CONSTANTLY GO ABOVE AND BEYOND: Note to Self and Public Servants Everywhere

Happy Workers’ Day, everyone! The public service is notorious for corruption, negligence of duty and absenteeism by its workers. But thankfully, there are some public servants who do their work diligently and even go above and beyond the call of duty.

In this post I share a memorable encounter I had with such a staff at an accounts office in the University of Nigeria, my personal experience at work, and much more to encourage us to do the same.

The post is crisp and animated and I hope it moves us to reconsider the way we do our jobs if we’ve been falling short. I also hope it helps to prepare the minds of the younger ones to make a difference when they do get that job they’ve been yearning for.

Constantly Go Above And Beyond

Does anyone else dread going to government offices for any reason? That is something I try to avoid as much as possible. One fellow rightly remarked that you can scarcely get an answer out of people in government offices. I know it is so in Nigeria and many other countries, if what we see in movies is anything to go by.

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Many public servants will do anything but attend to official visitors with the courtesy required of their positions. And the treatment they give you gets worse if you’re small statured or they deem you poor. You can spend a whole day trying to get attention from an officer. If he’s not pretending to be busy by glaring at a file before him, he’s chatting with friends and colleagues seemingly oblivious of your presence. And when you finally get a word in edgeways, he’ll bark at you to come back tomorrow, the reason which you gleaned from his endless chatter being that salaries have just been paid and he probably wishes to dash off to the bank. If you’re bold enough to state that you came from 500 kilometres away and have made no overnight arrangements, he’ll simply bark louder and dismiss you.

The guy may have an unwritten rule that you must drop lunch money for him before he attends to you but since he doesn’t openly demand gratification, you may think he has a cogent reason for delaying you. But the more galling thing is that while you’re made to wait, he promptly attends to friends, relatives and VIPs that come on a similar mission to yours.

Many of us intend to own businesses someday. If we apply the same lackadaisical attitude we do to our pubic service jobs to those businesses, they’ll probably collapse.

Such incidents occur everyday in the public service. In the university where I teach, for example, workers just see people and classify them. These ones must be students, job applicants or candidates seeking admission, they conclude. Having pigeon-holed them, they feel they deserve to be treated shabbily. But everyone we meet at work should be given civil and decent treatment irrespective of their age or social status.

This problem is rife among junior workers. It appears that having an official position, no matter how lowly, gives people a sense of power which they exercise by being harsh and rude to those they ought to serve. On many occasions, I’ve been dealt the rough edge of junior workers’ tongues on campus while making routine demands. But I never cease to be amazed at the spectacular reversal of roles that transpires once another staff who knows me comes into the office where I am being abrasively addressed and gives me a deferential greeting. The raging staff quickly simmers down and, before you know it, our proud patrician is grovelling like the lowliest of slaves.

Why? Because the smart fellow that he is, he has quickly calculated that he may need to get a degree from my department and who knows, I may want to settle scores, or he may have a child taking one of my courses for whom he may seek a favour or he may be posted to my department someday …. The list of self-serving reasons for which some staff do what they are paid for can go on.

But how about doing the job and actually earning the money we receive? How about doing unto others as we wish them to do unto us? How about the joy that comes from serving and putting a smile on someone’s face? How about setting a good example that others might follow?

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The last reason above inspires my interactions with students. I feel bad when I send a student out of my office without rendering the help they asked for because I was busy reading or writing, although reading and writing are part of my job specs. Or the times I wasn’t patient enough to explain that I was incapable of offering the help they needed and pointed them to the right people or sources. I find myself bending over backwards to make up for those times because those kids are mine too (they belong to all of us) and if I’m unkind and insensitive to them, they may go out malformed and continue the vicious cycle of misbehaving in their official capacities.

Many times alumni refuse to attend reunions at the university or give back to their alma mater because of the horrendous treatment they received as students. Some scars from those ghastly experiences are so deep while some of the wounds just refuse to heal. Many put off collecting their certificates and use their Statements of Result for decades because they don’t want to go through the nightmare of dealing with unreasonable and heartless staff.

That is why I cherish one experience I had with a non-academic staff early in my career at the University of Nigeria. I had spent a greater part of that particular day in the heat and crowd at the only bank on campus then trying to get the sum of allowances recently paid into my account by my employers (who did not send me a pay slip). The fellow who was supposed to operate the computer at the enquiries desk was absent and overstayed my patience, which had been long enough! Since the option of sailing across the sea of heads and the security barrier to see the accountant was clearly out of the question, I shuffled my feet to the Senior Staff Emoluments Unit of the bursary as a last resort.

I was directed to a dark-complexioned, bespectacled lady who offered me a seat! That was the first sign I got that a miracle was on my way! Next she actually listened as I presented my petition and commiserated with me for the time lost at the bank. She also offered that whenever I need to get figures of such deposits, I should come straight to her office. Then she requested that I exercise a little patience while she attends to an elderly man sitting nearby. Thereafter, she left the assignment on her desk and spent nearly half an hour going through files and cabinets until she located the sheet for my department. (This was before widespread computerisation of records in the public service kicked in here.) Amazed at her courtesy and care, I shared my experience with some other university staff who told me that the lady treated everyone who came to her office the same way, that it wasn’t just that it was my lucky day as I assumed.

That is a lady to emulate! She had a glowing testimony, standing out in the midst of the shabby and hostile treatment other workers meted out to official visitors. But it’s hard to serve like that except we understand that our service, is first to God, before it is to our employers and the individual before us.

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” – Colossians 3:23 -24 (ESV)

Daniel the prophet was also an outstanding public servant. Although an exile and eunuch, he worked better than the freeborn in the land of his captivity because he was devoted to God. The Bible records that “the administrators and the satraps tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel in his conduct of government affairs, but they were unable to do so. They could find no corruption in him, because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent.” – Daniel 6:4 (NIV) No wonder Daniel served in the royal courts of Babylon and Medo-Persia and was the third highest ruler at some point.

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When we know that we are working for God, we will be encouraged to not only do what our job demands, we will be motivated to habitually go above and beyond what is expected of us in the discharge of our duties. That smile; that extra effort to help someone get information, meet a deadline; that kind word to calm their nerves; that offer of a snack while they wait; the telephone calls to alert them of something when official communication fails and so on, make a lot of difference.

And if more of us adopt the practice of going above and beyond, we will overthrow the disgraceful norms in the public service and extinguish the prevailing sense of dread people have of dealing with us as public servants.

Part of this article was lifted from a similar one I wrote on the same subject titled, “How We Need More Pearls, Lord!” and published in my book, Magazine Article Writing.

Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    Wow, wonderful write -up Ma. What most people holding reputable positions or any position at all that requires people coming to your desk for help don’t understand is that they are leaders ,and have to act like a good one, most negative actions exhibited by them to any individual coming for help most times affects them negatively when it comes to emotions. Being physically devastated is a very bad thing which everyone has to understand. Above all we have to learn from the scriptures to possess good leadership skills which will help us succeed in life, as we learn to do unto others the good we want them to do unto us, may God help us all. ?

  • “Literature they say mirrors life”. This piece mirrors the wrong that has become the order of the day in our country with special regards to government offices but not with exclusion of the religious institutions. In fact, this act of demeaning classification of fellows has become a common place act among human beings. I would have suggested supervisory or monitoring agents for all governement offices but on second thought, I see such creation becoming another burden as corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of our system. There is therefore need, as the author observed, for us to bear in mind that we are working for God who records all our deeds.
    Ezema Onyekachukwu Gideon

  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    And happy workers day to you ma.

  • Awaka vivian

    Yes, I understand being a civil servant is not an easy job, but it will do a lot of good if this civil or public servants are a bit nice to portray a good image of the organization they work for. But I give credits to unn lecturers ,most of them specifically in the mass communications department are very devoted and welcome students to their offices with open arms, though today was a holiday, some lecturers went out of their way to give lectures to their students.

  • Henry

    Well thought out post birthed from experience. This scenario you painted comes out of misconstruing Public service to Show of power. Most of these office personnels work as if you are the cause of their frustration and you are to beg them for doing what they are paid to do. People need to understand that every opportunity given to serve is a privilege.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right. It’s a privilege to have the chance to serve but many don’t realise this. May God help us to give nothing short of our best in whatever we do in Jesus’ name.

  • Bessong Faith A.

    Very interesting write up Ma.
    Workers should know that aside the family, the work place is one of the most important place to exhibit kindness and care. It is the duty of a worker to care about his/her public delivery at work because, the way they behave or treats the public really matters; it can affect someone positivly or negativly. More grace we pray!

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    No matter ‘the level’ any service especially unto the Lord always pays off

  • Chineme Njoku

    I personally hate negligence when it comes to do with being responsible for /of people. I wouldn’t like to work in a government organization because of the lack of enthusiasm. People should learn how to put their all into something that would benefit others and even you. Work evidently so that you would not only feel accomplished but you would also feel you have helped people under you.

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    This is indeed very amazing. There ia a joy that fills one’s heart when he or she can be of help. I pray that the kind of heart this woman has will become a part of me. The saying one good thing deserves another is something i believe so much. You never know how the good or bad you render today will turn out tomorrow. Any way you can, render good services to people.

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    Most public and civil servants are not forth coming and inefficient not just for any other thing but because of pride. Even most of them that are Christians have distanced their office conducts from the word of God. Some fail to understand that anywhere they see themselves in this world is an opportunity to serve humanity and not to show off.
    The bible said in James 4:6 and I quote, “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble” KJV.
    Martin Luther said that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice anywhere in other words when you treat people badly, it not all about that person but you have treated the whole of humanity unjustly.
    A philosopher called Immanuel Kant in his categorical imperative said that we should act in such a way that our actions can be acceptable by all, we should act objectively towards natural laws and not subjectively

    • Agnes

      In this our over populated country.. Serving the public can be very daunting and chalenging which result to their abnormal reactions. However, being nice and patient is a virtue one must have when dealing with other people. I pray ? God helps us and our civil servants.


    You see, the truth of the matter is that most people, especially those in public services are myopic and willingly choose to remain that way, most of them treat people who sought help from them anyhow, without putting into consideration that, the office they are occupying is not their personal establishment and as a result of that anything can happen along the lines. Moreover, somebody that you ill-treated today may end up being your boss tomorrow as far as public office is concerned, then in such a situation just imagine what will be your rewards if the person happened to be someone that doesn’t have the fear of GOD in him. Explicitly, a department I knew gave such a treatment to one of their students, not knowing that he is a “saviour” in near by future, now none of them is bold enough to approach him for anything.
    Finally, Aunty Edith, I must confess that you did a wonderful exposition here, which will go a long way of shaping the attitude of those who cares, towards public service and offices. Keep it up Ma.

  • Chinonyelum

    I wish all civil and public servants could read this. I’m a victim of this and I don’t think the scar will clear. I went to an office in UNN to be precise, I greeted the woman trying to explain myself and the reason for coming. After making the first sentence, the next thing I heard from the woman was, “Leave this office!” I was still trying to plead with her to hear me out till I heard her next words: “Don’t say anything again else I will call security to throw you out of this building. I’m not the one in charge of it.” Yes, those were her exact words. I cried bitterly on my way out and I was just asking myself, “What have I done wrong to even be threatened with security?Wasn’t I polite enough?” Even up till now, I keep questioning myself where I went wrong.
    Meanwhile,in that same office, as I was leaving, a girl came for the same issue with her rich mom. That’s when I knew that that same woman can be nice and caring. That experience keeps coming to my mind daily and I’m scared of going to offices. This post is really nice. How I wish its message can be applied in all offices.

    • Edith Ohaja

      So sorry for the way you were treated. No need to blame yourself. Just understand that it’s ignorance arising from lack of proper training and supervision that is responsible. It is well with you in Jesus’ name.

      • I think every Nigerian especially civil servants needs to read this post. I had a similar experience with a lady in the bank, when I got into the bank they were two ladies seated at the customer care section. I decided to go meet with the one whom I thought would be more friendly because she is beautiful and young, I greeted her but to my surprise i got no reply. I felt bad but dedcided to ignore it. I was trying to plea my case to her but she wasn’t even giving me a listening ear, I know she was busy quite alright but that doesn’t mean I should be totally ignored by her. I was totally pissed by her attitude, but no need for exchange of words so I decided to go to other lady she was also busy but when I greeted her she responded immediately. And the hurt that was created by the first lady began to heal slowly, I told her about my case and she gave an assurance that she was going to attend to me after attending to others that were there before. I felt good again like a human being. Treat people right, that little favour, kindness, respect you show to somebody can go a long in that person’s heart you never can tell.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    I’m a victim of this! In my first year, I went to submit my documents for proper school documentation as a first year student. On getting to the office, I greeted the staff I saw there,told her what I came to do. She only looked up to my face,told me to sit outside and wait,then she looked down to a file pretending to be busy. I sat there from morning hour to late evening hour only for the woman to step out of her office,locked her office and told me to come back the next day. It took me a whole semester to finally submit the documents. I got so angry that I said I would do the same thing to others if I eventually got my perfect dream work,but having read this article, I have got a changed heart now. Change can only come from us! Thank you ma’am. I love this article.

  • Ogbozor Chiamaka Zillah

    Actually, almost all the civil servants i know hardly attend to people politely, which is appalling. Both the civil servants and those that will still be public servants should emulate from Daniel, one has to be selfless in his dealings, if you considered others first, God can never abandon you. I pray that the Almighty God will make us treat people equally and be just in our dealings with our fellow humans. Thank you ma for this post, at least, i have learnt something and when i finally become one of the civil servant, i will not biased at all, so help me God.

  • I think every Nigerian especially civil servants needs to read this post. I had a similar experience with a lady in the bank. When I entered the bank they were two ladies seayed at the customer care section, I approached the first lady and greeted her but I didn’t get any response. I felt bad but decided to ignore it, so I went ahead to plea my case to her and she just acted like nobody was even talking and pretended doing the works that she claims she was doing. I know that they were other people there but that does not warrant such ill mannered treatment. I was like, you know what no need for exchange of words because I was very angry. I decided to approach the second lady, I didn’t want to greet at first to avoid such treatment but I just decided to and she answered me, and in my mind I was like you know what everybody aren’t the same. She attended to me very well and I was so pleased. That little kindness, respect, love that you show to someone goes a long way in their lives

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Happy workers day!
    Every worker should treat people with kindness and humility not minding their status, who knows tommorow?
    God bless you ma for your wonderful write-up. Happy workers day once again

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    “Everyone we meet at work should be given civil and decent treatment irrespective of their age or social status”. This is just the most important points which people in power usually forget. Everyone needs to be treated with respect. Students are always faced with most of these public servants and believe me, we’ve gotten used to all the harsh treatment. We are mostly treated like we are thieves. Like we don’t belong to anyone or have no roots nonetheless to say I’ve also encountered the good ones. God bless the good ones and lead the others to a better understanding.

  • Oma

    The reason I don’t like going to some lectures office for clarification and possibly to check results or even have any business with leactuers and top ranked office holders is because of some of this attitude you pointed out ma, I don’t know why once some one gets a white coller job his/her attitude changes ,they start feeling like they have arrived , I know power is sweet but exercise it for the right reasons .
    Not when a student that needs an advice on possibly a course or general things comes to the lecturer for help and the the person is like leave my office.
    I want to lecture and I know I won’t exhibit this attitude that workers are showing towards their work .
    Nobody Wants to be treated badly when they come and meet me for help.

  • Ezekiel Stanley C.

    I think I over heard a friend who said “Public service is about serving all the people, including the ones who are not like you.”
    Honestly, God will help our public workers to understand that it is a privilege with a reward to serve and there is no need being saucy towards customers.
    Happy Workers day!

  • Ugwoke ifechukwu melvina

    I think that Nigeria needs to adopt the policy that before you are employed into an organisation, you have to study PR as a course. A lot of times, these workers don’t know who they are dealing with and as sure threat the person in a bad way. Most times, these civil servants get not only themselves in trouble but also their supervisors who will carry the blame if any thing should go wrong. A lot of us in mass communication experienced this I’ll treatment in our first year. Its very hard to find good, respectful and customer friendly civil servants nowadays. In most cases, the causes of their I’ll treatment of costumers could be as a result of stress in the family.

  • Onyeka Stanley

    I dunno why but while reading this article, I feel as if I was reading the King James version of the Bible where the words of Jesus are printed in red. That’s BTW our civil service is messed up. Everything is now based on connection. I don’t want to talk about how they treat people. If you want to spoil your day or you feel like having a bad day cos its been long you had one, visit a Civil service near you like banks, office, immigration etc the way they will treat you will baffle you. There are good ones notwithstanding but the system is all messed up. God will help our generation to be better workers.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Mummy, God bless you ma, for all that you are and all that you do, I can personally relate to your story, you are a complete replica of one whose service is first to humanity, I personally can attest. If everyone, every worker, every civil servant could realize that our service is indeed first to God, hmmmmm, if only.

  • Ikedichi blessing henry

    Let’s take a break from internet fraudsters, the way some of these people behave and conduct themselves in offices even makes me tired of this country, with the exemption of the very few godly ones that are here and there …they are the real workers in the country.

    • Chidimma Vivian

      It is important to carry out our duties properly no matter the position we find ourselves in. This article serves as a piece for correcting lazy attitude towards work.

  • Anabude oluchi

    The fact remains that it pays to be nice because no one knows what the future holds but most individuals have character problem and they tend to address people rudely because they are in a position to assist that person. I have been treated that way and things are not supposed be that way going with the fact we will get the reward of every good or bad thing we do

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    I agree with you ma. It is important to dispense our duties properly no matter the position we find ourselves. This post serves as a piece for correcting poor attitude to work. Well done, ma.

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    It does not matter if its a child, civil servants should do their job very well. They should treat people better and help. Their customer service is zero. Thanks for this insight

  • Is actually the reality………many people don’t know that good costumer care can take change or take someone to another level………………

  • Agu Ginika

    This is exactly what happens in the civil service. One finally gets a job and he or she feels on top of the world seeing others as insignificant. I know what I really experienced while processing my change of course here in school, to the extent that I was so frustrated and nearly gave up . People who are called to service should cease from abusing the power vested in them. God bless you ma for taking note of this.

  • Chinenye lucy

    We should work with that notion that we are working for God and that we are serving God through our duty or services we render to man,
    No matter the office we find our self we should know that its was God who gave us that position and he expected us to maximize such opportunity , we shouldn’t take being on a higher postion as a yardstick to maltreat others.

  • Ezeorah Cynthia Somtochukwu

    This is true. What they are only good at is eye service which isn’t supposed to be so.

  • Edeh Chinaza Jennifer

    I am looking forward to the day the public servants will come to the understanding that our works should be unto God not man. (Galatians 2:10) No one is qualified without submission and understanding that our work on earth has a great pay after here on earth.

    Corruption has refused to die mostly in the Nigerian public offices because the “Majority” today has nailed the perceived “minority” (poor, unemployed, students etc) to abject suffering and maltreatment before attaining or listening to their plights.

    The secrete of power is in the revelation of the sonship of Lord Jesus Christ…when we understand this we will be eager to work as unto God taking/managing the government offices we occupy as our own investment.

  • This is a nice write up, what happens in this modern world is very alarming people are being treated poorly, some staff make you look stupid for coming to them for help, I have had so many experiences with people like these (in the bank, market, offices), people should also know that what goes around comes around, and nothing can be permanent cause you don’t know who you will meet
    tomorrow. Thank you Miss Edith for this write up, there are so much to learn from it and also to emulate.

  • Otti Augusta

    Till we all understand that anything what doing, is what doing well the cycle of negligent workers will keep repeating itself.

    Thank you ma for addressing this issue. May God give you the strength to continue the good service.

  • Okibe Mercy

    One of the problems people have is that they fail to understand that a call to lead is a call to serve and not a call to lord over. No matter the level of that person you are leading you are meant to serve the person. If you humble yourself God will surely lift you up, for God oppose the proud and promote the humble.

  • Akuma Victor

    It is really not funny the way most of these office holders treat we student, I once went to the GS Natural science unit to check for my result with a friend, the rate at which the lady there ignored us is indeed overwhelming. She was rather busy taking her time on a telephone conversation for several minutes without even offering us a seat. I wondered if she could actually do that before her immediate boss.

  • Favour Nwanze

    Well, being a student, it’s quite difficult. I remember after an encounter with a government staff, I said to myself I was going to do the same if I ever found myself in their position but after reading this article, I just feel stupid. Thank you, ma, for the words of wisdom.

  • Thanks for the write up ma. What many of these people in high positions don’t understand is that tomorrow is pregnant. They don’t know what will happen tomorrow and who will help them tomorrow. But I hope we all learn and become “humbly wise” someday.

  • Joseph joy

    I personally like dis write up, u know why?
    It’s because, it our current situation in Nigeria ,people in the office always thinking that no one is like them, their act d way they like, laugh,gist, and even insult u untop ?? some government workers are arrogant they dnt even know how to attend to people with love and care, maybe they feels it’s only for the rich or they loved ones not knowing its for the general public,they should treat people equally with love and care. Thanks a million times for this write up, we pray for a better Nigeria amen ??

  • Kat

    You don’t know how happy this post makes me aunty. You always seem to know just the perfect topic to write on. Workers need to be reminded again and again that what they do in their places of work matters. The attitude of most public workers especially in the University here is so appalling and terrifying. I get scared whenever I think that I have to face those people for one reason or another. In fact my prayer is never to have any problem that would cause me to encounter them. So it is with a hopeful heart that I pray that this post touches all who read it and makes them into better people whose impact will be positive in the society where they live and work. Amen

  • Ezeh Blessing

    This post is so true! After reading for an exam and writing your heart out, to check the result will now be another hurdle to overcome. I can clearly remember my first year, I suffered so much trying to submit my files, a process that should have taken me just a day lasted two weeks because of the lackadaisical attitude of those in charge. In fact, I got my registration number a night to my matriculation after much pleading and begging the man in the office. I pray that the public service system will change for the better and finally stop frustrating people

  • Amaobi Precious

    Just today, as I was walking towards the door of Access Bank, the young security man waved me off from a distance rather dismissively to the second door as I tried to use the first door. He did that because right after me, a woman who looked like a VIP was coming towards the first door. He rushed down to open the door specially for her. I just sighed and shook my head. And here, we think the customer is king. Not in Nigeria.
    I don’t even want to go into how I’ve been through lots of stress and still going through more because some staff of the university feel it is their right to treat people anyhow they want.
    It is a very sad issue. I actually pray to meet people like your “Pearl” Ma. And I pray to be considerate and compassionate when given an opportunity to serve.

  • okemiri ifunanya diana

    This is very true most public servants are not doing what they are paid to do. Imagine during an internship program I went to look for space but I was told there is no space and was sent out of the build, but people still got space in that same place. It will be preferable for everyone to be treated equally.


    I should say this has brought to my knowledge that there are still good people out there.

    I take a stand to commend all those working as civil servants. I would rather say it’s not an easy task. Asides their work they have different other problems to face in coming from different facets of life

    But sometimes they fail to create a distinct line between their work place and homes.
    Some bring the anger from home straight to their work place and vent it on innocent people coming to seek their services.

    I’ve had one encounter just this year which is so great in my memory. I went to check my results and then after writing my name on the list of tgose checking results and waiting on the long queue patiently for my turn, the person incharge told me to come and carry the result on his head.
    I felt so angry, I felt like I had supernatural powers so I could unleash it on him but then all this were impossible
    I had to move on

    I wouldn’t hesitate to jump into conclusion because something might have transpired before I came in.
    That aside, civil servants still deserve medals for what they do!!

  • Nnaka Chiagoziem Prince

    Been humble and diligent at what you do brings prosperity, gives you more wisdom of how to handle more people, issues.
    If someone is been treated harshly or rudely by a staff of any organization, he won’t say any good thing about that staff if he is giving an opportunity to speak. This is not for workers alone, but for everyone. Where ever you find yourself please be honest, be humble, be nice, put in your best to see that the organization will not regret employing you as a staff.
    Am humbled ma’am by your words.

  • Ifunanya obidigbo

    Leaders or people occupying a position should always act right and be good at what they do, this is because most of us tends to imitate what we see people do.

  • Onu Tochukwu

    I really think some people derive joy in neglecting people to feel important. I went to one office to access some information, the man had nothing doing but told me to wait while he kept on going through some old files of his in search of nothing after hours of waiting I heard him and his colleagues joking about how people go about barging into there office without respect and that they have to start teaching people some lesson. I was shocked because I was really in a haste but have no choice but to wait.

  • Chinenye Lucy

    This article is supposed to be published even on paperback because the rate at which these officials ill treat people coming to them for questions and directions is really getting appalling because they feel like at that moment they have some sort of power over you. It is also very embarrassing because this people forget the law of treat others how you would be expected. But for those officials that treat people warmly their reward is both on earth and in heaven.

  • Sunday, Ezekwesiri Daniel

    Being a public servant requires a lot of good leadership qualities. It is one thing to be in a position, and another to utilize the position and use it to influence others positively rather than using it to inflict pain and bitterness on people.
    I am privileged to serve in the executive arm of the students body in my department and I can tell how it feels to see one relieved of a task which he thinks will not be done easily. Putting smile on the faces of your subordinates is one of the good quality of a leader. And as funny as it may look, it happens that some of the persons in one way or the other, in their own capacities may be of help to you someway.
    So therefore, we should always remember that “one good turn deserves another.”

  • egbo Rita Somtochukwu

    We should learn to work with all diligence, be kind, cheerful and have a good relationship with everyone. We should never underestimate anyone or always want something in exchange for the favour given. Our work is first to God, to people and lastly to you as a person. God is the one to reward every good deed. I remember early this year when I went to INEC to collect my PVC, the crowd was much and when any famous man comes they attend to them first or if you have money to bribe them to avoid the queue they will attend to you immediately. This shouldn’t be. We should learn to work with all diligence..

  • This piece should really reach out to Nigerians especially the civil servant. This is one issue that has actually made rounds in our society over the years, the negligence in duty is in it’s peak. They forget that they were placed in that position to serve people and give them the respect they deserve but in turn they size and judge based on looks and money which is very disheartening. Killing the hope of the ordinary citizens of Nigerians. This act should be curbed with re-orientation so that they learn to treat people with love and care no matter how stressful the job can be.

  • Ezeoyili Ogochukwu Perpetual

    People who are in office should try and create a good working environment in their workplace. That way, good working relationship will be encouraged. Work with dignity and integrity. Do the right thing, even when no one is watching; for your reward is in Heaven.

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    I just wish that all public servants will read this post because these workers frustrate people with their attitudes.
    It is just annoying that many are looking for work while the privilaged ones are mishandling their jobs.
    May God help us all!

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    How I wish this platform will be made known and accessible to every workers in Nigeria, it will change many if not all of their lukewarm attitude towards their job. Nice writeup

  • Chukwuma Wilfred

    Nothing comes easy, but good work they say pays. Although public service is truly tiresome generally, but a little improvement in attitude towards such service will go along way. Creditably, kudos to all the public servants that work endlessly in order to extend their services across; morally, academically and otherwise. Thank you ma for the post and other support you render (moral support, directions etc.), you are truly a real example of a dedicated worker.

  • Abonyi Chisom E

    I’d rather laugh whenever this issue of nonchalant attitude towards duty in the public service is brought. it’s not that it’s a funny thing, but it makes me get over the shame I feel for this country in that aspect. I remember a song by Falz, titled “This Is Nigeria”. The singer actually talked about the current situation in Nigeria: everybody does whatever he/she likes, and whenever he/she wants to.

  • Ukwueze Oluchi B.

    Devotion, Commitment, Dedication to duty are some of the words that easily spoken, but rarely practiced. Most Government-owned establishments are known centers of bottle-necks. The level of Bureaucracy existing in those establishments is enough to scare intending job applicants or clients. However, just like the example in the story, there are still good people with the right attitudes to their jobs. But such people are very rare in the society. Incidents in a nollywood movie, “The Meeting” captured everything about this topic.

  • Onoyima Juliet

    This post is quite similar to your previous post – Treat Everyone with Dignity
    Most of this officials treat people the way they do because of their dressing or their status. But trust me, when it’s a person of high status who walks into their office they quickly stand at attention. This is bad and I hope this attitude changes with our generation.

  • this write up really touched me, so its a more personal something to me. i think in the public service, there should be a check and balance system to check the excesses of workers. i had a very painful encounter with a staff in the students’ affairs dept. during my clearance for my hostel. i went as early as 9am to students’ affairs and i was told to come back that they are praying, for God’s sake praying during office hours, is that the duty they were assigned for. i had to wait till 10am before i could meet the person in charge of alvan hostel. and i was attended to by the man as if i was nobody, i was really hurt by the treatment and i vowed if i get into the public service, there must be a check and balance team to checkmate the excesses of workers.


    Happy workers day is not always easy delivering 100% percent everyday.all we will do it depend on God’s grace to keep us healthy and focused.kudos to those who serve with integrity,God sees and will elevate for those living in negligence,try something else for a change.the Good lord will see you through.


    Public or civil servant are those carrying out administrative or executive duties.these are people subjected to servinhg the is not an easy profession,sometimes nothing is easy in a system like Nigeria’s.all we should do and pray is God enablement to carry or see them through.people sometimes throw insults at them,thinking they are robots,we should be supportive and patience sometimes.

  • Annabelle Orji

    This topic is a sore one for most people because everyone has atleast one terrible experience with public service workers. I understand that their job maybe frustrating or stressful, but they have to also understand some of the people they attend to brashly have even more pressing issues.

    • Uche, David Ihechukwu

      Uplifting and encouraging post. Working with the acknowledgement of God can go a long way. When we work with a mindset of habitual success, a mindset of ‘constantly going above and beyond’ we will be unstoppable.

  • Ayigbo Chineme Edna

    This write-up is so so true. From how these officials pigeon-hole you, barking at you, forgetting they are there to serve you. I wish public servants, in fact those that work behind desks will read this and change their attitude. More knowledge, ma!

  • Ugwoke Victor Nnabuike

    This nonchalant attitude in carrying out duties, in the civil service, is no longer anew in the system. I’ve had many experiences, both in and outside the university which I’m not going to share here. Its so unfortunate that most people no longer see anything wrong with being immoral. All these act are not unconnected with the fact that people no longer place God first in their daily activities. We have to place Him first! We should be good to everyone, because what tomorrow will give birth to is unknown. Life rotates. The person you did or did not help today, may be in the position to do either of the two to you, tomorrow. Think about it!

    Again, we should always be good, even when nobody is seeing us. God is all knowing. He sees in secret and will surely reward you abundantly.
    Thank you Dr. More wisdom. Amen

  • Ikea Joy Chiamaka

    I feel really encouraged by this post ma. The way some public servants act, I’m sorry to say I sometimes wonder if they’ve completely subdued the voice of their conscience. It is obviously their job to help you, but then they act like you’re a big thorn in their flesh. Its funny though how their attitudes will change once they realize you’re influential. Why not be nice for the sake of being nice? Why not do good regardless of who is watching or what material gain you hope to get? I am really encouraged by this post to continue being nice because even if no one is watching, my Heavenly Father is watching and he is happy with me. Praise God!!

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    If we stay devoted to God, we serve our fellow humans with love. One of the core reasons for the ill-treatment meted out to the members of the public by public servants is that these public servants do not see their service as a way of serving God. If not, the situation would have been better. If we place our service to our fellow humans to God, things won’t go wrong as far as we obey all God tells us to do. Thank you Ma for this wonderful post.

  • onah ukamaka blessing

    This post is truly a very niece piece of work in the sense that the story touches in imbalances in the working or should i say public sector, the way workers treat clients ,like the writer said she also had a personal experience about the conditions in which public servant attend to their client or customers.
    i too have had several encounter with them and its really painful. its very much more painful in the current Nigeria we live in this situations cant be addressed

  • Ezugwu ogochukwu

    This is what most people experience everyday because they went to a public service, atimes I will be asking myself if these people went for training before they started work because most of them lacks manner of approach and is very bad especially for the ladies.

  • Ogbobi Blessing Ojonoma

    The unfaithfulness of government workers to work is alarming, they attend to customers like they ain’t human, they come to work like they own the place and don’t care about those they are to attend to.
    Public servant need to be taught on how to relate to their publics. Whatever you find yourself doing, work at it with all your heart. Don’t do things because you are being forced or compelled to. Chukwu gozie go Ezi nne!

  • Amarachi Duru

    I have been in a situation where I stood in front of a lady for close to 30 mins while she was chatting away with her colleague and laughing.
    I had a problem with my file and was directed to the admin unit. She completely made a fool out of me by making me wait endlessly after which she would say,”NNE, biko bia echi ooo, kam ji nwayo choputara GI file ahu”. Meaning, come back tomorrow,let me gently look for the file”. What insolence.
    I did this for a complete week. When I finally couldn’t take it, I went to her boss who was coincidentally, a brother in my fellowship.
    After relaying what I was going through with him, he called her and you needed to see the way she was talking to me with so much respect and calmness. So lovingly….
    Is that nice?
    Why wait till she was instructed after a week to do what she could have done since?

    I honestly wish a lot of persons especially these public servants would read this post of yours, with an open mind, understand it and work in accordance.
    I honestly wish our public servants would serve better and make everyone smile.
    I honestly wish our public servants would respect people for who they are and not because of what they feel they can give.
    Its really high time the trend of things changed.
    God help Nigeria… Amen.

  • Abugu faith chinecherem

    Thank you Ma for this post. I wish every public servant in our country Nigeria will see this post. Atimes, I try to figure out why most of the public servants act the way they do. I concluded that is because they don’t love their job, because there is no way someone will love what they are doing and still not do it until they have completely stressed the person they are supposed to attend to. That’s why I don’t enter any office alone, I like to go with someone, because I don’t like been embrassed alone.

  • Ikebudu Juanita Chinenye

    People feel on top of the world when given power and abuse it forgetting that how you treat people is the same way people would treat you

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    With the little experience i have, i notice that most of this civil servant that have these attitude problem are the ones who wasn’t practising their their dream job, so they use this medium to express their frustration. No matter where we find ourselves, we should do those things with joy.

  • Ekwuru chidimma Jill

    Even the Bible says “Seeth thou a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings and not mere men”. It might not even matter to people and to one’s thoughts, but it matters to God. The Bible also says, “love your neighbour as urself”. You might not know who that person is in disguise, so it is best we treat everyone fairly, might not be equally but at least nicely because we are humans with flaws!! Dat person that you treated badly today because you are privileged, you might need d person in future. I have once fallen victim of this before. I was the choir directoress in church one time and I will say it was ego and an I saw it as an opportunity for me. I mistreated a particular lady in the choir and bcos of that she left the choir. Later, when I was looking for admission, her mum was supposed to help me and the day I was asked to come to her office, the daughter was there (the girl in the choir). At that time I became dumb. In the end, I learned my lesson.

  • Okoye Chilotam Annabel

    This is a true caption of Nigeria’s public service. One of the interesting part of the write-up is the objectivity of the piece which lies in the fact that mummy recognizes that there are still few in Nigeria that try to do something right. Thank you ma for this wondeewon piece.

  • Eze Nathaniel Izunna

    It is crystal clear to the blind and audible to the deaf, that in our institutions today and other public offices such nepotism and favoritism still occur even till hitherto.
    But then, not in all institutions nor public offices that such partiality exist but in almost 99% of them.
    It is believed that any institution or even business that is build in such woe foundation will not in any way thrive higher rather it will collapse.
    Even the Bible condemned such racial segregation of ones status.
    Proverbs 13:4 (A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.)
    Therefore, workers should be more dedicated with their work, should also be able to give everyone equal attention without no fear of favour.
    More so, it is confusing that such partiality or bottleneck is mostly found in the midst of civil servants who work with the government, yet government yearn to end corruption.
    Is that not hallucination?

    Kudos to all workers that works with passion and fear of God, most especially to you MA, I am thankful.

  • Onah Chiamaka

    This is definitely the sort of reaction every average person who goes to an open office encounters. It is very disheartening to find that very few workers treat people with respect or dignity when they come looking for attention on the work which they came for. It is understandable that sometimes these workers have personal issues to deals with but to transfer their aggression or to make the life of a someone that needs their attention miserable. I think their superiors should try to check make this sort of behavior

  • Seriously the worst place to have issues with is with all this public sectors most especially the banks. The way they attend to guest and the manner in which they speak to you is very insulting. In Nigeria sha just get money only then will you be treated the right way. Money stops nonsense

  • I remembered when I was searching for where to do my IT only then did I get to witness the things myself. The most annoying thing is the junior staffs who are nobody in this places that misbehaves the most. Later when promotion does not come they will say village people have come SMH

  • Ugwu Ogochukwu A

    Exactly, and this is what people fail to understand. Wherever you meet someone, whether in the working place or in school, anywhere at all. Treat everyone with equal respect, because you really don’t know where your upliftment and blessings will come from. And in all these, one thing is certain, if your really good to people, it will definitely be acknowledged by people, there is no two ways about it. Within and inside you, you wouldn’t even know until your goodness pays one day.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    i just wish all the civil or public servants in nigeria cn get a copy of this write up
    its will go a long way in saving lifes….some of them dnt knw hw its feels to be at the other side….
    thank you ma for touching this side of our society today

    • Onoyima jane

      An amazing write up Ma. People in high positions should understand they are leaders and should try and act accordingly because how they act to others is how other would act with others. It is a messed up cycle. I pray God would give us the ability to posses good leadership skills.

  • Blessing Udeobasi

    I detest negligence and nonchalant attitude coming from anybody no matter how high or low.
    I remember the day I walked out on a woman selling Akara in my street just because she served someone first even when I came before the person. I was young and harmless but that single act broke my heart. She ignored me and attended to others because I was young and I quietly walked out at the point she was about selling to me. She called and called but I gave deaf ears. Ever since, I never crossed her shop for any reason.

    Back to the topic, I think civil servants behave nonchalant just because it’s not their personal business. Because there is no sense of ownership and belonging that will motivate them to work hard and maintain relationships.
    Nevertheless, there are still good people everywhere. There are still pearls in the midst of thorns.
    We should all try to be the best in whatever position we find ourselves. It’s a small world we live in and nobody knows tomorrow.

  • Onwusonye promise

    There are bad eggs everywhere…. But in all, there are still good people who are like candle lights in the midst of darkness.

    We should all try to be good to everyone around us and treat them with respect even as civil servants or business men.
    Indeed, it pays to be good.

  • Njoga Izuchukwu

    We all believes and know that our conscience is our second God after the almighty God. When we follow our conscience towards our works, jobs etc without minding the nature of work, condition attached, the salary, we are promoting the welfare of people and also setting a good example for others to emulate. God rewards is the best.

  • Salome

    This can’t be any less than what is going on in Nigeria today funny enough in both public and private sector bible says A man diligent in his work will stand before kings and not mere men work place is a platform to shine our lights as light of the world if only this message could go viral it would make our country better. Thank you so much Ma for this Post God bless you .

  • okoye paschalmary

    The way most civil servants handle their job is quite infuriating these days. Many would make silly excuses not to do their job well. Although some of them do try be human. But sometimes it is really frustrating to go to a person in his place of work who is in the place and status to help and that is even his job to do and the will be so unserious, speaking from experience. Well God help us all. Nice write up ma keep up the good work

  • Ogbonna blessing

    People should learn how to put their all into something that would benefit others and even you. Work evidently so that you would not only feel accomplished but you would also feel you have helped people under you.

  • Izuogu, Ozioma Precious

    Equality is over emphasize in our society but no one is doing that, once someone found him or herself ib a control sit others are nothing. Is mostly common to our civil servants.

  • Ekwuagana Fabian Ikechukwu

    If am going to be very honest now, i’ll say that its not a very easy task to be serve the public, its not easy at all. But I still believe that no matter what it takes, no matter the stress, no matter the condition, treating people with love should be our topmost priority no matter the kind of job we find ourselves doing.
    Love surpasses all, and believe me, the way you treat people today, the love you show people today, will definitely pay off tomorrow, if not from that same person, it will pay from God by any means.
    Let love lead (LLL)

  • Akupue chibuike

    A one time president of United States(Abraham Lincoln) said “for every crook politician there is a dedicated leader”. We still have dedicated ones like the one that’s mentioned one pabove. Occupying one public office or the other doesn’t mean that we’ve made it and therefore we should treat everyone that crosses our way like a nobody. This has become the order of the day among some public and civil servants. But one thing is for sure, the world is more of garbage in, garbage out. If you garbage in a good thing, you Will end up getting a good result and vice versa. we should be cautious of the way we treat our fellow humans.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Most civil servants are annoying. I’ve encountered a good number of them at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. But the one that got me crying right there is what I will never forget. That time I had a problem with my profile and I was asked to write a letter to the Registrar of the University which I did and submitted to his assistant who asked me to check back two weeks later. Two weeks later I was at the office and I was told by the assistant that the Registrar have not approve my letter. For two months kept going and getting the same answer and then one day I got tired and decide to ask her what’s happening cause that particular day I was there and someone who submitted his letter two weeks after I did got his letter approved. So when I asked her, this woman came down on me, unculturedly chewing gum she said some ill words to me and asked me out. My experience with that lady gave me a thought that most people in some position need to have their manners cultured. As a civil servant shun “eye service” and do what your supposed to do at the right time.

  • Akupue chibuike

    A one time president of the United States (Abraham Lincoln) said”for every crook politician, there’s a dedicated leader. Therefore it’s unwise to give a conclusion base on the menace of some reckless and unethical public and civil servants. The above mentioned character is truly a dedicated one and Worthy to emulate. Let’s learn how to discharge our various duties from her.

  • Otinga ifunanya Ruth

    Honestly this is a must see post as this is what we can see in our world today. Workers do not do there work in the right state of mind. They most times lack courtesy and even a smiling face to begin with. This should be a cankerworm to be put under check. we need to learn that humility is a virtue when serving people. As you said we should always treat one as we want to be treated. God bless you ma’am

  • Very educative piece. It’s not wrong to say that every Nigerian especially the civil servants needs this re-orientation. Because many if them have lost the sense of the duty, they no longer carry out thier duty effectively which is to serve the people. Instead they let the position get into their head and treat people based on thier looks and status, which is very wrong.
    You were put in that position to help people, that little act of kindness you show to a person can go a long way in the person’s life, you never can tell.

  • Anekwe Paschaline

    This is the case almost everywhere you go. Most public servants are just so rude. They will look down on you and fail to attend to you. I don’t know whether it’s frustration they are channeling to others or they are just outrightly rude. I believe we should always strive to treat everyone we meet with respect because we never know when the tables will turn and we’ll be in their position.

  • Thank you ma for this post.This post reminds me of what I go through whenever I come in contact with a harsh lecturer. It is good to be nice and polite to people regardless of their status or position because you never know where you may meet that person in future and obviously you won’t like the person to treat you the way you treated he or she. Regarding this situation, I admire you ma, you are always calm, polite and understanding with your students and the ecounter I experienced during an exam showed me the type of person you are and I still can’t thank you enough. God bless you ma.

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    Being a Nigerian is really hard because while we grapple with the self serving policies of our leaders, we still need to contend with the unpatriotic and unpleasant behaviors of our civil servants. I have experienced the irrational behavior of these people and the frustration, disappointment, anger and helplessness that accompany these feelings can only be imagined. My prayer for Nigeria is to rise above all these and become a great country again and for Nigerians to do the right thing at the right time. May God give us more Pearl in Jesus name Amen.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    This write up is really encouraging and educating as well. I learnt the way we treat people or handle our various positions or offices matters a lot. Moreover we should not look down on people or give people special attention because of what we want to gain in return, which is very common in African countries especially Nigeria.
    Mma, I love this. Keep it up, more power to your elbow!

  • Urama Emmanuel

    God bless you Ma! This is really educating. Most of the civil and public servants doesn’t take their job to heart . some are really annoying and selfish. But kudos to some of them that have the fear of God in them….and I must commend u ma, Because you are one of them , the way u welcome and treat us students in ur office are just like that of mother and children….. May God continue to bless u for us.

  • Añulika Iwoba

    I can’t believe I’m just reading this!!!!

    Lord knows I’ve been looking for a post that empathetically addresses ills as these!
    Yes, the customer relationship state of affairs in these public offices are horrifyingly repulsive!
    God have mercy on these guilty lot!

    I’ll share a story.
    Once, at the office of the WAEC, my father and I came to enquire of the cost of the GCE form.
    The receptionist, a nasty uncouth lady was literally yelling at my father to check in at a later date.
    My father calmly explained that I had been there the day before and had returned home saying the same thing which was why he chose to come with me, for where?
    Aunty was already making bubbles with her gum and rolling eyes.
    While my father made to speak further, a man came downstairs and greeted my father deferentially repeating doc over and over again.
    Aunty kuku readjust herself and to my astonishment, the rude self absorbed woman became a respectful meek and gentle lady.
    I’ll end it here.

    What I keep wondering is how we live with ourselves knowing that a job which we took when we perhaps, badly needed it and which we professed to give our very best is left unattended to or attended to with negligence and unkindness!
    It’s really unfortunate that we have things this way.
    I just can’t thank you enough for writing this.
    God bless you ma!

  • Agnes

    Dealing with a lot of people everyday can be a little frustrating especially on a very busy day. However dealing with them nicely and patiently even helps rough day go swiifter. With this am looking forward to being a better Nigerian worker. I have really learnt a lot. Thanks

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    The way some public servants behave in the office will make you ask if they are not the ones that applied for the job, you will come with all matter of humility but they will still be harsh to you, in Nigeria especially where people use their position to extort money, some of them go to the extent that you will feel like the person saw you in a bad dream the previous day. It’s time NIGERIANS changed their mentality because most of them believe that phrase * it is the way it is done* it’s in rare cases that you will find a public servant that would diligently discharge his duty
    May God help us

  • Levi ifeanyi

    Most times, you hear some people saying that they will treat those under them hardly the way they were treated. But let me ask, Must people pass the same hard times you went through?
    Have you forgot the golden rule?.. “Do to others what you want them do to you”
    Just imagine a lecture in the university that does not relate harmoniously with his students, how do you think the students will be? Of course they will always be afraid of him or her.
    I think that if those in offices especially public office should treat everyone equally without favouritism/ nepotism, there will be greater progress in our society.
    Thank you ma for your tolerance and relationship with your students, may God help other staffs to know that their service to humanity is equally the service of God.

  • Godson chimaobi ogenyi

    A political strives to help “public servants find and share the latest and best ideas, approaches and skills they need in order to tackle the hardest challenges facing society,”
    Public servants for me Should show some Love, change of attitudes and Mental stay in the Way to Serve the society, some of the servants are so rude and harsh to Be Approached and I plead some servant to relent and start a new live in the Way they serve us the(mass) God Help Nigeria and Her People Amen.

  • Nweke Ujunwa Linda

    Worker’s should know that their work is also like their home. They should treat the work place and co workers like family. They should also stop their lackadaisical attitudes towards their work since they signed in for it especially the civil servants and federal workers
    Thank you ma

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    I honestly wish they could read this, its sad the way they treat people, i mean why take up the job if you wont carry out the required duties.they need to understand that they are there to serve and service to people involves giving listening ears and respecting the people who ask for your help no matter the status

  • Anorue John-Daniel Kelechi

    Wonderful write up Ma’am. Most times I wish and pray every authority would have the same mind set and thinking as you do, life in the den would definitely be much easy. Every encounter with you has been easy and great lessons learnt. Bless you Ma’am.

  • This is really one of the already existing deplorable conditions, especially governmental staffs that are usually in lower echelon, large amount of them are really talented in using abrasive and unsavory words on people. I think this post will serve as an advice to so many public and private servants, and I believe it will struck a drastic change in them in all ramification. So I pray. Amen.

  • Ukpai-uma Lucy

    Well said Ma. Lack of regulation among public staffs has made them nonchalant and sassy while attending to people. Unfortunate enough, most people don’t know that life takes turns. It might be someone’s turn, you would be needing help. Or maybe not you. Maybe your ward. God help us all. Amen

  • obeto clinton

    our approach to things and people matters allot,we should treat people the way we would like to be treated no matter the condition or presssure, having a right approach to people is necessary because you never can tell if you would met that person again and also need the help of that person.


    equality and respect is very essential in everything and people you encounter,you are in a position does not mean that you will be there for life, every thing have a time limit. you should not look down on someone by just first apperance and look or because you are being approached by someone.

  • Eya paschal

    Every work is geared towards serving, and serving should be out of love. Since you’ve exposed me to this ma, tomorrow will be my turn to serve, I will be guilty if I make the mistake of the past and present. Thanks so much aunty.

  • Emma Eze

    Don’t throw stone in the market it might hit one of your own

    • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

      This post is very insightful. No matter the position we may be occupying in life, let’s always remember that we are there not by our power not by our might. Therefore we are to be careful the way we deal with people, no one knows who will be each other’s helpers in the future.

  • Ernest Sixtus

    It only a wise civil servant that will decern they ought to be the one serving the general public or in an institution like school, they are there to meet the need of the student, pay for the workers who worked for them, because without these people, where is all that their pride coming from again? These people are there for you and you are there for them too. Raising your shoulder high that everyone fret before conversing with you, is a sign of loss in your side. You’re not thoroughly trained in human management. I pray God grant us all; lacking the quality to serve those that we are better of, the boldness to respect each and every one we meet in our life.

  • Kooyon Abigail A

    This one got me “go above and beyond “.
    Some workers are stylishly arrogant and highly tyrannical in nature.
    What will it cost you if you talk to someone politely notwithstanding the way they look like or who they are?.
    Any way, it’s those who are in Christ Jesus that will recognize this fact.
    Some people don’t care, they are even more bossy than their employers.
    God help us who are growing up to become workers someday to make a difference……

  • Nwosu Victoria

    i will continue to appreciate Aunty Edith. she is a virtuos woman indeed, one with a difference.
    i wish all staffs could through this post and have a change of approach towards in the university would be so much easier. God bless you ma’am for speaking the truth without bias.

  • Woow… Thank u ma for this wonderful piece. Seriously if am to say, this should be used as a topic to some inaugural lectures held in school,to call students and staffs to order cause some lecturers /staffs are getting it all wrong and some students on their part has stored some of this appalling characters in their mind, wishing to be in such positions someday so as to exhibit them which is totally wrong and if we continue like this our society will keep draining by the day

  • Urama Emmanuel

    Thanks mummy. It is no longer a news that it pays to be nice because no one knows what the future holds. most people have a very bad character and they tend to address people rudely because they are in a position to assist that person. In fact , some will see themselves as God. I have been treated that way and things are not supposed be so . the way we relate with people matters a lot . for no one Nos what the future might holds tomorrow….
    God bless u mummy!

  • Aunty thank you for saying just what has been on my minds. Sometimes we are scared of going to the offices of some lectures by just remembering the omnipresent frown on their faces. It’s good to treat everyone with courtesy and respect because nobody knows tomorrow. Maybe your child might end up at the mercy of someone you treated harshly several years ago so to avoid that from ever occurring, we should start now to display good attitude towards one another.

  • Grace Ugwuaneke

    Thank you very much ma for raising this issue. I use to imagine myself, how some people react as if they dosen’t have insult, they seat at that office forgeting someone is at the higher one. It even happens that someone who recieves mail for the “oga” would be more rude than the oga himself.they will tell you “he is not on seat,come tomorrow”, because they feel you don’t worth it,and bow and smile when a seems important person comes. Funny enough the oga will be nice and the door man will be filling himself.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka

    It is important that this issue was raised because it has became bone in the neck in Nigeria. One can never find a nice civil servant. i think there are two ways to this. I think the reason they act like they do is because they hate their jobs and vent on the next person they see. That aside we should understand that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so if they are not happy with their jobs,they should quit. Also, we Christians could make a difference. when we get out there, let us try to act better, seeing how hurtful it is to act otherwise.

  • Favour Nnaemeka

    It’s no speculation, especially in the Nigerian situation, that the people with the least of powers are often the most power drunk. The ‘oga’ may be nice but it’s just the secretary preventing you from seeing him/her because he/she feels you must settle them first.
    Although the Nigerian situation rarely gives one enough reason to be patriotic and do one’s job right without suffering losses, let’s endeavour to do things right for the sake of tomorrow.

  • Ijoma Chisom Jessica

    This is a lesson I learnt from the Holy Spirit jus recently that any position of service that I occupy is first service to God and when you serve God well, definitely and automatically you shall serve yourq fellow human beings well. When you eyes as a worker is first set on God no amount of maltreatment from your employers can make you fustrated to treat your visitors poorly .it is not always easy but most times the workers turn to be hustile because of the poor treatment from Government….

    But what I don’t understand is why do nurses in UNN medical center treat people poorly??? Are they not supposed to be life savers????

  • Precious

    There’s no point doing the blame game here but you can only give what you have. If these public servants aren’t happy, aren’t being paid, encouraged and all that they most likely would give out the wrong vibe to whoever they find. I’m not in support of it of course and I do think they should change.

  • Izuogu, Ozioma Precious

    This is very important, it is to teach lazy workers in Nigeria! Worst is that, some of them will not come to work, but will plead their colleague to sign for them. Please is good to give good service all the time.

  • Ozukwe mirian chisom

    Nice post ma. Workers should learn to show love and be nice to their customers. They should know that apart from their families and friends, their place of work is the next important place to be nice to people. God bless you

  • Ajibe Chinonye

    Am not surprised,we live in a third world country where people expect you to beg and crawl for mercy before anything can be done for you.its so shameful.What happened to doing your job and going home?must you shout and insult.Truth be told,most people who do this are not even the senior bosses.

  • Civil servants in almost all institutions in the different parts of the country exhibit the ill attitude highlighted in this post and it is totally unacceptable and unethical. Everyone is deserving of respect irrespective of age or class. The earlier we come to terms with this fact the better for us.

  • Ebe John Chimuanya

    Many public servants will do anything but attend to official visitors with the courtesy required of their positions. This is true and we experience this everyday in government offices nation wide. But not withstanding their lack of commitment to work, they can go the extra mile to serve a foreigner or perceived rich man without any delay. I pray that one day, civil servants will be held accountable for their actions in this country Amen.

  • Ugwuda Mathew

    It is now a tradition, some civil servants if given a chance to rule this country will make it a living hell.

  • Ojimadu kingsley

    This is a behavourial trait amongst civil and government officials. Don’t know why it is so. They should be educated on customer service program to broaden their knowledge about handling customers or visitors. And they also should know what ever position they find themselves it is the doing of the Lord and not by their power.

  • Okoro Nneoma

    I remember your story from your magazine article writing text book. That Lady is definitely among the few that bother to make a difference and work in the way of God but I have to admit that these days some public servants especially lecturers in UNN are getting better in terms of hospitality, it even surprises me. You stand at the door of their office they don’t just ignore your presence, they tell you to come in sometimes they even say a joke or two to make you feel less tensed and they actually listen to what you have to say and make efforts to help you. Or it might just be luck too? I pray more public servants keep getting better and Ma God bless you for setting these good examples for us.

  • Abasiofon

    Please I need to share this? One experience I will never forget is when I went to get my National ID card. It was a very bitter experience.The woman in charge first welcomed us in a very harsh manner, then stood us up to go and have lunch for like 1hr 30mins without any form of apology and also stood us up to make a phone calls outside and after everything she told some of us to go back that our requirements are not complete without listening to us and she sent us out of the office rudely saying she has closed for the day, after keeping us all day. Please, if you find yourself in such a position, treat people how you want to be treated

  • Kalu Divine Ogechi

    This is a lesson to us all, it is good to treat people very nicely when they approach us for information or help because the world is a small place you do not know where you can meet them again and need their help.eye service is not good..thank you ma for this piece.

  • iheanyi ugochi Elizabeth

    I wish all public workers will read this piece because this problem is killing public service.the way they treat people forgetting that they are called to serve humanity and God

  • Eze chinyere

    May we learn from this teaching. Let us learn to put in our best as we discharge our duties at various workplaces. Doing this will make both God and our employers happy.
    This issue of hostility is something that has eaten deep into the Nigerian Public system. Things would be much better if workers treat people equally, regardless of their background. This should be done keeping in mind that God watches us and expects the best from us.

  • Theophilus Blessing

    Like we seriously need to amend our ways. One of the things I hate most is this public service egoistic syndrome. Sometimes when they finish showing me their colours, I have no option than to search for a hidden place to pour out streams of tears. And sometimes after displaying their character to me instead of helping, I will feel like getting the nearest gun. It is only God. This is one of the reasons some students commit suicide.

  • Kenneth Onah

    You agreed to serve the general public, so why the preferential treatment? Did you agree to serve only a special public?.
    ” The one that annoys me most is that of the laughing and chatting in the office while there is someone waiting to be attended to, maybe because the person is carrying a school bag (and having perceived that he or she might ‘just’ be a student) they will treat you anyhow they want. What can you do? Sometimes, such people need to be paid in their own coins”.

  • Anyasor Emmanuel Gerald

    Before i make further comments on this Ma, I’d love to say, you’re indeed a perfect embodiment of a mother cum social worker! ❤️
    The public service in Nigeria is indeed nothing to write home about, speaking specifically on the shabby nature of service rendered by the workers. Thanks for this post ma. I sincerely wish that most public services workers would get their eyes on this.

  • Jane Anthony

    I’m glad you indeed speak against the shabby nature of services offered by most public service workers ma!
    Its sickening! The favouritism, bribery, inconsistency, and a whole lot of anomalies!

  • Chidinma Obasi

    It is very important we give all our best to whatever we find ourselves doing. For it is truly a privilege to serve and to be accorded with some respect from others, I think such respect should reciprocate.

  • Okoro nneoma

    I remember your story from your Magazine article writing textbook. That lady is definitely among the few that bother to make a difference and work in the way of God bit I have to admit that these days some public servants especially lecturers in UNN are getting better in terms of hospitality, it even surprises me. You stand at the door of their office they don’t just ignore your presence, they tell you to come in sometimes they even say a joke or two to make you feel less tensed and they actually listen to what you have to say and make efforts to help you. Or it might just be luck? I pray more public servants keep getting better and Ma, God bless you for setting these good examples for us.

  • Victor Nzubechi

    People in high offices where they can render assistance to those in need most times, mis-use their offices thereby frustrating their clients . I just hope they get to see things from your perspective and make a u-turn. Nice write-up MA.

  • Unwana Ekere

    In as much as serving people isn’t easy but you signed up for it and you are being paid for the services rendered, so therefore you must be your best and take actions that are justifiable. Recently i had an encounter with a civil servant attending to issuance of National ID, I felt so bad cos I was abandoned and neglected, I tried as much not to insult her because amidst all this problems, there’s always a way out. Bless you aunty!

  • Obi-eze Adaobi

    No matter the position you are in a company or bank, you should Learn to treat your customers well and make them feel comfortable, attend to them calmly and not harshly. It really hurts when a customer comes in with a particular problem or problems or application for a job and he or she is attended to in a bad way by a worker. And as the worker, even if someone else made u angry, do not transfer aggressions to the customer.

  • The lackadaisical attitude of most government workers cannot be overemphasized. I remember going through similar experience in my first year while doing my clearance. This woman would resume late ,walk past us without apologizing, shut the door rudely and make us wait for half an hour more( it was speculated that she dedicated that time to her breakfast)and then she would leave as early as 1pm.
    This and more, individuals experience in the hands of these public workers on daily basis. This horrible phenomenon has to be curbed.

  • Some people in their place of work and in the discharge of their duties, take others for granted and exhibit care free attitude when attending to people, they pay greater attention to people they are familiar with or when they are given tips, this is wrong. People should be respected and adequate service rendered to them when they approach you, it gives you an edge above your co-workers. And a smile when attending to people will go a long way in improving comfort, despite the busy schedule. Thank you so much.

  • Ewa-Ifeanyichukwu Chidinma

    Frustration seems to be the order of the day in Nigeria, people you barely know want to frustrate you simply because they were frustrated in their own time. However, we must shun this as two wrongs do not make a right. We should try to serve to the best of our ability .

  • It only a wise civil servant that will decern they ought to be the one serving the general public or in an institution. As a civil servant you should occupy yourself with the virtue of humility in your daily service . humanity consideration must be the fore focus .as a civil servant you should not assume your office as an opportunity to syphon benefits in expense of others.

  • Agbodike Ogochukwu Maryclaret

    So true! How people look with disdain upon others they’re in a position to help, particularly these public workers. Only few carry out their work with devotion.

  • Chimezie Goodness Adimchinobi

    If only we can learn to apply the golden rule on daily basis the world will become a better place.I know of a teacher,despite the toughness of her job will try as much as possible to carry her pupils along telling you its God that will reward her good works and not man,”no one knows what these children will become tomorrow” she will always say..a life to emulate indeed.

  • Mbata Jemita

    This is a nice post really. I have found myself in such situation before I had to wait for hours before I finally was attended to. It only takes the grace of God to overcome this.

  • Daniel Chukwuemeka Madu

    Interesting and captivating post. Most of the time in civil service, people working there are employed as a result of nepotism or who they knew at the top, thereby making them feel very secured of their job and complacent resulting in them putting little to no effort in trying to do what they are paid to do especially when they come across people they perceive as lowly in rank. Other times some are just plain rude and don’t care whether it shows. In all, it all boils down to a person’s character. Workers should learn to treat their place of work as their own investment by so doing they won’t want to hurt their clients with poor services which in turn will affect the establishment in the long run

  • Igboamalu oluchi vivian

    In whatever position we find ourselves we should try our best to make the best out of it not to abuse it we should be worthy examples and act upon our true belief in God and try to put in our best in our various fields of working experience.

  • Obi-eze Adaobi

    Wow, what a strong write up? We need to know that every opportunity given is an achievement cause it is said”opportunity comes only once in a lifetime ” in essence we should make use of our time wisely.

  • Euniprecious

    This is a good example of what happened to me during my clearance in first year, it is very annoying standing in cue waiting for a long time and reaching my turn either she is tired, going for school runs or she is through for the day. sometime i miss lectures for that still not achieving any thing. Many of us are Complaining about the president while in the little office we are handling we do worst and treat people like nothing and with favouritism, why? Many civil servants before you enter their office you have to made up your mind to take any action you see and even to recieve the worst insult of life. May God help we humans and also bless you ma who never get tired of recieving us in her office even with our rude attitude most times.

  • Chisomebi Iroezindu

    This write up rightly explains my experience with staff of government offices. Aunty Edith, I wonder if it would ever get better. Its easier to walk to the sun than to get anything done in a government office without “roger “. At times we are tempted to stop praying for Nigeria to be better cause we aren’t seeing results but we would press on anyway. Thank you ma

  • Ngbede Emmanuel

    This write-up was really needed Ma, because I thought students were the only ones being treated rudely by staffs, this act needs to stop because it’s unprofessional. I also had an encounter with a public servant that made me happy to see that not all public servants act the same way. Last year when I went for my IT at a radio house, this Man took time from his office to make sure that me and others that were present secured a section there to do our IT. I later got to find out that He is an Alumni from my department, and he was really glad he helped.

  • Okafor Chiamaka M.

    They say “absolute power corrupts absolutely” this is the case in the public service sector. This story is a mirror reflection of all that has been happening in this sector also an educative piece,especially for us young bloods to take note of. The need to treat people rightly cannot be overemphasized. Normally, I feel good when someone is smiling or happy because of me.?

  • Dike Gerald

    I encountered such attitude one day a lecturer gave me a parcel to deliver to a higher lecturer in the department. Scarcely had I entered when the lecturer barked at me to go out(as though I did not knock). But on seeing that I held the parcel for which he had waited, he called me back and confirming it’s the expected material, collected it from me. Had it been I dashed off immediately I was sent out, he could have waited longer. However, there are many good staffs who treat people well.

  • Sophia

    Some of them don’t even understand the concept of their jobs, this post makes me look back at the day I went to get my voters card, hmm it wasn’t funny, one of them even called me to get sachet water for him without even saying please, he even taged it, that I should hurry oo, they are just eating okpa, while heaps of people, both old and young are outside waiting.. Some of these people are just terrible… They believe they are Demi gods… God should bless any good one out there

  • Otung Theresa

    If everyone in the Civil service can just heed and go above or beyond the society would be far better. Sometimes its even the receptionist that would be so rude to you..
    If we all can take a cue and be kind in the little ways we can, it would really go a long way. Just a little courtesy won’t hurt. It was an interesting read

  • Anita amadi

    I have encountered bad public servants severally but one thing to smile about is the fact that there are still good ones. If I become a public servant, I will make sure I treat everyone equal. I pray those good public servants get their rewards from God and man.

  • Nwankwo Amanda

    This write up is so accurate, work diligently even when no one is watching, that shows integrity.
    Two years ago when I was interning, my supervisor used to constantly tell me that if he sends me to the market to find out the price of a tomato, he doesn’t expect me to do just that, he expects me to not only find out the price of one, I should also find out the price of all, the freshness of the tomatoes, the farm it came from, the farmer, etc.
    Always going the extra mile is very good.

  • Constance

    this kind of nonchalant behavior towards customers can mostly been seen in government owned firms. It seems like they are allergic to customers or people who came to make inquiry.
    I wonder how they will feel if they are treated alike.

  • sefiya

    It is good to carry out your duties properly regardless of the position you find yourself. This post teaches you to be diligent at your place of work, work with all your heart stop having a lazy attitude towards work and God will uplift you when the time is right.

  • Maureen

    Nice write up ma.
    People should learn how to treat others right. For what ever position one finds himself, he was put there by God to render services.

  • Ibeh Lorretta Chiamaka

    This reminds me of my experience at the bank, I waited for hours for a work that could take just 10 minutes.
    People should learn to be diligent in their work regardless of there position. To all those who treat us right whenever we need their assistance may God blessings never ceases from your household. Amen

  • This is educating especially to people who have attitude issues, both workers and some business women who don’t know how to treat customers. Treat everyone nice, you don’t know what they’re going through. I learnt alot from this, thank you Ma.

  • Ebeyi Emmanuel

    I learnt from the Holy Spirit recently that any position of service that I occupy is first service to God and when you serve God well, definitely and automatically you shall serve yourq fellow human beings well. When you eyes as a worker is first set on God no amount of maltreatment from your employers can make you fustrated ……

  • Chilaka Vivian

    One major thing I learnt from this post on my service to my fellow man is to first understand that I am working to please God.

  • Asogwa Christian Tochukwu

    We have to learn from the scriptures to possess good leadership skills which will help us to succeed in lif,as we learn to do into others the good we want them to do into us ,may God help us.There is a joy that fills ones heart when he or she can be of help.

  • Elijah Akuma

    Our civil service is bedevilled with a lot of ills and when we see people who refuse to toe the same immoral part as has become the order of the day, we tend to be amazed. Our society can become better if each uphold quality work ethics in their various places of work.

  • Nwatu Vera Chisom

    This post ought to be read by every one out there not just civil servants, those who work in private organizations tend to act this way also. Workers should learn to treat people equally without fear or favor.

  • Chukwukanne chinecherm winner

    I personally hate being neglected when it comes to do with being responsible for or of people. I wouldn’t like to work in a government organization because of the lack of enthusiasm. People should learn how to treat their follow human righ because you don’t know what they are passing through or where you will meet them.

  • Samson Alabi

    Regardless of any workers status I see no reason for them to treat anyone in anyway not appealing to human nature. Things change in a matter of time. Wishing for better work ethics in our civil service

  • Ben-Egbe Nneoma Andrea

    I have noticed this as well. So many staff are negligent to their duties and refuse to perform them well. Everyone needs to be treated with respect irrespective of their status

  • Tosin Ojora

    I believe that if each of us will resolve to do the right thing in our different places of work, it will go a long way in improving the quality of our society. Thank you so much Ma for this quality content.

  • Oluchi Abonyi

    The change we are shouting about and hoping to see should start with us in the way we handle things given to us without supervision.

  • Macaulay Tekevwe

    Work heartily. Have a positive attitude towards work.

  • Osuji enyinnaya darlington

    Wonderful write up ,am sure that working in public office with little and delayed payment is not easy but when we remember that our service is to God we will be able to do better each day.


    We are expected to serve others just as we serve God.

  • Treasure Emone

    Work with all your heart. I wish many civil servants can see this article and learn from it.

  • Ebi osinachi mercy

    This reminds me of a friend, who explain to me the I’ll treatment she received at the general hospital Lagos, she was not even able to sort out the problem at of that time,
    may God have mercy on us

  • Jacenta ossai.

    An interesting write up. Public servants represents the organizations they work in. A bad public servant can tarnish the image of the said organization or institution.

  • oboni veronica

    Interesting, many staff and public servant do not take their work serious and they tend to treat people harshly. for instance then as a first year student and went through a lot in the hands of those staffs in the clearance office before I was able to submit my files.

  • Uzochukwu Angel

    The good you do to others will also come back to you.

  • Agwubuo Ebube

    God bless everyone attending and serving the public with love, patience and tolerance.

  • Mbah Adaku

    Public servants mostly transfer aggression and other times they are just rude! Nice write up.

  • Onogwu chinenye blessing

    Do to others as you would want them to do to you.
    Being in a position is not a criteria to look down on others

  • Ozioko Glory Oluchi

    This bad attitude in the office most times come from people from not-well-to-do backgrounds and it is ironical. Once God gives them the privilege to be in any office, they will forget that they were once helped by another, feeling on top of the world, no matter how small the office is.
    God knows that I will strive to do better if I get the privilege.

  • Chukwuma Onyinyechi Maryrose

    Most people holding one position or the other uses it as an advantage, its like a common thing this days that when you are in a superior position or in holding any office that you can treat people anyhow you want to forgetting that they are humans and have feelings as well.
    I’m a victim, an incident happen in my first year, then, I wanted to do change of course because I was given double admission,so I went to ICT to rectify the issue but they kept telling me to come back, same story everyday. I was going to the ICT for a month if not more and the deadline for the submission of the first file was already near, I begged them, cried, missed classes because of this but no one listened to me until God finally answered my prayers.
    I later met someone that knew someone that works in ICT, so finally they attended to me because of the connect the guy had the person that works in ICT. My first year experience was a really bad one.
    I pray that in whatever position I find myself in, I won’t treat people the way I was treated. Those people that treated me that way, they really need to read this so they can learn from it.

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