Many people often precede important statements they make with, “My pastor says,” or “My bishop says.” That is wonderful! It is a privilege to learn significant truths from our spiritual leaders. However, that is not enough for us to live vibrant and triumphant Christian lives.

God is not an abstract entity that controls the universe. He is a Person, who though not human, has a character, feelings and emotions like we do and longs for not just the clergy but each of us to be close to Him (Revelation 3:20; John 14:23; Jeremiah 31:3).

This is why in Jeremiah 31:34, God states that a time will come among His people when “they will not need to teach their neighbors, nor will they need to teach their relatives, saying, ‘You should know the LORD.’ For everyone, from the least to the greatest, will know me already.” (New Living Translation)

This wish is also seen in the Bible passages which call God our Father, Friend, Shepherd, among other names, to illustrate the various dimensions of the relationship we can have with Him (Matthew 6:9; John 15:14; Psalm 23:1).

When our faith is tried and life becomes tough, it is the personal relationship we have with Him that enables us to hang in there and pull through. For example, when we experience a delay in having our expectations met, because we know God personally, we can tell Him our frustrations and receive encouragement from Him. When we suffer loss, we can pour our grief out to Him and receive comfort.

When we know God personally, we won’t be easily flustered by the threats of the enemy or the success of others because we know our God, who is mightier than the enemy, is always with us and He has our own timetable and path to success lined out.

How do we know God for ourselves? By accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and learning about God through His Word. As we read the Bible daily and commune with God in prayer, we learn His character as we do that of a new friend. We learn what He likes and dislikes and we experience first hand what He can do as we walk with Him from day to day.

While it is helpful to hear what other people who know God (like our pastors, Christian friends and relatives) say about Him, that is not sufficient because they may sometimes speak from their peculiar experience with Him which may not necessarily apply to us. For example, a pastor may not take medication because that is how God has led him, but God may not forbid us from taking them. When we follow God’s prescriptions for others, we may find them burdensome or even dangerous, but when we follow His particular prescriptions for us, His grace will be abundant to help us keep them (1 John 5:3).

Also, when people around us who know God experience tragedy or renounce God, that will not destroy our faith because we know God for ourselves and realise that those things do not mean He is wicked or unworthy of our continued allegiance.

So, if you haven’t done so, repent of your sins, welcome God into your life through His Son, Jesus, and embark on the exciting journey of being intimate with the Ruler of the universe.

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  • Uche

    The raw truth ma. That’s what I preach. Prophecies will fail ,but your personal encounter with the Lord is what will keep you going in the flood of life. More grace ma. Shalom. ***I will forward it to some people.

  • Kalu Victory

    Having a personal relationship with God is very important. Everyone can develop a personal relationship with Abba,and that connection can provide comfort and strength in difficult times(we call him comforter for a reason). This relationship goes beyond relying solely on spiritual leaders, and it’s something that anyone can experience.

    Thank you ma, I love this

  • Adeeyo Stephen

    Thanks ma for this.
    It is of great importance to know God for ourselves. Many Christians today know God based on what their pastor tells them. They don’t have any personal experience with him.

    • That won’t give them a deep root in Him.

    • Oluwadare John Timilehin

      Having a relationship or Intimacy with God is what will keep us going especially in times of difficulties. Many people know God based on what they read online and whatever their pastors says. After Moses had seen God, received the ten commandments, he still said Exod 33:13 “that I may know thee” it takes humility to seek and know God

  • Odo Patience

    Being in a good relationship with God should actually be the goal or desire of every human being, especially we the Christians, for when we have a good relationship with God, we go to places where others can’t and he blesses us just like he blessed Abraham.

  • Kalu Victory

    It is very important as Christians to have an intimate relationship with God, through prayer or by meditating on his word. We should not just rely on our spiritual leaders. Having that intimacy with God shows how unique one’s journey with God is.

    Thanks for sharing ma

  • Ogechukwu Joy Omeje

    Building a strong relationship with God is the only way we can truly obtain his Grace and Mercy. We should believe in God with our whole heart and always walk in his ways.

  • Awoke peace

    This word ” My pastor says” Has really destroyed so many homes. It’s good to have personal relationship with God in order to hear God directly. No one need to tell you what he said rather he will speak to you directly. Not every pastor is real, so we also should find our communicating spirit with God.

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