In this episode, we’ll be wrapping up this love story series. It’s been 13 episodes of thrill and suspense. We’ve witnessed guile, heartache and misfortune in the lives of the characters. But we’ve also seen them experience joy, love, faith and growth.

Episode 13 details Raphael’s conversion experience and Sharon’s call to her parents to inform them of her imminent visit with him. Her parents’ response when they hear about the baby, Ikenna, is hilarious or ridiculous depending on the angle you view it from.

Anyway, now the stage is almost set for their trip. Their love is strong but money is tight. And fear of trouble from the Igwe family persists. So what happens as we draw the curtain on this entrancing tale? Where shall we leave this pretty and determined pair that we’ve grown to love?

If you’re just coming on board, fill a mug with your favourite beverage, make yourself comfortable and read the previous episodes before this to get the full exciting experience. They are located in the Category, Short Stories. You are blessed in Jesus’ name.


Clara picked my call even before it rang. I wondered if she habitually had her phone in her hand but then what else would you expect from the grapevine queen? According to her, Kodili was attacked outside a nightclub where he was partying in the wee hours of that morning (Sunday).

“Oh my God, is he alright?”

“He couldn’t be better. He should be answering questions from St. Peter at the pearly gates about now.”*

“No! But are you sure? If he was attacked just this morning …”

“I was informed by a reliable source. He was shot in the face. And I can prove it to you if we meet. I’d have sent you the pix online but people’s social media accounts are getting hacked and once your stuff gets out like that, it can be used against you. I don’t want police trouble at all.

“Neither do I! Please don’t bother.”

“If you ask me, I’ll say that family is cursed. Three corpses in the mortuary at the same time.”

“You mean two – the MD …”

“I said three. Sorry, you had no way of knowing. The Madam slumped and died when she heard about Kodili.”

“No, no, no! That poor woman!”

“Hey, are we talking about the same woman here? Mrs Igwe was anything but poor!” I thought Clara had misunderstood me.

“It’s just a manner of speaking, Clara!”

“I got you, girl! Where’s your sense of humour?”

I was stupefied. Had Clara been drinking or did she actually find it appropriate to crack jokes at a time like this?

“With all that money,” she continued, “you’d think they would be able to control her blood pressure. She used to have fainting spells but this time around, she never came to.”

“Poor, poor lady!”

I was overwhelmed with sorrow at the sad news.

“You’re not crying, are you? Abeg, knack me gist. So you want to leave us in the Singles’ Club, eh? Lucky you! All the men I know are useless. So for now, I’m still swinging. When is the big day?”

“Sorry, how do you know this?”

“How do you think I know? I’m not h#mping your guy or anything like that. He did ask someone where he could get a nice-looking ring on a low budget.”

“I see. We haven’t fixed the date yet.”

“Don’t forget me in the aso ebi* oh! Have you chosen the colours for the …?”

I cut the call. I knew it was rude but I couldn’t bear to listen to Clara anymore. She was so cold-blooded. Talking about death with relish and then her swinging single trash. She was probably going to lecture me on colours for the day and all I needed to do to make the occasion the talk of the town like a high-class Lagos chick, which I am not.

After the call, I began to weep over Madam. Although we hadn’t been close, I felt she didn’t deserve to die like that. I had been wary of her, feeling she might have been thinking the worst of me (that is, presuming I had an immoral relationship with her husband) but she was always cordial to me. And when she cried about the caterers’ lateness that practically ruined the MD’s last birthday party, I saw her humanity and vulnerability.

Her husband was very wealthy but she wasn’t snotty. He kept her in great comfort, buying whatever she asked for. Perhaps, that was why she overlooked his numerous sexual indiscretions. But was it a fair exchange? Is it ever a fair exchange? Does a gold watch, diamond earrings or a car compensate for sleeping in a cold bed while one’s husband warms himself in another woman’s embrace? Does it compensate for the betrayal and rejection one must feel from such an experience?

And the things that befell her in the past five weeks! The death of her husband, the unbridled greed and ruthlessness of her first son, the murder of her second son – they were just too much. No one should go through such horror in such a short time. I wondered if her daughter had heard of the latest tragedies and how she must be feeling if she had.

As I was empathising with the girl I didn’t know personally, Raphael came in. I’d given him a key to slip in without knocking and perhaps waking Ikenna up anyday. He had already heard the bad news. A staff of the company had called to warn him to be careful after he heard Kodili had been murdered.


We should have been panicking seeing that Evil had unsheathed its claws, looking for who to tear to pieces. Strangely, we weren’t. Then another staff from the Igwes’ home town called to say it was a vengeance hit. He explained that in desperation, Kodili had hired some thugs to rough up Chukwuma in a bid to force him to share their father’s wealth more equitably.

This happened in the presence of a committee from their kindred meeting in Lagos whom their mother had invited to mediate in the matter and sue for peace. Chukwuma then swore that Kodili was “a dead man” and they believe he ordered a hit on him. But will he be brought to book? Your guess is as good as mine,

We were more convinced then that Chukwuma had got what he wanted. He had done away with those near him with clear claims to his father’s estate. Although he didn’t directly kill his mother, it was his all-out war with his brother that resulted in her death. At that point, he would not be perturbed by unconfirmed reports of a son, who was after all an illegitmate son, if he had heard them.

Anger welled up in me as I rose to defend Ikenna in my heart.

“Ikenna is not illegitimate. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, no child is illegitmate. This one is my son!”

And I was going to proudly call him so henceforth. With a broad smile on my face, I went to pick him up and tie him on my back as Raphael and I began to pack for our journey to the village. We acknowledged that whether Chukwuma targeted us or not, the world was a dangerous place. But our lives were in God’s hands and we knew that whatever we faced, He would stand by us. We didn’t know what we would do for work. My confidence was not in my savings either (money can disappear just like that) but we would trust God to be our sufficiency.

And as a first sign of His faithfulness, Raphael received a credit alert from his bank as we were packing. Someone had transferred three hundred thousand Naira into his account. A phone call followed and incredibly it was Chief Adams!

Raphael had mentioned to Adams the previous day that he would not be available for his Maths lessons with his son for a fortnight because he was going to the east to get married. Adams then requested for his account number to pay in his “widow’s mite”. Some rich widow!

He said Raphael should use the money to help with the marriage expenses. Even in my part of Igboland where it costs a fortune to take a wife, three hundred grand should go a long way. It was nothing but the Lord’s doing and we gave Him all the glory. I also got a credit alert for sixty-five thousand Naira on my salary account which should help with transportation and some sundry expenses.

And a voice told me, “In future, don’t forget that it was Raphael’s ‘Father Christmas’ lifestyle that brought in the money he married you with.”

Duly noted. Lesson learnt.
-The end-

And now that I’ve come to the end of my story, I’m thinking how ironic that I used Raphael as a bait to get the attention of other guys when all the while it was Raphael that I needed. Well, thank God in the end, it’s Raphael that I got. On Raphael’s part, making him my bait accelerated our relationship and ultimately led to our planning to get married (which was his earnest wish). Yes, it so often happens that what is meant to hurt someone might be the very thing that brings their miracle to them.

Also, I’ve been wondering if what my erstwhile co-workers called the “outrageous emolument package” I was placed on by my late MD was God’s way of getting him to provide in advance for Ikenna’s care without his really knowing it. Lately, I’ve begun to see that God is in control of everything and everyone, whether they are aware and acknowledge Him or not. In the midst of the seeming chaos and senseless happenings in the world, the Almighty God is behind the scenes pulling the strings to work out His purposes.

This whole line of reasoning fills me with holy dread. Our God is fearful and majestic. But it also fills me with pride and confidence because my Father in heaven is totally in charge of everything. Therefore, I am secure in Him and so is my family, the one that is and the one I’m about to build.

This has been sooo long a story. Now I have to say “So long” till I find the time to tell you another tale.
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016

The idea that the dead answer “questions from St. Peter at the pearly gates” is not Bible-based. It’s just a joke.
Abeg, knack me gist” means tell me a story or the story in Pidgin English.
*aso ebi is a Yoruba term that refers to the cloth for bridesmaids in a traditional marriage

Clara complained that all the men she knew were useless. Please help me describe the kind of man someone who behaves like her will attract.
What is your reaction to Sharon’s assertion that, “In the midst of the seeming chaos and senseless happenings in the world, the Almighty God is behind the scenes pulling the strings to work out His purposes”?
Finally, I’d really appreciate if you share your impressions about the entire story and what you came away with from it.
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  • flawlex ifeanyi

    I have followed this story from episode one till this very last episode and I hv come to realise that no matter how ur plan ur ways, God has already planned something for u. Just as in the case of Sharon and raphael. It everything happened the way God planned it. U don’t fight against what God has destined to be. Sharon and Raphael re mearnt for each other, not minding sharons plan to use Raphael as a bait to attract other men. That’s my own reaction to Sharon’s assertion. I really enjoyed it. U re blessed.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Hi Flawlex, I agree with you. God has a plan for us and it’s better to walk in it than devise something dubious like Sharon did at first. You saw how well it worked for her. Lol! God’s grace with your blog, music career and studies in Jesus’ name.

  • Mike Peters

    mmm…I must say we’ve come a long way. Please don’t make me wait for long. ‘biko nack me another long story’.
    You set the blog on ‘fire’ with this one! Keep raising the bar.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Baba Peters, thank you! As the Lord inspires, I will surely nack you another story soon. You are awesomely blessed!

  • Miracle

    God’s ways are not our ways. He uses the stupid things of this world to confound the wise. Thank God Sharon didn’t not lose grip of God’s gift for her.

    Lolz. As for Clara, she is a piece of work, not yet in progress at all. She will always attract insensitive human beings like her. One doesn’t get out of life what one hasn’t given to life. The men who come around her is a clear reflection of herself.

    It was refreshing reading these inspirational episodes. Thank you.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you so much, Miracle! It gave me great joy to put them together, praise God! My regards to your family and stay blessed!

  • The kinda man you should expect is same as your typical personality. Stupidity, uselessness, nothingness and all that, only attract themselves, not the opposite. So, put it succintly, if all the men you knew were useless, then, your ‘uselessness’ brought them to you- waisting your life for a devilish pleasure. Hmm. Sorry Clara.
    I think the answer to the second question is simply curled from the book of ‘Jeremiah 29:11.
    Well, many lessons learnt so far.
    1. A trap is a trap and will always remain a trap. It needs a prey. If you don’t want to be a victim of the ‘set trap’, then don’t set traps for anybody/thing at all.
    2. God is always the controller general of everything on earth. He plans everything according to His purpose. Even in distress, He works out good things for us. All you need do is, “call out for Him”.
    3. In every sphere of life endeavour, those who always try to make it to the top are always hedged by enemies. Be careful on your ladder to success, with the people around you.
    My benefits so far are immeasurable. Let me alight from this bus in this station, as I wish we readers the ultimate understanding, ability and grace to follow and outrightly focus on “TOUCHING LIVES”. Bless you all.

  • Expecting more from you Ma. Grace!

  • Chinaza

    Clara would probably attract the likes of Nnanna. Lol. we are but pencils in the hands of God, and again we must always trust in him. This story is superb and interesting, I didn’t stop till I finished all the parts. it taught me a lot. thank you ma and may God keep you.

  • i was greatly inspired by reading the whole episode. kudos to you ma. i hope to be a very good writer like you. i was able to draw out a lot of lessons, and i can say that i am richly blessed. thank you also for projecting Christ, as He is the center of it all, no matter how we keep telling ourselves otherwise.more grace to you ma, and may God continually use you to reach out to people.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you for your very kind words. I pray success upon your endeavours and that God grant your heart’s desires in Jesus’ name.

  • Rachael Obiora

    i think people like Clara will really attract the likes of people like Nnanna who are not satisfied but always wanting more and are very stingy to give .what ever situation we find ourselves there is always a reason and purpose for that that is to say every disappointment is always a blessing. like i really enjoyed this story, it has taught me many things that Not all that glitters are gold, that one with God will always be Majority, to trust and to believe.i really enjoyed this ONE. A BIG THANKS TO YOU MA YOU ARE REALLY GREAT.

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    Definitely, Clara will attract men of her kind[irresponsible,useless,wayward,and rascal] and as for Sharon’s assertion ,she implies that in any condition, circumstances,challenges,one is undergoing that God has away of seeing the person through.Gods works in a mysterious way that is to say God has a way of doing his things.The lesson learnt so far [1]God has a way of doing things in a miraculous way.[2]the ways of God are not the ways of men. [3]whatever God has destined to be must surely be.[4]A life one lives has an after maths ,so we should be careful of the kind of life we live and the attitude we portray in other not to live in regrets. Kudos to you ma, keep it up.

  • Ani Chiamaka theresa

    Clara will attract men of d same character wit her…valueless and careless men of d society… Hmm.. M meant to understand by dis story dat Wat God has destined for man is what will prevail no matter what.. Tank u make.. Dis is seemingly wonderful

  • Amachukwu Amarachi

    Law of attraction create a magnet of appearance which incline peoples heart to know whats in the boat if gud leads to understanding, if bad misunderstanding. Clara’s boat seems negative, really sorry for her,but something actually wrong, let’s look into her life intently about her report towards the igwes family, no sign of remorse, she speaks non challantly as I’d life means nothing to her, but clarii u and I know that’s not true as a gud friend reading u, u don’t slow negative situation weigh u down but instead create a positive impact from each scenario with a inspiring affirmation Don’t give up.clara luv ya just be gud. Faith: believing on what u don’t want to believe in, u know it is somehow confused but We should strive to hav faith in God despite the situation. To sharons assertion, our life is like a television controlled by Gods remote,Its just depend on how we play the channel, the antenna outside might be shaking dope bekos of weather conditions but when it calms down, the TV will be clear. We should stick to God in everything even in terms of obstacles,misfortune, challenges etc. We should stick to the side of God by not allowing the ranging storms of darkness to put us in dichotomy with God but owe his garment in the ailment of salvation.
    Ma, luv your story from A-Z, you are just a great master minder of this great piece. I pray God will continue to use you as his instrument using your write up to make an impact to the past,present and future generation as an heritage of liberation.


    Clara should examine herself very well and know where her problem is coming from, maybe from her behavior as a young girl because” been rude as a young girl will earn you nothing rather more years in your fathers house”their is an igbo adge that states”EBULU OZU ONYE OZO, ODI K’ EBU UKWU NKU”, Her non nonchalant attitude is appalling to the extent that she didn’t even care whether all the family members dies or not but what matters to her is the “aso abi”. As for Sharon, she believes that it does not matter what happens to you but it matters what you do with that which happens..
    their are so many moral lessons in this short story which comes in different forms. KUDOS TO MS EDITH OHAJA.LOOKING FORWARD TO READING YOUR SHORT STORIES….

  • Ihezie Ebere Christiana

    oh my God,did it just end, there should be more, Clara is d kind of lady that may likely spend her life alone. sounds like a cantankerous girl. oh my Gpd, what a beautiful story but there shuld be more Ma’am

    • Edith Ohaja

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. We completed our mission with this one. More stories to come by God’s grace! Hoping to read one of yours soon. Stay blessed, Ebere!

  • Nweke Jemimah Chisom

    wow! the Lord sure takes care of who ever puts his trust in him.just as earlier stated by Raphael, they crossed the river when they got to it. To God be the glory! awesome work Aunty Edith..u have blessed my soul with this awesome story. please keep up the good work ma.

  • Augustina Okpechi

    I guess Clara is the useless one and our God is a wonderful God who is watchful of his children. The story is a nice one.

  • Eze Benjamin Oduma

    Clara should not expect anything more than men who are as useless as she is, an Igbo adage says that as a seller of a commodity appears so shall the buyer appear. One cannot sow wild grapes and expect to reap oranges, that is an absolute greed and impossibility. 2. God does not sleep, He cares for His own, even in difficult situations He is still faithful.
    The stories struck suddenly like the aggressive thunder coming in the company of too many a suspense which helped in bringing out the best out of the story. Your prowess in painstakingly compiling interesting, captivating, scintillating, educative, informative … pieces is undoubtedly unquestionable. Ma, keep the good works coming, God bless you.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Ole boy, you dey knack grammar well well. Lol! Thanks for your commendation. I pray God’s unparalleled blessings on all your endeavours in Jesus’ name.

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    Nice work..I really learnt a to trust God, love him , endure wen things get tough and so many others. At last they were happy and truly Raphael is a good man and I learnt we should also help people in the little way we can.Sharon is really a courageous lady.
    Ma, ur story is full of suspense and I tried so much to predict the end but u swept me off my feet.i can’t wait to read another.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I’m blessed by your comment, Nkemjika. You will be highly appreciated wherever you go and record much success in Jesus’ name.

  • Emeh Esther

    Having gone through this wonderful story from episode 1-14 i learnt that whatever God has written so shall it be no man can ever change it. Sharon thinks that her plans will work; plans of using Raphael as a bait to attract men to her. Her plans failed and she ended up with him. I really love this story and its moral lessons.Well done Ma

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    lol you know people attract their same specie, Clara is silly so she just have to accept her fate and accept her type……when we think all hope is gone, that is when God’s plans are beginning to manifest in our life, we just need to put all hope in him and wait patiently for our morning because after night comes daylight. We need to be Good to everybody including our enemies, we saw how Raphael helped mr adams despite what he did to his family.
    again, money is not actually everything, like Sharon thought. the best thing we need in this life is christ then every other can come afterwards

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    Clara’s attitude is just too poor and at the same time bad to attract a man. On Sharon’s part, i think she just put all her trust in God. The story is just an embodiment of wisdom, it also serves as an eye opener to the things we term little but are capable of destroying ones future. I have learnt alot from this story and i feel blessed. Thank you ma.

  • Egbune ifechukwude

    Oh God how nice. This story is a blast, it revealed a lot of things about ladies and how uncertain they can be in terms of what they really want, it mirrors the life of young people and their individual thoughts for settling down in fact there are too many lessons to learn here but the best is that God’s plan for us will surely prevail and God’s ways and plan are always different from ours because He is an all knowing God. lolz as for Clara, well she will always attract voluble and insensitive people like her. Ma I am really inspired by this piece thank you so much and may God increase your gift of writing.


    Clara should expect a man that is useless as she is because birds of the same feather flock together. I learnt from this story that whatever you are doing without involving Jesus Christ, then your journey has no destination. again, give your life to Christ and receive eternal life and not destruction as in the case of the unbelievers. permit me to say this, the name “SHARON” is a name of a particular village in my community. it reminds of the rowdy movement there every night. A very hot environment. Thank you my lecturer and more grace.

  • Chinemerem

    Great piece!
    What a way to end it. Happy married life to them. As for me, Raphael is bar!
    Their romance make sense die!

  • Chinemerem

    I meant Bae not Bar. Raphael is Bae.
    ((Auto correct can frustrate life sha).

  • Ezike ifeyinwa .a.

    Claraaaaaaa!!!! very funny character.
    God i s always on the throne, he is ever ready to help those who call on him.
    i wish this story would go on,the story was so good, educative and inspiring..I’m going to miss Raphael, my number one character.
    After reading the whole episodes, i felt the need to be much more closer to God. Sharon really inspired me, hmmm!! same old Sharon from the beginning of the episode.
    i really enjoyed reading every bit of this, it made my weekend.

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    with clara’s attitude if she doesn’t change she will keep seeing men as useless and also, Raphael and Sharon trusted in God this shoes that God will not abandon you when you believe in Him. to be sincere i love this story and it has thought me so many lessons may God add to u Ma although the suspense was much ..i enjoyed your story.

  • Osuegbu prisca adanna

    Ciara’s behaviour would actually attract a man who is full of himself and dont care at all. nice episodes ma. I actually learnt a lot from this story and i especially learnt that God is the key to all our endeavours so we should always put our trust in him.

  • Rose Jonathan

    whoa! so it finally came to a close? uh! that was really a great story. I enjoyed it sooooo much. I can’t believe I actually carried my system around, just to get to the end of this story. Thank God everything turned out the way it did, and dear Sharon got herself a soulmate finally. It was really from bait to catch. bless you Ms Ohaja

  • Ene Esther Obiageli

    I think someone like her will attract a guy who behaves just like her as opposed to the perfect man she always imagine in her head. Sharon inspired me because in spite of every thing she realised that God is the authour of our life. All in all it was a wonderful story

  • i really enjoyed this story indeed it was GOD”S doing, one thing in life is what GOD have destined one to be so will the person be.GOD really was on Raphel side and all that sharon planned turn out to be a waste.Ma i can”t wait to read such story again remain bless.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I’m glad you enjoyed and gained something meaningful from the story. By God’s grace, more stories are coming. I wish the best in all you do in Jesus’ name.

  • Akabuike chisom

    Clara is wayward girl she talking about men being useless, my advice to her is to be a reverend sister because she men that would come seeking for her hand in marriage might us be her type of person. what Sharon said was the real truth in every difficult situation we find ourself i believe we should always have this positive mindset that our God liveth and he would never abandon us no matter the circumstances… this is really a touching story and my advice to people out there is we should learn to always take everyone to be our friends iirespective of their status in life… Nice one big mummy, very inspiring story , keep the ball rolling.

  • itodo mary

    No doubt I never expected it to go this way…I think Clara will attract guys like Nnana,infact they fit well together…I also learnt alot from Sharon and Clara…God knows men like Raphael are hard to find…nice work ma as usual

  • A LION CANNOT give birth to a goat neither will a goat give birth to lion , one cannot reap were he did not sow, what u sow is what u will reap, clara sowed useless, nonchalant attitude what did she expected to reap.clara mingle with useless men therefore, she will know only useless men.when ever things are not working as u desire just have faith in God for it is not of him that willeth but is of God that showeth mercy, for he said in Jeremiah 1 vs 5 before i formed thee in the belly i knew thee; and before thou comest forth out of the womb i sanctified thee, i ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. honestly,what i learned from this story is beyond description……….1.. he that have God have every thing.2. how you make your bed so u lay on it..3.all work must be rewarded and man shall be reward according to his work. with out god is like body with out soul. This story has given me more understanding of the kind of love God have for me.In fact, this is life changing story, inspiring, educating and entertaining. ma thanks a lot, may God in his perfect mercy bless u and inspire your inspiration.thanks my lovely role model. from now hence forth i will not be missing ur stories.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Wow! You really paid good attention all the way! Proud of you! My prayer is that you and every other person that reads this story will not only be entertained but glean some important life lessons from it. God bless you richly in Jesus’ name.

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    to start with; “can a bad person recognize or admit that something/someone is good? For two different thing to blend together will be hard. Since Clara has shown to be useless, then a man like her will be good, so that they will “roll together”. Hence the saying, birds of a feather.. Also, what other words will one in dilemma like to hear if not Sharon’s assertion. We should never the saying, God will make a way, where there seems to be no way.. God has plans for everyone, so no one need to be scared of senseless happenings in the world.
    hmmm, truth be told, the story is indeed good, full of suspense. I believe this story has changed people’s mentality or wrong notion in approaching reality. From the story, i can stress again: in christ alone, my hope is found; my comforter and my all in all… also, i want to believe the story has not finished… searching through for episode 15…. thank u ma for the story….. more wisdom and blessings….. still expecting…

    • Edith Ohaja

      It has finished oo, Joseph! Thank you for your insightful conment and commendation. You will go higher and higher in Jesus’ name.

  • Izukah chinonso favour

    Opposite never attract one another instead its characters that are alike that attract one another so whatever are personality or character is those are the kind of people that will get attracted to her…. In Sharon’s assertion ,no matter what is happening no matter how your character and actions has made you ruin things everything is for a reason and is coined to make sure the outcome is God’s purpose for your life

  • Chigbo Ifeanyi James

    Clara is a talkative and has no respect for other people feelings. She will only attract useless men that are serious for marriage. If you seriously believe in God, everything will eventually work out alright.
    I don’t usually read blog stories but this one got me reading all the episodes which are awesome but the ending that doesn’t have chukwuma punished and Ikenna real family opened to the public is not what I was thinking but apart from that, this is one of the nicest romantic blog stories I have ever seen.

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Wow! “In future don’t forget that it was Rapheal father Christmas lifestyle that brought in the money he married you with” what a wonderful piece never thought of this story ending like this,the basic key to live in this word is doing good and trusting in God…. Aunty can’t thank God enough for giving me the privilege of knowing who you are…more power to your elbow.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You really summed it up well, Oluchi! And I appreciate your kind words. The Lord’s name be praised. I pray splendid blessings upon you on every side in Jesus’ name.

  • What a nice story,mind blowing,and”s obvious that sometimes the plans we have for ourself does not end as we wanted because GOD in creating us has predestined what we are going to become and what comes our way.

  • ugwu kosisochukwu ifunanya

    This girl called Clara has a real bad attitude,talks a lot and has no respect for people’s feedings at all.
    With God all things are possible if someone believes in God everything will work out fine.
    This story is a very nice one,captivating. I thank God for it.

  • maduebo ifunanya blessing

    Clara desired someone that behaves like her. Because ants will always attract ants. someone that doesn’t take things serious. she will definitely attract someone that behaves like her. God is ever faithful. he is our great provider, those that trust in him will survive despite all odds. wow! i learnt a lot from the story. God bless you ma.

  • Oleru precious

    On Clara’s part I think she used her bad character to chase away all the men coming to her. God always has a plan for us that is why the bible us against worry because a father always wants the best for his children. This story is extraordinary and I love the use of suspense it made me anxious to know how the story will end. The way the story ended was a perfect.

  • Eze, Chime Mark

    If there is anything more awful than being useless, that is what Clara deserves. Above all, I want to quickly say that this particular story should be published. It is important that the entire public should read it. Thanks for this wonderful story. My basket is filled with wonderful note.

  • Monye Gift

    It was really an interesting piece. Filled with suspence and arousing my curiosity. Kudos to the author!. God knows the end of everyone. Moreso, he knows whats best for us and will give us that in due time because he has promised “No good thing will i withold from you”

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    \\\crying\\\.how romantic…..i love my God and i love my bible….Gods word says he is always with me and if i turn to him he will always answer me….he said he will not let what i cant bear come to time of trouble i will be with you if you call me i will hear and answer you and show you my salvation…….oh yes God was actually with the from the begginning till the end.thank you ma for this awesome story………I LOVE YOU BIG TINME



  • Ezenwa Obinna G.

    Clara can have no better man than she. If every man is useless, she should not forget that her father is a man. Am so much thrilled by this story that am running short of words. I don,t know what to say that would be enough to commend this wonderful composition. In all I say…THANKS MA. YOU ARE THE BEST.

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    (crying) can’t believe this wonderful story will come to an end. Clara was a loosed girl and loosed ladies attracts wayward men and even she attracts the good ones, her lifestyle will chase them all away from her, that’s why she believes all men are useless. Ma thank you for this great story, i must say that the public should read this and learn from this story. God bless you Mummy!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Awwww! They are reading it, my dear! God bless you splendidly and make you a light wherever you are in Jesus’ name.

  • Luke Chinyere Esther

    someone who behaves like her attracts useless men

  • Ndubuisi Uchenna Nicholas

    I dont think Clara would attract any responsible man. And Sharons assertions means that God is working out something wonderful behind every misfortune. Indeed, there is a silver lining behind every cloud, God would pave a way through chaos to ur blessing. And thanks for the inspiring stories, Aunty Edith. God bless u.


    I have learned a lot from this whole story.

  • mordi ifeoma

    useless men would always hover around Clara because she is useless too, until she decides to change. i believe there’s a reason for everything and that GOD has plans for us if we will just let him. this story is amazing, i not only learend from it but i had a wonderful time reading this story, Ma may GOD continue to enrich you with wisdom and wonderfull ideas.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen and thank you, Ifeoma. May He decorate your life with all you need for success and spiritual relevance too in Jesus’ name.

  • Adaeze Ogota

    she will attract men that behaves like her. there is no way you will useless and expect to attract sensible people. wow! i learnt a lot from the story. but the most important one is to trust in God no matter what. God bless you ma! looking forward to seeing more.

    • Edith Ohaja

      You wont be disappointed, Adaeze, ’cause I’m trusting God for many more. And may He bless you fabulously too, in Jesus’ name.

  • chioma Jeremiah

    Clara calls men useless when she has never done any useful thing. Thank God for his word that said that “the joy of the lord is my strength” it is clear in Sharon’s case.


    The challenges Rapheal and Sharon passed through is just God’s way of bringing them closer to Him, for theirlove for each other to be strenghtened and to prepare them for family life.God said in His word that he will not allow the challenges that is beyond us to come our way, so he knows everything happening even before it started. Am inspired ma, God bless you.

  • igboji victoria unique

    Clara kind of man is a rich man who is ready to spend all his money on her cos she is so lackadaisical and selfish
    she wants a man who will always listen to her excessive spending’s
    yes like Sharon, i believe God is the author and finisher of our faith,he is the one that pull the strings together. he knows all
    I like this story its interesting and captivating

  • Soni-Onovo Ezinne Therry

    Sharon is right by putting God first in all she do. Without God we are nothing. This short story is really a nice one and a one to remember. I must say I really did learn alot from the story. I hope and I will write more than this. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, you can! But it requires lots of hard work: improving your language, broadening your knowledge base, stuff like that. I pray you receive God’s grace to be the best in whatever He would have you do in Jesus’ name.

  • Nwosu Esther chioma

    Unreasonable men would come for ClaraSharon’s statement shows that God is in control of all situations and makes a way.
    The story is a masterpiece but would be better if you the fate of people like chukwuma was clearly stated. Kudos ma

    • Edith Ohaja

      At the point where the story ended, Chukwuma was having his way. Life is often messy and if a story is to be a true slice of life, it can’t sort everything out so neatly and resolve every possible issue. Once you’ve dealt with the main matter you set out, you’re good to go. Other issues or what we may call matters arising can serve as springboards for sequels if the writer wishes to pursue them.
      All the same, thank you very much, Esther, and shine like a star in your generation in Jesus’ name.

  • sylvia ugwoke

    i think people like Clara will attract likes of Nnanna, who are not satisfied with what they have. God surely makes a way where there seems to be no way. i enjoyed the story from episode one to the end. you are a creative writer ma.

  • Priscilla Egwuonwu

    Raphael and Sharon faced turbulent situations that even challenged whether God is still powerful and able but they pressed on and became victorious. That’s how God works, in mysterious ways. Intriguing story Aunty Edith. It’s so inspirational

  • Nathalie Ukwu

    Clara should really do a character check to figure out why all the boys she interacts with are useless. She cannot behave so snoopy and insensitive and expect to dine with kings. God has a plan for everyone irrespective of how bad we feel the situation may be. Another great one ma! The twists literally had me up all night. At the beginning i felt Raphael’s ‘Father Christmas’ attitude was not ideal for the society we live in, but seeing the outcome, i have learned that we should give, no matter what people think or if we are going to receive, because God has got our back. Moreover, the power of love is divine, after all, without God’s love we are nothing. Also, forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, rather, it is an epitome of strength and wisdom.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I so so love this comment. May God give you a huge platform to propagate such divine wisdom, Nathalie, and bless you on every side in Jesus’ name.

  • No matter what it is only the will of God that happens in our lives and not the will of man. Sharon and Raphael were meant to be everything that happened was just a process they had to pass through tho get to appreciate each other.

  • Akogu Chidiebere Imelda

    LOL!!! who knows, maybe a man like NNanna will go well with Clara. LOL!!. Its true because in all situation that thechildren of God finds themselves, God is always right behind them to give them strenght when needed. The whole story is a nice piece and one of the best of your updates. it is full of suspense and morals to learn . Ride on Ma and God bless your Hands. Amen.

  • Ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    Waw! From episode 1 to the end all the way with smiles on my face because of the sweetness of the story. Looking at somebody like clara you will understand that she is not a good wife material. Finally, you get to find out that Gods time is the best.


    Woow this story is lesson filled…. Thank you for this story ma….at least it will teach people how to be Godfearing and also to stay strong no matter the circumstances

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    I don’t really know but I think she will attract some one that behaves equally like her. She shows no sympathy to peoples misfortunes therefir she will equally attract someone of the same kind.

  • Analike Vivian U

    The assertion simply means that no matter the misfortunes and hardships of life, God always has a plan for us n he is somewhere working something out for us.

  • maduabuchi ebube deborah

    In this story,i realise that there is nothing God cannot do,all you have to do is to put your trust in him and everything will just move smoothly for you.when Sharon thought of using Raphael as a bait,i commented in my previous post that her action will not attract men rather it will bring back their old love.and after everything it later went that way,which means that God ordained that union a long time ago that they will be together.We should allow Gods plan for us to flow in ourlives because sometimes is not actually what we want in our life that we get but just know that once it didnt go that way,any how you find yourself just know that GOD has a better plans for us and his own is always the sweetest and the best.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Very correct, my dear! God is the Master Planner of the Universe and of our lives if we trust in Him. May you see the speedy manifestation of His good plans for your life in Jesus’ name.

  • Udeh,victor chukwudi

    I personally LOVE this STORY,please do MORE(ma)

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glory to God! By God’s grace, more are on the way. I pray soundness of mind and abundant favour upon you in Jesus’ name.

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  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

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    This story z really interesting n it taught me alots of things bt one tin i will never forget in Dis story z dat God never disappoints those that believe in him. Ma keep d good work going.

  • Clara will definitely meet men as useless as she thought because the Bible made us to understand that whatsoever a man conceives in his heart, that’s what he is .You Are Really An Educated Elite MA!

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    I think of Clara and all that comes to mind is the likes of Nnanna- those who are selfish, self-centered and do not care about others. This story has taught me that we are nothing but pencils in God’s hands and no matter how good or promising our plans may seem, if they are not in line with God’s plans, they will only end up in the ditch. I agree strongly with Sharon’s assertion because all things work together for good to those who not only love him but trust, believe and have faith in him that He is able to see them through in their darkest moment. This story can only be summarized in these few words of mine ”funny, interesting, captivating,intriguing, suspense-filled” and ‘wow!’. More of God’s grace, wisdom and inspiration, ma. Love you!

  • okonkwo chidimma benita

    Episode one to fourteen has been really educative, inspiring, motivating. Truly, God takes care of his children in all circumstances. this is a story well written ma. Good job.

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    Clara known as ”Queen of Gossip” by Sharon. She is unsympathetic, busybody and unbearable. A lady who behaves like Clara would attract a man that is unbearable and unsettled. A man that is indifferent to his lady, that just want to ” taste and leave”.
    2. Yes ! God is wonder! He is God and does what He wants to do, stops what He does not want to happen; all for His purpose. He is God that knows the end from the beginning. He watches His children in the midst of seeming chaos and senseless happenings in the world and then allows turn of situations that make His children laugh! All things (living and non-living) follow His directions and obey His will. All things are for His purposes.
    3. Wow! Amazing! Magnetic impression on me. ” Once started, you don’t want to stop”! The story is entertaining and informative. The story comprises titles, episodes, introductions in italic form and tip of last episode, a narrator, presented in stages, punctuation like exclamation marks that depicts the characters anger and joy. The use of graphics in different colours and wise sayings that are symbolic; all depicts the purpose of the story. The use of English, slang, Igbo and Yoruba terms, formed words, places and their interpretation after each episodes for a better understanding. The story is for all: the students and non- students, the teenagers and adults, the white and black people. The story is captivating and organise. It makes people think, curse, bless, fear and laugh! i am glad I am one of those who read this creative writing.
    I learnt love works and is real
    Attitude, tolerance, patience and diligent makes a man
    Do not judge others
    Change is constant
    I can learn, read, be creative and also write someday as I keep reading AUNTY EDITH’S WORKS! WELL DONE MA, MORE GRACE!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Praise God, my dear! I am really glad you picked up all these from the story. The Lord grant you abundant wisdom and success on every side in Jesus’ name.

  • Onyeabor Precious Chioma

    Clara will definitely attract her kind. The world is a is like a movie with the script written by God and before anything happens, God knows about it and knows the ending before the beginning.

  • amaechi chinaecherem chiemela

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  • amaechi chinaecherem chiemela

    2. I love God a lot cos He uses the foolish things of this world to alter the wisdom of men.
    3. nice story ma’am, more grace!

  • well, being the kind of girl clara is, she could only attract men similar to her person! my reaction to sharon’s assertion is that in the midst of all odds God always have a way out. when sharon and Raphael were almost hopeless about their situation God surprised them. from episode 1-14 was quite enjoying,interesting,inspiring, and not just educative but could be applied when one has the same experience. nice piece from aunt Edith. thanks…..

  • Azunna Ikechukwu O.

    The end proves that no matter what action we take, God has his own plan for us and it always comes to pass like in the case of Sharon and Raphael. A very interesting story.

  • Walter Nkemakonam Onukwue

    Ironically, she will attract the best.
    Sure, God’s purposes re his purposes and He lives by them. The confusion time is just the perfect time set in to look back at the creator if u have already backed off.
    Nice, interesting and filled with suspense…..* who no read am missed*
    Thumb up! …

  • she will definitely attract what a drunk, because that is what she reflects.this is because the kind character one exhibits,determines the kind of persons that looks her way.
    When it seems that your whole problem is drowning you and no body seems to see you drawing,nor render a helping hand, God is always that unseen personality that comes into the picture and turns things around for your good in ways that you cant even imagine.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, salvation for all manner of situations can be got from God through our Lord Jesus. Receive peace and favour in your circumstances in Jesus’ name.

  • Umerah Scholastica Ifeoma

    the story is an emotional,inspiring,informative and educative one..honestly i learnt a lot from the story…Aunty you are a very talented writer..the story goes to show that one with God is majority.

  • ugo ogwu

    Of course God has and will always be the one behind the scene because on a personal note to me everything that happens does not happen independent of the knowledge of God so i believe from the moment Sharon used Ralph as bait till the death of kodili and his mother i believe God planned it all

  • adaora onwuania

    clara would possibly attract men like Nnanna, who will always demand and not give or support. Sharon asserts that no matter how hard or difficult things may get, God is always there to work things out for his children. the story details about love, trust, prayer and believe in God. it also teaches us how to care for others and be appreciative towards others. in the end we also should not fight nor kill one another no matter the situation.

  • Akumambila ijeoma winifred

    Clara will certainly attract men of same character with her.i really do feel blessed reading this story.Thank you ma,more grace.

  • daniel nnadi

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  • Chinecherem Victoria C.

    This story is breath taking, suspense filled and enjoyable. From the first to the last episode of the story, you got me wanting more. You used this medium to teach us some virtues and tried to teach us many lessons about walking with God. Thank you ma for this wonderful piece. I am blessed just by reading your words.

  • Clara wll attract a man of her character. Despite the ups and downs of life, God is still in control. Amazing Story aunty, it really kept me at the edge of my seat. May the Almighty God continue to inspire you to write more and for people to emulate from. Your story is not only educative but also inspiring. Well done!!.

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

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  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

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  • Nwanze Favour

    Clara should not be expecting any man to be attracted to her because no man wants a woman who cannot control her mouth. I believe that with God all things are possible,so there is no situation you can’t turn around for good with God
    on your side.

  • sunday chinecherem francis

    beautiful story from the first till the last episode
    fun filled and captivating

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  • Chinenye Nwokoye

    Clara is attracting her ”type”,she should mellow down on her lifestyle.
    I believe Sharon’s assertion, for the thought that God has for us is thought of peace and not of evil to get us to an expected end.
    This story gave me fulfillment as am not going away empty portrays God as the author and finisher of our fate.
    it not only strengthened my faith,it gave me a reason to believe more in God more than ever.
    God bless you ma as am blessed from this piece.

  • onoja peace

    The answer is so plain she CANNOT attract anybody except those of her type and ONLY her type. Sharon’s assertion is perfectly right, no matter how hard the storm of life throw you or push you, if you are with God he will make sure you never slip through his ever protecting hand. and will guide you through the hurdles of life. just hold on to the faith and NEVER GIVE UP.
    In conclusion this story is self taught, the story is educative,informative and entertaining. thanks ma. for this wonderful piece expecting more from you. more grace ma.

  • Nonike Victoria

    An age long adage says, “one would reap whatever he or she sows and as a man lays his bed, so shall he sleep”. Clara should be sensible enough to know that the law of karma will surely be applicable in her case hence she should not expect useful or reasonable men to be attracted to her kind of person. The scriptures tell us that all things work together for good to them that love God and Sharon learned this truth with her experience, seeing that both the good and the bad is leading to an expected end which is also for her good. Aunt Edith has surely taken me on a soul searching journey in this series and i cannot begin to list all i have gained but above all, find God and he will order your steps. kudos ma!

  • Godwin Maxwell

    hmm.. its been a long way coming…. we are humans and our character is the mirror through which we reflect for people to see us; what am i saying in essence? Clara should expect a man that suit her arrogant character because birds of the same feather flock together. This story has thought me a lot of lesson which one of them include: man can never fight his own destiny. Sharon in her mind was using Raphael but never knew that God was preparing her for a blissful conjugal unionism. you see, sometimes we tend to be myopic in our reasoning but sure God have a way of redeeming us when we wholeheartedly believe in him. i must confess that this story has been educative ( with the way the words are tailored, an aptly use of phrases and most especially words precision), inspirational ( learning that nothing is impossible with time, devotion and faith), and has also awaken my spiritual being which has been asleep for a while now due to some miscalculated sophisticated issues. More of this type of writing will go a long way in helping people to sharp their perceptions… God bless the hand that write this story and the brain behind it never to be drain of inspiration.. BLESS YOU MA…

  • Josiah Judith enobong

    Clara will probably attract a hostile guy just like her.indeed Sharon’s faith is truly strong &she believes God/a true Christian indeed… I learnt a lot like trusting God no matter the situation & we should also learn to curtail our matter not all we take as joke is actually a joke.

  • Onwuka Chinaecherem Emmanuel

    Indeed I must acknowledge your talent and skill in writing Ma; I read every piece of this story from episode 1 to the very last, at every point I still find reason to read more so as to know what happenes next. I have learnt that it pays off to trust in God; for one with him is with majority. Stay blessed Ma, and may your inspiration never run dry. AMEN

  • kosiso maureen onyibalu

    hahahahhaah finally we have seen the end of this wonderful story GOD’S plans for us will always supersede ours whatever we go through in life just like sharon and raphael did in this story it sharpens us and gets us closer to GOD’S plans for our lives….Aunty! this is really a nice story am blessed

    • Edith Ohaja

      Maureen dear, I love your take on the story but these things only happen if we cooperate with God, that is, if we let Him direct us and mould our lives through our experiences. If we turn bitter and disobedient, the opposite will be the case. You’re lifted, my dear, in Jesus’ name.

  • Ezenwafor Vanessa

    Clara….lol….if she only attracts ‘useless’ men to herself,she must also have a useless character,so the attraction
    Indeed,man proposes,God disposes…thry didnt see their blessings coming but had faith in God anyway whose way finally conquered
    The whole episode sure has a lesson to learn from…Hope in God..that sure is mu greatest lesson…thanks a lot ma,for the inspiring write up
    Keep it coming please

  • Onuoha Oluebube Jessica

    The entire story is indeed awesome. What interests me most is choice of words. I think we have got another Achebe of our time.

  • ugwuja cynthia chioma

    she is likely to attract men that are not spiritual, has nothing to offer a woman and men that are just ther to take advantage of her

  • ofodile.c. vivian

    The story all in all, was kinda fun but i got disappointed when Sharon and Raphael were not called back to work and how ikenna was not formally recognized as the MDs son and given his own share of his fathers inheritance.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Well, Vivian, it’s only a short story and life goes on. But we’ve established that they are noe saved, are about to vet married and are trusting God to take care of them. You’re richly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • okereke chukwuemeka matthew

    she will attract someone like the lawyer that sharon dated when she was behaving like her. A man that is probably married and goes around looking for hook-ups, a man that dose not have common sense, stingy and careless like her. As for sharon’s statement God is always working his purpose out as year succeeds year. Even though sometimes we might not see him but he is always there around us looking after us and caring for us. At this point i will like to commend you ma for this series you have done and i pray that God will continue to give u wisdom to do more.

  • onoh chiazo johanness

    Clara will definitely attract the kind of person that reason in the same category with her. someone who wont even see any good in women and doesn’t value what he has…
    yes! God is always behind the scenes working for His children, and for their well being no matter how much problem we encounter.
    To be candid this is my favourite story so far, it taught me to look at things in two perspective rather than one, to handle situations around me meekly and put God first… mummy I really love the story thanks and God bless

  • Ndukwe Catherine

    i believe clara will only get attracted to her like minded and i cant imagine how terrible that sort of union will be like. i believe God is the controller of everything and everything works out for his purpose because we were created for his own pleasure.

  • keswet mercy

    ii have really learnt a lot from this story…..thanks for the motivation and inspiration ma

  • Otugo Lucky Joel

    I think the right choice for her is Nnanna Sharon’s lawyer boyfriend who though not exactly like her but to a great extent good for her.

  • Ezenwa Chinenye Evangeline

    Clara will definitely attract men of the same value like her, lousy, nonchalant and useless men. Sharon’s assertion implies that man proposes, God disposes. Whatever plan we make in our life,God has already planned something big for us.It may look as if He is not there but He truly is there waiting for the right time, for we to accept Him into our lives and everything that happens in this life has a reason. Have learned soo much from this story that without Christ in our life we are nothing and have accepted Him as my Lord and personal saviour. Well done ma for your tremendous effort for putting Christ in the centre of this story. May you always be blessed and His grace continue to be with you as you write more stories.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen and amen. May you have a fulfilling walk with the Lord and be surrounded by His blessings in Jesus’ name.

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    Even the Holy Bible admits that whatever a Man sows, he reaps. Clara was just busy ridiculing herself and advertising her crud and manner-less attitude by saying that all men she knew were useless. It is ironical and laughable that an epitome of impropriety, a gossip queen like Clara wants a decent man as Husband. She is likely to attract a drunk, a party-loving,unfaithful, irresponsible, useless and gossip-loving fellow as Husband. Secondly, I think Sharon’s assertion reminds us that most times what we call misfortune, hard times, temptation, good luck, bad luck, disappointments are divine machinations from Almighty God to fulfill a purpose or purposes he wishes to fulfill. It reveals that circumstances we find ourselves are divinely engineered by God to achieve His purposes He does everything for the glory of His name. I think the story is completely captivating and interesting. The way conflicts as well as suspense were generated made the story uniquely engrossing. However, I came away with a lot of lessons. The story teaches the importance of having a good relationship with God. It emphasizes that God is the ultimate solution to all our problems and we cannot do without him. That is to say that God is indispensable.Overcoming Fear is another lesson that the story teaches. The story teaches us to overcome fear because it could limit us from achieving our goals and make one have negative thoughts as well as deny one of God’s blessings. The story also highlights the importance of helping the needy in the society. Helping especially the helpless is an attribute that pleases God and draws his blessings to a person. In summary, the story is recommended to everybody in the society. This is because it has lessons for almost all categories of persons in the society; the men, women, father, old and especially the young people. Finally, to avoid using the whole space, I also learnt new words, correct use of punctuation marks,figurative languages and lots more.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Wonderful comment from a painstaking brother. You are meant for the top and you’ll get there in Jesus’ name.

  • ozulumba chikodili

    Your summary tells it all Ma. Like i have always said in my previous comments that everything happens for reason. God in his infinite mercy brought two people together using unforeseen events which if done to me, i wouldn’t have done it as good as sharon did. “Everything good will come”, this famous biblical quote always keeps me going day-by-day and it always assures me that i have someone to look up to even when am down and weary. Clara on the other hand truly has a long way to go ,her barbaric attitude is what is making it hard for her to find the right one and she doesn’t know that. i feel she should resort to her bible and the Lord in order to get past that stage and be off the “Single Ladies Club” or market. I feel really bad for the IGWE family. All this happened to them at a wrong time buh their tragedy favored Sharon in a way though.

    Father Christmas really brought some gifts for Sharon … This story was worth the while and worth my time. THANK YOU AUNT EDITH… I always and will look forward to your story……..REMAIN BLESSED.

  • Okeke Miriam Uzochukwu

    The entire story is built on simple words. I don’t have much to say but the whole story is indeed great

  • igboecheonwu prisca

    i believe that clara will marry someone who behaves the way she does

  • Abonyi Juliet

    As a child of God, so long you stay in his presence and stay true in the midst of trials,you are a conqueror.There really is no need to worry when trouble comes for we have a very loving father who has promised us that his plans for us are of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end. What more could we want?
    I have learnt that God loves us more than we even love ourselves and sometimes problems are only meant to make us stronger and better people. Also, it doesnt matter if it costs us a little or much to love,it always pays to love(and truly love for the sake of love!)

  • looking at her behaviour,she cant possibly attract any useful man.she can only attract worthless men,those who are concerned about being with one woman today and another woman tomorrow.

    her assertion here is true,because no matter what happens,God’s will must be done. The bible says that, the world may pass away, but His word will never pass away without being fufilled. God has always been the man behind the mask in every progress.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Like the expression, “the man behind the mask.” Thanks a great deal, Blessing. You will make a name in Jesus’ name.

  • egbukwu ogechi precious

    I have carefully followed this story from the beginning to the end.. The fact is that ,never be in a haste to make decisions because God has a big better plans for us… We shouldn’t be faster than our shadows… We should always pray to God to give us our own

  • Onoh Oziomachukwu Beulah

    Hmmmmm….. this just proves that we cant just figure out Gods ways not ever!!… Nice story. Well done ma’am

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    WOW!!… Reading this story was like taking a bite out of my favorite dessert and not being able to take my mind off of it long after I’m done eating it. Nice one Aunty Edith. Hope to write as flawlessly as you someday.
    I think Clara will keep attracting men like her if she keeps up with that attitude.
    God always takes care of those who trust and hope in him. he is the omnipresent. everywhere at the same time even if we don’t see him. he always has a plan for each and everyone of us. Even when things are not looking too good, it’s always a sign that God is working out something bigger and better, we just have to have faith and keep trusting him.


    A person like Clara will get a man that behaves just like her because behavior matters a lot. if you are stupid, you can equally get a stupid person.
    in my opinion, God’s time is the best. We might have our own plan but God has a greater plan for us.
    My impression of the story is that is that it is very educative, entertaining, and interesting. It makes us to know that God is always there for us. we just have to believe in him, trust and have faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Edeh cynthia oluomachi

    finally i saw the end…………….. may God bless the work of your hands ma. i cant wait for more interesting stories like this

  • Rahman Peace Taiye

    What a story. Reading this story was like taking a bite of my favourite dessert and not being able to take my mind off of it long after I’m done eating it. Nice one ma. Hope to write as flawlessly as you someday.
    I think Clara will keep attracting men like that if she doesn’t change her attitude.
    God is omnipresent. He is everywhere even if we don’t see him. He is always there to take care of those who trust and hope in him. Even when things are not looking too good, it’s a sign that God is preparing some thing bigger and better. We just have to have faith in him.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Love, love, love this comment! May God elevate you above your peers, Peace, and grant you your heart’s desires in Jesus’ name.

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    Clara kind of men are the rich type,tjosw who may not love her but are willing to spend a lot on her.
    Well good luck to her.
    I believe God’s time is the best,and he will never leave us or forsake us.

  • Ndudu John

    Birds of he same feather flock together. She is not serious minded and so wil the men that come into her life be. Like attracts like.
    Sharon is right. Nothing happens by accident. God has the master plan of the universe. No event takes Him by surprise.

  • opiri chidimma

    definitely Clara will attract her kind.Ma ,this story is very very interesting,two thumbs up

  • Ebreso Benjamin Bassey

    Clara can only attract a man who truly loves her and is ready to over look her character and still persist on loving her…an enduring and resilient kind of man. And Sharon’s assertion is very aggreeable cos God is above all and he perfects all things according to his will…. Generally what i obtained from this story is the need to always rely on God first and its reward and showing commitment to what you believe in.
    Thank you very much for a wonderful and impactful story…well composed and well delivered.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you, Benjamin! I truly appreciate the commendation. But I feel you are deceiving the likes of Clara by your comment.
      I pray greatness upon you in Jesus’ name. I see you as a very kind person, willing to spare your time for others. May the Lord fully reward your labour of love in Jesus’ name.

  • Nkiru Amaechina

    Wow!!! At last we have come to the end of this story. It has been alot inspiration from episode one to the end. For Clara she should work on her behaviour or else she will attract the likes of Nnanna. God is the master planner.Thank ma You are a blessing to this generation,may God bless you ma.

    • Edith Ohaja

      And bless you too, Nkiru! You’ve been a blessing to me and I’m sure to others. May your days be long and your paths drenched with dew and honey in Jesus’ name.

  • Onyeka pamela chiamaka

    Nyc story MA full of suspense although I expected a different ending for the igwes

  • nwafor chukwudalu franklin

    This is a very intresting story and clara has a bad behaviour which attracts people with bad behaviour to her and about sharon assertion we should know that everything happen for a reason and God has planned our lives right from the start.

  • Okwor Donald

    Well organized, properly arranged and full of suspense. For Clara, I would say that she is hyperactive. Such people can never appreciate anything no matter how good or bad.

  • Onah Joy Chinemerem

    God have a way of doing his things and his ways are not our ways

  • ikenna precious

    Am glad her bait plan did not let her looose the right one and men are not useless they each have their companion place for them by God but if they miss her it turns their life around and clare should help herself before her flower starts to wider.nice story. Sharon is even lucky the devil did not get his way and am sure as God located her he will for the rest of us is just we shouldnt be too stubborn till is too late

  • Ibe Chinwe Cynthia

    Lovely! Really lovely! The story seems like it’s part of me already and like it really happened. I admire the changes in Sharon and Raphael’s lives, especially the spiritual aspect. God indeed works in mysterious ways! Nice one ma!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you, Chinwe! I pray for a better, in fact, excellent you too and the blessings that go with that in Jesus’ name.

  • ekwuru chidimma Jill

    I think Clara is the useless one and our God jas a way of doing things wpndrfully God who is watchful of his children. The story is a nice one strength


    finally the poor Raphael has at the last married her love (sharon) God makes final decision in every things we do. also i advise our girl that richness should not be the priority in considering who to marry because tomorrow is unknown

  • Anyadubalu Oluchi Maryrose

    clara will definetely get what she deserves,a man just like her.What a human!!!!!

  • Abugu Chinazom Rosemary

    wow! The long journey has finally come to an end! lol oo Clara…what will I say to you? Useful men will come…yes! definitely! only when you must have changed and repositioned your being as a whole. In a nutshell, I’ll say, “useful men are to useful women and vice versa.”
    Sharon’s phrase is simply trying to remind of the fact that no one’s on this life journey alone. Friends, family,relations and just humans can make life miserable for you but their’s always this person doing that very important behind the scene job…God.
    Twas really a both entertaining and educative story…every bit of it, from the bait to the awesome catch, was superb! The characters really did their best, Raphael especially. The story really ended with a “happy ever after.”
    Thank you Ma for the wonderful piece!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you too, Chinazom! As the Bible says, “Go and do likewise”. I release on you the grace to write excellently in Jesus’ name.

  • keswet mercy

    Clara is clearly ungrateful and selfish….am happy for Rapheal though

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    always put God first and every other thing will follow as for Clara she is just selfish, nice story though

  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    I got to know that no matter how we twist our life God already fashioned how our live will be. Sharon’s plan to use Raphael as a bait to get attention of other men didn’t work out the way she planned so we should always allow God to decide for us and for Clara she will only attract her kind of men.

  • chekuzo veronica

    I think it’s nice that they came together as a couple plus accepting God’s plan for their lives Caped it all

  • Emeka Obi ijeoma Rita


  • Asogwa Emmanuel C

    Yeah, they say birds of dsame feather flocks together, so she Will attract useless men with ego as she does. For Raphael, I call him my role model

  • Ofoegbu Maureen

    i love Sharon’s faith in God this story was really inspiring stay blessed ma

  • Akpan Agnes

    wow at last !!!! it is so obvious that DESTINY can never be denied, it is just time!!!!

  • Joseph Edidiong

    wow! beautiful story.. i really love sharon’s change of mind. God really does mysterious things in the midst of challenges

  • Shade

    Clara will get the useless she deserves and God is the author of our life. The story is a nice one.

  • Ibemma Immaculate Ginika

    Wow wow, what an interesting story. in life things happen for a reason.,God knows all and must not be questioned, even in hard times we should always put or trust him. Finally, we have no right to judge people, who would have thought that Raphael really loved Sharon Free a long time and who would have thought that the man Sharon used as a bait became her husband. God bless you na.

  • Ibe Okwukwe Emmanuella

    Really nice story, Clara got wat she deserves and 4 Sharon,God has his own way in doing tins


    After the whole tough ride of illusion, the true strength of love could not hide itself.


    I felt I must appreciate this wonderful piece.It’s so inspiring and encouraging with so many moral lessons germinating from each episode.I must say that it is not a mere short story.
    I like the way everything happened though was not sweet in the begining but the end was awesome.

  • Elijah Amogu

    For Clara I want to remind her the law of attraction, what ever you do attracts same into your life. I really stand with Sharon because the Bible said all things work good for them that love God.

  • Nwankwo anita

    The kind of man a lady attracts depends on her personality and character.thank God at last raphaels father Christmas lifestyle was used to bless him and his wife to be sharon.. Raphael finally ended his life with the love of his life and God blessed them.I must really commend the creativity of this story..thumbs up Ma more grace and blessings.

  • Ejiofor Ekene Maduabuchi

    Clara? Please give her Nnanna, because both will fit each other in selfishness. What a way for a story to end. From a plan to bait to catch, to falling for the bait itself. For Raphael, To give up was never an option and oh dear, he won his prize in the end. The story is indeed a tale of Love, patience, selflessness, suspense, and sacrifice. A wonderful story; a wonderful ending.

    Ma Edith, Gi nwe aka a! You are a pro.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glory to God, Ekene! You summed up the story nicely. Look forward to reading one of yours in the near future. You are the head, not the tail. Remain at the top in Jesus’ name.

  • Umoru Sadia Idris

    This has been a very great story from start to finish. I especially love the suspense created at the end of every episode. Despite any challenges we face in life, we should endeavor to seek the face of God. The reality of faith in God is proven in the marriage of Sharon and Raphael who decided to trust God in all their activities, including their wedding, and of course He never failed

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    Clara can only attract a person who has a character similar to her. She lacks good manners and surprisingly expects a man of different character to come for her. It is difficult,if not impossible. Everything begets itself. She can only attract a man who does not have any plan of either settling down or being faithful with her; a man without human feeling. I think Sharon’s assertion draws our attention to the fact that our situations, both good and bad are all divine arrangements by God to achieve his purposes. What we feel is misfortune, disappointment or that God has abandoned us could be God’s handwork to take us to greater heights. I think the story has proper arrangement of scenes. It has messages in each episode and makes use of words that create mental pictures in readers’ minds. The fact that the story is garnished with suspense and thrilling scenes makes it completely interesting and captivating. The story is also rich in moral lessons as one cannot help but continue to learn moral lessons from the story. However, I came away numerous things from the story. The chief among them is that God is the only answer to ALL our problems and the ONLY true way to salvation of humankind. I also learnt to continue to trust in God no matter the situation. I also learnt that helping the people in need also pleases God and attracts God’s wonderful grace upon our lives. Aside other numerous things i came away with, I was exposed to, equipped with the techniques of writing. I was also completely inspired to develop and have the love and skill of writing. Thanks and God Bless you,Ma for inspiring me and many others!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you, Cynthia, for such a detailed comment. Go forth and shine, my dear, ’cause you were meant to be a star!


    The story is really great and exciting, the illustration of the relationship between Sharon and Raphael is an example that everyone should emulate. learn to know your partner well and irrespective of whatever happens always love him/her cos Christ loved and died for us even while we were yet sinners.

  • Uwaegbuonu Precious Chimdindu

    A great story and a wonderful ending. So much to be learned from this story of suspense and love. Great one Ma. how I wish this would end up becoming a season movie. I know it would sell.

  • ifebe june sobechukwu

    wow! am amazed at this wonderful piece. Aunty Edith, you asked a question in one of the episodes if “Nnanna and sharon are birds of the same feather . Honestly, i could not help but laugh.Now you give us a good picture of what “birds of the same feather mean” in the case of clara and Nnanna. thank you.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Bless you, Jane! Glad you liked the story. Pray you get your heart’s desires in this Christmas season in Jesus’ name.

  • Jackreece Princess Daeregoba

    Wow… So brilliant l!! You are an inspiration to me Aunty Edith.. Much love
    Okay, Clara is the type of girl that is referred to as the girl with the Running Man.. Men do not see it attractive or homely when a womN is lousy. Well.. Sharon.. Yes.. In all her difficulties. Things still went well.. So God is not dead.. He really is alive.
    Reading the whole 14episode is not a waste of time to… But is a make of my life.. It has helped In improving my trust in God.. And all make me understand that God always has a reason for everything.. Once again.. God bless the hands of Aunty Edith.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Sending much love to you, Princess. You made my day already. May God promote you on every side in Jesus’ name.

  • Ononye Chisom Divinegift

    wow!!!! very nice story.well Sharon will only attract men just like her with her then character but thank God for Raphael who never gave up irrespective if her character. the story is fantastic but i would have loved it more if you had told us what happened with the company, if chief son was taken behind bars or not. but all the same the whole episode are wonderful.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Well, my dear, it is only a short story and this one did go on for far longer than others I’ve done. I wanted to establish that Sharon’s craftiness wasn’t going to help her and that the guy she was refusing at first would be her husband eventually, hence the title From Bait to Catch. I also wanted to make the story one long and eloquent testimony to the sovereignty and faithfulness of God. The other things you point out are secondary to my mission and can be used to launch sequels. Thanks for your kind comment and enjoy divine favour this December in Jesus’ name.

  • onyema chinonyelum cynthis

    a person like Clara can only attract a hardhearted man like her, so its no surprise that good men elude her. on the other hand, sharon was right, as long as God has our back and stands by us, no one or situation will ever be unconquerable.

  • caius precious chinwendu

    Clara should work on herself, manners, and her loose tongue before expecting a good man to come after her. the whole 14 episodes………they are really inspiring. it taught me that in this life, bad things will always happen, challenges will always come but overcoming this challenges and moving is what makes life fun plus in every thing you do, put God first and he will never disappoint you. Ma i love you…… there is no doubt. your stories are educating, inspiring, motivating and also entertaining. i enjoyed every bit of this one. thank you and keep writing , keep inspiring the world. and you are always blessed. never forget that. Thank you!

    • Edith Ohaja

      That sounds like an order towards the end. Lol! But I pray I never forget. Thank you. You will do well, Precious! I pray upon you the spirit of excellence in Jesus’ name. And I do love you back, no doubt about that! ?????

  • sylviaarinze

    After my brief reading, I’ll categorize this story under Christian romance story. No offense Maam, i hate romance stories not to speak of Christian romance. but to my surprise, i found myself charmed by the story. It had half of all i need in my regular action novel, there was action, humors, comic relief and a sprinkle of romance lol. My best part was where you used leopards and hyenas instead of the popular cat and dog lol. My best comic relief is when Sharon found Jesus *smiles*.
    Sharon to my understanding is a modern day woman who believes she deserves a same level or richer gentleman to reward her hard-works from university to now. Asides that, the country is really hard oo. unfortunately, she didn’t turn out as lucky as some others. Its a good thing she made a u-turn while she was still pluck-able. Raphael is everything a good woman deserves…thank you Ma for this story, i hope to see more.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you, Sylvia! Glad you loved the story even if it isn’t from your preferred niche of literature. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Ubah chisom mariagorathy

    From episode one to the last episode,i think the story entails about God’s plan in our lives,with the things that went down in the lives of Sharona and Rapheal. Clara should apply patience in her life nd wait for God’s time.

  • ulu christiana chinenye

    i recommended Nnanna for her, they will enjoy each other. Sharon assertion is true, it simply means that whatever challenges, problem and troubles of life that seems not be moving well god is in control.

  • this story left me thinking the kind of wife im going to be someday. it reminds me that God is watching my actions and preparing a due reward for me. it teaches me men are not pawns to be used for selfish reasons. indeed, sharon was right in her assertion.
    by the way, clara will only end up with a good time boyfriend/husband who is there to milk her dry. she needs a 360 change. thank you ma for this story

  • onyebuchi gideon

    A very wonderful story ma’am. clara don’t even deserve a man rather she deserves a boy. well I pity her shaa. Everything that happens to God’s children has a reason. Is either God is using it to pave way for us or making us realize past mistakes but the main objective is to adhere and continue to praise him, there should be no course to mock him and soon we will be flabbergasted at his miracles and how everything will turn around for our good. please ma’am don’t relent in feeding us with more of this and the Almighty will continue to bless you and God bless the department of Mass communication

  • Ugwuoke Gloria

    The story so far has been wonderful and intrigue filled. The life lessons are numerous . Good luck to Clara with finding a boyfriend, talk more of hubby.In the end we can try to see what tomorrow holds from here, but God is indeed a “master planner”.

  • Charles Emmanuella

    Having read this story from the beginning to the end.i can indeed say it is a very captivating piece. Clara can only attract a man that is proud since she has a terrible behaviour

  • ugwe Blessing chinenye

    A guy like Nnanna will be good for Clara, two of them will make a good husband and wife but in the opposite way.

  • Joseph joy

    Wow! From beginning to the end of the story the story is interesting I realize that no matter how your plans, God has plans for everyone of us . Sharon and Raphael in their case God planned for them because they were meant for each other not minding Sharon’s plan to use repheal as a bait to attract other men?

  • Nnamani Sylvia onyedikachi

    Very capturing..I followed this up from the very first episode .I must commend you ma for this magnificent write up No body knows what the future holds for him or her. Sharon played smart with Raphael’s feelings in the beginning, using him as bait to get male attention but as time went she discovered she was truly attracted to him except for his flaw of doing good to others even at the expense of his comfort but ironically it was his good act of generosity that yielded the money with which they got married. Our God is faithful indeed.

    • Edith Ohaja

      And you, girl, are going places! Anyone who goes above and beyond (going the extra mile) is destined for great things. Keep it up and may God reward your efforts with great fruit in Jesus’ name.

  • Chiwetelu Stella

    Clara is silly so she just have to accept her fate and accept her type……when we think all hope is gone, that is when God’s plans are beginning to manifest in our life, we just need to put all hope in him and wait patiently for our morning because after night comes daylight. We need to be Good to everybody including our enemies, we saw how Raphael helped mr adams despite what he did to his family. again, money is not actually everything, like Sharon thought. the best thing we need in this life is christ then every other thing can come afterwards.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    This Clara again? The same Clara that was addressed as Office gossip queen lol. She should look for people like her to settle down with. No reasonable man would want to keep a mediocrist as a wife.

    It’s good to know that Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle paid off. It pays to be good anyways. I hope my Dad’s father Christmas lifestyle pays off someday too. Lol.
    I like how the whole events turned out. If Sharon remembers how she wanted to use Raph as bait, I’m sure she’d laugh at herself… (This story is even a fictional story sef)?
    Meanwhile what happened to Chukwuma at last nah?

    P. S. ‘From bait to catch ‘ is quite an interesting story. More grace to you Ma

  • Awww.. at the end, Raphael’s father christmas lifestyle came in handy. i love this kind of unexpected surprises, Chief Adams of all people? Raphael and Sharon have been blessed by God. when God chooses to remember and bless you, he does the most unexpected miracle from a person you least expect. I love happy endings. This is a beautiful story, i love this ma, thank you.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    This Clara again? The same Clara that was addressed as Office gossip queen lol. She should look for people like her to settle down with. No reasonable man would want to keep a mediocrist as a wife.

    It’s good to know that Raphael’s father Christmas lifestyle paid off. It pays to be good anyways. I hope my Dad’s father Christmas lifestyle pays off someday too. Lol.
    I like how the whole events turned out. If Sharon remembers how she wanted to use Raph as bait, I’m sure she’d laugh at herself… (This story is even a fictional story sef)?
    Meanwhile what happened to Chukwuma at last nah?

    P. S. ‘From bait to catch ‘ is quite an interesting story. More grace to you Ma.

  • Ebe John Chimuanya

    This is one of the most interesting and intriguing short stories I have ever read on your blog. I was entertained from episode one to the last episode and each episode brought fresh suspense and dimension into the story. This is a story of the hunter being hunted, genuine love, God’s plan, sibling rivalry, betrayal and hope… May God bless your soul ma and may he continue to inspire you amen.

  • Enukora Onyedikachi

    From bait to catch has been a story of trauma, pain, joy, love and death. The journey has been splendid. The use of suspense, pun, climax and tragicomedy has made the story into what it is now. A good ending to it’s miserable beginning though I love me some bad ending because it makes the story worth accosted for. Thanks for this incredible insight Mrs Edith

  • Enukora Onyedikachi

    Clara is one of those girls that look at flaws without realizing their own flaws. A good friend can help her out of her misery.
    From bait to catch has been a story of trauma, pain, joy, love and death. The journey has been splendid. The use of suspense, pun, climax and tragicomedy has made the story into what it is now. A good ending to it’s miserable beginning though I love me some bad ending because it makes the story worth accosted for. Thanks for this incredible insight Mrs Edith

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    What an interesting story. It is good to hear that Raphael’s father Christmas paid off after all. It is good to be good when good is needed because if you don’t reap the fruity here on earth you will do so in heaven. Wait oooo this Clara of a girl get time. She is the real aproco (ochico plc) lol… Thank you Ma for this entertaining story it is wonderful.

  • Ogbu Gloria

    God’s ways are never men’s way, He does things at His own time and season. I love the end of this story though I felt bad about the death of Mrs Igwe. Raphael’s undying love towards Sharon painted Christ’s love towards us even when we refuse to accept the offer of His love (salvation) and how we become transformed when we are in Him.

  • Man proposes but God disposes! Despite the fight of Sharon to let go Raphael God still find a way to bring them together. Again God is always faithful to those who trust him. Look at the way God provided for them using the least expected, just as the word said; I will supply all your needs according to my riches and glory In christ!

  • okoye paschalmary

    Wow am surprised, of all people, it’s Mr Adams. This practically tells us that God can use any one to bless. Now Sharon will surely believe the saying “givers never lack”. It is Raphael’s father Christmas style that helped them. God will surely bless their marriage.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu C

    I really enjoyed myself. This is an interesting story. Just when they thought that all hope were lost. Money now came out from nowhere. Glory be to God.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    For Clara’s assertion, what I will say is that “like minds attract each other”.

    For what Sharon said, I agree with her. God is the pilot of our lives. He knows best.

    This story is the best story I have read on this blog so far. The suspense, the heartache, Mehn, it was intriguing and engaging. You did so well in sustaining my attention in this story.
    The lessons I learnt in this story series are ones that I can’t easily forget. Thank you ma for that. More ink to your pen, more inspiration to you and More Grace upon your life

    I would have loved the story to continue o?

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