The wise men saw a bright star in the East
It told of a king who had just been born
And this was no ordinary king in our midst
But a gift from heaven, an Anointed One
To save mankind, the greatest to the least

As shepherds their weary watch were keeping
Lo, an angel’s light rent the darkened sky
The same joyful news he came declaring
And the strains of a mighty choir from on high
Rang glory to God and to mankind, blessing

All this happened two millenniums ago
The Saviour lived and paid sin’s grievous price
The way to life that you and I might know
Dare we scorn His grace for Satan’s lies?
Dare we break His heart that loves us so?

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

Crucial questions for you and I right there at the end! Hope you answer them now and do so correctly. You are blessed in Jesus’ name.





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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  1. Nice poem ma. May the remembrance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ help all Christians to live a life worthy of emulation because we are His representatives here on earth.

  2. This is the beginning of seasons leading to time and time is understood as no more.
    strengh,joy and love to all thebsojourners of the most high God.
    hugs with love my sister in Christ Jesus our teacher of salvation.

  3. if and only if people will understand the joy and celebration of this season as is in the context of this poem then they would not dare break the saviours heart or scorn His Grace for Satan’s lies. people need to understand that Christ alone and not worldly desires is the reason for the season. Nice one Ma….. The poem is one that speaks loads…. God bless u for writing such a nice poem in a season as this. merry Xmas….

  4. Jesus, the king is the reason for the season, some people fail to understand that and instead of worshipping the king they worship Satan by doing things that displeases Christ and in the process break his heart, we should try to refrain from this as we are in the season of his celebration, merry Xmas to you ma and everyone else celebrate Christ and his love

  5. First, I will say that the title of this poem is interesting. Like what Vivian has said, I jpray that the birth our Lord Jesus Christ will bring joy as we celebrate Christmas and it will teach us the need to hold on to God’s grace and not breaking his heart.

  6. The title is something we all as christians who believe in Jesus should keep in mind.Despite all he has done for us yet we do things that make him wonder what’s the point of coming into the world but I believe this poem will shake us up. May the birth of Christ bring us happiness and take us back to out first love. Merry Christmas

  7. The birth and death of Jesus Christ are two very significant events in the Christendom. His birth brought us hope. It gave a sense of belonging. His death which is better felt vicariously, gave us salvation. It granted us untrammeled access to the father. Formally, we wondered like sheep without a Shepard. All thanks to Him for the work of redemption. It is pertinent to note that no amount of Thanksgiving is commensurate with God’slove for making. But then, we can only reciprocate his wondrous deeds for us by replicating his virtues, for as he is in heaven, so we are on earth.

  8. For behold,I bring you good tidings of great joy,which shall be to all people LUKE 2:10
    The birth of Jesus brought salvation, his birth made us believe that we are Christlike .
    The Christmas celebration is as a remebrance of Jesus Christ birth that God sent his only begotten son to save mankind. Nice poem I must say.
    May the celebration bring upon us joy,love,peace IJN AMEN Merry Christmas and happy new year ahead.

  9. To be sincere I still can’t seem to fathom how a star could announce someone’s birth. I guess that’s just how mighty he is. Yes I’ve scorned his grace for Satan’s lies, yes I’ve also broken his heart even though he had paid sin’s grievous price, many years ago.

  10. I have broken his heart oo… Seriously if God were to take these things seriously, hell will be quite small. But his grace and mercy abounds and that’s why I press on each day to subdue the power of my flesh so that as a Christian, I may truly live like Christ.

  11. I love this poem.The transition is awsome & the closing is nice too; those are very important questions that we all need to answer.

  12. We longed for a saviour, a redeemer who will set us free from the grip of the evil one. We cried. We perished. we were subjected to all manner of torture by the evil one. Then He came, to redeem man from sin, from the captivity of Satan. He was crucified, He died that we may live. He suffered on our behalf. He died our death. The death that was due for us was what he took upon Himself. All these He did that we may be free from the evil one, but the question remains, “have we rejected the devil?”

  13. The poem is about the birth and death of Christ. His sacrifice for us is the more reason we should love him more.

  14. His birth gave us life, and his death and resurrection gave us hope. it is a didactic poem. Haleluyah

  15. Exactly, this very timely. Many Christians have forgotten that our essence of living to reciprocate the love of Christ in all our endeavors, instead we choose to live a life contradicting his purpose on earth. How i wish everyone can meditate on this poem. Thank you so much ma for this well-crafted and inspirational poem designed for kingdom stewardship, more grace to you

  16. some of we Christians have missed our way from Christ, it is about time we retrace those steps back to him before it gets too late……..thanks ma for this awesome piece

  17. I know this is a seasonal poem. It centers on Christmas, but then the last two lines of the last stanza seriously caught my attention as I read it. This is what came to my mind, “The joyous coming of THE SAVIOR seems to be turning out sorrowful to some of us, relating it to our attitude towards the things that concern this same person called CHRIST”. My prayer is that He will help us to come to the full knowledge of Him and to realise why He has actually called us His own and what He wants us to be like. Thank you, ma. It’s an awesome poem. To me it’s so touching, especially those two lines I mentioned. Well done!

  18. There’s no season I love like Christmas because it so much reminds me of the coming of Christ to the world as human in the Bible and that brought my salvation till now… It is my best season

  19. Wow! This poem is really touching. At first it made me uncomfortable because we have rejected a great King who has come to pay for our redemption. For me I want to turn a new leaf. I don’t know about you, my friends. I think you should do the same.

    • Beautiful decision and great advice if by turning a new leaf you mean accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. You are blessed!

  20. This poem captures the joy and salvation Christ’s birth brought and leaves one with a feeling of contentment and peace.As for me i’ll strive to live my life in accordance with his will.God forbid that our Lord’s death be in vain

  21. Having sacrificed his life for the salvation of the world, we really owe our lord Jesus Christ a lot. We must try to deviate from our bad ways and turn a new leaf in appreciation for what Christ has done for us.

  22. Lord give us the grace to keep the faith even in this perilous time and season, so that when you come again in glory we shall not be found wanting. Amennnnnnnnn!

  23. I love this poem! My favorite line is “Lo, an angel’s light rent the darkened sky.” It reminds me of the words from the carol Silent Night, which says “with the dawn of redeeming grace.” The light of angels, the light of the star, and the light of the presence of Jesus incarnate broke through the dark universe, and grace and hope was birthed!



  26. I dare not break his heart. we are humans and may say that we are prone to mistakes, but with his grace and bearing in heart and mind what Jesus did on the cross, I think love for him will restrain us from doing certain things.

  27. Its still by His grace that we do not break His heart.. just remembering some mistakes of the past and still He forgives us. indeed He is God!

  28. may the birth and death of Jesus Christ continue to serve as a true reminder to us of the price he paid on the cross of Calvary.

  29. I pray God give us the grace to understand what Christmas really means…..then no one would dare to break the saviours heart. A happy new year to you ma.

  30. let’s always pray that by His special Grace alone, we would all be able to be upright with Christ in all our doings. Christ has paid it all on the cross. we should pray for grace everyday to enable us be upright with Him and not break His heart. He has already been crucified once, so let’s not crucify Him again with our actions. Blessed 2018, momma!!!!

  31. I think it is one of the most ironic arrivals of the universe; that God commended His love for us while we were yet sinners.
    This meant that as sinners we would most definitely not appreciate and realize His love at first sight.
    Love and salvation to a sinner is easily misunderstood.
    How dare we break the Savior’s heart?
    What a merciful Savior He is that He still gives us another and another chance to please His broken heart. Thank You Ma

  32. the three wise men who went in search of the new born king were only successful because they believed and trusted in God. they did not doubt the voice of God and obeyed him to the end. i pray that God gives us the grace and ability to love, obey and serve him this new year that we may be able to know when he is talking to us and be able to understand his words as we strive to work in his footsteps. Amen

  33. We are bt humans, we can’t keep the promise on our own, we need his grace to be strong against temptations and know the right way to Christmas so as not to disappoint and break his heart.

  34. His grace is ever sufficient for us..even in our unfaithfulness he remains faithful.God reveal more of you to us

  35. Nice poem to sum up the reason for His birth. my prayer is that we should always pray for His Grace to abide with us so that we will never lose focus of the reason for His coming which is the greatest gift of God to mankind.

  36. Nice poem ma, the truth is that, Yes I’ve scorned his grace for Satan’s lies, yes I’ve also broken his heart consciously and unconsciously even though he had paid sin’s grievous price many years ago for my sake. I pray for God’s grace in my life and the lives of all his creation that we will not break his heart no matter Satan’s lies.

  37. A poem which makes me appreciate literature,art, Jesus Christ and Christmas all at once.The rhyme scheme is perfect(ABABACDCDCEFEFE).Three mind blowing stanzas and 15solid lines of rich and powerful words that could change a man’s heart forever. I read it over and over again. Need I talk about the poem’s caption?or the unique graphical illustrations? One word for Aunty Edith! Awesome!!!!

  38. Most times, I unconsciously reflect on how difficult it was for God as a father to send and allow His only beloved son to die for people who never deserved him and how difficult fo Christ himself, to leave his royal position as a king and prince in his father’s kingdom just to come down and take our human form in order to die and save: us from sin and condemnation. This is how much they both love us and yet, we dare break their hearts. I only pray our eyes will be opened more to see and appreciate their great love for us.

  39. His life sacrificed on the cross gave man life in him abundantly. Even though this sacrifice was done over two thousand years back, the power of the blood is still working to save man.

  40. Jesus Christ was born, suffered and died a painful death on the cross for our salvation. Come to think of this, how many Christians are willing to make this kind of sacrifice? The door is now open to us, accept him and never stop thanking him for saving us. Dear God, please give the grace to stop breaking your heart in all my deeds.

  41. It is only the grace of God that is sufficient. This post is really touching because I know sometimes my behavior makes it look like I don’t value God’s greatest gift.

  42. for through his birth we have hope; through his death on the cross we all are saved from our iniquities. Glory be to his name.

  43. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Glory be to his name.

  44. Learning of and seeing all the sacrifices God has been making for the redemption of mankind, it should be difficult to dare to break his heart. However our contemporary world of today, seem not to agree with this. Annoying God through the words of the mouth and our actions, have become a norm.
    May God give us the grace, to carry on in this work of faith. Amen.

  45. Despite all his love for us we still scorn the saviour and break his heart, thats because we are mere mortals, we need his grace to avoid our sinful lives and realize that no one dares break the saviour’s heart.

  46. Dear Jesus, I cannot say I haven’t ever broken your heart, neither will I dare to say I won’t ever do. But am sorry for my wrongdoings, and as long as you’re going to be taking the lead, I’ll try my best to do you proud

  47. It’s quite unfortunate that from the Garden of Eden, man has been sinful. God keeps being abundantly merciful. May we make heaven at the end of our sojourn on earth. Amen!

  48. Christ birth brought light to mankind, he came saw our trespasses and bare it thereby dying for our sins, he gave us grace to live and have an external life. My question is how far have we mediated on this love, how far how we gone in leaving a godly life ,how far have we appreciated God’s grace in our lives, have we accepted him as our Lord and personal saviour.dear Lord may you grant us the grace not to scorn you

  49. Dare we break the Saviors heart? Oh no we should not and we can’t, the one who came and sacrificed himself to redeem us.
    Our Lord Jesus who saved us from sin.
    Our everlasting God, dare we break his heart? No. We should all bow and worship him

  50. The birth of Christ that brought us happiness, joy, peace and cleansing of sins. We should endavor not to betray this love. We shuld strive to live up to the kind of love he was born to give.. Jesus Christ is the son of God born to the world. this is good for his remembrance.

  51. Christ birth brought light to mankind, he came for our sake, he gave us grace to live and have an external life. Through his dying on the cross our sins have been forgiven and his mercy lasts forever…

  52. What a nice post ma.His birth and death was for a reason.That we may be save and live a life worthy of emulation. It is a pity that so many Christian’s have neglected the fact.i pray for Christian’s all over the world that they may be filled with the grace of God to live their life’s according to the principles and direction of God.Amen

  53. Very touching. Jesus did all these for us. He paid the costly price for our sins. He trusts that we whom He has saved will not disappoint Him. The cunningness of the evil one should not lure us. We should be with Him who gave up life for us.

  54. For our sake he was born. For our sake he became His creature. For our sake he died. Yet He lives. He lives to see us, the fruit of his blood. May we be His forever.

  55. Jesus came and gave his life on the Cross of Calvary for the salvation of our souls so each time we sin we just break his heart and hurt him, this is a lesson for us to align our lives according to God’s pattern.. nice poem ma

  56. Its appalling that we break Christ’s heart all the time. Despite the fact that He gave His all to save us from eternity but we still keep on in our sinful ways. We pray that He forgives our sins and lead us to life ever lasting.

  57. Is really disgusting that many still crucify jesus the second time with their evil deeds ……despite the fact he has given the highest sacrifice by dying on the cross just for our sins.

  58. Christ did what no man can do. HE paid the price we couldn’t pay. Help us Lord to know and worship you more and more.

  59. Sure we do break his heart. Just because we humans love the things of the world and we believe so much in them. This saviour whom we hurt so much keeps loving us everyday. His love is unconditional. If only we can see that the things of this world is all vanity and we appreciate the good deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ, we all shall be saved. Thank you so much Ma for sharing this here. God bless you.

  60. He paid the price for me,he went through anguish and sorrow for me.He has called us to be joint partakers of the kingdom.I pray I dare not break his heart .Help me,saviour!!

  61. I will not break my Saviour’s heart neither will I crucify Him on the cross again because of Satan’s lies.

    • Nice poem. The question at the end makes one reflect on whether we understand the importance of the birth of Christ who brought us salvation and if we are appreciative of the price he had to pay for us. If so,’dare we break His heart’

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