This fictional story is dedicated to my students and students everywhere with love. It’s about exam time and a girl called Jachi whose parents are struggling to see through school. She has a nasty experience that fills her with a sense of foreboding. Find out what the experience was and how she handles it. May the Lord grant you success in all your exams in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The time was 10:25 p.m. Jachi could not decide whether to read further or succumb to the drowsiness enfolding her. Tne next day’s exam (her first for the semester) was on an elective course from the Social Sciences and she was apprehensive about it. Some friends from higher classes were carrying the course over and they claimed they had failed despite their best efforts.

She wondered whether she should resign to a similar fate and go to bed. And that is exactly what she did. But her sleep was fitful and a little after 1 a.m., she awoke with a start.

“Thank God, it was a dream!” she exclaimed, referring to the nightmare she had just had. In it, she had gone to check her results and they were posted on the notice board in the order the exams were scheduled on her timetable.

The first, the elective, was an “F”. But rather than lament, she high-fived a classmate who had also failed. On to the second, the third and so on. Her grades for all the 10 courses she had done that semester were in red – “F” all through. Yet at the end, she was grinning from ear to ear. The icing on the cake was that she was chewing gum and blowing bubbles the whole time, something she never did in real-life.

As she went to use the bathroom, she was proclaiming, “It’s not my portion! It’s not my portion!” When she was through, she went to see one of her senior friends on the upper floor of the hostel. She woke the girl, Janet, up and narrated her dream.

“Babe, it’s only a dream. Go back to sleep.”

“I don’t want to have too many carry-overs. My parents are barely scraping by. They can’t afford to have me here longer than necessary.”

“My dear, your parents have no idea what it takes to get a degree. One thing I’ve learnt here is that even if you don’t look for carry-over, carry-over will look for you, especially in these outside courses. Ask anybody. So chillax, eventually you’ll get your degree.”

“Eventually. I don’t like the sound of that. What sort of degree will I come out with e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y?”

“Many big people in this country came out with third class. You think that all this jacking* people do here has any bearing on how successful one will be outside?”


Jachi had heard enough. It was clear to her that she had been barking up the wrong tree. She apologised for bothering Janet and left. As she was returning to her room, she recalled with horror what she had seen in the dream. It then struck her that it was not a mere dream but a revelation of what she would turn into if she continued to consort with Janet and her pals.

Her attitude towards tomorrow’s exam was just a gateway that would usher in greater nonchalance about her academic performance. She wondered why she had believed Janet and her clique’s talk of their “best efforts” when she had never seen them do any serious studying ever. They were all about fashion and looks and while she appreciated what she had learnt from them in that regard, she should never have consulted them on academic matters.

By the time she got to her room, her profession was, “Thank God for that dream.” And thank God her roommates were away on night class. She intended to pray and deliver herself from the strange apathy she had welcomed into her life. She would also redouble her preparation for the forthcoming exams.

She determined that, as God was her helper, she would not only pass all her exams, she would score high grades in the courses, including the non-departmental electives.
-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

*”Jacking” is slang for studying.

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  • Okeoma

    Truly, your write ups are inspirational and educational. You have lured me into writing. You’re blessed.

  • Edith Ohaja

    May your ink flow freely in Jesus’ name.

  • Anonymous

    God bless you ma.

  • ruhamah saalu

    Determination and Good company pays

  • ma,it was truly inspiring. it makes this course of study even more interesting.
    more power to your elbow!!!!!!1

  • Okpechi Augustina

    Bad and shallow friends, bad results follows. Choose wisely

  • Really educative…..Learnt a lot

  • Cornelius Ellah

    May God help us to have more of Jachi’s ilk and less of Janet’s cliques in our schools.

  • Stephen Rosemary Ibibo

    Motivating and inspiring. Every new student in the University needs to read this.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thanks. I think some of the old ones need it more because time is flying and their GPs are in a pit.

  • Onyeabor ijeoma

    We should always try to know when our friends are encouraging or deceiving us. Lets mind the kind of friends we keep, sometimes we are influenced negatively by our so called friends. try to prevent people that cannot make positive impacts in our lives. We will all make it if only we can channel our thought to the right direction


    sometime most off the things we do are all the encouragement from friends which could be good or bad. we should be wise in choosing our friends.

  • Aniah Favour Adaeze

    determination is the key to success.yes I love her courage despite her friends and there advice… ma this is encouraging

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    Students should watch out the friends they keep because some of them are out there preparing you for doom.

  • okafor chioma rita

    determimation the key to sucess

  • Nwafor Uchechukwu Judith

    Nice one ma, surely a friend can either make or mar you all you need is correct reasoning

  • Udeh Favour

    evil communication, corrupts good manners

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are

  • Ugwu Amarachi Deborah

    the type of friends that one make matters a lot, there is a saying that goes, “show me your friend and i will tell u who you are.



  • Jeremiah Chioma

    the saying “bad friends corrupt good manners” is very true

  • Queendaline Onyeama

    I’m so moved by the young girl’s spirit. Most times, people seek excuses to justify whatever has a hold on them and consistently blame God, nature, nurture and anything blameable.I learnt from this story that whatever situation I find myself,I should be determined to keep fighting.

  • nwosu esther chioma

    gud for her

  • bad friends and bad company lead to evil behaviour.

  • Eziefula Adonai Chukwuemeka

    What struck me most in the piece was Jachi’s spirit in discerning of when she was being deceived and her action of refusing not to be deceived would have played a major role if the story had continued. Nice peice!

  • Shade

    Good thing she realised that in time.

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    our God is ever merciful to show us our mistake. to be self determined is wise. listen to people advice but let us learn to pick the right once then drop the others.

  • Onyekaozuru Florence

    I have had that feeling before, it is not easy especially if you take counsel from the wrong person you end up exactly the way you see yourself a failure so it is important you talk to the right person but first prayer is the key, so you use that key prayer to open the door first before u seek counsel, the story is educative, I love it

  • Thank God for the life of jachi who realized that is only God that can deliver and also give wisdom. Thank God she didn’t listen to the advice of her friend janet who thought it was a mere dream not knowing that it was a revelation.

    • Edith Ohaja

      A very wise girl, that Jachi! I pray other students who are caught up in similar situations get the opportunity to correct themselves before it is too late.

  • Benjamin Thelma

    Friends they say influence you, they can Make or mar you. Therefore choosing the right set of friends and asking God for directions matters a lot in your being successful in life.

  • Oluchi Ekeruche

    Bad communication corrupts good manners. We all should be careful of the kind of friends we keep. I really like this post ma. Thanks for always impacting on young lives.

  • Ndieze Kelechi precious

    Lesson…beware of bad friends. I’m very sure Jachi had a wonderful outcome at the end.

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    Bad friends, they say, corrupt good manners… One should be careful on the type of friends dey keep… Thank God for Jachi.

  • chidera odo

    It’s people like Janet that use to deceive other people, I have not read anything. In fact I don’t even have the textbook or note. Meanwhile they have read and they are over ready for the exam

  • Okonkwo chidimma benita

    In the middle of my reading, i saw this post. What an inspirational and motivational article. Everyone claims best effort even though we know our best sometines is not good enough. I pray for God’s wisdom, retentive memory and success in my exams.. Amen!!

  • Chekuzo veronica

    Thank God Jachi realized she’s been moving in the wrong direction right on time. I pray God sees me through this exams

  • Analike Vivian U

    Another time has come, when we have to show the results of our four or five months of studies and classes. When we have no friends, no gist time and no play time. When all we do is read, barely eat and sleep. When we pray constantly and seek God’s face.
    Oh God, we your children have no where else to go but to run to you. Pls do see us through and by your grace, we shall conquer. I ask through Christ my Lord Amen

  • Akumambila ijeoma Winifred

    Nice one auntie. This is really a good piece of advice to us. We should know the type of friends we keep. Am proud of you ma.

  • Edeh Cynthia oluomachi

    May God help us to walk with people of like minds who will help us academically, especially in this exam period…. And remove friends who will bring us failure and shame. God bless u, ma!

  • Nwagu Tochukwu

    Thank you Ma for this wonderful advice because the friends we have Atimes influence the type of attention we give to our studies which if we don’t take time we will come out with bad results .

  • mordi Ifeoma

    The kind of friends we keep really define who we are, thank God jachi retraced her steps on time. May God always give us the grace to do his will at all times.

    • Agnes

      Wow. God is merciful. That’s why as a student pursuing success, we need to carefully choose who we take advice from or even go to for advice. Every student needs to see this! So educational.

  • Ewurum john

    This is truly inspiring, waaoow, always put your money where your mouth is, do the right thing, no matter the circumstance you find yourself in.

  • Victoria Nonike

    this is not my portion! it is therefore very important to hold on to God, who reveals all things.

  • Ezeme Evans Ejike

    In the midst of exams, this post has reminded me on the need to be very prayerful. Success comes from hardwork, God makes it easier. Thank you for your continued motivation/inspiration ma.

  • nwafor chukwudalu franklin

    jachi has seen that the friends she keep can also affect her grades, we should be mindful of those who we consider as our friends because the same way they can lead us to our destiny is the same way they cam lead us to our downfall. also dreams are very important, it was that dream that helped her to realize what she had to do.

  • nwankwo gift nneamaka

    One should mind the kind of friends they make and keep while in school. It is always best to set your priorities right. Now Jachi has seen the type of friends she has and she now knows that they are not good enough for her and she cut them. The best advice is the one you give yourself because it seems to stick more into ones head. It is a good thing that she had that dream.


    Some friends are serious distractions, it is is good to have people who innovate and inspire you, biko those kind of distracting friends are not my portion

  • Nneji Mary Chinenye

    Nice story, I love Jachi’s zeal to succeed, one should always be on the lookout for bad friends and avoid them.


    It is always good to determined about everything one does, and also having good friends will always help you in the future. God always help those who help themselves. i pray that God will help me in all my academic endeavors in Jesus name Amen


    It is good to work hard, it doesn’t matter what people say, believe in God and do the right thing, you will definitely pass, I mean faith without work is nothing and work without faith is nothing too.


    Jachi’s dream is a revelation, she need to seek God’s help which was exactly what she did and she need to study hard to achieve her objective which is obvious, a degree not just any degree but a good degree.

  • Odeke Chidubem Camilus

    again and again, i must say your writeups are very inspiring and educative. One should be very careful on the kind of friends the keep. Most of them are wolves in sheep’s clothing, whose aim is to destroy you by their wrong advice and doings.

  • osuegbu prisca

    This story is really inspiring. One needs to beware of the kind of friends he/she keeps because bad friends corrupts good manners . ThankGod for the relevation that came to jachi, atleast she has learnt her lessons and she didnt become a victim of circumstance. I have also learnt to put in my best in every course, no matter how hard it looks, because when you study hard you will understand. God bless you ma for this inspiring story.

  • Ugwuoke Kenneth Ekene

    Friends are golden o! Bad friends means bad outcome, good friends means good outcome. They kind of friends we keep determines to a large extent the kind of life we leave

  • Kat

    Lol. Jachi would have regretted her indifference had God not given her that revelation. It was in the nick of time too. At least she’ll start immediately to prepare for the exams. As for Janet and her friends, well,good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Akwara Agatha Uchechi

    In schools, especially universities, there are different calibre of people. We should be very careful when choosing our friend. There is a popular saying: show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. This means that our characters depends on our type of friends. When we have bad dreams, we should put it before God in prayer because He alone has the power to avert every misfortune. Jachi took the right decision to drop bad company.

  • Egbo Rita Somtochukwu

    We shold be careful when choosing our friends. A bad friend can destroy our lives. Jachi would have regretted making friends with Janet in the long run if God did not give her the revelation through the dream.

  • Ugwoke ifechukwu Melvina

    Hard work pays and am happy Jachi figured that out before it was too late. It’s good to be conscious of the kind of friends you keep especially in school. Some are there to party and have fun while some are there for their studies, it’s now up to you to decide which group you belong to. The university is a hard place meant to build character and often times we are discouraged when at the end of the day, the result of all our hard work isn’t what we expect but that’s not enough reason to give up.

  • Anazodo Helen

    Jachi is a luck girl, janet is not a friend to keep at all, thank God for the revelation, so many student face this type of problem and that’s why they don’t do well in school, i know this story will help alot of student, thanks ma

  • Morgan Joy

    The dream taught her a good lesson. It is important as students to be serious with our academics. Thank you for the advice ma.


    The kind of friend one keeps determines how well students will do in their academic life. You don’t need anyone to tell you to prepare for your exams: everyone have his/her purpose in school – some came for pleasure while others came for academic success. Make hay while the sun shines

  • Dennis Lydia Ekperechukwu

    They say tell me you friend and I will tell you whom you are. the type of friends we keep determines where we are heading to. we should be careful of the type of friends we keep because they can destroy us.

  • Toluwanimi

    Thanks, very helpful.

  • The issue of bad stuffs being said by older students about a particular course /lecturer is a very big problem cause students tend to take what they say to heart which amount to nonchalant attitudes which leads to failure. We should try as much as possible to have a mindset greater than our fear which will lead us towards achieving greater height

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    This Jachi’s kind of dream can be very scary ehn..Lol
    Well, It’s very important to know the best Joseph to run to whenever we want our dreams interpreted to us. Not Janet or her likes.
    I’m glad that Jachi realized herself and continued with her ‘jacking’.

  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    Most times, we should be careful with the clique we have as friends…especially when the evidence is glaring that towards academics your clique is reluctant ..that kind of relationship has to be cut off..most dreams are a revelation, thank God she had one…its time to focus now Jachi!!!

  • Nnamani Oluoma Esther

    We should be very careful who we move around with as friends because it reflects in our lives. Bad company corrupts good manners. God loves us so much that’s why he reveals some things to us through dreams and we shouldn’t take it for granted. Jachi knew that the dream she had was connected with the bad friend Janet and she did the right thing by deciding to cut all ties with her. If she had taken the dream for granted she might have failed just as the dream revealed. The lesson here is to avoid bad friends and always praying to God for direction.

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    This is very inspirational ma. Determination is a key to success. When one is claiming that bad luck is not his or portion, that person should also work hard in Eliminating it because God helps those who help themselves.
    God bless you ma.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Most times God reveals things to us about what will happen in his own but many just ignore it, or go to the wrong people for advice or interpretation. But I thank God for Jachi determination after the dream, its encouraging.

  • Onyeka Stanley

    Being positive in the midst of negativity is hard to come by. Fear is one enemy that is hard to defeat especially when it is delivered to us by other people, that’s why its good to surround yourself with people that will encourage you and not to discourage you.

  • Chukwu Oluebube juliet

    We just need to careful of the people around us because most of them are not happy with. Good friends leads to good reputation, bad communication ruins good morals

  • Chinedu stanley

    Sometimes in life, one’s progress is affected by the type of friends one keeps. Good friendship leads to progress in life. Bad friendship on the other hand leads to one’s downfall. We should all learn to surround ourselves with good friends to facilitate progress in life

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    what an inspirational story god bless you Ma. The saying that every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up but kept going no matter what should not be doubted. Jachi had to work harder not giving up even after hearing the advice of Janet and now she has a great story to tell. It is good to listen to advice but it is not mandatory that one must follow all the advices given to him or her, pick the best and aim for the best

  • Anabude oluchi

    We should always say what we want and not what we see even when is obvious that it may not work but never give up, and most importantly we should cover our hard work with the grace of God in order not to end up frustrated in our exams or other things we do.

  • Ugwu Chika Samson

    Not my portion indeed, it is clear that Janet and her friends are bent on failing their courses and am glad that jachi realised herself early and If she read her books diligent, she will surely pass her courses. And the kind of friends we have really influence our behavior. Always go for good ones.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    It is funny how people have got carry-overs in different courses and blames the lecturers in charge of the course, my question is have you ever considered yourself to be the problem? Because you have no reason to get anything less than a ‘B’ if you are to do all assignments and submits when ought to and also be prepared before and during exam. Therefore I’d advice us to stay away from friends who are making bad results and are not bothered about it.

  • The company you keep influences your. You become the people you hang out with. In other to progress of succeed, you’ll have to surround yourself with sucessful people, let your circle consist of intellectual thinkers.

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Indifference and nonchalance are the greatest accumulators of a bad grade. I don’t believe any student who does what he should do in any exam will have an “F”. Granted, some lecturers can be a pain in the neck but if you do what you should, even if you miss an A, you can’t miss a D. The “what will be will be” bandwagon has been leading students astray. It won’t be your portion if you do the necessary.

  • Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon

    Nice piece. I wish I have that kind of vision. Dreams are not just Dreams but vision. That is, another way in which God calls our mind to pending danger

  • Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon

    There’s is need for us to use our friends wisely. Everyone has got use I blv but not in all aspects.when making n keeping friends, there’s need to study n know our friends so as to know the areas they can be useful.

  • John Adaobi Benedicta

    Indeed, diligence is the path way to success. And thank God for His revelations because only He can foresee our future and knows the path we take according to the book of Jobs.
    Well-done MA.

  • Ugwoke Victor Nnabuike

    One thing is to have a dream. Another thing is to be able to give the dream correct interpretation. I thank God for the life of Jachi. She was able to give her dream the correct interpretation, and now she has determined to pass. Many of us always find ourselves in diabolic situations. Sometimes we receive the revelation on which to follow, through dreams, but unable to interpret well. May the Almighty Father give us the spirit of interpretation like He did to the apostles on the day of Pentecost, that we may be able to interpret whatever revelation we get.. Amen

  • Chukwurah Nnenna Chisom

    May sound like a Cliche but truly ; The friends u keep either make or mar you , that’s why one should be careful on the company he/she keeps. Love her courage, determination is the key to success…

  • Henry Ireka

    Peer pressure and delinquency tends to affect youths. Patience, diligence and remembering where we come from are grey weapons for fighting these various problems.

  • Chah ugochukwu

    Amen ohhhh… that’s what we all pray for especially now; to pass with higher grades. The kind of friend we keep are so influential in our take ofull life and everything in it. The fact that we have friends who hado carry overs in a course doesn’t mean we have to follow them to have it. No one is the same. We do our best and leave the rest to God but we muse make sure that we have indeed done our best. Thank God she came back to her senses

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    ???????? just a dream and she became a prayer warrior overnight and retraced her steps from her journey of self ruin. The fear of carry over is the beginning of wisdom which translates to hard work and dedication of our efforts to God. I believe God used the nightmare to reveal her result to her if she had continued in her lackadaisical attitude towards her study because of the type friends she kept. May failure never be her portion and may she become a better student so as to overcome extra year. Judging from the nature of some courses I wrote this semester, I also pray that carry over will never be my portion in Jesus name amen.

  • Nwosu Victoria

    hard work really pays. with God and hardwork, i am certain that the results would be positive so for people like janet who believe in not killing yourself in the name of studying with the hope of ‘eventually’ getting a degree, that is a wrong notion. still, may failure never be our potion. Nice piece, ma’am!

  • Onwuamaeze Ikechukwu John

    Serious laughter na wetin I dey so like this, that dream na serious “Not my portion”. She better thank her stars that God remembered her through that dream else, na another story we for hear when result comes out. I pray she comes out in flying colours o. Lol.

  • Catherine Anokwuru

    Let us never resign to failure no matter the report of others. We shall achieve whatever we put our mind to if we put in our best efforts with God at the forefront.

  • Agnes

    As student we should carefully and prayerfully choose who we go to for advice. The dream was Gods way of telling her she was in the wrong path. Another lesson I learned from the story was obedience. She quickly resolved to be studious and plead for Gods mercy after the revelation.

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    Congrats to Jachi. The Story is is indeed a didactic one. Some lessons are to be learnt in this story. We are to be careful of the type of people we move around with in school. We are to seek advice from positive minded people; and this is because allot of people out there are full with negative mind and if mistakenly you fall into them you will be influenced negatively. And finally, we must always keep relationships with God and take everything he reveals seriously. He will always make sure that one who believe in him do not perish in failure; that why he revealed what was going to happen to Jachi if she fails to study.

  • Obi-keguna Ebele Princess

    The type of friends one has can determine the kind of influence they have whether good or bad.this story describes the kind of life people have on campus. they don’t prepare for an examination then fail and say the lecturer doesnt pass people

  • Nwoye chiamaka favour

    Indeed it is not our portion ohh . It is not easy to read o. I must admit but it is always better to have sleepless night that to carry the course over. Christians or Moslems should not depend on only prayer o. Paul said faith without work is nothing. So work (read) so that your faith would not be nothing. I pray God grants us success.

  • Obeto clinton

    You should be careful the kind of friends and who you take advice from and tell things to. Bad friends leads you into being nonchalant or unserious about anything and you tend to derail from your Godly path. You should also consider the people back home and does seeing you as a role model and not put their effort on you to waste like what Jachi did. May God deliver us from bad and unwanted friends and people, and continue to lead us into his path. Amen.

  • Ebe John Chimuanya

    Lol the fear of failure is the beginning of wisdom. Thank God she received sense from the dream/revelation by withdrawing from her friends and retracing her steps…. I pray her dream never come true in Jesus name amen

  • Adumike Winifred Munachimso

    The common slang in Nigerian universities now is “las las school na scam”.
    The wise ones are taking the so called “scam” serious while unwise ones are just wasting their time and their parents money.
    Thankgod for the dream Jachi had, she doesn’t need to be told she needs to study more and of course change her group of friends.

  • Kooyon Abigail A

    I know a lot of Janets kind. They will seize any opportunity thrown at them to discourage you by citing examples of dullards like themselves. They always have story to tell of how hard working they are and yet don’t secure excellent grades.
    The avoidance of such people like Janet, is the beginning of wisdom and massive success.

  • Otung Theresa

    This is so relatable, the dream though.. Janet sha didn’t try, she wants to kill Jachi mural, we should jus be careful the kind of people we meet to seek for advice.
    Some comments from seniors can be so discouraging and if you should listen to them you won’t graduate with anything good, sometimes I seek advice from them about the lecturer and then still do my own reading

  • Asogwa chidera peomise

    My mother will always say reading before hand is very important and makes it easy to revise during exams rather than trying to force everything in at once. And for jachi to have that kind of dream, it’s a sign that she has to be more serious and careful. And again Janet needs help and causion! I mean how can a child be so nonchallant. She has the mentality of “if I perish, I perish”. God help her.

  • Cynthia

    It’s true they say in our country Nigeria your certificate doesn’t mean u will see work.. But that must not stop us from coming out wit a good certificate even if not for the work, but at least for your parent and yourself. Thank God for what she dreamt, it revealed that God is really with her, that is why he showed her the dream to turn a new leaf or disengaged from bad companies..
    Thanks ma for the inspiring story ..

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    I consider myself lucky from my first day in UNN, I have only met people that encouraged and keep encouraging me to never give up.

  • Ugwoke Jennifer

    The circle of friends we mingle with can make or mar our success story tomorrow. If jachi had listened to Janet despite Gods warning in her dream , her love for education would have been destroyed. As regarding this story ,God wants us to put in our possible best and leave the rest for him. God is truly faithful.

  • Amuzie chioma esther

    jachi was very lucky to have had that revelation in form of a dream, that means God loves her and has interest in her. the advice her senior janet gave her was the advice of an unserious student which jachi confirmed by saying she had never seen janet do serious readings. thank God for the kind of spirit jachi has, for not conforming to what janet said and i know God will help her pass her exams with flying colors.

  • Egenti Blossom Mmesoma

    We should not let what we hear from people deter us from what we are supposed to do. Its also bestto not listen to stereotyped way of how people see a particular thing. We should try our best, put in effort before making conclusions, instead of concluding from what others thinking. Hardwork and effort pays.

  • Igbokwe Rita Chinecherem

    Truly, determination they say leads to success, if you are determined you will surely get to the height you wish to attain. And also say NO to bad company, if you wish to succeed.

  • Eze vivian Nkiruka

    Dreams sometimes are not mere dreams but revelations,and our interpretations of this dreams,or the people we meet for counseling consigning our dreams matters alot.

  • Godwin Grace

    the kind of friends one keep usually have a big influence on u. one needs to surround ones self with positive firends for they say showexperts ur friends and ahl tell u who u are. at least she realised that the advice given her was wrong. there are people whow wouldn’t see that and go and fail. may God never give is friends that will lead to our downfall

  • Nnabuihe Victoria

    Determination and hard work always leads to success weather in academics or even business aspect.Meeting people for advice is not a bad thing to do but we should know the kind of people we receive advice from.

  • Ebere

    People can define us from the friends we keep,so we should mind the friends we keep and also be determined in everything we ought to do.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Our association really matter, to go far in life, we need to choose our friends correctly. Our association either make or Mar us…
    With this kind of dream, instead of Janet to hold hands with Jachi and destroy the forces against her academics she was giving evil counsel.
    Thank God Jachi was able to make corrections and didn’t accept her counsel.

  • Okoloji kosisochukwu vivian

    Even when others are casted down,i will surely experience a lifting up….
    There is no harm in trying,we shouldn’t finalize because of mere words.
    If truly they tried their best and still failed it,why not try out ur own luck…
    All tnks to God for that wonderful revelation.

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    Jachi has an attitude to be emulated, rather than resign to her fate and accept her friends councel she refused to accept it and work towards her success. There is power in the tongue and whatever we say with our tongue carries power because the power of life and death lies in the tongue.

  • Thomas Rebecca Ina

    Amen to her paryers, even I wish I did more studying earlier. A life saving vision it was, some people just keep getting lost deeper and deeper. Thank God, she pulled out well

  • Joy Morgan

    We should be mindful of the kind of friends we keep. We should have friends that will not impact negatively but positively in our lives. This story is really a good advice for students.

  • Ezekiel Stanley C.

    First, I thank God for Jachi’s decision. This is what most of us (students) pass through in higher institutions. We need to be careful when selecting our friends because they determine our end sometimes.
    Secondly, dream is one of the channels through which God speaks to us…. Let us be watchful and prayerful too, not the kind of Janet who will just say: “it is just a dream”
    Another important things which has so much contributed to people’s failures esp. in their academics is this attitude of buying from others view point of commitment and its result. Let me say this we are individually created unique. What it means is that no matter how a person claims he studied and failed it does not mean that you too will fail if you study too. Come on! you are different. Janet claims she studied hard she even said that whether she has carry over or not the obvious thing is that she will eventually get her degree. Let, me ask what kind of result? We make the mistake of comparing ourselves with successful men and women out there with third class grade forgetting the fact that in their days of studies things were more of crude in nature and again do we know what they have gone through before their success, the sacrifice they paid? Let us understand one thing, you have no duplicate, you are unique, don’t compare and contrast, you can learn from others mistake and success but never should we ever submit to the negativity surrounding their lives. Peace

  • Menkiti Vivian

    Friends will always determine your end some how in life. That is why I am always meticulous in choosing my friends.. we must be careful this days times are bad..

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Be careful on who you meet for advice. Thank God that she discovered right on that she shouldn’t listen to Janet’s advice.

  • Ani Gift Onyinyechi

    Life in the university can be really difficult, you have friends to battle, grades to score and money to maintain yourself and your need. It becomes even more difficult if your family are not well to-do. Thank God she dissociated herself from that her friends fast.

  • Jacenta ossai.

    I am indeed inspired by this story. It really takes the grace of God to come out of a situation like Jachi. Nothing good comes out from bad companies.

  • I pray that every student reading this, will learn from Jachi’s experience.
    We came to School to learn,so we should choose friends that have the same motive.

  • Okeke Mmesoma

    Your works are inspirational and at the same very educative

  • Foukunou favour Tamaraprede

    It taught me to know the company I keep, study and have a good relationship with God

  • Stanley

    Knowing your purpose, the reason why you are where you are matters a lot. Jachi is someone favored by God that is why she was able to get liberated from her friends bad influence on her, and now she could actually see the joy it is to work hard not just for herself but for those who are depending on her.

  • Dan Joseph

    How lucky and smart is Jachi, First she is lucky to have a dream that showed her what would have happened if she had slacked back from studying hard and was smart enough to know when her so called senior friend was giving her a terrible advice to be reluctant about it. We should all learn from this.

  • Jachi’s good fortune lies in having a revealing dream that underscores the importance of her consistent study efforts. Her astute judgment in recognizing the harmful advice from her senior friend serves as a lesson in making wise decisions on one’s educational journey, which is applicable to us all.

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