Why are so many people afraid of speaking out against evil and injustice in Nigeria? Why are we so averse to questioning authority? I think the answers are not far to find.

Outspoken people are often hated and vilified. They are easily branded as money-hungry, popularity-seekers and trouble makers. True, there are those who loudly declaim against societal vices and aberrations to gain relevance and then turn around to defend same once the pay is right. Presidential aide, Lauretta Onochie, and lawyer, Festus Keyamo, who are notorious as staunch defenders of the Buhari dictatorship readily come to mind in this respect.

However, not all outspoken people are priming for a payday. There are those who remain loyal to what they feel is right even when it cannot attract monetary gain. Reno Omokri, ex-aide on new media to former President Goodluck Jonathan, is a good example. He continues to defend the Jonathan adminstration with facts and figures against the unending blame game of the Buhari regime and has been championing the cause of the release of Christian teenager Leah Sharibu. Sharibu has been held in captivity by Boko Haram since February 2018 after her school mates whom she was abducted with were set free because she refused to renounce her faith. Omokri has been conducting a one-man global campaign to secure her release.

Screenshot of portions of a recent Reno Omokri post on Facebook

People who are not afraid to speak up stir up the hornet’s nest against those in power and this may disrupt their corrupt enrichment and other unsavoury schemes. When attempts to buy their silence fail, they are sometimes framed and maligned. And where they are within the domain of the ruler, they are hounded and subjected to diverse kinds of persecution. In fact, the tentacles of tyrants often go beyond their borders to deal with such people as seen in the case of Saudi dissident and journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed by Saudi government operatives in Turkey, where he was living in exile, on October 2, 2018.

Also, I think that critical and forthright people are hated because they serve as the conscience of others. They make people uncomfortable by confronting them with their misdeeds and demanding a turnaround. This is why the Buhari administration has been systematically silencing the opposition in the country by locking up vocal figures like the former PDP publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, for extended periods, or harassing them with interminable EFCC and police cases, as with the former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose and Senator Dino Melaye.

We must jettison the fear of speaking out if we would bring positive change in society. Click To Tweet

Yet, however much Buhari is denounced openly or privately for his fascist administration, we tend to observe similar high-handedness in our public and private institutions, homes, etc. Activist Deji Adeyanju is presently raising awareness about the incarceration of a lecturer and five students of Madonna University by the police at the instigation of the university authorities for criticisms they made on social media. Another case he’s working on concerns the refusal of the University of Port Harcourt to release the results of hundreds of students (who ought to have been graduated) due to late registration, despite a court order that it should.

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Similarly, two days ago, I attempted unsuccessfully to get a head of department at UNN to lift a punitive measure imposed on a student on the basis of a retroactive order. I posited that equity and common sense tell us that it’s unfair to make a rule and then insist that it should have retroactive effect. Yet, the HOD was adamant, claiming that the student exhibited recalcitrant behaviour by asking questions about the order in which his colleagues’ works were forwarded to the external examiner. The student had complained that although he submitted his work many months before, it had not been sent to the external examiner while the works of others who submitted much later than himself had been despatched.

I was dumbfounded! How can this be seen as evidence of recalcitrance? Does a student not have the right to make such an inquiry when it is known that such works are supposed to be sent in the order that they are submitted? There can only be two explanations: the student’s work had been mistakenly overlooked, in which case an apology and assurance of immediate rectification would be in order or something underhand was going on, which would explain the hostility elicited by the inquiry.

This is part of the reason why we are where we are (no apologies to VP, Yemi Osinbajo). At every level of society, people in power take unilateral action for self-serving reasons, bend the rules and intimidate those around into silence. And because they would rather spend time and energy punishing “recalcitrance” than doing the right thing and submitting to accountability checks, the system continues to decay.

If such things are happening in universities which ought to be pace setters in charting society’s course and training the next generation, is it any wonder that students’ unions, academic staff unions and the elite in the wider society who are products of these universities are notably absent in the feeble opposition to Buhari’s administration? Is it any wonder then that Buhari is disobeying court orders, misusing government funds to serve sectional interests, labelling every criticism as hate speech and sending the security agencies against their sources and ignoring regular face-to-face with the press. He sees himself as above the law and the people who should call him to order are either bowing down in worship or they’re hibernating.

We are fostering a culture of silence in the face of evil, a culture of “I don’t want to be a scapegoat”, a culture of sycophancy for pecuniary gain and a culture that worsens the moral degradation in society and perpetuates autocratic behaviour by those in positions of authority.

Those who keep silent when rulers do wrong are complicit in their misrule. #quote Click To Tweet

I strongly believe that assertiveness should be encouraged in Nigeria today. We should inculcate it in our children and wards, rather than instill fear of punishment and social disapproval in them. At home, at school, in the church and in the wider society, people should be brave enough to ask questions and get clarifications, they should be able to air their views and speak against what is wrong and they should have the courage to stand their ground in the face of intimidation.

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I am not calling for the provoking of unnecessary arguments, disrespect and rebellion. As a Christian, I stand for the truth and fair-minded expressiveness. I do,not endorse rascality and the carrying out of hatchet jobs on people in authority as sections of the media, celebrities and the elite did under the Jonathan adminstration to make the country ungovernable and install “change”, which “change” has proven to be an unmitigated disaster that has not only led to destitution, unparalleled insecurity and erosion of checks and balances in government, but has placed the country on a keg of gun powder.

Those who practised subversion against that administration are today playing deaf and dumb or speaking in a sporadic and wussy manner. The media, which we depended upon during the military regime, have either grown too comfortable with the years of democracy or they have been compromised into practising self-censorship. Very few of them are courageously asking the government hard questions and reporting its misdeeds.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke Click To Tweet

The alarming direction the Buhari administration is taking (relentlessly pursuing its Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda) calls for sustained and forceful, critical bombardment from first, the media, followed by influential citizens, and then the rest of us. Activists like Deji Adeyanju, who has been repeatedly detained by this government, and his Concerned Citizens’ Network cannot fight this battle alone. We all need to deliver ourselves from fear of what the tyrant in power may do and stand for our rights. Otherwise, we may not only be consumed by the conflagration the Buhari administration wants to ignite with its Ruga settlement plan (God forbid!), we will also suffer the judgment of history.

Whatever we do, we should always do it prayerfully and without malice, knowing that our God is the Almighty and He has the final say.




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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Ndieze Kelechi

    I sincerely believe that when citizens see evil being perpetrated and fail to speak out, then it’s wrong. The onus falls on citizens to jettison fear and speak out when things are going wrong. Thanks, ma, for this post.

  • Anabude oluchi

    Well said, ma. Indeed, it’s unfortunate that we have a situation where individuals who try to speak out against the evil being orchestrated by the leaders are silenced or eliminated in this country and it ought not to be because the truth has to be told whether it is favouring the leaders or not. We must always speak out when things are going wrong in this country even though the present government discourages it.

  • Idam Joy Ogwu

    It is true that men are afraid to speak up this is so because when a man wants to speak up the question that comes to heart is what have the words of those that spoke out been used for. Everyone’s fears for his life forces people to keep mute even when they have something to say. Nevertheless, Nigerians must speak up now in order to avert the doom that is lurking around us.

  • Ugwuda Mathew

    Fear i will say is the greatest threat of man,. Some are eager to speak against the happenings in the country but are sometimes conquered by fear.
    If we must speak, we must first conquer fear.

  • Levi Ifeanyi

    As you said, ma, “those who keep silent when rulers do wrong are complicit in their evil.” Knowing that Truth is bitter to the ears of evildoers, we should not hesitate from saying it all the time. I strongly believe in the Igbo adage that says, “Will we hesitate from going to war because of death?” The answer is NO, once it is war against evil. Therefore, we ought to do the right thing (speak justly) without the fear of those tyrants in power or authority… That will only save us. Even if others are not willing to support, be the ‘Daniel’ of your time and stand firm!

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    This is really why we are where we are. Lol?

    You see, this act of not speaking up didn’t start today. As a kid, you’re not allowed to question some things your parents do, else you’ll be dealt with, so many people grew with that mindset.

    A lot of people die in silence simply because they don’t want to be tagged “Attention seeker” and stuffs like that. Most students are been harrassed sexually by lecturers but the fear of the unknown made them crawl into their shells instead of speaking up.

    Highlight the bad sides of today’s government and you’d be accused of making a ‘hate speech’.

    However, if we inculcate the habit of speaking up in our young, it’s going to do us more good. And while trying to speak up, we should seek God’s wisdom in order not to be misunderstood.

    I think parents should teach their kids the importance of speaking up.

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    Things go bad because good people won’t speak up. Won’t do anything.
    We can never downplay the importance of criticisms to get the days government up and doing. And like you ma, I’ll lend my voice to speak against social ills, injustice and corruption. If the school system is not even safe to speak up, how safe then is society? We will never stop speaking out for a better Nigeria though

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    Even as were advised to speak out, we should only speak out the right things from a good perspective. I advise that we think too and consider the relevance of what we want to say before we make it public. Thank you, Ma!

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    Indeed, what our country needs is men and people who can boldly state the truth without fear. Nigeria will indeed be a better place if such people can arise…

  • Brown Favour Felix

    I pray that God will help us and save us from this situation.
    Because it is so alarming. Buhari’s adminstration has brought us nothing but fear and pains. Anyone who chose to speak out is being treating with Efcc (especially those in opposition party) and immediately the person defected the His party the person is automatically free. Ex_governor of Akwa ibom State; formal sen. God’s will Akpabio is the one of victims. It is painful to me personally that even youths are not giving an opportunity to voice out their pain even in academic sector. My question is, where are we heading to?

    It’s indeed very painful.

    I pray may God look down on our afflictions and save us.

    Thanks ma for this national consciousness.

    God continue to bless you and your family.

  • Okalishi Oliver

    It is very concerning, that this country may be destroyed soon by those who suppose to make it glamour.
    Our country, our pride is going down everyday by those who suppose to build it up.
    This administration has become the most alarming of them all.
    This administration has offer us nothing, but distress, pains and fear.
    Buhari’s adminstration has shut up many people mind and mouth, many of us don’t even know what to do and say again.
    The one that is more painful is that even academic sector is also threating our free speech; our foundamental human rights, our pride is being temper upon.

    Has youth I must be courageous to speak the truth respective the consequence but through the help of God.

    Thanks ma
    God bless.

  • Nwoye chiamaka favour

    Truthfully said ma. Sometimes, when people decide to stand up and speak, the media describe them as attention seekers. Also, when people take it up as a mission to speak up, the government finds a way of silencing such an individual. Even among friends, we find it hard to tell a friend what he or she is doing wrong. I pray God helps us to stand up for the right things and put our feet firmly on the ground.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    Silent I really becoming a tradition in our society, which is gradually eliminating morality and promoting injustice. The only way to allow evil to prevail is when we sit down and do nothing. in a country where the system is highly corrupt like Nigeria, to fight against injustice is like a signing a death warrant.
    nevertheless it is better to speak out and fight against injustice no matter what it takes than to be silent and remain a slave to injustice forever..thank you mma for that wonderful write up.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    Silence is really becoming a big disaster in our society, which gradually eliminating justice and equity, therefore indirectly promoting injustice of all kinds. The only way to allow evil to prevail is when people sit down and do nothing. In a country like Nigeria where corruption and injustice is the order of the day, fighting injustice is like signing a death warrant, but nevertheless it is better to speak out and fight against injustice no matter what it takes than to die in silent forever.


    True talk…people shouldn’t allow fear to prevent them from saying the truth and speaking against evil. When we keep mute, we are indirectly encouraging evil and also affected by the result of this evil. Nice writeup ma!

  • Eze vivian Nkiruka

    Enough is enough to those those who think they are superior to rules and laws of the land,enough to buhari and his evil cohort,enough is enough,its high time we stood up as one to fight against insecurity,unmitigated disaster,bad and corrupt practices,but this change begins with me and u.


    True talk… People shouldn’t allow fear to prevent them from saying their mind and also speaking against evil. We should know that when we keep mute, we are indirectly encouraging evil and also dying in silence. Nice writeup ma!

  • Chima ella

    Power makes one feel like God himself but forgetting that it temporal. Must people are afraid to speak for the fear of being killed or subjected to punishment.Positions are given to wrong individuals both in schools, universities ,offices and so on. By this act of buhari he has failed as a leader
    “Is it any wonder that Buhari is disobeying court orders, misusing government funds to serve sectional interests, labelling every criticism as hate speech and sending the security agencies against their sources and ignoring regular face-to-face with the press. He sees himself as above the law and the people who should call him to order are either bowing down in worship or they’re hibernating”.
    Those in power are refers to gods cause they represents the superior being which we cant not see.
    People who are to speak for the masses are being paid and makes the masses believes all sort of lies and no one questioned them. The future of Nigeria lies in the hands of upcoming journalist.

  • Ezike winifred udochukwu

    Honestly..people need to voice out when they see things are been done wrongly…but nowadays no one wants trouble,,everyone is now playing the role of me and my family..no one wants to stand up to the evil going on in d society for the fear of been targeted or been tracked down ..so this gives the corrupt ones or leaders the morale to continue with their bad deeds ..and it also gives rise to more autocratic rulers,,we should get rid of the fear of not speaking out.

  • Chah ugochukwu

    That was a very good write up aunty,thank u. I think u are right, it is pertinent that people learn to speak up and not cower in the face of injustice and misdeeds done. it’s also important that people learn to have consciences
    and the corruption doesn’t only start and end at the presidential level,corruption is everywhere. It’s in schools, homes, everywhere. even a young child these days learns how to use the little power he might have for only self pleasure to the detriment of others,corruption is part of the system now so much so that no one thinks it’s anything anymore and when one person speaks against it, he is seen as evil. it’s really sad.
    let’s learn to speak up despite anything that might happen, that way we begin to make this nation great

  • Jane Frances

    A very enlightening post. I believe that many people are willing to oppose the status quo but its quite unfortunate that speaking up in Nigeria is like putting ones life the line. I pray God gives us the courage to make our voiced heard.

  • Godwin Grace

    anty u are so right. i once read a post that says” the only thing that makes bad people and bad things succeed is when good people don’t do anything” and that’s the case with us. alot of people know about corruption, they know it’s bad but yet they don’t speak up for fear of being looked down on or for fear of other things and by not speaking up, bad people tend to prosper thereby making a place more corrupt.
    we really need to abandon all fears and start speaking up, start doing something about
    it that’s the only way we can begin to heal in Nigeria

  • Jane Frances

    A very enlightening post. I believe that many people are willing to oppose the status quo but its quite unfortunate that speaking up in Nigeria is like putting ones life in the line. I pray God gives us the courage to make our voices heard.

  • Amuzie chioma Esther

    I will like to lend my voice to what u have just written anty because it pains me. even in class, when someone speaks against corruption and/or injustice, she is seen as if she is so holy. she is insulted and made fun of and all these usually makes people not to speak up but I think we shouldn’t fear what may happen to us. Let us do what we can do to change this country and remember that we are doing it for God. If we are mocked or whatever, let’s take it in good faith and kept trying.
    It also pains me when people who are given power to serve use it for just self gratification, not caring about those whom they vowed to serve,instead treating them badly.
    let’s put a stop to all these

  • Tiger Freda Jarip

    It’s quite sad how our nation has turned deaf ears to the truth and what is right. The government see these things and still decide to stand against the truth due to selfish reasons.If at all we want a better future for this nation, it’s high time we called a spade a spade no matter how bitter it may sound.

  • Arthur Ukaga

    I actually like the idea behind the post. It is actually true that citizens fear being singled out after they have aired out their opinion. No one wants to be a scape-goat when they have no form of defense during the time of backlash. I will however say that people should stand for what they believe in. If we don’t take a stand who will? Or do we just continue to suffer in silence. I implore those reading this to not be afraid of crying foul when they see something wrong happening.

  • Aleke Juliet C.

    Who will take the lead? It’s true that we have the freedom of speech but fear and lack of courage has made many(including me, no doubt) to stoop low, hiding in our cocoon, awaiting a saviour… May God help us

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    This is the type of post needed in this time of unimaginable silent against an evil act.
    Though it’s a truism that this administration seems to be autocratic and tyrant. But it’s also important for us to stick to the fact that we are practicing Democracy and not Autocracy nor tyranny – we are free to air our views. As citizens of our dear country Nigeria, we can make positive change by refusing to be frightened – yes we can. Imagine the kind of massive criticism we unleashed on the issue of COZA pastor and Elisha Abbo,it forced the government into action – and this is because we jettison fear of speaking out. Just as I earlier stated, we live in a democracratic country, we are not to keep mute and watch thing go rotten. Citizens are no more secure in this country; there is no day now that you won’t hear that Fulani herdsmen killed here or there. And this are the peope Buhary is making effort to give land in all the thirty-six states in the country. We must make sure this administration fail in his plan to Islamise our country Nigeria. And we can only do this by alleviating fear and call a spade a spade; an abomination an Abomination.
    I will not fail to say a big THANKS to Dino Omokri, Deji Adenyaju and most especially Aunty Edith Ohaja. These trio has been on the forefront in criticising this demonic administration. We also need to join them on this race.

  • Jane Frances

    An enlightening story. Many people are willing to speak up,but opposing the status quo in Nigeria is like putting ones life on the line. I pray that God gives us the courage to give voice to our grievances.

  • Oba Cindy biobele

    Those that speak up but say lies coined by politicians feel like they’ve escaped the backlash and oppression that someone who really said the truth will. But the thing is that they will continue to be puppets and politicians will keep controlling them for their own use. Nigeria needs to become better. We need to fight for our rights!. Silence will keep leading us to an unending doom.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Our Citizens need to do something, we need to speak out against this government. I think that what makes people not to speak against the government in social media for example is because of the fear of getting killed by the unknown. I pray that God give us the strength and courage to speak out courageosly against the unlawful deeds of the government…Amrn

  • Blessing Theophilus

    With tears in my eyes for Nigeria, am provoked and at the same time having pity on my country for being in this state of mess, seriously, it will only take bold and patriotic minds to speak out. Of course, nobody wants to be a scapegoat, but it only painful that we are in a vicious circle. The old cliche says “charity begins at home” corruption has to be gotten rid of right from our homes, offices and every other endeavour. I only pray that God will deliver us.

  • Añulika Iwoba

    Profound, explicit and exceedingly essential!
    This piece couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Lately, I’ve been genuinely disturbed by the culture we’re extolling by our attitude of sycophancy, delusion and lies.
    The western mainstream media are terribly indicted here.
    While the vocal liberals are undisturbed in their agitations, the conservative Republicans are hounded, insulted and scorned for so much as voicing their convictions.
    Then, there is Nigeria which seems to have sworn to perish in inequity.
    While the “change” mantra of Buhari focuses on humiliating, impoverishing and incarcerating PDP members and all other perceived enemies, it empowers the APC to loot undisturbed.
    Vocal activists are cruelly suppressed and dealt with while the sycophants are cherished and motivated.

    But the rot extends beyond politics and the media.
    In a gathering of just a few people where the leader or the wealthiest is autocratic and callous, you’d find the average members closing their eyes to his misdeeds and perhaps, extolling him.
    This is simply because they’d rather be in his good books than wage a war they may not be able to finish.
    It’s sad, ma, simply sad to merely think of these things.
    Thank you very much for writing.


    “fear of speaking out”is one of the things one must conquer to make the world a better place.yes, I’m guilty of this. I feel like why I should express my opinions when I know it won’t be valued but this post is a wake up call.it really gave me reasons why I should voice it out .

  • Ezidimma odinakachukwu oluchukwu

    This is Nigeria and many bad things are really happening. For someone to be brave enough to speak the truth in this regime,it will be hard for the person. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. As believers we should endeavor to speak the truth no matter the situation or conditions.

  • Agnes

    Today, speaking out is seen as brashness and somehow uncultured especially when you are against the popular view. There is no law whatsoever that says we shouldn’t speak against injustice done to us. Buhari’s regime is a sugar coated dictatorship. What is democracy without checks and balances. Buhari’s is like the head of all the ‘badoos’ we have in Nigeria so I was not a surprised when I heard of the RUGA settlement of Fulani herdsmen. Let’s eradicate silence hence we become silent ‘conspirators’. Thanks for sharing ma

  • Ikebudu Juanita

    People are always afraid to speak up against authorities because of the fear of being punished and harmed,when people speak up for the right things in this part of the world of the happenings its usually neglected,that’s what causes most of us to remain quiet,this post is encouraging ma,keep up the good works

  • It becomes very painful to see such things go on in our society even in the university. If the body that is positioned to serve the interest of its people still bends the law against them without redress or pardon, we are left with only one option. However, even this option wasn’t successful in 2019 general elections.

  • People need to keep speaking. It is better to speak than to be silent even if it yields no result. Silence could mean consent, Never be silent. I have learnt it the hard way that if we shy away from the truth because the “subject” is an outspoken person, everyone would suffer especially you from Guilt.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Sometimes I wonder if men like Nelson Mandela and his likes exist again in our days. Our country is moving slowing to an autocratic government, people who need to speak out jettison the need to, cause of fear and other reasons. We need Nelson Mandela s’ of our time, we need people that will lend their voice in projecting the cry of the masses, we need people that will fight for the right course, we need pens that will keep writing to to proclaim truth, we need people who can stand in the gap. We all can do this, yes! We can, if only we all jettison the fear of speaking out.

  • Orakwue Kosiso Nkechi

    The fear of speaking against the government has limited the freedom of speech of the masses because if they do they are either persecuted or arrested….so they are left to keep their opinion to themseleves which is slowly destroying the democracy of the country.

  • Clifford Ndujihe

    On the aspect of journalist being silent or not exposing the activities of the recent government, I would say we should all try to follow the footsteps of Dele Giwa, knowing what is true and speaking up.

  • Chioma Agbaraka

    The fear of speaking out is indeed common. I am also scared of speaking out and this article would help me jettison that fear. There are so many wrong doings and injustice and not speaking out would only increase them in the society.
    You said something when you left the class yesterday and I had to engrave it in my heart, about how the righteous should be bold and not scared of anything. I have been a very shy and timid person but I don’t think that’s the kind of life I want anymore. I won’t be intimidated and I will learn to jettison that fear for my good and the good of my society.


    For a person to speak out, he/she must first of all, conquer the spirit of fear within.
    In the case of Nigeria, I think it’s the fear of standing for the truth alone that is the problem. But for a better Nigeria, one must stand for the truth, regardless of how many people standing with you cause “IT BEGINS WITH YOU”.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    Martin Luther king Jr said” the ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” Truely,we are always afraid of speaking against evil in fear of our lives,but we should always speak against evil,if not as citizens but as Christians(as christains,if we don’t speak out against evil,we have sinned),and when we Stand neutral in situations of injustice,we have chosen the side of the oppressor…. So, we should always speak against oppressors, evil perpetrators and injustice.

  • Blessing Chris

    This post was before the Busayo Dakolo’s episode ensured.Speaking out in Nigeria is becoming the devil’s pilgrimage. However, silence will never be Nigerian

  • Balogun oseyemi

    As Christian we should not be afraid to speak against evil because God has not given us the spirit of fear. If we do not speak against evil, we are encouraging it to continue and that will in no way help us.

  • Ekwuagana Fabian Ikechukwu

    Its true that the greatest weapon we have now is our voice and the courage to speak up, but to me I think that the greatest issue we have in this country is corruption, it has eaten deep into the fabrics of this country that even if we begin to cry out or protest from now till for ever, nothing will be done about it. Those who spare head this whole vices are still the ones in authority, who somehow gain from the ill fate of the country. Okay, talk about the #endsars campaign that have been happening for many months now, what have they done about it? Sars is still going around ending te lives of innocent citizens, a case where a shepherd is eating the sheep he was given to guide.
    Even in the grassroots, corruption is still there, every average Nigerian is corrupt,and I believe the main thing we should pray is to find a solution to this corruption issue, because without that, our voices can’t be heard.
    My opinion though


  • Ekwuagana Fabian

    Its true that the greatest weapon we have now is our voice and the courage to speak up, but to me I think that the greatest issue we have in this country is corruption, it has eaten deep into the fabrics of this country that even if we begin to cry out or protest from now till for ever, nothing will be done about it. Those who spare head this whole vices are still the ones in authority, who somehow gain from the ill fate of the country. Okay, talk about the #endsars campaign that have been happening for many months now, what have they done about it? Sars is still going around ending te lives of innocent citizens, a case where a shepherd is eating the sheep he was given to guide.
    Even in the grassroots, corruption is still there, every average Nigerian is corrupt,and I believe the main thing we should pray is to find a solution to thos corruption issue, because without that, our voices can’t be heard.
    My opinion though


  • Omaga Chiagozie

    The reason why so many people are not speaking up is the fate of those that have spoken before. When their life is in danger, they tend to keep mute and watch as things unfold but I believe that if many people will speak out, the government will stop the harassment because you can not detain or kill the whole country. They were able to do it because few people have the courage to speak but if they are many, they will not be able to succeed.

  • Eze chikadibia Joan

    You are absolutely right ma. The consequences of being outspoken especially against a bad phenomenon that occurs in a society leads to spiral of silence because nobody wants to be discriminated or left behind, therefore, it kills the spirit of truth while the ruthless behavior continues. This is a heart cry to become bold and speak against things that will not benefit anybody in all ramifications. We need really to jettison the fear of speaking out.

  • Ugwuja Deborah

    We should never be silent. To be honest,we should engage ourselves in the art of speaking out and questioning whatever isn’t right.This is the reason why we are actually here. We make excuses for the system, saying its abnormalities are normal, any wrongdoings are an everyday thing but it isn’t if we really want change. We should begin by asking questions, giving our opinions on how to make certain things better, trying to make our voices heard if they won’t listen. This doesn’t just apply to matters that concern the government but in every aspect of our lives. Try speaking out for a change.

  • Bob Charles Ngene

    Good day ma’am, no offence but this article with all it’s scary details which are based on the consequences of speaking out in this hostile system; honestly speaking it further dissuades alot of people from actually speaking out.
    I appreciate the fact that you were being realistic about this matter but I feel the only way to speak out in the system and still keep your head is by applying this really refined form of diplomacy which Nigerians obviously lack

  • Anorue John-Daniel Kelechi

    It is right for one to speak out at all times, regardless of who would be hurt or who would be praised, it is right to march on the right toes when fighting for the right cause.

  • Godwin Grace

    I think the reason why people dont speak out is because of the fear of what could could be done to them. Also, the fact that even when they speak, nothing is done about it. Nigeria is at a point now where everyone is on the look out for what favours them and not what is right. But finally, I think nothing should make a person shut up and not speak the truth. As long as what is said is the truth and also makes sense.

  • Chimezie Goodness Adimchinobi

    It is quiet unfortunate that in our dear country Nigeria,the theory of public opinion is non-functional.It is alarming because the so called men on the top who are to be trusted and are there to represent the interest of the citizens are the criminals themselves.We are in a democratic society,when democracy was defined as the government of the people,by the people and for the people.Our leaders never know this.The earlier we start speaking up the better for us.God bless Nigeria.

  • Chisom nwalutum

    Actually, silence has led to the doom and backwardness of our country and government.
    God should give both us and our leaders the courage to conquer fear.

  • Ogechukwu ukwuani Cynthia

    Conscience nurtured by truth is the best, we should speak out when our conscience tells us to. Because the truth will always set us free.

  • Amuzie chioma Esther

    We are in an era where every man is to himself. People do things because they have something to gain from it. Funny thing is, even if it’s the truth that you’re speaking, they end up branding you as a bad person. It is well. We must keep saying the truth though, wether it pleases anyone or not.

  • Irawaji Itongikunyiowaji Praise

    A very insightful post. Speaking out is necessary as it aids in passing across our grievances to the required body, but one could be made silent if his/her opinions are ignored just because it says the truth or if attended to would affect or stop the interest they get from the very wrong policies. Using Nigeria as a point of contact, people tend to keep quite in this country because they know that their opinions won’t be listened to as the government is aimed at loothing the little the masses acquire, one can not speak out on the infringement of ones right because the judiciary itself infringe these rights as it is controlled by external bodies that consider their selfish interests. Nonetheless, it is right we speak out regardless.

  • Goodness Rex

    We are expected to be bold and resist this evil government even when it will earn us more enemies, as far as the country’s interest is paramount in our hearts

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    It is a shame that the Nigeria we live in and love so much,has turned for the worse. People are afraid to speak out not only for the fear of being the silent majority but also of being in danger or harm’s way thanks to our able president for that. Through this post let’s all get encouraged to speak out more often in the small places of socialization we find ourself.

  • Jibulu Ngozi

    Most of us were raised in fear and made to believe that whatever we do has punishments attached to them
    I pray we Nigerians will be able to stand as one and get rid of the fear in us and speak out whenever it’s necessary. Thank you Ma for this enlightenment.

  • Ebenezer

    As much as it is good to speak the truth, we as students know what we face when we speak out and this affects us as we grow up. This fear has been instilled in us already..to speak out will take a lot of courage. It’s better to die for something than to live for nothing

  • Anekwe Paschaline

    When people refuse to speak up. The situations that need change deteroriates to something worse. The case of Nigeria now is that of fear to speak up so you won’t be accused of hate speech. However we can start speaking out about the little things we notice going wrong around us. We just need to start from the little and progress to the big. Good work Ma.

  • Nnachetam favour

    Ma,as a child i was thought not to speak when my elders are,even though i had something to offer,i have to lock it up to avoid being scolded on.A child that was brought up in this manner tend to have the challenge of inferiority complex.For one to Jettison fear there is a need for brain washing cause one cannot just transform into a fearless freedom fighter after so many years of meditating on fear. there is need for sensitization on this subject. Thank you.

  • There is this saying that “when we Dnt speak up, we are silencing the truth”. Therefore, let’s pray against the spirit of fear and start expressing ourselves. Tnk U MA.

  • Ogbuagu chinenye

    This Is one of the major problem of this country, getting punished or worse killed for speaking the truth or pointing out the wrongdoings of our government…we should be able to give our opinions, But this is not so. I hope people read this post and jettison the fear of speaking out,in schools, at home and most of all our government.


    When an ill is ignored, it all comes back to haunt everybody. When good people see these things and ignore them, they become disasters. Our very own country suffers this mostly because of the autocratic nature of government but we should speak out through any medium so that people can be enlightened. Nice post, ma.

  • awaka vivian

    It is disheartening the way things are and go in Nigeria. Like at times it just seems like all hope is lost, when people who have the courage to speak out do, nothing is done about it rather they are being criticized or punished. This is very bad and will not help this country In any way. Thank you ma for touching this table.

    • Adimorah Perpetual

      I actually think people are not afraid to say the truth,the are afraid of what will happen to them or there loved ones when they do.

  • Wenibo Modupe Glory

    Of a truth people are afraid to speak out for fear of the unknown disaster that may come their way. But if we continue in this manner, we are not only promoting evil perpetrators but also placing our lives at risk. We need to be courageous and take the bull by the horns and seek God’s face for his intervention. Only then will things be done in the favour of the citizens.

  • Marcillina

    For a society or a group to move on,their must be patrotic members of that soceity,people who will giveout their best for the society to move on.In Nigeria we lack such people and it is affecting us both as individual and as a group.Many people have the mind to speak out but considering the attack they may get from people involve in the crime or situation he may decide to keep mute and live in silence.I beleive is only God that will give us the streneth to voice out when it matters most.God bless u ma and keep u strong.

  • Obeto clinton

    Every opinion in every issues and matters. We should stand for justice,truth and peace in any issue,especially the ones that affects our lifes and that of the future generation. This is an avenue for people to be encouraged and to speak out their minds and also stand for their self,right and justice.

  • Chigbo victor

    In truth I have also question this country’s inability to speak up where there is need. We Nigerians are dangerously getting comfortable with the appaling and disgusting path that this regime has decided to embark on. We all should come out of our comfort zone and join hands together to finally make this country that great place its meant to be. Let’s speak up whenever we see any act that is not for the betterment of our country that needs to be truly great. #SpeakUpNigeria

  • Ebenezer

    We as the society should do away with the fear of speaking the truth about any mal-behaviour of higher authority, we should hold on being courageous and bold, to avoid we being puppets in the hands of higher authority. It’s better to die for a good cause than to live for nothing.

  • Akupue chibuike

    That’s the world we are now; where people live comfortably with corrupt practices of our so called leaders. But nevertheless, the dedicated ones will surely find a way to air their view out. It is better we speak up now or else we will all be doomed later in the future. God bless us

  • Odoh chiamaka herietta

    Nigeria being the case study is just making it interesting. Who will speak up?? People who spoke where are there?? These are questions people in this country ask and decide to maintain the statu quo. The story on Facebook about a student a member of
    the National Youth Service Corps and a
    lecturer of the Madonna institution who were arrested
    and had been in detention since
    February this year over an opinion they
    posted on Facebook about alleged poor
    management in the institution.
    Nigeria my loving country is a joke because everyday new findings about the poor leadership and poor management of funds surface and still everyone is afarid to ask questions, ask and pay with your freedom just like Abacha’s regime. Public opinion is no longer recognized, the press gives only what will favour the elite group in our country.
    We all should situp and start saying our thoughts and the right way things should be done. No matter how little the effort may be it still can make a change.

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    Fear is one of the greatest enemy of man. If I may say, you won’t necessarily blame people for not speaking out. Alot of people wouldn’t like to go to jail because of what they stand for to avoid destroying their reputation. Coming underthreat is one thing people won’t like to face. I pray our almighty father help us, on this our present condition as a country.

  • Ukpai- Uma Lucy

    Speaking the truth is not that easy especially in a political organization as well, fighting for the truth. Some end up jailed and even killed. However if we, because of this things decide to close our mouths and be redundant of this malfunctions, we suffer more. So it’s very advsable to speak out and support those fighting for the truth. Together the holds of the evil ones won’t stand again.

  • Dennis Lydia Ekperechukwu

    The truth is that our inaction in this present government is getting out of hand. Everyone is afraid to oppose the people in power, which is too bad. I suggest that we Christians that are citizens of this country should not be afraid to stand for the truth.

  • Asogwa chidera promise

    Most times people consider what people would say concerning their opinions, so they just hide in the crowd. Those fundamental human rights are then ignored(freedom of speech). Also, the truth is always hidden maybe because of a personal interest at heart, be it fear of being harmed, threatened or losing something dear to them. Just like Amuzie chioma Esther said, “every man for himself”.

  • Nnamaga Eunice

    People don’t speak out the ills in the society because those that did are not safe ,is either they are arrested or killed, thereby denying them of their human right , the right to speak. But in as much as we are denied of such right,we must try to get rid of that fear and speak out that which is evil,so we can bring positive change in the society. Nice one ma!

  • awaka vivian

    It is disheartening the way things are and go in Nigeria. Like at times it just seems like all hope is lost, when people who have the courage to speak out do, nothing comes out of it rather they are being criticized or punished. This is very bad and will not help this country In any way. Thank you ma for touching this table.

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    Fear is one of the greatest problem of man. like who wants to speak up when you know your life is in danger.Truth is very bitter, so you wouldn’t blame them when they don’t want to hear it. I pray God Almighty help us in this our country’s present condition.

  • Thank you ma for doing justice to this topic.one of the major reasons why most individuals go mute is the fear of losing their lives and loved ones.i believe the best way to eradicate the fear of speaking out is to nurture the younger generation to be bold and confident to speak out for the truth no matter the circumstances.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    Funny enough, those who speak out with the mind of bringing change to the table and correcting societal ills are those who are looked at as rebels while those who silently absorbs everything whether right or wrong because of the fear of the aftermath of their actions are viewed as loyalist. The truth is when we choose to be part of the silent majority, we have no right whatsoever to complain of bad governance.

  • Orieji Christiana Amarachi

    I am so glad ma for this. May God Almighty bless you. These issues needs urgent attention to be corrected. In a country where we claimed to be practicing democracy but the opinions of the poor masses is neither heard or considered. When as a citizen you speak out, your life will be hunted, for simply standing out for the truth which is required according to the system of government that we adopt. But I pray that God will deliver us in Jesus name Amen.
    Thank you so much ma,my able and nice lecturer may God give you more wisdom in Jesus name Amen.

  • Chinegwu obinna

    Silence could be of advantage sometimes, while it could be disastrous on the other hand. Some people fear that, speaking out would only incure the wrath of those in higher power. It is although ridiculous and insensitive, what to do. Everyday, people die in silence over something they ought to have spilled. It is better to speak out even though it might yield nothing, but it has unconsciously created extreme awareness. Nice work man.

  • Cynthia

    MA u said and i “quote” people should be able to ask questions, they should be able to air their views and speak against what is wrong and should have courage to stand their ground in the face of “intimidation. Ma all this said her are actually what we want to do, but then u take a look at the leaders, and look at your country, u feel total discouraged to clarify the wrongs, the leaders will try all means to make your voice not heard because u are standing for what is right or because they feel they are in power so u don’t have the right to question them and this act makes people keep their thought to them self, they are so many people that tried to stand their ground and air their view but what was d outcome, death, no support, been ignored, etc.. All this intimidations starts from the lower power of leadership, to the higher part, with all this tyrant leaders, I will say this country should be left in the hands of our Almighty father, and we should do the best we can. This story has given me a little courage to jettison d fear of speaking out, but from the lower power first. Especially in the university. Thanks u MA.

  • favour obi

    I strongly support this position, that we must put an end to the fear of speaking out loud, the truth.Though, apparently fear seems to get the best of us.But we have no choice, lest we all die in silence.

  • Ezekiel Stanley C.

    The Bible teaches us not to FEAR.
    a. II Timothy 1:7- “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (fearfulness), but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”
    b. Revelation 21:8- The “FEARFUL” along with others, “will have their part in the fiery lake of burning sulfur; that is the second death.”
    B. It’s this FEAR that I want to FOCUS on this morning.
    1. FEAR instead of COURAGE . . .FEAR that WEAKENS our FAITH . . .FEAR that makes us INEFFECTIVE and UNPRODUCTIVE in the Kingdom of God is the FEAR that God CONDEMNS.
    2. Paul told Timothy, “God does not give us FEAR, because FEAR makes us INEFFECTIVE.”
    FEAR is a tool of the DEVIL. If Satan can cause CHRISTIANS and CHURCHES to be FEARFUL, then he knows they will accomplish very little for God. Satan wants more than anything to PARALYZE churches with FEAR. Let’s take a look at the EFFECTS that FEAR has on Christians and the CHURCH.

  • Menkiti Vivian

    Someone said fear the fear but still do it… Well said, but our leaders are not helping matters at all here… A lot of unfilled destinies are in the grave yard today simply because the spoke out… Ma, I wish u understand that are some people out there who have nobody to speak or fight for them… And instead of speaking up they prefer to be silent in order not stir up hostility from the powerful man on sit.. I know u understand me point.. bless you ma. . if ur kind are many , Nigeria will a better place…


    We must truly jettison all the societal ills around us especially the one troubling the nation and we personally.in time like this we need to draw God closer and make sure every cankerworm is gone.the situation in Nigeria must surely be liberated By God but we must play our path to ensure it happens.

  • Ezeh John Onyekachi

    The fear of speaking out has been our major undoing in this country,in our families, kindred,churches, schools,classes and communities . Nobody want be the target of the power that be, or be branded as trouble maker. And some don’t speak out because they are looking for favour. And tend to pitch their tent with the wicked at detriment of the truth and Justice. The likes of Orji Uzor Kalu makes for a very good example. Yet things are deteriorating.
    An Igbo adage says that “an elder does not watch a goat deliver of its young bound” but it appears however, that this saying is no longer applicable anymore, considering the rate of silence and complacency in this country now. The fact remains that,the evil we refuse to address today will not only hunt us tomorrow but will also be the undoing of our posterities to come . It’s happing even in my class now. There is need to get rid of fear and rebuke evil at early stage before it becomes a hook on our throat tomorrow. Another reason why we must speak out is that history and posterity unborn will not hunt us.

  • Okoli Ezinne

    I stand to say that people should be allowed to say their mind, what and how they feel about anything. Though in our society now, been open is seen as a big crime which is not supposed be, notwithstanding I encourage us to always be expressive. Thank you ma

  • Edeh Chinaza Jennifer

    Indeed I vehemently believe that evil when not exposed becomes a norm and tradition after a long time of practice.

    We want to speak out but ‘fear’, the fear of been hated and etc has made evil triumph over good.

    I strongly support this motion… “Let jettison the fear of speaking out”

    Thank-you so much ma’am.
    You’re wonderful!

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    People are always afraid to express themselves because the people in authority will always come after them and for Nigeria where the truth is not appreciated at all and most of the time when people speak up nothing is done about the that means what they said does not even matter even the people you might be speaking up for may not appreciate your courage and the person end up being an attention seeker..

  • Willie Albert Zikiye

    To jettison the fear of speaking out is captioned in Ephesians (4:25) ” Therefore, putting away lying, each one speak truth with his neighbor, for we are members of one another. ”

    Ma, this write up is a clarion call to the sons and daughters of Nigeria to speak the truth and it is a collective effort not for one man.

    If the good citizens of Nigeria can come to consensus and speak against the evil which had grown to be an institution in our country, then, the country will be a better place for us and our children.

    The Bible forewarn the possible attitude of the society towards people who speak the truth in Galatians (4:16) ” Have I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth? ”

    I pray may God give us the courage and strength to speak out in Nigeria, Amen.

  • Andeshi Monica

    The problem with this our generation apart from fear is that everyone is maintaining the statue quo and looking for the fastest means to adapt to situations, people don’t want to be involved in anything anymore especially when its politics but the thing we all don’t know is that as far as we don’t speak up and tackle this issues now as there are arising, it will be very difficult to talk about them later and If you don’t speak up, there won’t be a difference in an action

  • Haruna precious Ikilama

    We must shuck off the fear of speaking out in every sphere of life. It’s easier anyway to follow the bad wagon and keep quiet in a bid to stay “safe” especially in a country like Nigeria where speaking out attracts a lot of negative attention. However, it would be unwise to keep silent as the ripple effect would be very grave.

  • Kooyon Abigail A

    It’s a pity that in the Society we live today,no one dare speak against the bad governance of the leaders. Not just the so called Buhari’s leadership oo,go to schools, colleges, universities, churches, even at the family level. In most families,children are not given the right to speak their minds. Go to churches, the congregations or members of a church don’t have the right to speak against the priest or pastor’s misconduct etc.. It hurts so much that even when you speak, most times your speech is not noted but rather criticised. May God help us to jettison this fear of speaking out, if not backwardness will forever be our situation.

  • Don-Egesimba Ruby

    Well said… People should no be afraid of speaking out. God bless you ma.

  • Ebere

    Exactly,in our society today people are always afraid to speak the truth they rather tell lies to avoid being hated or savaged.I concur with you ma, it’s high time we get rid of the fear of saying the truth and always stand out for the truth no matter what will be the outcome. Thanks MA and have a wonderful day.

  • Obi-keguna Ebele Princess

    We live in a society where speaking up and standing with the truth is condemned And people are scared of sticking with the truth as it doesn’t always end well as Evil doers will find a way to manipulate But we shouldn’t let it stop us from being strong and saying the right thing

    • Dick-Unegbu Jennifer

      Seriously, it really baffles me, when people want to speak out against evil and other individuals, would insult them. This makes people who wish to speak their mind to reconsider.

  • Agbodike Ogochukwu Maryclaret

    Most times, we really know the right things to say or do but the fear of being criticised, discriminated or even hated prevents us from doing them. I believe if we do or say things without fear or favour, as long as it’s right, especially defending the rights of people, we also please God as well.

  • Ewenike Kaosisochukwu Bethel Pedro

    Those who speak out normally face persecution and hate from people in power. From the days of the first martyr; Stephen to the last disciple of Christ, but, the didn’t stop advocating for what the stand for. In the same vein, we should be bold and speak out and also stand firm to defend what we’ve said.

  • Amaobi Precious

    It is a wonder, how most Nigerians who were so outspoken during Jonathan’s administration, are nowhere to be found today. We are treading on a dangerous path that is really threatening to swallow us. God forbid! Assertiveness is highly needed now, but in universities, one can only hope.

  • Paul-kayode praise c

    I am encouraged by this post to speak up and to know that my views and opinions matter!

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    I personally have this fear of speaking out. I think many people do in fact because when we talk nothing is done. And that is how this fear breeds. I’m still struggling with airing out views especially when I’m sure it won’t matter but from today I’d try to be more positive and courageous. Because speaking out these days takes a lot of courage.

  • Thomas Rebecca Ina

    Honestly, it scares me where this country is headed and how those who could speak and they’ll be difference are suddenly having hot yams in their mouths, it just seems like it may never get better or maybe not yet
    God help us.

  • Ugwu Chizoba Janet

    It is of great joy to know that there are still sincere pressman as Reno who holds on to integrity and truth…

  • Faith Ojima

    Silence is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the country, people see the truth and cover it up.we must learn to speak out always despite the person involved.

  • Offor Priscilla tobechi

    Thank you ma for this wonderful post.our country Nigeria has been so corrupt that we lost our integrity and diginty, we can’t speak out because we afraid of what those in authority might do, this fear of speaking out must stop to make Nigeria a better place because if we don’t start talk, things might get out of hand

  • Ugwuaneke Grace U

    It is of no doubt that why we feel so averse to jettison fear is to avoid being the scapegoat.but at the same time we leave our mind in trouble when we fail to do the right thing.it is only the truth that can set us free in this country,we need more voice to be heard,starting from me and you. At the same time,we ask for the courage from above.

  • Ugwuaneke Grace U

    It is of no doubt that why we feel so scared of jettison fear is to avoid criticism. but at the same time we leave our mind in trouble when we fail to do the right thing.it is only the truth that can set us free in this country,we need more voice to be heard,starting from me and you. At the same time,we ask for the courage from above.


    Well, this post is coming at the right time. Everyone has a responsibility to resist and challenge evil. It is not enough not to be involved in evil, but reprove it ( Eph 5). Whether you’re a leader or you’re led, the responsibility is unchangeable.

  • Amaugo Stephanie Chidinma

    Chai! I’ve a friend who was hated by her classmates in school for being very outspoken. This issue is serious because we’ve found out that the truth remains hidden while lies hover. We must learn to stand for truth. My prayer lately has been that God should help me express truth creatively. Thank you for sharing this Ma!

  • Igwe Chioma Esther

    We are in a state of being criticized and discriminated for calling the government to order. We no longer want to speak up for fear of being mishandled by the people we put in power. Should we continue this way and have our freedom of speech trampled upon? No!! We will not give in to silence and watch our generation fold in our very eye.

  • Oruma Nneoma Goodnews

    There is an expression used in marriages that i like so much.It is “Speak now or forever remain silent”.When you see something wrong being done,speak up! Yes,it may be difficult but the aftermath proves to be less difficult.Stand up and speak up today!

  • Ibaro Harrison Chidalu

    Far from fear, some also remain silent because of favors they receive at the expense of others, so sad! May God help us.

  • Honestly, it is oviously that Nigeria democratic system is just by mere say and not in practice. As a result of that many people have to decline from speaking out because of the fear of dictatorship.
    But all thanks to those that still have courage to speak against ill government of our country Nigeria .

  • Ibeh Lorretta Chiamaka

    The worst thing that can happen to a man is dying in silence. Because of fear, the truth is hidden and the guilty ones are made innocent. It is wrong to keep silence when something happens to us and around us, speaking out can actually bring about Justice.

  • Udegbulam Favour Oluchi

    One of our human right is freedom of speech, but when one speaks against the ills of the society, the government finds a way of shutting the person up. Though i know being an outspoken person helps a lot because no one will trample on your rights.

  • Chukwumalume Ozioma

    More specifically, in the area of moral crisis, speaking up or against it, is imperative. For someone with the desire to speak against evil and also facing the fears of being able to do so, learning from unbiased and outspoken individuals seems helpful.

  • Our country is in choas ,people are afraid to speak.even during the protest,our youth man up and speak againts the government and the end of Sars.they did wonderful and worth imitating but nothing have changed.we should never give up and continue to speak of ills happening around us

  • People wants to speak out, but it is the fear of getting killed. It takes courage and risk to question the government, We need more couregous people who can speak no matter the circumstances.

  • Onah chiamaka Gloria

    We have the right to speech and therefore need to stand up for justice in some issues concerning our country and our personal life and also, seek for God’s wisdom, understanding and boldness to speak forth the truth

  • Eze Chinalurumogu Success

    It’s not always easy speaking out. There’s the feeling of what people would think or say. There’s the fear of punishment too. Also, welcome to Nigeria where freedom of speech is not a thing. It really takes courage to speak out.

  • Eze Esther Nzubechukwu

    I strongly believe that evil should not be silenced .We see anything that is wrong and talk about it but in the context of our government today, you say the truth and face the consequences.

  • Dick-Unegbu Jennifer

    Seriously, it really baffles me, when people want to speak out against evil and other individuals would insult them. This makes people who wish to speak their mind, to reconsider.

  • Ugwu Somtochukwu

    I think it’s high time we all speak up without fidgetting. ‘Freedom of speech and expression’ are still part of our Fundamental Human Rights as enshrined in the constitution. We have to stop being afraid of what the government will do to us if we speak up because no matter what, the law must prevail and even if it does not prevail immediately, God has the final say.

  • Ugwu Doris c

    The issue with speaking up in Nigeria is nothing but the persecution that follows after that. This is a system of government you don’t challenge or speak the truth without be hunted or wanted. Even those that use comedy tactic to tell the government that Truth are been track and worn seriously to mind there business.
    Buhari administration has been systematically silencing the opposition in the country by locking up vocal figures like the former PDP publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, for extended periods, or harassing them with interminable EFCC and police cases all this has really affected us in a brutal and abusive way.

  • Nkan David

    Speaking out isn’t the problem at all, but great fear of the consequences that follows after one’s remark about a leader/ nation….A good example is the press under the military regime…The press was known for reporting facts about government’s wrong deeds, but most of them suffered alot with death and detention being the usual punishment by the then head of state…

    Then came the “end sars protest” last year, but the event is one never to be forgotten in the history of Nigeria.

  • Nwokedi Fortune Odinakachi

    Speaking up? The current state of our society already shuts you up. Tertiary institutions are supposed to be the pace setters; students should be able to speak up and express ills and every other thing but what happens? Speak up and get years of lasting threats and punishments. It’s really sad!

  • Alaedu Chioma Gloria

    As a youth I should endeavour to speak out the truth when I ought to and not be in slience

  • I think this is the serious problem we are faced with in Nigeria today. One must learn to be outspoken in certain situations, but speak in love and respect. Outspoken people are not easily accepted but we should not look at the unacceptance of us by people and keep mute watching things go wrong in our society.

  • I think this is the problem we are faced with in Nigeria today. One must learn to be outspoken in certain situations, but speak in love and respect. We shouldn’t just fold our hands and watchthings go wrong in our society.

  • Our country is in jeopardy. People have the fear of speaking out because of what will happen to them, no one wants to lose his or her life the question now becomes, is it supposed to be like this? People should be allowed to exhibit their right of expression

  • Lucky Okezi

    This quote of Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good to do nothing” since 2019 when I came across it has been deeply rooted in my heart… It is either I speak or I speak

  • Fear is one of the greatest weakness to man ,there is need for us to say our mind in other to know how to solve our problems

  • We should always stand for the truth no matter the implication. It’s only by speaking out that our leaders will know whether they are leading us aright or not.

  • Asogwa Christian Tochukwu

    I pray God gives us the courage to make our voices heard. The country needs fearless journalists who can boadly state the truth without fear .

  • Nnaji Esther uchechukwu

    Nigeria really need reformation.its high time the citizens opinions matters and is high time we speak up in any area of life
    Is high time people speak for their rights and despite the fear they should try maintain their stand

  • Odumuko Oluchukwu Victoria

    Speaking up for the right thing is very necessary in our society today.
    We don’t need to wait till we experience the ills first hand.


      The issue of speaking up has never been about what to say, but the consequences that do follow, streamlining this to a journalist who tries to be realistic in a setting like Nigeria, can really require a doting courage. konwing the ill end that followed men (Dele Giwa and the likes) who tried to be so, in this case wisdom and caution must be in check whilst we constructively criticise or speak up.

  • Chukwu Joy Chioma

    Even though freedom of expression exists as part of the constitutional human rights, people still fear to express themselves freely because everyone wants to be spoken good about and otherwise can lead to negative effects on the speakers.

  • Makwe Covenant Nkiruka

    “Say the truth and it shall set you free”. We are know about the tenets and virtues of truthfulness,but the situation in Nigeria,does not favour upholding of truth and honesty. So many political a Human Rights activist has been incarcerated,jailed overtime from the history of Nigeria because of their activism. Ken Saro Wiwa of Ogoni land,who was hanged to death,after being trialed by a Kangaroo court, during Sani Abacha’s regime,Dele Giwa,who was letter bombed by Babangida and the list continues. But, I implore every one of us to remain steadfast and never relent in upholding justice and love in our country.

  • ENDSARS# protest was a way in which the youths fought for their rights , even though so many sacrifices were made that day , the government still doesn’t want to listen , I thought this country was democratic but after the protest I realized that it is a Buharism system of government, as well as saying that the government is fascism, the leaders no longer respect the right of the citizens, they have given their souls to the devil , the citizens are speaking out without fear , we are prepared for the worst because there is nothing worse than living in hell called a country . the problem is , are the devilish souls willing to give ears to our cries ? A human being who instructed the zombies (soilders) to open fire against their children is no longer a human. it is only God that will save Israel from the hands of pharaoh. I only pray for the law of karma to pay them a visit , one by one

  • Elijah Akuma

    Well, speaking out is not necessarily the issue, but the fingers that come pointing and the lips that wag and blab. Our society hates criticism and they fight it with all they have; I believe that this is why people just choose to keep to themselves and avoid blowing their trumpets too loud. Though this may not be justifiable, people should still try to voice out their opinions, perhaps, someday, it shall count (if does not count now).

  • David Nneka

    Fear is the greatest weakness man, and we must learn to over come it and I totally agree with the article

  • Amalu precious

    The moment we stand up to the truth no matter what it takes, and not let the government or any higher authority instill fear in us, the earlier we’ll have a better NIGERIA.

  • Uchegbu Ogechi Elizabeth

    I would not really blame people if they are scared of talking because nobody wants to die or get hurts. But I also came to understand that if we don’t speak we won’t move forward. The government will continue to use us. There is something we should all know, our voice is a very powerful tool we can use against the government.

  • Igboka chidimma

    I hope people emulate Reno Omokri, who was out spoken and also pray that Leah Sharibu will be released unharmed.

  • Agbo Peace

    Well spoken!it is very important for every body to learn how to voice out and say the right thing at the right time,people sometimes decides to keep quiet not because the don’t no what to say or the truth but because they are afraid of what comes after it,maybe because of the hate and what people might say,we should always call a spade a spade and hit the nail on its head no matter how bitter it may sound

  • Chukwukanne chinecherm winner

    This issue of speaking out have been one of the greatest fear of Nigerian people. In Nigeria, they said we practice democracy but the citizens can not even come out and speak the truth, if you try to you will be mulasted by the same leaders who we are practicpracticing democracy and this have cased a lot of people dying in silence because of the fear of being killed. wherever I remember what happened in the ENDSARS# protest, I feel like causing this country. A country where freedom of speech is being abused. But, I implore every one of us to remain steadfast and never relent in upholding justice and love in our country.


  • Ossai Joy Adanne

    What our country needs is people with integrity. A person who is able to speak out their mind to the society.

  • Chukwukanne chinecherem winner

    As humans with strong principles we should learn to stand our ground and be able to face all challenges and intimidation. The people most especially are now scared of speaking out their minds. And if we do speak our minds the end result will be a total oppression by those in the higher authority. Looking at the case of End SARS protest we can see that the youths came up to speak out their minds, about the injustice the police had melted out on them. The protest was a peaceful one but the higher authorities had opened fire on them killing some many youths in the process. This evening ng can’t be forgotten bit it has put fear in the hearts of so many youths. A lot of youths never participated in the protest. This was a result of them been afraid. They we’re scared of their lives while some we’re nonchalant as they knew the higher authorities will never take actions. If the higher authorities and courts can take a firm decision and grant the citizens what they want them the youths and citizens at large won’t be scared to say their minds. They would also be able to stand firm on their ground. I only wish to advice the youths that they should never show fear but stand firm on their ground and keep to their decisions.

  • I believe everyone has something to say concerning how bad the situation of the country is right now, but the boldness of speaking out becomes the problem of the day. Nobody wants to be killed or to a victim of the unknown. That’s why so many chose to remain silent but being silent won’t be of help to us and the country at large that’s the main reason why we should stand and speak out and not be afraid of whosoever that will not be in support of what we are saying.

  • Nnochiri Chinecherem Nnabuike

    When will get rid of fear we won’t be able to keep silence about the happenings around us. Whenever we notice any for of injustice, we should speak up for justice to take it’s place

  • Uyanna Chibuike

    Speaking out can only be achieved when one conquers all form of fear he or she has. But the problem isn’t really about speaking out it’s about the consequences that comes with it. In this country we believe we are led by a democratic government, whereas we are being lead by an authoritarian government disguising in the form of it. A government that once anything is spoken Ill of them they try all means necessary to find the source or cover it up with lies. But as the saying goes change begins with me. We all must wake up and start speaking up because even though we are not heard now we will still be heard later.

  • In our country, speaking out and criticising the government has never had a positive effect. Look at Dele Giwa, #ENDSARSProtest amongst others. These examples have taught Nigerians that speaking out makes you a dead person and then you are forgotten. Nonetheless, criticism of the government is long overdue especially among the youths.

  • Ede Ndidiamaka Patience

    People did not want to support the few that are speaking out, because, they are afraid of death, forgetting that the Fulanis have been killing innocent citizens. Who knows whom they will kill next. Ma, you are a courageous woman, if all H O Ds in UNN should be like you, UNN would be a perfect institution.

  • Mercy Nnenna Otisi

    The 2020 #EndSARS protests carried out by Nigerian youths proved that speaking out and fighting for one’s rights can indeed yield positive results but most times at a high price ( considering the fact that many lives were lost in the process ). Speaking out is essential but most times results in dire consequences in a country like Nigeria, so it has to be done with caution.

    • Victor Izuchukwu

      The fear of speaking out has been one of the things holding so many countries down for example Nigerians often overlook so many things done by those in power and this gives them more room to continue with their bad deeds. For example during the EndSars protest Nigerians came out to have a say and this made the government to swing into action immediately by abolishing SARS.

      I think when citizens speak out in one voice they will be heard.

  • Ojobo somtochukwu praise

    Speaking out has always been a problem in this part mainly due to fear of punishment or what people will say or think and that is why the rights of the citizens are being abused with nothing being done about it. The thing is, if no one speaks up no form of help can be rendered.

  • Victor Adimchimma Ogenyi

    You said it all ma’am. I think our problem in this country is fear of what will happen when we say the truth about some conflict in the country, but as you said in the last part of the post “we all need t deliver ourselves from fear of what the tyrant in power may do an stand for our rights”

    I think we should stand by this word!


    To speak is very difficult especially in this our country Nigeria, people want to speak but the fear of threat is limiting them, but when we see the truth it is advisable we voice out.

  • Fear of what may happen when we speak up, seems to keep many mouths shut, the rule of law can’t even back you up when you speak because of those in power but if we continue in fear, integrity and honesty will be scattered.

  • Nwikwu chidera judith

    Fear is one of the reason why people don’t speak up. We are all scared of the consequences because Nigeria does not consider any of the human rights. So once you come out to speak, you are either deemed an attention seeker or you will be prosecuted unjustly.

  • Uwadiegwu Mercy Amarachi

    I believe that citizens are afraid to speak because if they want to speak, the first thing that comes to their mind is fear…. They believe that whenever they speak out, that their life is at stake and no citizen will want to loose his or her life. In order for this country to move forward, we must conquer the spirit of fear and learn to speak out.

  • Adiele Onyedikachi

    All this is true, if right here in an institution of learning people are being punished for speaking out, who would then speak out in the larger society. It is such a pity that it is this way in Nigeria, it is our right being trampled upon

  • Uchechukwu Chikezie

    Yes to say the truth in this country is now a taboo but one thing is certain those who say the truth are held men of integrity. So saying the truth is every body business.

  • We practice Democratic system government which gives citizens the freedom to express themselves, but we don’t practice it. People who come out voice out their complain ends up been killed or punished and this has induce fear into others who had no option than to remain silent for the fear of being killed too.

    Speaking-up is not the problem but are actions taken on the issues being spoken about? This speaking up does not only apply in politics but to all aspect of our life. in the university, when a students speaks up on an issues he/she gets in trouble

  • Onyebuagu Onyinye Eleanor

    Well said Ma, we need to start standing up for the truth

  • Ben-Egbe Nneoma Andrea

    This remind me of the END SARS protest. So many people were and are still being punished for speaking out against the injustice of Nigeria government. But the fact remains that speaking out has created more awareness.

  • Okoli Ifunanya

    A person’s integrity is not just tied to the actions but also inactions. Keeping quiet to the ills of the society
    shows silent approval and cowardice.

  • Speaking out or standing for the truth at this time in the country is a risk no doubt but we should not be discouraged by it. We all should learn to speak out and question the wrong been done in the society because we were the ones that elected our leaders. Just like during the END SARS protest that happen during the lockdown in the year 2019 no doubt that the government punished those that spoke out and even killed some of us but we can not denied the fact that speaking out brought more awareness of what is happening to the lame man. We should all learn to speak the truth

  • Tosin Ojora

    People do not speak out most atimes because of the fear of being attacked or labelled with different names; but it is actually good that people speak their minds over issues so that we get to know their point of views

  • Onuzulike Chukwuebuka Prosper

    Silence is golden but in some situation silence leads to doom. A lot of people have died in silence, because they are afraid of what will happen next after they speak the truth, therefore we should get rid of fear to be able to speak up for justice.

  • Olenyi Nnamdi Paul

    Fear like every other “productive” resource is subject to the laws of production. This it cannot escape the law of diminishing marginal. Inaction breads doubts and fear, fear is the path to dark side.

  • Bassey Katherine akpan

    Omission is very bad, citizens need to jettison fear and speak out.more grace ma.

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