• You are right, ma. It’s also good to put smile on the face of others…

  • Charles Chiebuka Chijioke

    My dear you are right. If joy can be bought with money poor people will never have access to it.

  • Edith Ohaja

    Thank you.

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Joy,oh joy flows through my veins

  • Soni-Onovo Ezinne Therry

    Joy like a river in my soul. Joy in all that I do and this is flowing into my life everyday. Thanks once more Aunty Edith.

  • thelma Ideozu

    “Giving opens the gates of joy and makes the spirit soar”. Love that one!

  • Kat

    I just love the first quote so much ?. No amount of money can buy joy. You’d be shocked when you discover that some of the rich folks you see around you are crying everyday, for one thing or the other but you who have no idea what the state of their mental health is would think life is all cosy and rosy for them. It may be because they don’t have Jesus cause if you’ve got Him, you’ll have every reason to smile and always be happy. Thank you, aunty.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Joy is an nonmarketable commodity, it’s only available to those that are anchored to heavenly being. Make Jesus your friend and have Joy as your household name.

  • Ezekiel Stanley C.

    I concur with Joy cannot be bought with money. Nice ?

  • Menkiti Vivian

    Just imagining what the world would have been without joy… I noticed that the only way to exacpe been held in bondage of depression and anger is just to give a smile…. It just a magic…

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