• okereke chukwuemeka matthew


  • Edwin ijeoma vivian

    God is always there no matter what.
    He will always reward all our good deeds.

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    A God that loves us more we love ourselves,never changing.Wonderful!

  • Onyeka Stanley

    God is good all the time .He is always faithful even in our unfaithfulness.

  • Egbo Paul Uchenna

    I agree with you on this ma. But most business oriented people has proven this to be wrong. Being that man is imperfect and is bound to fall short, so do we invest in man knowing fully well that the possibility of him falling short is high? I will be glad if you share your view on this ma.

  • Ezekiel Stanley C.

    God’s faithfulness endureth for ever and also investing in others pays a lot.. glory be to God.

  • Adiukwu Desire

    God is a faithful daddy… Not like mortals that can deceived for he remain the same. Amen

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