Hello everyone! Many people have asked me why I chose teaching over broadcasting, print journalism, advertising copywriting and related fields. The answer to that question is contained in the story below. Actually, there are two stories on this: one written by me and the other by one of my younger colleagues, Diane Ezeh. Mine will precede hers. Here we go!

In the early years of my stay as staff at the Mass Communication Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN), it was a pattern for students to urge me to leave when they were about to finish their studies. Some would say, “You have a beautiful voice, a great command of English and good looks. You are built for the camera. The broadcast industry is where you belong.” Others would tell me that Nsukka does not deserve me, that I should travel out of the country or, at least, go to Lagos. (Abuja was not much of a big deal then unless you were a building contractor because it was largely under construction.)

People were also worried about how I’d cope with living expenses because of the pittance we were paid then. Many left town saying the remuneration we got made it seem as if we were shovelling dirt here. All who advised and prodded me to relocate had good intentions, they were concerned about my welfare and job satisfaction.

But I told them that I feel that this is where God wants me to be. Perhaps, after reading this piece and the one I’ll post soon written by Diane Ezeh, who was once my student and now a colleague in the department, you’ll see that I was right. I cannot begin to share how many people have told me they were encouraged, enriched (intellectually, I mean) or blessed in some other way by my being here. You don’t know what it means to face a group of young people, some of them hostile and apathetic, and to have them become so enthralled by your classes that they give an unpremeditated chorus, “Thank you,” or a rousing ovation when you leave.

But more importantly, to be a sister, friend, mother and mentor to so many has been a privilege greater and more fulfilling than anything else I can imagine. To see straying young people find their way, to help them dig into themselves to unearth unique strengths and abilities they didn’t know they had and to inspire them to strive to become something when they didn’t give themselves a chance has been awesome.

And as in the case of Diane, to show them how captivating and important journalism and other facets of Mass Communication are has been my pleasure, all in a day’s work. And I couldn’t have done it without the Lord. Diane writes about my not being bound to notes and one alumnus once spoke of the showmanship of my classes. Nothing is taken for granted. I earnestly pray God, always, to help me reach the young ones. I am not interested in blowing hot air to bored and disenchanted youths. I ask Him to give me the words, the gestures, everything. What seems choreographed is God using various avenues to excite and capture young people of fleeting and indeterminate interest and to Him alone, I return all the glory.


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  • Endorsed. Being one of those young people you helped to “dig into themselves to unearth unique strengths and abilities they didn’t know they had and to inspire them to strive to become something when they didn’t give themselves a chance”, I can attest that the statements in this piece are 100 per cent true.

  • Shade

    Self satisfaction is all that matters, really.

  • Onuorah chinemerem

    Yes.Many of us can testify to that.


    the only way one can be satisfied about this life is doing that which is within and in you. I love this

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    ma i commend u for not following wat people told u but u followed ur heart and GOD continued to be with you

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    you are really a blessing to university of Nigeria Nsukka especially to ‘great jacksonites’. may God continue to bless you for us Amen

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Thank God I met you. You’ve impacted the lives of many. I hope you leave a footprint in mine

  • Jeremiah Chioma

    This piece brings one to self examine oneself. I pray that you shall have more beautiful and satisfactory stories to tell about your teaching profession.

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    Ma, you are God-sent and until you are through with the assignment, you may not go!!!

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    There is no gainsaying that you are a fully loaded container of blessings to UNN

  • Eze Nnenna Victoria

    God truly loved us to have sent you to the great Jacksonites, nice work.

  • Eze Nnenna Victoria

    God truly loves us to have sent you to the great Jacksonites,we are really happy, ma.

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    You have impacted in the lives of most students in Unn including me. God bless you ma

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C.

    You are right ma, our happiness should be how many people see us and smile, how many we av helped to build their potential and how many we helped to discover who they are.The people u av fixed will always talk about u even when u are gone. Teaching is not an ordinary job but a part of kingdom stewardship. Ride on ma, u are my role model. pray to understand life the way u do

  • OA Chukwu

    Fulfilling career. Maybe I’d be back as your colleague. Cheers.

  • onyekachi confidence

    though i am a freshman in the university, but the little time i have spent with u is really a blessing to me. God bless u ma

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glory to God! May your stay on campus be filled with testimonies and be capped with huge success in Jesus’ name.

  • okoro nneoma anna

    God bless you for the wonderful impact you are having on students and for your selfless attitude. this was really motivating.

  • Nnadi Olivia

    Am encouraged by your post. Am an undergraduate in social science department of the faculty of education, and you have really inspired me to do better so as to achieve more in my chosen career irrespective of whatever the obstacles or other people’s view whether good or bad. As a future teacher, am inspired. After listening to you in class (Mac 112), am challenged to improve in my vocabulary and words prounciation. Thank you, ma, for remaining in the teaching profession. God bless you.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thanks a whole lot, Olivia! May God open doors before you and grant you fulfilment in teaching too in Jesus’ name.

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    It is important to know your path in life, and when you do, you shouldn’t toss it away. Thank God you were privileged to find yours in this lifetime.
    Nice one!

  • Joseph Edidiong

    There is nothing more fulfilling than doing that which you have been called by God to do. Realising your purpose and fulfilling it is the greatest thing. We can testify to the fact that you have impacted and changed so many lives through your teachings and your post. Some people might not comment on your regular post but they read them and it transforms their lives and minds. Keep up the good work ma. Your impact in the lives of many is a sign that God has called you into this field.

  • Agwu Tochukwu Frank

    Everything happens for a purpose. May be God wants you to bring up good broadcasters, journalists, more importantly bring students closer to God and to effect the whole world positively through your different motivational, inspirational and educational posts.
    God bless you exceedingly ma.

  • Orji blessing chidubem

    Ma,those people that suggested you leave didn’t make a mistake cos I wish I could suggest the same to you but if you feel this is where the lord has kept you to be his instrument of work,then stay and continue with the good deeds. You really have touched many lives and mine isn’t an exception.
    God bless and strengthen you.

  • Ogbu Nkiruka Gloria

    Wow,you had to leave the fame and everything you will get in broadcasting because of your passion to inculcate knowledge and also groom youths which i happen to be among.Thank you ma for you have impacted me through teachings in class and the stories,poems and other posts i have read on your blog.God bless you mum.

  • Ndieze Kelechi

    Your decision to be a teacher is divine. Some lives wouldn’t have been changed if it wasn’t made. God’s love and grace are hugely upon you. No one regrets accepting God’s will for his/her life.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    U were born to be a teacher, a teacher is not just one that teaches student academically but someone one that direct and teaches people how to discover their inmate abilities, Ma, if it is life after life i will choose you as my lecturer over and over.

  • Agbo Onyekachi Obumneme

    Thank God for what He has made of you. You are truly a mother! Please, keep praying for us.

  • okechukwu Victor

    A moother indeed, the advice rest in bottom of our hearts and being convinced, our joy hold no bounds . thank you very much

  • Willie Albert Zikiye

    Discovering God’s desire in one’s life is the greatest thing. Society will always suggest what you ought to do with your career and the best offices that one can function effectively in. Mummy, you made a great decision by choosing the teaching profession and inspiring us to the greatest heights we could not imagine in the journey of life. Being a first-year student in Jackson College of Journalism, I have benefited a lot from you in the aspects of education, inspiration, moral conduct, respect and, most importantly, the Almighty God whom you begin and end with during lectures. In all, umbana (thank you, ma).


    A career that is really fulfilling and in which through it ,you impact knowledge,spread the goodnews to students and lecturers.God has really placed your career on eagle’s wings He knows the end from the beginning.

  • Udosen Agnes

    My love grew after I read Diane’s post. You are indeed a mother. I await your cistern of knowledge to rain on me. Thanks for sharing.

  • ezeh chimezie

    what can i say? thank you for staying. and may God in his infinite mercy bless you for the courage and patience.


    Am blessed to know someone like you,very caring, friendly, encouraging mother to everyone, the love you have for your students can never be over look. God bless will always be my role model

  • I feel very enthralled when I see women man earth shattering positions. Sometimes we need the oil we pour on others to be poured on us so that we don’t go out of oil. More grace to your elbow ma’am.


    A career defined by humility,hard work,faith,devotion and most of all God factor is one that will take you to any place in life.


    The lord’s gift maketh rich and added no is special, great and unique from any other. God blessings are fulfilling, for he knows your thoughts, thought of good to give you a desirable and pleasurable end. He knows your heart desires.

  • Isaac sopuruchi

    It is good to do what you because you love mass communication that’s why you do your job well and people are able to commend you.

  • It is very good to have purpose and achieve it, really great to have focus in life. You are a mentor to so many, you have actually help many to unearth their unique abilities. God will bless you.

  • Kenneth Onah

    It is always good to find out wat an where Gid wants you to be in life.The joy is everlasting.Thank God for you Ma.!

  • harriet

    Thanks alot ma
    meeting you has been a blessing to me and looking up-to you is inspiring
    GOD strengthen you

  • Ogbozor chiamaka Zillah

    One with God is majority, MA, you made God your first and He will also be my first.

  • Onyia Ujunwa Sandra

    This post really inspired me a lot, may God continue to be lifting u up MA.

  • Endwell Onyinye Nyekwere

    Very true Ma. Many of us wouldn’t have tapped the untapped potentials in us without meeting you. For me, I’m ever grateful to God for meeting you at UNN. I remember
    a written piece I once posted on Facebook and one of my classmate’s comment was “…a good student of Ohaja”. Because to her, it was a well-written and coherent piece. What you dropped in me still reflects till tomorrow whenever I write. My prayer is that you keep at your ministry and those of us who drank from your fountain of knowledge continue to radiate our world. You sure are a blessing, Aunty.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Wow, glory to our Father in heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ! You were one of those I could count on to make A’s in my courses. Thanks a whole lot for making my day! I’m glad you’re excelling today and I pray that your work will bear great fruit in Jesus’ name.

  • Ihechiluru

    Ma, I enjoyed your classes (all of them!) – one of the things I really love is the simplicity with which you transfer knowledge. You do a great job in your text books too.
    I pray for this type of clarity and certainty in choosing a career path.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen. I admired your focus and brilliance as a student. You know there are students whose performance prove that a lecturer actually taught something and there are those whose performance seems to accuse the lecturer of not teaching. You were among the former, praise God! I pray thst you find success and happiness in life in Jesus’ name.

  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    You are blessed ma and teaching suit you a lot, am always comfortable whenever you are teaching, and that smile you always give makes one feel realized and ready to learn… may God continue to bless you ma.

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    You are s great teacher. I love and cherish your classes, my creativity and writing nature has non optionally improved, still planing to listen to you in your classes more attentively to add to learn more. Thank u Ma.

  • Your decision to help give young people the solid foundation they in the mass communication field is one that has forever changed the lives of many students and would still keep changing lives. Thank you for staying true to your passion, thank you for choosing to teach, you are a blessing.

  • I have said that severally to my colleagues, that journalism or the broadcast industry is where you belong. But now I know and I love the way you teach. God bless you ma. Thank you too for those times I come to your office, while going and you say to me “You are blessed, my child”.

  • Theophilus Blessing

    God knows why you are placed here. Had it been you had listened to them & left, I would never have met my tertiary role model. I mean, we would have never met an angelic melodious–voiced, motherly & best caring lecturer like you.

  • You are indeed a blessing to me and more of my kind in the university of Nigeria Nsukka and most importantly the department of mass communication. Am glad you are where your heart want to be and at the same time changing/impacting in the life of many

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    I’m so blessed to have you as my lecturer, ma. You’re not only a lecturer but a mother to all of us in the department of mass communication. The way you teach with ease and correct with love amazes me.

    I’m not a writer yet but I hope to start writing soonest. Perusing through your blog has made me fall in love with writing.

    Thank you chosing to teach than becoming a well-known presenter. The world will hear your story soon, Ma.

    Indeed UNN doesn’t deserve you.

  • Eze Chioma

    The fact that you try to impact your knowledge on us to the best of your ability is enough to show how amazing you are at what you do and this is exactly what you love doing. I like how easy and natural your smiles are, how you express yourself with words as well as with gestures and how you try to carry everyone along in class. I won’t say UNN doesn’t deserve you, all I will say is God is using you as a tool here in UNN, to help students have a knowledge of what mass communication is before being pushed into the work force.

  • Aleke Juliet C.

    I thank God for u, ma. It pleases me to say that I love teaching too. May God continue to strengthen you,ma.

  • Michael onyedinma

    A fulfilled person is a blessed person. There is joy, peace of mind, alot of diseases will run away and of course fear of the lord. I see all this things in you MA. Remain blessed.


    Well,if you leave the teaching arena for the broadcast industry who then will teach students in such a real and lovely way that you do? Ma, teaching, is your gift. And,am sure you derive more than joy and happiness teaching because I’ve seen leave my class happier than when you came in even when we seemed not follow your instructions. I think you’re cut out and born to teach and you’re making the best job out of it. I say more power to your voice!

  • Ezema Peace

    Ma there is a reason God has placed you here. You have been a blessing to us. Every of your teachings and classes doesn’t leave me the same, because I am inspired every time to teach. God bless you ma.

  • You have indeed impacted in our lives, the way you teach; you always make sure everyone is carried along and no one is left out. Your method of teaching has been the best so far for me. Thank you Aunty Edith for being such a blessing in our lives. I love you.

  • Innocent Esther .C.

    I must say ma… You’re really doing well for our generation.

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