About a month ago, a lovely young woman walked into my office at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and excitedly introduced herself as a first-year mass communication student. She said she’d heard about me and was thrilled to see me. She also disclosed that she’d visited my blog and was fascinated by the contents.

“What I like most is that the blog is God-centred,” she enthused. “I’m so happy that you’re a believer and the articles in the blog are reflecting that. The ones I’ve read have really inspired me in many ways, like to trust God more ….”

“Praise God,” I responded.

We spent a while chatting about some of the posts she’d read, especially the 14-part fictional series, From Bait to Catch, which she met towards its conclusion. She’d gone through all the episodes and was enthralled by the story. As we conversed, we threw in personal questions and got better acquainted.

After that meeting, she was sucked into the whirlwind of academic activities. ??? We only said “Hi” occasionally from a distance. But yesterday, she paid me another visit and we rapped some more and did a photoshoot. ?? Lol!

I hereby share some of the pix with you and tell you a little bit about my new friend.


Her name is Theresa and she is 17 years old. She is the penultimate of seven siblings from the family of Mr and Mrs Otung Uboho of Uruan Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

She loves the Lord and attends the Deeper Life Bible Church. She has a passion for kids and works in the Children’s Department of her church. She also loves praising the Lord and sings alto in her church choir. ??


Theresa often writes suspense-filled stories which she shares on her WhatsApp account. She enjoys acting as well and will be performing with a cast chosen by the Mass Communication Students’ Association Executive in a Christmas play billed for the second week of December. ??


Theresa is a warm, cheerful girl with a sense of purpose. She hopes to work as an anchor/correspondent for CNN in the near future. Her “Plan B” is to become a lecturer in “one of the prestigious universities, not UNN oh!” She actually said that. When pressed further, she mentioned Howard and Harvard. ???

“Way to go, girl!” ??

Then she added that she might manage UNN for a start! ???

“Alright!” ??

As my sides were splitting with laughter, I wondered what her folks would say of her “high” opinion of the school, which ironically she says is the family destination for tertiary education. Plus, her elder sister is teaching here in the Faculty of Engineering. Lol!


But I love it when young people are outspoken and assertive, when they know what they want and are willing to work towards its actualisation. Even if their dreams seem tall, what’s to say that they can’t be achieved? ????

I wish her a great time at UNN and a future filled with joy, opportunities and fruitfulness in Jesus’ name. ??

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

168 thoughts on “A YOUTH AND HER DREAMS!!!

  1. It is getting quite rare to get young people that are passionate for the right courses in this ‘Indomie’ generation.
    She should keep it up. Thanks Aunty Edith for being ‘you’ and for sharing.

  2. …dreams and dreams..
    Nothing is impossible for such one who has a map for life. I pray God to bring them all to pass.
    Thanks Aunty Edith for your write-ups. I draw inspirations from you ma. May His blessings rest continually on you.

  3. If you ask me, I’ll tell u why I like Aunty Edith. She makes interesting stories within and around her and others. I’m not jealous of Theresa but maybe one day, I’ll make an interesting story as well. Thanks for this wonderful one.

    • Are you sure, Hyginus? (I mean that you’re not jealous.) Lol! Glad you liked the story. You are blessed!

  4. Edith, Thanks for sharing this wonderful, encouraging story. It is great to see our great God working in different ways all around the world!

  5. Only with unalloyed determination, faith and trust in God can any make it. All the best to her and thanks ma!

  6. It is always good to see one in a new environs being friendly and exhibiting passion for what one has come for. The young damsel is indeed courageous and with that, she would always roar like a lion. I love the move, especially her determinations. I wish you(the damsel) successful stay here, where your dignity would be restored.

  7. woah! you mean unn is a prestigious university to attend but not to serve as a lecturer which is your alternate dream. well may be i don’t get you right. all in all determination,they say is the golden key to success. i wish you the best of your dreams.

  8. like the youth in the story, it’s good to aspire for greatness and a great future. And aspirations begin with a dream to achieve. Absolutely symbolic and enriching. Thanks Ma.

    • Thank you too, Chiamaka! You’re right, dreams give direction and if we apply ourselves in their pursuit, success can follow.

  9. I like this post ,it is really encouraging,it makes one to start thinking about her future and also to aim higher

  10. It is right to have dreams and be passionate about achieving them. Our prayer is that most of the younger generation that have such tall dreams will work hard enough to achieve them

  11. Ma if you ask me personally I think or should I say for sure that u are an ideal youth inspiration, u speak and admonish the youth with ur loving and approachable personilty. u don’t condone indiscipline and that is why youths or young persons with vision cling to u as a wailing child would cling to his mother for comfort. the sweetest part of everything, as Theresa had identified, is that u love God and act like u really do. nobody can term u an hypocrite like we would term others because u show God’s love around. I could go on and on but the truth be told U ARE MY INSPIRATION…….

    • Awwww, this is so sweet! All glory to God and showers of blessings on you for sharing such encouraging words with me.

  12. What a big dream. My dear you are welcome to the lions den. I wish you the best as you go about your big dream. Great Jacksonite

  13. i admire her courage….bold enough for her to walk up to you and share her views……i hope her dreams come true.

  14. Amen on her behalf, vibrant young lady as you have potrayed her.She sure has big dreams,may God grant them all.The article is well written she is a challenge to young peole to know what they want and go for it.Tnk You Ma. Once again its a blessing

  15. I trust you ma. You must have laughed yourself out on this wonderful meeting #Lol#. I’m just imagining how the young lady must have felt so relaxed with you, pouring out her dreams and ambition. As I know, you make your students feel so feel so free with you. Lucky you, Theresa. Enjoy yourself with aunty!

  16. I wish her dreams will come to pass too.. I pray so. It’s nice to hear someone who has planned out her life all by herself. I also pray God’s plans for her are her plans too or even bigger

  17. desire is the passion to have something, when we dream and don’t work towards it, it becomes merely desire but when we work towards it. it becomes a realised dream, I encourage your dream girl, fight for it like it is your only hope and pray as well and God will see you through.

  18. in achieving our goals we need more people who will encourage us and lead us through the right path.

  19. Tessy baby as I call her is a good girl although we both know our failures which have been corrected and successes made which brought joy. Really high hopes she got there

  20. We all dream and wish for good things to come our way, and I pray that God will keep us to see them come to pass. Amen

  21. Yeah! Teresa is a bundle, she can be quite a cheerful kid. Most times i admire her courage and intelligence, she has a bright future just like every other mass communication student but it can only be achieved if she and everyone put their best into their academics!

  22. Indeed Ma you made a correct observation of Tess’s personality. I met her last year in our first GS class and ever since then our friendship has been bubbling and blossoming. She is fun to be with and never shy for any reason. A youth who has big dreams and ambitions in life is good to go.

  23. Ma, this is a wonderful observation of tessy. It is good to have dreams and also work towards that dream. I love tessy’s enthusiasm in working towards achieving her dreams and it really touches me. I think every youth should read up this post in order for them to understand the concept of achieving a dream.

  24. the future has alot in store for us, so in our youthful age, we should start planning for our future.

  25. Dream high, aim high, and achieve .I love the fact that she cant settle for less. I hope her dreams manifest

  26. It is always good to know what one want in life which is one thing and are willing to work towards its actualization. is another thing too

  27. i must say that i envy Treey and wish that it was me that u talked about on your blog..i dnt know about any other person but i have always seen the university lecturers as the colonial lords and we the students as their subjects…its like the situation of the lions and the lamb.so the lamb wud have to mind his business or else, he wud b eaten by the lions ..bt its good to see a lecturer who is human#lol…its really beautiful what u do ma …and since my dreams are nt as big as Treey`s own, i will go and make them bigger…..
    thank u ma.

  28. Ma, thanks for this wonderful post about my coursemate, Theresa. Determination is the key to success and to our destiny. Also for us to succeed, we need to have ”dreams” to achieve.

  29. Your dream is a good one, but you have to work hard to achieve it. they say prayer with out good work is dead. You have to focus and pray in order to achieve your dream.

  30. wow!, she indeed has a sense of purpose and sure knows why she’s studying mass communication as a discipline. kudos to her.

  31. This is wonderful. We are not supposed to settle for less. Just as Theresa said, we have to dream big and try our best to make our dreams reality……and above all put our faith/trust in God.

  32. Tessy’s dreams are very beautiful and inspiring. We should think big, dream big and settle for nothing less.

  33. It is very good to think and dream big regardless of how things are. Seeing all her aspirations made me to be motivated to dream for big things too but one needs focus and determination to achieve a greater height. love the fact that you are a friend to all and what she said about your blog is very true because all the works are inspiring and motivating……..Bless you, ma!

  34. Wow! Theresa was bold enough to approach you… She is indeed a typical example of a youth who has great ambition for herself and an example to a generation at large.

  35. The story is wonderful and encouraging my pray is that God will see her through her stay in U.N.N and make her dreams come true

  36. Well,vit is one thing to have ambition in life and another thing is to pursue it with zeal.

  37. The story is wonderful and encouraging. My prayer is that God will see her through her stay in U.N.N and make her dreams come true.

  38. ??????
    Howard! Harvard! CNN!
    Tall dreams indeed. Anyways, it is good to see young people who know what they want in life. At least, she set her standards already, what of those who have no clue as to what they want to be in life. God see to the fulfilment of your dreams, Theresa.
    And Aunty Edith! I’m a huge fan of yours already. I find your posts captivating, creative and above all God-inspiring. More grace to you, Ma.

  39. The little girl is quite a handful, she can be quite the motivator. The fact that she has such a vision only inspires me to achieve my dreams as well.

  40. Word of encouragement is one of the highest thing one can offer to the youth in our society.Ma,keep it up

  41. She truly has high dreams and it would take her places, if she continues to be focused, because nothing is impossible.

  42. This girl is really ambitious and she will go places. Her dreams will surely come true if she’s committed.

  43. The girl has so many dreams and aspirations in life which can take her to the top, and I love the part she said she’d love to lecture in Harvard University,that is what I call great expectations.

  44. Dream… but let your dreams be of usefulness and service,of purity and truth.your dreams and expectations in life shall never be cut off dear, keep it up

  45. I’ve been opportuned to be with theresa. The girl has a flair for everything that has to do with words.she can talk ehn!!?.i think it’s important that we have dreams and purpose because they are the stepping stones to success.

  46. exciting piece ma. i actually admire her dreams and i would advice that she never gives up on them, no matter what happens. it is really a nice and admirable attitude to set and pursue goals.

  47. It is nice to have a good dream and map out ways through which it should be achieved. We should get close to people who have a vision, it is necessary. Thanks ma for sharing this with us. Remain blessed.

  48. Girls have many dreams and aspirations which might not come true but I pray hers will be fulfilled.

  49. I appreciate people who know what they want early. I wasn’t that enthusiastic when i was that age.

  50. Tessy has a clear vision of what she wants to achieve. I believe with prayer and hardwork she would succeed.

  51. This is an interesting and educative piece. The lady knows what she wants and this will make it easier for her to carry out the action needed to achieve her future goals. Thanks ma, for such post; it is motivating and inspiring to readers of this piece. You are well helping people when you get closer to them through conversation and encouraging the youth that all positive dreams can be achieved no matter its challenges. People should always have goal and then make plans towards achieving the goals even in good and bad times.

  52. this is really wonderful. i love it when youths have foresight along with the Spirit of God to help them stand their ground, and not to be easily swayed. way to go girl!

  53. theresa clearly is a girl with respect, good character and most of all ton load of dreams, she is a good role model and many should pick a thing or two from her. good luck with plan A.

  54. Beautiful. So much dreams and hope In a young mind.
    I love the fact that you are a very good source of encouragement to young adults. We need your kind to uplift our soul. Please don’t stop. Thank you ma

  55. ma, i am a witness to your lavish praises and your ever ready encouragement. you have a way of making all our tall dreams seem accessible, and for that i thank you. just like the adorable lady in the story, we all have our dreams and several mind blowing capacities inside of us. the only way to utilize it is to constantly believe that with determination and a clear picture of what we want, our life will just turn out well afterall.

  56. Passion and enthusiasm even in the face of difficulty is what is required for success. With God on her side, the sky will be limit. I wish her a great future and a life of fulfilment.

  57. great dreams,nice goals and who else could be a better mentor to help my smally “as i call her” achieve such a lofty goals than you ma, we all know how much you’ve been a source of an inspiration and a mother figure to us all your passion to reach out to the youths and teens is just out of the this world and for my smally achieving your goals and aspiration all balls down to the amount of hard work and discipline your able to imbibe in your self cos the world is not looking for ordinary people they are looking for extra-ordinary genius and for you to be counted as one you must be ready to pay the extra sacrifce….
    God bless you and see you at the top….

  58. its not all about setting goals,its about setting it and striving hard to achieve it .Theresa is a bold and courageous youth and my prayer is that she achieves her dreams

  59. When u dream high u cannot settle for less and I love her spirit of truly dreaming high. This is how our youth years should be. God is good nd will bless you ma

  60. Everyone dreams to become great and achieve mighty things in life. I love her dreams and aspirations and i love she strives hard to achieve them.

  61. Tessy is a visionary someone.
    She has nice dreams.
    I pray that God should see her through in all her endeavours in UNN.
    May God continue to bless you Ma.

  62. Nice one ma, theresa, it is good you know God and you have good dreams but never you forget to always put them in prayers and workhard to make your dreams come through bless you.

  63. I really pray that all our dreams and goals will be acquired one day even though they may seem almost unattainable. I wish Tessy the best though.

  64. I love the zeal of Theresa,she has dreams which I believe she will get,a young believer who is passionate about God,please Theresa anywhere you please do keep that spiritual part in you,I pray ur dreams comes true, wishing you best of luck.
    Thanks Aunty Edith for sharing this writeup you have done a lot in captivating minds.

  65. Once one knows what he or she wants in life ,works towards it and also involves God ..he is sure to smile at the end …she should keep it up..!!???

  66. I love her courage and the fact that she believes in herself. Thank you aunty Edith for supporting the younger generation. May God help her to actualise her dreams. Amen.

  67. I was surprised when I saw this post. because I know Theresa very well. I know her as a devoted Deeper Life member that is dedicated and very kind and humble. in her ambitions,I wish her a successful stay in UNN where her dignity would be restored. and I wish her determinations would be achieved in Jesus name.

  68. I wish Theresa well in her endeavours. Though I don’t know her in person, I wish I could be like her and think so wide and big just like her. I will also advise her to be consistent in serving God as she has always done and cling to him, because many youths who are backsliden today find it very difficult to build that same fellowship they had with Christ.

  69. Wow! #I have a dream# lovely dreams! One thing is to dream high and another is to work towards it’s actualization. I can do it, you can do it, we can do it!

  70. Its good to dream big because with determination, hard work and prayers dreams can be achieved, I wish you well dear, just believe in yourself

  71. Iam really inspired by this great story. I so much love Theresa’s passionate pursuit for her dream. I pray that may her dreams come to reality in Jesus name.

  72. Hi dear, I sincerely love your dreams and aspirations, the lord is your strength, put him first and the sky is your starting point

  73. “If we can conceive it, then we can achieve it” keep on blessing and inspiring lives ma.

  74. Nice one dear, I like that, I pray that God will grant you,your dream’s Amen, win it for yourself

  75. We are told to CAPTURE the PICTURE TO FEATURE IN THE FUTURE, nothing is impossible with the three Ds Determination, Diligence and Dedication, not forgetting GOD.

  76. We are told to CAPTURE the PICTURE to FEATURE in the FUTURE, nothing is impossible with the 3Ds, Determination, Diligence and Dedication, not forgetting GOD.

  77. Having a strong zeal,dream and having faith in yourself and also working towards achieving the dream is one of the things that keeps us going in life. Thank you ma for this story.

  78. Staying strong, striving hard to achieve goals and dream. There are so many girls out there who have high hopes and aspirations. Reaching out to them is a talent you’re blessed with Ma. Big ups Good bless you Ma.

  79. This whole episode centers on dreams. It’s good to have dreams but I hope the young lady can work on those dreams. Her Christian life as portrayed here should be enough to see her through in life. It all still comes down to God and his plans for her.

  80. Dreams are meant to be dreamt. But, what can we say is the starting point to it’s achievement? Determination and Hardwork I suppose. Theresa, nice dreams, the skye shall be your starting point.

  81. Ma I envy your relationship with we students, and we the students are highly grateful for that sacrifice/opportunity…….One of the best ways a teacher or lecturer can get the best out of a student is through mutual relationship-by forgoing age or status and relate with the student well. At the point of interaction, you never can tell; the teacher might learn one thing or the other from the student.

  82. It is good to have dreams, goals and aspirations and work towards them. I hope she keeps believing in herself.

  83. Is Always easy to have dreams.but having them with the zeal of actualizing them is another task.God bless Lady Edith Ohaja for this blog! Its inspiring.

  84. It’s quite hard to see a young individual with an already planned life.. I’m happy and proud of you Theresa..work towards it and don’t forget to make visionary friends, people with plans… Thanks ma for this piece.

  85. I love individuals with this kind of aims and aspirations. Everything is possible .If you believe it,you can achieve it .It only takes determination and hardwork. Afterall, like my mom would say ‘believe in yourself and you will become successful.Successful people out there don’t have seven heads. Its only one head they possess just like you’. This makes me work even harder. Motivating story!

  86. Awesome. No matter how big a dream is, it can get bigger. Dream big dream. It is written: “the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut short”

  87. Lol…the girl is really outspoken with quite a character. I love her hopes and dreams as of now she is like an inspiration to me. I’m truly impressed

  88. Wow! So good to see an individual with such big dreams. May God strengthen you Theresa as you pursue your dream. This story is really impressive ma.

  89. What an inspiration! A young girl with a big God and big dreams, I admire her. I also pray that l will achieve my own dreams and aspirations. No matter how big they are, I will surely try my best.

  90. wow! so good to see an individual with such big dreams. May God strengthen you Theresa as you pursue your dreams. this story is really impressive ma.

  91. Thereta quite all right is a good and serious student. The day I met her in the library we some talk and I discovered that she is a wonderful student. Not every student that knows why he is in school let alone working hard.I thank God for her

  92. So lovely to see youths of present times with big dreams rather than popularity on social medias. I must commend you make for always letting your door open for all students and welcoming us with a smile. It means a lot.

  93. The write is basically concentrated on dreams. I really liked it when the girl said that she wants to lecture in a world class university or work for CNN, because every great men on earth was once a day dreamer. They say, there is power in the spoken words. Aim higher and work towards it.

  94. Dream is something unique that must be possed by every individual who wants to succeed/excel in life because one without a dream is as goid as one without a destination. But we should always try to work towards achieving our dream.Thanks ma,for sharing this motivating story… Hope to be your friend like Theresa someday because you are really lovely.

  95. Bahaha!Very funny girl,but I really like her type because there is power in the tongue.So it’s good we always speak positive.I pray her dreams will surely come true

  96. Every youth has the zeal or passion for one thing or the other .In pursuing these dream we also need advice from those who had plied the road before you ,a popular adage states that one who ask questions never makes mistakes.

  97. planning is good, but taking a step towards achieving your goals is another.may God give her and other young people the grace to achieve their future plans

  98. A young lady already filled with confidence, boldness and open love for God. She will go places. She is truly a Jacksonite for Christ. She will go places with kings.

  99. She is outspoken and has a zeal and passion for God,this our youth should emulate .True jacksonite for christ

  100. Wow this girl is funny! It will soon come to a reality all her dreams. She should work hard and trust in God for guidance.

  101. Awesome.
    No matter how big a dream is it can come to pass. It all depends on your efforts towards the dream. Your dreams needs your everyday effort. Remember no procrastination.and May God guide you in your dreams pursuit Thessy…

  102. I love her courage.
    She can do and be whatever she wants with this Spirit.
    A girl with such dreams is definitely a challenge to so many of us out there.
    Way to go girl!!!

    Nice one ma’am. Its good to know you could spare time to be a source of encouragement to this promising Young girl.

  103. With God by your side all things are possible. Her passion can come to pass it only requires hard work and trust in God.

  104. Wow! Quite an ambitious girl. It is a good thing for young minds to dream big and strive to better themselves and their society at large. I must commend you ma for giving young minds the opportunity to share their dreams with you.

  105. Wow! Quite an ambitious girl. It is a good thing for young minds to dream big and strive to better themselves and their society at large. I must commend you ma for giving young minds the opportunity to share their dreams with you.

  106. Youths are always filled with dreams, some work towards them while others get carried away by youthful exuberance. It’s quite encouraging to see a youth with such high dreams. Thanks for sharing this story. I am really encouraged.

  107. Such an inspirational story, I love her courage and I pray that her dreams will come through by God’s grace

  108. Such a bright future,may every of her plans come to pass. This serve as am inspiration to us as youths. We should be positive and declare it in our lives. We should never relent, we must strive hard to achieve it. We should learn to put God in the things we do because in him there is fullness of joy.

  109. Am impressed, and I also admire her courage,I say a big amen to all her heart desires.. amen

  110. Wow! Elating! Theresa has gigantic dreams and I love that. infact her dreams are an encouragement to me, to crown it all, she is obsessed and in love with her dreams.

  111. If you but believe and go for what you want , the sky is your beginning process, i wish Therese all the best and wants to see her succeed as i would want to succeed to and see the world.

  112. Her personality is quite outstanding. It’s difficult to spot such rare gems because nowadays such enthusiasm dies inside and with diffidence. I so much believe her auspiciousness and pray her dreams come true!

  113. It Is very nice for a young girl of her age to be outspoken and God fearing, she should keep up with it and the lord will surely see her through

  114. Such breed of girls that are outspoken and having a dream in sight that they want to achieve. I love her courage and boldness though.

  115. Thank you ma for this blog, it has helped to shape our lives positively. It teaches us life lessons which benefit us both in the long and short run.i am really thankful for this inspiring site. Thank you ma, keep the flag flying ??

  116. Dreams can be scary at times, but if we stay in our comfort there is little or no hope for progress. Facing our dreams squarely and going out there to achieve isn’t as easy as it sounds but is worth is the risk. Thank u ma for sharing.

  117. I love her spirit, aunty your writeups are so so educating and inspiring. I pray God for more wisdom for you.

  118. Tall dreams indeed. Massive ones at that but at the long run, it is one hundred percent achievable. I believe that whatever one puts one’s mind on and works towards it with utmost determination and with the backing of God is possible. Pleased to know she loves the Lord and serves him faithfully, the sky is her starting point.

  119. Its good to be outspoken, assertive, its also good to aim high and dream big,but it’s good to note that success comes with hard work,perseverance, dedication, discipline and the help of God.

  120. She’s a passionate lady, and also a beautiful one.
    Ma, it’s safe to say that your type of people are rare, we would hardly find people these days who are willing to interact with the younger generation and enlighten them on so many things.
    The pictures are lovely, God bless you both.

  121. Dreams are fulfilled when actions are taken, thank you MA for coaching young people and also this post.

  122. Thank God for using you in moulding our generation with your blog.
    Also, being outspoken and assertive is very good. I admire those has lots of that

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