Here’s the great piece written by Diane Ezeh, a graduate assistant in my department, which I told you of.

Preamble from me:
A word on modesty. Please, believe me when I say I toned down Diane’s original writeup. Let it not appear that I am claiming to be anything in and of myself or I am lapping up God’s glory. I only post this to share with you the joy of being so highly thought of by someone you touched, perhaps unknowingly, in the line of duty. All praise and honour to God for this!

I didn’t like Mass Communication. I was a science student, I loved to pipette in the Chemistry lab and dissect lizards and snakes at the Biology lab. The kinetic energy of Physics and my penchant for breeding chicken and snails kept me glued to science classes, even when I was not performing very well in them. It was a struggle to
score a “C” in any of these courses.

Food Science and Technology (FST) was my dream course. I loved agriculture so much I wanted to know the nitty gritty therein. I wanted to have an egg factory, a fish pond, a snail farm, a pig pen, a fancy restaurant. I loved to bake and cook. Agriculture was flowing in my veins, waiting to burst.

Then I wrote the University Matriculation Exam (UME) and the post-UME test, and I passed. I was thrilled because I got admitted. But my joy was cut short when I got my WAEC and NECO results and saw that I failed Chemistry in both. I was drained. I was sad, almost emotionally dead. It was difficult, the thought of staying one full year at home, with nothing to do.

But I was determined it won’t happen.So I went to meet the admission officer. I asked her if it was possible for me to study FST without Chemistry. My eyes begged as I waited for her to sign my letter and tell me to proceed.

“Let me see your result,” she requested.

She looked at it and asked, “What are you doing in science class? Look at these brilliant grades in these art courses. You should study Mass Comm.”

Mass Comm didn’t need a credit mark in Chemistry or Maths. English, Literature, and three other courses were the only requirements. While in science class, I was the only student who didn’t study Geography. I went for Literature instead. I didn’t know why I made that choice in SS1. But I do now.

To cut the story, I hated Mass Comm. I learnt journalists were poorly paid in Nigeria and were not respected by the masses. The idea of chasing people up and down and reading news on TV or speaking on radio wasn’t enticing at all.

Until that day when I met her. We were all seated in the class, waiting for the lecturer. It was my first day in class. The course was Elements of Journalistic Style. I wasn’t interested. I just wanted the class to be over so I would go back to my room and sleep. I was still frowning and musing, when the door opened and my eyes fell on her. She was dressed in a green flowery ankara skirt and blouse. I didn’t know if it was her colour or the dress, but the classroom illuminated brightly as she walked to stand behind the wooden lectern.

“Good morning, class,” her voice sang.

And I fell instantly in love with it. Soul-touching, beckoning, alluring, inviting, scintillating and exhilarating. As she spoke, I drank her in. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She smiled as she taught. When her eyes caught mine, I bowed my head in shyness.

She didn’t look at her books as she spoke. She just stood there, painting images in my head, narrating, describing, explaining, all with concrete examples. I didn’t know how long the class lasted. I didn’t care, I didn’t want her to leave. If only I could continue to hear that voice, those words, they were so engrossing.

After the lectures, I rushed to her office to see her. I stammered as I spoke with her. She asked me what I wanted. I averted my eyes and smiled. I told her I came to greet her. She said, “Thanks.” Then I told her I loved her dress and I dashed off.

From then, I never missed her classes. Because of her, I always came to school. Her encouraging words of wisdom gave me the resounding urge to love other Mass Comm courses. My love for Mass Comm came from her. My love for teaching too came from her and from my parents.

And because I’m not selfish, I want you to experience what I experienced, and am still experiencing from this wonderful woman, Ms Edith Ugochi Ohaja. She is more than a lecturer. She is a teacher, a listener and a pool of creativity. Her books, her stories, are heaven to read. And she is most humble about her abilities.

Like her Facebook page, Aunty Edith, and visit her blog, You will see what I’m talking about. If ever I am, or become anything in the field of Mass Comm, it is because of her, my hero and my mentor, and our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we can do all things.

I love you Ms Edith Ugochi Ohaja. Keep up with the good work!
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  • Edith Ohaja

    Thank you, Diane! I give all the praise and credit to God. I love you too and you shall surely excel in Jesus’ name.

  • Chucks

    That’s a lovely piece from the beautiful Diane. Mrs Ohaja if you don’t deserve this, I would have asked why? I’ve seen you a couple of times but am yet to see anyone who impacted me the way you did. My teacher You are created for this, & I can’t see you derailing. Keep the tempo as posterity pour more praises to Edith who serves it.

  • Edith Ohaja

    Thank you so much, Chucks! I praise God and pray He prospers all your endeavours in Jesus’ name.

  • Chinwe Okpalaoka

    Ugochi, this is very inspiring, but I am not surprised:-) Through the years I have always described you as one smart woman!!!!

  • Edith Ohaja

    Bless you, Chinwe!

  • Okpechi Augustina

    Very true talk. U do have an engrossing voice which tickles. Happy to be in ur classes

  • Onuorah chinemerem

    Such inspiring article. Diane will do well to try and touch other student’s lives. Live to impact,these student’s are watching you,they could write something about you someday. Who knows.

  • Aniah Favour Adaeze

    very nice….yea she is really nice, that smiles of hers makes me think too

  • Ugwoke Onyinyechi Sylvia

    So cute. U deserve it, all the best.

  • Duru Jane onyinyechi

    uhoooh….so touching. I’m glad she’s my lecturer too

  • okonkwo benita chidimma

    All the best Edith. you are truly wonderful

  • Udeh Favour

    awww… sooo lovely

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    True talk Diane. We all are witnesses to this

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Wow dis is really inspiring.

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    I might not have told, miss Edith is my role model. I love you ma

  • Queendaline Onyeama

    Aunty Edith is what Diane says and more!

  • Jeremiah Chioma

    Hear! Hear! Hear!

  • Chinecherem Victoria C

    awwn…this is so cute…

  • onyebuchi gideon

    I love you too ma. Not only diane. Infact I would die for mass comm. If all d lecturers are a bit of miss edith, mass comm would have a university

  • What a great piece I am inspired by this,miss Edith you are really a master piece in a masterplan

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    aunty diana i think u were destined to study mass comm dat is why you should always uphold it

  • Ugwuja cynthia chioma

    Hmmmmm i love this piece

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    it is informative. good to tell how much we love and appreciate people

  • Ebere

    Aunty Edith is one lecturer am proud to know. She has this sweet voice that is like the singing birds and sweeter than honey. when she comes into the class, she will friendly greet the students as if they are her children and they truly are her children. Am in first year and my first encounter was wow, see voice, soo soft and sweet. her attire depicts excellence and dignity, a woman of substance that knows her worth. A lifechanger, a source of inspiration. I grew up with this noton that lecturers are wicked and unapproachable, my mum was particular in warming me to keep my distance from them especially the male but meeting mummy Edith leaves with the unquestionable conclusion that they were all wrong and I knw what, am living lecturing work. I love aunty Edith soo much, she is my greatest source of inspiration though am not close to her, am a distance admirer infact I have a crush on her. Mummy one of ur students is in love with u, do u mind if I come close to drink from ur well of wisdom


    woah, its now certain that every disappointment is a blessing in one way or the other. God knows why Diane failed her chemistry, even abandoning geography and replacing it with literature..special thanks also to my dearest lecturer, Ms. Edith Ohaja. By her actions and inactions, Diane got reasons to develop a love for ”mass communication” which she never dreamt of.

  • Anioke Ebere

    This is really inspiring. May we not make wrong choices in life. Aunty Edith is a great inspiration for everyone within her circle of influence and I am personally blessed for having her as one of my influential mentors.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Praise God! And I’m blessed to have you as one of ma protegees. May God decorate your life and grant you all-round success in Jesus name.


    it’s really a touching one, i also love her so much especially her captivating smile and laughter. God bless you plenty ma.

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    Ma! You were a blessing to your generation and you’re still a bundle of blessing to our generation. Ma, in you I understood what Christ said, “in you shall flow rivers of living waters”. Am grateful to God that I drank from you.

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Nice one! There’s nothing as fulfilling as knowing that you had a lasting impact on the life of someone. Godbless..

  • Chigbo Godspromise E

    This is an interesting article and a very interesting personality.

  • Joseph Edidiong

    Very nice. How one great woman can totally change one’s destiny. I’m not surprised , aunty Edith can be very captivating.



  • Agwu Tochukwu Frank

    I really love this write up, not because of the writer’s grammatical prowess or because I know the person in question, but because she so proud to make out time to commend and thank someone who has contributed positively to her journey of life.
    Keep it up Ms Edith.
    The question is you reading this post, how many people will say this to you in your absence?
    God bless you abundantly ma.

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    I am a testimony to this encounter with Anty Edith. Ma, you are an encouragement to many. God will reward you richly. Thank you Diane for this write up.

  • People can actually influence us positively just the way the lecturer’s gesture influenced Diane. Man will always propose but it is left for God to dispose. Diane wanted to study FST but since it didn’t work out,God paved way for her through another source.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Ma, indeed your an angel in disguise,the first day i met you was when i was outside with a friend and you came out of your office to throw water, little drops just sprinkled on my friend and the way you so apologize was striking to me. may God continue to bless and uplift you as you continue the good works.

  • i also felt the same the day i saw aunty edith, we are really lucky to have her in our department

  • the best thing that has happened to me is meeting you aunty edith, truly you are an inspiration to us all

  • Ugwoke Jennifer chinecherem

    That’s the whole truth, listening to your voice makes me happy, I just wish I will be touched and encouraged just as Diane was encouraged by you Anty Edith

  • Winifred

    Good Lord!
    I have a very similar story.
    I even went as far as studying a science course for almost 3 years,before God directed me to the right place.
    I will surely post my story on this blog.

  • Brown Favour Felix

    Mummy Edith Ohaja indeed is more than just a lecturer, she is a mentor, hope giver, loveling, kind and patient , but all of these must not be taken for granted for sometimes she can be “strict” (lol). Thanks Aunt for your word of encouragement.

  • Ezeibe chiamaka

    Nice write up from Diane. it is good when we inspire people positively that is what everybody should endeavor to do. I hope that the Lord help all of us to inspire people just as you have inspired Diane.

  • Godwin Grace Chinyere

    Ah, Ive seen someone who connected immediately like I did. Its quite funny how you get to love something or a person because of how well another does it. But what matters is not just being inspired but about doing it better. You have an admirer here too ma! Pls keep up the good work!


    She didn’t lie. She has been such a wonderful and inspiring lecturer. She is my mass communication model and a mother figure. Live on Ms Ohaja and keep up the good works!

  • I love this! Ma it’s amazing to see the way young minds are influenced positively by you.
    I remember the first day you came to our class to lecture ,I was enthralled by your infectious smile and as a result I felt at ease to learn.

  • Peter Chioma Martha

    Wow! wonderful piece. It’s a privilege and a blessing to have a person like you in our lives. You are not only a lecturer, but also a mentor, a mother and a role model. Your ability to carry everyone along in whatever you do, has inspired many souls and left a legacy to the younger generation.

  • Ominaki Pamela

    Ms Edith is an emblem of intelligence & inspiration spiced up with beauty. Her motherly love has inspired so many young lives. More power and grace to your elbow.

  • Nnachetam Favour

    Thank you very much ma for being a mother, instructor and inspiration to myself and many others. What amazes me is your diplomatic way of handling erring students making them not to feel less of themselves and to desire change. You are a Gem.

  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    Thank you for being a second parent and a fantastic mentor, Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing woman and you only deserve the best. You are the inspiration and the guide of so many students. May God continue to bless you, ma.

  • Diane’s piece is what I call a testimony, Dr. Ohaja has really impacted the lives of many jacksonites and super jacksonites as well and I’m sure those outside this circle have been blessed by her. Keep up the good work ma.

  • I’m not surprised. I’ve encountered her and I can attest to what you wrote. She’s a teacher, a mother, a lecturer and the way she speaks will glue you on your seat. She’s a blessing.

  • Ugwu Chika Samson

    Wow! Honestly I like the story so dearly, indeed our mummy is a teacher and not a lecturer with so much words of wisdom flowing in her vein. Am happy I met someone like you ma. May you likes never cease to exist .

  • Tiger Freda Jarip

    She’s such an easy going woman and has a welcoming smile. Having her as my lecturer has made me understand that one doesn’t need to be too hard on students to gain their respect. Thank you ma for being such a great example.

  • Aunty Edith is a God fearing woman who motivates her students. She has this beautiful smile which makes you to smile along even though you might be unhappy. She is the best lecturer i have had so far, she doesn’t just teach just for you to pass her course, but she gives us inspirational words in order to be great people in the future . God bless you ma for saving a soul from depression through your blog.

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    Sincerely ma, you may not be aware of how many people you’ve contributed positively in their life. Ranging from the ways you lovingly welcome student in your office to your lectures in class, you always impact positively in people.
    Diane’s description about you is not an exaggeration; it’s all true.
    There’s this particular thing I noticed about you ma. You never shot your office door whenever you’re around; which shows that there is no resistance to anyone who wish to meet you.
    May you always remain blessed as you contribute positively in people’s life.

  • Theophilus Blessing

    So touching! So that was Diane’s story. How wonderful are the plans of God for us all. Who could have imagined that Diane will be so great and good in mass communication, after all her plans to study F.S.T. Aunty Edith, thank God she met you. You were her
    divine destiny helper.

  • Charles D.

    Man disposes God proposes. What God wants you to be, that you must surely be and God can also use a man like you to help you.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Is Diane Eze not the author of the book titled ‘the first time’?
    Wow! To think she never planned to study mass communication but aced in the field still.

    I totally agree with what she said about your humility MA.

    On the 13th of this month, Chioma and I had come to inquire something from you

    Eventually, you were having lunch and you equally had a visitor before you.
    So we decided to wait outside while you finish eating or probably finish discussing with your visitor.

    We were taken aback when you signalled us to come in so you can attend to us.??

    That simple act taught me a whole lot. You don’t only teach us the principles of mass communication, you also influence our lives in your own way.

    I’m not singing your praises MA but I’m simply stating the obvious. Keep being you Ma! The world will celebrate you soon.

  • Ominaki pamela

    Miss Edith’s personality is a lively one, she lights up any room she enters with her friendly attitude and inviting laughter. It’s no surprise we are all in love with her and the fact that she is approachable. Keep the flag flying ma,God bless you…

  • Nwoye chiamaka favour

    She is not far from the truth. Your classes ma are so interesting and enlightening I enjoy them. And you always emphasize that we could learn a lot outside the classroom . Your blog is an example, also when you asked us to listen to do me talk show hosts, I enjoyed it and learned a lot. More grease to your elbows aunty Edith. I pray that the lord keeps you in long life.

  • Chima ella

    Most times its funny on how thing goes down with us. What we desires the most might not be what will define us. just as Diana loved sciences but she do not have the what it takes. Its a lesson to those like her to stand firm and be strong.

  • Michael onyedinma

    Actually Diane is not the only one you impacted. Your ever smiling face Alone gives me hope of passing your course,not to talk more of your method of teaching. Of course I will not forget that your door is always open. Thank you very much ma.

  • Janefrances Nwaduche

    Indeed, God has been using you greatly to enrich our lives, Ms.Edith. You’ve and will always be a blessing to the department of Masscommunication and UNN at large. May God bless you.


    I don’t think anyone can say less of our God-gifted and talented lecturer. But her books? The very best you’ve missed if you’ve never or have not been reading them! She writes in a way that’s different. So readable you don’t need anybody to explain anything before you understand them. My friend in the Arts Education once went through one page of her Magazine Article Writing and said that it’s only my department that knows how to write book. And it’s true. The very few big words she uses are in accordance where ever she puts them. Unlike books written by the Social Sciences. This is not an overstatement but am sure she’s the best in Mass Communication. We need more of her.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Wow. It’s so kind of her to appreciate your efforts. She didn’t miss a bit in everything she said, it’s 100% true. Your type is RARE.
    I aspire to be fluent like you one day?. If every lecturer were like you, then Learning would have been the sweetest thing to do.


    She did’nt lie a bit. Thanks a whole lot ma for being an inspiration to many. Hmmmmmm, THANK YOU MA.

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