When situations are adverse, it is well worth remembering that they may very well be what we need to accomplish our purpose or that we can reach our goals in spite of them. The opposing circumstances often tend to stretch us to dig within ourselves and find resources we didn’t know we had or, if we remain dogged, to find those resources someplace outside of us.

Henry Ford put it succinctly and graphically thus:
When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

I felt that designing this card will help you see the truth of this saying and have it etched in your memory. Stay focused, hang in there, and most importantly put God in the saddle, and you’ll ultimately have a story to tell to the glory of His name.

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

50 thoughts on “QUOTE ON TENACITY

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  3. Yeah I believe you Ma, in our difficulties we actually find our strength by depending on God’s help

  4. I believe in these three- Faith, Patience and Hard work. These are the virtues of a winner. Faith in God that he knows what u are passing through and that he exist and truly cares, Patience in your prayers hoping that the time is not yet come but that certainly it will… and putting your all as human to savage your situation. St Paul proclaimed ” faith without work is dead.” God is not a magician, this is what a lot of us fail to understand.

  5. Situations can turn bad or even worse but thats not the end of life thats why it is necessary we commit our ways into the hands of God and even when things gets bad, we should pray and be strong and believe its going to be okey, bless you ma.

  6. As individuals we tend to face challenges in life. We should be prayerful and dependent on God for everything and in every situation we find ourselves.

  7. No cross no crown ,the saying always go since suffering is part of human life; no Matter how bad enduring situation gets, one should always know that he with God is a majority and that’s why one should commit his way into the hands of God. Bless you ma.

  8. True!! Tenacity with purpose equals success. When God is the master of that purpose then nothing can stop you from reaching your desired goal. When things go against us, then that’s an opportunity to push forward and succeed.

  9. There are times we feel like certain situations/ challenges are above us but that is when we are supposed to push forward, pray and seek for positive means to solve our problems, not giving up.

  10. Be persistent in whatever plan one has for oneself. And also with the help of God and putting him first one will ultimately have a story to tell.

  11. That time that things start getting harder, just know that that is when it is about to yield to your strength so do not give up.

  12. there is really no labour without favour,no guts no glory. to make it in life one must burn the bridge nice post man.


  13. tenacity involves desire,decision and focus for one to succeed,there may be problems but striving to succeed pays.

  14. Tenacity embodies curiousity,deligence and determination .it comes with responsibility and maturity.

  15. tenacity revives and restore fulfillment in anything successful and accomplished in our life but it does comes with sacrifice,passion, devotion,zeal,determination and most especially God factor to achieve something meaningful in life.

  16. God bless you ma. I know the struggle that comes with life is never easy but with God I can achieve everything great in my life its all about handwork and placing God very high in what ever man does.

  17. This post tells us that we should strive in hard times. Nothing good comes easy. Thank you ma for this post.

  18. that a ‘air plane takes off against the wind, and not with’ (short but powerful statement) is a food for thought for everybody, not everyone will support your dreams at first, or your crazy ideas, but understand that it has to be like that to make you strong and confident when you come out victorious. Welldone Ma!

  19. No matter what me might be facing, God is the answer to all problems. Henry Ford was right about the airplane and wind. We should always remember what Henry Ford said when we are downcast and feel all is lost. We should also remember God no matter our situation.

  20. Life is never void of crosses, it is filled with challenges and winds and it will continually remain so even as day breaks. But what keeps one going is tenacity and this virtue must be rooted in the knowledge of God. As a life without God, is sincerely empty and in the midst of challenges, gives up without knowing.
    Simply note that one’s tenacity must be rooted in hope in God.
    This piece is relevant in times like this when people are dissatisfied with life and see hope only in committing suicide. Thanks a lot Ma for encouraging my generation.

  21. This is almost like the best quote I have seen in my life i.e the one Henry Ford gave. The quote just said it all, making us to understand that whenever our plans in life are not going as planned, we should not give up but rather struggle and back it up with prayers.

  22. 1 Corinthians 10:13 (KJV) There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. In the midst of trials and the raging storms of life this passage of the Bible is like cold water on a sunny day. It’s important to note that trials, hard times and discouraging situations are inevitable but through it all we shall overcome for we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.
    Think about it – even the word impossible says I-m possible.

  23. Life might seem hard but your response to it makes all the difference. Our situation or challenges does not determine what you are but what you make of it. We should be focused and optimistic even when things does not turn in our way.

  24. The main point in life’s journey is for us to truly know when to soar against the wind and when to soar with it.

  25. Nice one. We can actually make stumbling blocks our stepping stones to success. We should not give up when we face challenges, instead we should go against it, just like the airplane going against the wind

  26. Like Jay shetty, my favorite inspirational speaker said, for one to be alive, there must be up and down in his life, its what shows that person is alive. So every storm one face is meant to tell us that we are really alive. Our problems in live only make us stronger and thicker depending on how we take it.

  27. Disappointed should not be a thing to a believer, sometimes is just the route to success, is always hard cause I have been in that situation.. There three words keeps me going PRAY, BELIEVE, WORK HARD.

  28. Life’s situations should not let us waver. We shouldn’t allow life dictate to us. We should move and achieve our purposes.

  29. Amazing! In life there are obstructions which have been pladd there to make us stronger when we come in contact with them. Whomsoever we are and whatsoever we want to achieve, we shouldn’t see life as a bed of roses. There are tough times that produce tough people.

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