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No more delay. Let’s find out the resolution and see whether it agrees with what we thought it would be.


Three years later
It’s been three years since I wrote this story last. I’m really sorry for not writing regularly but so much was happening and I wanted to see how things turn out before telling you more. The last part I told you was that my dad left.

Mum wont say why but from bits and pieces I gathered here and there, turns out my mum was cheating on my dad and was taking pills so she will not get pregnant. My dad found the pills by accident and confronted her on the day I badged in on them at the side porch. She confessed that she was seeing her boss so she won’t be fired because the company was downsizing.

Why did she do it? She said she didn’t want me to move from the international school I was attending or for us to live outside the GRA.* Bad deal. She was sacked from her job anyway. I could see why she was worried, though. My school fees are like ten times what Tamuno’s father pays for him and he too goes to a private school. (Sorry, I forgot to tell you my cousin, Tamuno, came to live with us as planned.)

What my mum didn’t know was that as the best student in Primary 1, I would get a scholarship that will last till I finish primary school, and we didn’t move because my dad was buying the house from the government little by little (stallment payment*, something like that – point is the house is ours), just that he didn’t tell her yet.

But she really needed the break. Helped her to rearrange her life in so many areas. For instance, she started going to church with me and gave her life to Christ. Then she preached to me and Tamuno and we did the same. We were baptized together – three months after my dad left.

We began to pray and read the Bible together and we always reminded God that He said my dad will only be gone for a while. Actually, we thought that meant a few days or weeks but as the weeks turned into months and all we got was a monthly deposit into Mum’s account, I began to wonder if he would still return. But my mum never stopped believing, she never stopped hoping. Meanwhile, she went back to school, got a Masters degree and a better job.

Then out of nowhere, two years, eight months and twelve days after he left (Mum was counting!), he called and asked how we were. From the number, he was abroad. He had been sent by his company for training in the UK. The call lasted less than a minute but my mum was crying and laughing when he hung up.

Three weeks later, he called again and from then, they (actually we) chatted regularly. He said he was due back in Nigeria soon. And a week before my ninth birthday, he returned. He came straight home with an airport taxi.

The icing on the cake was that Dad had started attending church in the UK and surrendered his life to Jesus. He said he felt that if God could forgive a sinner like him, he should also forgive his wife. That was why he made that first call. He kept it a secret hoping to preach to us when he returns to Nigeria …. How awesome! How totally amazing!



So now that I am grown up (all of nine years!), born again and with my family together again, thanks to countless episodes of talking to God and Him talking back to us, I beg to withdraw my earlier statement that God is like Junior’s imaginary friend.

Junior has outgrown his imaginary friend, but as for me and God, we’re still tight pals. I talk to Him about everything. But best of all, He talks back to me and I can count on what He says. You see, it’s not just in my mind alone these days because I read my Bible everyday and use it to verify whatever I think I’m hearing from Him.

By the way, there was something that I was supposed to ask for when the time is right. I think that this is the time we’ve been waiting for.

“Dear God, you can release my baby brother or sister now.”

I’m sure that’s a prayer my mum will say a big “Amen” to. And with it, we come to the end of my story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I did telling it. Adieu! (Learnt that from my French class.) Seriously, ciao! (Did you know that’s Italian?) You don’t need this language class. So as they sang in “Sound of Music,” Gooooood Byyyyeeeeee!!!

-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

GRA stands for Government Reserved Area (choice real estate)
*stallment is a corruption of installmental

Wow! I have a confession to make. When I wrote this story, I titled it “Talking to God” but I felt some folks might think it’s some religious crap and not give it a chance. So I coined the present title. Which of these titles do you prefer? And what were the things that touched you in the story as a whole?

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  1. Every now and then between ‘the day daddy leaves’ and ‘the day he returns’, we often wonder if God had been real or something in our heads. But hope maketh not ashamed! All in time, His word to us always comes to pass.
    Thank you Aunt Edith

  2. Every now and then between ‘the day daddy leaves’ and ‘the day he returns’, we often wonder if God had been real or something in our heads. But hope maketh not ashame! All in time, His word to us always comes to pass.
    Thank you Aunt Edith

  3. Talking to God and Talking to my imaginary real friend
    I took a thought and a rethink on the thought and I say:
    Anyone who thinks talking to God is a waste then the person has no taste.
    Which suggests that I oblige with the former and against the latter

    • It’s a story by a child. Some of them go through that phase of having imaginary friends, only that he chose one that wasn’t in every sense … imaginary.

  4. True! I experienced that with my roommate When I told her to see a movie titled “miracles from heaven”…oh…how she hissed her way out of my humble suggestion! I was shocked n offended cos I knew why she did that… This present title is better. And I love that the boy could hear n talk to God. It sounds unbelievable but it happens n I want to get to that stage in my life…the part where I hear from God cos I know he speaks to me…

    • It will surely happen, my dear! When you pray and read the Bible, just don’t rush away. In the stillness of your heart, you’ll begin to discern the thoughts and words of God and, in time, you’ll be able to distinguish them clearly from yours.

  5. the story is really inspiring and this present title is better cos it really drew my attention to it. and the boy made himself available for God to use him to restore his family. i believe when will make ourselves available for God, He is ever ready and willing to work with us. nice story there,

    • Happy you’re learning from the stories as well, not just getting a good laugh from them. That’s part of the aim of writing them.


  7. i think the present title suites it better….the point whee the father called after two and a half years,explains the mystery of God…though no one can ever understand his mysterious way…”Those who wait on the Lord”…a summary of the point am trying to make.

  8. The story is really inspiring. At least we r bring reminded the need to call on God daily n when we r in distress. Thanks ma for dis wonderful story. God bless u n more power to ur elbow

  9. talking to imaginary friend is more much captivating and calls attention than “talking to God”. i was touched by the boy’s belief in God. his never giving up on God and his family

  10. Wow, so verrrrrrry interesting that I want more, I don’t want the story to end, many of us make this mistake of helping God which is not suppose to be so, we think we should help him not knowing that he has a plan for you already, it is just for you to ask him to lead and don’t complain, well the words of the lord is true and always come to pass, am happy that this little boy’s relationship with God brought his mother to embrace God too and leave the things that separated her from him, this story has really touched me and affected me, I hope to build a relationship with God so that he tells me things and also so that people will turn to him when they see him in me, thank you ma for this lovely story

  11. Wow this story is the bomb. And the title “” talking to my imaginary real friend” suits it. Because every individual has an image of God in their heart. Just like Bruno imagining God as juniors friend. But no matter the imagery in our hearts about God, the bottom line is, he is real.

    • Thank you too, Gift! I pray your talking to Him constantly bears fruit like it did for Bruno in this story in Jesus’ name.

  12. Awwwww didn’t ever want this story to end. It’s one of my favorites,with a perfect ending for everyone. So lovely. It’s really amazing that Bruno is still in a talking relationship with God and can still hear his voice. It’s absolutely terrific! I’m happy for their family and i pray he finally gets his baby sibling. I mean, it’s way overdue. Great job aunty

  13. I prefer the current title,it is very captivating. What wonders can’t God do? It is always important to have Him at the center of it all. Forgiveness is a virtue cuz everyone makes mistakes. Thank God for dwelling in that family.

  14. God is awesome, and it pays to be a Christian. I like the story because a lot of lessons are there: sacrifices, faith and forgiveness. The woman did what she thought was right to keep the family financially status stable even though her action was wrong which led to their separation, but by faith she forgave herself and kept faith that the husband will come back which latter happened, forgiveness is a very important virtue in the life of any Christian.

  15. This story needs to be read by everyone because it is not just an interesting story but also an inspiring one. I followed it from part 1_5 and I really learnt something especially that God is a very good friend to who ever believes in him. Thanks ma for this wonderful story.

  16. Wow! Am happy that things turn to the better for this family, all gratitude should be to almighty god for fulfill the promise he made to Bruno. I hope the baby will be a boy because this is what Bruno wants .

  17. Thanks for the Italian word, for me is a new vocabulary and I can tell my friends-ciao!
    You see, I told you that Bruno will find out. He was able to make out the reasons for the secrete at home because he dedicated his time and effort in finding out. What the Mom did was wrong. To me it is unthinkable, an evidence that she was far away from God . A life without Christ is in trouble because anything goes, even such as she did. Thank God that, things later worked out fine for all of them. Knowledge of God is very important because when you know him, you learn to wait on Him, so that even when things are not working out as expected, you learn to wait for Him because He is never too late and he knows about all our struggles Matthew 6:25-32. It is wrong for people to engage unethical or immoral means just to sustain their needs. For Bruno’s Mum to engage in illicit affair just to make sure that Bruno is in the school she felt he should be attending is not helping him but destroying him. I mean if there is no enough money to keep him in that school, there are other schools he could be attending till things normalizes. The answer to all these problems is just knowing God. Nothing but accepting Christ as I am happy they did eventually.

  18. Sincerely, I would go for the first title, talking to God”, this is because at all, at the end. God really proved his presence among men, even to a common child as the case of Braun was. I learnt that nothing is impossible for God to do. And that His time, though different from ours, His is still the best after all.

    Talking to my imaginary real friend, well, good as it may be, but it’s more abstract. both are but the spot different is that the former is more real and common than the latter which is imaginary and at the same time real…. It’s antithetical.

    Either way, the bottom line is. God is God and His ways are quite different from that of Men. Glory be to God.

    I won’t reserve this as well, Ma’am, the story was awe-inspiring and engaging, it’s a piece to be extended. Thank youuuu

  19. Ma, talking to God for me is still an interesting and captivating title but talking to my imaginary real friend is also Good.
    At the little Bruno outgrew the imaginary friend but still maintain the tightness or bond which is good as for his mum I’m happy she was sorry for her mistakes and came to Christ for Cleansing and for bringing the family together.

  20. Talking to my imaginary real friend is more captivating and catchy. I learnt in thus story that it is good to listen to God. You in the Bible when God was calling Samuel he was asked to say “speak Lord your servant is listening but this day we say ” listen Lord your servant is speaking.” had it been that Bruno was talking to God without listening, he wouldn’t be able to overcome. In as much as we talk to God, it is good we listen to him. Thank you ma for this.

  21. Talking to my imaginery real friend is more captivating, it makes you think outside the box, makes you want to read it, makes you want to know who this imaginery friend that is also real is.
    I knew it that Christ is missing in their lives, He is the beauty of life, thank God circumstances arose that drew the couple to Christ. I love this piece, thank you so much ma for always pointing us to Christ via your write-ups.

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