This poem addresses the primary duty of believing parents as the world unravels right before us. Please read and share freely to bless the body of Christ. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.

This poem addresses the primary duty of believing parents in this age.

The world is in a flux, everything is changing
Standards of right and wrong are rapidly declining
The truth we once believed is daily being reviled
But still there is a remnant whose lives are principled

Your kids will face much worse than what we see today
The pressure to conform will be hard to keep at bay
When everything means nothing, all life is meaningless
But I guess you sired them the immutable Way to profess

Now you have the time to fortify their hearts
With a faith that is real that will quench the fiery darts
A faith built on the Word of the God of all the earth
Teach them the Way, they’ll have a safe and lasting berth
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.
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  • ifediora

    Ma u are doing a good work continue to point d truth to ur world

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    How many are ready to take up these responsibilities of teaching the younger generations the best way to follow,the situation is quite pathetic,God help us. Thank you Ma!

  • Onah Juliet Ezinne

    Nyz work Ma

  • Shade

    Beautiful use of rhymes.

  • opiri chidimma

    nice composition,2 thumbs up Ma.

  • Onuorah chinemerem

    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!

  • Okpechi Augustina

    Truly a poem

  • Onaga kosi

    Nice write up Ma.
    This is true it is backed up by the bible.
    Teach your child the ways of the lord even in time past they won’t depart from His ways.
    In Africa parents are encouraged not to spare the rod and spoil the child.This method continues to work from generation to generation (i should know).All these are aimed at fulfilling the will of God and making the individual a better person.

    • Edith Ohaja

      In some parts of the world, if you use a cane to discipline your child, Social Services, an agency of govt. will try to take your kids away. And now the UN says taking children to church is an abuse of their human rights. #smh

      • Tobechi

        …and the part where the UN says taking children to church is against their human rights is quite pathetic and heartrending. Are we not allowed to train our kids they way we want again? Nawao! Truly, the end is near. God help us

      • onaga kosi

        Lol. UN planning to stop children from going to church and some govt agencies in other countries doing likewise,are all signs of the end time Ma.


    how many parents are willingly to teach this upcoming generation the right way to life,since no parents pays attention to their children because of white colar job,anyway, God we need your intervention on this new generation

  • what an interesting and motivating poem

  • Edith Ohaja

    I wish so too. Thank you,

  • shoot on ma, thanks for giving us such piece.



  • oleru precious

    a very motivating poem

  • Israel chinwe goodness

    Nice one ma. May we not go astray from the right path that our parent had shown us.

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    This is nice. I hope parent will see this too especially up coming parents.

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew


  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Refreshing post

  • Chigbo God'spromise

    love this one

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Wow very good piece

  • Jeremiah Chioma

    some people think that it is by locking up their children that they protect them but the truth is the only secret place in the surface of the earth is the secret place of the most high

  • Egbo Benjamin Chigbogu

    A world without the voice of compunction
    A world without the spirit to correct
    that’s a world ready to doom its continuity.
    We need to talk and educate our children to eschew the powers of immodesty and lawlessness moving like the tsunami in our society.
    The children are the saints of our hope.
    God bless the CHILD–a Godly CHILD,a Godly world we call.

  • nwosu esther chioma

    beautiful piece.

  • Chinecherem Victoria C

    Keep it up ma! Great piece indeed…when I get married, I will teach my kids the way…#singing…

  • Amedu blessing amarachi


  • You don’t know how much you inspire me, good rhymes, I will grow to teach my kids the way and let them teach their own kids

  • As a good mother or father, you must let your child know the ways of God because that’s the best way to bring up a child. This poem is lovely, ma.

  • ukwueze oluchi benedette

    the poem is really educative. parents should train their children properly at their tender age so that they will not grow with a negative behaviour and become irresponsible in the society because a stitch in time saves nine.


    It is good to imbibe good character in kids so that when they grow up, they won’t depart from displaying it. This poem is a motivational one.

  • Akabuike Chisom

    Kids are gift from heaven, they shouldn’t be Led astray by things of the world, so it’s necessary for parents or guardians to put them on the right path, but today everyone is forming busy forgetting that charity begins at home. Nice piece Ma God bless you

  • Chigbo God'spromise E

    Many parents experience laxity in correcting their children, this has made this generation lack moral values.

  • Ozoguejiofor Uche Jacinta

    Train up a child the way he should go and when he grows he will never depart from it. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Children needs discipline to become responsible people.

  • emekaobi ijeoma rita

    there’s an adage that says when you train up a child in the right path, when he grows he will not depart from it. God has blessed us with kids so we should play our parts well by teaching them the ways of the lord and good morals.

  • Ani Fabian

    This poem really pointed out good reasons why parents should show their children the right path to take.when children are trained through the right way it makes them appear different from their play mates.It is very important that parents teach their kids in the right way,because they will certainly not be with them every moment of their life.

  • Nwele Euphemia Uzoamaka

    When a root feeds a plant it grows
    When one lives by example, there is much to follow
    a place to stand
    i could decide to choose a path
    but still i need a guide
    even in my choice
    prayers can direct

  • Bessong Faith Ada

    Clearly, Scriptures teaches that training children to know and obey God is the basis for pleasing Him and living victoriously in his grace. Discipline is an integral part of raising Godly children, for we know that “Lord disciplines those He loves” (proverbs 3:12). Hence, parents should have the same zeal for teaching their children the right way.

  • judith

    The way of the lord is divine, I pray in his grace, he will help us teach our children the right path to pursue which they will never depart from.

  • Blessing obidudu

    The way of the Lord is just and righteous and I pray He gives us the grace to never depart from it and to help us train our children in that way too.


    Parents should start now to give their children the foundation which will set a great standard tomorrow. It will not only benefit them and their families, but the whole nation. In every foundation, they should not forget to put the fear of God in them first.

  • Igbokwe ugochi onyedikachi

    This write-up is like an eye-opener,because is not about strictly raising your kids up to obey rules and regulations,but also giving them a firm foundation and backup in Christ.without this in their lives,temptation which will definitely come might make them question what the already think the know in the future.


  • Willie Albert Zikiye

    socialization of the young ones is very Paramount in this technologically driven society were men have become slave to technology. According to sociological perspective, the family is the first agent of socialization. Therefore, Goldy families should socialize their children. Ma, thank you very much for reminding the family its significant role in the live of the children through this poem.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Just like it is said in the Bible, “train up a child in the way he should grow and when he grow, he will never depart from it”. Good morals and principles should be instilled in our children and there will uphold it even until old age.

  • When you teach your children the righteous part, the way of God from a tender age he or she will never depart from it. Impact good morals and principles and standards to your, children when they are still young. Parents should teach and show their children the right path to follow. Thank you ma for this inspirational post

  • Venessa Stephen

    Parents should be carefull on what they exposed to their infants.They should also take time to know their children and the kind of company they keep,you should be your role model.Train up a child in a way it should grow when he’s old he won’t depart from it.

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    This poem is insightful indeed. Parent are to train their children in a Godly way. The neglect of child upbringing in Godly way is one of the reasons why we find many youths today joining occultism due to weak or lack of Godly upbringing. This poem Should be a must-read to all parents.

  • Eze Chioma

    In this ever evolving world, the need to keep up with trends has caused so many young people to do things they wouldn’t want to do in a normal circumstance. By teaching your children the way, which is God the truth and the life, they will never depart from this teaching even when they become adults and are miles away from you. This teaching should involve details of the good and bad side of life and how the good is the safest and surest way to live in order to seek favour in the eye of God.

  • mary R

    Train up a child in the way of the Lord and when he is old he would not depart from it. The most valuable gift that you can give your children is not money; it is the ability to think positively. The money will soon be gone, but the ability to think positively will go on to help your children be a success throughout their lives.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. That’s the sure way

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