I read a post on a sister’s wall on Facebook and I was alarmed at the content. The post was complaining about something that some men do and insults were rained on such men. But this is not even a matter of one sex against another. It is quite distressing to read the posts of most people on social media, and it’s sad to say, believers’ too!

Colourful language seems to be the in thing. I’m adding a definition to avoid any misunderstanding of what I mean. This one is from

“Curses, scatilogical references, sexual references and general and imaginative insults.” Let me break it down: swearing and calling down destruction on others, references to excreta and excretory functions, references to genitals and sexual activity plus other forms of vulgar abuse.

But should we follow ungodly fads? Shouldn’t we rather be denouncing these things?

There is an empowering feeling that having a platform to air your views and followers to assent to them gives but you shouldn’t get carried away. You are first and foremost, a child of a king, and it’s not just any king but the King of kings! Don’t let the world think your Father didn’t train you or that you’re out of control.

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Having a bunch of people applauding someone doesn’t necessarily make their conduct right and it’s pitiable when they are not even properly informed about what they are lambasting others for. There are over seven billion people in the world and hundreds of millions on some social media. Chances are that one can garner support on them for any point of view, however reprehensible.

We can disagree, argue and even reprove people without disrespecting them. Even though the temptation to speak carelessly is high because of physical and sometimes, emotional distance, we shouldn’t give in to it. I also realise there are trolls out there who bait and harass others but do we accomplish anything by descending to their level? You need to note that it is becoming fashionable to attack and ridicule Christians. One mention of God or the Bible in certain fora will have the missiles flying at you from every direction.

But if we are the redeemed of the Lord, we are not expected to pay back evil for evil. Rather, we should show meekness and forgiveness.

“See that no one repays anyone evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to everyone.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:15

The Lord Jesus puts this in even more graphic terms:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” – Matthew 5:38-39.

It is a deception for anyone to think they are smarter than everyone else and that people who disagree with them are simply idiots. I apologise if anyone feels patronised or insulted by this. That is not my intention and these things need to be said because we’re constantly overreaching ourselves and leaving much room for error.

If you’ve read thus far and haven’t yet blocked me (which is the clichéd answer to the slightest cognitive dissonance on social media), I’d like to suggest some means we can use to maintain God-honouring interactions online.

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1. Prayerfully decide how much time to spend online, the platforms to visit and the specific posts to engage with: Part of our Lord’s prayer says, “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” Matthew 6:13 (KJV)

One of our distinguishing characteristics as children of God is being led by Him.


“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” – Romans 8:14 (KJV)

We don’t act arbitrarily, we seek God’s counsel in whatever we do. If problems still arise, we know they are serving a purpose and God will probably glorify Himself or teach us something through them.

2. You don’t have to say something always: There may be things that you are truly concerned about; perhaps, have been praying and researching on; or you just have something you feel you can contribute to a discussion; then go ahead and say it. But do not feel compelled to jump into every discussion, especially when you know very little of the subject.

You can read the original post, possibly follow any link attached and read, at least, some of the previous comments before deciding if the discussion will be worth your time. You can do all the foregoing just to learn and you can react to some comments without necessarily saying anything yourself. It is a sign of exhibitionism if we can’t be somewhere without drawing attention to ourselves. We do that when we are children (“My toy is better than yours, our house is bigger than yours!”) but we can’t remain kids forever.

3. Check how beneficial your ideas are before offering them: Whether it’s your own post or a response to others’, endeavour to bless others in some way through what you share. The word “bless” doesn’t imply you must quote Bible verses or prophesy on people before you do so. For example, interjecting a joke in a heated discussion or presenting it alone is helpful. Most people appreciate a good laugh.

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4. Approach tense encounters with the Golden Rule in mind:

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” – Matthew 7:12

That means, be courteous to others and do your best to say things nicely. Even when you need to speak some hard words, end on a kind note. You can add a prayer or some good wishes, that sort of thing. And know when to get out. There’s no need to insist on having the last word. If the platform is yours, state and reiterate the ground rules for having difficult conversations and end them when you notice there’s nothing more to be gained, rather those involved are just slugging it out.

Some try to avoid contentions and disagreements, but these things will show up sooner or later. Even among believers, theological, denominational and political differences can result in heated exchanges. We just have to learn to treat each other nicely because there’s no escaping these kinds of situations.

5. Keep foul language out: It is a popular thing to use colourful language as I stated earlier, but did you know, your posts can still be interesting and hard-hitting without them? All you need is to build yourself in the art of delicate communication. You need a wider vocabulary. Also, foul language is cheap. I suggest you go for something more pricey.

Besides, respectable media do what they can to screen out expletives, although this is an uphill task online. If worldly media show any level of concern about this, how much more should we as children of God!

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We are all subject to God’s standards revealed to us in His word, all of us who have been redeemed from the world. The way it was when men wrote on scrolls is the way it still is today because God and His ways do not change. Here are some of His stipulations that should guide our communications, including those we have online:


“But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.” – Colossians 3:8 (KJV)

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice.” – Ephesians 4:29-31

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” – Colossians 4:6

And last but not the least, the words of our Lord Jesus Himself:

“But I say to you that … whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.” – Matthew 5:22

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We should always remember that the world is taking note of our conduct and judging whether it aligns with our profession of faith or not. In addition, younger believers are looking up to us. We should be the light of the world, not blend with the darkness, whether in our communications or behaviour. That way, we will bring glory, rather than reproach, to the name of our God.

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Help me to clean up my language in line with Your word, oh Lord, and to be guided by Your Spirit in my interactions online so that I will not tarnish my image as a believer and dishonour Your name. This I pray, dear Lord, in Jesus’ name.
The scriptures in this post are from the English Standard Version of the Holy Bible except where otherwise stated.

Hi! Thanks for reading! I wecome your views on this matter and any further advice you may have for believers on their interactions online.




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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Jennifer Adaeze Lisa

    Nice one MA, that was definitely hitting the nail on the head, and the baffling aspect is that most users of these colorful words don’t have a full grasp of the meanings of these words. More grace to you.

  • Chikwado Ezeh

    I’m not surprised that some of those who claim to be Christians are worse than the pagans. That’s why the bible said, “not all who call Me father will make Heaven”. The kind of words we hear today, from the so-called Christians is worth organising a deliverance crusade: the devil is really at work. Even in the days of Christ, it was the Pharisees. They were regarded as the most holy of all men, but they were practically, the worse. We shouldn’t be surprised that most people are the pharisees of the 21st century. Christians are the salt of the world, but if the salt loses its flavour, it is thrown away and trampled upon. Christians be careful.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Spoken like the prophets of old! Bless you, Chikwado!

      • muoka onyeka

        It crystal clear..colourful language has taken over the lives of we d so-called ‘believers’.and d truth z that we c it as something normal..number 2 point is where I find my self ‘ I don’t have to say something always’ was rili inspiring!!! Kip it up ma wit da gud job.. Tnks

  • Flawless ifeanyi

    Aunty, all what you wrote is correct. But it’s obvious that some people still make use of foul languages on social media up till today. I don’t know when we will learn being good. We have forgotten that the way we live our lives tells the kind of background where we are from. I just hope that with God in our life that will stop so many things.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right, we need God in our lives. But answering an altar call somewhere is not enough, we need to actually make Jesus Lord of our lives in every respect, including in our communications.

  • Sima Essien

    Bad language on social media is reflective of how much things have gone down hill in this increasingly liberal world of ours. Many of my peers think it’s cool because their favourite actors or artistes look/sound good saying/singing bad words.
    Freedom of expression ultimately gives rein to unbridled forms of expression. Quite sad.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Quite sad indeed. We each need to take responsibility for our lives and stop aping others mindlessly bearing in mind that we are individually accountable to God. Thanks for your comment, Sima! You are awesomely blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Chike Chiemela Elizabeth

    You just spoke my mind @Adaeze. Most people talk without prior knowledge of the words they use.

    Sometimes, when I see people use the colourful words, I feel so sorry for them. They don’t know they are portraying themselves as irresponsible, people without any shred of dignity or integrity.

    I sincerely hope that the youths of this generation would quickly understand that the kind of words we use also determines how people would qualify or grade us.

    Popularity comes with being different.

    Let our words bring comfort and healing to those who need it.

  • Chidi

    I love the lessons and the prayers

  • victor chukwudi udeh

    mom, write more.I learnt a lot ma

  • This is such a wise article, Edith. I have been staying away from social media lately b/c of the nastiness and uncharitable attitude some people are displaying towards our new President here in the U.S., without even giving him a chance. The people who preach “love and tolerance” are being just the opposite now that they have suffered a disappointment and a defeat in the recent election. You can disagree with someone’s policies but can still do it in a constructive and charitable way, rather than resorting to hysteria and overblown emotion, often without even knowing all the facts. The hypocrisy of respecting someone else’s views only when they align with your own is reprehensible and can only lead to disharmony, chaos and anarchy.

    I have not been replying to posts that irritate me on FB and other places. I want to respond in anger but I know that will do no good; I also know that some of these people will never open their mind to see another viewpoint, so the “discussion” would just end in a fruitless, pointless argument. Sometimes it’s easier to just avoid social media for a while until things cool down.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thrilled to hear from you, Gloria! I feel just the way you do on these matters. That post that immediately preceded this is an open letter I wrote to American Christians that addresses some of the issues you raised about the treatment given to Trump. I called it, “Dear American Believer, Do not Waste your Indian Summer!” Believers cannot afford to behave like the world, especially in these last days. I also sent it privately to you. God’s grace in everything you do in Jesus’ name.

  • Joy

    This one caught my attention “you don’t have to say something always “.If we can keep mute especially when we know little or nothing about the subject I think it will do us a whole lot of good. Nice teaching MA…. More grace to you

  • Excellent article and well written and very timely. We all need to hear this, especially Believers! If we are to be separated from the world, why do so many of us look like the world? We need to remember who we are and Whose we are and act accordingly. I really enjoyed this and will be sharing it on my personal timeline. BTW, I cut down my friend list for 2 reasons: their privacy settings were allowing me to be seen by everyone and (2) the political garbage being touted. I’ve no time for that. My friend list is down to 17 now, all carefully chosen. My newsfeed is more friendly now.
    Keep on doing the work you’ve been called to do! Blessings to you!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Wow! That’s being careful! I’ve been giving a thought to pruning my friends’list too. Thanks for visiting and promising to share. You are blessed!

  • Abasibiangake

    Ma, I think the root problem is that these days we have many Christians sitting on the fence. They are neither here nor there. So today they go all spiritual and write long preaching articles on social media platforms, and tomorrow they are commenting on posts with curse words because “everybody ” is doing so. Nice topic to write on. Well done ma!

    • Edith Ohaja

      My dear, I don’t know how anyone can do that. Personally, I cannot jp back and forth like that. It will make me swoon. Bless you, my dear!


    I was particularly blessed. I learnt that what I say matters a lot and believers like me should mind my choice of language. I should mind the way I speak and even react especially on social media because I can’t eat back what have said and it can even cause a soul to be lost. Engaging in unnecessary discussions can lead one to be tempted… The way we portray ourselves on social media is as important as how we want others to view the life of Christ in us. Wonderful peice, though quite long. Great_God bless

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! You couldn’t resist the complaint about length. I make it easy to scan through if you absolutely cannot read everything: the boldface, numbers, italics, click to tweets. I know many want short podts, but I feel if I have something important to say, it’s best to say it in one post than piecemeal, expecting people to come again and again to complete it, except it’s some kind of series. You are blessed!

  • Amoke chinasa

    This colourful language as u rightly said has been the talk of the day,the most annoying of all is that people who are not used to the language are learning it because they want to belong,”ka fa soro na ife ana eme “but it is very wrong.i pray that the Lord in his infinite mercy will help us have a change of heart.

  • chinonye

    Good day MA,I must say ds work is a nice really inspired me with d bible quotes.Thank u

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    Its so bad that when one visit the numerous social media platforms, its hard to get out with something inspiring and that is so wrong. You get to see people using words or referring to things unthinkable and i keep on asking myself what is wrong with this people. Some people even use these platforms to quarrel and engage in so many other dreadful activities. It is high time we have a turn around on the things we post on the social media because even if it dose’nt harm you what about other thousands of people that use it.

    • Edith Ohaja

      One thing people forget is that the nonsense they post become permanent records more or less and may haunt them in future. Thanks for your expression ofb concern and advice.


    nice one ma, bless you.


    to whom much is given, much is expected, Christians should retain the image of their role model {Christ} we are called christian meaning we are Christ alike but people in this present time use Christianity to disguise their real personality, that is to say, the world have lost their Christian glory though they still have that paint attached to their profile “am a Christian” this is because may be they go to church every Sunday or they always fulfill all the ceremonial aspect of Christianity.. thank Jehovah for this blog, ma keep it on

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you so much for your heart-felt comment, Victor. It is truly sad when we don’t live out our faith. May God help us to be true to Him and His word in Jesus’ name.

  • EMekaobi ijeoma rita

    People should learn how to control their tongues especially when addressing people

  • Steven Smith

    Thank you for your words of truth. When I was a fool, I spoke as a fool. Now I speak the word of God. May God bless you and have a nice day.

  • Eme Samuel Ewa

    Actually,this post will help to familiarize myself with good languege that is uplifting.thanks a lot .God bless you more

  • Ezeigwe Martin

    I wish the vast majority of social media users will get to read and adhere to the message of this advisable write-up. Nice one, aunty!

  • Achebe Winifred

    I was actually thinking of this somedays back when i stumbled on a foul laungage being used on instagram some young people just dont know how to #colour their words and even when a good christian comes along and tries to correct them they get attacked as well. it is really sad
    Hopefully our so-called musicians should take the first step at cleaning their language and maybe this trend will pass.
    Thank you, Aunty Edith, for sharing this.

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    It is quite unfortunate that the social media has taken practically all our time we should use for more serious and beneficial things, most of the ‘Christians’ throw their christian identity to the trash heap when they are connected to any of the numerous social media. Our hearts have been hardened to the extent that we do not pay attention to the hand-writing on the wall. I pray that God will convince us through the Holy Spirit to make adequate use of these pieces of advice. May God enlarge your coast the more, ma.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Ame to that wonderful prayer in Jesus’ name. I really appreciate, Benjamin! You are highly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • okoronkwo osita chineme

    i have just learnt that if i will represent Christ on earth, i must keep my heart pure and my mouth should not utter any evil word. God keep you for this generation’s revival.

  • Ahubaraezeama J.C (sirchuks)

    Dear Aunty Edith, may God bless u for opening this topic, many social media users have forgetten that their root is in Christ Jesus, they invariably condemn and persecute Christ before his second coming, they also wish people failure using Christ’ name. i av shared this article on my facebook page, whatsapp nd even Instagram, let them read nd be mindful of the speech they utter on social media. Our speech on any social media must distinguish us from any other who doesnt follow christ…!! like i said before… God bless u a million, tnk u

  • Thank you, thank you, Edith! You have addressed a concern I’ve had for a while, but seemed unable to articulate.

  • Odigbo Chidinma

    Quite a topical issue. Young people, even believers, are gradually losing their values as a result of the effect of the social media and what is obtainable there. i hope a reverse of this issue will happen soon. Well written ma, as always.

  • shalom oparaugo

    Yes as believers we should mind our language and the way we respond to things on the social media. You dont really need to insult someone or use a foul language before you can make your point. if you dnt know what to say, you must not reply, you can keep mute or go offline, I do that. thank you aunty Edith for this piece.

  • walter nkemakonam onukwue

    christians don’t use foul languages… the so-called xtians we see here are mere church goers

  • Ezenwa Obinna Grant

    Social media on its own is a devil which tempt people to behave in certain ways, post certain comments, ungodly pictures and videos and even align with worldly views. this is a point where high level of spirituality is needed. believers should learn to pray always especially when about to go on the social media. it takes God’s grace to maintain a good conversation on these social medial especially when you only come across things that oppose your beliefs. believers should pray more and as well keep themselves armed with God’s word in other not to go against God on the social media. we believers must also employ self discipline with our interaction with others on the social media in other to keep our faith in our God. thanks ma for this wonderful piece.

  • odo chidera

    no lies, 90% of today’s youth use the “f words” thinking itr the new way of life which is very very wrong.. even me that is talking is guilty of it…
    but ijust pray to repent
    # keep the good work up

    • Edith Ohaja

      The problem with many young people is that they have no genuine desire to repent. The desire to “belong” is greater than the desire to honour God.

  • Chukwuma Nkemjika

    U’ve said it all. My only advice is that we need to revisit and embrace our cultural values and understand the right way to communicate rather than using dos colorful words

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, my dear, rudeness is not part of our culture, esp to elders as has become the norm on social media.

  • Nnamani Frankline Chinedu

    I so much love ur post ma and d comment made by SIMA ND I REPEAT. Bad language on social media is reflective of how much things have gone down hill in this increasingly liberal world of ours. Many of my peers think it’s cool because their favourite actors or artistes look/sound good saying/singing bad words. Freedom of expression ultimately gives rein to unbridled forms of expression. Quite sad.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glory to God! That is why I write and it’s an encouragement to hear what you said at the beginning. Bless you!

  • Tessy Diamond Obiora

    Seriously, I’m impressed ma. More grease!

  • Anyaka Osmond Ifeanyi

    Nice one ma.. Most people don’t know some of the meaning of this colourful languages they use.. Thanks for using this write-up to do this justice.. More power to ur elbow..

  • I so much love this post Ma. I truly do not know how we got to where we are, where people can just come online and deposit trash and still feel happy with themselves. Many of these same people cannot hold an intelligent conversation for 5 minutes. Its so disappointing as it does not speak well of someone and where the person is coming from.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yeah, but many do not feel the need to represent themselves well online. They forget it’s all on record and the stuff they’ready posting today may come back to haunt them in future. Bless you, Chinekwu!

  • ngozi Okoro

    I agree with u madam….. I believe as children of God…. Our personality on social media shud reflect the Christians in us……. We shud be an example to others on social media…… ?

  • Okorafor Nneoma Confidence

    the way u express yourself both vocally and written determines the impression or opinion people have about you.

  • keswet mercy

    some people just try to fit in the society life thereby learning foul languages which is in vogue and trendy

  • Ugwu patience

    Christians are not only known for going to church always, your life style,action,words; all should depict ur Christ-like nature. You don’t just use words on social media because everyone is doing that. We are in the world but we are not of the world

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right, my dear! We should ignore the deception that the world is better than the kingdom of God. Bless you!

  • Okpe Nnedinso

    This is an excellent article ma..I believe that christians will learn a lot from this and know how they react to certain things on social media.bless you ma

  • Vivian

    Most people feel that is what social media is for besides nobody cares or will do any harm to them. On the same vein people who post including Christians go ahead to post some uncanny things under the delusion that it’s what this generation desires that they are giving to them. It has become very annoying and uncalled for that people use their words on social media to instigate hatred, grief and a war of words. U see a lot of ethnic word exchange and abuse whenever it seems like there is a little misunderstanding between two people from different ethnic groups. Some of these people are Christians… Child of God you will be there joining and using abusive and vulgar words instead of cashing in on the situation as a way to settle things and make the peace of Christ known. After all nobody knows u are a Christian on social media so you decide to say or post things not minding what harm it entails. This is uncalled for and has to be stopped… Christians have to shine their light in all spheres and aspects of life so christ may be seen through their words and conduct, they should not be two faced and hypocritical, preaching one at some point and doing another the next. God bless you Ma for this piece which is informative and enlightening……

  • Okoye chidi

    Ma rily u r God snt cos i ve seen many comment on social media nd after u wil see dis ppl postin al kinds of prayer. den i wonder if dey r d same ppl postin sily tins online. i pray dey get dis measage nd learn. God bless u ma

  • Uba Chiemerie Jane

    Hmmm. This article has really said it all. We should learn to taste what we prepared before giving it to others, I mean learn to read and make meaning out of what we typed before sending it out to people. Let what we write be a reflection of who we are.

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    Thank you, aunty edith, you were absolutely correct in this interesting post. Christians sometimes forget their heritage as being royalty, born of the king of kings and act as mere people, conforming to the world. It is high time Christians started to show forth their light everywhere they find themselves, even on facebook. if everybody is using foul language such as the ” f ” word, we should dare to be different. I like this post.


    this article says it all…foul language everywhere, from the songs on play to the movies we watch to the social media… its becoming a norm and its very bad

  • Henrietta Okoye

    Some terms used by Christians will never make an unbeliever change… Foul languages everywhere, sarcasm is seen as the in thing but it shouldn’t be so.. We should never let the words of God depart from our mouths… God bless you for this wonderful one

  • Florence onyekaozuru

    We were admonished not to be unequally yoked with the world…. Many Christians do not understand that we are of a different kingdom, we are like our father in heaven and should act like him, the proverbs give a lot of advice especially when it has to do with what we say as Christians, we should try to be godly in our conduct and also in our choice of language on social media and even in our daily activities, how would we be differentiated if we speak and act like the world? Christians should see this piece as an admonition and try to live a life pleasing to God and represent him here on earth.

  • evans nwawuefe

    Am so happy that someone is saying something about it. Honestly, the way some people talk on social media is really disheartening.

  • Irumekhai Mariam

    Aunt, thanks for your admonitions. May God keep you stronger in Jesus’ name.

  • Nneka Orjiude

    Of a truth ma. The social media is filled with all manner of unwholesome things. Not just bad language but terrible pictures and videos that do not add anythin to any1, rather they take away our sense of morality. God bless you for the article, ma. More grace to keep correcting ills.

  • Hephzibah

    Lovely piece ma

  • Anioke Ebere

    May God help us to choose the right words to share on the social media that will minister grace and glorify God. Thanks Ma for sharing this.

  • Ani Chidinma M

    You said it all. Keep up the good work.

  • Eneje Chekwube Vitus

    Some people till date have not learnt how to make use of the social media. They think it’s an avenue for them to write and post all sorts of rubbish due to absence of sensitization and encryption to such posts.

    People should understand that there are millions out there watching and judging you by your words. So you have to be very careful of the comments and posts you make on social media.

  • Amadi Chibuzor .J

    Thank God I don’t use social media.

  • Amos Janet

    This piece is specially meant for the youths. The level of foul language used on social media is quite alarming. An adivice like this is what we need. Taming our social media language is one art every one needs to master.

  • Mbah Merit

    Colourful language… May God help us, especially youths..

    • Onyeka Stanley

      Sometimes we sound foolish and type stupid in order to sound savagery on social media. But, we should be mature and understanding in our relationship with people on this platform. Just because he or she doesn’t agree with my belief doesn’t make he or she an enemy.

  • Donmunez

    Hmmm,a direct advice to people like me.
    Thanks, i will learn.

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    I especially love the quote in the post that states “the world watches to see if our conduct aligns with our profession of faith”. If we bear this quote in mind as believers in Christ, we will be mindful of the things we say on social media. Christians should realise that we are the light of the world and our light has to shine for the world to see us and become like us. We cannot achieve this if we don’t mind our language on social media and this can make unbelievers doubt the faith we profess if we do not conduct ourselves well on social media.

  • Uzor Victoria

    Always try to use your page on social media to spread kindness and never encourage hate speeches.

  • Duruji Veralin Ogochukwu

    This is a very nice piece and its importance cannot be understated. Social media these days poses to be a huge threat to both believers and unbelievers because people could easily get addicted and exposed various misconducts online. people hide behind their keyboards and say nasty things, immoral comment and some even go to the extent of cyber-bullying. Sometimes believers get compelled to caution them but that could be a starting point for a huge tussle of words but they should be guided in all their dealings and always call on God for help and direction.

  • Akuma Victor

    Well crafted aunty. Our language on social media does matter. I have read a post in a Facebook Christian page with vulgar comments that left me wondering if anyone of us in the group is a Christian. The need to control the body of our comments and write-ups online is of great importance as it forges our words when we speak.

  • Anabude oluchi

    Nice one here, looking closely at point 5, we should use respectable language and not foul one or insulting words on social media because it goes a long way in saying who you are.

  • Ikea Joy Chiamaka

    It isn’t even surprising these days to see someone on social media post scriptures in the morning and come back in the afternoon to thoroughly cuss someone out for a perceived insult. Its quite funny in the way bad things often are. Insults and ridiculous words are thrown around in the name of “savage”. Honestly, I believe its only God that can help us to represent him properly in this world.

  • Obi-keguna Ebele Princess

    The way we portray ourselves on social media is as important as how we want others to see us.youths have turned social media into a place where people curse at each other and abusing people you dont know from adam just for the fun of it, this post teaches us to watch what we say as children of God to fellow humans


    Truly ma, God bless you for addressing this. May gracious comments always exceed from our bowels. Thank you ma.

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