This is where we are in the story. Sharon suffers a panic attack in the last episode regarding her custody of Ikenna, her late MD’s baby, but eventually pulls through magnificently. She is eager to share her experience with Raphael, her fiancé, but is unable to reach him. After a while, she begins to think the worst. So where is Raphael and what is he up to? This episode provides the answers. It shows whether Raphael has absconded as Sharon thinks or he is still committed to their relationship.


When Raphael finally showed up, it was Friday, about a week after he had proposed to me. By then, I had gone from, “He must have a good reason for not picking my call” to “Men and their fickleness, talking before they think!” because I had allowed myself to be persuaded he had taken time to think our engagement through and decided he should jump ship before it was too late. From not picking his calls, his number had become unavailable and I believed he wanted it that way.

Having lost his attempt to make me toss Ikenna, the devil concentrated on filling my mind with contrary thoughts about Raphael. But this time around, I made no attempt to fight back. I was physically and psychologically drained. So in a space of one week, I was convinced that Raphael did not and had never loved me; that while I thought I had used him as a bait to get male attention, he had actually used me to get to know my MD and get himself a job.

I reasoned that if not for the unfortunate accident that claimed my MD’s life, he would certainly have stolen my position at the company. I was not going to wait around for him anymore. I had a little over a million saved up. I was going to use that money to go to Ghana where my uncle lived to start a new life. And I would take Ikenna with me. None of this seemed ridiculous to me at the time.

I called my uncle and told him what I was proposing but he strongly objected to it. Nothing I said would make him budge.

“Living as an immigrant is very difficult,” he insisted. “You have to work extra hard to fit in and make it.”

“Sir, I’m prepared to work as hard as I need to.” I chose not to tell him I’d be having a baby in tow.

“Not the life for a girl your age. You’re better off settling down in Nigeria. By the way, where are the men? Are they blind or you’ve been sending them away?”

At that point, I knew it was time to end the conversation but before I could do so respectfully, he had warned me that “a woman is like a flower with a limited period of freshness and so she must ensure she is plucked within that limited time.”

My limited air time purchased from the telecom company could not have been put to worse use. I was thus at my wit’s end when Raphael arrived and was prepared to vent my frustration on him.

“Your attempt to run away failed like mine?” I asked.

“Thank you for the wonderful welcome. I’ve been to hell and back but I guess it hasn’t been easy for you either.”

I was trying to calculate what manner of horror he needed to have experienced for me to overlook his absence in the past one week.

“Please hear me out. The flashing of your eyes tells me how angry you are but I thought by now you would have a little faith in me. I disappeared for a whole week and you made no effort to find me. The Igwe brothers are battling it out and I was just an unfortunate victim, locked up unjustly.”

My interest was piqued.

“You mean the second boy is back? And who locked you up?”

“Yes, back and mad with the elder over the changes made in the company and claiming their father’s will had been doctored. Apparently, Chukwuma had changed the signatories to the company’s accounts making it impossible for anyone in the family to have access to the funds. He also claims his father willed two-thirds of his estate, including his mansion and the company, to him and one-third is to be shared between the younger brother and his mum. By this arrangement, his sister gets nothing because she is married. Ironically, she happens to be the sanest of the children and I understand she studied at MIT.”

“How did you learn all this and what has it got to do with your going AWOL?”

“I went to see Madam the day after I left here. She welcomed me and I narrated our story. The news came as a shock to her but she quickly composed herself. She said she knew her husband had affairs from time to time but she thought they were fleeting adventures. She didn’t know he had kept any woman for long or that he had a child by any of them. Under the circumstance, I didn’t feel it was right to bring up our job troubles.”

I nodded my agreement and he continued, “She told me to give her a number with which she could reach me later so we could discuss further. She said she needed to sort some things out in her family before contacting me again. She also gave me fifty thousand Naira to give you. ”

I stretched out my hand and he grabbed it and pulled me down beside him on the sofa. I had been standing before him like a drill sergearnt hurling my inquiries with every amount of sternness.

“Before I go further, I want us to promise each other one thing. The Bible says that love believes the best of the one loved. I’m not sure exactly where but I think in there somewhere it says something along those lines. Ok, I may not know my Bible very well but all that is going to change from now.”

“I’d like to get the point of this digression.”


“My point is no matter what happens, we should always think the best of each other. Even if things seem all wrong and we don’t understand, we should trust that we would never do anything to hurt each other and that whatever we do would always be for each other’s good.”

“How would we know that we’re actually working for each other’s good? Why should I trust you and why should you trust me? Seems to me you’re putting the cart before the horse.”

“I would have required that we promise each other along the lines you pointed out but I think we’ve actually passed that stage. What we need is to believe it unwaveringly. You are not the girl you were before and I too have had to take a far reaching decision about my life. I think, in fact I believe, we’ll do right by each other but doubts are bound to arise. I just want us to promise to wave them aside when they do.”

“I’d like to know about the far reaching decision you referred to,” I said in a softer tone.

“In good time you will. But if I’m to survive and finish telling you about the conflict in the Igwe family and how it affected me, I would need a meal. I haven’t eaten anything decent since last Saturday morning. One kind policeman gave me daily rations of bread and water. It was a life saver but I need proper food now.”

That was when I noticed he wasn’t quite his beefy self. The huff I was in due to his disappearance had blinded me to what he had been through. Bitter, reproachful me! I felt sheepish as I began to get up but Raphael held me back.

“Before you go, let’s make that promise.” We repeated the essence of what he had said to each other and sealed it with a kiss, a lingering one I might add as I felt I should compensate for being so hard on him.

After a meal of beans and yam porridge, Raphael told me that following his discussion with Madam, her second son drove in. He and Raphael exchanged pleasantries in front of the house. As they were doing so, Chukwuma arrived. He probably thought Raphael was in cahoots with his brother and got him arrested by the policeman he had hired to protect himself. Raphael was detained for “coming to ‘his home’ without invitation and stealing fifty thousand Naira.” The police were probably paid to ensure he spends a long time in incarceration.

But early that Friday morning, the younger Igwe son, Kodili, showed up at the station to bail him but coincidentally, the police were already processing him for release. It seemed that Chukwuma had told them to let him go with a strict warning to stay away from the Igwe family.

Although Kodili witnessed the arrest, according to him, he had got into a heated argument with Chukwuma and by the time he decided to find Raphael, it was difficult to locate the particular station where he was being held. (Raphael could believe him because he had been detained at Sango Ota in nearby Ogun State, rather than in Lagos State, part of Chukwuma’s scheme to ensure he only gets out at his word.) But since Kodili was looking for an ally in his fight against his brother, he refused to give up. After Raphael was released, he took him to the hotel where he was lodged, had him clean up, gave him a change of clothes and fed him the details of the family drama.

He was hoping that Raphael or myself had information or documents that would prove that Chukwuma had tampered with his father’s will. It seemed that for fear of losing their jobs, none of the company’s staff was willing to help Kodili.

“When will these guys sit down and plan their father’s funeral?” I asked. “And it baffles me that they came home to fight over his wealth while their mates abroad are remitting money home to build houses, start businesses and take care of their families.”

“I heard that they’ve always been up to no good. They couldn’t make enough O’level credits or gain admission into any higher institution in Nigeria, It was constant police trouble over smoking of Indian hemp and aggravated assault. Out of embarrassment and to prevent their untimely death, their father decided to ship them out of the country,” Raphael explained.

“They were both enrolled in expensive schools but no one knows exactly what their qualifications are right now,” he continued.

He added that Kodili didn’t seem to know about Ikenna and that he didn’t trust him enough to tell him. He had begged to see his family who must be worried over his disappearance, promising to see the young man in a day or so.

“Sweetheart, should I keep that promise? As part of my research for his autobiography, the MD gave me some personal papers that could help Kodili in his fight against his brother. But should I get involved at all? More importantly, should we bring Ikenna into the picture if Madam for whatever reason has chosen not to tell Kodili about him?”
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

What do you think of her uncle’s advice to Sharon? (Bear in mind that he was not aware of the baby.) Is it only young men who should emigrate if they want to?
How would you answer the question Raphael asked Sharon at the end?
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  • Olamona tunde

    The best thing for Raphael is to keep all the secret now and allow the two brothers to fight it out first,the information with Raphael remain the only way that could bring relevance to Sharon and Raphael. However they must be extremely careful at every step because the battle has just begun.

  • Miracle Amaka Nwokedi

    I totally agree with Tunde. As for her uncle’s advice,I agree with him on the immigrant’s issues and hard times that could come up, with or without a baby, it would be very difficult for Sharon to start life in a different environment. And, emmigration has nothing to do with gender. Both males and females can suffer and overcome challenges.

    But, on the ‘having a man’ aspect, her uncle may have a point. However, a woman’s life should not always be centred on having a man to call a husband. There is more to the life of a woman than just being called a ‘Mrs’.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Hi Miracle! Love the balanced way you’re looking at this. A beautiful weekend to you and yours and remain ever blessed!

  • Cjay Emmany

    Just read all 12 episodes today and I look impatiently forward to the next one. Raphael has to be very careful ‘cos Chukwuma has shown he could go to any length to keep his hold on his father’s wealth very tight. He should let Kodili fight his way around. As for Ikenna, only the Chief’s wife should know for now until the fighting brothers are back to their senses.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Bless you, Cjay! Glad you’re loving the story. I think your suggestion is a wise one going by what has transpired so far. Let’s see what the next episode will reveal.

  • Chinaza

    Sharons uncle is right, and I think Rapheal should stay off the case to avoid more trouble

  • i would say that her uncle gave her a fatherly advice. concerning the question that was asked by Raphael, i think he should not be involved at all, especially as it is a family matter

    • Edith Ohaja

      That immigration thing is not a joke at all. Sometimes, it’s a game of chance and many risks, foreseen and unforeseen, pop up along the way. I counsel much prayer to ensure God is in it before taking such a step. You are highly blessed, Chiamaka!

      • Ejiofor Emmanuel

        Sharon’s uncle reply is unwise. Typical of the traditional Igbo culture. Men and women are at the same level

        Getting into the family fight between chukwuma and kaodili may bring threats to her, coupled with the fact that she has no job now.

  • Rachael Obiora

    i think i like the uncles advice because it will be very expensive for her coupled with the child. and besides she is not doing it on a free mind but rather as a way of running away from her problem rather facing it. i think since it is the MD that gave him those papers ,he actually gave him that for a purpose so he can help kodili. so i think he should give him the papers so that the company will not be run down by chukuma.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Bless you, Rachael! But the MD didn’t know he would die so soon and there’s no indication that Kodili is better than Chukwuma.

  • Ani Chiamaka theresa

    I think her uncle gave her a fatherly advice and concerning d qstn asked by Raphael,, I think he shouldn’t get himself involved in dat cos it can implicate him

  • Amachukwu Amarachi

    Idiomatically, the notion given by the uncle sounds paradox in the sense that the image and outcome of women and ladies like me in particular is belittered, I would feel very bad dope bekos ceteris paribus is not applied by the UNC but denotatively, its quite logical in the sense that “things” are going wrong everyday which will get to worsen up when u worsen the situation by planning to be an immigrant of another state. Ur life will be in depot rate. In this situation which we all knew was not her reason for wanting to go to Ghana, I will be patient and deductive by hearing from my guy to know what really happen and not been inductive into conclusions that has not been properly resaeched. Miss Edith u are a mother luv ya.

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    Her uncle has just given her the best advice. I think Raphael should involve himself for his own good, the good of the company and also the Igwe family.

  • Eme Samuel Ewa

    As for me,sharons uncle is wrong,and i think Rapheal should not give up,because nothing good comes easily,especially when the wrong one loves you right.

  • Shade

    I think Sharon’s uncle is completely wrong and yes, she should help in the fight.


    Definitely, Raphael should fight for his right but he should be careful because Chukwuma looks deadly and serious in handling things which entice the he should try his best and leave the rest to God.


    Why do men always think that woman are weak, why should her uncle talk to her like that, i mean haven’t she been fighting her way through life, she has the right to go any where she wants to go and still fit in, well Ralph asked if he should keep that promise, why is it a promise if it can not be kept, ofcos he should keep it

  • Ihezie Ebere Christiana

    ok,lets take it from the feminist point of view, it portrays how the african society views women, only men are strong or good enough to migrate for work but wen it comes to trafficking for prostitution it will be good. once i mentioned to my daddy abt going out of the country for masters he said that girls are not supposed to leave just like that without their husbands and such assertions pisses me off. Ralph shuld mention it nd fight for what the boss entrusted into his hand cos of the trust he had for him

  • Augustina Okpechi

    I think Sharon’s uncle is not so right and I believe the fight is inevitable.

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    who said only men can immigrate? aff started again o

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    The uncle’s piece of advice does not totally imply that is only the men that can emigrate, it’s simply because the females are the weaker sex (lol) and should not be allowed to face harsher conditions like their male counterpart. Also, their actions should reflect the events as they unfold.

  • Chinemerem

    I agree with her Uncle – she shouldn’t leave, but her gender has nothing to do with it. Migration is difficult for everyone. It can never be easy to leave your life in your country of domicile and go to another strange country.

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    Hmmmm,her uncle’s advise about marriage is what every lady ripe for marriage hears from family members until she settles down but the aspect of emigration,her uncle knows that it is the survival of. Fittest and also emphasis they a man I supposed to do all that not women,although this point might be a kind of degradating of women ie feminism that women are the weaker sex and can’t survive where men do.
    Raphael’s question, I think he should let him know about the child because it might help build Kodili’s trust in him.

  • Emeh Esther

    i think her uncle has a point migrating to another place will be very hard for; she is not married yet and not working plus the little baby she is with.

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    well there are some environment that guys survive more than girls, and besides Sharon is 30, she needs to settle down
    the advice i will give to Raphael is that he should just keep the document to himself for now. we found out from Raphael that the only reason why sir Benedict igwe sent his children to oversea is because of their style of life, there are all nuisance (none was exceptional not even Kodili) instead of them to find a way to bury their father there were busy dragging property… so for now Raphael should fold his hands and watch how the battle will end before anything else

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    the Uncle is right, we dont have to run from our problems…..remember those who run, live to fight another day……..well never give up the fight

  • Her uncles advice to her is a nice one i think because for her to go over there to me i think is not wise because what is here is also there.beside migration is meant for everybody. For the question Rapheal asked i tink he should hold on first and see what will happen so that he won”t be suspected.


    The piece of advice given to Sharon by her uncle is actually good for a lady like Sharon, probably because the condition of the place where her uncle resides is not favourable to single ladies or simply because Sharon’s uncle wants her to marry a Nigerian. Also, Raphael should involve himself in the lingering case of chief igwe’s family by showing kodili all the documents he needs to dig out the truth.

  • Fidelis Favour chiamaka

    It’s not only the men that have the right to emigrate to other countries, women do too……..let Raphael not get involved in their family business to avoid troubles for himself

  • Egbune ifechukwude

    First, gender doesn’t stop one from surviving difficult situations. Male or female, as far as there is a determination to succeed, they will. And as for the second advice, “a woman is like a flower with a limited period of freshness” as true as that saying is, I believe it’s used by older people to put young ladies under pressure for marriage. I suggest that Raphael keep the document to himself for the mean time since none of the brothers can be trusted yet and their attitude show that they can do just anything to keep their fathers wealth.

  • Ezike ifeyinwa .a.

    sharon’s uncle has good reasons for not wanting her to come. though being a female doesn’t really change anything.
    i wouldn’t get involved, so i’ll just read on for Sharon answer.

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    i feel that her uncle is right cos it will be quite difficult for her to start up a new life in a new environment and Raph should just be calm for the mean time he should not let out the secret yet.

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    Sharons uncle had her best interest at heart when he made the statement …and besydz men have higher rate of struggling spirit than women….. I don’t think they should raise ikennas issue up cause there is a hot situation on ground and the right time to raise ikennas issue will come up

  • Akabuike Chisom

    Sharon’s uncle was never wrong in talking to her about getting into old and still single, it doesn’t much interpret well of a good lady . As for Raphael I would just advice him to lay low and not involve himself in the familys battle.

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    The uncle is right by asking her the question so that she will know what she is doing or thinking. i think he should keep the secret for now. he should also stay off the battle but should be at alert because the battle line has been drawn

  • Rose Jonathan

    we are really at a crossroad. personally, I don’t know what to say. If he refuses to give the documents to Kodili, they might permanently lose their jobs, if he agrees, they might get into trouble, or even killed. But justice should be given a second thought. I will just continue reading


    Her uncle said that because she should think of getting married not relocating and working. Keeping that as a secret is best in the situation because it a family issue so that it won’t backfire tomorrow despite the fact that Mr Chukwuma deserved any bad time he will get.

  • is not only men that should emigrate and i think her uncle advice was because to adapt as an immigrant is not honey and as a young lady she will not fined it funny. Raphael should not reveal any secret now, he should allow the two brothers to do their worst for this was family issue beside, he was not one of them.

  • Ene Esther Obiageli

    No, not only the men are allowed to emigrate, it’s a free world and do not forget what a man can do a woman can do better. I think he wants her to stay in Nigeria, get married and settle down. Hmmmm i will advise Raphael to pray and think about it before making any decision cause one mistake can jeopardized the whole situation.

  • Ugwu Amarachi Deborah

    sharons uncle was right, Raphael has to get ready for anything, but keep calm, and lie low

  • itodo mary

    The uncle is not wrong but I think its High time that assumption of men being practically d decision makers and leaving d ladies as d surbodinates change…seriously this assumption is something a typical Nigerian woman wnt term as strange cus it pops up in almost all discussion with family relations especially when d lady is termed as being slightly over due for marriage

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    Sharon’s uncle gave her a nice advice. Whether he was aware of the baby or not, he made a good point.. Because, it will be hard for Sharon(with ikenna) to adapt so easily to the new environment, and Sharon going there does not guarantee her freedom of being moody. Also, young men and women can always emigrate if they want to. Your gender does not qualify you for a better life when you emigrate. just that one have to be careful… For Raphael, it is wise if he keeps quiet and not to involve or reveal anything relating to the fight. there is time for everything and his hour has not come. but to be on a safe side, let him inform the madam about ikenna.. thank u ma.. i believe in this story – a reflection of what continue to happen in our society..

  • Chigbo Ifeanyi James

    The uncle’s advice is good, being an immigrant in other country, you can suffer a lot of rejection and hardship. Ralph should be careful with that family

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Her uncle gave her a good advice, it will be more better for her in Nigeria,emigration is better for guys especially when it is out of frustration… If am Raphael I will go and meet with him but will not give him any clue or tell him about Ikenna atleast not this early, he don’t know what his motive is.

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    Her uncle z right on the advice he gave her.Coming to the side that it is only young men who should emigrate if they want to,the answer is NO because whether in man or a woman,an emigrant is an emigrant and you must encounter hardship before getting back to your fit. The answer is clear,at one point in time sharon must certainly get involved so as to clear the conflict in the igwes family but it will be left for her to choose the right time to come into the conflict and clear things up.

  • sharon”s uncle advice was good and is not only men that can migrate, i don”t tink rapheal should not say anything yet.

  • Oleru precious

    This is really technical. This story is getting more complicated.I think Sharon’s uncle just wants her to sort herself out in Nigeria instead of coming to Ghana,I doubt if it had anything to do with the fact that she is a female. On the other hand, I don’t know what to say about Raphael’s case

  • Eze, Chime Mark

    Her uncle’s advice is not bad in any way. He has spoken as a father and I think he is on the right part. Giving Sharon such advice as an uncle shows that he is concern about her existence. On the part of emigration, it is meant for everyone; even animals emigrate.

  • Monye Gift

    Trying to let the cat out of the bag isn’t a bad idea but hey! look before you leap, count the cost and if its worth it, then go for it.

  • Nice advice from her uncle. This shows that he really cares. But next time sharon, even though as a woman you’re free to think such thoughts, don’t go so far into thinking that he had a second thought. Did you get that?

  • Osere Theresa Ebiyun

    her uncle is very wrong as for me…

  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    The advice his uncle gave to her is a fatherly advice. I don’t think her sex has much to do with what his uncle mean. I infer that his uncle only want her to understand that as a woman much burden lies behind which she must carry and that with time. I also think they should get involved in the matter but from an invisible angle since their deceased MD trusted them when he was alive. I also think that justice should be done and so their involvement is necessary.

  • Nwanze Favour

    The advice given to Sharon by her uncle is for her own good.. It would be easier for her to get another job in Nigeria than going to Ghana.

  • ekwuru chidimma Jill

    Her uncles advice is the best bcos the devil u no is better than the angel I don’t no….going away from the country does not solve the problem. And I will advice him to be careful and think wisely and also ask for God’s help.



  • Onyinyechi Ukamaka Ekwem

    Her uncle really gave her a nice advice. Being an emigrant will be very difficult for her not to talk of her having Ikenna by her side during those hard times. I really commend the uncle for the nice advice he gave to her i believe he cares a lot about her and wouldn’t want her to suffer.

  • egbe ebere blessing


  • Ndubuisi Uchenna Nicholas

    her uncle is wrong, presently we live in a world that supports gender equality.i doubt that i will urge Raphael to help Kodili because he is also interested in his late fathers wealth like his brother none has any plans of giving the old man a befitting burial

  • mordi ifeoma

    gone are the days when having a husband is the ultimate piority, sharons uncle shold relax on that one. raphael is always getting into trobule trying to help people

  • chioma Jeremiah

    Raphael shouldn’t take side by revealing Private information to one person. If he must do so, he should release it to the whole family present at once so that there is no manipulation.


    I think her uncle is right although marriage is not the ultimate in a woman’s life but its necessary and life outside ones environment without proper preparation is always not easy irepective of gender. as for disclosing about Ikenna i think they should just keep cool and allow the crisis to die down.

  • Adaeze Ogota

    the her uncle asked is right because she is woman. To Raphael, he should keep a secret for now to see how things will work out

  • igboji victoria unique

    Sharon’s uncle was right,flowers shines brightest and smell nice in their prime
    My advise to Raphael is that he should not involve himself, he could be injured or killed in the process

  • Priscilla Egwuonwu

    Sharon’s uncle was putting her best interest at hand. But he put it out in a bad way because it isn’t her fault she isn’t married yet. There is no hurry in life

  • Soni-Onovo Ezinne Therry

    Sharon’s Uncle gave her the best advice which is for her own good. It would have been heart breaking if Sharon left without the notice of Raphael.

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    Sharon’s Uncle was not wrong to advice her not to emigrate, after all, making hasty decisions when one is upset could be futile. Her uncle must have sensed this from her attitude on the phone. Raphael should definitely get involved in the situation.

  • sylvia ugwoke

    sharon’s uncle gave her the best advice. i think any secret Raphael has is best left unsaid for now for the little boy’s sake.

  • Ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    The best thing Sharon should do is to stay in Nigeria with the baby. She should try as much as she could to pray about her situation because God is the solution to every problem. Also, Raphael should bring out those documents given to him by MD because that is the only way the truth can come out and also the shortest way to solve those problems.

  • Sharon is right but the uncle is trying to make sure she does the right thing. Raphael should stay away from the case to avoid more troubles.

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    Her uncle’s advice was not totally bad but he knows maybe the hard things you have to go through in another man’s land in order to fit and he does not want his nice to go through that stress but maybe if she had said she was going to visit his replies would have been different and it is not only the men who should emigrate. If the MD gave him a paper that will help Kodili fight against his brother’s selfishness, then I think it is best he hands him d papers. who knows they might be able to get their Jobs back through Kodili. The issue of Ikenna can be kept aside until the war in the family has died down because if he is brought up, the little boy’s life might be in danger or better still he can also be brought up so that in the dessimination of their father’s property, his own share can be giving to him.


    Sharon’s uncle was right while Raph should be careful


    Sharon’s uncle is right while Raph should be careful

  • Sharon’s uncle didi the right thing and it is not only young men who should emigrate if they want to. Raphael should should get involved in the case only if it is possible for him not be recognised.

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    I agree with Sharon’s uncle’s advice to her on the issue of the difficulty she would face living as an immigrant in another country especially as a young lady with a child. For the males also, this could be challenging but on the issue of her marital life, a woman’s existence should not always revolve on a man or on her being married to him. After all, marriage does not favour everyone. As for the child, he should not be brought into the picture or he would be used as an instrument in the family’s feud which could affect him emotionally even as a child and Raphael on his part should not interfer in the family’s matter or he would be caught in the middle.

  • Analike Vivian u

    He shouldn’t get involve with their family issues. Let them se5tle themselves and bringing Ikenna into the picture will be a very costly mistake because they might reject the baby and even cause more pain to him (Ikenna) and them (Sharon n Raphael).

  • Anigbo Chisom A

    She should bear the rejection and have in mind that with time, things will work well.
    They shouldn’t bring Ikenna into the picture because it will cause more harm than good n involving in a family crisis might be a big mistake.


    There is no need migrating to another country she should calm down and take care of Ikenna
    As for Raphael I think he should think properly and make careful arrangements even it means involving the police and the court.

  • His advice to Sharon is nothing but the truth, every woman have their own time and season and when you eventually miss yours, you will end up choosing the wrong person. The idea of Raphael involving himself in such case is not advisable because he might end up being killed in the course of doing that

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    Her uncle’s advice was not harsh. It was a word of advice to help her make the right decision as a single lady and the issue of marriage.
    No, it is not only young men that should emigrate. Any gender can emigrate, depending on the situation or purpose of the journey.
    2. The facts should be revealed in details to help expose the wickedness of Chukwuma Igwe. they should not tell Kodill about the baby, he could be dangerous than his elder brother. The baby should be kept with them.

  • Awoke Isaiah

    That’s the advice of a father, emigration out of frustration is not a case study especially if is a girl. Meanwhile Raphael should not bring Ikenna to the picture for he is their only hope to get back what they have worked for. Is better he let the two brothers to fight if they like.

  • okeke grace amarachi

    the advice her uncle gave her is what any lady that is matured hears from her family members.i think he is right by asking her not to come…especially now that she has a baby to cater for.the idea of Raphael involving himself in peoples family feud is really not wise.He might end up being hurt at the end of the day.

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    Her Uncle was right about her remaining in Nigeria. I don’t think Rapheal should get involved with the affairs of the Igwe family. And for the document he has, I suggest he should give them to Mrs Igwe, she should know what to do with them.

  • okonkwo chidimma benita

    her uncle gave her a fatherly advice and a good one at that. they should keep strong

  • EMekaobi ijeoma rita

    Sharon’s uncle is right.Raphael should stay of the case so he doesn’t create more trouble for himself

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    There is a belief that African culture maltreats women. Having said that, I think the advice from Sharon’s uncle was purely African; this is the type of advice Africans give to women. In Africa, especially in the past, it is believed that women do not go out or are not to hustle and make ends meet; they are seen as consumers of wealth. Anyone who does the opposite is seen as a prostitute or associated with incongruity. So many authors have written articles to show this. Such as in Buchi Emecheta’s The Joys of Motherhood, A woman in her Prime, Give me The Mistress Seat etc. They emphasized the need or importance of a woman to get married as against hustling. Secondly, I would answer Raphael, thus: ” Darling, I suggest you don’t. Doing such could cause more trouble. Wait for the brothers to finish their fight first before anything including bringing Ikenna to picture. I believe Madam has her reasons for keeping it away from Kodili”.

  • Onyeabor Precious Chioma

    The advice by the uncle is actually something any other elder who have given her. its not all about migrating, settling down and finding something good to do is not as easy as it seems. i dont think Raphael should get himself entangled in their problem

  • Dorcas Philip Nkwonya

    at dat point,dat was d best advice she could get she probably would have regretted it if she was adamant…Raphael shouldn’t jump into d case just yet,i think its best to gain kodilis complete trust before overting any info

  • Amaechi Chinaecherem Chiemela

    I think Sharon’s uncle treats her as his pet and would not want her to stress herself so much. Not even with travelings. Perhaps he also thinks she is still so young to emigrate. I would advice that Sharon and Raphael keep themselves away from the matter and allow the brothers to settle their problems.

  • Nwankwo Anita Chinenye

    Actually immigration is not for men alone.The uncle was just looking out for her.Raphael should stay clear off the brothers issue so he dosent get himself into more trouble like he just did.the whole family will still know about ikenna so he should allow the matter on ground die down before bringing that up in order to avoid more complications

  • its a parental advice, and they should be careful with the igwe’s family….

  • Ezenwafor Vanessa

    think the uncle just wants her to settle with a husband in Nigeria instead of wasting time at Ghana
    Raphael shouldn’t have much trust for any of the family members yet and so keep mute about the document he has

  • Azunna Ikechukwu O.

    Raphael should keep off from the case and watch how everything will unfold

  • covenant

    Sharon’s uncle advice is totally wrong. Rephael should advoid getting involved in the fight of ownership, for his own safety.

  • Walter Nkemakonam Onukwue

    Perfect advice to me… starting life in a foreign land as a Nigerian is never easy. Her uncle am sure has seen the experiences.

    Bring ikenna to the picture? They re just two fighting and u want to inform them the third person who seems to be a future threat? I bet if ike will live to the end if that happens. With wat they ‘ve displayed so far, they re ready to clear everything off their ways.

  • Reuben Empere

    Whatever decisions Raphael is making, he should think it through properly, because he has already made an enemy with Chukunma who seems to be very dangerous.

  • Umerah Scholastica Ifeoma

    i think the Uncle is actually right..starting life in another country is not an easy task especially with a new born baby..THey should`nt involve themselves in the Igwe`s family issue because it might become dangerous…i also think they shouldn`t let Kodili know about is just not the right time.

  • I think his advise to her was not a bad one, nether is it because she is a young lady probably migrating to have a different taste of men in a different location, he was only trying to emphasis the fact that, migration is not really an easy adventure to embark on, in the sense that one has already laid a foundation in his previous settlement and would really need to work extremely hard to becoming stable and balanced in his or her new settlement.

  • Ogwudu Onyinyechi Linda

    Raphael should be very careful in any role he wants to play in MD’s family because Chukwuma has created enemity between them

  • adaora onwuania

    He thinks she could not handle things as a single lady and he prefer she staying in Nigeria than moving out of the country. It is better not to get involved in a family matter you are not invited, but if Raphel has given kodii the papers, he would have settle things between him and his brother.

  • Akumambila ijeoma winifred

    Her uncles advice is a good will be better for her to stay in Nigeria than going out and ending up frustrated.Raphael should be careful and he should just keep quite about the documents he has.

  • daniel nnadi

    I think it’s a good advice because men this days want to marry girls above the age of 29 or 30. That he shouldn’t bring the case of the young one till the issue is solved.

  • Chinecherem Victoria C.

    Ikenna should be left out of the whole issue because he is just too young and as for the migration, I think Sharon’s uncle is quite right, considering the fact that it would be very difficult 4 her to start up another life in a new place alone, not to talk of going around, trying to eke a living with a little child.

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    I think her uncle is just watching out for her because he cares. And no, I don’t think emigration is for the “young”

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    My answer would be not to disclose Ikenna to Kodili, since madam has given the instruction.

  • precious onyeze

    Advice was okay; Rapheal should pray and ask for guidance from God

  • Chinenye Nwokoye

    Women should be free to go to anywhere of their choice though her uncle was offering a paternal advice,i would like to mention that women can settle in any country and make the best out of it and survive just as a man would.
    Raphael should at this point seek God’s guidance and work with it.

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    I think the advice from Sharon’s uncle brings the issue of stereotype on women to limelight. There is a stereotype especially in Africa that women who travel and hustle are either involved in prostitution or other social vices to make ends meet. African society believes women are supposed to get married because when they face hard conditions, they will resort to do all manner of things to make ends meet. I would answer Raphael’s question by telling him to forget getting involve in Igwe’s family crises and never think of bringing Ikenna into the picture. This is because MD’s children will kill him if they see him as a threat. This could also be madam’s reason for choosing not to tell Kodili about him (Ikenna) .

  • ugo ogwu

    if i were to be Sharon this would be my words, “Ralph it has always been your nature to stand for the truth and bring it out when it is supposed to surface so now i say to you my love bring the truth out so that the innocent will be set free”

  • onoja peace

    Ii think Raphael should stay out of the problem if he loves his life and the life of the little boy. it is not only men that can migrate anytime they want it. it might not be too easy for a female to migrate like that but it is not totally impossible.

  • Nonike Victoria

    For Sharon’s uncle to advice her in such manner, he as an elderly person for one and a fellow emigrant must have experienced some difficulties when he first relocated and he probably did not want his niece to pass through the same experience plus he also thought that as an adult, she ought to be preparing for marriage not relocating. Since the late MD’s wife did not tell her children about her step son, it is rather advisable for Raphael and his fiance to keep away from the family business and answer only when they are called upon.

  • Godwin Maxwell

    He should stay off the family matter for now until it get to a point where can be needed and useful which will be beneficial to him and his spouse.. human mind can be so deceitful.. how can Sharon not see his fiance and all she could think about was her fate not even considering the fate or the safety of the young man.. i think she still exude some level of selfishness..

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    Even as a young man life as an emigrant is not something to withness;the uncle’s advice is because he is aware she is already established and someone of her status and cormfortability can’t go through such. Raphael on the other hand should not in anyway meddle in the family’s affair (igwes) talkmore of involving Ikenna because it might cost his life.

  • Josiah Judith enobong

    Well there is no reason being gender critic whether man or woman it won’t be easy&I think Sharon’s uncle truly loves her not everyone you call relative will be that open or true to themselves especially knowing it will be tough…for me I think Raphael should keep everything on the low till when it’s advisable to sprout things up in order not to complicate issues.

  • chinonyelum onyema cynthia

    women are also free to migrate and take worth while risks to boost their career or aspirations in life. But i support her uncle’s advise, coming to a foreign country doesn’t take your problems away, instead in some cases it elevates them, because there is no joy and serenity in being an illegal immigrant who is always looking over shoulders to avoid being deported. and for Raphael’s decision, he should involve himself provided it’s for the right reasons and he stays out of trouble.

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    I think her uncle is just showing concern for her welfare. As for Raphael, I don’t think he should get involved. he should stay out of it. he has already been locked up unjustly. he could get killed this time around.

  • kosiso maureen onyibalu

    The uncle really advised her well and as for raphael he should keep everything on the low till the right time

  • Nkiru Amaechina

    Her uncle gave the best advice one can ever get. i think they should not get themselves involved in the family matter.

  • Onuoha Oluebube Jessica

    His uncle’s advice is indeed wonderful. It shows he cares for her. Not every uncle can do think such.

  • onoh chiazo johanness

    I don’t really like the uncle’s idea at all, he shouldn’t just end it all at women sometimes I think they should just allow us to make our decisions.
    And to Sharon’s questions the answers are all NO, because if any of MD’s son should find out about ikenna be it who his life will be at risk.

  • ugwuja cynthia chioma

    well, he gave her a good advice. we should always believe we can do it in our own country

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    The uncle gave her the right advice even though she took it wrongly

  • ofodile.c. vivian

    well, i would have suggested if i was in Raphael shoes telling the MD wife about the child, so he can take part in his fathers inheritance.

  • Ndukwe Catherine

    I believe that her uncle was speaking out of experience. a woman can emigrate to a new place as well as a man just that women are believed to face more problem than men; women are always seen as the weaker vessel. if sharon is determined, I dont think she should be discouraged by what her uncle told her. from the previous episodes, i dont advice Raphael to take sides with any of the brothers because both of them are of no use, he should only try and persuade the madam to take responsibility for her husband’s child if he thinks the baby will be safe in her care. but i still believe that will endanger the baby’s life.

  • Ezenwa Chinenye Evangeline

    Sharon’s uncle gave her the right advice. Its not easy going to another country as an immigrant with a baby even though he does not know about the child but it has nothing to do with gender as for Raphael he should better be careful with that family because they seem deadly.

  • Otugo Lucky Joel

    That was a very good advice and I can equally say that that man was able to see what she was not seeing like the saying what an elder sees sitting down, the younger ones even when they climb a tree cannot see such

  • ozulumba chikodili

    Her uncle’s advise was what she needed to hear at that moment. it shows that someone out there cares a great deal about her and loves her like a father does to his daughter. As for rapheal, i don’t know what to say cause it could get him into a great deal of problem with chukwuma and also it could put an end to chukwuma’s tyranny.

  • Okeke Miriam Uzochukwu

    The advice is indeed great. He did as a father.

  • Abonyi Juliet

    Not only men can emigrate,but the truth remains that it’s not easy to start all over.
    He should leave it to the mother to decide whether to tell Kodili.He has done his part,the rest is family matter.

  • Udeh Blessing

    ladies can also emigrate, it means nothing, any lady can also make a good living as an emigrant or determine to, so i don’t see why her case should be different


    Sharon uncle advice is not bad, he was trying to help her because she may find life difficult in a new environment. No, it is not only Young men, everyone should be allowed to emigrate if they want to. I think Raphael should stay of the case, it can implicate him.

  • Onoh Oziomachukwu Beulah

    I think that the madam and the family should be told about the baby..its just the right thing to do

  • igboecheonwu prisca

    I will tell Raphael not to get involved because the situation is dangerous

  • Edeh cynthia oluomachi

    more grease to your elbow ma………………. nice ones

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    Sharon’s uncle’s advice is very reasonable and it applies to both young men and women who do not have a discrete stand of livelihood in a foreign country, thus at somepoint will be stranded and are likened to face challenges as regards to the notion.
    I am practically short of ideas towards Raphael’s intention cos its a two way thing, it could cause harm to himself and aswell give him a upperhand towards that case….honestly, i am tied down here.

  • opiri chidimma

    i think the uncle’s advice is not a good one.

  • nwafor chukwudalu franklin

    Her unce did a good thing advicing her and its not only men that can lmigrate and raphael sould be careful with that family

  • Onah Joy Chinemerem

    the advice given to Sharon by the Uncle is a welcomed advice and Raphael should go ahead and help Kodili

  • Okwor Donald

    His advice is a nice one. It came as though the uncle knew her inner thought. Base on the emigration, it is meant for every both male and female, adult and young.

  • Nwankwo gift

    Sharon should keep the documents she has till when the need for them arises and her uncle’s advice to her is not a bad one

  • ikenna precious

    Rapheal should help and i like the promise they made to each other i pray they sustain will help

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Sharon’s uncle was really blunt. He could have caressed the issue other than putting things the way he did. Emigration is for everyone, it is not restricted to a particular gender.
    Raphael’s situation is a very tricky one. If he gets involved, his safety isn’t guaranteed. On the other hand, not getting involved won’t yield anything. It’s more advisable to get involved.

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    sharo;s uncle was absolutely right on his advice to sharon but on the issue of immigration,he got it all wrong bcos there’s an adage that says;what a man can do ,a woman can do more beta.

  • Ononye Chisom Divinegift

    her uncle is right in what he told her.and also if am to answer Raphael’s question i wont let my man get involved with chief family issues.

  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    Sharon’s uncle is right. She is meant to face her problems and not to run away from them and for the question, i think Raphael should not get involved.

  • chekuzo veronica

    Enter your comment here…i don’t think it’s only men that should emigrate even at that he is more experience so I guess he has an explanation for the advice he gave her

  • Luke Chinyere Esther

    i think she should just heed her uncle’s advice and stay in her country of residence, going out of the country will not solve anything.

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    Emigrating is a bad idea so I go with Sharon’s uncle.But then we still have to watch out

  • Abugu Chinazom Rosemary

    just like as if God’s hand was in the whole situation! her uncle in my own understandng wasn’t giving that advice to downgrade women’s capacity to be able to survive in difficult situations, he was actually actng by what I call divine guidance. If Sharon leaves as she’s planning, things will defintely go wrong.
    On the other hand, since neither exposing nor keepng the secret will cause any harm to raphael and sharon, he should let the family solve their problem by themselves.

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    Her uncle really advised her any caring person would have done the same

  • keswe tmercy

    Sharon’s immigration was totally uncalled for,it would have been better if she stayed behind and faced her problem and as well look for a possible means of solving them

  • Umoru Sadia Idris

    Sharon’s uncle’s advice was based on a typical African man’s wisdom. Not only young men can emigrate. I think Raphael shouldn’t get involved in the fight at all.

  • Ofoegbu Maureen

    her uncle just want the best for her and welldone ma

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    Yeah, her uncle is ryt because migrating will make her start from scratch and it is not easy with that little boy. I Will advice Raphael not to declare much interest because chukwuma is deadly

  • Joseph Edidiong

    sharon’s uncle was wise and kind enough to tell her about the risk or challenges in relocating to another place and also it could be God using her uncle to prevent her from going out of his will for her life.
    i think Raphel should be careful in his dealings and leave family matters for family to handle and to just trust God to fight his battles

  • Ibemma Immaculate Ginika

    Her uncle really gave her a good advice, Raphael should not be too forward, the madam might have reasons for not telling Kodili about ikenna

  • Ibe Okwukwe Emmanuella

    No one fights ur battle,if u have a problem,learn to solve it yourself before it’s 2 late.Sharon,running away from the country still doesn’t change d fact that shez in a deep mess,she CNT stay in a strange man’s land forever,d same problem she’s trying 2 run away from will still b dere awaiting her return,so she should yield 2 her uncle’s advice

  • Elijah Amogu

    I don’t know but her uncles’s mentality shows his line of thought which is myopic but at the same time she could use some of the advice. Men are not only the ones free to do so. I think Raphael should weigh his options before involving in family issues. I mean what he has to lose or gain.


    Marriage shouldn’t be used as a threat on anyone, especially on ladies, it usually makes them desperate. Trust over-rides doubt, the high time both learnt to trust, their relationship would build up better.

  • Akpan Agnes

    Emigration has nothing to do with gender whether you are a male or a female it is never easy to cope as an emigrant , therefore i strongly support her uncle

  • Ejiofor Ekene Maduabuchi

    Just like her uncle advised, I think she should heed. And Raphael to me should not go on to do what he may be planning as i think it would lead to a greater problem. I may be wrong though, but it is always good to take caution before such an action.


    I guess she should listen carefully to her uncle cos u never can tell what might happen.

  • ifebe june sobechukwu

    Raphael should learn how to fight for his right and keep secret somtimes

  • Uwaegbuonu Precious Chimdindu

    I think taking the Uncle’s Advise would be a wise thing and Raphael should think well before he acts. things might get out of hand you know.

  • Jackreece Princess Daeregoba

    Sharon should comply with what her uncle has said.. Well I also think that Raphael should keep off the igwe’s family..

  • caius precious chinwendu

    her uncle made good sense. i think raphael should not involve himself in the family drama but if its necessary, he should go ahead

  • Ubah chisom mariagorathy

    Her uncle’s advice is a good one but he would have given her some benefit of doubt.

  • ulu christiana chinenye

    i think her uncles advice is right because Sharon cannot cope well there, it is just like starting life afresh in a new environment.

  • nwobodo amaka

    if he wants to be inovolved he has to be smart about it.

  • Gloria Ugwuoke

    Sharon’s Uncle in Ghana was being real with her on the issue of immigration. We have seen cases where unknown immigrants are found dead around boarders of various countries, only to be identified as citizens of other countries… As for Ikenna, he should be brought into the picture later after the dust must have settled.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Sharon’s uncle only wants the best for his niece. What an elder sees while sitting, a child might not see it even if he climbs an Iroko tree.
    Sharon might have involved herself in more troubles if she had not taken her uncle’s words.
    I think Raphael shouldn’t divulge the secrets for the meantime. He should seek God’s guidance on how to manage the situation.
    But these boys are ‘efulefus’. So all that matters to them is how to possess thirty father’s possession? None is thinking of how to give their Dad a beffiting burial? Odiegwu really.

  • Sharon’s uncle’s advice sounds like a cliche to me. anyone can migrate; man or woman. Its funny how Sharon actually convinced herself that Richard absconded but meanwhile he was languishing in the police cell. it was so bad of her to have come to such conclusion. Anyways, men can also be unpredictable so i really don’t blame her. Sir Benedict’s sons except Ikenna are nothing to write home about, so sad.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Sharon’s uncle gave her a very nice advice, although young men are not the only ones allowed to move to another country, he knows it won’t be easy for her.
    Raphael should not get himself involved with the Igwe’s, he should let them be and start a new life with Sharon and Ikenna if their madam refuse to reply him regarding Ikenna

  • Enukora Onyedikachi

    Raphael needs to careful with whom he shares the MD biography with. Kodili might not be trusted and Madam might not have good will for Ikenna. Gradual and mindful steps has to be taken to ensure that all there efforts and hardworking don’t go to waste.

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    Sharon uncle was just looking out for her considering the fact that she is still single. Making it in a new environment is hard especially when it is another country. I think Raphael should stay clear the brothers case but considering the kind of person he is he will want to do the right thing. But come to think of it these brother are not well at all instead if them planning a befitting burial for their dad the are busy fighting over his wealth hmmm any way that’s rich men children for you.

  • okoye paschalmary

    I wonder what this scoundrel that calls himself Chukwuma thinks. It is just because of the messed up situation of our country where injustice prevails and Justice goes extinct or rather sounds like an alien term, where else would that happen. Again I think it’s a good advise, Sharon’s Uncle gave her. A woman of her age should be talking of settling down not going to start life anew in that perspective she was on.

  • From what has been going on, Sharon needs to be involved, for them to defeat inconsiderate chukwuma. His callousness is getting out of hand. Emigration is not only meant for the guys only ladies on the other hand can emigrate.just that Sharon will not find it easy because of the baby.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu C

    This is getting serious. The dust is rising. This is what you get when you have two irresponsible children. Raphael should be careful on how he relates with kodiili so that Chukwuma wont hurt him further.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    Lol! Sharon planning to run away is very funny. I don’t blame her though, this is what panic attack can cause. Thank God that Raphael is back. However about Mr Igwe death, just like Sharon said, it baffles me that all what the family is after is chief’s money especially Chukwuma, it’s a pity.

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