Kaadi had promised to marry his childhood sweetheart before he left Nigeria for further studies abroad. But upon his return, things seemed to have gone awry. Find out why in this intriguing story.



Kaadi was feeling scorched by the African sun in his native Enugu. He had come back to Nigeria three days earlier after a five-year sojourn in Canada. He was already missing the temperate climate he had acclimatised to during the period. To make matters worse, the air conditioning in his cousin, Nonso’s Peugeot 4007 SUV that they were making the rounds of relatives in, had ceased working and he was drenched with sweat.

He dropped his flimsy and soaked cotton handkerchief for a thicker napkin he bought from a street vendor and asked Nonso to find a fast food joint where the air was chilled so they could relax for a while. He not only needed to dry off, he had to make an important call.

His fiancée at the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu, Gladys, was not around when he paid her an unscheduled visit upon setting foot in Enugu. Her roommates at the off-campus house where she resides said she travelled but couldn’t say where to. He tried calling but her line wasn’t connecting. He was so worried he went to see her mum in nearby Awgu, but he was told she hadn’t been home in months.

He had meant to arrive Enugu a week later because he wanted to handle registration formalities for a car he bought in Lagos but he had become too impatient to see her. So he had handed the matter over to a trusted friend in order to surprise her.

When they had settled down in a suitable place with packs of chips, ketchup, fried chicken and chilled citrus fruits juice before them, he dialled her number repeatedly. The third time someone picked the call but the voice was male.

“Hello!” There was silence on Kaadi’s end. His cousin guessed the problem and gestured for him to put the phone on speaker so he could listen in.

“Hello!” Silence again. Stephen, the guy on the other end, was getting angry. “Listen whoever you are, I haven’t got all day.” Then after a few seconds, “I can help you burn your credit, though, if that’s what you want.”

-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

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78 thoughts on “BROKEN HEART (I): SHORT STORY

  1. lovers should negotiate and agree in one term before taking action. who knows whether kaadi notified glady of his traveling. though this should not be enough to break your partners heart rather try to correct his mistakes.

    • He went to study abroad and the story didn’t show she had any problem with it. She wasn’t just two-timing, she was multiple-timing if there’s such a word.

  2. “I can help you burn your credit though….; Lol! BTW, what is Gladys up to sef? Lemme go and read with my own eyes, don’t wanna hear stories. Onto the next one…..

  3. Some Women usually have the feeling that once their men are not around, they are free as long as he is not there to watch or control her. Gladys’ case is one of them. Paying an unscheduled visit is one of the most effective to ascertain a responsible and marriage-worthy woman.

  4. what a dreadful world we are in today to have a feeling that the person u trusted the most can deceive u beyond measure

  5. people can change with time, many people are afraid of change and the future. hope to read what happened naxt

  6. Whoah!! This story is going to be very interesting, haha I can already see the pieces of a shredded heart, well let see how the story unfolds……

    • It’s very easy to say “I love you” but staying committed and faithful, well, that’s another story. Thank you, Ugonna! You are blessed!

  7. Lovers and the actions they take! Well lets see what happens next because this is going to be very interesting

  8. Hmm! I am pretty sure someone’s heart will definitely be broken in this story. I hope their relationship was properly defined before Kaadi left for Canada. Well lets watch how the story unfolds.

  9. Lol what an immature man Stephen is… I will help you burn your credit. Well am anxious to know what Stephen is doing with Gladys phone.

  10. this story is full of suspense and i love it. but one thing is for sure. Gladys is up to something. is either she has another boyfriend or she does not like Kaadi

  11. the story is full of suspense but i think i cant wait to see what happens and who Stephen is to Gladys…. come to think of it, does it mean that Gladys have found herself a lover in place of Kaadi

  12. Okay oo, I can imagine the looks on Kaadi’s face right now. Lol so funny but serious. Could it be his woman has another lover or what?

  13. poor kaadi…..
    I don’t want to predict this story, but were would Gladys be, is she cheating, is Stephen the guy he’s cheating on kaadi with?
    I’m so anxious, can’t wait to read the second part.

  14. I don’t think Gladys is cheating, maybe something went wrong, just hope Kaadi will not just conclude without analysing and understanding the situation.

  15. Wow, this is not good, but Kaadi should be patient sha. It can be anything, maybe she misplaced her phone or something. Anyway, the person that picked the call was rude??

  16. African mindset, suspicious of everything. I think she cheating on him though. When your roommate says they have no idea where you are, something is up. I await the next piece.

  17. An Interesting story
    Kaadi should just keep calm and find out what is the problem without jumping into conclusion.
    Can’t wait to read the next episode.

  18. Wow! What a cliffhanger! Sometimes, we are too quick to conclude. Kaadi should hold on and pray probably, Lol. This is a very interesting story Ma. I just can’t get enough of it.

  19. Women of this days are terrible, I wonder what she stands to gain from her actions. Faithfulness matter alot

  20. Kaadi’s love for his fiancee is crystal clear but on the other hand, her love for him seems blurry. I can imagine the shock kaadi went through when a man(Stephen) picked the call. It’s so heartbreaking for kaali but no one know what truly happened that Stephen picked the call. Is she cheating on him??…I can’t wait to read the remaining part of the story

  21. This story is full of suspense but if I should predict the future, I will rather say that Gladys is cheating on kaadi but who knows let’s watch and see

  22. I think kaadi should find out who the guy who answered her fiance call is before making any conclusion on the issue but the question remains; where on earth is Gladys? I can’t wait to find out where she is?

  23. Wow.. ok I know what will be running through his mind right now. Is she cheating? How long? Why? And am also asking those questions but for the benefit of doubt and for the sake of love, let’s see what happens in the next story. It might all be a misunderstanding…. pls God let it be a misunderstanding..

  24. Wow, I can feel the pains in Kaadi’s heart right now. Hmm, may it not be that Gladys is cheating on him. Interesting story.

  25. Kaadi reminds me of Gbenga in ‘A trust deserved’.
    I know that his boiling point must have gotten to 100 °C.

    Well, from Gbenga’s story, I’ve learnt that things are not always as they seem. So Kaadi should just calm down and find out what made Stephen pick the call in lieu of Gladys.
    It might not be what he’s thinking.

  26. Oh,this is heartbreaking,she has obviously left him for another guy,I don’t know her reasons so won’t blame her yet,but before leaving a relationship at least have the decency to tell the person involved. Well,let’s see what happens

  27. Kaadi is really going to feel bad because of d voice e heard. With this suspense, I pray is fiancée should not f#ck up..

  28. This suspense is too much. Let roll over to the part 2. Could it be that she married another man.

  29. hmmmm. OK I know it looks like she’s cheating or somethinot but let’s read the part 2 there could be a reasonable explanation for it all

  30. Hmmm. Interesting can’t wait to read the second part. Not to jump into conclusion that the fiancee cheated on him he should just answer and know who the man at the other end of the phone is.

  31. This is so disappointing and sad….
    I feel for guy,I pray he takes heart and avoid taking hasty decision.

  32. I feel for kaadi right now left for me he should not conclude cuz I know alot of taught is going through his head right now.

  33. Could it be that Gladys is cheating on him or her phone is stolen? But when your roommates don’t know where you are there is something fishy going on. Moving to the next episode to find what happen the suspense is too much.

  34. Hmmmmmm does it mean she is cheating on him or what. This one her roommate don’t know where she went to. Moving on to read the next episode to ease the suspense

  35. Chaiiiiiiii seee wahala but lets just wait and see what happens though one cant jump into conclusions but i just hope its not what am thinking ooo Because Gladys is about to murder a soul if it is

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