“Ugochukwu, drop that painting!” Chiwetalu bellowed. Her brother-in-law was astounded. While he wondered if he had heard right, she addressed one of her daughters lounging in the sitting room. “Chidera, go and collect that painting from your uncle and hang it back.”

The girl eagerly marched towards Ugochukwu, who placed the painting on the seat he had just vacated to save himself further embarrassment. As he went to find his elder brother, Obiora, who had just stepped out to the compound before the incident, mother and daughter high-fived each other.

They had been hoping and waiting for just such a moment and to say they were thrilled was putting it mildly. Chiwetalu did a few dance steps while Chidera gave a rhythmic clap in accompaniment.

“No more restraint. It’s time to possess our possessions,” she declared. “Follow me!”

Chidera, whose teenage hormones had been dying for some excitement since she came for the holidays, did a high-pitched laugh. Then she stood at attention and gave her mum a mock military salute.

“Corporal Chidera at your service, officer!”

They went towards the mango tree in the compound under which Chiwetalu’s husband, Obiora, liked to rest on hot afternoons such as this. There were a few plastic chairs around, two of which were occupied by Obiora and Ugochukwu. Chidera brought one for her mum, waited for her to sit and then stood behind her in much the same way as aides-de-camp do.

Their arrival stopped Ugochukwu, who was just about to tell Obiora what Chiwetalu had done to him, in mid-sentence.

Chiwetalu ignored him and addressed her husband.

“Good news!” she announced.

“Hallelujah!” he answered as folks do in church.

“For the kind of news I’ve brought, you need to put more life into that hallelujah.”

“Under this hot sun? You should thank God I responded at all.”

“Anyway, Onyeka just transferred money for us to hire people to mould blocks for erecting us a be-fi-tting building!”

Onyeka, was their only son and he was living in Europe. Obiora couldn’t hold his joy.

“I thought he was joking when he said he would do so. This calls for a celebration. I can’t believe I’m alive to see my son doing well enough to build me a house.”

“Yes oh! It’s happening, contrary to the thoughts and imaginations of some people,” Chiwetalu replied, glaring pointedly at Ugochukwu.

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Obiora missed the stare as he was beckoning on Adaeze, his older daughter to come. He was considering the drink he would ask her to bring but he decided to go and fetch it himself. He was oblivious of the undercurrent of meaning in his wife’s statement. Ugochukwu, unable to stand the discomfort, excused himself to make a call.

His visit to the village had turned into a “total waste of time” as he described it to a friend on the line. His elder brother and his family lived in the three-room house he managed to build for his parents when he had a job (two bedrooms and a parlour with makeshift kitchen and conveniences outside the building). Since both parents were deceased, he moved there with his family when he lost his job as the Stores Manager of a private firm in Lagos. He opened a provision store in the village while his wife taught at a local school.

Land was scarce in their community, so only Obiora had inherited a portion of land. Due to his misfortune, Ugochukwu had calculated he had no way of building a better house. And knowing Obiora to be very kind and always yielding to his demands as his younger brother, he had mentioned he would like to build a house in the village, believing Obiora would easily surrender his land to him. His intention had been to see the land during this trip and call a guy from Nnewi to survey it. Now, with the news Chiwetalu had relayed, that would no longer be possible.

Ugochukwu, a group manager at an oil company, did not appreciate this kind of setback. He was shocked that Onyeka was doing well enough to send money for such a project. Onyeka, his brother’s only son, left Nigeria in frustration eight years back when Ugochukwu would not assist him sponsor his education in the university after his dad lost his job. At the time, he had two of his own kids in private schools abroad, had just started building his third house in Lagos and his family were due to go to Australia for their annual vacation. It was the third year that Onyeka had appealed to him and while he didn’t exactly say he wouldn’t help, he kept giving the young man the runaround till he ran out of patience.

As God would have it, a British teacher in his former secondary school (Mr Barnaby), whom Onyeka often served was going home on retirement, and offered to take Onyeka along, although he could not promise the boy much. No one told Ugochukwu about this. About the same time, he came for a stint at his company’s London office. Onyeka asked his father to get the address of his residence in London. Ugochukwu unsuspectingly gave it thinking it was no use to his brother anyhow.

When Onyeka showed up at his home in Chelsea, London, to seek assistance, Ugochukwu threw a fit and accused the boy of stalking him and his family. But favour eventually came Onyeka’s way through the family and friends of Mr Barnaby. He completed studies for a bachelor’s degree in accountancy and got a job. Although he was not swimming in money, he was prudent with what he got and sought to do something meaningful for his parents.

It pained him that his dad trained his younger brother and doted on him, but his uncle specialised in taking, sparing no thought for his older brother or his family ever since he fell on hard times. Onyeka thanked God his parents had only three children with at least five years between each of them. His mother’s slowness in conceiving which gave her a lot of concern in the past had turned into a blessing in disguise. Still, the family had to adopt the strategy of halting one child’s education at some point to focus on another’s, with the exception of Chidera’s.

In all their difficulties, Ugochukwu kept his distance. He never brought his family to spend even Christmas in the village. They spent all their vacations abroad. He never invited any member of his brother’s family to visit his own either. The few times Onyeka went to see him in Lagos, he was not allowed into his residence. He stayed with a friend and went through a tortuous process to see him at the office. As a result, his children didn’t know their uncle and cousins. On the occasions he came home, he had a favour he wanted from his brother and would zoom off the moment he acceded to his demand.

Yet, Obiora didn’t seem to mind. He maintained that he was his younger brother and should be blessed by him, rather than the other way round. So whenever Ugochukwu came around, Obiora would have Chiwetalu pack garri, palm oil, fruits and vegetables into his boot and the fellow would leave without reciprocating their kindness save for the occasional bottle of expensive wine he brought for Obiora.

He also had the penchant of expressing interest in any good thing he saw his brother had. On several occasions, he had collected new shirts Obiora bought, just like he used to do during his teenage years.

Chiwetalu played the good wife for many years but the last straw was four months ago. A man from the village who lived in Port Harcourt came home and gave Obiora an Apple tablet. (Obiora had supported him financially when he was in school, ensuring he graduated after the death of his father.)

The very next week, Ugochukwu came to attend the New Yam Festival. When he saw the tablet Obiora was using to take pictures during the event, he admired and collected it from him. Meanwhile, Adaeze, Obiora’s older daughter who was in the university had been crying for a laptop. Since the family couldn’t afford one, Chiwetalu had been meaning to tell Obiora to give Adaeze the tablet to help her with her research project.

She vowed to stop Ugochukwu’s “menace” and was looking forward to his next visit. She had overheard him talking of building a house in the village. She realised that his recent attendance at community events and public philantropy (building a health centre for the community and a classroom block for their village primary school) were aimed at qualifying hinself for a traditional title. He also needed a house in the village to show he fully identified with the people.

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Chiwetalu knew that although he could easily afford a hectare of land, Ugochukwu would be loath to buy any but would rather collect Obiora’s land. So when auspiciously Onyeka called asking what he could do to bring smiles to their faces, Chiwetalu told him the greatest need of the family was a decent house.

Ugochukwu arrived in his brand new Lincoln Continental, as usual without so much as a loaf of bread for the family. Chiwetalu served him lunch without complaining, hugging to her chest what she had in the offing for him. He had been in a hotel in Nnewi since he arrived the previous night, had probably spent a small fortune entertaining his friends but he did not decline the offer of food from Obiora.

As he was washing down the special bitter leaf soup and fufu* with a malt drink, his eye caught a painting on the wall. It was a landscape done by Chidera who was studying Fine Arts in the university. Obiora was proud that Ugochukwu adjudged the painting good. He also acquiesced when he requested to take it for his living room in Abuja, where he had recently been posted. Chiwetalu pretended she didn’t hear that conversation until Ugochukwu actually took the painting down and followed up the unexpected rebuke with the shocker about their intended house.

As Ugochukwu came back to resume his seat, she turned to Chidera and asked, “Onwe dulu onye bu Chukwu?” (Is there anyone who is God?)

Chidera replied with drama, “Mba nu! Onwero onye bu Chukwu! Mmadu aburo Chukwu!” (Not at all! No one is God! A human being is not God!)

With that, mother and daughter marched back to the house, leaving a still dazed Ugochukwu to wait for his brother and the drink which they doubted he would have the appetite to consume.

-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

*fufu is food made from cassava flour


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  • Chinwe Anakwe

    Evil Ugochukwu! I hope he does not do anything to spoil Onyeka’s fortune! May he be put to shame.

  • emerenini munachi

    such a thriller; indeed aunt edith, no one is God

    • Edith Ohaja

      Not sure it’s up to a thriller. Just a commentary on extended family dynamics. Thanks anyway and remain blessed.

  • Okwor Blessing Amuche



    The story is related to what’s happening nowadays. Most times, people don’t care about others. All they care about is what they can get from you and what you can give them.
    What the uncle did is quite bad and i don’t see how wicked a person can be to just collect from those who don’t have and never show pity or give them something in return when you have.

  • Chioma Onah

    With the tests and personal observation conducted, I hereby diagnose Ugochukwu as suffering from mental impoverishment, and chronic slow-wittedness. Collecting from someone you are wealthier than and not even ‘thinking’ to give back: Who even does that!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol, Dr Chioma! You’ll be surprised at how many Ugochukwus there are out there. My own diagnosis is that he is very poor. Obiora, in my opinion, is the true rich man of the family. Such a generous person in my book is richer than a person who won’t assist his close relatives, irrespective of how much money or property the latter may have. Glad to have you here, Chioma! God’s grace in all you do!

  • okoro nneoma anna

    this happens in most families. there is always a relative trying to gain from the others. but no matter what, everyone needs love. So we should always give irrespective.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You mean irrespective of the receiver’s bad attitude or irrespective of how hard up we may be? In both cases, you’d be right. It’s the Christian thing to do. God bless you richly in Jesus’ name.


    there are gods but One GOD, though man is made in GOD’S image but man is not God. this GOD does things according to His righteousness, such as having mercy upon who HE wants to have mercy. if HE is with us, no one will be against us. So Ugochukwu is nobody,he is not GOD.

    • Edith Ohaja

      It’s true we have the extended family here but we must individually strive to make something of our lives, whether anyone chooses to help us or not. As you rightly said, if God is for us, no one’s refusal to assist us will stop us from getting to the heights He has destined for us. You are lifted, Victor, in Jesus’ name.

  • Chukwu patience

    And I so much love this God! This is a clear definition of His word: just as heaven is higher than the earth, so His ways and plans are higher than that of the inhabitants of the earth. God has the best plan for us, all of which no one can terminate. Good one, mum.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, my dear! God can make a way where there seems to be no way. Even if we have no family or friends to help us, we can become whatever we aspire to be with God’s help. He can use anyone He pleases to bless us because the earth and they that dwell on it belong to Him. Have a beautiful weekend, Patience!

  • onah onyebuchi vitus

    This short story signifies that for every thing in life, there is time and season, as in the case of Onyeka who sent money to his parents to start building a house in the village. That shows that God does not need multitude to bless. He can use an individual as He has done with Onyeka who is the only son of the family.

  • nwokeocha precious chidubem

    indeed there is God, and he shows mercy to any he wishes to. Nobody can be God, including those, like Ugochukwu, who treat other people badly.

  • Onwusonye Promise

    I believe that this is a fictitious non-fictional story. There are many Ugochukwus in many families who never​ care about the well-being of others.
    My strong belief remains that man cannot inhibit the plans of God in our lives.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Don’t be confused, my dear! It is a fictional story. It can’t be both fiction and nonfiction although one element of good fiction is that it reads like real life. Happy Sunday!

  • Dike Gerald Osinachi

    Self love and indifference to other people’s needs have produced people like Ugochukwus in many families.
    They don’t put other’s contributions into consideration. But thanks to God because our welfare and fortune can only be shaped by God. Bless you!

  • God is so awesome that sometimes when he does his work in us it is very difficult to explain. this also reflect to other post that says God is the father of the orphans, he is filled with surprises ,he makes way when there seems to be no way.

  • levi ifeanyi

    Wicked people like ugochukwu will be ashamed of themselves because “no one one is God”

  • omenma ndidiamaka

    everyone is equal and therefore has no right to exhibit pompousity and superiority complex.ugochukwu should not have seen himself like God but instead should have been humble enough to use his God-given wealth to help his family.its a good thing that God remembered Obiora and his family


    onyeka is a typical example of someone who didn’t let side storms define him and let God to make the choice for him. i am inspired that no matter the ills people say about me, it doesn’t make me what they say because no one is God.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    hmmmmmmm! This is an example of what we see everyday, people in better positions will refuse to help others forgetting that there is a God out there, who sees all things.

  • Mbagwu Henry Ugochukwu

    The story is a pointer to happenings in everyday society especially in the Igbo setting. It tries to point that No one is God because you cannot have the final say and the antagonist, Ugochukwu shows a typical Igbo man who uses his wealth to oppress mostly family, but onyeka the protagonist against all odds made it.

  • ojimadu kingsley

    the story conveys greed, spite and hatred for one’s blood. that’s the case of ugochukwu who oppresses his elder brother cause he is more fortunate than him. we should learn to love and assist one another if we are in the position to do so.

  • Ogidi gift uzoma

    Wonderful story Aunt Ohaja! you are indeed a prolific writer. Your story teaches us to be humble because no one knows tomorrow. Just like the name implies, No one is GOD!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Humble and generous. What we consider chicken change can even transform another person’s life. Thank you and remain blessed!

  • ushie joana

    Just like the Bible when they say: the stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone. So is the story of obiora and his family. We should never look down on people because we don’t know what tomorrow holds.

    • Edith Ohaja

      My dear, you are right! The poorest person today can become the richest tomorrow. No one knows tomorrow indeed! May our tomorrow be glorious in Jesus’ name.

  • Ugwuaneke Grace u

    In short,we should learn how to give because no one knows tomorrow and as the saying goes,one good turn deserves another hmmmm,what an interesting story

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    IT is always the joy of parents to see their sons doing well were they are doing business and to send them money, especially to build houses, as it is in our Igbo culture

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    The rejected stone has finally become the corner stone. am glad God remembered obiora’s family.

  • Obidigbo Ifunanya Nino

    A short and reasonable story. Truly, no one knows tomorrow so we should treat every one with love. Being greedy and wicked doesn’t pay at all, this is a lesson to every one especially families in this kind of situation. God really remembered Obiora. Despite the indirect maltreatment Ugochukwu gave to his brother and his family, Obiora didn’t reciprocate wickedness to his brother but showed him love.

  • Nweke jane

    This story shows how wicked people can be. Truly no one is God. Nice story ma

  • Bessong Faith Ada

    Sometimes people display a great degree of selfishness and greed just like the character, Ugwochukwu.
    It can happen to anyone. Sometimes we might not realise that a particular behaviour we may have displayed at some point in our life was inconsiderate.
    We have all done something selfish and greedy in our lives, but when we don’t know where to draw the line, then it becomes wickedness!

  • This is a very interesting story! At first I wondered at Chiwetalu’s behavior but after going through the story it was obvious that she had taken enough and swallowed just too much spit on Ugochukwu’s behalf. The fact remains that both good and evil people will always get their reward and anyone who thinks he is smart may just find out that the opposite is the case (Ugochukwu). Good story!

  • Emmanuel Gerald

    This story is a mirror reflecting the incessant unfair practicecs heaped upon the ‘have nots’ of the society.
    It also brings to ligt the inhumanity of man (brother to brother). Chinwetalu shouldnt be blamed for her actions as i would have exhibited a more degrading and shocking reaction if i were in her shoes.vfinally, it is paramount that we all acknowledge the fact that no man controls or determines what is to happen in someone else’s life. Even though it may seem so to some extent, God always shows up!
    Nice work, Ma.

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    God is the only one that can make a way where it seems there is no way and with him all things are possible.

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    Hmm! This is exactly what is happening in the world today especially polygamous families but what some ok people fail to understand is when you are happy with other peoples futune that’s when God can bless you because nobody knows the head that will wear the crown tomorrow.

  • Okwor Blessing Amuche

    The bible said, without contradiction, the lesser is blessed by the greater. Onyeka was blessed through the man he served. Destiny can be delayed but can never be denied.

  • I love this story. he is just like most uncles who will turn their back once you get admission, only to call u on the of convocation to ask if u are actually graduating. RIDE ON MA!

  • Agwu Tochukwu Frank

    The character of Ugochukwu in this story portrays the selfish nature of some affluent ones in our various communities, those who always think about themselves without considering the welfare of the less privileged ones around them. Instead, they would like to collect the little the poor have and enrich themselves the more, leaving the poor poorer. Ugochukwu fails to help the family of his brother due to his selfishness, even Onyeka his nephew, who seeks for his assistance during his university education, without knowing that something good could come from Nazareth. This story is teaching us that tomorrow is pregnant, no one knows what tomorrow holds. Poor man today could be rich man tomorrow, vice versa.

  • Obasi Chidinma

    Wow! This story is an interesting one. the story is typical of what is happening or going on in our present society. Obiora is actually the kind of man we are looking for in our society. Although he was not wealthy enough, he gives all he has in helping other people, especially his unconcerned brother, Ugochukwu. This was to his detriment but he was not bothered. However,Obiora was blessed for his goodwill and indeed’No one is God’.

  • Kat

    It’s a deplorable fact, especially in this unfair world we live in, that brother is unwilling to help brother. It’s sad but true. I for one cannot stand to see any of my siblings in pain or unhappy, not if i can help it. I wonder if it’s the same blood that runs in Obiora’s veins that also runs in Ugochukwu’s, it kinda seems unlikely. I’m glad that Onyeka, notwithstanding Ugochukwu’s wicked treatment of him, still came full circle. God has won and this family has won with him. May his name be praised forever!

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    Really interesting story..the wife is right in her doings. Its not even as if ugochukwu is not well to do.

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    That someone is down today, does not mean that the person will be down forever. so we should be mindful of the way we treat people in their difficult situations because we do not know what the future holds for that person, and indeed no one is God.


    What i strongly believe in this life is that what will be will be. Come rain, come shine, there is still GOD.

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    We should always pray to God to remove any spirit of envy inside us so that we can love one another.

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    This story is so inspiring. i believe that no condition is permanent, so we should be mindful of our attitude. Thanks a lot Ma, U re indeed a blessing to our generation.

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    • Edith Ohaja

      Sorry, dear. This is not a series. You are blessed!

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        Wow. So inspiring. Truly no one is God. He shows mercy to who ever he wants. I believe that no condition is permanent, so we should be mindful of our attitudes. Nice one, ma.

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    this world is unpredictable,no one knows tomorrow,if ugochukwu had known that things are going to change for bad to him and good for his brother,he would have been a better person,this happens in our society today people have become so selfish even to take the one that belongs to others.Obiora’s kindness and love in this story is worth emulating,he believes two wrongs cannot make it right,this story is interesting.

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    Just like the name of the short story implied, no one is God. It seems as if people have sold their conscience for worthless things. That is why our politicians with all d money they have still embezzle public funds for their private use. No is God depicts we all as humans are not complete in character.

  • Nnadi Olivia

    Obiora’s love towards his younger brother has been mistaken as stupidity by the same younger brother. God sure knows how to fight for the just. Shame on the evil brother, Ugochukwu.


    In “NO One is God, Aunty Edith Ohaja highlighted the antics of a stingy Ugochukwu who exploited the open arm generosity of his elder brother Obiora and his family members. When the nauseating situation could no longer be tolerated, wife and mother Chiwetalu conspired with her daughter Chidera to put their feet down to say no to nuisance in which Aunty Edith captioned There is limit to forbearance bringing to fore the shout from Chiwetalu to selfish brother-inlaw Ugochukwu when he reached out to take the painting hung on the wall for his personal use. We are reminded that Ugochukwu refused to lend a helping hand to his elder Obiara especially to his cousin Onyeka when the young man needed him most. Fortune shone on Onyeka as a Retired British Teacher Barnaby who took him along to Britain where he finished his studies and a got a good paying job. The money Onyeka remitted back home enabled Obiora to erect building on the land Ugochukwu eyed in the village.
    That Chiwetalu and her daughter Chidera rejoiced over the humiliation they meted out to Ugochukwu for his stinginess as he reached for the painting hung on the wall leaves much to be desired for we are admonished as Christians not to pay evil for evil.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Are you kidding me? They didn’t do it in the marketplace. The woman told him to drop the painting because he was robbing them blind while being as they say “stinkingly rich”. He got far less than he deserved if you ask me.

  • Ogbu Nkiruka Gloria

    Indeed no one is God this story is a warning to those who despise other people’s progress and never appreciate those who helped them become what they are,thinking nothing good can come out of them.

  • Odo Collins Nnaemeka

    Selfish Ugochukwu just chose to forsake the family of Obiora, thinking that without him the family will not succeed. But God proved to him that he can still put smiles on Obiora’s family by bringing Mr Barnaby as a helper to the family. So my advice so far is, don’t use your position in the society to suppress the less privileged.


    Rising from Grass to Grace, Ugochukwu in his wildest dream could never have imagined that his brother and his son would make it in life. One thing I love about the lifestyle of Onyeka was that he was determined and his determination made him to achieve his goal in life.
    One principle I have learnt about life is what I call the (3Ds) which are determination, discipline and dedication. These were the tools used by Onyeka to achieve his goal and he pressed forward to achieve his purpose regardless of so many challenges he faced in life. Life is like a river, no one knows where it flows from and where it is flowing to; No one knows tomorrow………..No matter where you are, who you are……………just be good always.

  • Morgan Joy

    Truly! No one is God…. Ugochukwu got his pound of flesh… We should always remember that no one knows tomorrow.

    • Edith Ohaja

      What you said about Ugochukwu, that would be Obiora, or rather Chiwetalu. But I’d say they did next to nothing to Ugochukwu.


    Ugochukwu is sure suffering from a problem called greed and if he doesn’t cut it off now, before it gets late, it will surely affect him and not just him, but also those dear to him.

  • Onah Chiamaka Geraldine

    A twist of fate!! People should learn to help others in need because no one knows tomorrow. I learnt a lot from this story. Kudos Ma’am

  • Uzor Victoria Nkeiruka

    Indeed madu aburo chukwu (No one is God) because if that was the case then people would really be suffering. Ugochukwu is a typical example of take and not give but he does give to outsiders just to gain cheap praises and titles. Like your quote says, Ma, “Affluence without generosity stinks”. That is so true.
    And i also like how Chiwetalu stood up to Ugochukwu because tolerance should have a limit.

  • okafor tochukwu silas

    ma, indeed the story is wonderful. See how that Ugochukwu wanted to plot against Onyeka, but then in the end God proved himself. Indeed a man should know God for himself.

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    Being rich without being able to help those around you that are in need, simply means you are poor.

  • Fon Cyril

    You gain nothing for being selfish, greedy and jealous.


    Is good to be a good person despite what people are doing to you because God said we should love all men, do good to all men and good shall be yours.


    No condition is permanent in this world. It is not good to disdain anybody for whatever reason. Like the Igbos say, “onweghi onye ma isi ga abu eze”.

  • Amaobi Precious

    Mmadu aburo Chukwu! Thank God that man isn’t God, else, who knows what this world would have turned to.
    Just negodu! After, amassing all the wealth that he could lay his hands on, he still derived joy in taking the little his brother had. Sometimes, people’s acts show their lack of human sympathy and compassion.
    He should thank his stars that I’m not Chinwetalu, he would have received a full measure, shaken together and pressed down! Beautiful story, Aunty!

  • Idika Sophia

    “indeed, no one is God and the affairs of the world is like a sea tide, very unpredictable at times”


    Indeed! Forbearance ought to be limited in order to check the wicked. in real life, it does happen, when one decides to overlook the wrong doing of another, the later takes the former to be a fool, but if you show them that you are aware of their deceitful ways by fighting back, they will cease fooling you around just like Ugochukwu was shunned by Obiora’s wife.

  • Chioma Ezeudu

    charity begins at home, those were exactly my mum’s words growing up. I like the way the writer was able to use the title “no one is God”.But Could it be that the writer tried to remind us her readers that no one is God/perfect before introducing her character Ugochukwu or that Ugochukwu was a bad character, that did not deserve to be justified with the saying that”no one is perfect”?. I personally think the writer used the character of Ugochukwu to address societal issues because I unapologetically think our generation has lost it all. To a lot of people charity now begins outside the home, we now care more about what the society has to say about us compared to how our family feels about us. The personal pronoun “i” has now eaten dip into our families making selfishness the order of the day. ugochukwu should not the blamed and Chinwetalu should not be applauded, instead, Obiora should be emulated because no one is God. Being fully aware that within each of us may be a flavor of Ugochukwu, Chinwetalu, obiora or a mixture of all. I think the writer wanted us to always remember that Family is forever and that whatever a man propagates that he reaps, maybe not today but at the right time. Always finding hope in these words of the writer “no one is God”

  • Agbowo chisom

    Yes oo No one is God or will be..beautiful story..

  • Agbowo chisom

    Beautiful story.. Indeed no one is God

  • This story is quite interesting, indeed no one is God. With this story, I believe that people like Ugochukwu still exist but my only prayer is that God should not allow them to come close to me because I might not be like his brother Obiora..lol. I thank God for He will always know how to make a way for His children even where there seems to be no way for if men were God, this world would have been hell for the poor and the have not, I thank God for the family of Maazi Obiora for the ways of God is not like that of man and I must commend you aunty Edith for posting or sharing such an inspiring story with us, I pray that the sky will be ur starting point IJN.

  • Nnedinso rita

    The attitude of udoka is really repugnant and disturbing, the behaviour rings a bell i my mind about what can be seen today.



  • Juliet

    Nobody prayed to be poor….everyone just want to make it. Only if we are able to extend our kindness to others, then the world wil be a better place. The wife should have given her elder brother that maximum respect instead of humiliating him infront of her daughter

  • adumike geraldine nneoma

    Truly if men were to be God and our destiny lies with them the world will be a jungle. But thank God it is not so!

  • Nwokolo Chidera Mirabell

    Actually, no one knows tommorow, so we ought to treat with kindness and love anyone that comes our way

  • Akpali Francess

    This is a nice story ma

  • Emmanuel Echezona

    This kind of story happens in our lives, though in various forms, but thanks to this igbo adage ”aka ekpuchi onwa” (the hand can never cover the moon). What God has planned for you must surely come to pass.
    No one is really God.


    Actually, God gave everybody chance to do whatever one likes, but Heaven is the reward of good work. Please don’t live your life like Ugochukwu if you are heavenly-minded.


    Never look down on anyone because you can never tell what tomorrow has in stock for that person. Show love to all human beings even when the love is not reciprocated. Nice one, ma!

  • orji annabelle obiageli

    never look down on or under estimate anyone …..
    indeed no one is God …aunty, another touching story.

  • Ewurum John

    Avoid jealousy, avoid envy, avoid violence, avoid greed, avoid selfishness because they are all fruits of the flesh.

  • Ezugwu Ogochukwu.A

    No one is God indeed,this story is really interesting.


    some people are just like the man in the story, that is, mazi udoka. Most times, you may overlook such behavior but when it reaches the extent of that unkind man, then it can be termed as wickedness.

  • joseph joy .c.

    The world is full of evil and wickedness ,how can someone be so heartless and wicked to his own blood? he only care about his own good and his personal family which is very bad of him.but finally God made a way where there is no way and show him that mmadu aburo chukwu(no one is God).And we should trust no man.

  • Nnakwe uchenna

    In the words of my matron “Affluence without generosity stinks”.
    This Statement is really true in the case of the characters in this tale.
    The artful graphics also depicts the theme of the story.

  • Nnorom Wisdom

    I think mazi udoka is a kind greedy man.
    Why do I say so? He’s the kind of people who’s greediness pushes you to acquire greatness for yourself.
    They are the type of people who pushes you to success and this would never happen if the weren’t greedy in the first place ?

  • Udeobasi Ngozi B.

    A little gift which may mean nothing to us can mean everything to another. This story teaches us generosity. In this life, what goes around comes around. You never can tell who will be your saving grace tomorrow. Therefore, we should always be good to those around us. Charity, they say, begins from home.
    Indeed, no one is God. Whatever God has destined for someone must surely come to pass. It only takes but a while. If you refuse to be used by God to impart lives, just like Ugochukwu did, God will surely appoint someone else to take your place. No matter what, his word must surely come to pass.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    Great title for a great story!
    It is still very hard for me to believe that people could be very heartless and wicked just like Ugochukwu….
    hope more women can stand up just like Chiwetalu in this story. Enough is enough, people ought to stand up and quit allowing others to ride them and look down on them….
    Thank God no man is God……
    Great story Ma.

  • Unwana Ekere

    Obiora is really a strong and good man, no matter what Ugochukwu did, he never changed, he was still that generous man.
    Well No one is God and no one can ever be God, he does his mighty works at the appointed time, he put our enemies to shame in an astonished manner..
    Women will always be women as in the case of chiwetalu, although she was patience enough but she bursted out at due time.
    I really enjoyed the story ma, my laughter could be heard at Ogige market.

  • Ogbodo somtochukwu ikemefuna

    Jesus Christ ….
    Y are men dz wked and heartless
    If this is real. ..I pray God protects obiora’s family.. .
    Tnk God 4 God. ..Because, if ugochukwu was God … So many people wud hv bin cleared out of d surface of d earth …
    Bt God always take care of d helpless..
    So y put our hope on man who will dissapoint ,why not on God hu Neva 4gets or dissapoint…

    I love dz woman… She z wise. ..
    It’s time to face ur trouble and with God’s help,we will overcome


    This story teaches us many things, i wish some people will understand that there is nothing in this life, generosity is a natural gift from God. In this life don’t feel you a too special because you are wealthy because it is someone that is watching over those wealth for your which is God. Ugochukwu took obiora’s generosity and calmness for granted, he wants everything good for himself alone which is not good in the eyes of God abd man May God bless us with wealth and give us a generous heart to help people around us. AMEN.

  • Ikwuakam Oluchi Francisca

    Some persons are just too greedy. Why would he want to take virtually everything from his brother without wanting to render any form of help to them even when he is capable of doing so. Thank God for Chiwetalu who was able to advise her son rightly on building a house

  • Nwata Blessing Chinyere

    Truly, No one is God. He shows mercy to whoever He want to: the wicked, rich, poor. No one knows tomorrow and what it holds for us. Never knew good, generous and kind people like Obiora really exist as portrayed in the story. Ugochukwu depicts and defines rich individuals in our society that are unkind and looks down on people not knowing what tomorrow holds for us.

  • Onovoh Adaeze J.

    Nice story ma. At first, i thought Chiwetalu and her daughter Chidera were the bad guys, for being unfair to Ugochukwu, but as the plot unfolded, i discovered it was actually Ugochukwu, but as the plot unfolded, i discovered it was actually Ugochukwu that is unfair. What be got at the end serves him right. It is important to give a helping hand to the needy if you are in the position to do so, as no one knows tomorrow.

  • Okorie Flora

    No one is God and no one can ever be. God is ever merciful and compassionate. He shows mercy to whoever he wants to. Ugochukwu got what he deserved. onyeka was determined and wanted to achieve his goals no matter the challenges he faced. It is what I call a twist of fate. We all should always be good and kind.

  • Ugwu Gabriel

    It really obvious that there is God, he is immutable, indubitable and he also shows mercy to any he wishes to. Finally, no contingent being can be like God.

  • Nwabueze Sylvia

    Truly, no one is God .
    He shows Mercy to who ever he wants…. To the wicked,poor,rich….no one knows tomorrow and what it holds for us

  • Ekwe Success Chinenye

    I like Chinwetalu’s behavior after she discovered that all Ugochukwu knows how to do is to see that they have nothing good at all even when he can provide it.
    The news of Onyeka’s success surprised him because he thought that he is the only one that can help the family, it serves him right.

  • Actually, no one is God. I love the way the story was written, it is at the end of the story that you will realize what brought about the expressions in the beginning of the story. truly, Ugochukwu is not living up to expectation to Obiora’s family and needs to be stopped. I love the attitude of Chinwetalu and chidera towards him when he wanted to collect the painting. an inspiring story!

  • Alex

    Indeed the world is full of wickedness…wickedness does not pay.. ..If only Ugochukwu was kind and helpful to Onyeka and his family, he would have benefitted greatly … Well God’s timing remains the best

  • Nnamani chisom linda

    There is no difference in the happening around and what the story is tryin to say..this particularly happens in most of the families when a particular relative tries to gain from his relations buh does not assist them…well this story is tryin to convey a message that no mattet wat we should assist and love oursef..


    A story which really reveals and tell us that God is not asleep.He knows our plight,suffering and will make everything perfect in his own time.Everyone no matter your social status,class level should not take anyone for granted.No body should look down on anybody because no one knows tomorrow


    In life,God is the only one who could elevate someone.He picks someone of little or low background,status and catapult that person into a personality.We should use our wealth to help the needy.Helping the less privileged shows strength,compassion and just like God gave us freely we should do same.The first can be reduce to the last and vice versa.


    A delightful piece,No one on this earth knows what God has installed for him or her in the future.As humans bonded by blood we should not hesitate in helping our loved ones.God cares for everyone equally.so we should lend a helping hand to those struggling and God is sure to prosper us.We should never neglect or look down on anyperson

  • Ekwe ifeanyi daniel

    This idea of both prominent men and women taking what does not belong to them in a cunning way is very bad. Ugochukuwu has taken more than he has brought to Obiora’s family. Thank God for Chiwetalu who discovered early, therefore, breaching Ugochukuwu’s unending greed.

  • Okoilu olawole ebenezer

    Hmm. What a story. “Whatever you sow, you shall reap”. Indeed there is none like God. He rewards all according to their works.

  • Igboamalu oluchukwu vivian

    This write up inspires me a lot ma to know that out of everything we do in life we should always stick to the fact that no one is God he alone has the final say he can lift a man from nothing to something from grass to grace and it is not proper to look down on anyone Because the person you belittle today might be your saviour tommorow…….

  • Eze Chioma

    A very nice story that teaches the reward of being good. Obiora, irrespective of his brother’s stinginess and greed, still gave him whatever he asked of him from the little he had. His reward came in the form of his son who went abroad in search of a livelihood,finally became comfortable enough to foot his own bills and send some money home to his parents for the construction of their new house

  • Nwannah Juliana ngozi

    The heart of men is wicked, how could ugochukwu be that ungrateful. God is a wonderful God, he will see the effects of his actions when the time comes. Am ashamed of people like this.unfortunately I have an uncle just like ugochukwu.He has reaped the fruit of his actions.

  • God’s time is the best because he is all knowing,he make the poor richer and the richer poorer,he make the wise foolish and the foolish wiser

  • Onuoha Divine Nmasinachi

    It is a pity that some people who have more are still the ones that are never satisfied. They’ll still want to exploit those with very little.
    It is equally Ironical that those who have very little are still the ones willing to give more.
    Generosity is not in how much you have. But in the heart.
    The beauty of having is giving. If you cannot give, then your having is useless.

  • naya

    I wonder why some relations are unnecessarily bad

  • Ebere

    The stone which the builders rejected has really become the chief corner stone. Humans are not God, the lord makes a way where there seems to be no way like he did for Obiora.

  • Nkwocha chibueze innocent

    People should try to be part of the solution to people’s problems and not to add to their problems one good turn deserves another someone you helped today can be your help tomorrow

  • Having resources without letting people tap from them doesn’t make sense. Ugochukwu’s habit of not giving and collecting from his brother the little he has is very bad, but Chinwetalu’s attitude towards him especially using her daughter as an instrument is totally bad and unjustifiable, for even God does not expect us to repay evil with evil.

    • Edith Ohaja

      What is the evil? They gave him food but they refused to let him pick the artwork decorating their living room. He could have asked for a similar painting to be done for him and PAID for it as a way to encourage the girl. But, no! He must collect it just like that, as though he’s the only one who deserves good things. In my opinion, they taught him a long overdue lesson.


    No one on earth knows what the future holds,Charity should always begin from home.love always strives in a family.in the igbo society,we should be united and helpful to our siblings

  • Nwachukwu chidinma

    Indeed the world is full of wickedness…wickedness does not pay.. ..If only Ugochukwu was kind and helpful to Onyeka and his family, he would have benefitted greatly … Well God’s timing remains the best

  • Eze Chioma Uzoamaka

    A very nice story that teaches the reward of being good. Obiora, irrespective of his brother’s stinginess and greed, still gave him whatever he asked of him from the little he had. His reward came in the form of his son who went abroad in search of a livelihood,finally became comfortable enough to foot his own bills and send some money home to his parents for the construction of their new house

  • Onyia Ujunwa sandra

    Such a wonderful story, indeed no one is God. People should learn how to help those in need because nobody knows tomorrow .It is also necessary for one to love their fellow human beings just the way God loves us.

  • Chibuzor Marvelous

    wonderful piece,no one on earth is truly God.No entity knows what the future holds for them.it should always begin with Charity at home. Love always strives in a family.in the Igbo society, Africa thrives on communalism, the igbo society has always preached communal living.we should practise it.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    When God decides to bless you, he will bless you beyond human comprehension. It’s not advisable to depend on anyone but God. Nice write-up Ma


    humility is the biggest asset of a christian

  • Chah ugochukwu

    ?? oh God Chinwetalu is my kind of person. I love that woman. It’s so bad to always take without giving. That’s really selfish and to think it’s his own brother. Why won’t some one want his own brothers kids to succeed? Why won’t u want ur brother to have anything good in his life? That’s beyond selfish, it’s greed. And then the Obiora too, in this life it’s not wise to be so weak of heart because people are so wicked that they take advantage of that. At least he has a strong hearted wife. U see the role of women in this world??? Pls women are awesome??

  • Oshana Endurance

    The world is no doubt is a wicked place, a brother might just want to torture his fellow brother, the sure thing in life is “what’s goes around comes around”. The wicked will surely reap what they sowed. And please fellow readers our beloved mother is not writing this stories just for entertainment, there is more to it

  • Godwin Grace

    No one is God oo
    Also, no one ones tomorrow. That man has mind sef o. How can you come and visit somebody and not bring any thing? Upon he’s the rich one sef. Honestly, he deserves the treatment he’s getting. He’s too greedy biko. He’s just a collector. He never saw their son making it but God has disappointed him. Truly, no one is God!

  • Heriet

    Great story ma
    Ugochukwu’s character is most popular in contemporary igbo society.
    Chinwetalu is a strong woman, she knows when act.
    If we igbo’s start helping our family members who knows when u fall someone will be there waiting to catch u .

  • ologhofor sampson

    This story illuminate things that happen in our society. People don’t value your being good, you help them and when they become a success they forget you. Thank God for putting smile on Obioras face through his son Onyeka. No one is indeed God.

  • Anabude oluchi

    When we put our trust in man mostly you end up in frustration but when is God everything moves in speed of light and people who look down on you will begin to ask you questions because is God that sees the beginning from the end

  • Ibe favour kalu

    People can be wicked, and they can do anything to possess what is yours,forgetting that no one is God. God will always fight for his people!

  • Chukwu Oluebube juliet

    God is always God,truly no man is God…even if we have the whole world to help us what ever he says you will be that you be,for everything in life there is a season.

  • Okafor chidinma Josephine

    The greatest act of faith is when a man understands he is not God.

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    How can people be this heartless?? really what does Ugochukwu want with the way he is living his life, i pray for a better life for his brothers family … may God save us from close enemies ..bless you Ma

  • Constance

    What a greedy younger brother! How can one be so rich and still hunger for a poor man’s property? In fact, it’s no longer greed, it’s a sin. He just doesn’t want to see his brother prosper or have any good thing in life.

  • Amarachi Duru

    Such is life. People would always want to ride you when they know you are nice. Simply because Obiora is of a good heart, Ugochukwu wants to make sure he is stripped of everything that he has.
    How can people be so greedy to want to have everything all to themselves?
    Why can’t people be content with the much they have?
    They want to make sure you keep begging at their table. They want you to always show dependence on them.
    God should really help us.

  • This short story is just lit. Like seriously, mmadu aburo Chukwu, nobody is God. Nobody should look down on those he feels he’s richer or stronger than because nobody knows tomorrow. The people that were laughed at today may be the ones to laugh at you tomorrow. God bless you ma. Cheers!

  • Onwuamaeze Ikechukwu John.

    Ugochukwu, a man of greedy ambitions. Always wanting every good thing he sees on his brother, without giving an helping hand. How evil that could be, preventing your children from relating with their cousins and relations.
    Chiwetalu and Chidera’s step at embarrassing Ugochukwu should even be a stepping stone as to what he should expect to see. Possession of wealth isn’t a criteria to belittle others and become unwilling to assist them.

    True, No one is Good and Ugochukwu’s should be made to change is attitude towards his brother’s family. Nice write-up.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Greediness and wickedness leads to nowhere. God blesses at the right time. No one is God

  • Favour obi

    It is very appalling to see people like, Ugochukwu, who wouldn’t want good for their fellow. But the God we serve is the God that fetches water with basket in order to put the bucket to shame. He never fails. He knows all we may be passing through. But as long as he lives, some day, He will surely turn our grass to grace. No one is God and that’s a fact. He has a plan for us all.

  • Joseph joy

    Don’t depend on anyone, put your trust in God even family members will fail you and envy you when you are prosperous

  • Chiwetelu Stella

    This short story signifies that for every thing in life, there is time and season, as in the case of Onyeka who sent money to his parents to start building a house in the village. That shows that God does not need multitude to bless. He can use one individual as He has done with Onyeka who is the only son of the family. Thank you ma.
    I’m blessed

  • Duruji Veralin Ogochukwu

    Quite a thriller! I hope all the evil intentions of Ugochukwu gets neutralized. The stingy ones are always never contented. May God protect us from evil family members.

  • Eya Paschal

    It is said that a giver never lacks and i believe that Obinna will never lack and as for Ugochukwu hmmm he will eventually reap what he sole someday and a day will come when he will have nothing and thereby turning into a begger. This story truly reflects to the happenings of nowadays in our modern society and in deed no one is God. God bless you Ma

  • Akupue chibuike

    Such is life. When people think they have made it, therefore they can treat everyone as their puppet, that’s when God starts his manifestation in the life of the”weak”. Ugochukwu’s wealth is just a “change” When compare with God’s blessings. Remember that “he gives riches and added no sorrow”. No matter any suitation we in today, let us aways count on him for our redemption. God bless us

  • Akupue chibuike

    Interesting ma. When people who think they have made it in life tries to use others as their puppet, that’s when God starts His manifestation in the life of the weak. Remember, God has a way of doing things for His people. Therefore, we shouldn’t take our earthly achievement as “the ultimate and a determinant of a true success” .

  • Adeke Chukwuka

    We should learn to show love whenever we have the chance to. Sometimes I wonder if people believe in the saying_ whatever you sow, that you shall reap. They harden their hearts as if one day they will not be in need of an assistance from someone.

  • Chaii! There are many Ugochukwus out there. Just collecting and collecting. Greed is a terrible thing. Just collecting and collecting, if you leave him, he will collect the house they are managing instead of trying to help out in little ways.

  • Thomas Rebecca Ina

    Oh my God! what a story
    The way God shuts the mouth of People.
    How can someone like, Ugochukwu be called a brother and on the other hand we have an obtuse Obiora.
    God help us, some people still don’t understand the concept of family.

  • Onyeka understood that the line of success is not straight. No matter bad you are treated God knows the best for you. This depends on diligence.

  • Egenti Blossom Mmesoma

    It’s just bewildering sometimes when people choose not to help out their fellow human being, especially one who is related to you. In life we should never forget that God will always make a way where there seems to be no way.

  • Nwanze Josephine Chidera

    Wow! Obiora’s character caught my heart. Someone that calls himself your younger brother and is richer than you is pesting on you and you still condone him? Wow! This is rare. I know if I were Obiora, I would have dished out my anger hot to Ugochukwu but the reverse is the case here.

  • Onyia ujunwa sandra

    No one is God indeed, never look down anyone because you don’t know tomorrow. This story also helps us to know that we should love our fellow human beings.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    The story depicts current happenings in the various families. Upon all the good things Obiora did for his younger brother ugochukwu, he was the one that trained him in school and even offer’s him gifts any time he visited, all ugochukwu did was to pay evil for good. But it didn’t occur to him that one day God will bless Obiora through his son Onyeka.
    Finally the story added more meaning to the title which said ” no one is God.

  • Agena Yimase

    Without Ugochukwu’s help, Onyeka still made it in life. When someone or people refuse to help,that shouldn’t way us down but rather,push us to work harder.

  • Good will always prevail evil. No matter what, the innocent will always be vindicated. It pays nothing to live in jealousy.

  • Jealousy, envy and grief are killer sins. Ugochukwu is well to do but still envies Obiora that is managing. That is to show the glory of God in Obiora’s life. God has been helping Obiora since Ugochukwu thinks he is the one that says what goes on in their lives .

  • Catherine Anokwuru

    This story teaches us to be satisfied with what we have, not forgetting to help the needy. Also, greed is a bad thing we should be satisfied with what we have and not coveting other’s property.

  • Amuzie Chioma Esther

    This world is Unpredictable, no one knows tomorrow on ugochukwu’s part God has shown him that one can never remain the same in life, there are ups and downs and on chinwetalu’s part well… It is said that we should not repay evil for evil tho she ensured. This story all balls down to the saying “one good turn deserves another”.

  • Amah Damian Uchechukwu

    We should learn to help one,when we are in position to do so because no one knows tomorrow

  • Rose Mary

    I can’t believe that someone can do that to his brother’s family well I like the way chiwetalu took action shey he can take without but can’t give let her shine eye for him well .

  • Chioma Christy Agbaraka

    This storyline is totally relatable. It doesn’t look like a fictional story at all.
    Ugochukwu’s character is very common and Obiora’s Kind is so rare. I can’t condole such things and still be generous towards you.

    I like the fact that Onyeka despite all is able to do something for himself. May God continue to prove himself in the midst of our enemies and naysayers.

  • Aroh Cynthia Chioma

    Truly, no one is God. When one door closes, definitely another one will be opened for you. Obiora’s progress should be a lesson to many who lost hope thinking that God is like human being who disappoints.


    I have seen situations whereby God transformed bad times to good times. Who are we to say that God is not at work in our lives?.

  • Cynthia ihekwoaba

    This story taught me that we should not rely on human for favour.God is the the father of blessings.

  • Janefrances Nwaduche

    At the beginning of the story, I was alarmed at chiwetalu’s behavior but when I read further, I was totally in support of her actions. Ugochukwu on the other hand is mean, how can someone treat his brother that way?.Nontheless, I hope onyeka makes it big one day, so his family wouldn’t have to depend so much on Ugochukwu.

    • Edith Ohaja

      They have never depended on him. He has never done anything for them but give Obiora bottles of hot drinks on his visits. Bless you!

  • This is funny, and educating as well. Whatever we do, we should remember that family is key and should be treated as such. Ugochukwu quite unfortunately is self_ centered cashing on the fact that his elder brother indulges him. He took their kindness(obiora and chinwetalu) for granted. He deserves the treatment at least he will realise his wrongs. I must commend chinwetalu for putting a Stop to his excesses.

  • Igbokwe Rita Chinecherem

    Truly, destiny can be delayed but can never be deleted. No one can stop what God have in stock for people. Notwithstanding what Ugochukwu did to hinder Onyeka’s education, God still blessed him and lifted him even to the position of helping his family.

  • Okere Jovita

    When God says yes nobody can say no
    Ugochukwu is a wicked Man who can’t help his Relations but can squander money with his friends
    I like the the way Chiwetalu shocked the hell out of him
    He has the money to buy a land yet he has an eye on his brother’s own
    Ugochukwu is just a selfish type

  • Nnabuihe Victoria

    It is best to put our hope in God and not in man, Uncle Ugochukwu wickedness towords the family is what we see in most families today it is best to desist from such relations, though chinwetalu dealt with him i suppose he learned his lesson.

  • Onah Joy Chimdalu

    When God shows up in ur life, he disappoints the enemy.


    This is what our society does this days,even when stinkingly wealthy yet thet think of only their own.Being rich or affluent is an opportunity to sow into the future,you might never no sowing into someone life might be what elevates or takes you yo the next level.

  • Joyce Jonathan

    Ugochukwu is really a bad brother and very cunning,how could he treat his brother kid so badly and still expect something from them.its good chiwetalu realize the kind of person her brother in-law is

  • Nkpozi miracle

    Indeed no man is God. I think we all should learn to put our hope in God and not man

  • Joy Morgan

    A saying goes that ” tomorrow is pregnant.” Someone may be down today but have a change of luck tomorrow. Truly, no one is God. I love this story.

  • Ugochukwu mindset is indeed evil and wicked! May his evil plans come to nothing… I’m glad chinwetalu realized his evil intentions.

  • Vincentia Charles chisom

    Up till date, I still wonder what it is that makes certain people very bittered by someone else’s fortune. And even to relations and brothers. It’s such a pity!

  • This is happening in many families today, people don’t want to help others with the mindset that when do, they will become greater them. Nobody knows tomorrow render help to other because you don’t know when you will need theirs in future.

  • Asogwa Christian Tochukwu

    We should learn to assist one another if we are in the position to do so.Ugochukwu should not have seen himself as God but instead should have been humble enough to use his God-given wealth to help his family.

  • Patience Anthony

    Don’t always be at the receiving side. Help when you can because
    no one knows tomorrow.

  • Edebeatu Ebere Nelly

    It is an interesting story with so many lessons to draw from. True wealth is not just about having a lot of money but also about using that wealth to make a positive impact on the world. Without generosity and a sense of social responsibility, affluence can seem hollow or even offensive. Indeed! Affluence without generosity stinks.

  • Edebeatu Ebere Nelly

    It is an interesting story with so many lessons to draw from. True wealth is not just about having a lot of money but also about using that wealth to make a positive impact on the world. Without the generosity and a sense of social responsibility, affluence can seem hollow or even offensive. Indeed, Affluence without generosity stinks.

  • Okoh Stephanie Chinenye

    This taught me that we should not rely on human for favour.God is the the father of blessings. It also teaches us to be humble because no one knows tomorrow. Just like the name implies, No one is GOD!

  • Nwabuisi chinonso peace

    Truly, it is really good to give, the attitude that Ugochukwu has is nothing to write home about. He had more than enough money to help his brothers family but he was too selfish to give, the only thing he knew how to do was take from the little that Obiora had. In life we should always endeavour to extend generosity to people around us be it a family member, a friend or just a person who needs help.

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