We grew up listening to the Swedish pop band, Abba. Remember “Dancing Queen,” about the teenager having the time of her life on the dance floor? Dancing is a good way of having fun but the youth seem to enjoy it more. Shouldn’t be so.

W-e-l-l, what am I saying? Was yours truly trying to change the staus quo in this pic? Was Aunty getting down, displaying some cool dance moves?

I wish! Who wouldn’t want to have the lithe body and the grace to dance as well as our own Celine Opuwari and others like her. But there was no music or dancing going on here. This was the handwork of my young friend, Dare Adodo.

I was in Lagos for a workshop in 2015, after which I decided to visit some precious folks. Dare came to see me and was asked to take our pix and take pix he did! Thank God for digital cameras. If it was in the analogue era, he would have exhausted close to two rolls of film. He was just tapping away on the capture button and this was one of the hilarious results.

Seeing it brings smiles to my face and I hope it does to yours. Wish you a joyful and restful weekend. Cheers! ???

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

71 thoughts on “WOW, AUNTY CAN BUST A MOVE? LOL!

    • Yes, aerobics is done with music. And today, I watched a viral video of a guy walking the treadmill. When a Michael Jackson song came up, he began to show some pretty amazing moves right there on the treadmill.

    • Well, that’s good to know! But one would need instruction to do it with finesse like you and those folks you dance with. Thanks for dropping by and keep doing us proud.

    • If I find the time, I’ll be sure to take you up on that but remember Uman Skinnyboss and Amacutiex are still around. Lol!

  1. Lol,very funny! Mama looks like she’s about to dance ‘shoki’.Dancing is for anyone whose got flesh on.My mother dances when she feels like so it’s has nothing to do with age.

  2. Lool nice move ma, i love the band Abba although i was very young then i remember some of their songs: “Chiquitita tell me whats wrong…”,”knowing me, knowing you”… and some others..

    • Not sure you were born in the heydays of Abba but the songs are pretty well known. Did you watch the musical, “Mama Mia”, starring Meryl Streep? Great reminder of Abba songs.

  3. Wow! Before reading through I thought you qere actually displaying a new dancing step that I have to learn. But I strongly feel that Aunty can dance, just try it or try again if you have tried already

    • I do dance, at home and sometimes, in church. It’s regular stuff, though, no fancy foot work. Bless you, Patience!

    • Bless you, Ruphina! Ummm, dancing is good but I think you should be in a different mode while praying unless it’s just worship you’re doing. Can’t imagine someone dancing during serious intercession.

    • That’s easy! I think many dance when there’s no audience. Kinda like singing in the bathroom! Have a great weekend, Ifeanyi!

  4. Dancing is one thing that uplifts my spirit. It’s fun and exercise in one package, all the same that was one nice move ma!

  5. All the times I’ve danced in front of my friends, they’ve been utterly shocked! Most don’t believe till this day that I’m capable of busting some moves LOL!

  6. dancing is not really my thing, but aunty i would love to learn from you. this pix shows you got lots of moves

  7. Dis woman u no dy gri… Always ever young… But leave the dance floor for me now I know the dance moves better your time has gone… Sit down let me show you the in steps

  8. Henriet biko hapun mmaka Aunty she is doing the best she could there……lol… But the truth is that our dancing steps these days are really amazing and this generation is taking over the dancing floor with new styles.

  9. Lwkm
    This is nice ooo, seeing u dance is one of my dreams but I know u will surely do that on my wedding. But it’s quite good at times to dance. It’s part of exercise and a way of reliving stress and boredom. Nice steps u got sha
    Until I see u dance actually

  10. From what am seeing Mummy has moves that I bet we can’t take her on saddled with her dancing shoes

  11. Hahahahaha, its quite hilarious, cant stop looking at your legs. I love the way you have fun because you’re not limited by the fact that your older unlike most persons. Ride on ma

  12. Hilarious!!! Having fun is unlimited and I believe that dancing is a great exercise that keeps the energy burning. Nice post ma

  13. You don’t cease to amaze me ma, you really know how to have fun. I can’t help but imagine how much fun you had during your youthful age.

  14. To me its not only the youths that enjoy dancing
    Even the old ones do enjoy dancing
    Like my mum upon her age
    She still enjoy dancing especially when she attends her age grades activities

  15. Music is a trans-generational stuff, and so is that pose for girls!!! lol as it transcends age among the womenfolks, and dancing is also a form a exercise good working out.

  16. Lol ma …its not only the youths that enjoy music…just that each generation has the genre of music that entices them. my parents kind of music would definitely not be my type of music…anyways u look great ,,ur friend dare actually did a great job for me i will call it an unaware pix…???

  17. Truth is spit here, dancing shouldn’t be restricted to the youth alone. Adults like you still deserve to shake it off once in a while LoL. God bless you ma ??

  18. Haha, I love the pix ma, yeah… Sometimes adults needs to have the youthful feelings. We don’t need to have an exact reason to dance, we can just dance, sing and praise God at anytime. Even in the Bible David sang and dance unto God…… Still, I love your style ma,

  19. Dance is not only meant for the young but for every body to ease off tension and stress.
    We need to thank God at all times with our dance moves.
    And another thing,unaware pictures are always the best!!

  20. You are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen…wow I love Abba songs, they’re always as good as new. And aunty, I love your pose, kudos.

  21. From the look of your position I can conclude that you are a dsncer. I love dancing. It gives joy and it help to relax the muscles.

  22. That’s a nice pix MA. I bet you MA you can really dance more than me.I really try to learn, I can only move my head and than mark time. It really pain me especially when dancing for the lord. But am trying to learn to move my waist at list.

  23. It indeed brings smile to my face and I love it.
    Your comparison of analogue using films is indeed funny. Ma, the pix is pretty,nice and also very simple. No make up application or online editing.
    Ever young. God bless you.

  24. Dancing really makes one happy and its part of our youth life, I hope to keep dancing happy even in my old age. lol!

  25. It really pains me that I can’t dance again, I was once an awesome dancer at a tender age, the most hurtful thing is that I got all the moves in my head but can’t manifest it, very bad, can only tap my feet and shake my head like a lizard that fell from a tree and here Aunty gat the moves like a jaguar, lolzzzz

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