Some time last year, I was led to write a short story. It concerned a young Christian woman who was depressed because she felt she wasn’t receiving “favour”. She was unhappy because, in her opinion, she was giving but wasn’t receiving. As she was beefing in prayer about this, a neighbour brought her five succulent mangoes. She loved mangoes very much but often missed them during their season due to constant official trips. It was not until she finished eating the mangoes that she realised they were God’s answer to her prayer for favour. She wanted an SUV, wads of cash and expensive gifts but she got mangoes, plucked free from her neighbour’s compound.

You can read that funny story, if you wish, to get a better picture of the girl’s circumstances, the event that precipitated her depression, her complaints to God and her reaction to the gift she got. The story generated many responses from readers on Christians’ expectations with regard to blessings from God and the whole idea of ‘big’ and ‘small’ blessings.

That reminds me of another post in which I joyfully recalled some long-held desires which God fulfilled for me after many years. One reader did not understand the point of the post, which is that God never forgets our prayers and longings. She basically said I was impressed with little things. But is any blessing really little?

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If you ask me, when it comes to the blessings of God, nothing is small and worth disregarding. When we have something, we take it for granted. But when we lose it or see someone who lacks it, we realise how valuable it is.

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Take breathing for instance. Most of us aren’t even aware of that physiological process as it goes on in our bodies. Air moves in and out of our nostrils smoothly and soundlessly. We probably haven’t ever thanked God specifically for the ability to breathe, an ability that could end our lives in a few minutes if we lose it. Then we visit a sick relative hooked to a respirator and voila, we discover how essential the ability to breathe unassisted is.

The same thing applies to quantity. When we are well-to-do, hundreds of thousands or even millions in currency mean nothing to us. But when our finances go south, we consider even small denominations precious.

Our valuation of our blessings should also benefit from the fact that we contribute little or nothing to them. Most times, it’s God’s doing from start to finish just like the Lord Jesus illustrated in one of his parables with the farmer who planted some seed.

“He sleeps and rises night and day, and the seed sprouts and grows; he knows not how.” – Mark 4:27 (ESV)

It’s not our place to grumble based on our understanding and expectations of size but to say, “Thank You, Lord!”


There is also a hierarchy wrongly built by some Christians based on the nature of blessings. Ever notice that most testimonies in church are about physical and material blessings? I would imagine that the story will be the same for prayer lists. Most of the topics would probably be about money, health, job, education, relationship issues …. Spiritual attainments though not often celebrated are very important and our spiritual state facilitates our receipt and sustenance of physical and material blessings. So a greater desire to know God and a closer walk with Him, for example, are not inferior to securing a multimillion Naira contract even though the latter testimony will likely gain more applause in church.

“21. Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee. 22. Receive, I pray thee, the law from his mouth, and lay up his words in thine heart. 24. Then shalt thou lay up gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the stones of the brooks. 25. Yea, the Almighty shall be thy defence, and thou shalt have plenty of silver. 26. For then shalt thou have thy delight in the Almighty, and shalt lift up thy face unto God. 27. Thou shalt make thy prayer unto him, and he shall hear thee … 28. Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.” – Job 22:21, 22, 24-28

This insight on the significance of spiritual blessings informed my thanksgiving for what God did for me in 2018 as recounted in the post below.

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What matters, therefore, is having what we need when we need it, not how ‘small’ it is, and appreciating what we have even though it seems to be always available or common as we often say. Remember that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains (Matthew 17:20).

I believe that God has no trouble blessing any of us with loads of cash, cars, houses and what have you. After all, the earth is His and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1). But I don’t think He would do it just because we asked. He would give us what we need at the right time and viewed through His transmundane eyes, blessings aren’t reckoned as big or small but just right for the receivers. I’m not saying that God is oblivious of size or other rankings people may obsess over, like prestige or cost, but that His main consideration in apportioning blessings is none of those. Rather He considers the blessings’ appropriateness to the receivers. The same principle He uses in distributing spiritual gifts applies to everything else He furnishes us with.

“11. All of the gifts are produced by one and the same Spirit. He gives them to each person, just as he decides.” – 1 Corinthians 12:11 (NIRV)

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We see this played out also in the account of Jacob’s blessing of His children before his death.

“All these are the twelve tribes of Israel. This is what their father said to them as he blessed them, blessing each with the blessing suitable to him.” – Genesis 49:28 (ESV)

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Beloved, look at yourself often and thank God for you- all of you. Thank Him for all you have and do (your livelihood and functional capacities). For what you consider small or common isn’t really so in fact. All that matters is that God in His mercy is taking care of you.

“9. The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works…16. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.” – Psalm 145:9, 16

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The scriptures used in this post are from the King James Version of the Holy Bible except where otherwise stated.

English Standard Version (ESV) The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Thanks for sharing on such an important topic. The word blessing has come to mean so many different things to different people. We need to get back to digging into the Word and find out what God says blessing means.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thanks a whole lot. The world’s understanding of the term may be corrupting ours. Some people even talk of blessing without acknowledging God. Going back to the Word of God will certainly clear our eyes. May you receive all that God has in store for you in the new year in Jesus’ name. <3

    • Abugu chinecherem faith

      Thank you Ma for this post. While I was reading the post, I saw something that made me appreciate God and this is something that I hardly remember, infact when I remember it, it becomes a little bit difficult for me to do it because I’ll be trying to control it and that is “the ability to breathe”. Truly no blessing of God is small.

    • Epunam obianuju

      no blessing is actually too small, most times we don’t know the value of what we have till we loss them. I have been in situations where I end up realizing the importance of certain things after losing them, and I feel that most times God allows us to lose this things even if it is for a while, so that we could understand the importance of this things.

  • Sunday, Ezekwesiri Daniel

    God knows the blessings we need at every given time but funnily enough we sometimes think that the blessings showered on us are not enough. But the fact is that God is still in the business of blessing His children. He supplies our needs and that is huge blessing. Therefore, no blessing is small. May God continue to increase and supply all our needs. U are blessed ma.

  • Adumike Winifred Munachi

    Sometimes the only blessing we need to count is our heartbeat.

  • egbo Rita Somtochukwu

    No blessing is small.
    D fact that we are alive, healthy n strong I think it’s a blessing because some out there are gasping for air but couldn’t get. So in whatever condition we find ourselves, we should give Him praise cos dats the secret of getting more blessings from God.
    May we be favoured n blessed all the days of our lives n may we cease not to appreciate God in all our circumstances. Amen!!
    God bless n prosper you, Ma!!!

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    Thank you for this!
    Truly, no blessing of God is small and worth disregarding. We must learn to appreciate God for the dew of heaven upon our lives (the little little things that God does for us that we see as insignificant)

  • Blessing Udeobasi

    God does not owe us anything. He has done more than enough by creating the world and placing us in it.
    That he blesses us from time to time is only a favour which we do not deserve.
    All we can do is to always thank him for what he’s done.
    Asking for more or saying that the one he gave us is too small is like a customer to a bank who has taken a huge amount of money as loan over and over again and without paying back any, comes back to ask for more. And when he is given less than expected, he has no right to complain because he still owes the bank…rather he should accept whatever he is given and even thank the bank for the little he’s gotten.

    God keeps blessing us over and over again even when we offer him nothing in return but only offend him the more. We should forever be grateful for anything we get from God because he owes us nothing.

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu

    If God is a man, he will definitely get tired of our ungrateful hearts and nagging behaviour and probably give up on us. We ask and expect so much from God as if we are even worthy of his blessings and when he blesses us, we often tend to measure or compare it with that of our friends before we extol his holy name for the gifts received.No blessing is too small and the greatest gifts of all is the gift of life. Therefore, we should be grateful everyday of our lives

  • Chisom nwalutum

    No Blessing is little at all
    Just left for us to acknowledge God’s love no matter how it is

  • Yes,no blessing of God is small ,but we humans don’t really see it that way .We expect so many blessings from God and don’t ask for His will:this makes us to feel that His blessings upon us are either big or small.

  • It is upon God to decide whom to bless and whom not to bless and how to bless them according to his riches .let not covetousness and avarice get on our way for it is these things that puts a spiritual mind in doubt and confusion and here by limiting us from getting what we truly need from God. No blessing of God is small ,we ought to appreciate him when he blesses us for us to receive even more.

  • Ezidimma odinakachukwu oluchukwu

    Little things that matters…
    Sometimes we don’t give value to things that matters. May God give us the grace to acknowledge little things. ?✨

    • Ibekwe Vincent Chukwuebuka

      No Blessing is small. To me,the most precious blessing is the gift of life, it’s an assurance to hope for something better in future.
      Appreciation is Application for more.

  • Chioma Christy Agbaraka

    Every blessing and favor is equal in the sight of GOD. No matter how little it may seem, it still has its special significance. The ability to sleep and wake up soundly and in good health is one immeasurable blessing most people take for granted.
    Blessings must not be materialistic, the gift of good health, sound life, basic needs are more than enough blessings. Every other thing is secondary and additional.

  • Kat

    No, none is small. All of God’s blessings are equal and of importance to everyone who receives them. No blessing is too small or too little to be appreciated or thankful for. I don’t take any blessing for granted because the more thankful I am for those ones, the more God showers his blessings upon me. I like what you said about it not being our place to grumble, but to say ‘thank you, Lord!’. There are no truer words. Beautiful post aunty edith

  • Oma

    Nothing from God is small or big ,we are actually the ones classifiying the blessing as big or small.
    I have also learn to be grateful even for the blessing I think is small.

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    God is faithful. Even the tiniest things he does for should be well appreciated. It will encourage him to do more. I have learnt that it doesn’t matter how little it is, he deserves my thanks.

  • Nnamani Oluoma Esther

    God knows what we want and he gives it to us at the right time. Sometimes, we get little things that we feel are not significant, but God gives us these things because they are very significant. God can never give us what won’t add any benefit to our lives. So, we should always be grateful and give thanks to God even if we get little things.

  • Eze chinyere

    Indeed no blessing from God is too small. Often times, we tend to weigh blessings based on luxury or expensiveness. Everything from God is a blessing, including the air we breathe and our ability to feed and digest food properly. Let us not overlook anything from him and may he enable us appreciate his blessings no matter how small they may seem in our eyes.

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    Everything and anything from God is a blessing no matter how “small”it may seem, we quantify what God does for us because we are used to material things the earth brings; because really all it is, is quantity not value. We’d be nothing without the grace and blessings of God; don’t forget what you call small is someone else’s prayer request!

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    The way some Christians grumble makes me think whether they know that, they are alive is by the mercy of God. Christains should be thankful to God for the ones we have. God loves a thankful heart and he blesses them more. Wonder why David was blessed abundantly? Because he had a thankful heart which never seized to praise him. So christains, Praise him and not grumble!

  • Agu Ginika

    Most times people Weigh some blessings as being big or small without acknowledging that life is the most important because if there is no life, there will be no blessing. We should always learn to appreciate what we have no matter the quantity.

  • Blessing obidudu

    God doesn’t give you what will make you turn away from him, if anyone feel like there blessing is small it’s basically because they haven’t realised the worth of the blessing given to them. God’s blessing are never small or big they are perfect for the time in which he is blessing us.

  • ologhofor sampson

    It’s not our place to grumble based on our understanding and expectations of size but to say, “Thank You, Lord!” Ma, this is a very strong one, God bless you ma. The ability to always say thank You , Lord brings more fortune to us and we become use to it by also great full to people when they help us…

  • Kalu Divine Ogechi

    No blessing is small o, because God knows the best for us at every given point of our lives,we as humans may not see it but at the end we will be thanking him.

  • Onoyima Juliet c

    There is no blessing from God that is small despite anybody’s expectations. Life is the most important thing,when there is life there is hope of achieving other things in the world.we all need to appreciate God for his blessings.

  • Favour Nnaemeka

    This is such an eye opener! As humans, it’s quite easy for us to appreciate the little little things while craving even bigger things. We should all learn to be grateful.

  • Amaobi Precious

    Thank you Ma for treating this important topic. My last birthday really made me know that God knows our hearts and longings and answers even the most silent whispers of our desires. I knew I wasn’t going to have a mind-blowing birthday, but I really hoped I at least got to take red wine that day, because I am a sucker for red, non-alcoholic wines. I was working and in school, there was no way I could afford it then. But to my surprise and delight, my mentor’s husband opened a bottle of wine to celebrate my birthday. As if God wasn’t satisfied, my pastor’s wife also opened a bottle of wine to celebrate my birthday! I was shocked. Beyond me taking wine on my birthday, my beloved spiritual leaders celebrated my birthday. I felt so loved that day! It might not mean much to others, but it meant much to me and God knew that. I look forward to the next surprise He has in store for me.

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    Thanks for the sound teaching. I have learnt to appreciate whatever good thing God blesses me with for he knows the best for me.

  • Henry

    *In God’s transmundane eyes, blessings aren’t big or small but just right for the receivers* This is my take home. God’s blessings is just right for us, we only need to see the beauty in it.

  • Awaka vivian

    I personally don’t consider God’s blessings to be too big or small. God knows what we need at different points of our lives, and he would never leave us needy.

  • Adumike Winifred Munachimso

    Sometimes,we just need visit ICU in hospitals or IDP camps, maybe then we’ll realise what God has been doing for us. A line in the popular song count your blessings says “when you look at others with their lands and gold, think that Christ has promised you his wealth untold, count your many blessings wealth can never buy”. And that’s exactly what Christians should do. Sometimes the first blessing we need to count is our heartbeat.

  • Which gift on earth can be bigger than the life given to us .so for all thosevwho think they have not be receiving enough blessing or feel it is small think your life ,how God fed day by day then you will understnd that no bleesing is small that is given to us.

  • Euphemia Nwele

    There was a time I was conversing with my mom and she said something that struck me, she said ” One thing I know about you is that you are always favoured” at that moment I realized that the bigger things I wanted where clouding my judgment and eyes about what God has been doing for me. God is faithful, his faithfulness is his nature.
    No blessing is small, the biggest blessing is what some people neglect – the gift of life.

  • Chinenye lucy

    God blesses us according to what we need ,he won’t give car when he knows what u need is a bicycle , so non of Gods blessing is big or small but what we classify as small or big is what is given to us at that point to met our desired need.


    If we have nothing to thank God for, we should at least thank God for the air we breathe. No blessing is small or big. It’s just that we have focused our minds on the things we want God to give to us and In the process of doing this we forget to thank him for giving us what we need at that moment in time, like the air we breathe. Many people in the hospital are paying for it but we are getting it for free. That alone is a blessing from God.

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    No blessing is either too big or too small too, God gives cheerfully as he know what best for us as he has been here for aeons. Bless you ma for reminding me of the things that matters most in life, thanking God for everything and seeing his hand in every thing that i will ever have or get.

  • Onu Tochukwu

    I believe that no blessing is small. The things we label small can cause huge problems in our lives when omitted.

  • Akuma Victor

    It is said that he who cannot appreciate small things will find it hard to appreciate even the big ones when they come. As you rightly pointed out aunty, God knows what we need at every point in time in our lives but we often want something big. There is no gift from God that is small. If a man considers N1000 from God as a meagre amount for everyday feeding, what will the beggar on the street consider a token of N500 from a philanthropist everyday as. Every act of God is a lesson to us but it is so unfortunate that we have refused to learn.

  • Ukwueze Oluchi B.

    It appears like some people have actually developed a standard to measure Blessing. Blessing is of God and Humans have no place in it. Our Attitude towards Blessing of God should be prayers and Thanksgivings.

  • Uzor Victoria

    No amount of blessing is small because When one is thankful for the blessings in their life, they are choosing to attract more positivity and abundance.

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    No God’s blessing is small, everything he has done for me in particular is marvelous in my sight.

  • Annabelle Orji

    Nothing we get is small because what we might consider meager might be what someone else is praying for, and for the fact that it was that blessing you got from God at that point means that it is what is meant for you at that point in life.

  • Onoyima Juliet

    Gods blessing is without any measure, in as much as we receive it freely.
    Nothing is too small, we should be grateful at all times. Since you don’t pay to receive why then must you struggle to thank?!

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu c

    No blessing from God is small, many people always wait for material blessings from God not knowing that the greatest blessing God gave us is life. It is a blessing to wake up everyday.

  • Agugbua chisom

    It is true ma. No blessing is small or big to God. It is all the same. We should always be grateful for the blessing God gives us because we don’t pay for it. God is not like man that needs something in exchange for another thing. God gives graciouslly and endlessly. We should be grateful for whatever blessing we receive from God because in His eye there are no small or big blessing.

  • This is just a reminder that we should all thank God each and everyday of our lives. no blessing is too small, the air we breath is also a blessing, because there are some sick people who pay fro oxygen.

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    I always tell myself that the first blessing I get everyday is the blessing of life, and I don’t think is a small blessing, God blesses us with the gift of God health journey mercies God’s blessings does not always come in material forms.

    If you are complaining that you have only #1000 and you think you have not been blessed remember that there are people that don’t see up to #500 a day there are people that don’t even have food to eat not only that but don’t even have hope of getting any

    We wake up we see water to clean up, food to eat and cloths to wear that is enough blessing and I don’t think it’s small

  • Nkpozi miracle

    This post reminds me of my admission struggles, I was so ungrateful to God for life all I wanted was just admission without thinking of my mates that are dead.. . Thank God for his mercies

  • Uche, David Ihechukwu

    No, No blessing is small, the fact that God blesses us in the first place means we are very much worthy of his blessing. No blessing is small, No matter how small our human mind may think the blessing is, because God’s blessing cannot even be small in the first place. all we should do is fall to our knees and be ever thankful for the blessing received.

  • Ibe Arinzechukwu Christian

    There’s no blessing of God that is small just that we expect much and fail to see what God has done.

  • Onah Ukamaka Blessing

    actually no blessing is small, its the way we appreciate the blessing that matters .

  • Ndiwe Vivian

    Our blessings comes in different ways, but that does not mean that getting blessed with a little car at a moment is measely compared to another blessed with a big house. Always appreciate and thank God for everyday, for life and those little things.

  • Odo collins

    Materialism is what has consumed our churches, everyone Is so concerned with the physical blessings that they see about their neighbours/ friends that they cannot appreciate God

  • joana ushie

    Everyone wants to own a big house, wear good clothes have loads of cash etc. humans we are always looking for something and forgetting the most important thing which is LIFE. Without life we cannot get all the other things. It might seem less important when planning but it’s the most important so we must thank God for the most little things

  • No blessing is too small as far as it leads to the path of our happiness.

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    we tend to value only money blessing, forgetting there is a lot of things to be thankful about. And we should remember those days we prayed for the things we have now. So no blessing is too small or too big. Because that blessing we call small might be what someone else is praying for in other to survive.

  • Nweke Ujunwa Linda

    Hmm!.. In this world we ask and expect so much from God as if we are even worthy of his blessings and when he blesses us, we often tend to measure or compare it with that of our friends before we praise his holy name for the gifts we received from him. So I have learnt that No blessing is too small and among all blessings the greatest gifts of all is the gift of life. Therefore, we should be grateful everyday of our lives because If God is a man, he will definitely get tired of our ungrateful hearts and nagging behaviour and probably give up on us. Let us learn how to appreciate things..

  • Chiwetelu Stella

    This reminds me of a story my mum tells me when I complain about what I get. The story is; a man with an air conditioned car was driving on the road and saw an aeroplane above and he grumpled and said “why can’t I have that?” But suddenly by his side, was a rickety old car that shouldnt even be on the road then he felt bad and thanked God for what he has. The owner of the rickety old car on the other hand, was sad when he saw the other man’s car. Suddenly it started raining and just beside him, was a motorcycle and the motorcyclist was drenched in rain but at the same time, he (the motorcyclist) was thanking God he had a motorcycle uncle the man walking on foot. The man on foot was grateful to God he wasn’t the cripple who couldn’t move away from the rain. The cripple was grateful for his life as a corpse was carried past him.
    Thus, no matter our situation or condition, we should be grateful to God always.
    Keep blessing us ma.

  • Precious Amara Agu

    No blessing of God is small! We should all be grateful for what we get. We are being conditioned by times and season, every one has their own “time” so whatever blessing we get along the way should be met with gratitude.

  • Ikea Joy Chiamaka

    Indeed, no blessing is too small in the eyes of God. He gives us exactly what we need in the dose we need it and doubtless that he knows what is best for us. As Christians, we sometimes underestimate the value of the little things in life: the air we breathe freely, water, good health, good relationships and even waking up every morning is a blessing!! Sometimes we forget to be thankful because to us it doesn’t equate to a million dollars magically appearing in our bank accounts. We forget that these little things could be quite a luxury for someone, somewhere.
    I pray the Lord grants us the grace to be continually thankful for all the gifts we receive from Him.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    No blessing received from God can be tagged too small, even the one most people don’t even recognize is not small at all. Just like it is stated in the story about the air we breath, if this air was to be bought with money, people with the money will buy it for themselves and love ones but they can’t, they lost their live and even that of their love ones. So to you who think God isn’t blessing you enough, just think of how much a wealthy person is ready to pay for an extension of his life and you will understand how blessed you are.

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    No blessing is small. Now i understand better. As humans we tend to ignore the things we count as little and not appreciate God for them. Being able to breathe and communicate, even kind gestures we get from people are God’s blessings. We shouldn’t always wait till its in our prayer points to thank God for it. Thank you ma for this eyeopening post. May God continually bless you Aunty.

  • Anorue John-Daniel Kelechi

    I find myself under the judgement of this beautiful piece. The ability to breath freely! Is that not wondrous? Thanks Ma’am for this piece..

  • Bessong Faith Ada

    Every blessing given to us by God is not small irrespective of how we say it. God bless us according to his wishes towards our life but our problem is that we compare a lot and its affecting our relationship with God.

  • Brown Bethel Ogadimma

    I used to think towards that direction before, until I visited a hospital. There is no blessing of God that is small. Some of us fall the victim of trying to tell God what to do, and by that we won’t be able to see what he has done for us. God is not fair, he is just and his ways are not the ways of man. He gives us what we need, not what we think we need. There’s no blessing of God that is small no matter how little it appears in our own eyes.

  • Joy emeka

    Some people wake up in the morning without thanking God for the gift of life and for the privilege to see another day, that is where God’s blessings start from, we need to start thanking God from the very little he gives us

  • E Mary Enem

    Blessings can be associated with protection and happiness. God’s blessings protects us, and helps guide us to the path of happiness and righteousness. Use these Bible verses to remind you of the ultimate blessing of protection promised to us, when Jesus died for us on the cross, and use them as a direction to the right path He intended for us. When asked if the glass is half full or half empty perhaps the best answer is – “hey if you have a glass, you’re blessed.Every moming when we wake I think we need to remember this wonderful story and be thankful that we woke up and have hope that the day will bring with it the chance to be a blessing to the world. And in our thinking of being a blessing we need to remember the title of this story “is Any Blessing Small”, because there are no small blessings. Whatever we might do to bless the world is no small thing to the person we bless and no small thing to this world. Peace be with us.

  • Nnachetam Favour

    Ma can I also add, God most times blesses us according to our capacity/ability i.e what we can handle. I remember a verse in the scriptures that says that God is able to do excceding abundantly above all we could ever ask or think of, according to the power at work in us. He knows our capacity, what we can handle at any point in time. Sometimes Gods blessings can stray us if we are not careful. So Gods Blessings are never small at anytime. What we should do is to consciously increase our spiritual capacity.

  • Onwuamaeze Ikechukwu John

    I’ve been made to understand from childhood that God knows and understand what we need even before we ask him. Relatively, He knows the best suited for us at every moment in our life. Most times, our human flesh propel us to asking for things of the world that obviously won’t add up to our spiritual life, instead, draw us away from God.
    In another view, how and what we request sometimes are just to unbelievable and not necessary, using a twelve year old boy as a case study who is asking God to bless him with a private jet at such age. Will God answer such? I can’t tell but believe not at that age.
    God surely knows how needs and heart desires and will always provide us with all we need. Let’s not forget also to thank him for life most especially, without it you can’t be asking for that which you so desire.

  • Ugwu Ogochukwu A

    Does people really complain about that? How can one say a blessing is small? I just think some people actually don’t know the meaning of blessing. So far, you are alive and healthy, Biko, which blessing surpasses this blessing. Our everyday lives are full of blessings. We are nothing but walking blessings not to talk of the things he beautified it with.

  • No blessing is small or big. God blesses us due to our circumstances and needs. What may be small to you is big to somebody else. We need to thank God even for the air or for the perfect lungs bladder, kidney, or even heart, they are all intact and working fine .That only is a blessing.

    • Ezekiel Stanley C.

      Indeed ma, there is no blessing that is small… Our problem is lack of gratitude..
      The fact that am alive and in good health today is a enough to testify, even if am not in good health, a living soul has a HOPE which the dead cannot boast of.
      We must learn to appreciate God and let not tie our expectations from God to a particular demand it doesn’t work that way .
      We work by faith and not by sight.. may God help us in Jesus name amen…
      Remain blessed ? ma

  • Onyekachi confidence

    No blessing is small the problem is that we take some blessings of God as a right ,and this is were we get it wrong.we are previledge to access most of God’s blessings..God knows that some of the things we ask from him,we do not have the strength or( grace to say) to handle it ,He gives us our blessings according to our strenght and time.All we should do is to be thankful

  • Kooyon Abigail A

    We are no greater than anyone.
    We wake up every morning and are able to breathe because of the blessings of God.
    It’s a blessing to see, to eat, to talk etc but most of us ignore these great things and tend to see them as little things… People thank God only when they are able to have everything at apex.
    I’m so in love with this post.
    Thank you ma for channelling my mind towards the right direction, which is to always thank God for everything He has done, as no blessing is little.

  • No blessing is too small or big, man tends to weigh God’s blessing when what he has is greater than anything that he determine to accomplish in his life but was given on a platter of gold.

  • Eze Nathaniel Izunna

    God has tested different people in different ways, using different styles and method. He does that to know how much we believe in him, how far we are contended with what we receive.
    But then, praying is not enough but being gracious to know when God answered us.
    He is a man of unalloyed wisdom and would always like to test His children differently with different Blessings. Which will take one grace to know it’s a divine answer.
    Thus, no blessing is small but we pray for the grace to welcome it when it comes to us.

  • Definitely the answer to this rhetoric question, is a humongous no, because God in his infinite goodness and trans mundane eyes knows what we need and what is right for his people in a particular time. Therefore no one should beef God toward erroneous mind that a particular blessing is big or small. He alone knows what fits you. Wonderful post, You are blessed ma.

  • Nwosu Victoria

    no blessing is really too small. there is so much to thank God for. it is not just about having the greatest wealth but the little things around us. the air we breathe, the food on our table, the family and friends we have, the life we are living. there is jut too much to thank God for. thank you for this one ma’am

  • I once read somewhere, I don’t know if it’s from the Bible that the highest prayer is a prayer of Thanksgiving. No blessing is too small to thank God for. When talking about blessings and appreciation for blessing, a pastor once said that one best way to commit God for further blessings is not only to thank him for what he has done no matter how small but most importantly appreciating him in advance for the things he is yet to do because u have faith that he will do it. If this statement is true, it therefore follows that no blessing is small especially when placed in contrast to the free nature of every blessing we receive. Theres need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for everything we receive from God.


    Dead men tell no tale. She had life but she wasn’t contented. just as Adam a professor in economics said human wants and need are insatistiable. we should learn to give thanks and be contented at all times.


    No blessing is ever small. God as our creator gave us life which is the greatest blessing one could boast of. People who have everything in life do not even know how even being unable to eat, sleep or breathe is.Taking a cue from the hospital,not forgetting poor and homeless living itself is a blessing.


    God is faithful. He is committed to seeing and wanting an end favourable and enviable.As our creator he never ask for meat nor bread but we all ask him.if one is given life and you have clothes try thinking of people who doesn’t have then and there you will know that having him is the greatest blessing one could have.


    God’s blessings and promises are yea and matter our predicament or level in life we should always give him thanks.We as his creatures should know if he could provide for the birds of the air he will bless and provide for blessing is ever small,it is when we find one need been solved we look over to the next.if he gave us shelter,life and cloth we should be grateful as there exist people who are not even alive to see and live.


    When God blesses one, it is without benefit. Him as an omniscient creator owes no man nothing. but if we ask, he is diligent and willing to give.we should never see anything that he gives us as small because we give him nothing in return.

  • I once read somewhere, I don’t know if it’s from the Bible that the highest prayer is a prayer of Thanksgiving. No blessing is too small to thank God for. When talking about blessings and appreciation for blessing, a pastor once said that one best way to commit God for further blessings is not only to thank him for what he has done no matter how small but most importantly appreciating him in advance for the things he is yet to do because u have faith that he will do it. If this statement is true, it therefore follows that no blessing is small especially when placed in contrast to the free nature of every blessing we receive. Theres need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for everything we receive from God. This is one sure way of receiving more from God

  • No blessing is too little the breath that we breathe, the life that we live and the provision and protection is the greatest a man can ever have. All we have to do is to trust.

  • Eze chikadibia Joan

    Any blessing coming from God should not be considered small because you cannot bless anyone with it. Therefore, the blessings from God should be seen as an umerited favour because we don’t deserve any of his blessings. We should appreciate any kind of blessing being given even though they are not seen but they should be recognized always.


    God’s ways are mysterious, but no matter how small any blessing may seem, we have to be greatful because some people don’t have any.

  • Okonkwo Goodness Chiamaka

    There is no such thing as small blessing we should acknowledge God in all that he does for us. Appreciate his loving kindness towards mankind and recognize him always in our life

  • No blessing is too small. We should always learn to appreciate the good things that come our way regardless of how small they can be for God loves a cheerful heart

  • ugwu Ozioma joy

    We are only humans and as such situations of life can make us think other wise,but then I totally agree that no blessing is too small….the gift of breathe is by far the greatest,despite everything happening around as,and what ever we are facing we should remember to be grateful for the little things we have….

  • Immanuella Uwa

    No blessing is too small, in fact, every thing is a blessing no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Some times we don’t know the value of what we have been given. Realize the importance of Gods blessings and always be grateful for the little blessings. Appreciation is application for more, never forget to be thankful.

  • Oguamanam Favour Adaeze

    No blessing is too small and worth disregarding, we should be thankful to God for everything.

  • Chioma P

    No blessing is too small and none is too big. God gives us exactly what we need at the right time. It may seem inapropriate to us at that time, but it always turns out to be the best for you

  • Bessong Faith A.

    God has the final decision when it comes to blessing us and the likes. We are at the receiving end and if we think of a particular blessing of being small or not enough, I think is because of our selfish or greedy nature and lack of gratitude and this does not make God less in any way. No blessing of God is small. But our lack of the knowledge of God makes us think otherwise.

  • Okemiri Ifunanya Diana

    No blessing is small I believe God grant what is best for us, so sometimes we should try to be patient because God can’t allow us to suffer.

  • Ebe John Chimuanya

    No blessing is too small no matter how we see it. Take the gift of breathing for instance, while some of us see it as our right, others see it as a privilege and miracle because they are battling everyday to stay alive as a result of their ill health. To some people, receiving their daily bread from God is a huge blessing while to others, changing their Range Rover to Benz is blessing. They are both blessings but non is more important or bigger than the other.

  • Awforkansi Kamsi Salita

    The blessing of life sometimes is all we need. With life there’s hope. It may not seem like a “big” blessing to us but it’s the most essential. And of course, God knows and gives us what is best for us at the most appropriate time. No blessing is big or small.

  • Izuogu Ozioma Precious

    God knows us even more than we know ourselves. He gives us what is good for us and always do it at the right time. All we need is patience and be thankful no matter the situation.

  • Ugwuanyi Maryann

    No blessing from God is small, we should know that. Some people complain about a lot of things then when they see that some people don’t have what they are complaining about, they begin to thank God. We should learn to thank God at all times for what he has done to us and not complain or grumble.

  • Chukwuma chekwube Jennifer

    God doesn’t give you what will make you turn away from him, if anyone feel like there blessing small it’s basically because they haven’t realised the worth of the blessing given to them

  • Ugwoke Jennifer

    Every blessing from God is neither big nor small, they are all equal before God but we humans tend to classify them. We should always acknowledge his goodness in our lives.

  • iheanyi ugochi Elizabeth

    Everyday God give us the right blessing for us and non is greater than the other.One blessing begets another all we have to do is thank him for the one he gave us.

  • Abonyi chisom.E.

    I love this statement “When we have something, we take it for granted. But when we lose it or see someone who lacks it, we realise how valuable it is” sometimes we don’t know we are blessed because we compare ourselves with other people not knowing that some people also wish to be like us . We ought to be grateful to God in any moment of our life and for any single blessing we receive from him no blessing is too small.

  • okanyaabel

    God gives blessings according to a persons persona. God does not give what is too much for a person to handle neither does he give what is too small to keep up with. Most times, when God blesses someone with something, he might think that God is being unfair but that little blessing can be the door to a larger blessing. Always thank God, no matter what

  • Young Onyinyechi

    Appreciation is something many people lack. they fail to thank God for the things thay have been blessed with in one way or the other. Waking up everyday is a big blessing but people fail to realize that. we should learn to be grateful for everything the Lord has done for us.

  • orakwue kosiso

    Anybody that labels a blessing small is ungrateful to the wonders of the Lord. No blessing is small. no matter how you consider the the size to be, you should always be grateful because not everyone is opportune to have such luck. Thanks a lot ma. this will go a long way to teaching people the right thing

  • Njoku Chineme

    People want to get only big blessings and don’t even thank God for the ability to breathe and being able to operate as normal people. Several months ago, I came across one beggar and it broke my heart that she wasn’t able to see and walk coupling the fact that she could not afford just a course meal. From that moment I learnt how to appreciate God even for the little blessings I got because some people don’t even have half of the things I have and the opportunities I have.

  • Chidinma Obasi

    God himself is not small, therefore, we don’t expect his blessings his children to be small. The best greatest gift God give to mankind is that of life, and he should at all the time and season be appreciated for that. Remember he is God all by himself. God bless you ma, more of God’s grace to you.

  • Ezeh Chimezie Amos

    Appreciation is the ultimate. If we learn to appreciate, then we wouldn’t see any gift/blessing as small.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    i really use to complain alot about how God does not love me or bless me because i was not as intelligent as my friends and we were not so rich as them to but untill the one day , that my friend lost his parent in a car accident and was made to leave skul…then i relised how lucky i was
    life is the most beuatiful blessing there is and in good health?
    that big..

  • Omeje lilian

    Thank you so much ma,for this post, you made me understand that no blessing is small. The fact that He listens to us is enough reason to glorify his name. May we all see his blessings as a very big gift from Him.

  • Eunice

    Admit it or not, no blessing is rated as being too small or big, so appreciate Gods blessing because that one you are calling small is what another person need in other to survive.

  • Ogbobi Blessing Ojonoma

    Being thankful for you and all of you makes the creator happy. Be grateful at all times for everything. It pleases Him more to bless thee even more.

  • Anyasor Emmanuel Gerald

    Indeed, no blessing is small. This is so because what we might consider to be a small blessing might be someone else’s life prayer point!

  • Nwosu chinwendu favour

    No blessing is small, infact it’s a privilege to be blessed. This should serve as reminder that we should Be thankful no matter how big or small

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    Sometime ago, when Mom came back from hospital after her treatment, she couldn’t stop talking and thanking God. She could talk about her experience in the hospital, how she saw a man who finds it difficult to eat and take water because he has problem with his throat, how some persons can’t walk due to one problem or the other, she also said, she witness 3 persons death, funny enough she only spent 3 days there. She said something that touched me, how we are ungrateful and underestimate the blessings of God in our lives, not that we are even better than those in the sick bed or those who are dead. Therefore, truthfully, there are many blessings we overlook thinking it is a small thing or a normal thing and this should not be so because no blessing is small.

  • Ezeh Blessing

    We are blessed everyday by our Heavenly Father as long as we still breathe but we always disregard this. I have learnt to be ever grateful to my Heavenly Father for the air that I breathe, for health, for peace of mind and others. Indeed no blessing is small just that we neglect and disregard them.

  • This post is enlightening. When you think of it people mostly come out to thank God for getting a car, a house, supernatural healings and other things that humans consider of “great value”. You don’t often get to hear things like I’m thanking God for the salvation of my soul or gift of life, when people come out to testify of such we consider them time wasters or shout a pale hallelujah and that thinking is wrong. There is no such thing as small or big blessing so long as it satisfies your need.

  • Agbodike Ogochukwu Maryclaret

    Lol! Funny enough God delights in little things that tend to hold little or no value to us.

  • Abonyi chisom.E.

    love this statement “When we have something, we take it for granted. But when we lose it or see someone who lacks it, we realise how valuable it is” sometimes we don’t know we are blessed because we compare ourselves with other people not knowing that some people also wish to be like us . We ought to be grateful to God in any moment of our life and for any single blessing we receive from him no blessing is too small.

  • Mbata Jemita

    No blessing is too big or small indeed so long as it comes from God ,because we give little or nothing and still revcieve greater blessings or favours from God.

  • Wenibo Modupe Glory

    No blessings is small, as sometimes God might want to test us, so we should always remain thankful in every situation as God is aware of our daily needs and knows what’s best for us. Blessings should not be measured as they are all in our favour.

  • Wenibo Modupe Glory

    God is aware of our daily needs and knows what’s best for us. Blessings should not be measured as they are all in our favour. So, no blessing is small.

  • Igboamalu oluchi vivian

    Every blessing comes in different forms and I can’t thank God enough for the blessing he gives to me everyday if not for anything but for life and good health it’s enough blessing already from him and what more can I ask of him?

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    I thank God for his great inspiration upon you to always come with sensible issues of life. Mummy God’s grace upon you is just amazing. You are on point ma. We only value gigantic blessings and disregard little ones, because we felt they are common. Until we visit hospital we can’t appreciate for all his goodness to us.

  • Ozukwe mirian chisom

    This post is really enlighten, God bless u ma. No blessing of God is small no matter how little they are. We should always appreciate and thank God for everything he has done for us and what he will continue to do.

  • Ewa-Ifeanyichukwu Chidinma

    Count your blessings big or small, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the lord has done. You might just be blessed with something someone else is in dire need for and you’re not appreciating it enough.

  • Abasiofon

    I remember that when someone tells me every disappointment is a blessing,i used to nod in doubt. But I just realized that in very little ways God’s blessings goes a long a way. Be thankful for life and every little blessing you receive knowingly or unknowingly. Thanks for this lesson ma!

  • Egenti Blossom Mmesoma

    Everything we have in life both big and small, huge or tiny, worthy and unworthy are all from God. The air we take in, the food we eat, the shelter, the clothing.All these privileges are blessing from God. Some people do not have this privileges and its not because they are not worthy of it. Some are in the hospital using oxygen trying breathe, some are taking shelter under the brigde, some are getting food from trashcans. Thats why we have to say thank you to God each day we wake up and also before we go to bed each day. Beacause the gift of life and health is richer and bigger than any other blessing.

  • njoga izuchukwu

    We ask and expect so much from God as if we are even worthy of his blessings and when he blesses us, we often tend to measure or compare it with that of our friends before we extol his holy name for the gifts received.No blessing is too small and the greatest gifts of all is the gift of life. Therefore, we should be grateful everyday of our lives.that we are life today is not by our power and might but by God’s grace, love and blessing for us.

  • Nwata Blessing Chinyere

    When it comes to God blessings, nothing is small or worth disregarding. We all should appreciate God’s blessings whether big or small.
    To me, none of God’s blessings is small, though we try to measure our them based on our expectations. God blessings are always abundant. Thank you Lord for your blessings.

  • Idam Joy Ogwu

    Sincerely, there is no blessing that comes from God that is small, I beg to disagree with anyone that will say that he sincerely ask or thank God for the gift of air daily, all man ask from God is everything to enjoy life forgetting that without life, you will enjoy nothing, what men don’t value is always the most valuable. No blessing of God is small

  • Chidera

    All blessings are large but some people’s blessing intimidates others blessing. But no blessing is small. They just come the way they come to test our Faith.

  • Euniprecious

    No blessing is small at all ,the blessings of God can never be small. However, we humans so much believe that we are blessed only when we have all Earthly material things not remembering that the gift of life that God gave to us without any fading and for free, people never thought that it is the greatest gift,the air we breathe in is the greatest gift .we ought to be grateful any day we woke up ,we thank God for the gift of life.Therefore I also ask God for more blessings .

  • Daniel Chukwuemeka Madu

    Totally agree. That which we think is too small is all someone somewhere needs to be happy. We should learn to be grateful for the seemingly ‘small’ blessings.

  • Otung Theresa

    Having an attitude of gratitude to God for everything he has done I believe opens more windows of blessings for us. And I don’t think any blessing is small, God blesses us according to our various needs. He sees our pains and know where we lack.. Sometimes we may have peace of mind and we don’t know how some other persons are looking for that peace of mind. So nothing is small. An interesting read and eye opener..


    No blessing is ever small. We should be grateful for everything in rain or sunshine. After reading you might see the mango as small but no blessing is truly small.there are people who aren’t opportuned to even be in a good health condition to take it,so we should be glad and grateful for everything.

  • Ekwe ifeanyichukwu

    We should learn to appreciate what ever things God blesses us with. and maybe with that way more Will come our way IJN.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Until we realize that sleeping and waking up is miracle, and that we are undeserving of it we would appreciate each and everything we are blessed with.

  • Nwankwo Amanda

    The Bible says that in all we do, we should always give thanks.
    I’m of the opinion that no blessing is too small, we should learn to appreciate whatever it is that comes our way, because your level of appreciation could guarantee your next blessing.

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    Even though its our nature to scream at seemingly bigger testimonies; there’s no such thing as a small blessing. God is good in both our little or big ways. Thank you for everyday blessings we neglect lord.


    Great is all thy blessing even from the ability to see and live,breathe, eat all these are great blwssing. We can not call any blessing small.we dont pay you we have no right to question any blessing whether big or small.

  • Chukwu Stella

    If God is a man, he will definitely get tired of our ungrateful hearts and nagging behaviour and probably give up on us. We ask and expect so much from God as if we are even worthy of his blessings and when he blesses us, we often tend to measure or compare it with that of our friends before we extol his holy name for the gifts received.No blessing is small. D fact that we are alive, healthy n strong I think it’s a blessing because some out there are gasping for air but couldn’t get. So in whatever condition we find ourselves, we should give Him praise cos dats the secret of getting more blessings from God.

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