Looking the part, lol!

I once toyed with the idea of wearing specs. Felt it would help me look more scholarly, you know bookish, like a serious teacher or if you’re bothered with the semantics, academic! What do you think?

Whatever, as my students would say.

Just goofing around. Wish you all a refreshing weekend. You are blessed!


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Ruth Ifeoma

    A blessed weekend to you ma

  • Uzoh Chikwado

    Funny u!

  • Lol! You are homely so you can never be so serious! First off is your lovely smile and it gives you away…….lol!

  • okoroafor ijeoma

    nice and splendid ma

  • Akwolu Chiamaka MaryAnn

    Well Ma, you would still look beautiful in one. I trust my Confident Mentor. lol

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Lol..I sometimes think so too. But I bet those wearing it wish they weren’t. Some of our wishes are better said than done.

  • Ogbobi Blessing Ojonoma

    lol, I have that same thought then too ma, that those that put on speck are the most studious and intelligent type and most of them are science incline. You look good and younger though lol thumbs ma!

  • Enobong Daniel

    It amuses me to know that I’m not the only one thinking about this the way you do, lol.
    But to me u still look good with or without the specs.

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    I always have the mindset that those who are always on spec are the most intelligent and over serious students.
    You look good on it and it does not make you look serious because you always have a smiling face.

  • Ezike winifred udochukwu

    When i was around the age of 10-11 i loved the idea of wearing specs ,,because when i watch the news with my dad then and i see the newscasters all dressed up smartly with their specs hanging boldly on their nose ..i feel thrilled ,back then i thought it was a style of fashion and been the fashion freak that i was ,,i didnt want to be left out at all…then my mom would always shout at me not to sit too close to the t.v set that it could damage my eyes and i would have to result to using glasses little did they know that that was what i actually wanted …to wear glasses …NERDS as they call them..so somehow the eye problem got to me and now i wear glasses to enable me see well,,,and the sad and funny part is i am tired of it..lol?

  • Amuzie chioma Esther

    Aunty but seriously you shcorlarly and bookish on your spec, God bless you too. Have a splendid weekend.

  • Michael onyedinma

    Well It wasn’t funny for me when I tried wearing specs in my younger age because my senior sis wears it and than some of my friends at school .they wear it mostly because of eyes problem, and they really look good in it and also they are super intelligent, I thought that was their power untill I tried it and mine was different lols ,people stated having pity on me and saying prayers for me because they thought I have eyes problem, but thank God I stopped wearing it and everything is resolved now. God bless you MA have a splendid weekend .

  • Augustine elaigwu

    Funny this is the first time I’ve seen this post. Looking more like a bookaholic.

  • Uzoma chidera

    Lol, either way! If you’re a serious person it shouldn’t be by wearing specs, but then during my childhood days if you wear specs you’re tagged a bookworm.

  • Odey-Oko Victor

    I sell specs ma, you can order from me lol, it will look good on you.

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