This is a fictional story written in the first person case. The narrator is a young man by the name, Ziki. He shares his experience of co-habitation in a near explicit manner. By God’s grace, the story is entertaining and didactic. Enjoy!

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March 4, 2017
I ran my hand down Yvette’s bare back while checking my phone. We had just made love and though I wasn’t eager for an encore, I needed to show some concern because she seemed troubled. Isn’t that what lovers do? Lovers, huh? Yeah, right!

She moved away from my touch. That’s a first! She even slipped on her gown and went to lean on her vanity dresser.

“Sweetheart, what IS the matter?”

“You know what the matter is. You don’t love me anymore.” Here we go again!

“I don’t love you? What have I been doing for the past half hour if not show you how much I love you?” I hated myself for that. The very words stank to me. But a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

“Come here!” That always worked. But not this time. She just stared at me.

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“Tell me exactly what I’ve done wrong. Are you saying my touch doesn’t excite you anymore?”

“No, I’m saying you were a robot back there.”

“How so?”

“Do I have to spell it out to you? Your mind wasn’t in …. And it’s not the first time.” Oh boy! And I thought I was fooling her!

“Remember how you used to cuddle me after we’ve made love? Now, you can’t wait to turn and pick up your phone.”

“Oh, is that what this is about? You know my mum is sick. I wanted to see if there was an update from my brother about her condition.”

“Really? That is all you have been doing. Can we check your most recent chats to confirm that?”

“He#l, no!”

“I didn’t think so.”

“I mean, my word should be good enough for you, Yvette!”

“I’m afraid it isn’t. Hasn’t been for a long time, Ziki.”

“I swear I’m not cheating on you.”

“I really don’t care what you’re doing or not. This clearly isn’t working anymore. I want you out of here by nightfall.”

Never leave yourself at the mercy of others. Get some control over your life. #quote Click To Tweet

“You’re kicking me out? Just like that?”


“No, I’ll give you N500,000 to take care of yourself till you find your feet. Not that you deserve it, but I don’t want any bad karma pursuing me.”

I was speechless. This isn’t happening. After five years of living in this beautiful house, I am being thrown out. To go where? I’d met Yvette at a nightclub. She brought me home and I never left. I just picked my stuff from my brother’s house a few days later. In the first two weeks after I’d been there, I had tried looking for work, which was what brought me to Lagos in the first place. But nothing was forthcoming. Moreover, Yvette made it clear that “taking care of her” would serve me better than any job out there.

And she was right. She owned a travel agency and an industrial cleaning outfit. She employed over 50 persons and made loads of money. But she refused to consider hiring me in any capacity in her companies. “Never mix business with pleasure,” she had said, tickling my nose. Instead, she gave me a N100,000 monthly allowance. To sweeten the deal, she gave me exclusive use of the Lexus SUV she had just bought.

“Let’s be clear,” Yvette’s voice cut into my thoughts. “You don’t leave this house with anything except your clothes.”


“You don’t think I’d give you my Lexus. I can give it to anybody else but you,” she added with a snort and left the room.

I swung my legs off the bed and cupped my face with my hands. So it has finally happened! Yvette and I had had similar conversations in the past but I’d always kissed her complaints away. But she must have been contemplating this for a long time. And if I know anything about her, nothing will change her mind now.

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I should have insisted on getting a job, getting my own place or even marrying her. I didn’t want a wife who drinks and smokes. How hypocritical! I mean, I probably drink and smoke more than her.


I didn’t even save the money she gave me. I doubt that I have up to N10,000 in my account. I spent the money on expensive clothes and outings with other chicks. And not one of them is in a position to take me in. They are either in school or living with their parents. How could I have been so stupid? And to think Yvette took care of everything else, including fuelling and maintaining the Lexus!

Money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent. #quote Click To Tweet

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I just finished blowing my last month’s allowance and my mum is sick.

Where do I go from here?

-To be continued-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

Would love to hear from you.

How do you see Ziki and Yvette’s relationship and falling out?

Any advice for either or both of them?


You can read the concluding part of this story here:



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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

212 thoughts on “ZIKI’S DISTRESS #1 (SHORT STORY)

  1. Ah! To be continued ké? Mmm. Ok sha.
    For me, the relationship is nothing more that a transactional sex, which naturally would cloy after a while. I think it’s unwise of Ziki not to have a backup plan, by being imprudent and reckless with other girls.
    He got what he bargained for…I mean. The girl only wants his loyalty and commitment, not even marriage! Ziki needs flogging.

    • Lol, Peter! You wan read d whole tory sharp sharp, abi? I no sure backup plan dey too work for this kain thing. The relationship bad from beginning. Part Two loading ….

  2. Waiting for the part two to be posted. I wanna read it ASAP. I have a friend who can relate totally to this story. Lol. Let me send him link sharperly

      • Wow! This is a didactic story indeed. The eventuality of the relationship between Ziki and Yvette teaches great lessons. One of them is the lesson – that putting all your hope in human creature is dangerous. Therefore one should always learn to leave an independent life.

  3. Funny story but quite catchy. Things like this still go on in our society. Ziki wasn’t smart to think of the future. Serves him right I must say, for living an immoral lifestyle.

    • You know, some people think he could have done much with the money he got. But I insist that “Money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent.” Ask the Nigerian policeman, esp the one collecting money from motorists. Have a great weekend!

  4. Poor Ziki… The joy in Pleasure many a times bars one from thinking of the heartaches life could bring afterwards. Can’t wait to continue where part 1 ended… Well done ma, and as always, Interesting story!

    • Thanks a lot for visiting, Victor! Ziki thought he had it made. But the enjoyment needed to end for his eyes to open. Part 2 is coming soon. God bless you mightily in Jesus’ name.

  5. This story is interesting, for her to have sent Zik out of her house, I think, is a good thing for him in disguise in the sense that he will learn how to be independent as a man instead of depending on a woman all through his life. Kudos MA!!

    • Praise God! The journey to maturity and freedom is not always smooth but it’s a journey everyone needs to take. You are favoured, Gloria!

  6. change is inevitable ziki should have been smarter to have invested or bought shares with the money he would have been richer.

  7. Lol! I can’t stop laughing. The Yvette just took a wise decision.imagine having a man that practically lives off you for the rest of your life.That’s nauseating! The ziki guy tried to bite the fingers that fed him.I’ll suggest he starts from the scratch. Begging her won’t change anything right now.he needs to quit being a toddler and stand on his feet.he could start with hawking .Lol!!!

    • Not a bad idea! He needs to be reminded of how rough life can be. He’s been steeped in how the other half lives for too long. Lol! Seriously, no one should live on handouts, no matter how large, if they can help it.

  8. Ziki did not try at all. why will he choose to bite the finger that fed him? This shows he is an ingrate. Sha, I pray that he finds his feet on time before something terrible happens.

    • My own question is: Why did he enter that kind of relationship in the first place? May God direct our steps to act in wisdom and live lives that honour Him daily in Jesus’ name.

      • Ma’am the relationship is not the issue here. The issue is that the parties involved have no fear of God in them. Because I’ve read a story where even a prostitute got into a relationship with a Godfearing man and they ended up getting married and living happily ever after.

  9. Ziki deserves what he got. Life is not a bed of roses.You do not have a job and u want to enjoy life, is not possible.

  10. Moving in with his girlfriend and agreeing to live off an allowance from her was bad news from the start lol. Messing around on the other hand was entirely his choice. Glad she noticed his absence on time, what a wolf! I wish them the very best. #2

    • What a wolf indeed! As a believer myself, I don’t understand such relationships. They seem to me like huge gambles. Bless you, Nathalie!

      • Both parties in this story needs Christian counseling. For ziki ,he should not lament over a relationship that doesn’t make sense in the first place. What he really need right now is to pray for God’s wisdom because he has been foolish for a long time.And also the grace to forge something out of his youthful days , while he still can.Can’t wait for the second part.

  11. ziki has a dull brain. someone who claims to be ur girlfriend and unwilling to give u a job in her firm confirms a hidden agender.

  12. Ziki took the right decision by not going back to Yvette. My advice to him is to remain in the right path which he has chosen

  13. Lol. He should have saved some cash Atleast. But which reasonable man in his right senses agrees to such a deal? Well, that was his first mistake. Second, he made no investments. I wish him goodluck, though. Lol

  14. Wow! I can’t wait to see the second part of this story!!but its obvious that ziki was carried away because of the money yvette has and now he is full of regrets..what was he thinking?that yvette will keep taking responsibility financially? NO! a guy is suppose to work and make it on his own irrespective of how affluent his gf is…he made that mistake and he is in a big mess now…let’s see how it goes.

  15. Ziki should have saved some of the money for rainy days and the fact that he is living with a woman …… Hmmmm. I like your choice of words too. They’re indirectly direct.

  16. Regret always comes at last but I believe that everything that happens in life,there’s always a reason behind it, Zik is someone who doesn’t think for himself as a man who has alot of responsibilities facing him because Yvette is always there to give him as much as he demands . But unfortunately there’s none now, so is time to wake up from his slumber and find ways of getting money himself,and by so doing,he will learn how to minimize,manage and equally save the little he has.

  17. i guess when your means of livelihood is something that comes on a platter of gold, you wont value it nor make an investment with it. Zik’s relationship with Yvette was not sincere but then one can never buy fidelity nor love with money. as for Zik, he is a guy who though has responsibilities, lacks vision and direction in life. just cant wait to see what becomes of him. sure hope he comes up with something that will keep him from totally falling.

  18. he acted impulsively see where it landed him, 5 years gone and nothing to show for it.
    the world is not a bed of roses.

  19. when a man lack vision or focus in life, that is when he begins to act and live like Zik, i’m glad things turned out this way because he cannot eat his cake and have it back.

  20. people should be real in choosing friends, just like the adage that says one should be friends with people that they are compatible with, as he or she may turn out to be one’s life partner.

  21. Lol….ziki is a lazy being….there are men out there in the society lyk him…..perhaps he will learn his lesson thereafter and strive lyk a man instead of depending on a lady for everything……pple should always know that they can’t reap where they did not sow and there is no food for a lazy man too.

  22. Guys would always be guys,low mentality and immaturity. They say, “you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it.”

  23. Ziki’s stupidity is the height of it. How can he be housed by a lady yet he was looking outside. It is disappointing and improper. But the lady is strong-willed. To throw out someone almost immediately after their affair shows she is strong and strict. Ziki could not save because he was getting money easily and improperly. He should have thought of establishing himself first.

  24. i wonder if i can do what Yvette did by taking in a man, cloth him, feed him and also pay him. all the same, we dont know what we got until we lose it. ziki has lost it all, he has to start life all over again. but its also true that we dont know what we’ve been missing until it arrives, ziki has to stand on his feet and be a man. Yvette did the right thing by sending him out, it will enable him to be more calculative instead of being extravagant and chasing after girls like flies. it will also make him more responsible by going into the labour market and making himself useful to his parents, siblings and society at large.

  25. This is no kind of love relationship a responsible person should indulge him/herself in at all. Money can’t buy love.all the money and luxury Yvette had couldn’t buy ziki and mk him faithful to her.

  26. Ziki knowing that he has a lot of responsibilities should have avoided being lazy and worked hard to meet his responsibilities, instead of depending on a woman to feed and accommodate him. Relationships should not center on sex. I believe they have more to offer than just sleeping with each other. And it is so clear that Ziki does not love Yvette at all, but maybe she feels since she has the money that she can also have Ziki to herself.

  27. Very touching you know, but some men are very …, he thinks he can eat his cake and have it ooo! no, no matter how one pretends to be in love, one day it will still show that you dont love that person and you are in because of the money,only then will you be lost in your illusion of thought.
    Gone are those days when men think that they are more superior and hard working than us, they always have this feeling that they are the only ones that can go to the battle field (labour market) and succeed. lol! this serves him right. i can imagine how tears were coming out from his eyes. the fact still remains that he cast all his hope on a woman that is working and decided not to work to help himself, family, friends and loved ones.
    Men beware of being thrown out by a woman, when she’s fed up with your lies, womanizing and you being a burden. it could happen to anyone that chooses to be like him. with this please, step the step and dont forget the step. one big kiss(mua!) for the lady of the house!

  28. Serves him right! you can not eat your cake and have it, neither can you bite the finger that feeds you. He is just a disgrace for a man. I hope he gets a life and stops living on the expense of a woman. As for Yvette, she should have seen this coming a long time ago. It was high time she called it quits.

  29. Poor Ziki. He should have understood that he was playing a one-sided game and thus have every tendency to fail and land him in his most dreaded situation in life. If I were to ask, I might inquire whether Ziki’s brain was eaten by some kind of carnivore that he found solace in the care of a woman who is not his wife? I wonder.

  30. Karma has taken its course. Ziki is the kind of man our parents warn us against. It’s obvious he’s a cheat but to an extent I feel pity for him because it seems he did it to survive and he feels the ever present pang of guilt. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  31. I read the part two before reading this one and I’d say quite frankly he deserved what he got. He didn’t contribute anything to the relationship except his presence and yet he bit the finger that fed him.

  32. I see Ziki as an irresponsible and lazy man. He would have still looked for a job even if he was living with Yvette. What happened to Ziki is what happens to people who like living at the mercy of others.

  33. From the start, the relationship wasn’t built on genuine love the kind that helps one become better but I’m glad it’s falling apart for them. For Yvette, probably she’s tired of the whole unhealthy and lustful kind of relationship. Only a sequence to this story would tell. Nice job ma’am.

  34. It is always advisable for boys and girls to go into what i called “purposeful relationship” and not in a “wandering relationship”. Ziki thought everything will end in exactly the same way it started but unfortunately for him, reverse becomes the case.My advice to Ziki is that, he should try and utilise the fifty thousand naira that Yvette has promised to give him even as he moves out of her house.

  35. one thing is that money gotten easily goes easily. he even thought he could keep playing with his ‘madam’. the earlier he decides to do something better for himself, there are bound to be crises in his life.

  36. Can’t say i feel too sorry for Ziki at this point. This was a long way coming. I mean, you have to reap what you sow right? He didn’t really apply wisdom to his dealings with Yvette and he’s paying for it now. A beautiful first part ma’am #smiles#

  37. Let me rush to part 2..
    Some Days are like that. Ziki was caught in the net,i wonder why he wasn’t just faithful after all she did. One day for the owner tho..
    Men like Ziki deserves to be thrown out but Love can still cover it up.
    The part two determines because i can’t even predict the story. God bless you ma’am for always giving us glue to what’s happening in this contemporary age!

  38. Yvette and Ziki’s kind of relationship is something one would consider heading for the rocks. If Ziki loves her, he would have definitely opted for marriage

  39. Ziki behavior in this stage shows his irresponsibility, no matter the kind of comfort u enjoy you in place, u should learn to fend for yourself… Learn not to depend on human all the time… Kudos ma!

  40. I feel for Ziki! He’s really in distress, I hope he finds a solution to the mess he’s into. But a wise person, who lives in our world of today, should have known that luxuries, especially the ones not worked hard for, don’t last. If Ziki was wise enough to have been saving up to 50% of his monthly allowance for the rainy day, he wouldn’t have been in as much mess as he is in,
    right now.

  41. Wow,nice one ma.I believe this relationship couldn’t have been any better considering that Ziki does not really love Yvette, he only pretends to be in love with her cos of her wealth and that does not form the right foundation for any successful relationship.

  42. Their relationship was not built on love, rather on money. Ziki did not work so hard to get the money that was given to him he Spent it recklessly. Yvette was not getting the love she paid for, wanted to put an end to it.this is called trade by barter relationship..#smiles..
    Nice story

  43. Wow,nice one ma ,I believed the relationship between ziki and Yvette was not encouraging because there is no true love between them whereby ziki is cheating on Yvette regardless of Yvette wealth been lavished on him

  44. For one, I really don’t understand why a guy would be comfortable living off a lady. Well I think he should have seen that coming.

  45. To start with, i don’t think Yvette is a lady one should end up with, she’s just one fellow that needs someone to spend money on and get self-satisfaction in return, it’s actually a good news that she asked Ziki out of her house so that he can make meaning out of his living. At the same time I blame Ziki for his stupidity, had he saved up some cash, he wouldn’t have been on the fence on the next action to take.

  46. Ziki and Yvette are mature enough to know what they got themselves into. It’s just funny that ziki wasn’t mature enough to do something sensible with the earnings he got so easily. I guess after enjoying the luxuries for the first three years, he didn’t think it will come to an end.

  47. Poor ziki…it never even occurred to him to save or find something Worthwhile to do with his life
    I wish him the best shaa
    Can’t wait for part 2

  48. Their relationship was not based on love rather on pleasure and I’m glad Yvette kicked ziki out,who knows it might actually be for the best.

  49. Money cannot buy love.this story teaches lots of lessons to teenagers. Am really sorry for ziki because he never saw this coming..relationships should be based on love and not money or pleasure.

  50. Ziki is just too careless and lazy in terms of saving because I don’t understand how someone without an occupation will be mis-use money he didn’t suffer for and expect the person giving him to continue to give him,man pls go get a work.

  51. Ziki made a grave mistake by cheating on Yvette though she just wanted him for pleasure. People shouldn’t be so insensitive towards what is happening around them,ziki did not consider Yvette’s emotion in the whole affair.

  52. I think Ziki is a confusionist. Accepting to come into Yvette’s house means you pledging allegiance to her. How can you be in a girl’s house and still be playing hanky panky? It does not work that way. You can’t eat your cake and have it. It’s either he plays by the rule or gets kicked out and that’s just the decision Yvette has taken.

  53. I’m glad Yvette finally came to her senses and sent him out, though she should have given him the chance to find something to do
    By that, she would have taught him how to fish and not always feed him fish

  54. Wow this is really a tempting life to live, but my advice to any man is that he should not live of any woman without any back up or let me say a earned living. Interesting story by the way mrs ohaja.

  55. Yvette finally came to her senses by sending him out. but she should have given him time to do so.
    Also, she would have let him start up something and with that, she would have taught him how to fish instead of feeding him fishes always

  56. Some people don’t value what they have until they loss them.
    Just like the quote “money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent.” God bless ma.

  57. Ziki should have know that relationship s like theirs would not last for so long given the circumstances which they met.he wasn’t even at least faithdull to her serve a guy like him right.

  58. Nice piece, ma. Ziki in as much as he played a high level of irresponsibility towards Yvette, but for Yvette to ask him to leave her house was actually God’s divine plan for his encounter with Jesus … For a thousand years is like a day before God Almighty.

  59. Hmmn! Trust Warri guys dem no dey carry last for dis kin matter. Ziki forgot the proverb that says, ‘ make hay while the sun shines’. Suffice to say that ziki never had an ambition for his life living on someone’s hard earned fortune without a single investment for five years. Brother ziki welcome to the league of Brokers

  60. An interesting story again.Misunderstanding often happen in our family but it is easily resolved when we understand each other. God bless ma.

  61. Ziki taught that it would be like that for a long period of time but failed to think of his future since he couldn’t marry a girl that smokes. Waiting for #2

  62. Well, he was wrong and she proved that to him. A guy without any vision, that’s what he is. Else, how can we explain him staying in a Lady’s house for months, depending on her money and lavishing it. It shows how goalless he is. My advice to him? He’d better leave that house by nightfall or he won’t like what he sees. Its time to hustle, Ziki. Its a cool story, Ma. Heading on to part 2 to know how Ziki survived.

  63. At a very tender age I was taught the art of saving. In times of need when financial issues arise, one’s savings would be there to help. Unfortunately, Ziki never saw things from that view point. If he found it diffiult to save parts of his monthly allowance, what would 500,000 do for him in the long run? I’d sit back, relax and watch things unfold.

  64. Ziki what were you expecting. You think you can live with a woman fully without even investing or contributing any reasonable thing in her life and expect her to keep loving and respecting you? Impossible! Life my dear is not a bed of roses and even if it were remember, roses have thorns too. # men take note.

  65. Na wa oooo…ziki is really something else…how can someone be getting such money and yet not have any savings at all…its unfortunate. Now let’s see what happens next…I don’t even pity him…he deserves to leave that house.

  66. The story is really educative because it helps us understand that it gets ugly before it becomes beautiful.When Ziki discovered that his girlfriend was not going to help him again, he decided to hustle and eventually he made it.May God help us.

  67. No be small thing,well i do not encourage what Ziki and his mistress are doing,but Ziki must have learnt how to plan for tomorrow.

  68. WOW! we get to that point in our lives when we have to be honest with ourselves and spell out what’s working and what’s not. i guess Ziki deserved such treatment. what a man! beautiful story and an educative one for all. thank you ma.

  69. Lol… Can’t laugh alone… But y will Zik have a mistress… Dats not good nah… Can’t even wait for part 2

  70. Ziki indeed never planned his life, he should have himself to blame not Yvette whose only looking out for her man (ziki). A man that truly has dignity will never stay jobless like ziki no matter the offer.

    Just like in the movies; this story indeed can make a blockbuster; made use of good choice of words to create a mental picture while reading.

  71. No one is to blame but ziki; truly he has no plan for himself, he was carried away by luxury, he now became the woman in the relationship not the other way round.

    And to add to that, he decided to flirt around with girls spending all his earnings simply because he doesn’t work for it. Now nemesis have caught him.

  72. i read this wonderful piece long ago but in a hurry to see the concluding part i forgot to leave my comment. Yvette just took the right decision. imagine if they had eventually gotten married which i believe Ziki would have done just because of her money. thank God they just saved each other future heartbreak and divorce. And i believe Ziki can now start being a man that he is.

  73. With all that money given to Ziki he ought have been saving up even for the fact that he is a man ..Yvette took the right decision
    I believe things will get well with Ziki ..nice story ma

  74. I think yvettte is right no matter how good u treat most guys they always cheat on u. He shud go out dere and face d world.

  75. imagine #500000 to be given to Ziki in order to avoid or bribe bad karma,Yvette made that very clear for ziki to understand that he does not value her again since he has achieved his aim. which kind of relationship is that? betraying someone that loves you. well let me not side this judgment until the second episode is published. ma am waiting …

  76. ziki thought he was smart. but how can he depend on a woman’s money that’s too bad. he is a grown up man and should go and look for something doing. he should go and be a man and not wait for a woman. i like the way Yvette sent him away so he can know that nothing is easy. imagine cheating on her even when she is paying him. Ah! Ziki you can’t eat your cake and have it now.

  77. Hmmm… there are a lot of young men who rely on rich ladies, rather that standing on their feet. men like this don’t have foresight, they only live for the moment.

  78. Nawa for Ziki ooo. It’s bad enough that he’s living off his girlfriend, but why can’t he keep it in his pants?
    Shebi she has sent him off with nothing, he will smell Cameroon pepper.

  79. He didnt even think of saving up some money, maybe he felt his pocket will never run dry… Hahahahah
    what a pity! we ladies should as well wisen up and never be a victim of such…
    we should be wise: Relationship should not be based on money rather love

  80. The story is interesting and has suspense that I kept me eager to see what happens next? The use of simple language and the pace is well constructed. The dialogue well employed in the story. Ziki and Yvette’s relationship is not solid; is lust and greed. Such relationship will certainly fall out. When there is no trust nor understanding just for the present fun and not for the future purpose. The relationship will fall out and can’t be a surprise.

    Both of them should quit such relationship. If each of them see reasons to build the relationship for the future then they need to pray together, seek counsel and come back to humility, communication, trust and love not lust/greed.

  81. Nigerian guys shaa, always looking for where to eat and go scot free. I still thank God that Yvette was loving him with her brain along, Zik felt he was the one fooling her and so he felt it was all about money. I am just glad she took that decision of kicking him out. Well. I dont know what there relationship is turning into but whatever i would advice Yvette to play wise because he has just shown her what can do

  82. I think the relationship couldn’t have been any better considering that Ziki does not really love Yvette, he only pretends to be in love with her because she is wealthy, its a very wonderful story Ma

  83. ziki deserves every single treatment melted on him by Yvette .you can’t eat your cake and have it he tried playing a hankypanky(hide and see)game with ziki’s heart but i guess karma caught up with him this is an example to men who are still cheating on their partner one dayb you might just face the sing song ziki is facing…..

  84. Some people are just myopic to see that such things don’t last forever.
    You get 100k from a girl who is not your wife, boss in the office u do no work for her and u think it Goan last forever.

    You don’t buy food, u don’t fuel the car, u don’t just have a need thing tangible to do with the money..
    A lady is doing all these and you still have the mind to cheat on her…
    Not even a single investment nor savings…

    To be rich is not for everybody self.

  85. it has always amazed me how money gotten irresponsibly never last long and is often used for folly. i think this is a wake up call for zik: get your lazy a#s up and start a job. he has an ailing mother and all he does is sit and be a gigolo. this story is more than the average story, this is a mandate for young people to stop seeing their bodies as their goldmine and focus more on their brain power and skills. according to proverbs, seeth thou a man who is diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings not mere men.

  86. It’s funny how people behave Sha.
    You stay in a relationship because of wealth.
    At the end of the day you didn’t save up anything. Atleast most people do this kind of things with there brain.
    Thank God she kicked him out.

  87. From the on set ziki should have known that the relationship wasnt going to last considering how they met and what the relationship itself looks like. he should have stood his ground and achieve the main reason why he came to lagos. it is only a person that is less of a man that will be comfortable enjoying a woman spend on him

  88. Not every woman is a fool and not all women can be fooled with sex…zik was really crazy by thinking dat d love you say you have for a woman can be shown using sex….and where on earth is it advisable for a man not to have savings upon his parasitic nature on a woman?

  89. Kikikikikikikiki….lol….please I know I am allowed to laugh….. Ziki pls what exactly are u planning with your life, seriously I won’t blame Yvette because using what you said,you are not someone suitable for her ….is even better you are been chased out at least it will make you to hustle like a real man and not sticking with a lady who feeds you everyday, haba ziki……..well let me know what you will do next, I just hope this situation you are now will make you to be useful

  90. Ziki is just stupid and foolish. How would a mature man wait for a woman to clothe and feed him, thank God she finally chased him. Stupid man

  91. See me dey enjoy story come see to be continued* /crying/ make I rush go read the second one jare…..Zik!!! You’re a tom boy.
    You allow you self to be used because of material stuff. woe to you. You need deliverance biko.
    Ma please second part….

  92. Yvette is an Enigma; While She orders Ziki out of her apartment, She is giving him money to escape Karma. Well, She has strong reasons. No woman enjoys A cheating partner. Ziki should learn his lessons and amend his life.

  93. I wonder why a full grown man will decide to live off a woman. It doesn’t say much for his character. It shows that he is not responsible. Hmm… Anyway, let’s see what happens to Ziki now.

  94. Surely one can not eat ones cake and have it. Ziki doesn’t take yvette to be dumb, imagine a lady that practically takes care of your material needs and you still cheat on her. That’s because he doesn’t love her and ziki also forget that yvette is like her money bag. He was foolish through out the relationship since knowing fully well that he doesn’t have a future with her, he never deemed it fit to save for the rainy days.

  95. Well I think that ziki is not serious in life, doesn’t have any purpose and should be very ashamed of himself. He is not man enough and should stand up and be a man

  96. The downfall of a man doesn’t determine the end of his life. U might have been single lots from a woman but when she throws u out, it doesn’t mean u can never raise up again. Though Zik have not been doing the right hing by living and depending on a woman for his needs just because they are dating but I believe that in the subsequent episodes, things will surly turn out well for him but if he retrace his steps and stand up to be a man.

  97. waw! cant wait for the next episode. seriously, this is really educating. Ziki did not make good use of his opportunity. had it been he has be saving those monthly allowance that Yvette was giving to him, he can handle the situation that came to him.

  98. To fool people is not always good because karma exists
    it can heat you back when you least expected

  99. lolz ziki got what he deserve .i expected Yvette to have chased him out much more earlier than she did you can’t eat your cake and have it.ziki took Yvette to be a fool and desrvedly he got punished for it.kudos to Yvette for setting a standard for all ladies to follow!!!

  100. LOL. Tom-tom relationship can be sweet in the beginning but will get bitter later on. Ziki shouldn’t start blaming himself for moving in in the first place. Luxury offerings in time of desperation is completely enticing. His mumu began when he was blowing away all the cash on irrelevances sha. Landlady has spoken her mind so Ziki should obey like that. But nawa o, wetin money fit do person ehnn..

  101. After staying in a relationship because of material things, Ziki still has nothing to show for it. it’s a loss loss for him though

  102. I’m so amazed !
    I use to wonder the reason why people go into this kind of relationship but I’m seeing Ziki’s reason here but even at that it is not justifiable at all.
    Ziki being a young man should have gone for something far honourable than this instead.Sincerely,I’m dissapointed by his way of life.

  103. I totally understand ziki and his reason 4 going and being in dz kind of relationship. ..Sister, man must survive oo
    Bt d guy no sharp…u know u wud not marry her and yet u no get back up plan.. .Aaaaah.na f##k up naaa
    He should jux look 4 d girl sweet point and play a better game… Maybe it’s will work and dn, plan B follows immediatly…
    Dnt mind me Ooooooo…

  104. Ahhh…for a woman to cater for a jobless man’s needs and his still not giving her what she wants Nawa o…to me I feel a man is meant to be working and the woman should be in the house or instead she should be working….this ziki guy is sha funny oo, he is not even contented…can’t wait to read the part 2

  105. Hahaha, this post got me laughing what some women can do for men, its surprising can’t wait to read the part two, kudos ma on the post.

  106. Love can not be feigned, whoever loves you will keep you even when he is tempted outside. I wouldn’t call it love because Ziki is just their for Yvette’s money. Which made him spend carelessly because gotten without work is spent carelessly.

  107. Ziki, what a man! very disgusting lifestyle, though, I do not blame him because what one doesn’t work for, he usually misuses it.
    where do you go from here? you can go back to the village to farm.
    if I were Yvette, I won’t accept or take him back, but thankfully, this story has a continuation, will Yvette forgive Ziki, will Ziki learn his lesson, look for a job and start saving up?……
    This story is awesome.

  108. Ziki didn’t do well atall, he was just serving her while wasting 5yrs of his life, no work or investment. Any person in Yvette’s shoe’s will do the same thing. i wonder where Ziki will go to.

  109. 5years is even too long for this kinda ‘thing’, it shld have happened sooner than later sef…. What was he thinking that it wld last? The quote that got me”money that is improperly earned ends up being improperly spent”… At least he shld have tried to save up knowing it won’t last…. Well lemme quickly move on to the next episode…
    Tanx Ma for this

  110. Wonderful story, funny that all this things still happen in our society today,Ziki thought he had it made.little did he know what was coming ,the enjoyment had to end for his eyes to open to reality!

  111. beautiful one..
    This story reflects today society in many ways. I agree with the fact – ‘Money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent’.

  112. We, ladies should note and learn that SEX is not LOVE, do not have sex with a guy with the confidence that you are in love, Yvette felt in her heart that the love is no longer there, that Ziki still sticks to her in other to satisfy his sexual curiosity, while Ziki on the other hand tried to defend himself, this is seriously a state of confusion for Yvette because Ziki tried to convince her. Now that Yvette is feeling insecure, which is not good for a relationship, she is no longer happy, though she has already picked up a drama with Ziki but she needs to think back to know if what she did was the perfect thing, to avoid being hurt.

  113. That is so cowardly, hiding under a woman’s skirt instead working hard to make his own money. Now that he is thrown out, let’s see how he will turn himself into a man.

  114. The relationship was fuelled based on lust and not love. Life is full of shock. One can have rug pulled out from under him in just a second. That is what just happened to ziki. He should go and work so as to earn a living for himself and perhaps restore his lost dignity as a man.

  115. The relationship was fuelled based on lust and not love. Life is full of shock. One can have the rug pulled out from him in just a second. That is exactly what happened to Ebuka. He should go and work and work and earn a living for himself and perhaps restore his lost dignity as a man.

  116. Ziki has made a big mistake! How long was he thinking that Yvette will keep catering for him and giving him money? Well, I think that what is happening to him now is for the best. At least, he would look back at all the mistakes he had made and regret it and he would also have to find a way to stand on his own feet and cater for himself.

  117. Truly, Money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent. Ziki never earned the money, to me, it was a transaction made for pleasure. Ziki wasn’t smart enough, never thought of his future. He was busy enjoying his life and squandering the little he was given on girls and other material things.
    For his mind, he wan play a smart chick, e no go work Na.
    He deserved whatever thing he got.

  118. Everyone makes bad decisions at one point or the other in life and this happens to be Ziki’s own. Hopefully he’ll find a way to set things right instead of being a leech.

  119. Come to think of it.. He was even spending her money on other chicks.. Serves him right.. At least he’ll learn to be hardworking and make his own money

  120. I don’t think there was an atom of true love in Ziki and Yvette’s relationship. They are nothing but partners with benefit. Secondly, savings can help a whole lot in time of need. Therefore, it is unwise not to engage in it.

  121. Ziki did not love her. ….he was just in love with her money and material things and he ignorantly thought she would not find out….He also did not save anything which shows how irresponsible he is…..

  122. The foundation of their relationship is faulty, so i doubt that it would have lasted longer . Ziki made a bad decision and i hope he finds a way out.

  123. Why are some guys like this self lol, they are always looking for where to eat free food. Forgetting that there is no food for lazy man. Ziki NASA for you! Lol

  124. lovely story madam, the use of grammar, punctuation, and writing style is unique. it seems that you’ve made it your own. i also feel that the tale is rich in lessons for all

  125. zikis actually messed up by messing around with other girls. When her plan was not even marriage but a faithful relationship.

  126. Yvette acted so fast, she should have given Ziki a second chance. But I hope that sending him out of her house will help him work hard like a man.

  127. very much captivating MA. Your blog is really an interesting place to be during one’s leisure time. Please keep writing interesting stories like this

  128. Ziki really thinks love is all about sex and money. He would had just remain faithful. Good girls are had to come by this days

  129. Well, what can I say. Zik is just for the money and sex…. And it’s a pity, Yvette has been with such a guy and still hopes for true love….
    Zik is one of those random guys who love isn’t a factor… But just money and sex…. This are broke guys… Guys who would just wreck your life, giving fake love while they enjoy what they want from you

  130. To start with, I would say that ladies of this generation need to learn more about reputation and integrity. What was Yvette expecting when she brought in a man with no source of income, and began to lavish her money on him? Of course, the obvious thing that would happen is either the man cheats on you or he wastes your time and resources. Just like Ziki did. Ziki was just a playboy and he lacked wisdom in everything he did, from the way he spent money to every other thing.

  131. Ziki got what he deserves. The fact that he is opportunist and was over dependent led to his downfall. He was too attached to Yvette apron string and took things for granted, this mistake of course led to his bleak future.

  132. I love this fiction. The role that ziki played in this story is what some foolish boys of now a days is doing thinking that they are wise. my advise for him is ,let him leave the house.

  133. Hmm, he should go and deliver himself oo this one pass village people. Its good they have to separate, this will help him know has far he has wasted his life.

  134. Lol very funny , why on earth will a young man full of blood living in a woman’s house , she has everything she hire people in her company yet you didn’t persuade her to see reasons to hire you , you stayed in her house for five years eating her food enjoying her money and spending the change she gives you on other girls , like ziki you wasted a five years that he would have use to be useful.
    This is how some guys live this days staying with a girl they can’t marry even some of them are older that the guys yet he will still stay .
    I pray God deliver any man in such bondage .

  135. Zik actually got what he deserves he was depending on a woman who he could take care of if he was gainfully employed ,but to even make matters worse he was not saving instead he was cheating on her with her money. Any relationship that is not built on love like thiers can not last

  136. “Money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent”: I’m not surprised that Ziki ended up saving nothing from the money he got from Yvette because he didn’t earn it in the right way. The relationship between Ziki and Yvette is an unhealthy one and I think it is better that Ziki leaves the house to find a good path for his life. This story is captivating. Running to read the part 2. Haha!

  137. This is something else, i don’t want to dabble into the relationship talk but that a guy gets paid 100k every month, living in a house he does not pay for even foe food and free xxx and can’t save anything ..well he saw it coming and did not prepare well so the fault is his..whats not yours is really not yours

  138. Ziki should not have accepted the arrangement with Yvette to give her pleasure for a prize? That is not a job . He would have insisted and used the opportunity to get a job.
    Well it’s not too late he can still getup and do do something.
    To a youths nothing good comes easy, we all need to sit our a** up and start working hard
    God bless you ma

  139. This I must say has been an unholy relationship from the start. It started at a wrong time, wrong place and with the wrong intention. Ziki was just leaving off Yvete and she was willing because he was satisfying her. Ziki should find a way and build himself up because remaining in that relationship will destroy him further.

  140. This is really interesting and I love it. I don’t feel sorry for Ziki at all because he misused his opportunity. I think their relationship was not built on love. One thing with people is that; they don’t know the value of what they have until they loose it. Ziki learnt his lessons and i advise he makes good use of his opportunities that is, if another one comes his way

  141. Lo, Karma is really catching up with Ziki. You can’t fool a girl for long its not possible she will com to her senses oneday. He should start thinking of what to do with the money yvette promised him.

  142. This piece really blew my mind and i found an interesting lesson in it; financial independence is a goal everyone should try to attain. Easy money comes with a very huge price and nothing good comes easy. This a wake up call to everyone to either learn a skill or establish a trade or get a career with which they can sustain themselves without over dependence on other people.

  143. Ah ah!..To be continued kwa!!?…i think ziki got what he deserved. Infact their relationship wasn’t even a good one from the very beginning .there’s more to a relationship than money and sex o!

  144. How could he live life without thinking of tomorrow.I advice that we all should always have plans before embarking on anything especially things related to finance.It serves Zik right because others will learn from his mistakes.
    Thank you ma.
    Have a wonderful weekend all.

  145. Mtcheeew! How can a woman who isn’t your mother, harbour and provide for all your needs and you don’t expect to be thrown out someday. Ziki just got served for his sheer stupidity.
    In as much as I’m no supporter of cohabitation, Ziki should have maximized every opportunity he had in the house. What stopped him from saving up for the rainy day if not for what Rochas tagged IBERIBERISM.

    Yvette didn’t try but I don’t blame her at all. At least she was giving him some stipends but he couldn’t leverage the opportunity but squander the money with some girls. I pity for him and his sick mother though. And to think he is a hypocrite pisses me off too.

  146. This is a big lesson for guys that depend on women for survival,it’s totally not good because the table can turn around anytime.it serves zik’s right, he thinks he can eat his cake and still have it which is not possible at all.

  147. What a story! Earn your living my brothers to avoid this kind of situation. Ladies are not left out too. Learn to hustle for your upkeep, because over dependency causes insults, low self-esteem, for people tend to respect those who take care of their basic needs.

  148. You cannot bite the finger that feeds you. Even if you think of biting, you must be sure you have a backup. It is not stated in the story if Ziki was really cheating on Yvette or not, but for her to begin to notice it, it means that Ziki was no longer giving her what she wanted. This is a lesson not only to Ziki but to all of us that firstly, we should not cohabit. Secondly, we should learn to save. Thirdly, we should not be foolish to be spending our hard earned money on things that will not profit us as in the side of Yvette who thought she has enough to spend anyhow. Thank God for the action of Yvette that opened the eyes of Ziki to know what life really is. Kudos to you ma for this piece.

  149. It’s so sad Ziki focused on the NOW, and totally neglected the future. After all the money, he wasn’t even able to save, this is really sad. Although, this is a story, but this is common among youths. Savings help, learn to remember there is another day.

    I just feel pity for his sick mother, I wonder how they will cope when there is no money anymore.

  150. Ziki, the selfish young man. He obviously was not there for love. he was there for the money the whole time. a relationship where the woman takes care of the man who has no job or anything else cannot last long especially where love is not the dominating factor but greed.

  151. I could term Ziki to be an ungrateful person trying to play smart while in the real sense he is foolish, he never thought about the future or even planned for it. He was thinking he would remain under yvtte forever on the parts of yvtte I think she has done well by sending him away after taking care of him and making life comfortable for him what he could do was to stab her in the back by cheating on her

  152. Ziki bit the finger that fed him. He’s very selfish, how can you cheat on a person who has taken care of you in such manner ?
    Also, he is foolish for not saving the money he was being given and planning for the future because anything can happen. Now something has happened and he’s broker than a student during exam period.

  153. Funny and catchy!! How sad is it that this still happens in todays society? There has to be a restructuring of minds in this society.

  154. Hmm,this story is a bag of lessons in disguise,first it teaches us to always have a plan B,not to put our eggs in one basket.life is not a bed of roses where you see your self in a paradise. Again this story teaches us to have a strong foundation and not actually beckoning on others who deceive us that they will take care of our needs and most importantly we should try as much as possible to stay away from relationships that are sexmatic and does not welcome the fear of the Lord.Ziki in this story is like the proverbial saying that he who fetches an ant infested firewood calls the lizard to work for him,he remains the architect of his problems as far as am concerned. A package of direction and guidance for we youngsters.

  155. Sending zik out from his house is good,one need to be independent so as to achieve what he or she can, depending on some one atimes can fustrate someone and make one lazy

  156. Ziki made a huge mistake.. moving in with someone you barely know, and leaving off of her, making no attempt to secure a job? Haba!..I guess this is how things play out, when one ignores God and live in sin. But I hope ziki finds his foot again, this time with/in God.

  157. Its really disheartening how most men becomes lazy and forgets to hustle just because some rich lady’s spending on e’m..
    Yvette sending him out is the best decision for Ziki. Let e’m go out there and learn how to make his own money.

  158. Wow!! This story is going to be interesting ..lol.. Love what Yvette did to him.. Waiting for the continuation.. Thanks ma

  159. It is always good to be independent
    He thought it will last forever…it shows that he is a lazy guy that doesn’t have plans for his future
    He couldn’t even save the free money that he was receiving
    It serves him right

  160. This guy’s is a big joke!
    How can you stay comfortably without a job and with a lady you aren’t married to just because she pays the bills?? Even at that, you still squander the 100k you receive monthly. On what exactly??
    I can only say that Ziki never thought about his future. Because he wouldn’t have squandered the 100k he receives in such manner.

  161. Well Let see how it ends for the both of them, though my advice to her is to look for someone else to settle down with because a relationship that is not built on trust can never last long.

  162. Really?… So sad. But to think that people can actually be so ungrateful. After doing all these he still cheats and worse of it all is that he has no sense of responsibility as to save for rainy days if she ever gets to find out his mischievous escapades.
    I dont feel for him at all…

  163. Well for me i think it serves ziki right its foolish of him not to have a plan and the thing that the lady has been the one feeding him is pathetic and he was so comfortable with it. The foundation for the relationship sef is faulty,
    Nice one ma
    Rushing off to read the rest of this its so interesting.

  164. This story reminds me of a qoute. “Never you live at the mercy of anyone.” Okay I happened to have seen someone beg for money from his colleagues at work just to survive due to a fatal accident he was involved in which led him to be incapacitated. And it really struck my heart. Well I feel Ziki was just carried away by the luxury he was enjoying, forgetting that local man has got to stay on guard and rule your game at all time.

  165. This story is really hilarious. Firstly, I don’t think it’s possible for any young woman to actually be in the kind of relationship that Yvette and Ziki are in.
    But then, assuming a hypothetical situation, I’d say that Ziki got what he was looking for. How can a young man of his age and with the responsibilities he has even attempt put his whole destiny and daily well-being in the hands of a woman that he is not married to; and still cheat on her!. Serves him right!

  166. This guy Sha! Did he have any plans for the future at all? He didn’t even have small sense to save small money? How was he even feeling comfortable allowing a girl to fend for him? And then still cheat on her sef.I tire o

  167. Make hay while the Sun shines,now that the lady doesn’t want thier relationship anymore how and where will he start from? He didn’t even make any plans for the future, i really need to read the part 2.

  168. Money that is improperly earned usually ends up being improperly spent. #quote

    This quote says it all, no food for lazy man!
    There’s absolutely no way he would have made better use of the monthly allowance, he didn’t stress to get it

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