In all the years I’ve worked at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), I’ve noticed a common trend among students. Many struggle to sustain themselves in school. Payment of fees, purchase of books, taking care of assignments, feeding and other needs are met after much anxiety for many of them. Some depend on coping mechanisms like the 011 eating pattern, whereby a student skips breakfast to save money.

But two and half years ago, I met a young lady, Chetachukwu Umeremmadu, who’d just been admitted into my department, Mass Communication. She came to my office and said she wanted me to be her mentor. As I conversed with her to know her better, I was surprised to hear her say she was an orphan. She was very well dressed and had taken care of all the stuff that other students spend sleepless nights wondering where they would get money for them from.

Yesterday, Chet (how I shorten her name) and I had occasion to discuss for a long time and she gave me her testimony in full, a testimony that buttresses the fact that God is indeed the father of the orphan (Psalm 68:5). I also call her Mother-in-Israel and by the time you read through, you will see why.

(Continue reading here. A big bouquet of thanks to my friend and sister, Rita F. Kurian, for having me as guest at Springs in the Valley.) Rita, may your ministry flourish more and more as you spread the gospel and minister to the saints. May God’s blessings also overflow on you and your family in Jesus’ name.



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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


    • God is bigger than any challenge we can ever face. We just need to remember that all the time. You are highly blessed in Jesu’ name.

      • Wow! Chet’s story is really inspiring.
        Our God is indeed extraordinary great. There is nothing impossible for him to do. May his name be praised forever. May we always receive the grace to always trust God in every situation we may find ourselves.

  1. This is very touching. Indeed, God is a great provider! I have never seen any who put his trust in the Lord, disappointed.

    I really love this piece; it inspired me in a way I’ve not been in a while.

    God bless you my dear Chet. As for you, my loving aunty, may the grace and blessings of God keep fortifying you as you keep up the good work!

    • Amen. In Jesus’ name. Thanks for the visit, Ozor, and for your lovely comment. Glory to God for Chet, Rita (my host) and myself. Stay blessed, my dear, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Beautiful, Edith! Thanks for sharing! God makes a way when there is no way! Amen! Blessings to you and also to Chet!

  3. Quite a touching story. Indeed full of hope for the less privileged. If only we can trust God with all our hearts…

    • Yes, God has always been the father of the fatherless, a defender of widows and strangers…. He is so so kind. Bless you, Chikwado!

    • He is an ever-present help in trouble. Glory to His name. May God enlarge your coast, Iheanyi, in Jesus’ name.

  4. Wonderful are the works of His hands. I pray that I too, may receive this form of grace within this ivory tower.

  5. Indeed we serve a good God who never fails his children. Thank God for d life of Chet, indeed she is an example to young people. I pray God will continue blessing u nd ur ministry. Amen

    • Thanks, Erin. It’s not funny to be without help in the world but God can step in and surround us with caring friends and family when we have no one. More grace on your ministry in Jesus’ name.

  6. Once again,one of your posts has given me hope.If God could remember the orphan who had no one to care for her and bless her in this way,is there anything we may ask of him that he won’t do?.I thank God for Chetachukwu(by the way i love that name)may His name be praised!

  7. of a truth GOD is the father of the orphan and saying i accept Jesus as a personal lord and saviour is not enough we must also live according to his words.

  8. God never forsakes his own. All these came to Chet as a result of her devotedness to serving God, she took God serious and God never neglected her. Am inspired by this story.

  9. He is indeed a faithful God who never forgets his own. Its one thing to serve God and its another thing to serve him devotedly. All these blessings came to Chet as a result of her devotedness to God. When you serve God faithfully, He never puts you to shame. Thanks, Ma, for sharing.

  10. Exactly, God is the father of the orphans, nobody should call him or herself an orhpan when we have a loving father up there who will provide all we need. He is the father of all creatures, our biological fathers are only representing him on earth. Nice one Ma, I love it!

  11. Ma, this story really inspired me. Our God is ever ready to help those who believe and serve him. He never forgets the less privileged, especially those who live their life like Cheta. God is the fountain of life, He gives hope to the hopeless and he is ever faithful.

  12. indeed there are many out there suffering and without people to look up to but our father in heaven lives and he listens to all their cries. we have to pray for orphans out there, it’s the least we can do.

  13. Wow! This God is too good, with him nothing is impossible, nothing is too hard for him to do, if only we are devoted to him and his goodwill messages, he will do more and more because his love for us is UNCONDITIONAL

  14. Indeed God loves us so dearly that He has no bounds in bathing us with His love, even when we seem not right with Him. In Him I found refuge and my joy is full. Our core duty here is to do his bidding through which rewards abound.

  15. The God we serve is a living God,he never forgets his own children and no matter what we pass through daily we should know that there are people in worse conditions than us and therefore remain grateful to him.

  16. It is really motivational. God never forsakes his people. When there is no way, he will definitely make a way for us. Just trust in him.

  17. It is true that our miseries are not unnoticed by God. He cares unconditionally for his creatures. We only need to love Him, hope and trust in Him for all our days.l always find solace in His words: “Do not be anxious for tomorrow”. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Really God’s love is boundless. Marvellous are his deeds in our lives. I am really strengthened. I will not lose courage again. God really cares. Loved it.

  19. Chetachukwu’s story is really inspirational. It helps me to appreciate how much i’m blessed with having parents who love, care and provide for my needs.
    The story is quite an eye-opener to what really matters in life.

  20. Really our God is father of the orphan. Chetachukwu means remember God. Her name really favoured her and God remembered her.

  21. Indeed God is wonderful, nothing is impossible for him to do. As he lifted Chetachukwu from grass to grace, he can change your life when it seems that all hope is lost. The only thing he needs is for us to come close to him and he will never leave us the same. Ma, I’m in love with this story!

  22. God always cares for those who work according to his way and serve him with their whole heart.

  23. God will never forsake us in time of need because he is our father. This story is really touching.

  24. God is the father of all indeed. Just do your part and leave the rest to Him. He has a way of making His children comfortable. Thank you, ma, for this piece.

  25. God is indeed the father of the orphan. God is a wonderful God. I believe that when we trust in him all our problems shall be solved. The story is really touching!!

  26. Our God is faithful, ever reliable and compassionate. He never fails his children. i pray God will continue to bless you and your ministry. amen…

  27. GOD IS GREAT ALLELUIA! His goodness and mercy upon his children is forever. He provides for us even when we think all hope is lost. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


  29. Chetachukwu is living out her name even as an orphan in economic recession, almost completing her educational career through scholarship by the grace of the covenant keeping God. To him be the glory for ever and ever Amen

  30. Am challenged by this testimony. God knows how to reward those who diligently follow Him and leave an exemplary Christian life. Thank you, ma, for sharing this testimony.

  31. God has always been faithful. This story reminds me of the proverbial saying that God chases away flies from a tailless cow. He provides all our needs.

  32. indeed God is always there to answer his children when they call on him…this is a point of inspiration to other orphans out there that God is always there for them

  33. Indeed God is always the father of the poor. Once we serve him in truth and in spirit, he will surprisingly uplift us beyond comparison and comprehension.

  34. This story tells us that we shouldn’t allow the temptations we face everyday to be the reason behind our lack of trust in Him because these temptations, when we overcome them, brings us closer to God and makes us more powerful Christians.

  35. God says he will be a father to the fatherless and he sees their tears that fall and hears them when they call on him.

  36. Indeed our God is the father of the fatherless. Many people use the fact that they are orphans to stop furthering their education while some don’t even go at all. Instead, they become liabilities and involve themselves is ungodly and unlawful things. That is why there are some many vagabonds in the country today like prostitutes, armed robbers, etc. But Chet was different and she did exploits. I love the fact that she was ready to be used by God and gave Him a way in her life because without God, no man prevail shall by strength prevail. God bless Charity. She was indeed a true Christian.

  37. What a testimony! A mighty one at that. Indeed, God is good and is faithful and kind. This testimony has blessed my life. I always thought one had to suffer and suffer and suffer before getting their breakthrough. But, how wrong I was! God is the only requirement for our breakthrough. All that we need to do is as Chet said, “to cherish our relationship with the Lord, submit to the teachings and leading of the Holy Spirit…” God is more than enough!

  38. This is a perfect example that God never abandons his own. and just like Joseph in the bible whatever God says will be, will be, trials and temptations will always come but he will always see us through .

  39. When the grace of God is upon you, nothing can hinder or stop you. We should serve God truthfully with all our being and his blessing, favour and abundance shall be our portion.

  40. God is ever faithful and is far greater than any challenge we might face. All we have to do is come unto Him and he will show us love. He takes care of the birds, so how much more us, created in His image.

  41. What a story! What a reflective story. With GOD no man is in the real sense “less priviledged”. But without Him, there is no hope for that man or woman.

  42. The world is full of wicked people but God will always make a way where there seems to be no way. God can never forsake those who fear Him

  43. With God everything is possible. Though you might encounter the storm on your way…but he is always there to make you better

  44. Thats a very reflective experience. What an ever reliable God we have. May God be your strength Ma

  45. No matter what, the leader, the father is indeed the provider. Despite the fact that obstacles might happen to prevail, there is always a support from God to intercept such.
    Thank you ma.

  46. God is our Creator
    God is our Father
    God is our Leader
    God is our Provider
    God is our Everything.
    When I observed all these, I realized I no longer have to be worried anymore.

  47. Indeed,God is really the father of orphans. the tale of the young lady is really touching and really helps me appreciate the fact that i still have parents who love me!

  48. grace indeed is no license to sin. one have to work diligently having in mind that you are no one’s responsibility. We grow everyday and God protects his beloved.

  49. wow! God is not dead, he is surely alive. am really encouraged. no matter what happens in life, God is our father. he will surely provide, protect and help his children.

  50. So lovely. God never forsakes the orphans. He automatically becomes their father and mother just as he guided Cheta and also led her to greater heights. She is indeed a mother in Israel.


  52. God is really a father to all be it the less privileged, the fatherless or even a stranger, he remains the greatest provider. If we trust, believe and hope in him, then there is a great assurance of him being with us always. This post is really inspiring!!!! Thanks a lot, Ma. God bless you.

  53. Chet”s story is a testimony and an inspiration. This shows that God is with us every step we take.may he be praised! !

  54. beautiful, piece ma, God really has a lot in stock for the helpless yet ardent belivers in his ability to bring to pass whatever we hope for.
    chet’s testimony should serve as a lesson to us all, because indeed, the God we serve is not dead, and he is never deaf or blind to our predicaments.

  55. God is not a wicked user of man. He will surely reward those that diligently serve Him. He surely will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. Thank God for Chet’s life.

  56. God’s grace supersedes everything in life. God caters for his children under any circumstance and is the father of all orphans He is surely there and has seen people like Chet through life.

  57. God’s is faithful and provides for his children and Chet is a living testimony .Halleluyah!!!!!!!!

  58. this ia a beautiful and very inspiring story. you see God will never forsake his own he will remain faithful, loving and ever caring if only we submit totally to him. He is marvellous indeed.

  59. God is the father to the fatherless,Mother to the Motherless.God knows what you are passing through,he will remember you never give up!.

  60. God always have his own way of helping his children, I pray for every orphan out there that God will help and remember them like Chetachukwu.
    Thank you ma.

  61. God is the way when there is seems to be no way,even when the ophan are hopeless,he gives them hope,we have to be faithful to him so as to get his favour

  62. God is indeed the father to the orphans and to everyone at large. Chet was indeed favoured God truly helped her by using charity who also understood the importance of knowing God and trusting in Him.
    I pray that God will use me to draw people to Him and to keep believing in God no matter the situation.

  63. I sincerely pity the less privilege in our society today because the system operating in our society doesn’t recognize them, but I have confidence in God who is our father that provides all our needs.

  64. God never forgets or forsakes an orphan,his word says he is the father to the fatherless and husband to the widow. His word also says he would supply all our needs according to his riches in glory… Even when we think he has forgotten us, he knows us and our names and he will be there for us if we trust him and cast all our cares on him.

  65. God really is the father of orphans as this is a very big testimony. Thank God whatever evil the uncle plotted didn’t come to visit the children. This story is God’s grace combined with Cheta’s determination to make something of her life even without her parents guidance. Through faith in God and hardwork, Cheta became a favoured child.

  66. God is a caring father, a way maker, our provider and the author and finisher of our fate. If you lean on him, he will transform your life and make ways for you like chet in this story.

  67. Like a popular Igbo saying goes “Efi na enweghi odu na chi ya n’achuruya ijiji”…
    God is not just the father of orphans but also the father of the homeless and helpless and those in distress too etc…
    I thank him for his grace in the life of Cheta

  68. God is a great provider and he has always proven it right from the beginning so long as you believe and trust in him.chet is an example

  69. Our God is really the father of orphans. No matter what we go through in this life, there is hope, we should learn to lean and put our trust in God

  70. So touching! God never despise his own, if he can feed the bird of the sky and make the flowers look beautiful without clothes what about us his children he created in his own image and likeness? This post just boast the confidence I have in Christ. Thank you ma for sharing.

  71. God is indeed our father and nothing can take that fact away. I really admire Students who have done alot for themselves despite their predicament. I’ve met with some of them and I really admire their strength.

  72. God is a provider, he makes way where seems to be no way and that’s why he is regarded as the Father of the fatherless, the husband of the widows and so on.

  73. He lifts a begger from the dung hill and he sits with the princes,we shouldnt lost hope in God, he is the great provider, am euthusiatic of what God has done in this young girl life, and I know he is not finished yet…..

  74. God is father of the fatherless and mother of the motherless and he uplifts those who are in distress, we should keep hoping and never lose faith in him.

  75. God Almighty never disappoint His children when there are in need. At the beginning I thought Chet was going to end up as a maid or her grandma would marry her off but glory be to God for his provisions over her life.

  76. He promise in Jeremiah 29vs11: I alone know the plans i have for you, A plan of prosperity and not disaster.
    Our God never fails, before we were born he knows us and knows what we will be.

  77. Well, most assuredly, many people know God for various reasons. But, one thing I’m certain is that, God will never let any that trust in him to be put to shame or beg for bread… This is a wonderful testimony.

  78. *Well, this is not always the case of most orphans.*

    So all these things we watch in Nollywood happens in real life. How could one kill his own brother due to a land dispute?. Chets uncl%e was such a wicked soul.

    Thank goodness! God is not man. I’m glad to know that God intervened in Chetachukwu’s case.

    May this same God reveal himself more to me.

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