In Episode 1 of this story, Sharon reviews a marriage proposal from Raphael. She’s reluctant to say “Yes” but decides to string him along to get some male attention at her work place. Read that episode to get the full details. Meanwhile, here is Episode 2.


I began to tell you this story almost ten weeks ago. Then the events picked up momentum so much so that I lost control of them. Naturally, I was in no mood for story-telling at that time. But things have stabilised somewhat, so I have the presence of mind to get you up to speed and draw the curtain on the tale. This is going to take a while, though (lots of episodes), ’cause so much has happened. So stay with me and I’ll make it worth your while.

Before I was thrown into crisis mode, the plan I had devised to use Raphael as a bait seemed to be working quite well. I will now regal you with the details in chronological order. I ended the story last time at the point where I had just come up with that smart idea.
Happy with my decision, I picked up the phone and called Raphael. As I expected, he was quite pleased. A tad too much if you ask me. I had to warn him I wasn’t promising anything. I figured that Thursday would be the best time to put my plan in motion as the MD’s wife was hosting a birthday party for him on that day after work. I was concerned about what Raphael would wear but he calmed my fears.

“It hasn’t got to that point, My Joy.” (That’s his corny name for me from way back. Translate that to Igbo and we could very well be playing in a Nollywood epic movie. #smh)

“I still have a few decent outfits. Since the do is for after work, I’ll wear something traditional,” he continued.

“What exactly?”

“Relax, babe. I’ll make you proud. But you need to hold me tight before some other lady snaps me up.”

“If I hear!”*

We continued the banter till the telecom company announced, “You have one minute remaining.”

By the time we said goodbye, I couldn’t believe we’d been talking (and laughing) for forty-six minutes straight. I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long while, there were even tears in my eyes.

That day was Monday and by the next day, I was wondering why I hadn’t scheduled a meeting with Raphael before the party. Thursday seemed so far away. A number of times I toyed with the idea of calling him but didn’t know what would be a valid reason I’d give for that.

“Hmmmn! Am I missing Raphael?” I asked myself.

“Nah! I just want to ensure he doesn’t bail on me on Thursday.”

Meanwhile, I ostensibly let it drop to the office gossip queen, Clara, that I was leaving early to have my hair specially made, not just for the MD’s party but because my boyfriend was around. That was better than putting it in everyone’s email. The power of the grapevine! All eyes would be on Raphael and I come that Thursday.

But I had one more task to perform to ensure that everything went well. I needed to moot the idea of bringing a friend to the party to my boss. I should have done that earlier but was carried away with my own arrangements. Not that it should matter who is my friend and who is not but you never know with men. But more importantly, because it was his party and we hadn’t received a carte blanche in the area of invitations.

“By all means, bring him and a few others, if you wish. I’m sure Madam has enough refreshments planned for an army.”

That was taken care of then.


The party itself was almost a flop and this tied in nicely with my plan. Let me explain. We were all assembled under the canopies in the company premises by 5 p.m., the time on the invite. The deejay was dishing out cool melodies but since the event was yet to commence, we had time to go round greeting and chatting with everyone.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I was with Raphael’s outfit. Let me just say that he didn’t disappoint. His print short sleeved outfit was casual, yet dapper. He had this air of nonchalant adorableness that made the ladies ogle. I promptly slipped my hand into his and never let go.

After saying “Hello” and introducing him to everyone, we pulled two plastic chairs and sat away from others. One thing with Raphael and I is there’s never a dull moment between us. We can talk about any and everything. Soon we were laughing so hard we had to move further away. He was so attentive, brushing away strands of hair that dropped to my forehead when I bent down to guffaw. And the way he looked at me …. That was worth a million dollars! (Pardon me, but you know I can’t say Naira now for obvious reasons.)*

We seemed to be the only ones having fun and we were receiving the anticipated attention and more. Everyone else was either tired, hungry, worried about traffic or all of the above. You must be wondering why the MD and Madam scheduled the party for a working day. They had a burial to attend in their village in the east over the weekend. They had to make the trip on Friday and Madam was due to travel to Canada the next Monday for omugwo.*

Eventually, shortly after 7:30 p.m., the caterers arrived. Opening prayers were said and everything else was rushed. Many people took their refreshments home. Each person just made sure he had a minute or two to extend their good wishes to the boss and deliver their present.

Raphael and I consoled Madam who was actually shedding tears at the way the party turned out. We reiterated that it wasn’t her fault and no one will think less of her because of it. We helped her pack the gifts home and advised her and Oga* to go for dinner somewhere to salvage the night.

I dropped Raphael off at his friend’s house around 10:30 p.m. happy that my bait had been set. All I needed to do was wait and watch for who will bite. I drove home singing “Love will soon find me” by Funkydelic.* So apt!
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

*”If I hear” is a slang expression showing incredulity. It can stand for “It can’t be done” or “It’s impossible” in this context.
*(Pardon me, but you know I can’t say Naira now for obvious reasons) is a veiled reference to the recent tumble in the value of the Naira.
*omugwo refers to the Igbo tradition that requires a mother to go and help her daughter or daughter-in-law who has recently been delivered of a baby to care for the infant for a few weeks
*Oga means Master or Boss
*”Love will soon find me” by Funkydelic is from my imagination before anyone hits search engines ….
Sharon thinks she is very smart, but do you?
And do you think having a boyfriend really makes other men notice a lady?
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  • Lordmagnum

    let’s see how the whole thing will pan
    out…”shebi” she has all the plans, and she’s
    even feeling good about everything. *smh*
    me sef dey monitor her with CIA gps

  • ugwu Chinagorom Joseph

    Like I said before,Sharon plan could backfire. Her insincere closeness and cynical disposition to Raphael could also make her fall for Raphael. This is evident in the way to she was wondering if she had missed Raphael after spending several minutes with him on phone . She’s not likely to attract a lover,but may succeed in convincing coworkers that she is engaged. The story is getting more interesting. Thanks and remain blessed.

  • Lawrence Ernest Enyi

    Smart play here Sharon! But to your woe, you are becoming the fish to take the first bite of your bait. Don’t be foolish cos this is just what you’re sincerely turning into… “Am I missing Raphael?” No, you’re missing stone. Smh….
    Well, with Raphael around you, guys will even run… Not after seeing your deep connections that disturbed others during the party. You think you’re smart shey?

    Gerrarahere mhen!

    • Edith Ohaja

      The Bible wasn’t joking when it said the human mind is deceitful and desperaly wicked. Nice week to you, Lawrence, and stay blessed!

  • chiamaka

    Hahahahahahahahah……sharon is really going to be caught in her bait, she is faLling for Raph. I just pray she does not regret her actions. Aunty Edith I am anxcious for the next episodes oo!

  • Edith Ohaja

    Glory to God! Thank you and have a blessed week!

  • Chinaza

    Her plans may be working out for her now, and in the end she may regret, and I don’t think u have to go with a boyfriend to attract men to yourself.

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    am liking this…………………….i jst cant wait to see her cry……..SHARON, my message to you “YOU ARE WALKING ON A LONG THING.

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    she is not smart….she is jst tooo blind to realise the fact that she has been in love all the way. Sharon is lost in the name(JUST FRIENDS) right from their secondary school days up till date, so she do not know she is in LOVE with (RALPH). and as for qtn 2, having a boyfriend actually works notin……your charisma mks guys notice you….with boyfrnd or witout.

  • Rachael Obiora

    i don’t think she is smart because she is somehow falling for him. her game may somehow turn around and it will be her and Raphael. having a boyfriend does not make other men notice you, since she wants to use Raphael as a bait and patrolling him as a friend she might end up not getting a wink from the men at her office

  • onoh chiazo johanness

    she is smart, but I actually don’t think having a boyfriend makes men notice you, unless those who are waiting for you to send out a message.
    men notice you depending on your character around them and the chances you give them

  • Chinemerem

    Sharon is kinda dumb, really. Ok, having a boyfriend I think will bring you attention, but it is an attention that borders on your being unattainable. Also, she’s being selfish. This scheme can work out for her but what about Raphael. The guy will be hurt. She’s not very smart because Raphael makes you happy, and yet she’s interested in people who don’t even notice her.
    ‘Nonchalant adorableness’ Jeez, I love this.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Beautiful comment. Young people can have a hard time sorting out their emotions sometimes. You are blessed, Chinemerem!

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    lol she thought she is smart, she has started developing feelings for him unknowingly, lol i wonder who gave her the idea that guys go after ladies that are into relationship, maybe it happens…cant wait to read the rest of the story

  • Fidelis Favour chiamaka

    Sharon is smart in a way, she thinks she can pull her plan off. Having a boyfriend won’t make other men notice one infact, they will be assured that you taken and not single

  • Sharon thinks she is smart, with her crazy ideas, but to me, she isn’t. In our world today, having a boyfriend makes other men notice a lady, but it really doesn’t help her.

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    Sharon is very smart and her plans seems to be going well, now she has everybody’s attention,she could also get the attention of the men in her place of work too, but I don’t think men would bet on a horse that is not on the race, well some men would shaa.

  • Israel Chinwe Goodness

    Sharon is not smart at all, with that show at the party, she is indirectily telling other guys to keep off that she is no go area. I had an such an experience I had this friend, we were just friends and people actually thought we were dating, then one day I was speaking to another and he was like he actually likes me but I don’t notice him because am occupied with someone else and this is a guy any lady would love to be with. so parading a guy makes other(decent) men to back off. And having a boyfriend wont make other men notice you it tells them to stay off like I said ealier. for you to be noticed just be yourself and be confident in yourself and always dress smart.

  • Luke Chinyere Esther

    she is not smart at all and having a boyfriend will only stop other men from noticing you it does not make them come around


    How did she ever think she is ever going to get admirers with the kind of chemistry and connection she had with Ralph at the party, ooh wait she is indeed going to get admirers but they are only going to admire the couple, lol let’s go there let’s see how it all turns out, hope she wont feel disappointed by her heart, well the heart wants what it wants

    • Edith Ohaja

      I like that part about admiring the couple. But it seems Sharon is on to something. Maybe she read the part of the Bible that says people’s hearts are desperately wicked. So she’s counting on some guy to come in and bust the relationship, offering marriage. What she’s forgetting is that it will take someone devious to do that (you know, some trace of wickedness is needed to pull the rug from under a fellow guy because he’s yet to hit to make money).

  • okpechi Augustina

    The notion of having a boyfriend and still being chased after is so not true cause they have been seeing you when u were alone and did nothing, so you being with someone won’t motivate them either

    • Edith Ohaja

      According to her, they might have thought she and the MD were on… The girl’s brain was working overtime. I wish she was using it for more noble pursuits.

  • Ndukwe Catherine

    From the story, Sharon is a busy young woman who doesn’t have time for social activities and with Raphael in the limelight she wants to use him to send a message to guys around her that she is actually not a workaholic after all that she can equally date. But that wasn’t a smart thing to do because i believe most men will think she must be in an intimate relationship with Raphael for her to attend a public function with him and only the playboys will venture to woo her.

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    i don’t think she is smart by doing that, she is just behaving like a child. and besides, having a boyfriend does not make other men to notice any lady. Sharon should better know what she is doing to herself.

    • Edith Ohaja

      The mistakes of youth! She’s just feeling on top of the world, not knowing the likely consequences of her actions.

  • Udeh Favour Makuachukwu

    Sharon thinks she is smart, well i don’t. she will end up hurting herself and Raph when all is out in the open. Having a boyfriend does not make you a lady just like standing in the garage does not make you a car..just saying

  • Eze, Nnenna Victoria

    hmm,dont buy that idea atall.FOR TRUTH sake when u are seen around a man it doesn tmean guys will be attracted to you.

  • Ibemma Immaculata Ginika

    yea ,Sharon thinks she is smart but I doubt if she is .I have got my eyes on Raphael because I feel he has an ulterior motive ,I just pity people who think they can play on people’s intelligence and go scot free..

  • ekwuru chidimma Jill

    Really I think she is not smart by doing that… and I think having a boyfriend makes other men stay far away from you because they would not like to tamper!*

  • Ani Chiamaka theresa

    Lol… Sharon might think she z smart but she may end up falling in love wit Raphael and secondly having a boyfriend won’t attract men around a girl rather it will mk den to think less of d girl hence she z hooked up with someone else.

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    TO me, Sharon’s idea is a smart one because to her, Raphael is the last person that will appeal to her heart as a husband material but from the look of things, her flesh is week, i smell “affection”.. Also, on her part, the reason why secrete admires aren’t able to approach her, is because they feel there is something going on between her and their boss hence, they don’t want to put their job on the line but when they get to know her boyfriend is just a man like them, trust me they will try the contest. Ride on ma, am at alert!

  • Akabuike chisom

    Smiles .Sharon seems to think she is winning now but she doesn’t know that she is helping Raphael gain grounds in that wicked and stony mind of hers and as for her thinking that having Raphael around her would make other men fall for her,well i laugh at her in Spanish because she would eventually see herself falling in love later on

  • Ezenwafor Vanessa

    If it’s about being smart,sharon killed it. she plays a very fast one on her supposed partner and having a boyfriend doesn’t catch the male’s attention. it could be how the boyfriend is flaunted…keep it coming ma

  • Amachukwu Amarachi

    Boomerang! Boomerang !! Boomerang!!! Shariii u fighting world war u know, well the ending matters who takes the cup let see how it goes


    Some times having a boyfriend make s men notice a lady but its with reasons.”if the lady in question is from 2nd generation class, men will be like ” who knows if she will accept my proposal if i propose to her because of her status? ::”INFERIORITY COMPLEX”‘”and,see men around her will give assurance that she is not the type that detest men(some ladies claim to be FEMINIST, but they don’t know the actual meaning their by viewing it in another dimension.

  • mordi ifeoma

    she’s not smart at all, she’s just a girl who wants to be wanted but she’s not doing it the right way. there’s no way you’ll get a guy to come to you by parading your “boyfriend” to the world, the reverse is the case, guys have this kind of respect for each other, once they know you are with someone they back off. Sharon is in love she doesn’t just want to accept that truth, maybe because of Raphael’s financial and career status.

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    Hahaaaahaa Sharon! Sharon! Hmmm although she craved out the plan, I have a strong feeling she is pulling down the plans herself, to me I feel she is already falling for Raphael and when this happens the planner becomes the victim but am looking at Raphael with a 3D glasses, I guess he has also has a plan. Well I still keep my hands folded and read further.
    Having a boyfriend to attract others that doesn’t really make sense, it just like saying u are getting married to attract other men although some people are attracted to ladies that are engaged. But with the way things are going, I don’t think it’s going to work out.

    • Osere Theresa Ebiyun

      She’s really not been smart, I think she’s trying to fall in her own bait..
      And you can’t make people notice you when you are getting married, people will only know you as a bride to be..

  • She felt it was the smartest thing to do at the moment, hoping it was a “smart idea”but in my own analogy, I don’t think flaunting a guy around will attract others…
    Irrespective of the her lntentions; (for guys to see her flexible, come flooding seeing that she’s not dating d boss) this might chase them entirely, knwing she’s hooked up already. She would hv device other means….

  • Shade

    Sharon is smart but not wise. And yes, I think have a boyfriend makes other men notice you. Especially the ones that were interested.

  • EMekaobi ijeoma rita

    I think she’s playing with fire…She doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    Sharon ain’t smart her actions will get very awful repercussions because she is indirectly leading him on but with the way things are she might end up falling in love with him genuinely but it might be too late …… Having a boyfriend to an extent makes people especially the guys to notice you they always want to know what you are capable of doing when you in love ,how you are being treated and how u treat your lover ,it is even an avenue for them to get information about you that they badly need to pass on as a guy’s kinda gist thing


    Sharon is not smart in her actions because there is consequences behind her actions and decisions towards Raphael. however, Sharon employs that technique so as to get noticed by other young men. indeed, having a boyfriend is not and can never be a prerequisite of being adored or admired by other young men rather, discipline is the yardstick.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You think many men are looking for disciplined people. I, rather, thought they want sharp-looking babes and if they are well-behaved, that’s a welcome bonus.

  • Ogwudu Onyinyechi Linda

    Hahahahahahaha Sharon don’t know what she is doing to herself and having a boyfriend is not the reason why you are adored or admired,rather discipline and smartness counts

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    Sharon is actually smart. but the idea will definitely get her into big trouble and having a boyfriend so that other men will notice you i don’t believe in that cause you must not have a boyfriend before you will be noticed by a guy.

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    Sharon may be deceived into thinking that she is smart, the reverse is the case: you can’t eat your cake and have it!
    Having a boyfriend is not the ultimate, men look out for virtuous ladies not for ladies of easy virtue.


    she may be having her fun and feeling all smart,but seems to have forgotten the force of gravity that pulls you down even when you don’t want to. Of a truth they may have just been friends,but the fact is that she love’s him and yet to realize it.

  • sharon think she was smart by using Rahpael as her bait , not knowing that her love for Rahpael have made her myopic from seeing the consequences of what she have done.having a boyfriend don’t make other men notice u rather it blind them from seeing u , because if they notice u there lives may be at risk,who knows what ur boyfriend will do to them .


    No, having a boy friend does not make others notice a lady,because, a guy that has an intention of approaching you may feel that your door is no longer open for others to come in.

  • she isn’t smart she thinks her foolishness is being smart,the truth is that she has fallen for raphael she is jst looking for other men’s attention just to distract her from admitting the love she has for raphael

  • No, she is not smart because her actions will eventually backfire on her and i don’t think having a boyfriend makes other men notice a lady. Be it single or not single, ladies naturally get attention or noticed.

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    Sharon is definitely going to be caught in the web of her own making. Judging from the fact that she is beginning to miss speaking with Raphael after her first phone conversation with him shows that she is beginning to fall for him and as for her insincere closeness and affection to Raph, it will only make her fall for him without her realising it and at the same time, draw the attention of the men away from her; you cant eat your cake and still have it, right?. Weldone, ma

    • Dorcas Philip Nkwonya

      “Love comes with companionship” dey say….dat’s exactly what’s going on with Sharon…..her “bait” idea seems to be working 4 her but it might not be exactly as she wanted it 2 be cos on one side d guys cud perceive her taken n let go n on d oda hand wud want to be d villain n snatch her from him out of sheer jealousy,so she should think twice about her decision

  • Ihezie Ebere Christiana

    Sharon thinks that she is smart, okay now, the worst thing that can happen to her is to think that she can use poor Ralph, we shall see who is right or wrong at the long run. i can see where this is going to lead her to and am enjoying d suspense

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    certainly, everyone is smart in his/her own way. But the question remains that: will your “smart plan”, as you perceived, yield a fruit that you will cherish? indeed, the bait is set. Sharon is really smart to put up that plan, but the end should not be predicted now…. Also, you gallivanting with your boyfriend or girlfriend does not stop people noticing you, especially when your boyfriend is a good person.. the ability to continue to admire is in humans, but as time goes on, they will withdraw from noticing you and life goes on…. smiles, i actually plan to check – funkydelic.. because the name sounds funny.. thanks u ma

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    I really don’t get what that bae is thinking..for me, i feel presenting Raphael as her man would make her appear taken..well, i wouldn’t know the impression the men got, am not a man after all and wouldn’t know how they reason.

  • Egbune ifechukwude

    Not really, smart people don’t use others as bait. and I believe that no man wants another man’s woman

  • Onyinyechi Ukamaka Ekwem

    Ma, for me Sharon is not smart as she thinks. I just pray she doesn’t end up hurting herself with all this bait whatever..
    No is my answer to the second question. I might have a boyfriend as a young lady but that doesn’t give me any assurance of getting attention from other men. it might even make them feel that there is no need approaching you since you’ve got one already to yourself.

  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    Here, Sharon’s weakness unfolds. Instead of attracting other men to herself, she would rather keep them away from herself. The truth is that no responsible man will like to have another man’s woman. I look forward to see what will eventually become of her. Nice composition Ma!

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Sharon thinks she can use Raphael to draw attention to herself, unknown to her she is using herself cos as am seeing it, she is already falling for him…on the other hand having a boyfriend cannot make other men notice you rather it will make those interested in you jealous and regretting why they didn’t approach you first.

  • Nkiru Amaechina

    Wow!! Interesting, Sharon thinks she is smart but I see her falling for Raphael… Am loving this story

  • Nwankwo gift

    sharon is not being smart with her plans and having a boyfriend doesn’t make other men notice you rather your appearance and your character does so.

  • Emeh Esther

    She thinks she can get away with her plans, she thinks she can eat her cake and have it. I believe her plans will not work

  • Oleru precious

    I think Sharon made a smart move by inviting Raphael over. Sometimes having a boyfriend especially one who is always around you makes other guys notice you

  • Osuegbu prisca adanna

    Sharon is not as smart as she thinks she is because she is just making a fool of herself. Having a boyfriend does not make people notice you. What makes people notice you infact is your elegant dressing and behaviour.

  • ewa chiamaka

    hmmmm Sharon Sharon..I don’t think she is smart…her plan will surely backfire, its either she loses him or fall for him and with or without a boyfriend other men will notice you, it just depends on you, your character and appearance

  • Ezike ifeyinwa .a.

    i feel she is smart but only for a short period, because,i feel she is actually confused, falling in love with him without even realizing it.
    having a boyfriend isnt a bait to get other guys attention.

  • Monye Gift

    I don’t think there’ s any smartness in playing with other people’ s feelings besides, her flaunting Raphael as a boyfriend would rather scare the other intended boyfriends away cos they’ ll be with the feeling that ‘ ……..she’ s been taken’

  • egbukwu ogechi precious Sharon ,she might be very smart but what happens after that…she’s seriously trading on the wrong part that might lead to her destruction… Love is not something to joke with.. You don’t toil with people’s emotion…..on the other hand, having a boyfriend doesn’t really make men notice you..

  • Chigbo ifeanyi james

    I hate schemers really, no one is perfect ,so her smartness will certainly not be perfect and yes a man can make other men notice a lady especially when that man is thier friend

  • Ofoegbu maureen

    She isn’t smart enough because sooner rather than later her plan might backfire in the sense that she might actually be hurting his feelings and yeah having another guy actually makes other guys notice a lady.

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Sharon, smart lady! I must commend her on this stunt, but how long would she be able to keep up? *sits back and sips my Coca-Cola*
    The one thing she doesn’t know is that having a boyfriend scares potential suitors, but who knows, it could work for her.

  • In this context, I think Sharon is smart to an extent because all her dream towards getting Raphael is coming to actualization, although for now, so let’s watch and see what happens next

  • I don’t think having a boyfriend makes other men notice a lady rather it scares every other men around you, to me I can say it was due to her(sharon) poor mentality towards relationship that made her think so

  • Rose Jonathan

    I perceive someone is already falling in love..or should I say ‘jumping in love’….smh

    Well, I do not personally see any act of wisdom in Sharon’s decision right now. Initially I thought she was wise, but am wrong. She is on the highway to finding love if she would let herself… That’s what actually happens when we stay close to people we shared something with in the past…


    Sharon is not smart in my own opinion because for her using Raphael as a bait to get the attention of other male to her side may turn the other way round. I don’t think having a boyfriend will make other men notice a lady.

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    To me Sharon is just being stupid and may unknowingly fall for Raphael.
    Having a boyfriend will never make any man notice a lady instead it will make them not to come near you because no man likes sharing…lol… Quite interesting.

  • chioma Jeremiah

    Nah! Sharon is so not smart. From what i can see, there is something between her and Raphael which she should have explored before deciding to use him. It’s not easy to find someone who really understands you.


    Sharon is in a way and not in another way because it possible that her plain might backfire. Also having a boyfriend does not make other men to notice you. Raphael already understood her because of the time they have spent together. Woaw

  • Ene Esther Obiageli

    She thinks she is smart but she is not cause now she is falling for ralph amd her plan can backfire.Having a boyfriend actually makes resonable men back away not the other way round.

  • Eme Samuel Ewa

    Well,sharon fail to understand that having a boyfriend will only scare men away from her.because she has been chosen by someone

  • itodo mary

    Yh,she definately got d attention but I think she aint smart cus she is driving away potential suitors with her stunt

  • Ugwuja cynthia chioma

    She is not really smart, and also when a girl introduces a guy, it makes other guys stay off and not the other way round

  • odo Chidera

    Saying that Sharon is smart, would be a fallacy of hasty generalisation. Until we see the result of the action, who her bait would catch. Would know or say of she is smart or not..
    If hanging out with a guy makes other guys notice you .. Yes but the kind of guy you are seen with determines the way you are seen.
    If a girl is hanging out with a high class guy.. Other guys will be like ” see the guy she is dating, that she is lucky.. And nothing..or it is going to b had for the girl to leave the guy.”
    But if a girl is dating a guy she is better than, other guys would see it as opportunity to take away the girl.

  • ugwu kosisochukwu ifunanya

    Sharon thinks she is smart, buh her idea might backfire later which she won’t like. I don’t think having a boyfriend will make men to notice you rather it will make men stay away from u .

  • No she is not smart And having a boyfriend does not make him wise

  • Onyekaozuru Florence

    Hmmmm…. Sharon is not smart as she think she is she is only playing with fire and having a boyfriend would not make other men interested but it will scare them away especially if they think your relationship us serious

  • Benjamin Thelma

    No she is not, rather she is digging a pit of which she will fall into. As for drawing other guys(serious guys) attention to her, the answer is No because the will feel she is already taken unless guys who want to use her.

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    She’s not smart because she is obviously falling for Rapheal and she can’t see the handwriting on the wall. I don’t think having a boyfriend makes other guys notice you, it only tells them you’re OUT OF THE MARKET.

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    Sharon is smart and cunningly wicked.

  • Chikwado Ezeh

    having a boyfriend and accepting dates with other guys will only make these other guys to see you as irresponsible and ready to hop from one guy to another…

  • Ugwuoke Kenneth Ekene

    Sharon is very smart… Having a boyfriend can actually make other men notice a lady.

  • Odeke Chidubem Camilus

    Sharon is really smart. You be a friend. You mustn’t be a boyfriend since the lady in question already introduced another guy as her boyfriend

  • Eze, Chime Mark

    Sharon is neither smart nor rational: she is only myopic. Also, having a boyfriend can never make other men notice a lady; It would rather make people think that both are engaged or probably married.

  • chidiogo Georginah

    Sharon thinks she is smart but do you know she might end up being trapped in her own game.

  • Anigbo chisom.a.

    IS having a boyfriend an aid for a man to notice you or to chase them away? sharon shouldnt have thought that way because is childish n wont yield any good fruit instead it will lead to chaos between her and Raphel..

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C.

    smart indeed! ma,,this is absolutly an envidence of stupidity with no common sense….aunty your stories are motivating,,please keep it up..

  • Onyeabor Precious Chioma

    Lol.. the heart cant be deceived… i hope her plan works though

  • Priscilla Egwuonwu

    Sharon is wrong on both accounts. It is wrong to objectify people. Raphael is a good guy and shouldn’t be treated like an object. She is actually short sighted

  • covenant

    Sharon is silly not smart
    How will having a boyfriend make other men to notice you? Having a boyfriend actually makes them keep a distance from you.

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    I think she is a smart lady. She came up with such an idea and it’s going wonderfully well for her.
    But I don’t think having a boyfriend makes other men notice a lady. If anything, it makes them leave you alone. No man wants to have another man’s woman.

  • Kalaowubo Rebecca Ibinabo

    She may seem right in her eyes but if you should take a closer look, you find out that she is so wrong. Hmmm where did she even get the idea that having a boyfriend makes other men notice you… nna eeee the way some girls think… dia is God ooooooooooo

  • Nwosu Esther chioma

    She is in a way. That could attract men but from my own view she might actually be having feelings for him

  • Nwosu Esther chioma

    She may be right but I think she is deceiving herself

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    What a twist! It seems sketchy Sharon is about to get a taste of her own medicine. She’s a smart young lady, but ‘smart’ is not necessarily ‘wise’. Having a boyfriend goes both ways. It might make you more attractive to most men who would lust over what your man sees in you, or, it could simply make you appear taken and unapproachable.

  • Soni-Onovo Ezinne Therry

    Sharon is no smart at all. Getting a boyfriend doesn’t make men notice a lady. It’s by your attitude. Sharon be careful.


    We are all but recent leaves on the same old tree of life and if this life has adapted itself to new funtions and conditions, it uses the same old basic principles over and over again.there is no real difference between the grass and the man who mows it. It not a game but all she left is part of him.

  • Ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    Hmmmm,sharon is falling into her bait. Looking at the story, she’s trying to control her emotions. This can be traced from her call to Raphael and also the way she was laughing with him at the ceremony. Another thing she should have in mind is that, introducing Raphael to other men will not make those men to start following her or beg her for a relationship.


    Smartness has nothing to do with tricks and lies.It is basically honesty nothing more and nothing less.Sharon is not not smart at all rather foolish .Having a boy friend draws others attention when the foundation is built on true love not ‘LUST’ and ‘INGENUITY’.

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    Hmmm……someone is in for it or perhaps “will be in for it” , i sense an impending downfall here, and not to think fact that the lady in question is the architect of her own misfortune…she thinks she has carved out the perfect plan to win attention from men, but something demeaning awaits her. Eventually i presume she’ll be at the receiving end of her own misdeeds, unless she compromises soon enough..

  • Ibe Okwukwe Emmanuella

    Everyone is smart in his or her own way but d question is to wat extent can your smartness take you.Sharon believed she is doing this to get attraction but doesn’t know she is actually giving men the impression that she doesn’t need another man in her life since her and Raphael were all happy and chatty at d party and she has already introduced him as her boyfriend

  • Ndubuisi Uchenna Nicholas

    Sharon feels smart but i dont think she is, based on the way she had fun with raphael its like she is worlds apart from others and her social life is well…. not so good so naturally she would be attracted to raphael.
    Having a boyfriend makes other men notice a lady but not in the way Sharon thinks because they would feel like “hey she is off limits” or “she is taken”


    This girl doesnot know that she is actually falling in love hmmm na you sabiooo but the truth is Sharon my dear, you may be smart my love but you are not wise,and for you to think that using your boyfrnd as a bait to attract men to u is a good decision but no dear.But sometimes it does attract men oooo but only foolish and smart ones like you will come after you not because they like you but maybe because they want another thing from u.But come to think of this,it might actually attract men to her depending on her her character because i know some guys that even after knowing that the person is dating will stil be coming after the lady and even willing to compete with the boyfriend and not that the person will have bad motive for the girl oo but just the character of the girl will be attracting him.hmmm Sharon just get ready for this your action but i just hope u wont regrt your actions.BUT come to think of this,she is smart in a way ooo because doing this might actually bring their old love back again and it will make them to come back together as lovers again.just saying sha lol,sharon dear i think i gat your back but incase it doesnt work out as i thought just know that you are alone in this LOL.MUMMY NICE STORY SHA AM ENJOYING IT.

  • Odiase Erico Osazee

    As for me Sharon is not Sharpe in the game she is playing because she is already falling for Raphael and in the other aspect having a boy friend does not make u notice instead it make’s you unnoticed because when guys knows that a lady has some one in her life they try to divert they attention to another one else

  • precious

    One thing she need to know is she doesn’t need to go far to get what she is looking for it could be very close but she can’t see it not because its not there but she doesn’t want to raph might be the right guy she should stop looking far

  • Igboji Victoria Unique

    Yes,i think sharon is smart and having a boyfriend to make others notice you sure works at times

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    Naturally, Sharon is smart but i think ,she went too far in this one and it may backfire her at last. getting a boyfriend doesn’t in any way make men notice a lady. it isur character and ur attitude

  • onyeka pamela chiamaka

    she is not smart ooo……. a man will love you for who you are not by showing him you have a boyfriend. he might see you unapproachable since you already have a boyfriend

  • Awoke isaiah

    She is playing smart but trust me she is not wise. Sometimes your bait returns without a fish and it can even come out with something unfriendly, snakes and others. A wise girl should know that.
    I think having a boyfriend can work but that is if the guy is financially crippled like Raphael, lolz.

  • Adaeze Ogota

    To me, Sharon is not smart in anyway. It doesn’t at all. It will even drive men away instead

  • okeke grace Amarachi

    I am so sorry dear,things might actually be working out just fine for you now, but trust me it wont always remain like that it will certainly backfire.I really don’t think you need to have a boyfriend to make other men notice you it will further chase them away.i would suggest you put your brain into good use.

  • onyebuchi gideon

    Sharon is a smart lady and her idea was nice. Meanwhile, i think that some men notice ladies because of their boyfriends especially if the guy is a wealthy one

  • As for me Sharon was fool. A man does not have to like you because you have a boyfriend, they should like you because of who you are. Sharon will become the fish that will eat her bait because obviously she is falling for Raphael. Ipray she does not regret her actions.

  • nwafor chukwudalu franklin

    Sharon thinks she is smart, am sure her plan would backfire when things do not go the way she plans because having a boyfriend does not guarantee that you are a lady.

  • Madu Chidimma Sandra

    Lol! Like I said, I don’t think Sharon’s plan’s a good one, but then her plan is making this a joyride. And for the record, I don’t think her closeness to him is part of the play though *she don dey fall jare*

  • ofodile.c. vivian

    i do not think having a bf makes other boys notice you. in fact, it sends a signal of am not available.

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    No! Sharon is not very smart as she thinks. Is only her state of desperation that makes her think she is very smart.
    2. yes! a lady’s boyfriend can cause other men to notice her state. in a situation where the lady is always alone or in or situation where the lady plays hard to get; other men would want to know the reasons for her change of action. Raphael was seen with Sharon, and the attention she could not get was opened.

  • Analike Vivian Ukamaka

    I think Rapheal already knows his feelings before approaching Sharon for relationship. Though they already have built a relationship in the past, they can still be together because if the never trusted each orgee n believed in themselves, they would never have been together
    Its a very sily decision because some one at her age should know when a guy is being serious with you and when he is just fooling around.. What should have been in her mind was to give him a chance then if he couldn’t get to her standard, she will then quit.

  • amaechi chinaecherem chiemela

    the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it… anywhere, sharon dear, your bait is about to catch’s just as the scripture stated, … they are wise in their own conceit.
    2. keeping a guy near you is giving other interested guys a RED CARD. that a very bad mistake

  • Thelma Ideozu

    It is a selfish plan that could easily backfire. Although I understand her motive, I think it could cause more harm than good.

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    Yah!! I think she is a very smart lady coming up with such plans on how to get herself hooked up. but it is not the best plan when she is using her best friend for it.

    having a boyfriend can make other men to notice a lady for real and even getting them jealous of the guy.

  • Ononye Chisom Divinegift

    Sharon might be smart but not smarter than is that strange feeling that comes just comes and hit you and all your defenses will vanish.what am trying to bring out is that no matter how smart she is, she cant outsmart LOVE.and also having a boyfriend cannot make men to notice you.if you were not noticed when you were single am sorry to tell you you wont be notice even if you have ten boyfriends.

  • sylvia ugwoke

    i won’t call it smartness, i will say wickedness. she is being selfish. i don’t think having a boyfriend makes other men notice a lady. it will just make them stay away, they will think that the lady is already attached to someone else.

  • idoko faustina kelechi.

    she z not smart but blinded by her own feelings towards Raphael. Is very clear from the story that she loves RAPHAEL. .yes,i think so.. guys are very jealous of themselves when it comes to women..

  • Udeh,victor chukwudi

    the idea of her to parade Raphael around in other for people to notice is some how uncalled for because,that may end any relationship some else intended to have with u

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    NO i don’t think she is smart, but she thinks she is, rather her bait will get her. I think Sharon has been caught by her own trap, Sharon is falling slowly for Raphael. i don’t think having a boyfriend attracts men to you rather it’s your charisma that matters.

  • praise onaga

    having a boyfriend does not attract men to you but scares them away. Sharon hmm she is actually falling for the guy

  • Nwafor God's gift

    I think Sharon is a smart lady. But I don’t think having a boyfriend will make other guys notice u. Infact I believe “other men” notice a lady even more without a boy

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    I do not think that Sharon is smart even though she feels she is.This is because she has not shown good judgement in her plans.She could be said to be tactical, not smart. Secondly, there is a belief although true to an extent, that having a boyfriend or girlfriend often makes people notice you. Similar Scenario occurred in a nollywood movie, Mr. & Mrs, where Susan, a maltreated lawyer housewife had to fake extramarital affair to draw (Kenneth) her husband’s attention and change his awful attitude. Her Husband who was hitherto uncaring and disinterested in her, became interested and caring instantly. The summary is that most times, it works, but not all times.

  • nwachi peter chikwendu

    for me, sharon’s smartness will later be ” had i known”. having a boyfriend being showcased to people will make men to have less interest in her. i think sharon is just making everything to be irony of situation.

  • obianuju onyeama

    No not really because I don’t think having a boyfriend makes u noticed by other men.


    i believe this life is too short to be lived as a rehearsal rather than reality. Sharon is toying with her own emotion and should not blame anybody if anything happen to it. ….. it’s getting more interesting .. lets ride on .. MA

  • okonkwo chidimma benita

    Sharon is really in love…she doubts it but still laugh at his jokes, pay attention to him, feel comfortable …it is simply love..

  • Nwankwo Anita Chinenye

    Sharon may think she is very smart but her plans may not work out as planned and she may later regret her actions.Having a boyfriend dosent make you noticed by men instead they know you are someones girl already which may end up scaring them away from you.

  • Reuben Empere

    Sharon is not as smart as she thinks, and it would tell on her soon, using one guy to attract other guys can only bring about complication, and she’ll regret it in the end.

  • I think she is a smart girl. lolz….because it takes a smart person to think of such an idea and ways of perfecting it, though its totally wrong. Hmmm, on the other hand, i don’t think having a boyfriend has a connection to men noticing you. Those girls that were raped at a tender age, did all of them had boyfriends for those men to be able to notice their beauty, body or to lust after them?. they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so only those that considers you attractive notices you, period .

  • Nkemakonam Onukwue

    For me she is not. Cus you can’t be posing urself as someone’s girlfriend and expect to get a good guy.
    Sometimes, some guy may just want to look out for what attracted the man and from there their interest is built.


    lols……….. sharon is really happy the way its going but who knows whether she will definitely attract a man?

  • Azunna Ikechukwu O.

    Great story

  • daniel nnadi

    She’s smart let me give her that, for her having a boyfriend means she is approachable, but to some men it feels like she’s occupied/taken. Depends on her decision tho.

  • Umerah Scholastica Ifeoma

    i think she`s smart but she is selfish….having a boyfriend wont make guys approach you but i think that sharon`s case is different because maybe the guys in her office might have been admiring her but the fact that they think she`s dating there BOSS held them back for so many reasons…but now they know that she just has a boyfriend who isn`t their boss wont hold them the way he is not with her in her working place.

  • Nonike Victoria

    it is not disputed that She had her scheme well planned out but this story has taken a new turn in the sense that it seems that the hunter is now the hunted which makes me rethink her smartness.
    A lady with a boyfriend does not really make other men notice her, the fact that one man is attracted does not mean others are or the fact that a lady is single does not mean she is not being noticed by men regularly.

  • Caius Precious Chinwendu

    her idea is a good one but i think its beginning to backfire. she is now falling for Raphael. when a woman has a boyfriend, it does not attract guys to her. it pushes them away from her instead. most guys these days don’t find it worthwhile to compete with their fellow guys over a woman.

  • Chinecherem Victoria C

    I think Sharon is considerably smart and quite cunny too but I dont think posing with a boyfriend makes you “gist” for the guys. Rather, it makes you story for the ladies.

  • Nkwere Praise

    hahahaha..Sharon would soon be caught in her trap. Her plans i guess will definitely boomerang on her. The way she feels comfortable and at home with Raphael is worthy enough to show she’s really developing some feelings for Raphael. what an irony!

  • Eze Valentine Chibuike

    Honestly, she might be smart because she has the tact but then i think she’s being smart for the wrong reason… When a lady has a boyfriend, she gets noticed by the men because relationships generally call up attention. People want to observe and judge the relationship. The men want to assess the lady too.

  • ugo ogwu

    No i don’t think Sharon is smart rather i think shes being very immature because only a mature woman would admit her feelings instead of beating round the bush.
    i don’t think so because to me if they want to notice you they will regardless of if you have a boyfriend or not.

  • Eze Valentine Chibuike

    Sharon might be smart but for the wrong reasons. The men want to assess the lady and her relationship. They want to see what the lady acts like in a relationship so yes, men notice ladies that have boyfriends better.

  • sunday chinecherem francis

    to me i think she’s smart due to the way she’s going about the whole thing,but at the tail end it will backfire..
    You wont be noticed if you have a boyfriend ,you can only be noticed by the way you carry yourself and if you make yourself approachable.

  • Akumambila ijeoma winifred

    I don’t think she is smart because she is beginning to like Ralph and also deceiving herself.Having a boyfriend dosen’t make other men notice’s who you are and what kind of character that’s in you that makes a man notice you.

  • adaora onwuania

    No, she isn’t because she doesn’t need to use raphael to get other men attention.
    No, having a boyfrnd does nt make other men notice u rather they get to make ur life meaningless.

  • onoja peace

    i would say Sharon is smart but not wise.
    And i don’t think having a boyfriend really make other men notice you. i think it makes other men have that impression of “THIS IS A NO GO AREA”

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Sharon is too dumb to be smart

  • onyeze precious

    l pray it works for her ; AMEN

  • I don’t think it’s a smart move.
    If am a guy nothing will make me look at a girl that is already taken.
    It’s weird she’s seeing it as a smart plan

  • Josiah Judith enobong

    Lol…well I think she is actually naive &that one is probably attached to a guy who is her boy friend won’t warrant guys coming around because come to think of it we are humans& the human mind/brain & the way they think can’t change & be deceived…so Sharon is actually wasting her time to the advantage of Raphael

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    No; she’s nothing close to being smart. On the other hand having a boyfriend will make you appear “Taken” so it doesn’t in any way attract male suitors.

  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    Sharon is trying to be smart but things are not working out well for her as she planned because she is already falling in love with Raphael and having a boyfriend does not attract other guys rather it tells them to keep off.

  • ozulumba chikodili

    i feel sharon needs the attention of a man and if she thinks with this idea of her’s she can achieve it you cant blame a girl for craving a man’s attention. and yes when you are in a relationship, you tend to get more attention than you may think. people tend to noticed something different about you, and the guy becomes more possessive towards you as his woman.

  • Abonyi Juliet

    In no circumstance can self-centeredness equate to being smart. And, I cannot really say if having a boyfriend does ma ke men notice a lady, there’s no basis/proof to that.

  • Onuoha Oluebube Jessica

    Sharon should stop deceiving herself with her smartness. She is not smart at all.

  • Uwaegbuonu Precious

    Sharon isn’t smart but i think she is playing smart.

  • Okeke Miriam Uzochukwu

    Sharon is smart in her mind, but there is no element of smartness if it should be judged ontologically.

  • Ezenwa Chinenye Evangeline

    Sharon thinks shes smart but she isn’t at all and i think she is already falling in love with Raphael. I don’t think you need a man to define you.

  • Otugo Lucky Joel

    what she calls smartness is ignorance because truth being told, sometimes the much time you spend with someone who has feelings for you, the more intimate you become. if care is not taken, she might even end up accepting his proposal.

  • Ndudu John

    I can’t judge her smartness for now but i think that kind of bait only attracts a certain kind of men. Those who lack confidence and always need a hint, a crutch in order to approach a lady. This bait is not necessary with confident high quality men. If that’s what she wants. Fearful men. Then fine it’s a great technique.

  • Udeh Blessing

    a. not really she is only fooling her self
    b. no, its only scare them

  • Onoh ozimachukwu beulah

    I think she sounds very desperate not particularly smart
    and having a boyfriend doesn’t make a guy notice you well you are taken so what are they noticing you for again biko

  • igboecheonwu prisca

    Sharon thinks that she is smart but she is not because having a boy friend can only make other men to run away from you.


    Summarily, Sharon is just seeking attention, that’s the only driving spirit she has at the moment. She wants us to know that she has what she felt other people like her has.

  • Umoru Sadia Idris

    Sharon’s plan is really shallow. She’s in my description, not sharp. Having a boyfriend hardly makes other men notice you, and even if they do, they may not develop interest in you

  • joseph jennifer jayjay

    sharon, just as i predicted oh..she is falling gradually..we cant leave out the part were her heart was empty..except work, of course which occupied her time…nothing else…so her heart needed a refill.when Raphael came along, she just had to fall. honestly speaking-from my ever honest perspective, we all need somebody in our lives.the past can’t be cropped out in emotional issues like this…they were close, really close…time heals all wounds, yes!!..wounds can heal, but scars stay! those emotions don’t vanish..they just matchstick and they’re up in flames…this literary piece is thought provoking, suspense filled and didactic…keep it up, Ma..the narrative technique makes it appear more vivid, and the imagery is wow!

  • opiri chidimma

    i think Sharon is not smart and having a boyfriend mustn’t make you to be noticed

  • nnadi chinyere josephine

    Sharon plan wasn’t smart at all, because it will keep other men from coming close to her. anyway lets see how things will turn out in further episodes

  • Onah Joy Chinemerem

    it truly take two to tangle. A strategy intended to achieve a purpose might end up achieving its opposite.

  • ifebe june sobechukwu

    i sincerely believe that using a man like Raphael as a bait might be quite risky because Raphael does not look like someone who is ready to leave Sharon for what so ever. his character depicts a typical ‘ Gum Body’ . so using someone like Raphael is not very wise although its likely what an average lady is bound to do.
    she is smart quite alright to an extent. but having a boyfriend creates an opportunity to chase other guys away

  • Jackreece Princess Daeregoba

    wow… “I SAID IT Sharon is gradually falling for him.. shebi she thinks she’s smart … hehehe love would soon teach her something. I don’t think her decision is smart at all because it is evident that she will end up falling deeply in love with him, and it might be too late then. If she is trying to use Raphael to get attention from other guys,, hmm, the truth is that reverse will be the case, unless she is just interested in a fling and not to settle down, because men really gets interested in a woman who is in a relationship only when they want to flirt with her and also explore to see what’s she like, “Husband material men” search for single ladies.

  • Nwamauzor Victoria Uchechi

    this is so unwise of Sharon cause she’ll eventually get herself into having feelings for Raphael if more quality times are spent together and with this attitude I doubt if she’ll be noticed by other men cause the believe is she is taken already by some other man

  • chekuzo Veronica

    No she isn’t.
    No, it makes them want to play with your feelings.

  • Okwor Donald

    Sharon is not smart in any way. Also, having a boyfriend would never make men to know a lady.

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    That is not a wise decision at all and its looking like it will backfire or she will fall in love with this guy.Let just watch and see how it goes.

  • Abugu Chinazom Rosemary

    There is no smartness in what she did and that cannot fetch her a ”GOOD” man.


    girls at times disguise their real personality under the umbrella that they are smart but not knowing ignorance is in control

  • Ejiofor Ekene Maduabuchi

    Smart, absolutely not. It’s called setting a time bomb (that is what she’s doing). But her actions can actually land her to something good and so a blessing in disguise.
    Well, I think that if men were not interested in you when you were single, the same would be the story when they see you have a man in your life. But in some cases, some men who wanted you at first but having no gut to come close, because they feel you are a no go area would actually be encouraged to ply their trade.

  • Akpan Agnes

    she is certainly going to fall in love with Raphael and having a boyfriend would only scare men away from her and not the other way round

  • Joseph Edidiong

    i don’t think so. If a lady is attractive to a man’s taste, he would notice her whether she has a boyfriend or not.


    I really dont she is that smart cos she aint thinking about the repercussions that may ensue after this in and honestly having a boyfriend doesnt in any sense make other guys notice you.

  • Anowi chisom vivian

    emotional entanglements cannot be joked with. after such a long time, she thought she could pull a fast one on Raphael. wow, right now, reverse is the case…keep it coming, Ma. the suspense is killing me

  • nwobodo amaka

    sharon isnt smart one bit. she should just get prepared to settle down with raphael. and trust me with the way they are going love will soon creep in.

  • christiana

    sharon is not smart, her plan may work out for her, but as things goes on, it will not go down well as she has planned

  • ubah chisom mariagorathy

    That’s not a smart move to pull and also having a boy friend does not stop other men from coming her but it curtails the situation.

  • Ruth Ejimanya

    Sharon isnt smart because she is toiling with the emotions of someone who genuinly loves her and would do anything to please her.
    No, just having a boyfriend doesnt make men notice a lady but having a caring boyfriend and one the lady can be proud of anytime anywhere can make men notice the lady.

  • Ogbalu Treasure Onyinye

    Wow! Sharon isn’t as smart as she thinks she is. I can’t wait to see you plans blow in your face. Guys are looking for single and searching.

  • Ugwuoke Chidimma Brittany Gloria

    As it is right now, Sharon misses having a man in her life and hence decides to use Raphael for that function…to fill that gap. In the real sense, having a boyfriend makes other people to stay clear of you because you have been “taken”.

  • ugwe Blessing chinenye

    Sharon is not smart her first plan may work out as she planned but as time goes on it will not really work the way she planned it.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    *You needed to see the way I guffawed when I read the ‘Office gossip queen’ part. lol.
    What kinda title is that? ?

    Well, all I can say is that Raphael and Sharon will become an item. Even if it’s not immediately but definitely. From all indications they really like themselves. The lady strikes me like one who’d be carried away along the line.

    But then I’ll keep my fingers crossed and watch as events unfold.

  • Chioma Christy Agbaraka

    I haven’t seen anything like this before, like having a boyfriend to get other men attention? I think this should be termed as “Sharon’s ideology” because I feel like it won’t work at all. What I know is when men see you already have someone, they steer clear and reduce their advances not increase or multiply it like Sharon wants.

  • Andeshi Moniica

    Sharon’s plan might not be the best, a lot might go wrong, but its a win win, it is either she will get to know Raphael’s true intentions or after breaking up with him, other guys will start coming.

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    Okay you are laughing and enjoying his company but you still want to use him as bait continue there is God ooooooo. I have never heard that having a boyfriend will help you get other men attention instead it will scare them a way. Let me Keep finger crossed and see how it plays.

  • Sharon plan might flop or succeed. Having a boyfriend and still trying to attract other men is calling for the wrong attention. Men who go after a lady that is taken or is engaged are womanizers and have no valid or good reason to do so.

  • Ugwuanyi Collette Mmesoma

    Wow! The story is getting more interesting. I don’t think Sharon plans will work as expected. She might fall in love with Raphael.

  • Ugwuanyi Collette Mmesoma

    Hmmm! Interesting the guy you are using as a bait is giving you so much happiness. Iol. It seems her plans is not going to work out as expected. There is a probability that she will fall in love with him.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Hmmmmmmmm,to me Sharon is not smart at all because I sense that she would finally fall in love with Raphael.
    Secondly, having a boyfriend does not make a lady attractive to other guys, instead it scares them away because they feel she is already taken.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Hmmmmmmmm,to me Sharon is not smart at all because I sense that she would finally fall in love with Raphael.
    Secondly, having a boyfriend does not make a lady attractive to other guys, instead it scares them away because they feel she is already taken. I pray she knows what is doing ooo

  • okoye paschalmary

    Well I know of course, the bait table is going to turn to an unexpected dimension. Poor Raphael in love with someone who is baiting him to get the attention of other guys. This is a perfect example of what is happening in relationships today. One will think he or she is with someone reasonable without knowing that the reverse is the case. Sharon you’re doing your self.

  • Sharon is a confused girl, she doesn’t know what is good for her.she is comfortable and happy staying around Raphael but yet she is not contended with him. She thinks that using Raphael as a bait to get other guys attention to her will work? It will make the guys to avoid her because she’s already someone else’s own. Sharon should be careful so that she doesn’t lose everything.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu C

    So Sharon’s plan is to use Raphael as a bait to catch other suitors. if Raphael finds out, He will really be heartbroken because that was not what he was expecting.

  • Obiemeka Favour Chukwugozie

    I would like to say Sharon has fallen in love with Raphael but she doesn’t know it yet .

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