They’ve had a hard time with demented British tabloids’ invasion of their privacy to the extent that they filed some suits against them, but is Canada or anywhere far enough to hide from these snoopy papers? There are reports that these tabloids and their LA kin have started invading the Greater Victoria Region of Canada searching for glimpses of them. I bet they didn’t factor in being tailed abroad by British or American paparazzi.

Oh dear! The Royal Family has decided that from this spring, the Sussexes will drop their royal titles (His and Her Royal Highnesses) and they will no longer receive funding from the Crown. They will now be referred to as simply Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. On top of that, they will refund about $3 million in British taxpayer money that was used to renovate the house they’ve been living in, Frogmore Cottage, which will remain their UK home.

Recall that earlier this month, Harry and Meghan made a shock announcement that they will be stepping back as senior royals to pursue financially independent lives while supporting the Queen. They said they would spend their time between North America (likely Canada where they spent the last Christmas holidays) and the UK henceforth.

A response from the Queen showed she wasn’t entirely in the dark as was earlier speculated but had hoped Harry and Meghan would give the idea more time for the details to be worked out by the palace. A crisis merting called by the Queen with senior members of the Royal Family on Friday seemed to have quickly hammered out the details aforementioned.

Reactions have been varied naturally. Some have been sympathetic to Harry and Meghan especially in the light of his statement last year that he wasn’t going to be drawn into playing a game with the tabloids that killed his mother but would do everything to protect his wife and son. Some have charged the British press with racism against Meghan, citing instances of her being compared unfavourably with the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton.

Others have accused Harry and Meghan of trying to make money off their royal titles and remaining a burden to the taxpayer through security and travel expenses, while not actually performing any royal duties. Meghan’s estranged father, Thomas Markle, said they were destroying and cheapening “one of the greatest, long-living institutions ever”, the British monarchy.

The most severe criticisms have come from those who, like Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, have accused Meghan of being a manipulative social climber, who has more or less used the Royal Family to gain worldwide recognition and tossed it. As far as these people are concerned, Harry is just going along for the ride and would be discarded by her once she’s comfortably settled in her acting career again.

To be fair to Meghan, Harry hasn’t been too enamoured of the monarchy and the British press himself for quite a while. And who can blame him seeing what happened to his mum?* He’s not in direct succession to the throne (his father- Prince Charles, Prince William and his sons are), with Harry about the sixth in line. Besides, he fancies himself a progressive, like Meghan (they want to shake up the archaic institution of the monarchy). It may even be that Harry was determined to leave if his choice of Meghan for wife wasn’t approved. So in my view, this was bound to happen sooner or later. But Meghan is taking the flak because she’s the woman in Harry’s life at this point when he took such a bold step and also because of her history of strained relations with her own family, her perceived selfishness/conceit and activism.

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Nonetheless, it looks like they’ve got what they wanted: their freedom, and the British public got what it wanted: not a penny more to them and a refund of that chunk spent on Frogmore Cottage! (“You can’t eat your cake and have it” cries no more.) Everyone walks away happy, right?

I sincerely hope these two thought this whole thing through. They’ve had a hard time with demented British tabloids’ invasion of their privacy to the extent that they filed some suits against them for publishing Meghan’s private letters and hacking their phone line but is Canada or anywhere far enough to hide from them? There are reports that staff of these tabloids and their LA kin have started invading the Greater Victoria Region of Canada searching for glimpses of Harry, Meghan and their little son, Archie. So while they were right about the tameness of the Canadian press as a reason for moving there, I bet they didn’t factor in being tailed abroad by British or American paparazzi.

They certainly need fresh ideas, or better put, divine wisdom in dealing with this media scourge. And Harry needs healing from the trauma of losing his mum at a young age. Meghan too needs healing from the harassment she has suffered at the hands of British rags. Only God can deal with our deepest wounds and hurts and help us triumph over them. Sometimes, when we desperately fight to prevail in our own power, we fall into the very trap we are trying to escape. In their case, I pray, “God forbid!” In Christ, they can be whole and see themselves as more than conquerors in spite of the hounding from the press. In Him, they can also see greater stability in their relationship with each other no matter what temptations they encounter down the road.

Financially for them, this is where the rubber meets the road …. They need steady income despite being worth a combined $45 million by some estimates. It sounds like big money for regular folks but for celebrities, that amount can go just like that if they aren’t earning money consistently. A beautiful home that they are speculated to be eyeing on a secluded lake front in Vancouver is worth a whopping $21 million. For folks who want to be financially independent, accepting financial help from Harry’s father, Prince Charles, may not be an option although that door is open. They do have their Sussex Royal brand which they had registered before this announcement and can do book deals, merchandising, etc. but they need to be careful not to bring the Royal Family into disrepute.


The challenge is being able to keep sufficiently busy. Meghan has signed a deal with Disney that included doing voice-over work and has a well-known agent in the person of Nick Collins scouring for roles for her. But what will Harry do? Philanthropy is hardly a fulltime job. If he is idle and starts his wild partying from his younger days, the Palace won’t be readily on hand to do damage control as in the past. I hope the couple fully supports each other during the transition. And I hope they don’t lose public goodwill which they need for their charitable endeavours now that they can no longer officially represent the Queen (and haven’t got their royal titles anymore).

That dig at Donald Trump wasn’t wise though (Meghan reportedly saying they will not live in the US while Trump is president) because they may have to spend more time in LA than anywhere else due to Meghan’s acting career. Anyway, they will only be joining the long list of celebrities who hate Trump and claimed they would leave if he became president but didn’t. And these are the celebrity friends Harry and Meghan will be circulating with- progressives who are self-absorbed and living in a bubble! #smh

The American economy is booming and Meghan needs home support for herself and Harry after this separation from the Royal Family. Canada is kind of isolated from her former LA base and doesn’t seem a smart choice for them now.

That being said, I do wish them well. But above everything, I wish they were saved and knew the Lord Jesus intimately. That would facilitate the healing I mentioned earlier. Beyond that, in the journey ahead and all through their lives, they need Him just as much as we all do.


*Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris while fleeing from the paparazzi. Conspiracy theorists have claimed she was killed by those working for the British monarchy because her relationship with Egyptian film producer, Dodi Fayed, embarrassed the Royal Family, even though she was divorced from Prince Charles.

Hope you enjoyed my two cents on this matter. What are your thoughts about this shaking in the Royal Family and on Harry and Meghan’s future?

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  1. The couple suffered a lot from the Media. This can be so frustrating that one can even think on commiting suicide. They just wanted a break from all of these and also considering the fact that it was the cause of Princess Diana’s death. Harry wouldn’t want history to repeat itself
    For their future, I think that with time, things will fall in place. At least, they get to live a normal life and not always being scrutinised by the Media

    • I’m afraid they can’t live a normal life free from media scrutiny as long as they live like public personalities with an international charity, merchandising from their brand and Meghan acting. I guess they hope it won’t be the insane kind of coverage as they got from British rags.

  2. Well they,[Harry and Megan] have the freedom they have long craved for, so it will be interesting to see how they will manage on their own from now. I wish them success in whatever they will want to do and personally would love to see Megan return to the tv series ‘suits’ in which she couldn’t continue her role due to ties with the royal family. I also hope the paparazzi can finally let them be as they as no longer ‘royals’.

    • I hardly doubt that if she goes right back to acting. The tabloids’ next mission (intentional or otherwise) might be to break the couple’s relationship by hinting at a perceived strain, other emerging “love interests”, etc. They certainly need all the love and support they can get.

  3. Piers Morgan is the greatest clout chaser (attention seeker) of all time. How could he say that about Meghan …she just wants to leave mainstream attention and tend to things that really matter… that shouldn’t spur up needless drama from the press

    • It’s the Royal Family that’s involved! That is why this is such a big deal. And Britons would be cross with you for saying “things that really matter” like royal duties aren’t important.

  4. I sincerely wish they sought this out another way. This move only brings the prying eyes of the media closer to them.
    Reading comments on how she is been dragged over this also shows that bullies will always be bullies. Transitioning won’t be easy but I wish them well sincerely.

  5. I personally feel this whole drama is not about being independent nor about Harry, rather its all about Meghan , she is trying her best to make headlines as a way of creating attention for herself, she is not where she wants to be but she is definitely using the Royals to get there.

  6. I never expected that their quest for freedom will turn out this way. But I think that the paparazzi and discrimination isn’t enough reason for them to break out of the royal family. They might have thought it through but it never occurred to them that this will be the reaction especially from the royal family. Harry have no well paying job, Meghan on the other hand is still finding her way into the Hollywood spotlight; I pray they should make it out there cause the reception might be hostile.

    • They have registered a brand and Meghan isn’t just a starlet. But you’re right. They probably didn’t think the terms of separation will be quite this way. It’s like you say you want to stand on your two feet and your parents chuck you out saying, “Do it already!”

  7. He really took things so fast even though he want his freedom but there are other things could have been done than taking that decision.

  8. I won’t blame them for taking such decision and I guess Meghan wanted a break from the cruel harassment she has been facing from the so called British rags and Harry really wanted to become independent. Let’s hope in the future, he doesn’t get to regret the decision he made

  9. I’m a strong advocate of freedom from ‘unreasonable’ social and family ties that do nothing but threaten your dignity and disregard your freewill.
    The lives of Royalties are not enviable so to speak.
    Privacy and freedom is an illusion for the most part and I sincerely understand the couple’s position.
    I support their courage and decision and wish them the very best while hoping that their actions were well thought out and what’s best for them.

    But I must also quickly add that I’m not a fan of Meghan Markle and I’m terrified of her indecent ambitions and feministic tendencies.
    I sincerely hope she’s opting for this new life with the right intention and not to flagrantly disregard the Queen’s wishes while showing off her wifely powers.

  10. This is really sad….. It was really a nice story, And as for Harry I hope his decision doesn’t fire back on him.

  11. I honestly feel they both thought very deeply about this decision before taking it.. probably they just wanted a simple life away from all the paparazzi out there..and the rumours saying Meghan is just there for the money and would probably go back to he acting career I feel it’s false ,when they initially got married a throwback picture was published with Meghan sitting in front of the castle grounds probably on a tour with her family. Wherever decision they made ,I strongly feel it’s for their own good and that of their baby

  12. I believe nature/God himself has and will always place periods of transition in every man’s life, and i think this time around is their’s. I laud their courage although i don’t know where it stems from. Just like you ma, i wish they were saved, but i sincerely pray that in the long run this will be a path for them to realise and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

  13. The media can sometime be very annoying and invading. I actually don’t blame Harry and his wife for making such a remarkable decision at this stage of their life, some people just prefer a simple and normal life

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