In the last episode of this story, Sharon learns that she and Raphael have lost their jobs but she goes ahead and accepts a ring to strengthen her commitment to marry him. Raphael leaves with the intention of seeing their late MD’s wife to tell her about Ikenna and their dismissal from work.

So what does a recently-engaged girl think of? Probably daydreams of the blissful life she’s about to enjoy with her bae. But is this the case with Sharon? Let’s join her and see what happens after Raphael leaves.


Shortly after Raphael left, negative thoughts began to assail me.

“What have you just done? Commit yourself to marrying a guy who has just lost his job! How stupid can you get? Is it not bad enough that you are saddled with the responsibilty of caring for this baby? And you have lost your job! By the way, whose fault was it that all this evil befell you?”

Just then Ikenna who was pacing the sitting room came and tugged at my gown. I looked at him and he laughed, then he turned, too fast. I thought he would fall but he regained his balance and started out, again too fast, and he landed on his rump before I could catch him. I joined him on the foor and he laughed, held me, stood up and took off again.

“This is what you call evil?” I asked the voice harassing me. “Devil, you’re wasting your time. You cannot make me regret what I’ve done.”

“You may think so now but very soon, your savings will run out. You think that caring for a baby is akamu.* And the worst part of it is that the person who got you into this mess will not be able to contribute a kobo* when that happens. The same person who is responsible for the wahala* you’re in is the same person you want to marry. Just get ready. It will be one day, one trouble.”

That one got to me. It had really seemed like that in the past few days. My defenses began to crumble.

“Raphael and his must-do-good attitude. I will surely sit on him and cripple that thing.”

Ikenna came back. Sometimes, he did that. He wanted me to pace with him. But the voice was getting my attention.

“And you don’t know the kind of risk you’re taking keeping this baby. The baby is not yours. Everybody in this neighbourhood knows it. Even though Mary was a foreigner and an orphan, that doesn’t give you automatic right to keep her child.” (Mary was from Liberia and had lost her family during one of the civil wars there. Our boss met her during a business trip to that country and brought her back to Nigeria.)

“You could easily be accused of stealing the child,” the voice continued. “Who will come to your defence if that happens? Moreover, the Igwes would not want to share their father’s wealth with him. If they plan against him, you will be collateral ….”

It was enough! I picked Ikenna up.

“Satan, get out of my house.” I opened the front door and screamed, “Out right now!”

I waited a moment like someone was physically leaving before banging the door shut. But the damage had been done. I was shaking from head to toe. I put Ikenna down and he happily began to pace again. I went to look for my phone. I needed to call Raphael. I wanted him to just come and take the baby back to where he got him from. I didn’t want any more trouble. I didn’t want to be arrested for having in my custody a child that wasn’t mine.

I dialled his number repeatedly but Raphael wasn’t picking up. He probably wasn’t with his phone. I considered texting but my hands were shaking.

“Blast, blast, blast this nonsense!” I shouted, startling Ikenna. I was going crazy. I imagined myself in a police cell. I began to feel claustrophobic. I was finding it hard to breathe. I opened the front door and all the windows in the sitting room to no avail. I went outside but I was still panicking. So I came back, put Ikenna on my back and held him with a wrapper as I do when going out and ran to a nearby church. (Thank God it didn’t rain that day and there were no thieves around, ’cause I left the door and the windors unlocked. My neighbours in the two-flat bungalow where I live probably thought I was indoors.)



A service was being held in the church when I entered. I went to the back row and untied Ikenna but I couldn’t sit still. I stood for a minute or so, then I went outside, but gripped with fear, I came back inside and willed myself to sit down, willed myself to think. And these were my thoughts more or less:

“Am I not wasting my time here? Maybe, I should go to the police and tell them the whole story. But would they believe me? Probably not. Or I could drop him at a motherless babies’ home. After all, that is what he is, a motherless baby. I would ask Raphael to give the address to the Igwes. They can pick him up when they are ready.”

My thoughts had given me direction. So I stood up to leave. But a middle-aged woman who arrived late was in my way. As I made to pass, she stretched her arms and carried Ikenna.

“Your son is very handsome,” she said. “And he looks just like you.” People say that a lot, probably because Ikenna and I are fair. “Don’t leave. The service will soon be over. I am often late because I have to wait till after work to come but I thank God, the benediction at the end compensates for whatever I have missed.”

I sat back. After a while, I thought of telling her I wanted to ease myself and disappearing. She would then be the one to take Ikenna to the police or the orphanage. But Ikenna began to cry and reach for me and the woman handed him back.

“He has even tried. Mine never used to let a stranger touch them. What’s his name?”


She brought out some money from her purse. “Use this to buy him something. Children are angels. I know I’m blessed for carrying him for the little time he let me.”

I shook my head but she insisted and I took the five hundred Naira she pressed into my palm. The woman’s words had also shot into my heart. She felt blessed for carrying Ikenna for some minutes but I, who had been given the privilege of caring for him all the time, was struggling to ditch him because the devil said I could be arrested.

The pastor had just finished preaching. I had been too distracted to listen. He then said we should talk to God from our hearts: tell Him what we want Him to do for us before he sealed those prayers with blessings from the pulpit. I began to sob and ask for God’s forgiveness. It wasn’t Raphael who got me into this situation. It was God and I was going to trust Him to defend me. I asked Him to take control of my life and my thoughts and help me never to entertain the idea of abandoning Ikenna again till his family picked him.

An altar call was made for those who wanted to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour and I came out, with tears still in my eyes. The woman wanted to hold Ikenna while I went out to be prayed for along with others who had responded to the call but I refused. I was not going to let go of my son for that was what he was by divine fiat and would remain till God, not the devil, told me otherwise.

I went home joyful, knowing that I had made the right decision, a decision I was eager to share with Raphael. But Raphael wasn’t picking his calls, the whole of that night and into the next day. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but as time passed, fear began to overtake my heart. Not fear that he might be in danger but fear that he might have had second thoughts like me and had succumbed to them.
-To be continued-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

*akamu is pap from corn flour, the reference being to something cheap or easy
*kobo is the coin in the Nigerian currency. Although coins are not legal tender anymore due to the fallen value of the Naira, kobo is still used to indicate the least amount of money.
*wahala is Pidgin English for trouble

Have you ever been harassed by fear like Sharon was in this episode? If yes, how did you handle it?
Are you born again? If yes, what made you take that decision?
Do you think the reason Raphael has not been picking his calls is because he might have had second thoughts about continuing with Sharon?
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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Lawrence Ernest Enyi

    Very suspenseful NICE PLOT. Wonderful. But Ma, no question(s) this time? Please add them up… They make me participate in the story. Thank you

  • Eka-Bassey

    Aunty, pls the suspense is killing!Can’t wait to know how the story will end. God bless you, Ma.

  • Miracle Amaka Nwokedi

    I’ve been harrased a lot of times by fear. But, the scriptures helped me overcome those fears alongside reading spiritual books by wonderful authors.

    Raphael may not be having a change of mind. From the attitude I’ve seen so far or the way Sharon had presented him, I don’t think he will ever have a change of mind. Some circumstances may have led to his not picking Sharon’s call. His phone could have been stolen.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you, Miracle! The word of God is a sure defence against fear. And about Raphael, the next episode will reveal why he wasn’t picking up. May God bless you and yours splendidly in Jesus’ name.



    • Edith Ohaja

      I’m really glad for you, Lawrence. Christ makes all the difference in a person’s life. Remain ever blessed!

  • Chinaza

    Sharon did the right thing and I don’t think Rapheal is entertaining a second thought.

  • i have been harassed by fear like Sharon, but i handled it by getting insights and strength from the scriptures. i also drew closer to God in that moment of fear. i am so glad, and proud to say that i am born again. what influenced my decision to be born again was the fact that i needed to have a close relationship with God, and to also have the Holy Spirit in me. well… i cant really tell the reason why Raphael has not been picking his calls, but i will follow my intuition by disputing the fact that he did not pick his call due to a change of mind

  • Rachael Obiora

    yes i have. i was so confused of everything that i started crying and a voice told me tell it to your creator. the truth is i don’t know if i am a born again or not. i don’t think so.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Rachael, we all need to be born again and be sure of it. It only takes acknowledgement of our sins and a simple prayer asking God to forgive us and accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Subsequently the Spirit of God will begin to transform us by the word of God to live in a way that glorifies God. We would also need a Bible-believing church to learn more about our new faith and be placed in a network of support for whatever challenges we may face on the Christian journey. Do it now and inbox me on Fb so that we can talk more about this. You are splendidly blessed in Jesus’ name.


    Well it could happen to anybody, i understand how Sharon feels, but like i said God works in mysterious ways, it was her uneasiness that made her go to the church, the holy spirit sent her there, i wonder why Ralph have not been picking his calls.

  • Ani Chiamaka theresa

    Many a time, I have been truly harassed by fear but at the end I end up begging God for his interventions in handling such cases and to my utmost bewilderment, I see my self out of the situation… Again I became a born again cuz I want Jesus as my personal lord Nd saviour,,finally Raphael,s inability not to pick his calls must have grown out of some unstable situations Nd circumstances he z encountering Nd not necessarily having a second thought about sharon

  • Amachukwu Amarachi

    When I see myself in hard times I try to push myself in Gods academy for him to teach me and show me his divine directions. Born again from heart, bekos I hav always wanted to please God. Don’t think Raphael or even most reasonable man will hav second thought of giving up on u when the iron had pass different series of fire to be refined as Gold, and u wanna leave the gold, naa!!! Not possible. Bekos this is the time for u to decode wu ur true wuman is, at least if u can forget anything, u will not forget the fact that someone actually accepted ur hand in marriage in times of turmoil, that u owe her o lot. Guys learn from this and don’t try to play with someone’s feelings, esp when she stood by u in times of crisis.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Sweetheart, not sure what you mean by being “born again from heart” ’cause you’ve “always wanted to please God”. No matter how much we reverred or despised God, we need to pray the sinner’s prayer at some point and surrender our lives to God, making Jesus Christ our Lord and personal Saviour. That is how we become born again, no other way. Hope you understand this.

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    Yes and i prayed over it. Am a born again and i took that decision because one with God is majority. No one can do anything good in life without God. I don’t think Raphael has succumbed to a second thought, its either he is not with his phone or something else disrupted his attention from his phone.

  • Shade

    I hope he isnt having second thoughts.


    Despite all odd, God is still by her side and definitely, she will overcome that predicament.


    YES..I face fear before ,and God has always been my strength in moment like that.concerning born again by the grace of Goid I am and what pushed me to be one is that life without Christ is crises.Raphael cant abandon Sharon now ,I think something happened and that I cant predict till I read the next episode .

  • Ihezie Ebere Christiana

    fear is one of the worst things that can confront you,its a deadly cobra. once, i was scared of my results that i was brain dead nd a nervous wreck bt when i learnt to hand over everything to God before sleeping cos he’s going to be up all night afterall, i became calm nd d fear left nd guess what wen d results came out it was nice. Praise God. i can understand Sharon’s fear and she did d best thing by going to thr church nd talking to God, he’s the best solution

  • Augustina Okpechi

    I haven’t really faced such fears and I think Raphael had good reason for not picking up.

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    why on earth is Raphael not picking his calls..i feel uneasy too.

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    It is not uncommon to experience such harassment as a result of fear but what matters most is your response when it comes calling; positivity and optimism to your decision, that is how how I handle it. I cannot have a better reason for giving my life to Christ than the undiluted love He has for me even to the extent of offering himself up on the rugged cross for my sake. Praise to His name!
    The Raphael that I know could not have ignored the call for anything closer to making a U-turn about Sharon. Raph worry not, God will surely surprise you as events unfold in the subsequent episodes, Ok?

  • Chinemerem

    Raphael better pick up her calls before the girl goes crazy. God give her the strength to get through this.

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    Yeah.. that part where Sharon was aroused with fear really touched me, I hv been in that situation but all I did was to go into the Church and cry to the maker of heaven and earth, after which I got better. The Lord has so many ways of speaking to his people and touching their lives.

    I have given my life to Christ, my reason is because of his unquenchable love towards me which has kept me going.
    About Raphael not picking his calls, I dnt really want to go into conclusion,i think I will find out in the next episode but I think all is well with Raphael and maybe something came up.


    sincerely speaking, I have not been embarrassed by fear just like the case of Sharon. I am a born-again child of God. I took that decision to serve the lord because he has proved his unlimited love to my family and myself in particular. to mention but a few, my younger sister ran into a vehicle while coming back from school in the name of trying to cross to the other side of the road and instead of the bus to smash her, the driver ran into the bush and collided. to God be the glory. I don’t think Raphael has given it a second thought in his proposal to marry Sharon. may God bless their marriage in advance.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I’m happy for you, Solomon! It’s always a delight to hear testimonies of God’s love, protection, etc. towards His children. I pray that you will be a mighty instrument in His hand to reach this generation for Christ in Jesus’ name.

  • Akabuike chisom

    being harassed by fear is a natural phenomenon, success is fear defeated. Sharon not able to reach Raphael might be that he still gathering resources for the upcoming wedding

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    yes, I’ve been faced with fears several times in my life but i overcame them with the truth, because the bible says”and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.Most times i just get on my knees to pray. I find comfort in doing that.
    I’m also born again. And for Rapheal, well i’m not really sure of the reason he is not picking his calls but I don’t think he is also having double thoughts on how to handle the present situation.

  • Emeh Esther

    once you let fear in, it cripples your whole body and you become its subject. the best thing to do is to command it out of you with faith. Also, i think something delayed Raphael maybe their wedding preparations or something else.

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    i have been harassed by fear several times… the one that will keep lingering in my heart was when on October, when i logged in to unn website to check my admission status and luckily for me my name was there, my joy knew no bound immediately i ran into my father’s room to tell him (that was around 2pm) i found him shivering uncontrollably…. i dnt think you would like to hear the rest of the story because it can even make Jezebel shed tears…….i thought my dreams were shattered i never knew it was a stepping stone to my success… thank God it all ended in praise…. am a born again… but yet we beg for God’s grace so that we can carry the cross along with him.

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    yes i had been harrassed by fear before but was strong enough to over come it by prayers and living in solitude with God.
    yes i am born again……….seeing and living every day made me a living testimony.

  • Onyinyechi Ukamaka Ekwem

    Aha! i said it in the last episode, Sharon will virtually go crazy if she doesn’t calm down. I have been face with troubles severally and i overcame them by the word, believing that everything works for those who believe and trust the word. I am also a born again. I believe that there are actually two reasons why Raphael is not picking his call, first, he might be in danger and no one knows of it not even Sharon, and the second, he might have doubts about Sharon.

  • Fidelis Favour chiamaka

    Yes, i have been harassed by fear, i usually just commit everything to God………. Raphael may or may not be having second thoughts…. Maybe he’s planning for the marriage

  • Egbune ifechukwude

    Yes I have, it was so bad I almost gave in to the way out my mind was dishing out to me at that time. Well I listened to the weak voice within me, which I believe was the voice of God telling me not to sell my soul to the devil even though things were not looking up yet. Yes because its only I Christ Jesus I found complete joy.

  • Ezike ifeyinwa .a.

    i haven’t.
    yes, i am born again because i want to be with God after my stay on earth.
    i don’t know, but i have the privilege to find to the next episode..chao

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    I have’nt faced that kind of fear before…….and i dnt think Raph is not picking up cos he is thinking twice about Sharon. i am born again…nd cos i encountered God.

  • Osuegbu prisca adanna

    I have encountered so many fears in my life but i just put my faith in God and he helps me overcome my fears and sometimes this helps us come closer to God. I think Raph might be having second thoughts about the relationship because their is no money again.

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    I doubt if rapheal is having a second thought I feel he is busy or he is planning something huge as usual

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Yes I have been harassed by fear before and what made Sharon different from me is that I succumbed though I didn’t know I did until I was told by a man of God…there are times when you will be facing challenges in life instead of praying you will result to thinking and crying when the only remedy to that is prayer… I was a church goer before I became born again but I lost it when my father was on the sick bed, I prayed to God for instant healing but none was forth coming until my dad gave up the ghost, I cried so heard that began to question God, I blamed myself for giving my life to Christ and I saw worshipping him as a waste of time, I started comparing myself with people who don’t worship God, but at the end my heart began to yarn for God again but it became as if he was far from me, this continue for sometime until God sent his instrument who helped to win my soul back to Christ again

    • Edith Ohaja

      What a touching testimony! The Lord will fully fill the vacuum left by the loss of your dad and provide for you abundantly in Jesus’ name.

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    My happiness now is that through Christ I can never succumb to fear again

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    No. i have not harassed by fear. Yes, I’m a born again. I took the decision because one with God is majority and also without God in my life, I’m nothing. Raphael can’t do that, maybe he is not with his phone.

  • Rose Jonathan

    submitting to God is the best thing anyone can ever do, especially if the wind is turbulent. I have done that severally and He never failed me. Sharon dear, your story has come to the point where you are no longer in charge, God is, and you know what happens when he takes over.


    I have been in this situation where a lot of advice will be heard but i always overcome them with prayer because prayer is the key. I have accepted JESUS because without him there is no me. The fact that he didn’t pick the call doesn’t mean that he has the same change of mind but could be something else.

  • i have been harassed severally by fear, i handle the situations with God’s word, i was very afraid when i was admitted into the university, i don’t know were to start, i was asking my self how will i make it alone in this school,no relations, no friend even those i called my friends were unfriendly friends all that was boarding was to know my flaws and when they succeed they started mocking but thanks to God for his word which consoled me and also gave me hope and strength me. i have studied Rahpael attitude and behavior toward sharon from episode one and the kind of love he has for sharon he didn’t seem like someone that will ever change his mind, may be he had an accident or his phone was switched off. i am born again, i took the decision years back when i discover that a cannot excel in this disastrous world if i did not accept my maker as my personal lord and Savior.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Beautiful testimonies! The Lord continue to be your strength, guide, provider, protector, in short, your everything in Jesus’ name.

  • Ene Esther Obiageli

    No i haven’t,but she made the right choice cause it’s good to seek God first in whatever challange you find yourself in. As for Raphael i think there is another reason as to why he is not picking.

  • itodo mary

    I have but not in d same situation,I just read my bible and slept believing that God is in charge

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    i have… whenever am gripped with fear, i will just say few words: “satan get behind and pray that God should take control”. i find solace in those words and that’s all… i have chose to follow my Lord because he is the reason for my existence and essence. Also, i will not be tempted to commit a fallacy of “hasty generalization”to say Raphael has second thought and the reason for not picking up. from the inception of the story, it is clear Raphael has good motives and wish to continue with Sharon… thank u ma.. interesting…

  • Blessing chinenye

    Nooooo Raphael cannot change his mind.

  • Oleru precious

    I have been harrased by fear and I tried not to be afraid. Raphael might not have ditched them maybe something came up

  • Chigbo Ifeanyi James

    Fear is a very deadly weapon. It can cripple the strongest man,so I overcome my fear with this saying “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world “.
    I am a born again, I was born into it and and grew up loving the goodness and benefits coming from it.
    I seriously can’t predict Ralph’s intentions but I certainly hope is not in any form of trouble.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Ifeanyi, my dear, no one is born into being born again. You can be born into a Christian home but you still need to personally accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    I have had lots of fears but knowing the scripture and what to say each time satan put fear in me made me overcome the fear.I dont think Raphael had a change of mind so fast and ran away like a coward I.e from what i have seen,some circumstances may have cause him not to pick his calls.

  • i have been harrased by fear,but in that situation i prayed to GOD for deliverance. And am born again. What made me to take the decision is because i wanted a new life.

  • Monye Gift

    Yes. I’ve once been in her shoes. When fear of death, rejection, abandonment and infact fear of everything overpower’s you and you think you’re gonna get lost but thanks to Sweet JESUS who’s grace has found me just as I am. Raphael might probably be in a meeting, having a discussion with someone or one of those busy schedules which accounts to be his reason for no response as he has developed to be a man of stableness.

  • Eze, Chime Mark

    Fear had once been part of my challenge, but I curbed mine through reading several inspirational books and listening to worship songs. I doubt, Raphael may be probably busy somewhere.


    yes i have been harrassed by fear several times but i always overcome by praying and believing God .yes am a born again christian. i think Rpheal might be occupied or in some kind of trouble.

  • Osere Theresa Ebiyun

    yes i have, and i was on a low key trusting God for his intervention, and Rapheal should have tried to pick up even if he was busy..

  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    I think I have been once harassed by fear. I committed everything into God’s hand. as for being born again, I am and my reason for doing that is one, I realized am a messenger sent to earth for a specific mission by God. Two I realized that this world is not real and I must one day get to the real place which is eternity (Heaven or Hell). Three I also discovered that there is a battle raging on this planet between the creator God and his onetime angel Lucifer. This battle being a being a battle for/against my only one soul, I had to give my LIFE to the creator to help me fight this battle and save my poor soul. As for Raph, I think something important kept him away from picking his calls.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you for your detailed answer. I pray abundant grace and unction on you as you fulfil your life’s work and multiplied testimonies according to your heart’s desires in Jesus’ name.

  • Nwanze Favour

    I have been faced some challenges but the only way I can calm myself is to get down on my knees and pray. I do not believe Rapheal is having second thoughts,he might just be busy at the moment

  • ekwuru chidimma Jill

    Yes I have been harassed by fear but I prayed….and yes I am a born again Christian..and I think Raphael is in danger.




    Yes, but I just believed in God because with him all things are possible. Yes I am a born again, I made that decision because of what God has done in my life. No, there must be a reason while he has not picked the call.

  • egbe ebere blessing

    he is there for us in times of trouble…that’s my consolation. and as for Ralph, i think he is in trouble

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    Yes i have. To deal with it i just say a prayer and sleep over it, or, I air out to a friend. Works every time. I am, because without salvation from our lord Jesus christ, we are nothing but the devils playthings. Moreover, I doubt Raphael would be having second thoughts after leading Sharon on the entire time. Something fishy must have happened and i cannot wait to find out.

  • Ndubuisi Uchenna Nicholas

    Yes but it was not as serious as sharons but in that situation i spoke to myself and gave reasons y i should continue with what i was doing.
    i think raphael was extremely busy or not close to his phone to not have picked sharon’s calls


    I also believe in god and miracles,keep it on ma.

  • mordi ifeoma

    trusting and having faith in GOD that he can always turn my situation around. Raphael Raphael where are you, i hope nothing bad has happened to you, seriously i”ll just start crying from here

  • onyeka pamela chiamaka

    I have not really faced fear like Sharon did but I can still remember the little challenges I have encountered I committed it to God and some worked out well for me. on the part of Raph after what he has been through with Sharon I don’t think there is any room for second thoughts about the relationship.

  • chioma Jeremiah

    Fear is one prevailing thing that the devil uses to get a legal standing in our lives because it is human to do so. I thank for God for his word that ALWAYS come a the right time.

  • Adaeze Ogota

    not at all because i know the God I’m serving. Raphael can’t do that to the girl he loves so much

  • igboji victoria unique

    sincerely i have never been in such situation
    yes i am a born again child of God and i made this bond with God in 2010 when i was about to be baptized in water
    there might be a reason why Raphael is not picking is calls,i don’t want to jump into conclusion

  • Priscilla Egwuonwu

    Fear torments men once in a while it’s how we control it that matters. The answer to all my fears as a person is Jesus.
    Raphael might be in danger so I’m kinda worried and scared. Can’t wait to read episode 12

  • Priscilla Egwuonwu

    Fear torments men once in a while it’s how we control it that matters. The answer to all my fears as a person is Jesus.
    Raphael might be in danger so I’m kinda worried and scared. Can’t wait to read episode 12

  • Nwosu Esther chioma

    Yes I have and I prayed
    Yes I am as he manifested Himself
    No I don’t think as he has shown her a lot of love

  • Soni-Onovo Ezinne Therry

    Yes, of course. I have accepted Jrsus as my personal Lord and saviour. He was the one that gave me life, which money cant buy. No, Raphael won’t leave Sharon and he will not do anything to hurt her.

  • Ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    I have been in a situation like this before and it was through prayer that I solved my problem. Also, many things are happening in this world that will make people to want to be born again. Like what happened to me that made me to be born again was when things became very complicating for me. I had to seek the face of God in my life so I became a born again. Finally, coming to Raphael not picking Sharon’s call. His action does not show that he want to run away because, Raphael is not the type that runs away from responsibilities.

  • sylvia ugwoke

    yes, i have until i accepted jesus christ into my life. the devil has a way of doing this, i think in the same way he was tempting sharon, he must have been doing the same to Raphael.

  • maduabuchi ebube deborah

    yes but once something like this heapen,i used to kneel down and talk to God because i know that he is the only one that will clear everything and he is always the one that use to wisper in my ears and say Debby my daughter i am stil here with you,dnt fear because you have a father who will never let you down.and i started enjoying his company ever since i gave my life to christ,i told my self that i have nothing to worry again.Sharon dear just relax and just trust GOD and you will see the kind of Father he is.

  • Sharon did the right thing. Raphael is not having any second thoughts. I think Christ knows his people , no matter the reply.

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    Kinda but I cannot recall I handled it. I don’t think that Raphael not picking his calls was as a result of him having a second thought about continuing with Sharon because from so far what we have seen , he loved her very much.


    Yes i have and I just went to God for direction…i am born again, I took that step because I saw the need…maybe something went wrong

  • Yes i have and i overcame it by the Grace of God. i think there must be a tangible reason why Raphael is not picking his calls and not because he is having second thoughts about continuing with Sharon.

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    False Evidence Appearing Real- that’s fear for you. It only takes the grace of God to overcome it and yes i have experienced it before but overcame it through prayers and God’s word which gave me courage. Yes, am proudly born again and this decision was made when i discovered that there was something missing in my life – an inner peace, sense of direction and purpose. Ralph from the onset has proven to be courageous and i dont think he will back out in this overwhelming situation.

  • Anigbo chisom a

    Leaving that scene matters alot to me because I may be pushed to do what I don’t dream of doing..
    Yea, am a born again and why i took that decision is because that’s the right thing to do and that how I was brought up with the word of God taught by my mum to her children.. Is sweet knowing God Aunty!

  • Analike Vivian u

    Sometimes I just exercise(like running and playing football), leaving that particular venue solves it at times and also listen to Christian and cool music to rest my mind.
    The fear of going to hell. I have heard several preachings of hell and I became afraid.I gave my life to God because of the horrors of hell and its fear have made me keep away from sins.
    Finally,I think he must have thought of marrying a wife and keeping a child without a job.I also think he wants to look for job and stand firm in other to take care of his wife and foster child


    The full meaning of FEAR stands ‘FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN’
    Fear was one of my major challenges before I met Christ.I was always afraid.
    Afraid of the unknown
    Afraid of making decisions
    Afraid of people
    But when I came in contact with the CROSS of Jesus
    fear left and courage entered.
    I don’t think that is his reason for not picking his calls.

  • yes i have been harassed by fear. were i worked before i gain admission into UNN, when i was due to go back to school, i told my boss that i will soon stop work and she came to stock of the things in the shop. at the end of the day,some things were missing which i could not account for.but deep down my heart,i know that i have not played a fast one.she bluntly told me that she is not paying me for that mounth.i was so scared because i had already budgeted that money for school expenses. iwas so scared. but as God may have it, few weeks after, she called me that she has ratified the problem, she apologized and payed me the money. how i handled the situation, i prayed to God to touch her mind so that she will understand,

  • I Can say that fear is inevitable in the life of everybody but what matters most is “how were you able to overcome such fear? the only answer to it is faith in God and you will see yourself out of it. It might be that Raphael went out to search for a job because he has many responsibilities to tackle now

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    Yes! I had been harassed by fear. I handled it by prayer, recitation of the word of God and recalled similar testimonies i heard from people.
    2. Yes! I took the decision, when I realised there’s no life outside Jesus. The difficulties and addiction that I could only overcome by His GRACE.
    No! I don’t think so, it could be another reason that kept him from calling or visiting Sharon.

  • Udeh,victor chukwudi

    for Me i prefer praying alone

  • okeke grace amarachi

    yes severally i have been harassed by the spirit of fear.but each time it happens i go back to the scriptures to hear what God has got to say about it.yes i am born again.i really cant predict why the young man[ Raphael] isn’t picking his calls…hope it unfolds in the subsequent episodes.

  • ofodile.c.vivian

    nope. I guess Raphael was busy doing something else and that is why he wasn’t picking up

  • okonkwo chidimma benita

    Fear means false evidence appearing real.. it is really difficult to overcome.. but with God you can.

  • EMekaobi ijeoma rita

    Giving your life to Christ is the best decision one can ever make..Go Sharon

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    I have been harassed by such fear. A few years ago, one of my relatives was admitted for a Cesarean operation,and because I had been inundated with stories about possible complications in such activity, I was engulfed with fear. However,I had no better option than to resort to prayers. I invited God and He eventually came and settled the matter. Yes and the decision was informed by the fear to enter hell and the desire to make heaven at last.

  • yea, it was a terrible situation but i thank God for this unending favour!

  • Amaechi Chinaecherem Chiemela

    I have been once harassed by fear but I committed it into God’s hand and he took care of it all. By God’s grace am born again. I did it because I realized it is a do or die affair as no man can escape God’s judgement unless one is born again. I think something delayed Raphael from picking his calls.

  • Onyeabor Precious Chioma

    yeah, countless times… these moments keep you on the fence, it takes courage and faith in God to make the right decision.
    Yes i am though its not been easy, falling and rising again, it just takes the grace of God.

  • Dorcas Philip Nkwonya

    yes i av….prayer n music helps take my mind off it…Raphael ditch her????….don’t think so

  • Ezenwafor Vanessa

    No…I have never been gripped by fear this much
    Giving one’s life to Christ could be as a result of so many happenings around like my case
    No I don’t think he is planning to leave sharon…I am actually getting scared for her..could he be in danger?

  • Nwankwo Anita Chinenye

    Yea sure i have been but i just had to calm myself down and look for the best solution to my predicament.i am a born again and i took the decision because i felt i needed a personal encounter with christ so i had to seek him more.Probably Raphael may be having a second thought.lets read on.

  • Azunna Ikechukwu O.

    Raphael should pick up her calls before she goes mad

  • covenant

    I believe that Raphael is okay where ever he is and am not sure his having second thoughts about Sharon.

  • Reuben Empere

    No, Raphael is not the type to do such

  • Umerah Scholastica Ifeoma

    No i have not been harrased by that kind of fear before…i think Rapheal has a pretty good explanation for not picking sharon`s call.

  • onyebuchi gideon

    Fear is a big strategy the devil uses to separate us from God. I have been harassed by fear often times but i overcame them by asking questions by elderly people which gave me wise answers. The suspense is a nice one, so ma’am i can’t predict Raphael’s reasons for not picking the calls..,

  • Chinecherem Victoria C

    I have not been in such situation before and as for Raphael, a thousand things could be the reasons he didnt pick her calls.

  • odo chidera

    fear is something that we all need to let go from us.instead of Raphel running away from his fears or slacking because of it,i suggest he should confront it and i blve that with God by his side,THINGS WILL GO ON WELL WITH HIM AND SHARON.

  • Akumambila ijeoma winifred

    Yes and i prayed over it.I think the reason for raphael not picking his calls is due to circumstances,maybe he is running around to fix up things for the up coming wedding.

  • daniel nnadi

    I don’t think so, maybe why rapheal was for another reason and not what Sharon thinks.

  • ugo ogwu

    Yes i have been harassed by fear times without number and how i handled it was by knowing that the world would not come to an end if i confront it.
    No i never thought Ralph had any second thought on their relationship i just believed he might have been in a fix and unable to pick calls at the moment or something was wrong somewhere.

  • Adaora Onwuania

    I have not, and I don’t think Sharon was wrong because she was lost with thought, she thinks she is keeping another woman’s son with her.
    I am because I found Christ and made up my mind to worship him with all my heart.
    Yes, because they are going through a lot at this present time.

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    I do not like to think that I’ve been harassed by fear. Secondly, Yes. Accepting Christ is a personal decision. I grew up being a Christian but not born again until I attained a certain age, mature enough to see that life without Christ is like chasing shadows.

  • sunday chinecherem francis

    yes, but i have overcome those fears by the grace of God, advice and fervent prayers.
    i don’t think his having second thoughts

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Yes, I have been harassed by fear and I reacted by leaving the situation to God and I don’t think Rapheal is having second thoughts.

  • p

    Fear mmmm I believe what doesn’t kill you makes stronger yes I have been in a full fear panic mode before but being in God s presence has a way of giving peace to all ; Having an alone time with God and discussing with him calms every turbulent wave of problem; At this point I have developed a kind of trust for rapheal so I think his either in a wrong situation but I doubt he ditched Sharon.

  • Chinenye Nwokoye

    I have been harassed by fear before but i refused to worn down because of it instead i handed over everything to God.
    Am a proud born again and i gave my life to christ because there’s no life outside him.
    From the way Raphael’s character is being built ,i don’t think he”s such a coward.

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    Yes! I have been harassed by fear like Sharon and i handled it by inviting God through prayers and reading of relevant quotations in the Bible. Yes, I am. I took the decision because I realised that life without Christ is full of crises. I don’t think Raphael has not been picking his calls because he might have had second thought of continuing with Sharon. He might have been away from his phone when Sharon was calling.

  • onoja peace

    Yes i have, i handled it by praying then singing through out that moment it helped a lot, made me focus my mind on Christ.
    Yes i am, discovered that the things i use to do were not worth going to HELL for.
    Raphael might have his reasons for not picking up and i don’t think Sharon;s thought is justifiable.

  • Nonike Victoria

    In life, fear will always come the same way troubles will but even the scriptures tell us not to be anxious for nothing because our heavenly father who watches us will surely take care of us, so what i do whenever life assails me with trials is to take my issues to him and be rest assured that he knows. As for Raphael not answering his phone, it is part of the suspense and i cant wait to figure out his reason.

  • Godwin Maxwell

    we often think we own ourselves until we come across some intricate situation that are beyond our control. it is normal for we humans to be emotional(fear) but it takes he/she with the spirit of God to prevail amidst any conundrum… am beginning to discern where the name of the story was driven from.. i pray God see her through.

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    No, I have not withnessed such, yea I am, God is everything and without him your nothing; Raphael on the other hand might be attending to some things that his unable to take the call at that minute Sharon called.

  • Josiah Judith enobong

    Yes I have found myself in such situation did nothing than to lay the burden/complain to God; yes I am a christian &the reason for accepting God is because I love him&in him am sure am safe, loved,cared for etc….well I think Raphael is in trouble lets watch &see….

  • chinonyelum onyema cynthia

    Yes, i have been harassed by fear often and i must confess, it drives me crazy and makes me do or make rash decisions. But recently, I’ve learnt to be calm and talk to God about it first, for He is a great listener,awesome adviser and an ultimate comforter. And yes, i am born again and i am proud of it to the last.

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    I have been in that situation before. I went on my knees to talk to God. I talked to him like I would to a very close friend. And I believe he heard me because afterwards, I could hear this voice telling that everything will be alright.
    I am born again and I made that decision when I discovered that I am nothing without Jesus and that he makes everything alright.
    I don’t think Raphael is having second thoughts.

  • kosiso maureen onyibalu

    fear, i say is our greatest enemy and once we let it in it grips us…..i think raphael has something keeping him thats why he is not picking

  • Nkiru Amaechina

    Quite a suspenseful plot, talking to God about our troubles and fears is always the best. Sharon made right decision by going to church at that critical moment.There is no place you can find peace except in the house of the Lord. nice work ma.

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    I’ve never experienced the kind of fear Sharon went through in this episode. I feel Raphael was held up by something really serious. I doubt he’d run from Sharon.

  • Ndukwe Catherine

    yes I have had countless experience of that but what saw me through was that I am always convinced that God will take care and that’s why I never hesitate to go on my knees. I believed that Raphael must have a good reason to go off line because from the story so far I don’t see any reason for him to panick, Raphael seems determined in everything he does. I believe I am born again because I have done taking charge of things that I want Him to take the wheels for me..

  • onoh chiazo johanness

    the day I experienced that kind of fear I didn’t actually know I was going to overcome it that was when God’s grace was sufficient for me and that he ever liveth…for Raphael not to take his calls or be offline there must be a cogent reason, and I hope Sharon understands

  • Onuoha Oluebube Jessica

    YES, I have had much experience of that but I handle mine with prayers and focus on the things of heaven.

  • ugwuja cynthia chioma

    fear is something we see everyday, it takes one’s whole will to over come it

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    I have been harassed by fear but i prayed and it went away. I know that Raphael has a good reason for not picking up his calls and would probably explain when he comes back. I am a born again christian because i saw nothing to gain in living a sinful life.

  • egbukwu ogechi precious

    I have encountered so many fearful thoughts,I just handed err’tin to God.. Ralph ,I think he’s meeting with the woman didn’t go well and he didn’t want to bug Sharon Wit it

  • Ezenwa Chinenye Evangeline

    I have been harassed by fear but i overcame it by committing every thing into the hands of God and He came to my rescue. Sharon shouldn’t conclude that Raphael doesn’t want her again i think he has a reason for not picking her call.

  • Otugo Lucky Joel

    when faced with fear the only one way I control it is by comporting my self and the fear will disappear

  • ozulumba chikodili

    yes i have been harrased with fear before and all i did was to sleep and pray to my God to take control. And as for raph not picking his call, i dnt think he was running away but may have been faced with something which made him unable to asnwer his fone

  • Okeke Miriam Uzochukwu

    Yes, as human being, I do experience that but I control mine through reading poems.

  • Abonyi Juliet

    Many times have I, but the only thing that ever worked was to resort to God’s mercy through prayer and faith.
    Yes, I am, I couldn’t live any other way.
    Raphael is too genuine and courageous to behave in this way. He has come this far, I am almost sure he wouldn’t run.

  • Udeh Blessing

    Fear is the make of coward and tears the sign of weakness. i will always take the bold step of putting the fear behind and taking whatever risk involved.
    yes, because severally, i have always experienced unimaginable things. Things i know nobody can ever do for me, so i got to know that God exist and He knows me and love me. so i have His fear in me. god works in mysterious ways. i would say its just Gods plan.

  • Onoh Oziomachukwu Beulah

    fear is something that I have always battled with but my God is bigger than it so I don’t really feel threatened by fear anymore

  • praise onaga

    yes I have…the Bible and the words of encouragement from my mum got me back on track.

  • Edeh cynthia oluomachi

    jesus is the ultimate answer, i really thank God that sharon overcame those evil thoughts that were coming to her mind. jesus reigns………………………………………………….

  • Ndudu John

    I have been harrased by fear many times. How I deal with it is by reminding myself that there’s no situation that’s new to this world and how i handle mine would serve as lesson to others when they find themselves in a similar situation.
    I am born again. I made this decision when i realized how much God loves me.
    Raphael may simply not have been with his phone or must have put it on silent mode not realizing that calls were coming in. Or any other scenario.

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    Its humane to see the negative side of things when extreme fear arises, I’ve had similar experiences to that. For the second question, what made me decide to be born again was my curiousity to have a broad knowledge on christianity, specifically how it feels to be christlike. And my answer to the last question is ; definately not., something urgent must have hindered him from picking the call

  • opiri chidimma

    yes i have but through His words in the scriptures i scaled through

  • nwafor chukwudalu franklin

    From the story i know raphael cannot leave sharon because he too had done alot for her and he really loves her, i believe something important is happening.

  • Onah Joy Chinemerem

    Sharon should not panic for God is in control

  • Nwankwo gift

    It is normal for Sharon to be that way that is what happens whenever you have a lot of strange things going through your head and on top of that Raphael is not picking her calls she should just calm down before she goes crazy

  • Okwor Donald

    Fear had always been part of me but I controlled it through prayers and worship.

  • ikenna precious

    Am glad she did not let the devil win and now she has God noway his plan can work.she should not let fear spoil her day she is a new creature in christ and it calls for celebration

  • Ononye Chisom Divinegift

    I have not been harassed by fear like that before but am happy with the decision she took.also i gave my life to God after a ministration of a youth like .i felt challenged that day and i needed to ask myself a question .i think Raphael not taking his call is for a reason.

  • chekuzo veronica

    Am born again because I believed that he (God) owns my life n I owe him in every way

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    fear is a natural thing in our lives,we encounter it like all day but then with God we overcome it.Ralph must have a good reason for not picking his calls lets not conclude now

  • Luke Chinyere Esther

    yes i am born again

  • Ezenwa Chinenye Evangeline

    I have been harassed by fear before but i committed it into Gods hands because He is the author and finisher of my faith and i was saved as for Raphael not picking his calls i think he has a reason so Sharon dnt panic.

  • Abugu Chinazom Rosemary

    yes of course! who hasn’t…well I tried usng prayers to handle mine cos thier’s nothing God can’t do so far we believe in him.
    I don’t really know what it means to be born again oo but I know am in a good relationship with my God.
    Raphael has a good reason for ignoring Sharon’s call…to concentrate and face the issue at hand.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Being born again means to acknowledge you are a sinner. The Bile says, “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Then you sdk God to forgive you based on the blood of Jesus shed for the remission of our sins. Finally, you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, thereby receiving God’s free gift of eternal life. That is what it means to be born again and it is the omly way to truly have a good or close relationship with God.

  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    I don’t want to witness this kind of fear Sharon had because i have accepted Christ as my Lord and personal saviour. I think Raphael has a reason for not picking her calls she should chill.

  • keswe tmercy

    it is natural to be afraid like Sharon but we should remember God when afraid with him you can over any fear

  • Umoru Sadia Idris

    On certain occasions, I’ve been so afraid of my worst fears coming through but I go to God in prayers and he always listen. I’m born again. Life in jesus is the sweetest thing ever. You know he’s in control and he gat it covered. I think Raphael lost his phone that’s the only reason I can think of, as to why he’s not taking Sharon’s calls

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    we all are human fear is not optional it’s a common factor among us but it is still up to us to overcome it bcos for every obstacle set to us there is a solution ahead….its simple take it to God!!!

  • keswet mercy

    fear is natural but allowing it to become part of you is totally out of the matter that why we have Him that is greater than every other just talk to him in prayers

  • Ofoegbu Maureen

    well yes and by gods grace i handled well

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    fear is a deadly poison especially when the inner mind is involved,i have encountered such

    but i tacked it up with prayer. and as for Raph, i don’t think if he is having a second thought.i guess he is in some kind of problems

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    Yes I have, I prayed 2 God to intervene. Am a born because it is a mandate and not just a choice. Raphael is a grown and matured man who would look before he leap, so he can’t Change his mind just like that

  • Akpan Agnes

    Many circumstances may have led to his not picking of Sharon’s call. we should not conclude om matters quickly

  • Joseph Edidiong

    i would love to say that Raphel hasn’t been picking his calls because he has got second thoughts but that dosn’t sound like the Raphel i know, so i would rather say that i think something came up or happened which is why he hasnt been responding.
    i have been faced with fears just like Sharon and i gave in at some point but it took God’s word and the Holyspirit to bring me out of my wrong thoughts and to hope for the best.

  • Elijah Amogu

    Yes. I overcame by remembering how far I have come and the ability of God to rescue me. Yes… hmmm because I discovered that I never had a life, I don’t have and will never have a life outside Christ. Deviations and am gone. It is possible, but I think we should give the young man benefit of doubt.


    Fear had been a big threat to destinies, i had mine when i was hospitalized, i thought i wouldn’t survive and come out of that state, honestly Christ has been faithful, the miracles and grace i saw in that situation will never depart from my lips up until i sleep in him.
    The dear grace of salvation of Christ took over me 10years ago (though number of years doesn’t matter but looking up to him steadily matters more) i thought i was worthless,depression had dealt with me but coming to Christ has kept me better and better honestly.
    I don’t think at this time that Raphael’s turned into a different Raphael, may be something else may be wrong.

  • Ibe Okwukwe Emmanuella

    We all have something we are sacred of but we have 2 take that bold step and overcome our fears because if we dnt ,we will still be hunted by them,but still we CNT do it alone we nid our father by ourside 2 do dis.

  • Ejiofor Ekene Maduabuchi

    Yes I’ve been confronted by fear many times. But, God was the only reason i conquered my fears. Raphael to me is not having a change of mind. if after examining the situation here and we conclude he is, I bet we would be making a mistake.

  • Ibemma Immaculata Ginika

    I don’t think is because of the proposal that he is not picking his calls


    I’ve been harassed many times by fear, buh God helped me overcame all of it, though it weren’t easy buh his grace still spoke and am born again

  • ifebe june sobechukwu

    fear can lead to the down fall of a man.. it should be taken as a blessing when embarrassed for being a born again

  • Uwaegbuonu Precious Chimdindu

    Ma I encounter fear, but I know the reason why I pass through them is because of God’s help and support. Nice post Ma

  • Jackreece Princess Daeregoba

    Wow.. Beautiful.. God bless Aunty Edith… Your works are great… So evocative!!
    I have been faced with great fear.. But like it said.. Knock and the door shall be opened.. I asked God to intervene and to my utmost surprise I was answered. I am a born again, I became one because I wanted to feel the presence of God in me.

  • obianuju onyeama

    Yes have been harassed by fear couple of times but I was victorious over it because I believe in the word of God nd i know only Him can save. Yes am a Born Again. Also I dont think Raphael is having second thoughts, he must have a more tangible reason for not picking up

  • caius precious chinwendu

    so many times im harassed by fear but i always remember to take everything to God in prayer. i am born again, i believe God exists and i live my life to please him only. Raphael could be in danger sha cos he loves sharon too much to start having second thoughts

  • Ubah chisom mariagorathy

    Being harassed by fear is one thing every human being pass through,yes i have being harassed by fear but it only takes the grace of God to stand firm. I don’t think Raphael is having a double mind about the marriage.

  • ulu christiana chinenye

    no, i trust raphael he can not change his mind.

  • without it sounding like a cliche; God is ministering to me through this story. marrying raphael is an overdose of faith on sharon’s part. lets watch and see

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    The way Sharon commanded the Devil to leave her house reminded me of a movie called ‘war room’.

    I’d passed through trying times and I know how challenging it could be. I resorted to prayers and unadulterated worship and God rescued me. I already gave my life to Christ before then but my relationship with him wasn’t too strong. But I found peace afterwards.
    I admire Sharon’s courage/faith and hope for the best.

    I don’t think Raphael had a change of mind with regards to the situation at hand. Perhaps he’s not with his phone at the time Sharon was calling…. He should try and call her back in order to ease her tension.

  • I understand Sharon’s fears. She is obviously a human. Richard not picking his calls shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. I doubt Richard even has the heart to abscond. Its utterly impossible.Thank God Sharon finally saw 1001 reasons to keep the baby. Come what may, all will be well.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    I have experienced moments of fears like Sharon did, God’s word and prayer actually helped me overcome my fears. Am sure Raphael has not succumbed to his fears, he might be in danger or something else beyond his control

  • Enukora Onyedikachi

    Fear is so deceptive and corrupt. I advise we should never take any hasty decision when afraid. I am born again or I guess so. Why I became born again was because people were coming out for it and my parents wanted me to. To I am trying to figure out God and our relationship.

  • Enukora Onyedikachi

    Fear is so deceptive and corrupt. I advise we should never take any hasty decision when afraid. I am born again or I guess so. Why I became born again was because people were coming out for it and my parents wanted me to. I am trying to figure out God and our relationship.

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    Panic attack is what they makes people to take decision they tend to regret later. I love the way Sharon handle it because every thing is possible if we can take it to God in prayer. Denouncing devil and his evil thought is the right thing to do. Considering the kind of person Raphael is, I don’t think he will abandon Sharon at this critical moment of her life. Maybe something is wrong or he encounter attack and his phone was stolen. I choose not to believe that he absconded leaving Sharon by herself.

  • okoye paschalmary

    Something in this episode is touching, and that the power of the devil. It might surprise some people to know that the only power the devil has is that of persuasion, but with that power , he has crumbled the mighty. Fear is another very dangerous aspect, which deprives people of good opportunities, especially fear of the unknown future. Though fear is helpful sometimes since it helps us become skeptical and cautious, but atimes, it incubates frustration and that is why it is very deadly. I call it False Experience Appearing Real (FEAR). I thank God Sharon took the right choice by deciding to sit back till the end of the service, that shows she has a listening ear and God really wants to help the boy through her. I pray God will help them through, did I just use “them”. Oh I meant so as she is now engaged.

  • Fear nearly had it’s way in the heart of Sharon. But I thank God for his Mercy and answers to her prayer. I don’t think the reason of Raphael not picking his call is because he wants to dump her. No! There are cases of lost phone, or forgetting the phone while going out or even him being in a danger.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu C

    That was a seriojs panick attack. But why is Raphael not picking his calls. I hope nothing bad has happened to him. Anytime we are carrying any heavy burden, we should try and confide in God so that he can give us rest.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    I wouldn’t actually call the voice in her head ‘devil’ or ‘evil’ because there is a truth in what she’s thinking, I mean anything can happen, there’s no money to take care of the baby,they are out of jobs and also there’s no backup if anything goes wrong with the baby. God help Sharon o, this is not an easy thing.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    It’s mind blowing how Sharon has changed to a mature person. Thank God that voice was not successful in changing her mind over caring for Ikenna. There is a a whole lot of suspense here. Well done ma

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