DON’T DEMOTE AND ENSLAVE YOURSELF - Lessons from Jotham's parable

DON’T DEMOTE AND ENSLAVE YOURSELF: Lessons from Jotham’s parable


Hi! Many Christians do not realise how highly God has placed them. The Bible says He has seated us together with Christ in the heavenly realms, far above all principalities, powers, dominions “and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come” (Ephesians 2:6, 1:21 – KJV). Why then, child of God, would you demote and enslave yourself to what should rightly be under your feet?

I just learnt some things along these lines from the last part of Jotham’s parable in Judges 9:14-15. This parable is properly called Jotham’s curse in v. 57 of the same chapter. I hereby share what I learnt with you.

14 “Then all the trees finally turned to the thornbush and said,
‘Come, you be our king!’
15 And the thornbush replied to the trees,
‘If you truly want to make me your king,
come and take shelter in my shade.
If not, let fire come out from me
and devour the cedars of Lebanon.’”


Gideon had been a judge of Israel for 40 years but upon his death, one of his sons (from his concubine) killed off his 70 brothers (from the wives) in a bid to become king. The youngest son, Jotham, survived the massacre and spoke the parable to the wannabe king.

My concern is this last part which would be the punchline if this were a joke. Jotham said the trees were looking for a king and couldn’t find any takers. In desperation, they went to the bramble or thornbush.


This is the position some people have put themselves in today. The regular thornbush can’t even be properly called a tree. It’s just a shrub. But the oaks, pines, cedars, and all those great trees were begging the thornbush to rule over them.

This is what desperation can lead to. First, you convince yourself you must absolutely have something. I wonder what made the trees think they needed a king. Then you lower yourself in your crazed pursuit of that thing like those stately trees were willing to give sovereignty to the thornbush.

DON’T DEMOTE AND ENSLAVE YOURSELF - Lessons from Jotham's parable

But it’s a lose-lose situation from the start, this relationship with the thornbush the trees are pining for.

Look at the terms:

1. Take shelter under my shade!

Since most thornbushes are very shrubby, they may not have enough space for you to get under. Also, they may not be leafy enough to provide any shade. And oh, the thorns! What a painful experience it would be if you tried pushing through and sitting among them!

2. If you refuse to come under my shade, fire will come from me and “devour” the best of you!

What? You came of your own accord and now you’re obligated to go through or suffer heavy loss.

So this wretched thornbush that you thought would be great for you is threatening your life and planning to take away what’s most precious to you?


***This is the lot of those who consult native doctors, witches, water spirits and occult priests. You can’t get light out of darkness, you can’t get good out of evil.

***Don’t be deceived! You don’t need money that much! You don’t need power that much! You don’t need a husband that much! You don’t need a child that much!

Do not go to powers beneath you for anything. Do not demote and ensnare yourself to them. Believe me, the cost will eventually be more than you’re willing to pay. You see, the trees were told what they had got themselves into immediately, but the powers you consult may not immediately reveal everything to you.

***When you find out how bad the deal you’ve made is, you may not be able to walk away as easily as you walked in to make your petitions. Backing out may cost you much of what you count dear and even your life.


Trust God, serve Him only and He will bless you with the things you really need in His own time.


The first version of this article was posted on my Facebook page, Aunty Edith on May 19, 2022.

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