Nene was marching round like other congregants, screaming and shaking her head. Her three-year-old frame was mimicking the other worshippers. At some point, she stood with legs apart, both hands thrashing an imaginary being as she echoed, “Die, die, die!”

The devil was in deep trouble today. Any moment now, he’d be dead and they could go home. Flicking aside some beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead due to her exertions, she began the customary march to and fro, repeating as best as she could the prayer the leading pastor was reciting.

This was her first time being in the adult church. They do an awful lot of walking around here, she thought, as her small legs began to feel the strain of the long prayer session. She would have been home watching cartoons but her mum’s younger sister, who served as her nanny, had travelled, leaving her to continue in the adult service before going home with her mum. Her dad was a pastor and would stay for meetings later.

All the marching and shouting was making her thirsty. She weaved her way through the kicking legs, the flailing and punching arms of the petitioners and went to her mum about a metre away. She tugged at her arm and asked for a drink of water. Her mum took Nene by the arm and moved to her seat. She uncorked her water bottle and handed it to her. As Nene was guzzling the water, she snatched it back.

“Enough! Next thing you would be saying is, ‘I want to wee.'”

“Yes, I want to wee.”

“You’re not serious!”

“Sit down very quietly. Don’t disturb me when we’re praying.” She put her bag and the water bottle that were on her chair on the floor and lifted Nene onto it, placing her right forefinger on her lips to say, “Not a word from you!”

Nene sat for a minute, taking in the banging and shadow boxing of the people around.

“I can’t just sit doing nothing,” she thought. “Let’s see what treats can be found in Mum’s bag.”


Climbing down from the chair, she started poking around the knockoff Gucci handbag and presently found some toffee-coated peanuts.

“Yeah!” she screamed. Thankfully, the packet was already open. Clutching the half-full sachet in her left hand, she used her free hand to drag her mum’s bag on the terrazo floor and moved to the nearby wall. As she leaned against the wall and munched happily, an elderly woman scowled at her, so she half shut her eyes and mumbled as if in prayer, nodding her head rhythmically as some others were doing.

But as the popular saying goes, good things never last, and so the peanuts ran out. Another dutiful search of her mum’s bag yielded nothing to eat. So she went for the water bottle and drank every drop. Returning to her former spot, she lay on the floor with her mum’s bag as pillow.

However, restless, she sat back up after several minutes and picked a book from her mum’s bag. It was big, black and full of print. Her mum had told her to not write on a book that wasn’t plain but there was nothing else to write on. Besides, there were some plain pages at the beginning, oh well, almost plain. She found a pen in the bag and began to scribble the English alphabets, the ones she’d learnt in nursery school. Actually, they were the only things she could write. A few minutes later, she lost interest in writing.

Oh, oh, she wanted to wee, as in, right then. She ran to her mum.

“Mummy, I want to wee-wee.” No response. “Mummy, please!”

Her mum reluctantly took her to the back of the church to ease herself close to the grass there.

When they got back to the church, everyone was still going, “Die, die, die!”

“Mummy, I want to go home.”

“We’ll soon go. Come on!” Nene had planted herself at a spot and refused to move.

“I want to go now, I want to go now!”


“Sweetie, we’ll soon go. Just as soon as we finish praying.”

Nene, who had begun to cry, looked around at the sweating church folks, shouting, “Die, die, die!” and she wailed in frustration, “Devil, die already now! I just want to go home!”

As her mum lifted her to take her further into the church, Nene bawled and made a scene, reiterating her vexation in these words, “Stubborn devil! Everybody says you should die. Die already, I want to go home!”

-The end-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2019




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27 thoughts on ““DEVIL, DIE ALREADY!” (SHORT STORY)

  1. The devil would die if we live by God’s words not necessarily as a result of long prayers that weakens the flesh..

  2. 😂😂 “Devil die already nah”

    The heart of a child, so pure ❤️

    I pray we develop childlike hearts towards the things of God!

  3. Prayer longevity does not guarantee an answered prayer, rather the faith backed with the prayer and the content of the prayer

  4. I can still tell that some people that have prayed devil die today have gone back to their old life, the devil will die when one sustains his good life in Christ

    Have a blessed day

  5. Lol! The story is hilarious and I can understand the little girls plight I had experienced it before. I could only imagine ,even those members would start laughing after listening to Nene .

  6. Lol! Funny though,i understand how nene feels, the stupid devil the whole church have been killing since should die so she could go home nah.😂😂😂 we should know that prayer works with faith. It doesn’t matter how long you pray what matters is your faith in God.

  7. Quite funny! Basically the devil obeys God word and not by us displaying unnecessary action that are not necessary. And later on little or no result is seen.

  8. 😂😂, i can’t stop laughing😂. She couldn’t understand what was going on. The devil don’t want to die so that she can go home😂. “Devil, pity the child and die o”😂

  9. That is the reason why it’s not advisable to take a child to adult church because he or she will not understand what is going on there. The child will not even allow you to concentrate.

  10. Lol..why do I feel this story is been directed to me..I attend mfm with my family…and the die ! Die! Is literally what we chant most of the time…and I must confess it can actually make me tired and hungry as well especially for first timers so I understand Nene’s behavior ..it’s actually funny though 🤣

  11. Haha! Really funny!! Too bad the child went through such prayer session. Well,the story exposes how unease children and even believers who are still coming up in the Lord feel when faced with certain levels of Christianity that are beyond them. It takes great energy to make them understand. They might even make a scene, just like the child. Haha! I enjoyed the amusement and the pure thoughts of the child in the story, and I pray that the devil would die quickly oo😁

  12. hahaha, nene wasn’t wrong for displaying her childishness, but Christians should remember that the battle we fight with the devil is a spiritual one that needs faith accompanied with prayers and not shouting and physically demonstrating with no faith.

  13. Lol, what an interesting story, the little girl clearly did not understand what was going on and so she took it unseriously, thats the same way some adults take serious life issues with levity and take wrong decisions because of lack of understanding, its not just in faith but also in reality

  14. 😂😂😂 I don’t blame the poor girl oo..she wants to go home already but her mum still insists the devil must die before they go. Interesting story tho..

  15. Lol, I think children shouldn’t be brought to adult churches. They should have theirs to avoid distractions.
    Nene was already tired of the devil and wants the devil to die already.
    Children are handful😅

  16. Funny
    I understand Nene..she wants the devil to die already so that she can go home.
    But no amount of devil die will make sure he devil to die unless you have a right standing with God

  17. 😀😀 very funny, devil should die and release the little girl to go home nah. To the girl, the blows are too much for the devil that he can’t survive it; devil dies already lol

  18. Hahaha, devil die already, the devil should just die and allow her go home oo, this is one of the reasons why I love my roman catholic church, everything is timed. This is very funny, I have had so many experiences sometimes the pastors want to impress the people that he can pray and you get to be repeating prayer points, Thanks ma

  19. Hahaha! This story is so funny! I can relate well to this story, that moment you are caught in between what is so boring and what you have absolutely no interest in, yet you have to stay put.
    I love Nene’s innocent thoughts. If only we can all be so sincere.

    But please oh, did the devil later die?

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 devil die ohhh. Thank God I’m commenting on easter day, death could not hold Jesus down. It then means the devil has been defeated. Little Nene 😂

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