The relationship between Sharon and Raphael is certainly taking a new turn. Towards the end of Episode 6, Raphael shows up as he promised Sharon when she had lost hope that he would because of inclement weather. Well, is this just some ordinary visit or does Raphael have anything special on his mind he wants to say or do? But Sharon also hinted that something untoward was about to happen. What could that be? Let’s get some answers as our intriguing love story unfolds.


While Raphael was washing up, I heated water to make him a cup of tea, dreaming of how we’ll be doing this in our own home very soon. I went to the sideboard and brought out the best tea set I had, washed it and set up everything.

When Raphael came out, he began by apologising for being late. And didn’t I say it? He had gone to give a Maths lesson to the son of a family friend who was having a hard time getting an O’level credit in the subject. He had been doing that three times a week and had forgotten they had a class scheduled when he promised to see me early.

I decided to needle him.

“So how much are they paying you for those lessons?”

“A thousand Naira for each meeting.” I calculated that it would amount to about twelve thousand Naira a month.

“Not bad, if you don’t spend it all on transport. But you don’t have to do that anymore. You’ve got a job.”

“But I’ve already given them my word. And I was only joking. I’m not charging them anything.” I knew there was something odd about that answer. It was like he was fishing for what to say.

“Who are they anyway?”

“You know Chief Adams ….”

“That devil!” Adams left Raphael in the cold when his father died, even though they had been best friends and Raphael’s dad had helped him so much, including selling a parcel of land in the village to get him back on his feet when he had a business setback. Meanwhile, Adams was pestering Raphael’s mum for an affair. Raphael barely managed to scrape by with the aid of his mum who was just a junior civil servant. And he was helping the guy’s son complete his O’levels! I was angry! But it was going to get worse ….

“Wait a minute! Was it already raining when you left their place?”

“Yes, why?”

“How many cars does Chief Adams have? Answer me. How many cars and how many drivers? And he let you walk out in the rain. Why couldn’t he arrange a ride for you?”

“Babe, I’m here. What does it matter how I got here? Adams is not that kind of guy. Why would you let this bother you?”

“Because I’ve been thinking that if we are going to have a life together, you would have to curtail this your Father Christmas lifestyle.”

He stared at me for a moment and asked, “Did you just propose to me?” I blinked in confusion and before I could respond, he had picked me up and was dancing around, shouting, “I accept, I accept!”

When he dropped me, I began to protest. “I don’t know what you’re talking about? I didn’t propose to you.”

“You did and I’ve accepted.”

“I did not so …”

His phone began to ring. He picked the call and after a short while, he screamed, “No!”

“What is it?” I asked. He motioned for me to wait and went into the kitchen. When he came back, his drawn expression made me to brace up for really bad news. But when he announced it, it was worse than anything I’d expected.

“Sir Benedict is dead!” Our boss, our meal ticket, our gateway to the good life was dead?

“Sir Benedict! Impossible! Give me that phone!”

I redialled the number that had just called him but it went into voice mail. I tried again, same result. Raphael came and held me because I had begun to weep. We clung together and drew strength from each other for some long minutes. When we disengaged and I’d wiped my eyes, he summed up the situation for me.

“It was an accident as he was travelling to the village for a kindred meeting.”


I was sorry about what happened but my mind was also making further computations. Did he have a will? Is the company healthy financially? What will our fate be? Will we be able to retain our jobs?

“Blast! And here I was thinking about marriage and settling down,” I thought. I turned to face Raphael. Poor Raphael! He hadn’t even got his first paycheck yet.

It was like he read my mind. He came and held my hands.

“This doesn’t change anything.” How wouldn’t it? “You may think we’ve been jesting but I’m dead serious about marrying you. Are you done with the lawyer?”

I nodded.

Then he asked me simply, “Will you marry me?”

I cleared my throat. “Aren’t you supposed to kneel down when you say that? Plus, there should be a ring. Where’s the ring?”

He kept looking at me kind of serious till I put my arms around his neck and said, “Of course, I’ll marry you ’cause I know if I say ‘No’, you just gonna die!”

“You’re right, I would.” And we chuckled.

Then I pulled him close and whispered, “Oh Raphael, what are we going to do? What if we lose our jobs?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, babe! Right now, we just have to be strong.”
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

How do you feel about Sharon’s attitude towards what she calls Raphael’s “Father Christmas lifestyle”? I mean, do you see this side of Raphael as a plus or a minus?
If you were in Raphael’s shoes, would you proceed with the marriage proposal in view of the tragedy that has just occurred and the uncertainties it has thrown up?
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  • Lawrence Ernest Enyi

    1. It is human for Sharon to blast Raphael’s father Christmas attitude. But at the same time, it is unrighteous to do that. For this reason, irrespective of the misdemeanours from Chief Adams, it is a plus to Raphael. This is so because in the Bible books of Romans 12:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:15, and 1 peter 3:9, the Bible stated it clearly and categorically, never to “reward evil for evil”, but good. By doing this, you’re fulfilling God’s will and wish. Tell me, will God fail to bless such a person?
    2. Just as he did, I would also, cos I know he is man enough to make life long decisions even at the most Critical period. It is through this, that upon having a wife, he attracts God’s favour and is favoured to the brim ( Proverbs 18:22).
    So, following his heart, he made the right decision. Even though it might hurt them both, I believe that in every good thing, there must be the days of the little beginning. Have a blessed week.

  • Dorothy Post

    Wow – loved it, as usual! Can’t wait for episode 8!!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glad you enjoyed it, Dorothy. By God’s grace, Episode 8 will heighten your thrill. You and yours are blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • It is absolutely wrong for Sharon to blast Raphael’s Father Christmas attitude. it is unrighteous to do so. The bible admonished us to pray for our enemies and never to reward evil with evil but good. It is a plus not a minus. He needs to be courageous,resolute, determined and down to earth in carrying out his set goals in life. I will proceed with the marriage of course. There are certain things you don’t choose for a man but only advice. Whom to marry, religion and course to read. Allow him to make such decisions so that you will not to be blamed.

  • chiamaka

    Aunty Edith this suspense is wow!!! anticipating for the next episode. GOD bless you ma, remain lifted.

  • Chinyere Godwin

    Well, I’ve noticed that in relationships, the parties involved are usually opposite of each of in character. One is calm, patient while d other is d opposite. They fit each other. Plus, Sharon would never meet someone else day would sincerely love, appreciate n “tolerate” her like Raphael!

    Oh and I love that part wer she unknowingly proposed to Raphael…it was so beautiful..and funny! And I love raphael’s response. Omg!!!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yeah, who would pass up an offer like that, although made inadvertently. And what you say about opposites doing well together in relationships, I’ve seen it often. Thank you and keep goung places with the praises!

  • Chinaza

    Rapheal is compassionate and kind, and he is right to finalise the proposal so he doesn’t lose her again

  • Rachael Obiora

    it is a big plus he is just a nice guy. if i am in his shoes and i am financially able to do so i will why DELAY IS DANGEROUS.

  • Chinemerem

    That Father Christmas style is definitely a Minus!He has to calm down and not be such a giver. Too much of everything is a turn-off. Do the much that is possible especially if it doesn’t affect your comfort.
    I also think that Raphael was right to carry this on. He at least, has a job now. I’m sure they can manage until things stabilize. Also, if he didn’t pursue this, who knows if Sharon will change her mind again.

    • Edith Ohaja

      It does seem like a big inconvenience, the Father Christmas thing. But people are different and I don’t see Raphael changing in that respect. Besides, it’s refreshing to see someone who is so selfless. Most people aren’t.

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    one thing we should no is that God created us differently, Raphael father Christmas nature is not actually his fault, that was how his God wants it, who knows the blessings that accompanies his father Christmas nature. Sharon should just learn to live with it. Rachael loves Sharon so much that he cannot even find a reason to look back, he is surely on the right track

  • merely looking at it, you would say that Raphael’s ”father Christmas” side is a minus. but on a more serious note it is very wonderful of him. nowadays, you hardly find guys with this type of heart.
    now looking at the marriage proposal, if i was in Raphael’s shoes, i would hold on until everything gets better before i proceed with the marriage

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yeah, I see your point because marriage can get very complicated when there are serious unsettled issues prior to it. You are highly blessed, Chiamaka!


    Too much of everything is bad, nobody said you don’t have to be kind, i consider it a necessity, i am just against too much of it, i mean Ralph went to tutor the chief’s son which automatically means he is helping him, not minding all the things he had done to him in in the past and not also minding that he is devoting his time for free, the least he could do was ask one of his drivers to drop him off, i think they should be a limit to his level of selflessness, if i was Sharon, i will complain too.
    But waitoo didn’t they just get a news about the painful demise of their boss and they are there proposing marriage to each other, the situation didn’t require that.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I don’t know but maybe the news was so scary, they felt they would be better off sticking together to face the uncertain times ahead. Just my guess.

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    Sharon rebuking Rapheal on his “father christmas life style” based on the fact that he is repaying good for evil is not necessary, she should know that not everybody is as selfish as she is, but how would she know? anyway i think Rapheal’s benevolent attitude is nothing to worry about. I will add it as a plus in his personality and for the second question, I think he should carry on with the marriage but should be careful, because marriage like every other thing needs funding.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Well, it’s a case of different strokes for different folks. Sharon thinks it’s a minus but you consider it a plus.


        Lets not quote Sharon wrong because if we were i her shoes, we would have done the same, the man in question has been cruel to Raphael and you know what “LOVE”E protective on is own. so Sharon is just protecting her man and nothing else and all she need is to be convince that paying evil with evil is the worst thing one can think of. As for their fate in life, God will provide.

  • Ani Chiamaka theresa

    It is totally wrong for Sharon to rebuke Raphael wit her words of father Christmas, dis z cuz u don’t pay back evil wit evil and secondly in d case of d marriage proposal Btw Raphael Nd Sharon, I believe dat even wit their present fears of loosing dia jobs, dey can still continue for where dia z love,dia z hope

  • Udeh Favour Makuachukwu

    It is really shallow of Sharon to make jest of the father christmas lifestyle. Well, all i could say about Raphel is that he is a hard core

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    I think its a plus on Raphael’s side. He is a good fellow.
    Of course i will continue with my marriage proposal, the only thin is to fix the wedding after Sir Benedicts burial. Theres always a way out.

  • Amachukwu Amarachi

    Fr Christmas nature portray Christ died for our sins despite our flaws. In attribute to Raphael, it is gud and not gud, cuz wen u act gud every time u will bound up to people who will see that as a show and try secretly to hurt ya. I won’t blame them for proposing to one another at this great crisis that their boss had died, sometimes hard situation brings out your real feelings for someone you love even though u trying to hide it.


    Raphael father chrismas attitude is a plus ,His proposal is not bad .Its cool.

  • Shade

    Raph’s father Christmas style is a plus and a minus. He should be more careful. As for the proposal, they should wait a little.


    The description given to Raphael’s lifestyle by Sharon as “father Christmas lifestyle” is actually a minus and not a plus. It is a criticism and such a destructive one but thank God that Raphael is man of understanding. As for whether the relationship should continue or not, I want to suggest from my own sense of reality that it should continue because no one knows what tomorrow has for them.

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    Raphael is a good nd kind man, it is human for Sharon to blast the father Christmas attitude of Raphael because she knows what he has been through but he has a good heart so he pays good for evil. This side of his behaviour is a plus.
    About going ahead with the marriage plans after such news should come to a fault because the proposal was so sudden and they hv not known their fate after the death of the MD.

  • Ogwudu Onyinyechi Linda

    Raph is a good and kind man and it will be hard for him to stop it and for them to start planning for the marriage,they shud go on bcos Sharon can sponsor dat alone

  • Augustina Okpechi

    The issue of his father Christmas lifestyle can be said to be both a plus and a minus as the case may be. And the situation which they find themselves now shouldn’t be what is used to determine their relationship

  • I SEE Rahpael father christmas lifestyle as sharon put it as a plus, due he was rendering selfless service but every work has a reward and men shall be rewarded according his work ,,if not on the earth, it will be in the heaven and the reward will come in different diversity. Rahpael should proceed with the marriage proposal, every disappointment is a blessing, there was a reason why God allowed that to happen. he that give a child tubers of yam will give him digger to dig it out.

  • Ihezie Ebere Christiana

    that is a rare plus and i bet that it will eventually pay off and it must be very brave for them to take on marriage in d face of all those crisis

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    1.Two wrongs, they say,can never make a right. That quality he has will propel him to a greater height should he hold on to it. 2.That is to show what determination can be when it is translated into action, hardship or any challenge can last(just) but for a while.

  • EMekaobi ijeoma rita

    I don’t blame raphael,he’s just deeply in love with sharon

  • Ibemma Immaculata Ginika

    it is a good thing to be ”father Christmas ”but not all the time .Sharon is only human by referring to him as that .however it is a plus and a minus.

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    ehyaa.. he hasn’t even gotten his first paycheck!..well, i don’t see anything wrong in proceeding with the wedding Raphael said, when they get to that river, they will definitely know how to cross it!

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    I see Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle as being a plus cause one day he will definitely be rewarded for his act and he should proceed with the marriage no matter the tragic news and God will definitely see them through.

  • Akabuike chisom

    Sharon’s reaction to Raphael being too generous is a plus and typical of every woman, it shows her openness to voice out the part of his acts she may likely not tolerate if they marry, Raphael is left to choose if he can live with it. Regarding the tragic event which trailed the proposal, he should pray if he is the praying type.

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Oh God! Am crying already…pls ma don’t be offended if I ask this questions…what kind of a woman are you, intelligent, loving and always smiling have never seen you angry before though you’ve walked me out of your office before but the smiling face was still there, have been admiring you for so long but have not summoned the courage to meet or talk to you…I wish I can write like you, wish I have a little of your knowledge (I believe I will someday)…never expected that Sharon will love Raphael to the point of accepting his proposal,ma your stories are unpredictable with so much suspense, I must say more power to your elbow.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Now, you want to make me cry too. Thank you for your generous praise. All glory to God! The Lord will cause to do far better than me in Jesus’ name.

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Well, the “father christmas” behaviour of Raphael is a plus and minus at the same time, one cannot be good like that (though that’s what we need to make heaven) but the bible also told us to be gentle as dove and wise as serpent, one cannot always be pleasing others and displeasing himself…..if am Raphael I will go on with the marriage, they love each other and that’s the most important thing, after all their destines are not tied to their boss or his company.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Wow! That innocent(harmless or gentle) as doves, wise(shrewd) as serpents scripture is really worth remembering as other Scriptures offering advice on Christian living.

  • Fidelis Favour chiamaka

    The fact that Raphael can give and forgive easily shows that he has a good heart. Also that he proposed to her after they just lost their boss it shows that he is ready for what happens

  • Emeh Esther

    The fact that Raphael is called ‘father Christmas’ is a credit to him. It makes him good and not to pay people back with evil. he should continue with it.

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    Sharon!!!!!! what in Heavens name iswrong with you, Father christmas?, egba mi o!! dats too bad to label someone. remember he helped you and so he is doing to others. it is right to do good..and it is also right to pay evil with good. so keep it up bro you’re on the right track.
    And as for the marriage proposal, i love you faith Dear Ralph………you guys will surely cross that bridge when the time comes.

  • yes rapheal life is a plus life because is only GOD that rewards and not the case of sharon if am rapheal i will proceed with the proposal because i love her.

  • Onyinyechi Ukamaka Ekwem

    For me the ‘Father Christmas’ attitude of Raphael is a minus because Sharon doesn’t like it and she was very plain with him when she told him to drop that attitude if they want to be together. and if i were to be Raphael i will still go on with the proposal, together they can work something out that is if both are ready for the trials ahead.

  • Egbune ifechukwude

    A selfish attitude I must say, only people that don’t understand what it means to be self-sacrificing or to put other peoples feeling before theirs could call Raphael’s attitude “Father Christmas lifestyle” and Raphael’s attitude is a plus, in fact l think that is what Sharon likes about him but she doesn’t know it. People that follow their heart can do just about anything in any situation. Am off to the next episode because the suspense eh!

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    Waoo,what an interesting episode. I see Raphael’s father Christmas as a plus because he is just rewarding evil with good. Raphael is just a nice man with genuine heart.,If i were to be in his shoe i will still proceed with the marriage even though it will. affect them in some ways.but all the same he has to follow his heart.

  • ewa chiamaka

    Raphael’s attitude is a plus, a guy with a beautiful soul…pls i can’t wait..NEXT!!!!!!

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    Never pay evil for evil but do good unto your enemies and by so doing, you heap coals of fire on their head. Thus, it is wrong of Sharon to blast Raphael for his “father christmas lifestyle” and this should be seen as a plus to him and not a minus. As for Raph, it is right of him to have still proceeded with the marriage proposal, if not he would be portrayed as an unserious guy out to deceive her.

  • Ezike ifeyinwa .a.

    i see the father xmas attitude as a plus but when people begin to take you for granted, then it is a minus.
    if i happen to be Raphael, i would wait a bit, he needs to get himself together, marriage isn’t something you just wake up to do without adequate plans..hmmm!!!

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    I know rapheal is a fictional character but permit me to say this ma I so much love him that finding a fault right now is difficult , OK that aside…. Sharon is just being too sensitive about the whole issue ..yea moderacy is important but it is difficult to explain it to a person who is born into the world to be totally nice having a deeper and different perspective about the world ,well thats why he has to get married to his opposite…. Rapheal is just a romantic care free dude , not being limited by your situation and seeing a a solution out of disturbing situation actually makes you a man cause if you are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel then you are definitely able to solve the situation, those kinda guys a woman can always depend on them with no fear or doubt …in this case there is nothing bad in rapheal proposing in such a odd situation it just gives Sharon the hope that rapheal is gonna man the whole issue…. And who says his supposed father Christmas style won’t fish him out one day

  • Osere Theresa Ebiyun

    Rapheal’s father Christmas lifestyle is a sure plus one, cos you have to “Be good to the people on the way up the ladder cos you will meet them on your way down” (Lucky Dube)..And its a good idea to go on with the marriage proposal, its going to be tough but the view from the end point is always tremendous….Smiles

  • Osuegbu prisca adanna

    Raph’s father xmas behaviour is actually a plus to him because what goes around comes around. Raph and sharon are just rushing things. if i were in raph’s shoes i would not proceed with the marriage proposal because there is nothing to hold unto.

  • egbukwu ogechi precious

    I don’t get it..why should Ralph proceed with the marriage proposal when he’s not financially stable.. This is madness

  • Nkiru Amaechina

    Raphael being “father Christmas’ is a plus and minus to him. Eyaa!! the death of their boss will affect them especially Raphael who has not received a paycheck…. Nice work ma..

  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    This is becoming more interesting. I think Raphael’s father chrismass attitude is a plus to him. But as for his marriage plan, I think he should wait a bit and see how things works.

  • Oleru precious

    Sharon’s attitude shows that she can’t be taken for granted. I think Raphael is determined to marry Sharon no natter the situation

  • Oleru precious

    Sharon’s attitude shows that she doesn’t take nonsense from anybody. On the other hand,Raphael is determined to marry her

  • Rose Jonathan

    Raphael has a heart of gold… His kind is rare, for though he was offended, he still forgave. It is a big plus for him, although he still needs to watch it.

    Shey na this story? Am going no where

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    Talking about Raphael’s “father Christmas lifestyle”he was born that way and it will be very hard for him to stop it and that is the more reason Sharon should learn to live with it. Come to the marriage proposal, i think Raphael should hold on for the main time to know how things will work out for them, because marriage is not something you rush into

  • Monye Gift

    Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle isn’t that bad according to an old proverb ‘good name is better than riches’ I equally think he can proceed with the marriage plans as i sense him being named the next boss of that company. i might be wrong though.

  • Nwankwo gift

    Raphael’s father Christmas attitude is both a plus and minus to him. It’s a pity that they lost their boss but even though if I were to be In Raphael’s shoes I will still propose to Sharon because opportunity comes but once.


    Being Father Christmas is a minus to him because it not always good at all time and Raphael proposing in this situation is not a good ideas because they don’t know the situation of their company is and their job as well. He wasn’t thinking when he did that and what if they loose their job, how will they survive as couples. Love no be food oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Raphael, Sharon wake up from sleep.

  • chioma Jeremiah

    As Christians Raphael’s father Christmas style is the best. He did the right thing by still proposing to her. They can work as a team now. Yah!

  • Ene Esther Obiageli

    I think it’s a plus and also a minus. it’s good to help but also bad when you are being exploited. I think she feels chief Adams has been to bad to him for him to have jumped at the opportunity to help his son. Like the graphic said sorrow has a way of identifying it self so its best to deal with it and move on’ soi will advise them to mdeal with the problem at hand first before talking about marriage.

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    Raphael’s benevolence can never be a minus.. in short, it is plus *.. because no one does good and goes unrewarded. Also, there is no reason why Raphael should withdraw from proposing. so i subscribe to his decision, amidst the tragedy that just occured, because “where there is life, there is hope”. Moreover, a special blessing might come through this particular act shown to chief Adams by Raphael. he just need to plan well with God… na wa, this suspense is not a joke o.. thank u ma

  • itodo mary

    I c Raphael’s attitude as a plus and a minus

  • Chigbo Ifeanyi James

    Seriously I support Sharon idea of the way that Ralph behaves, his father Christmas lifestyle has made him lose many things like the best student award. And they should have left the marriage proposal until they both know their fate, they just lost their boss and they are proposing up and down

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    To me Sharon is nt totally wrong by calling Raphaels father christmas. this z because she z a human being and has to take action on wat she thinks it wrong.
    As for me i see this side of raphael as a plus.
    If i ws raphael i could proceed with the marriage proposal because i believe that wit God by their side all things are possible.

  • ugwu kosisochukwu ifunanya

    Ralph attitude is too good for my liking. He is always helping people even when it is at his disadvantage. The Mr do gooder even made Sharon win best student award ahead himself. Yeah I will proceed with the marriage proposal to know if she truly love me, even when she knows that i might lose my job, for better for worse.


    being nice is good but over doing it to your own detriment is wrong, Rapheal has to curtail that habit. if i were Rapheal i would still go ahead with the marriage plans nothing has changed. the death of chief Benedict does not change my love for Sharon. Only that it will take a little while because of finances.

  • being a father christmas is a plus to him cause i believe every good thing you do always comes back to you with more blessings but he shouldn”t over do it and him proposing at that time hmmmm i dont see anything wrong with that cause even if he didnt propose there the dead boss wont come back to life… life goes on….

  • Eze, Chime Mark

    Saying that Raphael’s “father Christmas lifestyle” is a plus is probably an understatement. If there is any word much more greater than this, I suggest it would be preferable. Every good thing one does is reserved for him. If he could do more than this, I am ever ready to support him. Also, Sharon made such statement simply because of how she felt.

  • Onyeabor Precious Chioma

    its good to be good. one shouldn’t do things because of what he’s expecting in return and you dont pay back evil with evil.. i believe thats his watchword. Like Raphael said when you get to the bridge u learn how to cross it…there’s always a way.

  • Raphael’s “father Christmas lifestyle” is actually a plus on his side which will be rewarding to him in future. I mean, it pays to be generous especially when it is genuine. Of course i will proceed with the marriage proposal despite the tragedy and uncertainties it has thrown up.


    it pay’s to be generous,and generosity tends to bring good tidings. it was just a good timing to trap Sharon down.


    In my own thought, Raphael is just being a good person to all, he can’t be like Sharon and Sharon should not think he can be like her, it is a plus for Raphael. Yes, I would proceed with the marriage proposal.

  • odo Chidera

    For the fact that Raphael do help people not what does people have done to him in the past. And to me it is a plus to him because he can easily get help from people he helped in the past and also people will get to like him because of his mindset to help..
    And about going on with the wedding… I wouldn’t continue with it because of financial issues.. I have not gotten my first pay and my boss died.. Am not even sure of my job again.. Unless sharon will assist me financially.. But knowing fully well that she may do something funny if she helps provide the money for the marriage.

  • ekwuru chidimma Jill

    Raphael is a good guy.though that attitude adds both plus and minus in his life. Because doing good is good but people do not appreciate when someone is being too good. And if that sad moment is the chance they have to agree with each other, then so be it…what has happened has happened.



  • I can say being good to people is a nice idea. I see it as a plus because to we human, is not always easy for us doing that but I believe our heavenly father has a huge reward for such person. Come to talk of Raphael’s proposal to Sharon, if I am to b in his shoes, I won’t reverse my proposal because God was fully aware of it so he has his own possible way of helping them out of such delima

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    Raphael’s ”Father Christmas Lifestyle” is commendable. it is definitely a plus. it’s hard to anybody with kind of attitude these days. As for the marriage proposal, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. how were they supposed to know that their boss was going to die? Well, like Raphael said, they should cross that bridge when they get to it.

  • Soni-Onovo Ezinne Therry

    Raphael living a father Christmas life style is actually a minus on his side. If I was Raphael I will pause for a while because of the tragedy before proceeding into for prparations of marriage.

  • covenant

    I see Raphael’s attitude as a plus and a minus. when u repay evil with good you’ll have a grand reward i.e talking about plus but the minus is that people will always want to cheat you because of your kind heart. If i were Raphael i would not proceed with the marriage proposal because am not financially stable.

  • Priscilla Egwuonwu

    Raphael is obviously a kind hearted guy but due to this fact, his kindness is taken for granted. So i partially agree with her.
    If i were Raphael I’ll still go ahead with my proposal as love conquers all


    there is a testimony i want to share, no one can just forgive this way as Raphael did especially when marriage is involved. marriage is neither a day nor month but throughout life relationship and one should not be funny in choosing his or her partner. okay may be Raphael did not understood it was because nnanna disappointed her that she chose to manage him. raphael be careful or everything in lords prayer. keep on with your father Christmas lifestyle, help as much as you can dear

  • Ndubuisi Uchenna Nicholas

    Raphaels “father christmas lifestyle” is definitely a minus because he would bend over for people that wont appreciate his efforts.
    If Raph loves her like he says, he would marry her no matter the situation

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    It is admirable to be a giver as the bible emphasizes clearly. However, the inhumanity in most people cause them to take others for granted because of their helping hearts. Therefore, i believe that everything should be in moderation. Raphael is not wrong to have still proposed to Sharon, in fact, this is a great moral teaching as regards the power of love and forgiveness.

  • Ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    Sharon’s statement about Raphael was not bad because she was trying to make Raphael understand that is not everybody he should mercy for. Also, if I were on raphaels position, I will proceed with the marriage because there is nothing they can do to change the situation.

  • Dorcas Philip Nkwonya

    A good heart never expects a reward but definitely gets it someday…. He who finds a wife findeth a good thing n obtains FAVOUR FROM THE LORD…did should be d beginning of his favour

    • Edith Ohaja

      I like that scripture. As it says, having Sharon in his life could very well be the beginning of his favour. Thanks for bringing it up. You are highly blessed in Jesus’ name.


    Hmmm father christmas no be small one my dear sharon,i totally understand where you are heading to even to the extent of them not driving your boyfriend home even when they knew that it was raining upon all the free lectures without payment.well it is a plus and a minus to Raph. it is a plus in the sense that no one knows where to meet one in future but for him to be giving out lecture to the guy without payment doesnt mean that there is someone who will not pay you.God will actually pay you my dear because there is nothing that feels good like helping people that you are better than,it gives joy to see them happy because of what you are doing in their lifes,but at the same time a minus to Ralph because in this world now people doesnt appreciate good thing with good thing again rather they will use bad thing to pay you back and there is nothing that feels bad more than helping someone and after everything the person now pay you back with evil because it can shatter someones life so my dear sharon i dnt blame you for your action because if it is me,hmmmm my dear i will talk ooooo.but Ralph you are really romantic oooo even after what was going on, you stil gathered yourself together and proposed,that shows that you really love this girl for real and Kudos for making that move.

  • Odiase Erico Osazee

    The father Christmas lifestyle of Raphael was a plus to him because he was a guy who never say no to a request. For the proposing issue he should have wait to know they faith in the organization to know if they will still be on they feet interns of they finance before thinking of proposing to Sharon.

  • onyeka pamela chiamaka

    Its not so cool being that nice to people especially in Nigeria when people will always take you for granted. I think Raphael has to step up in this holier than mighty attitude otherwise he would die trying to please others.


    We are all human being and are prone to made a mistake.

  • Awoke isaiah

    Raphael is just being himself and I think that’s what matters. Whether father Christmas or not I admire Raph’s courage and will say it’s a plus

  • okeke grace Amarachi

    it is human for Sharon to blast Raphael’s about his father Christmas attitude.i would have done more probably if i were in her shoes.but then its not right.personally i see that side of Raphael as a plus.if i were in Raphael’s shoes,i would definitely proceed with the marriage proposal provided the two people involved are in agreement.The bible talks about not despising the days of little beginnings.

  • Onyekaozuru Florence

    Wow I am loving d suspense and turn of event, well Raphael father Christmas life is a plus, as they say givers never lacks and for him to propose to her at this time when things are not so rosy show that he loves her but to me I think that the timing is not so good

  • Adaeze Ogota

    He is born that way. That is he’s mannerism. Sharon should learn to live with it because it pays to do good

  • mordi ifeoma

    if i was Sharon i wont be 100% comfortable with Raphael”s father Christmas attitude, but at the same time i wouldn’t put much pressure on him or try to change that part of him because that single trait might just be what draws favor and blessings to him in return, its just annoying to see people try to take advantage of his kind hardheartedness. i think they should both press pause on their marriage plans for now.

  • It is good to be kind but not to the extent of people exploiting you.If i were to be in Sharon”s position i will not force him to change its a gradual process. Raphael should not propose for now.

  • ofodile.c. vivian

    I love Rafael’s benevolence and i think he is right for not paying evil for evil. two wrongs do not make a right you know.

  • sylvia ugwoke

    i think it is justified. if the man have been unfair to Raphael, i see no reason why he should help him. if the man was sorry, he could have at least Raphael a lift when he saw the rain or better still, pay for his cab fare. i think that since love has finally found its way in their lives he should not hesitate.

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    It can be seen as a plus or a minus because at one end, he was maltreated by his chief Adams and he is supposed to pay him back in his own coins. But on the other hand, being a good person that Raphael is he was able to forgive chief Adams and that can be seen in his accepting to teach his son without pay. Proposing at this point is not really bad just like he said that they will cross the bridge together in all situation.

  • Analike Vivian U

    It is a plus because whatever helping hand we render to people will be replenished either by man or God. Raphael has an attitude of helping the needy so I think is a plus to his lifestyle for he shall reap bigger fruit.
    In addressing the second question, I don’t think I will continue with the proposal because as a man,I shld have something doing before getting married to help me sustain my marriage. Withstanding the tragedy,I will have to think of the next way to get a job but if I find out that I may lose my wife,I will get married to her and then start fending for the both of us(she might still help out)

  • Anigbo chisom a

    Here, I think Sharon has a problem by terming Ralph a father Christmas. She shldnt expect people to be like her.Rapheal did wat he think is always d right thing which is a very good attribute I think he got .so that shldnt be a problem to her.
    A man before thinking of marriage should know very well if he has attained the height of being a real man to fend for himself, wife n children yet to I think he shldnt proceed with the marriage being in dat tragic state. He should give himself sometime to balance well.

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    I feel, Sharon was been sincere to show her true attitude. Her attitude is ” I can only help those who appreciate me” and never inconvenient herself to help others, that was her reason for addressing Raphael’s contrast attitude as ”a father Christmas lifestyle. She sees this as a weakness that she needs to curtail for him.
    I see it as a plus and not a minus.
    2. Yes, I would do the same. i won’t quit the marriage proposal. I would work, pray and act in faith.

  • nwafor chukwudalu franklin

    A good giver is never a minus in someone life. Raphael also has a problem, he rushes into things without calming down, their boss just died, he should have waited a little bit before proposing to sharon

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    Raphael’s father chrimas lifestyle presently may seem redundant and aswell account to his detriment but somewhere along the line, the benefit of his generousity will manifest.. And for the second question, if i were to be in Raphael’s shoes, i would do the same, based on my readiness and determination to venture into marriage though i wont forget dedicate my decision to God.

  • idoko faustina kelechi.

    OMG!!!!!!This is mind blowing. She just blustered out her mind and thought. Her statement shows how selfish she is…..,TO me, i think that is not just the right time for them to arrange for their marriage proposal. U never can tell what will happen next considering the fact their boss just died and they are yet to know what will become of them.. I LOVE THIS EPISODE. NICE WORK MA

  • Udeh,victor chukwudi

    As Raphael has said,”he will cross the bridge when the time comes” I will proceed with the marriage

  • Amaechi Chinaecherem Chiemela

    I think Raphael’s father Christmas attitude is a plus to him. Raphael should wait and see how things go before knowing whether to proceed with the marriage plan or not.

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    I feel Sharon’s attitude towards Raphael father Christmas lifestyle is that of discomfort and disapproval. I think it is both a plus and minus depending on the angle one is seeing from. But it is more of a minus than plus. She is not happy with that character and wishes he does away with it. Secondly, I would still proceed with the proposal if I had found myself in Raphael’s shoes, despite the bad news because the marriage proposal had started before the news came. Besides, Marriage proposal must not be matched with immediate action(marriage); it can last for sometimes. If Raphael had discontinued the proposal, it could have ruined their relationship. This is because Sharon was becoming increasingly desperate and impatient that she had to engineer the marriage proposal herself.

  • okonkwo chidimma benita

    Raphael was right to have moved on with his proposal… it meant he was really serious about her.. his father Christmas lifestyle can actually be a disadvantage to him in the future.. nice story.

  • Ndukwe Catherine

    Sharon only expressed her feelings because in an ordinary sense she was right but Christian-wise she was wrong and I believe Raphael is entitled to live his life the way it deems fit to him. If Raphael is optimistic about going on with the proposal then fine but I advised they should wait till things settles but the proposal will still hold.

  • onyebuchi gideon

    Am short of words ooo. THe father christmas lifestyle is just to create awareness to raphael that it doesn’t pay nowadays to do things for human beings free because most of them aren’t appreciative. the proposal at that very point in time should be pending till further notice. the deceased should have been the talk of the moment..

  • nwachi peter chikwendu

    father christmas style refers to someone who voluntarily help others without charging them or asking them anything in return for their good deed. looking at the way the story is running,it is becoming a plus but u em… suspense. if i were in Rapael’s shoes the tragedy will even make me stronger to go ahead. the world is full of those who believe it cannot be done and success has been made by those who believe it can be done .if i were them i have to stick to the responsibility. my advice for them is to take d responsibility of the child because no one knows tomorrow.the child could be another opportunity of them getting more blessing from God, though their relationship has ‘K LEG’

  • Nwosu Esther chioma

    His attitude is both a plus in the sense that it can attract blessings and a minus as it can bring troubles. I actually don’t think he should be thinking about marriage now

  • sharon just wanted him to be careful being that the man in question has dealt with him in the past, and as for Raphael, he should continue with the marriage plans because he, has always wanted to marry sharon even before he got the job!

  • Ezenwafor Vanessa

    Living a ‘father Christmas style’ for me,can be both a plus and minus,using the earthly scenario…maybe she only saw the minus aspect
    As for Raphael proposing to her at that dying,it portrays his hope for a better tomorrow and his true love for her

  • Nwankwo Anita Chinenye

    Sharon was just expressing herself and she dosent like his father Christmas lifestyle and he just needed to be catious of that in order not to get misused by people.Raphael can proceed with the marriage proposal but not so soon he has to ger a better paying job and can comfortably feed them both before walking down the aisle with her.

  • Madu Chidimma Sandra

    For me I think his so called father Christmas lifestyle is a total minus, for him to help out such a man Sharon narrated, that lifestyle won’t be advjceable to go along with him into there new home.
    About the proposal, Raphael proposing to her even after the tragedy isn’t a bad idea, they might not get married immediately, but at least now he knows they have a future together.

  • Reuben Empere

    Being father christmas is a good thing, but Raphael should have boundaries to this, now especially.

  • Azunna Ikechukwu O.

    Raphael is a nice guy and him trying to finalise the proposal is a good decision

  • Umerah Scholastica Ifeoma

    Rapheal`s father christmas attitude is good but to an extent..Rapheal proposing to her after the tragedy is not a bad idea..they can shift the marriage or wedding date but at least they will be engaged.

  • Edeh Cynthia oluomachi

    Now there is a marriage proposal and the death of sir Benedict stucks I believe something vital is about to happen both in there working place and marriage and I can’t wait to see what will happen next!!!! U r the best maaaaa

  • obianuju onyeama

    Aunty Edith this is getting really interesting and intriguing. Nice work Ma, remain blessed

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Raphael’s “Father Christmas lifestyle” can be a blessing and problem at the same time. In this context, I understand Sharon’s reaction.
    Raphael seems to have rushed into proposing to Sharon. He didn’t take the fact that he does not have a reliable source of income presently into consideration

  • Chinecherem Victoria C

    There is such a thing as loving unconditionally and though it feels like Raphael goes the extreme in being nice, its a commendable behaviour. I think he should still go ahead.. “echi di ime”

  • sunday chinecherem francis

    its a good thing and its a plus to him
    he should put everything on hold and figure out a plan

  • daniel nnadi

    I feel rapheal generous life style is a plus because there aren’t many good people like him in this world, Sharon’s attitude towards such lifestyle seems angry because of her disposition. I think they can get on well even after what had occurred.

  • Akumambila ijeoma winifred

    It’s wrong for sharon to call Raphael a Father christmas because it’s not good to pay evil with evil and i think Raphael is trying to keep the relationship with Mr Adams on the long run.Coming to the marriage proposal,i will procede with the marriage in as much as there is love.

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    Sharon’s attitude towards Raphael’s Father Christmas lifestyle is normal. No woman would love her husband to be so profligate with their resources. I think that Raphael side is a minus, but luck can actually make it appear a plus. If I were to be in Raphael’s position, I would just calmly tell her that everything has to wait until all situation returns to normalcy. I would not be in a good state of mind to discuss or proceed with such sensitive issues considering the prevailing situations at hand.

  • ugo ogwu

    i believe Ralph’s Father Christmas trait can be a plus or minus depending on if he approaches the situation wisely or stupidly and from all the events that went down i believe it is a plus in Ralph’s life since he was wise in it.
    well this reply may be kind of selfish but i believe that they should have gone on with the marriage plan because after all all the happenings was not their problem to deal with but that’s why Ralph is Father Christmas people cannot be suffering around him while he enjoys.

  • Adaora Onwuania

    I do see it as a disadvantage because he doesn’t care about himself but others.
    No, because it is wrong to do the right thing at the wrong time, considering the future is more reasonable than taking a decision that may lead to a bad ending.

  • chinonyelum onyema cynthia

    Raphael’s “father Christmas life style”as Sharon calls it is a plus and not a minus. in response to the other question, if i were Raphael, i would not proceed with the proposal because i am financially unstable to pay the necessary bridal price.And for a lady like Sharon, i will have patience to know if she would stick around despite my financial set back and prove to be a wife material.

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    She is just being prudent. This attitude is mainly associated with females, you know ?

  • precious onyeze

    Father Christmas hmmmmm! be kind but not stupid; me I still don’t trust mr Rapheal o but if he is real, then it is worth Sharon s time.

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    For me, Raphael’s Christmas lifestyle is a plus to him, after all what would he gain from repaying evil with evil. Raphael’s proposal is a bit too hasty…

  • Chinenye Nwokoye

    I think Raphael has got a large heart which is commendable.

  • Josiah Judith enobong

    Well Sharon’s attitude was cranky and rude it wasn’t necessary for her to say so; I see the side of Raphael as a big plus indeed he is practicing the word of God that says when we do something for people we shouldn’t expect anything rather we should do it unto God because that is where blessing comes more from. Of course secondly if I was in Raphael’s shoe I will not with standing what so ever,I really impressed of his faith & maturity/love in all&that’s what matters.

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    I don’t see anything wrong with Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle because “givers never lack” and there’s nothing wrong with the two getting married because love conquers all.

  • onoja peace

    I see this side of Raphael as a plus. as far as Raphael’s faith is strong he can move mountain, so nothing should stop him from proceeding if he really wants to marry her

  • Nonike Victoria

    i am not surprised at Sharon’s reaction to Raphael’s lifestyle because of her personality, she is the kind of person that would gladly repay evil for evil hence, there is no way she will not have problem with Raphael’s selflessness. As for Raphael going further with the wedding plans even in the face of adversity, it portrays his depth of willingness and love if i must add and death should not be an obstruction to that.

  • Godwin Maxwell

    Raphael lifestyle is not bad but he also have to listen to sharon because people take kindness for weakness.. Sharon still inside her see raph as an option which can be offloaded if the right truck come along… Raphael love with sharon is like a clay mist with a bronze.. it is bond to break in due time…..

  • Ezenwa Chinenye Evangeline

    I give Raphael a big plus for his action.We should not pay evil for evil and forgive those who hurts us because that could be a blessing in disguise. Sharon should not be blamed for her statement she is just being prudent.

  • praise onaga

    I do not think it is a minus for Raphael.

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    I think it is a plus to him because i believe that when u re the type that always help people, that one day your help will surely come. But for the marriage proposal i will not go for it because it is certainly a sign that he shouldn’t enter into it unless he is been directed by GOD.

  • ugwuja cynthia chioma

    well, i will say is over reacting, it really pays to be good. i like his attitude.

  • Onuoha Oluebube Jessica

    I think Sharon was only sympathizing with him. Base on their proposal, I think they should go ahead. it is indeed a nice one.

  • ozulumba chikodili

    It isn’t raph’s fault dat he has a forgiving heart and if he truly loves her, he would continue with his idea of marrying beyond all the difficulties. Everything they say happens for a reason.

  • Abonyi Juliet

    It’s a big plus,one never loses by being kind. Raphael’s decision shows that he truly loves.

  • Otugo Lucky Joel

    For sure it is a plus because it pays more to do good than evil

  • Okeke Miriam Uzochukwu

    There is no good thing done that is a waste. I think that is a big plus.

  • Ndudu John

    Sharon is simply not comfortable with Raphael’s always bending over backwards to everyone and her feelings are not evil as we have to be more sensitive in a world were most people take advantage of others.
    That was not the right time to propose as they were on an emotional height where everything goes. The decision to get married to each other should be taken in a sober moment when the two are thinking clearly.

  • Udeh Blessing

    It depends on sharon, cause that side of Raphael means no harm. To sharon, she might not like it, but its not bad. It is a good thing to be known for good things
    Like he said “when we get to the bridge we will cross it”, it means nothing to him but if i were in his shoe i will try to be sure of the future before proposing to her. for a better family life.

  • Madu Chidimma Sandra

    Truth is- Helping too much is a weak point. Even after all the man had done against him, he still had the heart to help him, that is courageous and daring. About their marriage, they might just have to postpone things till they get back on their feet

  • Onoh oziomachulwu beulah

    errrrrrr I think to be generous is a great gift because you are touching lives in a little way but over doing it is not good add wisdom in all your endeavours even in generosity

  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    For Sharon to call Raphael “father Christmas” is a plus for him because we are not suppose to pay evil with evil and if I were Raphael, I will proceed with the marriage proposal before she changes her mind.

  • igboecheonwu prisca

    …..yes I see it as a plus in his life because it is good to help others.

  • opiri chidimma

    Raphael is a kind hearted man and that is a plus for him because who knows it might yield to something good in future ,they should have settled the matter on ground before taking that decision at that moment

  • Ononye Chisom Divinegift

    I dont see Raphael’s life style as a minus al all rather a plus.for an individual not minding the evil committed against him still helps the person when the needs arises irrespective of those wrongs done to him by the person is great.those kind of people God blesses them.and secondly if he feels like going ahead with the marriage plans with Sharon i would say he should go on after all that what he has always wanted from the beginning..

  • Onah Joy Chinemerem

    Raphael should continue his good ways and also proceed with the marriage proposal.

  • ikenna precious

    Rapheal please dont give up

  • Umoru Sadia Idris

    Theres nothing wrong with Richard’s so called father Christmas attitude, i mean, since when did helping people become a crime? The bible urges us to love our neigbours as ourselves. They should as well go on with their marriage instead of getting tempted by immorality

  • Okwor Donald

    It is a greater plus. No good thing done that is a waste. As I have always said, they should be courageous.

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    Raphael should continue with his good attitude irrespective of the wrongs committed against him

  • chekuzo veronica

    Enter your comment here that shows strength which is rear I will do the same …

  • Abugu Chinazom Rosemary

    Even in the bible, it was clearly stated, “blessed is the hand that giveth than that which taketh”. Raphael therefore has a plus n that but then he should gve moderately and not on the expense of hs own comfort.
    Raphael did the ryt tin..the cost of not following your heart is spendng the rest of your life wishng you did.

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    Its a good thing though i never expected that Sharon will turn out to love him like that.Nice one ma’am

  • Ofoegbu Maureen

    well the father Christmas thing is kind of a minus because too much of everything is not good and Raphael was rather to fast for marriage plans considering such tragedy

  • Ejiofor Ekene Maduabuchi

    Sharon is simply protecting her ego even though she can’t deny herself the truth about the goodness Raphael carry with him. And Raphael’s attitude to me is a big plus and every good girl here knows that. I think Raphael should go on being the gentleman. it is not easy, but with understanding that no one really knows the end of the tide, let him keep trying and pushing the limits to be with the woman he loves.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    She behave like that because she still do not understand life. Raphael is on the right track because, this is the best opportunity to show that he truly love her

  • Elijah Amogu

    It is not and can never be a weakness. God that gave him such trait knows why and I know it will certainly pay one day. It wise for Raphael to push through with the whole marriage stuff. Great men have always loved themselves in the face of hardship

  • Joseph Edidiong

    lol… i find Sharon’s nickname for Rapheal very funny. it’s a plus on his side but should not do it to the extreme and should keep up his good woks/plans

  • Akpan Agnes

    His father Christmas attitude is really a big plus to him because one good turn deserves another


    Raphael should keep up with his good attitude but be careful always. If i were Raphael, i wouldn’t go on with the marriage proposal after receiving such bad news, the proposal could be some other time.


    What Sharon needs is understanding.For Raph he is only being himself which is very okay since it is geared towards helping lives.


    I feel he is very kind hearted and genuine too

  • Uwaegbuonu Precious

    I think Raphael should add wisdom to his generosity……

  • Ibe Okwukwe Emmanuella

    There is noting bad in helping someone in need,so I dnt see Raphael’s life style as a minus but a plus.he shouldn’t relent,even if he has been wronged on so many ways

  • ifebe june sobechukwu

    well, its both a plus and a minus. its a plus to chief Adams and a minus to Sharon simply because she did not like it. i don’t think it was proper for Raphael to propose to Sharon after receiving bad news besides it was rushed

  • Jackreece Princess Daeregoba

    Oh. Yes.. Raphael been a father Christmas is a good thing.. Even if no one rewards him here. God is certainly watching from above. I advice they go on with their wedding plans.. And stay off from sin.

  • caius precious chinwendu

    i love raphaels generosity even though it can be annoying sometimes sha. love surpasses all, everything and anything, good, bad, ugly and beautiful.

  • ulu christiana chinenye

    i don’t blame sharon for her attitude and statements about Adams, we are all but i think it is a plus to Rapheal because, he is just helping the man despite his stingness towards his family. For sure i will proceed with the marriage. Rapheal is a strong man, i believe he will make it.

  • ubah chisom mariagorathy

    I appreciate Raphael generosity,so Sharon should learn how to deal with that.

  • ralph “father christmasrism” is infuriating but admirable. in the light of recent happening, i think he should reconsider marriage and do some stock taking.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Haba! Why did this man die at this point? I didn’t see that coming at all……..

    I really understand how Sharon feels about Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle. My Dad can be like that and it’s annoying most times. People takes advantage of those who lives that kinda lifestyle. So it’s not totally good and bad per se.

    Raphael shouldn’t halt the plan of marrying Sharon because of the death of their Boss. After all, he’s been nursing the feeling before he got the said job.

  • Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle is okay but when done excessively, people wont value it and eventually take him for granted. This episode is a mixture of sadness and joy. sadness based on the death of their boss and joy based on raphael’s proposal and sharon’s acceptance. i hope it all turns out well for them since the death of their boss could be a threat to their jobs.

  • Andeshi Moniica

    no, no, no. not when everything was about getting so perfect, this are trying times indeed for both Raphael and Sharon, i hope their love see them through.

  • The tragic circumstance will only help strengthen their love towards each other. If Raphael truly loves her then their motto should be “to whatever end”. Love triumphs in any situation.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Raphael’s attitude of being a selfless giver is a big plus. With that kind of heart, great things awaits him.
    He took the right step by proposing to Sharon and am sure they will scale through the hurdles together.

  • okoye paschalmary

    Raphael seems to be a real nice guy and Sharon’s soul mate. I just hope the striking tragedy doesn’t affect their job. God help them.

  • Raphael indeed is a father Christmas type, anyway, Sharon should not allow it to bring quarrel between them, because the people he has done good to, will one day remember him and their lives will change for better. Again Raphael going ahead to propose to Sharon despite the condition, is a sign of his undying love for her. I really thank God she accepted the proposal.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu C

    This is really a bad news for Raphael and Sharon. Especially for Raphael who have not collected his first salary. I just hope that God will see them through especially now that Sharon have agreed to marry Raphael.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    Can we go on a break or better yet just have a pause, Did Sharon just said something to Raphael about them having a life together or was it just my imagination? Lol! anyways it saddens my heart that sir Benedict is dead, what will happen to their work, source of income?

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    So sad to see that their boss is dead. However, I predicted that the two will get along but wait, there is a problem which is a major problem. Money!. Money is powerful and the absence of it could spoil relationships. What if they lose their jobs? How will they cope? Will Sharon still hang on to the relationship or will she look for a money guy? I hope it doesn’t turn bad

  • Obiemeka Favour Chukwugozie

    Wow, they would make a good couple, but Raphael’s Father Christmas life needs to be put in check, else he would end up being used.

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