible accordingly; rather, they will remain with the express testimony of the abiding Word of God and wait for the world to catch up!

  • Aniebo Beauty

    Thanks very much for this insighting aspect, I have been wondering on most of these questions thanks again for giving us the biblical aspect it explains a lot.

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    Every question about the earth has its answer somewhere in the bible,reading and studying the bible should become a habit of not just christians but knowledge driven debators or as the case may be scientists

  • okoye paschalmary

    I think the age of the earth is unknown both scientifically or biblically. There is something I always remind myself of which is “someone with reason, wrote the Bible”. The implications of this is very vast incorporating both the fact that the person who writes must have written to pass a particular message according to his understand (or even sentiment). This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the Bible. I do believe but there are some cases where I become skeptical about it especially this point of the actual age of the earth. Also I do think the scientific declaration of the age of the earth is just a mere postulation or hypothesis as you put it ma. To the best of my knowledge I think the question of the age of the earth is divine question and should be taken to The Divine Being (GOD). Thanks ma for that wonderful one.

  • Anorue John-Daniel Kelechi

    As Christians all we need is deep trust and faith in the Lord, faith in things seen and unseen. Science would definitely make their laws and assumptions, those that conform with our faith and those that hits it hard on the head ‘FAITH’. Thank you Ma’am for this careful breakdown.

  • Izuogu, Ozioma Precious

    I believe that, having faith in God is that which collects us to him. it is very bad that some people think that they know it all. Like scientists people who thinks that they have gotten enough knowledge. Bible is the best book for universe research.

  • Urama Emmanuel

    wonderful write up. All these scientific and philosophical assumptions of how old is the earth, God does not exist, human being evolved from apes etc have been an issue of discourse and confusion among Christians especially the literates. The way these scientists and philosophers present their data are very convincing. Nevertheless, as Christians we are advised to work with the word of God and forget all these research, observation, assumptions of a thing. May God bless u ma

  • Nwosu Victoria

    some things about life will continue to remain mysterious. biblical and scientific views contradict each other is so many situations. however, Christians should be careful not to become too inquisitive to a fault. some things should be left alone. the focus is to serve and make heaven at last. thank you for the knowledge ma’am


    Wow! That was a mind opener and a mind blowing propositions you tabled out Prof.
    However, the debate of the origin and age of the earth remain a topic yet to arrive a general conclusion.
    The existence of the earth is time immemorial, we owe these, to be self evidence that the earth was before science and science, therefore will always cutshort of evidence to prove the exact origin of the earth. But just like you said, we are only saved by believing in God and His only begotten son. Not by the little knowledge of mankind on the origin of the earth. God bless you Ma.

  • Well I for one even though am being taught in school don’t believe in the story of evolution, I solely believe that God created the earth with everything in it as recorded in the book of genesis

  • Okonkwo Goodness Chiamaka

    Christian’s shouldn’t be involved in trying to know the world evolution because too much research can lead into doubt whether God exist or not. Believe the word of God and stop being too inquisitive.

  • Orji Chidiebube Prudence

    The problem with Christians is that they don’t take the bible as veritable enough to guide them on history and in the course of man’s life. It could be that they are too used to the bible as some were born into Christian homes and have read it all their lives. Because of this, they trust and attach respect to discoveries of scientists cos according to them, scientific findings are tested and proven hypothesis. If for one, a Christian would go back to his roots and not take Christianity as archaic but as the real life that it is, things would be better as he would turn to his bible and as such, have no reason to believe fallacies.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka

    there are so many things in this life that are contradictory. Science and religion being oe of them. Life is filled up with so many mysteries and also intellectual beings who are able to think and make decisions for themselves. I take the stance that no belief should be forced down any one’s throat. Just like Dr. Ben Carson said, if the scientists want to believe they come from a monkey, that is alright, but me, I come from God. lastly, what ever the archaeologically findings may be, it shouldn’t interfere with our religion. nice one ma.

  • Mbata Jemita

    There are things in this world that are mystries mostly in the Christian faith that we have asked questions about and yet haven’t gotten a reasonable answer to that. So we should set your priorities right in doing so God is the number one, with him leading we wouldn’t waste our time on unnecessary things and our thoughts will be focused. May God help us!

  • Nwachukwu Chidinma

    The study of the earth is a very serious question. The scientists study merely based on research and something by mere imagination .Aunty this post is indeed an eye opener for me in other to see both the role of the Bible and the scientists in the age estimation of the earth

  • Onwuamaeze Ikechukwu John

    This post just made me remember our philosophy class during first year. I really get so confused when they start question everything. Shockingly, even God own existence. For real! I was marvelled. This kind of things drive us away from God after they must’ve laid down their assumed laws and engaged in empirical process. Interestingly. Those scientific rigorous process are so convincing that it requires deep relationship with God to shun all their thesis. Thanks ma for this eye opener.

  • Favour Nnaemeka

    I would also like to recommend ‘A Case For A Creator’ by Lee Strobel which captures the journey of an atheist from a strong believer in Darwinism to becoming a strong believer in the existence of God.
    Most scientists in a bid to connect non-existent dots get very over-zealous so that they make the dots connect by hook or by crook. Christians should simply work with the Bible. It is the only truth.

  • njoga izuchukwu

    This is really philosophical. Whatever fact or evidence that scientists are trying to come up with about the evolution of man,I don’t care because I strongly believe that God created heaven and Earth and whatever found in those places were created by God. Science is more of speculation, and their findings has nothing to do with our salvation and belief in God. For us not to worry about this kind of issues, I suggest we put all our trust and faith in God, because God is the ultimate end. As a Christian we should strongly believe in the world of God

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    The scientists can only deceive those who are not deeply rooted in their faith. How can they say that Organic complex molecules are inorganically synthesized? How can these complex molecules such as amino acid, nucleic acid and simple carbohydrates accumulate to give rise to life? The claimed that life originated from inorganic matters. What a hoax. Life can only emanate from life and not otherwise. This postulation was a calculated ploy to undermine the fact God is the Creator of the universe. But it is not possible as no man can unseat God. Serious orientation is needed on such issues,
    especially to students coming newly into the high institutions of learning, so that their faith will not be damaged thereafter.

  • Ozukwe mirian chisom

    Thanks ma for this wonderful writeup. In my own view there are things better left unsaid like our existence and how old the earth is. Science is based on hypotensis and they are
    dynamic in nature but the words of God is stable so we christains should have a strong faith in God and remain steadfast in him.

  • Precious

    God is not a man that He should lie neither is he a son of man that He should repent. His word is true and although the heavens and the earth shall pass away His word would stand. Science would always have a place in the society but Christians don’t have to fight shy of arguments with the word of God. Why??… The answer is quite simple… God’s word is superior.

  • This is the thing with science. A lot of individuals have gone so deep into it that they forget about the words of God in the bible. God as a supernatural being is the one that created humans and we end up listening to the humans that were created. Science is made up of facts and that’s why people go to it. But what about the miracles taking place around the world? Philosophers don’t think about that and it’s annoying as they keep avoiding reality to end up making theories in their head

  • Ugwoke Somto Promise

    God created ever single thing in the world including the scientists that doubt His existence. That is all I know and I’m sure that the earth belongs to God no matter the amount of debate on the origin of the earth or not. God rules supreme.

  • Ajibe Chinonye

    Science and Religion are just like fire and water,they don’t just go together.O don’t why science tries to always prove the evolution of man and the earth when they should be a focus on how we can live the best of our life.It is our deeds on Earth that matters,the way we treat our fellow neighbours,family and how we can make the world a better place.Evolution doesn’t contribute to this.

  • Okemiri Ifunanya Diana

    Honestly things of the scientist sometimes can be confusing, the way they sound concerning the things of God sometimes is just not pleasing some can even tell you that there is no God that there is prove. But my point is that from the time I was born till now I have heard alot about the maker, so I strongly believe in him as the beginning and the end

  • Ojimadu kingsley

    There is one God, which is Jehovah, let scientist continue to speculate, till they come in contact with the Lord. Saint Paul persecuted sons and daughters of the Lord till he came in contact with Jesus and his life change. I will continue to believe in the Lord no speculation can change this.

  • Olawole Ebenezer

    Some scientists once said moses parting the red sea was a coincidence. That IT happens. But then I like to wonder: if Moses parting the red sea was a coincidence, they believe in Moses. That is, Moses happened. Then surely, Noah happened; Elijah happened; Elisha happened; The Mount Sinai incident happened (in fact we can still see the mountain darken because of the fire). Then surely Jesus happened. And definitely then God happened. I mean c’mon! Lol

  • Eze chinyere

    So much wisdom in this!! I have actually pondered over the evolution theory, existence of apes and all. There were no records of it in the Bible.
    God’s word should guide our beliefs since he created earth and knows how it came to be.

  • Obiaga ifunanya steph

    I love how rational you are on this issue, you’ve beyond all doubts convinced me that the bible is right . Scientist makes decisions based on assumptions.

  • Unigwe Juliet chiemelie

    No matter how scientists tries to prove that God does not exist, it doesn’t remove anything from who God is. As a true Christian, we shouldn’t be swayed by all these their SCIENTIFIC findings through empirical knowledge. Our God forever lives.

  • Gold jumbo

    Really ironic how Bible verses are poorly dissected and obviously misinterpreted to suite certain believes these scientist hold. Faith and science? I’d rather hold on to my views on religion, God is supreme. The account of creation can’t possibly be biased but as a Christian I don’t believes varying convictions can be forced on anyone. I believe in God, I believe in God works. That’s my truth, my belief. Thanks ma for this, truly insightful.

  • Abasiofon

    As a Christian, we should concentrate on living a Godly life on earth and forget about scientific findings. Even when the seem true, nothing should stand between our faith and give us second thoughts on our commitments

  • Anyasor Emmanuel Gerald

    Christians should be ready at all times to entertain questions threatening their beliefs in God and in Christianity. In order to be able to withstand this tantrums.. It is pertinent we seek more knowledge and truth, in oder to remain steadfast.

  • Favour obi

    Well, all I ask is that God will grant these scientists and people who seem to doubt the truth and existence of the Divine nature,the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of the truth. That they may know him better.

  • Unwana Ekere

    I wonder how people do it, I wonder how those scientist gladly argue about the earth.
    God is the owner of the universe, he is the creator of and earth, its only those who work and understand in the path of the lord that will understand everything about creation. Philosophical and scientific arguments are mere observations and assumptions that are yet to be proven. Bless up ma!

  • Eunice

    The earth is a very large place and its been here before we came. So how possibly are we going to know how old it is. Something’s are better left the way they are.

  • I have never given much thought to theories of evolution, I only see them as subjects that serve to give us a versatile knowledge of science. It has never made me question the bible and I do not think ever will.

  • Agbodike Ogochukwu Maryclaret

    So funny that humans, specifically scientists, make a claim on the age of the earth. A world created by a Supernatural being, God. How foolish!, in my judgment.

  • Daniel Chukwuemeka Madu

    So if evolution is real, humans or other animals ought to have evolved to something else by now? The problem with science is that they so vehemently deny the God factor. And until they acknowledge God in their researchs, they will always change their stands on things with time. Just like Isaiah 40:8 stated, the word of God remains forever even when things change

  • Chisomebi Iroezindu

    I don’t think how old or young the earth is would dampen my faith in God because I’ve watched His works in my life and I know that there is a force beyond me that guides me.

  • Obi-eze Adaobi

    I did rather choose faith instead of science, because science can fail you but God can never fail you.

  • Euniprecious

    I can just say that science always place their finding based on assumptions, their Hypothesis is based on existing things, taking it from how they said that man and other thing envolve from small animal, but let me ask who created those thing they envolve from. As a Christian compelling scientific finding and religion will be a mistake because the more you try to compel some certain things the more lost you get. I believe and still believe that God exist and he is the creator of all Universe and everything there in and also how old the earth is can never be my problem because finding how old the earth is is a mistery as no one can explain the Holy trinity. even though at times i do ask “who created God?

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    I believe contradictions abound on the subject. Even biblical accounts of Genesis 1 and 2 differ. It’s chapter 2 which focuses on Adam as the head of a family tree that brings the dating of the earth to about 6000 years. Evidently from chapter 1, the earth is much more than that.
    I worry not about how old our world is though, where it is heading to is a much more bothering question which we all must try to provide answers to.

  • Sophia

    Wow, this world is mystic,sticking our head to every observation means living in this world to search for thing you know nothing about….I believe applying faith than science,this world is so mytririous, God is the truth himself,without him you will wander in the road of lies and assumptions.

  • Ngbede Emmanuel

    Scientists really can’t tell how old the earth is, so they make up assumptions to go with science and their line of study. Knowing that all they need to know is inside the Bible, yet they forsake that path. How can a Christian be struggling to align the Scriptures with evolution? This is a good question every Christian that has been affected be science should try to ask him/herself.

  • Ezema Uchechukwu

    I beg to differ.I am more of a gap theorists myself. Because I still can’t explain where demons (disembodied spirits) come from because fallen angels do not inhabit bodies because they already possess angelic bodies Or why the earth was desolate and covered with water when God started began creation. Or why God told Noah that he would NO MORE destroy the earth with water which by implication means that Noah’s flood was NOT the first food on earth or how Satan tempted Adam and Eve in the garden which means he fell to earth before Adam and Eve were created.
    Ma please I need answers

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Thanks a lot ma, this is indeed an eye opener. I think these questions are very necessary in our present day world, knowledge is evolving and we just have to keep learning. But no other source of knowledge should be placed above God’s word as stated above. It is in this search for knowledge that young ones have delved into atheism, pantheism and the likes of them. With question like how old is the death, Did God really create man or did man evolve from apes and the likes of them, Hmmmmm remember true, word of God is true, so why struggle to align science with the word, God’s word, read the bible biko.

  • Idam Joy Ogwu

    Scientific record since the beginning of world have not been constant it is always changing, since the scientific history of creation contradicts biblical history of creation, I will go with the biblical history of creation reason being that biblical history have not changed for once, God is the eternal creator and it is only Him that knows how old the world is, God alone can faithfully tell the age of the world

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    Some people say Christians are blindly following a God. Please let me blindly follow him.
    Science that is supposedly right is also subject to changes. But my God remains the same.
    Thank you for this educative piece

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