In Episode 9, Sharon receives a fusillade of penalties from the new management in her company. The last is occasioned by the change in her schedule brought about by taking care of little Ikenna. And Raphael bravely speaks up for her telling the new man in the company’s saddle, Mr Chukwuma Igwe, that her absence from work was authorized by the Deputy MD. But does this change anything? Is this a misunderstanding that can be easily cleared up or is there a sinister plot at work? Episode 10 feeds us the answers. Happy reading!


Raphael was telling me of his ill-fated meeting with Mr Chukwuma Igwe, our late MD’s first son who had assumed his father’s position. I wondered if he could just take the post when his siblings were yet to return. And did my boss have a will? What did the will say? Which of his children would he have considered capable of running the company if he were not there?

All these questions were swimming in my mind but it wasn’t really my problem. Raphael had gone to the kitchen for a glass of water. He presently came back and picked up his story again. The Deputy MD had been summoned to disclose the hidden things that Raphael told Chukwuma he needed to know.

“You will not believe that the man denied knowledge of any hidden thing. He was even insinuating that you were the MD’s girlfriend and that it was the reason you were placed on an outrageous emolument package.” He used his forefingers to indicate quotation marks when he said “outrageous”.

“He claimed that your total monthly package was higher than that of most managers in the company.”

I didn’t need further confirmation of what was going on. It was obvious envy, cowardice and plain wickedness were at work but my conscience was clean. Raphael wanted me to see Chukwuma but the man’s mind had been poisoned against me. Seeing him would be a futile exercise. I was certain of it. And I told Raphael so.

“I know who I need to talk to. The One who, I believe, chose me to care for Ikenna. The managers are thinking they have used looking after Ikenna as a ruse to push me out of the company. They feel they are exacting vengeance because I was placed higher than them by Oga* (Bless his soul!). But they don’t know that I’m not jobless.”

Raphael was staring at me in wonder and admiration. But I wasn’t through.

“God has chosen me to care for this boy and that is just as important a job as any. I am going to talk to Him about what has happened. And I will let Him handle it however He deems best. And because I am in His employ, I will depend on Him for sustenance. I know that this storm that is raging will be over but even though I don’t know when that will be, I will weather it with His help.”

At that point, Raphael began to weep. I didn’t understand it. And I tried to make light of it.

“Hey, that’s my part. Why are you playing my part?”

But he kept at it and I got worried.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing? You are confusing me.” (It was the first time I was calling him that. I used to call him Raffy in school but gave that up once we graduated. I felt it sounded silly! Since then, he had simply been Raphael, although sometimes I empnasised the “el” giving the name a Latin touch.)

Raphael wiped his eyes and gave me a weak smile.

“I’m sorry I broke down like that but since it earned me an endearment, I shouldn’t even be sorry at all,” he quipped.

“At least, we’re even,” I replied.


“A few weeks ago, I was the one embarrassed to be caught crying like this.”

“But I don’t feel embarrassed.”

“So why were you crying?”

“When the boss died, you asked me, ‘What are we going to do?’ I seemed like the strong one then. But today, I came here to ask you precisely the same question.”

“I don’t understand ….”

He stood up, brought out a letter from his hip pocket and handed it to me. I thought the company had put my dismissal in writing. But when I read the letter, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. You see, Raphael had also been sacked for “display of arrogance by invading the MD’s office without permission, making false accusations against the Deputy MD and similar acts of insubordination that have characterized his short stay in the company.”

“Sweetheart, I came here to ask you the question you asked me when this trouble began to brew but as I listened to you, I saw that you were already answering it. You have spoken for both of us. But what I don’t understand is what happened to make you begin to reason like this.”

“Darling, it’s a long story, and one I’ll tell you another day,” I replied because Ikenna, who had been sleeping the whole time, was up and I went to carry him. (The endearments had begun to roll off my tongue effortlessly, a sure sign that Raphael and I were truly in sync!)

Raphael went with me and was tickling Ikenna while I checked if he was wet. He wasn’t but I got him to use the potty. Raphael tried to decipher the meaning of his babytalk while he did and we took him to the sitting room subsequently where he commenced playing with a stuffed animal that produced different soft melodies depending on where he touvched it. We settled on the sofa and resumed our previous conversation.

“We will trust God but we should also speak out against this injustice,” Raphael said. “I will try and see Madam. She is a mother. She would want to take Ikenna.”

His words unsettled my heart. I knew that Ikenna wasn’t my biological child but I loved him with all my heart and would use every resource available to me to raise him if given the chance. I wasn’t so sure he would get the same consideration from the Igwes, especially in the area of love. But Raphael was right. The boy needed to be returned to his family. I had become attached to him naturally but I could never give him the kind of material comfort the Igwes enjoyed.

“Hopefully, she will also talk some sense into Chukwuma regarding our jobs.”

That I wasn’t sure of. In fact, I detested the idea of going back to the company. Without my boss, it’d be a totally different ball game there and one I didn’t care to play. Not with the lying, conniving lot in that place.

“Sweetheart, there’s something else. I want your permission to see your family,” Raphael said.



“What for? I don’t want them to know …” I’d been so caught up in what we were discussing that I’d missed Raphael’s meaning but it quickly dawned on me. He wanted to formally ask for my hand in marriage.

“Are you sure?” I asked. He nodded. “Then do it. Do it whenever you want to. I am ready.”

Raphael was beside himself with joy. He brought out a small package from the pocket in his jacket and opened it.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “It’s a ring. I get a ring. Even at a time like this I get a ring, sweet Jesus!” He took my left hand and slipped it on my middle finger. No ceremony. And it was my turn to cry.

“You just lost your job. How could you afford a ring?”

“They paid me 60k.* They said they were deducting 15k, partly for tax and for processing something, I don’t know what. Someone was definitely taking advantage knowing I wasn’t in a position to probe. I mean, how cruel can people be! Anyway, I took the money and went to the market. I didn’t want to mock myself by going to a jeweller. This may not be the best. It’s certainly less than what you deserve but I want us to seal our union without delay.

“I’ll use this money for the marriage rites as far as it can go. One smart lady said to commit everything to God and look onto Him for sustenance. It’s the wisest thing I’ve heard in a long while and I am going to do just that. You think He can fund a traditional marriage ceremony?”

“He can do all things!”

“How about a white wedding?”

“White wedding or not, we’ll soon be married. I just can’t believe we’ve come this far in spite of everything.”

“Yes, we have. In spite of everything!”

Then after I’d given him a well-deserved kiss, Raphael left, promising to see Madam as soon as possible to free us from the responsibility of caring for Ikenna so that we could travel to see our families for the marriage talks. But I was still very much worried and it was beginning to irritate me.

“What else could go wrong at this point?” I asked myself. “Haven’t the enemies done their worst?”
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

*Oga means Boss
*The K in 60K and 15K stands for thousand, meaning that Raphael got sixty thousand Naira.

So, it wasn’t only Sharon that was sacked but Raphael too. And they are talking about getting married. Do you think they are naive/foolish or do you think they are on the right path?
Sharon refused to state her side of the case to Mr. Chukwuma Igwe. Was that a smart or unwise stance?
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200 thoughts on “FROM BAIT TO CATCH #10 (SHORT STORY)

  1. Nice one ma. Well, being naive is definitely out of the question. They are really on the right track. May be Raphael knows the biblical blessings that goes with marrying/finding a wife. Push on joor!

    My heroine, you just made one of the most beautiful decisions since this your story started. Pls, even if Raphael talks you into seeing Mr. Chukwuma, abscond from it. You must see that wicked manager who suggested that you take care of your blessing in disguise (Ikenna). I believe God will arrest him.

    • So there’s an element of faith in their actions. Let’s see if they can make it in the forthcoming episodes. Happy new month and remain blessed!

  2. Mmmh. I think it’s naive, not necessarily foolish, after all “he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.” But, there are somethings Raph would need to consider.

    1.There’s something about faith…any faith that makes God 100% responsible for positive outcome is about 50% dead because faith needs to be worked out.
    Faith is beautiful but without work, it’s dead.

    2. Marriage is a responsibility…and finance related responsibilities is one of the challenges in marriage. Many marriages end in divorce due to financial insufficiency, mismanagment and the likes.

    3. Before Adam met Eve, he already had something he was engaged with in the Garden. So, I think he should get something doing no matter how menial.

    Although nursing Ikenna may end up being a part of Adamic work accepted by Raph unknowingly. God’s ways aren’t ours and with God all things are possible.

    • Hmmmm! Some people believe they are not exercising faith if they wait for circumstances to be right before doing what they have in mind and vice versa. Who’s right and who’s wrong? I guess it depends on who we are putting our confidence in and how practically we’re prepared to work to see our dreams come true. Bless you, my dear, and my regards to your family!

  3. i think that they are both on the right path, as they have laid all their fears, cares and worries down at God’s feet. they have also put their trust in Him, and i believe that he will see them through. also, Sharon’s decision was also a wise one

    • I’m loving the story more now that they acknowledge God. The fear of God does make a huge difference in people’s lives.

  4. to me i don’t think they are foolish or naive. i think they are working with faith and God even the bible said it “ONE WITH GOD IS MAJORITY”. it was really a smart stance, is better he finds out for himself and believe.

  5. They made the right decision, marriage is the only means to seal the relationship, you know the devil hate it when we have beautiful plans he will surely devise a means to pervert our wonderful plans, only those without Christ can easily succumb to such..Sharon made the right decision, had it been she told Mr chukwuma he wouldn’t have believed her because he has beclouded his senses with sentiments, he feels Sharon was earning that much and occupying such seat because she was dating his father, again he might even end up killing the young innocent boy,Ikenna. so its cool the way she allowed the sleeping dog to lay.

  6. What is wrong with these people, they just lost their jobs for crying out loud, should marriage be the next step,money is needed to fund a wedding, money is needed to keep the family going, well shaaa shebi it is love ngwanu carry on they will eat love and love will pay their bills. What difference would it have made if Sharon told her own side to the story anyway she would have just tried.

  7. Lols. Dey should have just waited for money to come before marriage planning cos dey just lost dia jobs for crying out loud… Again Sharon z just demoralized day her explanations to Chukwuma won’t hold any water but she could av just giving it a trial without jumping into conclusions

  8. They may seem naive to other people but in the sight of God, they are not. I do not think that Sharon should see Chukwuma because God will fight there battle in due time.

  9. Hard situations make people grow stronger and more experience circling with God’s wisdom, I just like the fact that they are not weaklings and in turn not allowing the situation to affect them but creating an impact from situation. As for Sharon, emotion is her weak point not controlling your emotion will let your emotion control you, Michael Jordan says I don’t believe in failure, I can’t accept not trying. It will have been better if Sharon tried to make her own point of view to chukwuma,who knows what we happen. Either negative or positve but at least you’ve been heard. So I despite the notion that Sharon did not make move for Md son to hear her own side of story.

  10. I think they are on the right part. Their relationship has suffered alot of challenges and now that it has dawned on them they truly love each other and can go along, they should waste no time. Its a good thing they realized that God is the answer and am sure that with him on their side, they have nothing to worry about. At this point, prayer is the sword they need to win the battle. They are both graduates so a promising future awaits them.

  11. surely, they are on the right path at least, it will ease their worries and for Sharon refusal to talk to Mr Chukwuma is because she have complained to the maker of the universe and she have this confidence in her that he will not disappoint her.

  12. that’s love at the highest level, i cnt believe it either bt faith is at work. Aunty Edith is keeping us glued to the very last episode

  13. Thing are really getting difficult. It would be wise if they halt on their marriage preparations. For Sharon’s decision to not talk to Chukwuma, I think she should hear from God first then go from there.

  14. For any meaningful result to be achieved, there must come those ups and downs of life, they have taken a very solid decision that will take them far in their union. Sharon’s decision may seem right in her own eyes but I feel she should approach Mr Chukwuma Igwe, maybe God will still change the inimical heart of his towards her, do not relent!

  15. Good thing they are getting married. Well deserved but, without jobs? Love conquers all but nobody can go to a bank and cash love. I’ve never heard of a person who pays by saying ‘I love my spouse’. I think they should calm down oo. Slow things down till Raphael can at least afford a keg of palmwine.

    • I don’t mind saying it again. You do have a way with words. May God sharpen your wit more and more and cause you to use it for His glory in Jesus’ name.

  16. They are neither naive nor foolish, they are but two grown fellows that feel they can cope with the harsh realities thrown at their faces by fate. Her decision may not be too wonderful, but it was one that matched the situation. She was never directly involved with the decision to take care of the baby.

  17. OMG am still shocked at their actions but this is an example of love at its peak.well, I feel that faith would see them true and that all would be well at last.

    Sharon not telling the new MD about her own side of the story was because of the situation around her and the behavior of the new MD. But I would have preferred if they got back their job bf going ahead with the marriage plans.

  18. Sharon and Raphael are not naïve/foolish in getting married even in the midst of their dismissal from the office rather, they are on the right path. I see it as a challenge to them which they must have to tackle. meanwhile, they can still submit application to another office for employment. Sharon not going to explain everything that happened to Mr chukwuma is a wise decision because he may get more irritated and display more terrible actions.

  19. naaah naaah. Wisdom profiteth to direct. this is definitely not wisdom.I can’t imagine a marriage where both parties have no means of livelihood. I think they should take some time to fix things before getting married, by the way, why the rush since they still have each other, is Rapheal scared that if he doesn’t marry Sharon on time she might elope with someone else?
    And for Sharon not telling Mr Chukwuma her own side of the story might seem wise because i doubt it’s going to change anything.

  20. I believe they in the right path, no matter the treatment they get from their workplace they still love each other; they can still push through. Sharon should not go to Chukwuma because they have brainwashed him and made him believe in lies.

  21. Not at all, Raphael as i stated earlier in the previous episodes, he should take things slowly with Sharon, common, they don’t have jobs, how do they intend taking care of themselves not to talk of when they’ll start procreating, Ma, seriously i don’t think they are on the right part. And for Sharon, she should better disclose the side of the case to Mr Chukwuma because it will be so foolish of her to keep it to herself.

  22. So many troubles and challenges in few days, tough times never last but tough people do, as Sharon said God is the answer, the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to trust human beings or put their trust in man who can disappoint, I pray God will see them through….this story is getting deeper than I excepted.
    They are not naive, they have come a long way I think they need each other now more than before.

  23. chai!!! thia ris God o!!!. Raphael nd Sharon you guys should pls reduce the brightness of that lamp called “LOVE”. because Love dont buy pepper soup….what matters is maintenance money. are you sure you can cope?. i must read to the end to know…..REMEMBER, DONT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO TEST..
    And as for sharon witholding her words, thats d best. .

  24. i think they are not foolish rather at the right track becos i think Rapheal is doing this because he has the money with him now. sharon refusal of stating her case to MR chukeuma is wise and best known to her.

  25. Oh! I can’t hold back the tears. As crazy as the timing for this official engagement seems it is great. I don’t know where the light of God came from but it’s the best thing that has happened to Sharon and I pray she stands firm in God. Like I said she has grown wiser and her decision not to speak to an already poisoned mine was good.

  26. oh my God!!!! this episode is so touching..
    hmmm!!! i really don’t have anything to say on this one but with God,all things are possible

  27. i guess Raph knew his action would cost him his job and yet he took the step. their decision to still go on with the marriage shows their faith and belief in God to see them through and i commend Sharon for tabling her problems before God. She did not make a mistake in refusing to meet and talk it over with Chukwuma which would have probably been in vain. To Sharon, love indeed comes slowly or should i say softly. She has finally fallen for both Raph and Ikenna.

  28. They are just being naive. They are supposed to focus on getting a new job immediately that would sustain them. As for sharon, she would have tried meeting Mr chukwuma to hear from him directly.

  29. I believe the strong love of two couples moves mountain and makes them overcome problems , they ain’t naive and also on da right path…… I think Sharon’s decision was a smart stance cause if she tries to explain to the chukwuma he might think she has a hand in the whole mistress thing and besides all the managers are against her so its gonna be a tough one

  30. From my own point of view, I think they are not naive or foolish but I see faith playing in their lives. Though the resources are not there, they believe in God for provision. Sharon’s decision of not stating her case to Mr chukwuma is a wise decision. The very chukwuma is a foe and should be kept at an arm’s length.

  31. Wow! interesting, they say love z blind but i never believed it till now…lol… well this is a fiction.
    They r doing the right thing and God will definitely bless them all in due time.
    Sharon refusal to see Chukwuma is very wise of her, she is really impressing me keep it up.

  32. they are on the right track because that is the only way to seal their relationship. With God all things are possible.They should put their hope and trust in God because there is nothing impossible for our God. i think it’s a wise decision for Sharon not going to Mr. Chukwuma’s office to state her case.

  33. THEY ARE not naive nor foolish rather they are on the right track,when god said yes no body can say no,since god have said yes they should ride on he will see them through.sharon was smart by refusing to state her side of the case to chukwuma Igwe for she don’t know what the greedy dog will do to her if she do that

  34. I think they are on the right part since they are determine to marry each other because surely they will be remembered for their good deed. Going Mr Chukwuma’s office makes no sense because the man’s mind has being poisoned so no form of defense can change that and the more she talks about it the more guilty she looks.

  35. I think it’s a wise choice as they have decieded to put their past behind them and move on with their lives. As for her not wanting to speak to the MD i think she wants to aviod more deciet

  36. it should be noted that God is not oblivious of what is happening. and it has been established earlier that what is happening is a divine arrangement. A pertinent question have to be asked, “if God has not been on their side, what would habe become of their relationship or will the company’s decision deprive God of His ability to save them. So, let Sharon and Raphael continue. Also, Sharon does not need to do anything in order to state her side of the case. moreover, will stating her side of the story reinstate her? what therefore is the point, she made a wise decision… searching for the next episode… thank u ma… more stregnth and wisdom…

  37. I think they are on d right part and although financial stability matters in marriage but with love patience and trust they sure can make it work

  38. They should carry go,God is on their side.Mr chukwuma is an inconsiderate man.Sharon should forget him and the office, i believe that open door is on their way.

  39. It is obvious that they won’t eat love. I don’t think getting married is the right decision, come on they should focus on fighting the challenges facing them. Sharon should atleast have gone to see the man to make her case. It would have been much better.

  40. its not like they are foolish they just don’t want the situation that they are in to affect them negatively.God is on side they should not worry.her refusal to talk to Mr chukwuma was because she was angry and knowing that they has poisoned his mind,talking to him at that moment might not yield any positive effect.

  41. i wouldnt say they are foolish but just love is not enough in marriage but i believe they can push further together. as for sharon keeping quite it makes no difference cause the new boss wouldnt have believed her if she answered.

  42. Their thought is neither naïve nor foolish. In fact, I think it is the best option especially at this juncture. They would probably get to the promised land in the long run. Also, I believe that Sharon’s decision not to state her side of the case to Mr. Igwe is a smart and awesome decision. Now is not the right time!

  43. it is not wrong for them to be getting married at this time because this is the moment they need each other most and just like they said god will will perfect it because the union has been enthrusted into His care. i believe Sharon should still go and see Mr Chukwuma to air out her side of the story.

  44. its the best thing to do, neither of them is naive or foolish, and its a good thing that Sharon did not go to Chukwuma to talk to him cos its not going to change anything..

  45. foolishness is setting in already, i think they should just slow things down and get a dependable source of income before talking about marriage

  46. Sharon is becoming really smart and wise…love in the air…but sInce they have involved God in their situations, I believe something will happen in their favor

  47. Sharon and Raphael made a decision that will benefit both of them, they are on the right path because they love each other. Sharon has a reason to refuse to state her side of the case to Mr.Chukwuma Igwe, it was a smart stance.


  49. Sharon is unwise not to say her own part of the story to Mr Chukwuma. It wasn’t foolish of them to talk about marriage, even after they both lost their jobs. Love conquers all

  50. i think they are being foolish, talking about a wedding at this time of crisis. What Sharon did was very smart especially now that Mr chukwuma’s mind is poisoned. There are some issues that can not be handled by human strength, these are the issue we take to God in prayer.

  51. I think they should cross the hurdles they have before them first. No point rushing into marriage with so much drama. Rather naive if you ask me. However, Sharon should have told mr. Chukwuma her side of the story on a better day, after all, whatever gets hot, just has to cool down. It’s pretty unfair drawing conclusions without hearing both sides of a story.

  52. them getting married now is foolish unless they plan to do it on a small scale but the introduction part is very ok.
    Sharons refusal to see Chukwuma is because his mind has been poisoned against her and so it may be futile to try and convince him otherwise but then he may be the kind of person that prefers to hear both sides of the story before concluding.

  53. Humanly speaking its an unwise thing to do…but wen God is involved then anything cud happen…dis might just be a gateway to their breakthrough

  54. I believe there is a higher personality that we Christians can submit my ur case. She needs only to call a tribunal of the Almighty with God has the presiding Judge to probe the situation. Meeting Chukwuma could have led to hear m making an advance on her. I feel like Sharon and Ikenna should wait before proceeding with the marriage.

  55. yea they actually doing the right thing because with God all things are possible. Sharon is wise for not going to Mr. Chukwuma’s office to state her case

  56. i think they should both press pause on their weeding plans. Sharon should have talked to Mr igwe herself, but i guess his decision has already been made.

  57. Hmm, interesting. This shows that they both trust in the awesome abilities of God and hope for a better future. Their marriage is a very good action
    Sharon took a bold and wise decision by not going to chukwuma, it would only be a waste of her time. She now knows that man can and will fail her but God never leaves a seeking man

  58. Thinking about the situation,Raphael and Sharon are taking the right step by planning to proceed with their marriage. Also, Sharons plan to go and explain her reasons for not coming to work is not a good idea because, Chukwumas mind has been poisoned by other staff and he might not believe her stories.

  59. they can still go on with the marriage afterall it is not a one person”s opinion buh their opinion together.besides sharon having a chittychaty with mr chukwuma means making her a laughing stock in the midst of her collegue who already hates her.

  60. i think they are on the right path though that was a very big risk to embark on. but they blve GOD THEY SHALL NOT WANT.
    that was a very good, and wise decision because her fellow workers still will not support her because they have already collabrated and accused her falsely. only God knows what she might go through if she has gone to meet the MD.

  61. hiaeeeeee this is actually the best part i have been waiting for,congrat to you both.Ralph and Sharon you guys are doing the right thing even though the money is not there yet but you guys believe in God who has the final say in this matter.But make i talk oooo,no be for this economy one go accept that proposal because of love oooo,because marriage without money hmmmm,OGA ADIKWA EGWU,lol just kidding sha because once love and happiness is there,just move on ok.and dnt forget that i stil gat your back.

  62. They are not naive. Thay are just two people in love who want to take their relationship to the next level. Sharon made the right decision because it wouldn’t change Mr. Chukwuma’s mind and things might end up worse than it is.

  63. They are not foolish! they are acting with faith in God.
    2. I think that was unwise, Sharon needed to narrate her side of the event to Mr Chukwuma. Justice has to be done.

  64. On the right track i suppose, Regardless of the problem and hardship surrounding them, they still manage to find true happiness by cleaving strongly to their love And looking forward to their future as a married couple. I must commend their act of resilience im practically applauding them….. And on the other case, i suggest she gives it a shot, by letting out her own side of the story to Mr Chukwuma.

  65. I do not think Sharon or Raphael is naïve or foolish for thinking about wedding at a time like this. though sorrow may last for a night joy comes in the morning.

  66. i think they are not being naïve or foolish because they don’t want to be weigh down or discourage by their present predicament which they may believe is ephemeral. Sharon’s refusal to talk to Mr chukwuma was a smart one because his mind has been corrupted against her and there is nothing she will say that he will make him change his mind and talking to him also mean revealing existence of a step brother who he may see as a threat.

  67. Well i think the sudden appearance of the ring was to ease tension. They are not foolish/naive but maybe they are on the right path. sharon not going to the MD to defend herself is a wise one because the breeze could have blewn

  68. For Sharon and Raphael to have the mental comfort to talk about their marriage in midst of ugly situations is weird and stupefying. They may not be foolish, but they are naive.They seem to be eager to start marriage plans instantly. Raphael, in his fixation, must have been forgotten that marriage is not a day exercise; it goes beyond the reach of 6ok. Secondly, Sharon’s decision not to meet with Mr. Chukwuma Igwe to clarify issues is unwise. Sometimes, things are done to set the record straight and not just to change the situation only. Since she is aware of the allegations levelled against her, she is supposed to appear and prove and defend her innocence otherwise it will be assumed that she is guilty as alleged.

  69. I don’t think they are not being wise getting married after loosing their jobs and I think she did well not talking about chukwuma

  70. what a complicating situation! what can i say? well, one with God is with majority. they aren’t totally naive, they are doing what they feel is right. i hope it works out well for them and i feel her decision in regards to the MD’s son is a wise one..thanks.

  71. This young couple are on the right track. They are not naive or foolish. All they need do is to wait more on the lord to make way for them. As for if there decision to get married is right or not, it is certainly right. Sharon’s decision not to meet Mr Chukwuma is the best decision. Mr Chukwuma’s character is no human and he cannot hear a plea from human or even behave like one. He is something else.

  72. Well…they have hope for a better future but can they afford a marriage with the little they have?…trust in God got them going
    I think her decision is rather wise

  73. They are on the right path.i mean for the proposal but the marriage need to be put on hold till he finds a new job and can cater for himself and sharon Sharons refusal was unwise if she really needed the job because the man may have been of help.

  74. ”Naive and foolish”, two things love can make you seem like or actually be, but involving God in such dilemma would really help matters.

  75. Getting married when they dont have a job..i dont think it is wise because marriage takes a lot of might end up draining their savings…Sharon`s refusal to meet MR Chukwuma is unwise..because if i were to be her..i wouldn`t have gone down without a fight.

  76. I think it is unwise for them to talk about marriage now and for Sharon not to talk to the current MD I think it does not make sense.

  77. Their economic state now doesnt permit them to get married yet. Sharon is also quite wise to refuse to meet Mr Chukwuma because she is already hated and needs time to come up with something that will catch his attention, enough to hear her out.

  78. am a guy,before i think of marriage i must be cant put food on the table.they should think of being fit before getting married not to talk of being in s critical situation.they should think it through.

  79. I think everything they are depends on the love they have for each other and by the way Sharon might have reserves for them to fund the mariage. I think what Sharon did was a smart decision because it may turn out furtile.

  80. I don’t really think a wedding is the right thing to do at this point. and I think her decision to leave it all in God’s hands is wise.

  81. I don’t think a wedding is right at this point. it’s costly and I don’t think they can afford it. And I think Sharon’s decision to leave everything in the hands of God is very wise

  82. I think they are not thinking about the present situation because they believe they will find a new job and go on with their lives. They don’t mind been sacked from their jobs but, putting their life lives in danger is worse.

  83. Marriage is a sacred union which one has to enter with adequate financial resources. Raphael can barely fund the wedding yet he insists on going ahead with the wedding. I think they are rushing things a bit.
    Sharon’s refusal to talk to Mr. Chukwuma Igwe was not a bad idea. He barely listened to Raphael and he had already gotten a bad impression of Sharon. There was a great possibility of throwing her out of his office.

  84. Tricky question. The bible says “He who findeth a wife hath found a good thing and obtaineth favour from God”. God has plans for them. But then, at this delicate period, they shouldn’t be planning a wedding

  85. they are not naive or foolish.
    they made the right decision.
    to some extent she was unwise but its still a smart decision

  86. I think talking about marriage now is really unwise and for Sharon she should try stating her case to Mr Chukwuma, who knows, he might just listen to her

  87. Me I like spontaneous and its romantic that they re building their faith TOGETHER in Christ; money shouldn’t determine if they get married or not; my parents for example got married in a store house as we were told lol love was all that mattered and understanding; today if my mum wants to re wed in paris or have a beach wedding in Hawai my dad would gladly give her the best wedding ; Sharon not confronting the new boss was right, I believe God will always vindicate us at the right time.

  88. By God’s grace,they are still on the right track because he will see them through.
    I think that Sharon’s move is wise because as she said,God will sustain them.

  89. For me, getting married in the midst of such circumstances is one of the highest point of naivety So, they are not on the right part. except miracles happen, they are just inviting poverty on themselves. Sharon’s refusal to state her side of the case to Mr Chukwuma Igwe was not a wise idea. she could make any revelation that would be helpful in finding out the truths.

  90. actually i think love is one thing while business is another thing so if they want to get married without first getting jobs i think it is not really a bad idea as long as love is in it

  91. That was a courageous move I really love their faith despite all; awww I don’t think that was a smart move on the side of Sharon it’s better to try something first before getting into conclusion.

  92. Their decision on getting married I’ll say is not naive because one with God is with majority; Sharon on the other hand is unwise as she is meant to say her own side of the story before concluding.

  93. With God they are on the right path and they can do anything through Christ who strengthen them.
    I wont say Sharon is unwise neither will i say she is wise she might have her reason why she did not state it.

  94. At this juncture, i cannot tell if they are on the right path or not anymore because the events unfolding are way beyond human comprehension. As for Sharon’s decision not to see the new MD, her reasons are best known to her, hence i cannot say if it is a wise decision or not.

  95. when non of the senior staff agreed to take care of the baby(ikenna) i knew there was something fishy in the whole incident.. Raphael is taking a very bold step by proposing and planning marriage at this time things are odd. for me i think love is paramount but should not be priority when it seems it can’t be sustained. love his faith though

  96. I don’t think they are being naive, as they have laid all their fears before God, trusting and believing that he will see them through. I think Sharon’s was a wise one.

  97. it is truly naive for Sharon and Raphael to be talking about a marriage ceremony now despite their predicaments because lets say they use up their savings for both white and traditional wedding ceremony, then what? What resource will they use in sustaining themselves at least until they find another job? well lets just call it faith, but it is also good to be realistic especially in the present day Nigeria.

  98. They r not naive or foolish to get married they r just carried away by love on the other hand Sharon is supposed to go to d company and hear things for her self.

  99. It’s becoming very interactive and interesting. I think they are neither foolish nor naïve. They are really on the right path. They actually good to go.

  100. For a man i think the idea of getting married at such time is so wrong unless u have millions saved somewhere to take care of u and your family. For me i think i would wait it out because rushing into it can cause trouble at the end with the present state of the country.

  101. Well, if they were married and stuff like this was happening, they wouldn’t divorce because of it, though I can’t really say it’s altogether a wise decision. It might be an hopeless case to go to the manager, best to trust in God.

  102. They are only trying to seal the marriage not getting fully married. So that they can have a stand first, when things get better they can now complete their marriage plans and get married.
    it was a wise standcos the the man has already been poisoned by someone else and it will be difficult for him to believe sharon again. she can only be understood by the madam who is a fellow woman like her

  103. i know there marriage shall be a blessing because the bible said that he who finds a wife finds favour in the sight of God …………….

  104. They are making a commitment to each in hard times. Its a sign of unconditional love. Marriage may not have to take place immediately, they need a level of financial security before venturing. But it’s good foundation laid.
    Her not trying was not the wisest thing to do. Who knows? A trial could have changed her story.

  105. they are not foolish after all this is what he has always wanted from the onset.and also Sharon not explaining anything to the manager shows a level of maturity.i think she did the right thing.

  106. Their decision to get married despite all odds is great. As long as they bring God to be their support. Its not stupid at all

  107. They are on the right path. Even the bible says that “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

  108. There is no foolishness in their act,I believe in both of them especially Rapheal.He is quite wise and he knows what he wants and I know that God will bless them both.

  109. Naive? foolish? no! The main thing is love being present… God will give them even better jobs in future as far as they have faith.
    Hmm.. Sharon sholdn’t even think of meeting Mr. chukwuma Igwe. She should carry on the responsiblity of caring for Ikenna since it’s God’s will.

  110. to me it was right and thoughtful of what they did it;s jus the best solution anyone can make at that point in time

  111. well its good they are getting married but being jobless is out of it, how can u afford the bride price if one is jobless so my advice to them is for them to slow down

  112. Anty, it isn’t really naive nor foolishness. The Bible asked us 2 cast our burdens on him for he careth.I believe that God will c them through. Sharon made a nice choice, God is the determiner of human faith and not chukwuma

  113. i wouldn’t say that it is foolish of them to still carry on with their marriage plans. if they both have the faith that they would scale through, then that’s beautiful..

  114. I do not think they were naive or foolish but marriage comes with responsibilities and finances have a big role to play too

  115. Naive or foolish, things do happen for reasons. And if they lost their jobs because of some sledge hammer dropped by a superior’s wrath and sentiment, then fine, and they are on the right path. Every disappointment might be a blessing in disguise. Their decision is great.
    Sharon need not state anything. she let it be and that’s fabulous.

  116. I think there are right, people make their biggest shots in risky moments. Is better as she didn’t explain anything to him she might be jeopardizing the little baby’s life.

  117. I think they’re on the right path, maturity and sincerity have taken the right place in their lives and i think they can make a good home. Challenges at times makes one reason appropriately.
    I think Sharon should go and meet Mr Chukwuma Igwe and clear her name from the immodest painting,she shouldn’t burther to work again in that organization even if she is found innocent, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Life continues.

  118. As long as they’ve made up their mind on getting marriage despite all odds,dey should go ahead.I respect their decision because they have faith that one day,d tables shall turn around in their favour

  119. I think they should wait, they just lost their jobs and sixty thousand can’t be enough for a wedding and then family expenses

  120. To me they are not naive nor foolish but had this strong believe that regardless of their present predicaments that things will work out well.
    I think I like their faith

  121. Well.. As far as God is involved.. I see possibility.. They are not foolish.. The earlier the better.. I don’t see Sharonas foolish, her reasons are wise

  122. they are not foolish but on the right track. let them get married and not let anything come in between them.

    • Gosh! Sharon and Raphael are really facing trying times. I hate that these things are happening at this point. ??

      Meanwhile, I consider Sharon’s decision as a smart one. The deputy MD has already damaged her image before Chukwuma Igwe and it requires great wisdom to correct the impression created. Chief’s son is already seeing her as his father’s mistress, so he might give her little or no attention.

      However, Raphael’s decision to marry at this critical time of their life is really scary. But I hope things turn around for them in next episode. Madam should help them abeg.

  123. I don’t consider them naive or foolish. Love,mutual understanding and recognition of God is what really matters.. And i think sharon refusing to meet Mr Chukwuma is the best option.

  124. they should go on, God is on their side. Mr chukwuma seems to be an inconsiderate man, sharon should forget about him and his office, i believe open door is on their way.

  125. I don’t think that they naive or foolish because they put their trust in God and believe everything will work out for them.

  126. Gosh! Sharon and Raphael are really facing trying times. I hate that these things are happening at this point. ??

    Meanwhile, I consider Sharon’s decision as a smart one. The deputy MD has already damaged her image before Chukwuma Igwe and it requires great wisdom to correct the impression created. Chief’s son is already seeing her as his father’s mistress, so he might give her little or no attention.

    However, Raphael’s decision to marry at this critical time of their life is really scary. But I hope things turn around for them in next episode. Madam should help them abeg.

  127. The heart of men is indeed wicked. i am shocked at how the deputy MD could stoop so low as to lie against poor Sharon. To think Raphael broke down in tears, it is so touching, i didn’t also expect he would be sacked too. Regardless, God’s plans for them would prevail despite the naysayers and backbiters. I am also happy for Sharon, to think Richard was once a bait…lol.. The turn out of events is really mind blowing. I just know for a fact that they both have a promising future and with or without the job, they would still thrive.

  128. i saw this dismissal coming, anyways i believe God will see them through and hello… wedding bells ringing. isn’t it crazy, well, that is what i love about this two, their faith and the fact that they never give up. Their hope even when all hope is lost drives me nuts!

  129. Sharon not stating her side of the situation is fate and I think we should not dwell in our trouble and always try to make light of the situation like you said. Everything is going according to God’s plan. Raphael is make something of the bad condition. That’s worth their while for now.

  130. Wow, they are finally geting married ???. Their decision to get married even at the face of this challenge is a good one and many people become successful when they get married, so that might work for them.Sharon’s decision to take everything to God is the best, He is the only one that can them in this kind of situation.

  131. Jealousy is a bad disease so because of jealousy the deputy MD denied having knowledge of Ikenna it is unfair. Backstabbers everywhere but I know that God will see them true since they trust in him. And for Sharon’s decision not to see Mr Chukwuma, i think it is the right thing to do because the deputy MD has already damaged her reputation before the new MD and he might not give her a listening ear it is best to take it to God in prayer. Raphael decision to get married this time I don’t think it is a good idea considering that he just lost his job but I pray that everything goes well for them.

  132. I said it the table is gradually turning. Even Raphael being fired, that came to me as well. Good people always get the worst experience. Just one moment of karma and everything turns to square zero. Well God who them thus far, will surely see them through.

  133. Wow! I like their doggedness, despite their condition they still want to forge ahead to officially marry. The devil is indeed a liar! He always have an unsuccessful scheme.

  134. People can be wicked and jealous. Just because Sharon found favour in the sight of the boss, that is why some people wants to pull her down. I pray God will sustain them in this trying period.

  135. They are not being naive in my own view. They are lead by love. After all, marriage is for better or worse.
    However, Sharon is wrong not to go and state her problem to Chukwuma. I mean, she should have just given it a try, a benefit of doubt. One should try to make clear their innocence when accused because if you don’t, people will take it to be true and therefore it will give you a bad image.

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