You are welcome! The story you’re about to read is fictional. It’s not a reflection of how I think and talk. Thankfully, the chief character-narrator is a guy (called Ebony). This should tell you that the language is not 100 per cent kosher but it’s authentic to the character.

The story is about Ebony’s strong sexual attraction for his married neighbour, Anastasia.

“OMG,” you say, “I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid.” It won’t be long before you find out.

The story is also about God’s missionary activities among people through our Lord, Jesus Christ. God does not mind doing the unusual if that’s what will get someone’s attention. That explains why there’s a part where the story seems over-the-top. But it adds to the thrill of the narrative.

The story sees Ebony recounting on two occasions what happened in the preceding days. He does have a lot to tell.

So read, comment, share on your various social media platforms and be blessed.

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December 8, 2016


Life as a handsome bachelor is filled with fun and adventure. I get loads of attention from ladies and since many of them are desperate to “settle down” (as if they’ve been scurrying around like squirrels), I’ve had quite a few trial marriages, lol! ??

Last week (1st of December, to be precise), I moved to this flat in a respectable neighbourhood in Enugu (Trans-Ekulu). I’d made some cool cash through a Ponzi scheme and felt an upgrade in my accommodation was in order. I moved in at night as I didn’t want the prying eyes of neighbours seeing my ratty furniture, which I’d hoped to change once I got my next payment from those I was matched with in Blue Royal Helping Hands Network before public confidence in the scheme began to wane and people weren’t paying up as expected.

But you will not believe I got a knock on my door (it was almost midnight) and a lady in pj’s with a print wrapper tied around her bosom was standing there scrubbing her eyes. She squinted at me and yawned. I stepped back understandably. The woman had just woken up from sleep!

She pushed the door away from me and squeezed into the living room.

“Gosh, this place is so dusty!” she complained as she started moving further in.

“Excuse me, who are you?”

I wanted to ask if she was with the local government sanitary department, if there was such a thing. What made her think she could walk into my FLAT, in the dead of night, without introductions and start voicing her opinions on its state? This was the reason I came to live here, away from the room I occupied in a large compound at Obiagu, still here in Enugu, where everyone was in everyone else’s business.

“I’m your neighbour, Mama Chinonso. I’m the one who gave you the keys when you came around yesterday or was it two days ago” (an obvious reference to how late it was).

Right away. I saw that not only was this lady a stunner, her looks were exotic.

“I didn’t recognise you and you will recall we weren’t properly introduced.” I’m not sure I even looked at her when she handed over the keys. I was in some kind of rush.

She continued her inspection of the rooms while I restrained myself from ordering her out. When she returned to the living room, she announced, “You can’t sleep here like this. You will be sick. Wait for me.”

“Listen madam, I know you’re trying to be kind but it’s not your problem. I think you should go back to sleep.”

Just then a gust of wind blew in through the open door. It raised much dust and I sneezed repeatedly. How I hate the harmattan season!

“See what I mean? I’ll be right back.”

In a few minutes, she had returned with a broom, a mopping stick and a jerrycan of water. She had also slipped on a shift which did nothing to hide her figure. I don’t do married women, I reminded myself, before history would repeat itself here.

“You should stay at the porch. If you had been specific about when you were coming, we would have arranged to do this before the day.”

I moved out with mixed feelings. I was grateful I wouldn’t be inhaling all that dust but the last thing I wanted was a close relationship with any female in this place. By letting this woman clean my flat, I would be unable to shun her and the rest of her kind as I planned to do. I hoped the people living on the top floor of the four-flat building were not going to be as “nice” as she was. Otherwise, I may have jumped from the frying pan to the fire.

There had been six women with grownup daughters at my former place and each of them was determined to make me her son-in-law. I don’t blame them. Did I tell you before that I am handsome? Check this out: I’m 6ft tall, ebony-complexioned (like my late mum), with a pointed nose, a natural cleft in my chin, even white teeth, a killer smile and a voice to die for. Seriously, I sing and play the guitar and I’ve seen people cry and empty their purses when I perform. I was a track and field athlete during my school days and even though I don’t compete any more and won’t bare my abs in public, I still look fairly okay in that department. Oh, and you might wanna know, my name is Ikem, short for Ikemefuna, but everyone calls me Ebony.

So as I said, the ladies had good reason to vie for my attention. At first, it was amusing and I ate their food and slept with the girls who stole into my room at odd hours. But I had no plans for getting married yet. (I’m just 29 for crying out loud!) When they started borrowing money they couldn’t pay back and pressuring me to contribute to school fees and family emergencies, I calculated that the cost of their “gifts” had risen beyond what I cared to pay.

So I started bringing girls home. The hint was taken and the battles began. These women and their offspring, who formerly lived like cats and dogs, banded together to deal with me. They beat up two of the girls who came to visit me, called the police to arrest me several times on spurious charges (like smoking Indian hemp in the compound, which I swear is the preoccupation of their sons, not me), set my motorcycle ablaze by “accident” and spread word in the neighbourhood that I was a 419er* (because my hustle is online with my laptop).

The last straw was when my mum died and I bought a car shortly after. They said I’d used her for rituals. I decided to move before they kill me and to go where I can be a loner and continue my hustle in peace. I hope to use my car as backup for taxi business if the slow pace of things online worsens. I’m continuing my investments through numerous accounts in several schemes but I’m seriously planning on having my own scheme. I will call it Consolidated and Aggregated Windfall Platform. Three months of that and I’ll be set for life.

This is no time for distractions. I will hit the big time or die trying. Yeah, yeah, you may say that’s not original. Well, what you don’t know is that guys like me make a good living out of copying and fine-tuning other people’s ideas.

“I’m through.” The voice startled me. “Do you need some food?”

“Listen, madam, you’ve done enough.” I brought out my wallet from my trousers’ hip pocket and extended five hundred naira to her. I had no intention of being in her debt. That would leave my door open to her and who knows what she will be demanding further down the road. She looked at me in shock and left, shaking her head and muttering to herself.

To be continued
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

Not everyone has a hidden agenda. Some folks out there are just plain nice. Click To Tweet

*419er refers to someone who engages in Advance Fee Fraud. Some specialise in befriending lonely people abroad for the purpose of defrauding them.


Would you do the sort of thing the lady in this story did for a stranger?

Would you, perhaps, do it in broad daylight, not when it’s so late and you guys are all alone?

Have you ever received an act of kindness from a total stranger? How did you react?

I couldn’t resist making another graphic with this saying.


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  1. Interesting story. Maybe the neighbour just helped him out because she cared but the dude misunderstood her.
    Can’t wait to know what goes down in the next episode.

    • Thanks, Martin! I think it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy. It gets more interesting in the succeeding episodes by God’s grace. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.

      • Hmm, amazing. Well from the way I was brought up, I don’t think I can do the sort of thing the woman did for Ebony. With the home training of not going to strangers houses in the day time talk more of going at night. I can help a stranger maybe lift his or her load for him or her, but not visiting strangers especially at odd hours.

  2. Would I help out in the middle of the night? Nope! Would I help at any other time of the day as a married woman? Sure! With my in-laws and children carrying cups of water to clean. Where was her husband anyway? This Ebony is a smart efulefu oooo…. Consolidated and Aggregate kwa? LOL!

    Has any stranger been extremely nice to me? Definitely! How did I react? With suspicion and caution, especially with the male folk, may God help me to receive help gratefully.

    I can’t wait for the next episode, Ebony is a funny character.

    • Wow, lovely comment, Chinwe! Ebony’s mind is working but the direction is my concern. Bless you soo much, my dear!

    • Really glad you dropped by, Rita! Perhaps, she’s too trusting or she’s just too sure of herself. Hope you and your family are fine. You are all so blessed in Jesus’ name.

  3. I would only do such during the day not at an odd hour. Ebony should be careful because he don’t know her motives. Waiting for the next episode.

  4. Women a times can be really crazy and senseless. Even if she is crushing on him already she should have waited a little!!!!
    Well Ebony is sharp enough to deal with doesn’t know his past life at Obiagu..can’t wait to continue!!!

    • Hmmmm, no mercy for your kind? Well, let’s see what happens as the story progresses. Have a blessed new week, my dear!

  5. This, for me, has gone beyond mere kindness. There must be ulterior motive. How could a married woman leave her home at the middle of the night to help a stranger? It is an incongruity! We learnt from the story that Ebony is very handsome. Perhaps, like other ladies in his former residence, Ebony’s handsomeness must have attracted her to him. And perhaps, to cage him from the prying eyes of other ladies, she wanted to be the first to make him hers.The Story is interestingly suspense-filled. Ma, The way you build suspense is not only amazing,but also awesome. Waiting impatiently for the next episode. God bless you!

    • Praise God for what you said about suspense. I wonder whether we’ve become so attuned to selfishness and evil that we can no longer recognise true goodness. I just wonder…. Bless you, Chinagiorom!

  6. For me I think that not everyone has a hidden agenda. Some are always clean and plain.In regards to the first question I think I will do exactly what she did. What matters here is the motive behind it. Which I see she has a good one, because she is just trying to be good to a neighbor.

    • I too believe there are lots of nice people out there but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. You are favoured, Chukwuemeka!

  7. I will not blame Ebony, he is a young man, who has got a bright future but the chance of making it seems to be getting more complicated. He was just being careful not to make the same mistakes he made in the past.

    • It seems so. Let’s see how much he really wants to avoid those mistakes as the story unfolds. You are lifted, Chika!

  8. I do render help to strangers but not at odd hours, and I’ve been helped countless times by strangers but i also apply caution.
    I envy mama chinonso’s kindness and the fact that she sacrificed her sleep for a stranger

    • Bless you, Chinaza! You are one of the few who see her behaviour as simply motivated by kindness. Bravo!

  9. Interesting one. But I think the girl is coming in a tricky way. If not so, why should she come by that time.
    But on the other hand, she is just helping the guy( Ebony) as a new tenant he is.

  10. Its clear that the action of the woman is not just ordinary kindness but pursuit for something else that only heaven can explain better. Night has its own spirit and should be respected. For crying out loud, this is a married woman in another man’s home by that time of the night. No! Its an error checking it from every angle. As a married woman that so-called kindness should have waited till the next morning.

    For Ebony, running away from his former flat or being careful can’t save or help but giving his life to Christ. I as Christian know when to render help instead of destruction.

    • Happy to have you here, Emmanuel! I love that advice to Ebony. We have no power to change ourselves or resist temptation successfully. The grace comes when we surrender our lives to Jesus. But I think the woman is being judged harshly. It’s all a matter of differences in worldview, differences in our perspectives on human interaction. You are highly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  11. Haha, this kind of kindness that came late in the night. She’s looking for something nd i cant wait to find out what that is from the subsequent episodes. Great piece ma.

  12. What would prompt a married woman to clean a bachelor’s flat in the middle of the night? Even though she is the kind type, everything has a limit. Ebony should control himself and turn deaf ears to the devil’s whispers.

  13. What would prompt a married woman to clean a bachelor’s flat in the middle of the night? Even though she is the kind type , everything has a limit. Ebony should control himself and turn deaf ears to the devil’s whispers.

    • Possibly because that’s when he arrived, it was the harmattan season and the place was too dusty. The guy was more concerned about moving in secretly than cleaning the place beforehand. Your concerns are legitimate, though. Bless you!

  14. i think that the mama chinonso lady is naive. moving to help a guy in the middle of the night alone ????? seriously ??

  15. I think mama chinonso was just being nice and ebony was thinking otherwise because of his previous escapades with women and him being handsome. but the mistake she made was going to his apartment by that time of the night.

  16. Well, I believe the woman really had kind intentions although it’s not something I can do at that time; the timing was really really off! As for Ebony, it was easy and understandable for him to have misunderstood as a result of his previous experiences with the womenfolk. Anyway, I can’t wait to see where this leads! Nice work ma!

  17. I really am touched with the your style of writing madam. The idea in this short story can be linked with real life events. Ebony can be linked with every other guy around and the emotions he feels for the young lady is quite rampart today.

  18. this woman has a hidden agenda which is not disclosed here. It’s either she is doing all this for herself or for her children. How can you be helping someone in the middle of the night?

  19. i pray our neighbors will be as nice as this wonderful nice lady. Ebony has a strong will to make it in life and will go any length to achieve that. But on a second note am still thinking are there still nice people as Anastasia here on earth. I doubt. Nice and interesting story. Keep the good work up.

  20. I certainly do want to see what happens next! It was a fun read. Thank you for sharing. I am presently reading a book about “boundaries,” and of course I noticed many boundary issues came up. Your preface really helped me hang on to HOPE that this was going to ultimately be the kind of story that I would appreciate. I shall read the sequels !

    • You know, Tammy, that was my problem at the start. How would I help believers to see that I wasn’t presenting soft porn? Even among those who know me well, I didn’t think they would read the story without some form of assurance that it would be ultimately edifying. Thanks a lot for reading and for your beautiful comment. Love you! ❤️

  21. From the very beginning of the first word, sentence, paragraph to the last, Ma, you kept the suspense alive… I was so into the story ( I did not hear my room mate knocking till I was done reading) #feltbadthatitwasnottheend#
    The story is too true not be reality..
    I’m so so itching for the end…
    ..for me I will so pretend not to notice the new neighbour till I’m certain…

  22. A first impression matters a lot, for someone to offer such extreme kindness in the middle of the night, it appears she has another thing in mind. i would rather advise u go sleep else where {of course u have got some friends} to enable me do the cleaning in the day time.
    sure i have received such act of kindness, but i didn’t forget that when u start getting such strange kindness, it is clear that something is up.


  24. I would do the same thing, it’s not bad helping someone especially when the person is in a new environment but I will do it during the day to avoid gossip and stories flying around. ……. I’ve actually received help from a stranger. At first I was shocked because in Nigeria, we don’t like doing anything for free. So when someone is willing to help you without asking for anything in return can be scary

  25. true kind-hearted people often go out of their way to help people even if they are total strangers and don’t expect anything in return. Mama Chinonso is one or she wouldn’t have been shocked over the offer of money by Ebuka for her rendered help. Not every kind-hearted act should be seen as an ulterior motive but then one needs to apply caution and wisdom in helping others or you end up in a regrettable situation.

  26. this is a nice piece ma, I really enjoyed it. sometimes people with bad past experiences tend to doubt the good ones that come their way.

  27. Such a complicated past experience for ikem. And to think he was finally free, but it turns out history might repeat itself.

  28. What mama chinonso or whatever is her name did is very unreasonable as a lady not to talk of as a married woman. What would have been the story if her husband or any other member of her family came to meet her alone with a man in the man’s apartment? I rebuke such help! I would like to know what happened next…

  29. Wow, this is definitely a page turner. but I have to say what kind of woman leaves her home and family to attend to a new neighbour at around midnight in the name of kindness or whatever. it is improper and I don’t encourage it. Nice one, ma!

  30. I think the neighbour was just trying to welcome him. Some people can be really nice to others without limits

  31. I think mama Chinyere was just trying to be nice, it’s just that she was doing the right thing at the wrong time. If i was in Ikem’s shoes, i would kindly walk her out without trying to hurt her feelings.

  32. Interesting piece… To think that this guy thinks he is a die for is plain vanity… What’s all the physical beauty without depth… A career and discipline? Oh well… It’s a fiction after all. Hahhahaha. Intriguing story MAM. You always make my day!!!

  33. This guy is really hot o! Mama Chinonso was just trying to be nice and at the same time putting someone to a test unconciously.

  34. Personally I don’t see myself helping at the middle of the night especially as a married woman. but can help at any time of the day.

    Has any stranger been extremely nice to me


    How did I react
    With suspicion and caution especially with the opposite sex.

    Ebony is really a funny character..

  35. This is Nigeria, Enugu to be precise. What is Mama Chinonso doing outside her home at night (or should i say morning) and in her pyjamas too. Even if she is just trying to be nice, for want of Sanity of poor brothers and preserving her dignity, couldnt it wait till morning or giving him the rag and bucket to do it himself?

  36. That was too much an act of kindness, for me though. You can help your neighbour but com’on! its late. I won’t blame Ebony for trying to pay her off. A stranger being that nice by that time is kinda suspicious even though she doesn’t seem to have an ulterior motive. a great start ma! lets see how it ends.

  37. Oh my, this story is so interesting ma; had to read it over again, lol I have met guys like Ikem who thinks all that a girl wants from a man is wealth and cuteness and nothing more, oh please there is really more to life than all the charades that humans portray because vanity upon vanity all is vanity. And also on the part of paying the woman off, I will do same if am to be in his shoe to avoid any nonsensical attitude that will stem up later in the future.

  38. Lol….. My neighbour my neighbour, the woman was trying to be nice but she was over stepping her boundaries and also the guy didnt do well by trying to pay her though he cant be blamed somehow sha. Nice story all the same.

  39. A stranger being that nice by that time is kinda suspicious even though she doesn’t seem to have an ulterior motive. A great start Ma! Ebonyi should just ask God for the spirit of self-control. I want to know what happens.

  40. Some people are just too nice to be mere human beings, such people exist even though he is reasoning based on experience but he shouldn’t jump to conclusions just yet.

  41. The neighbor was right if she only wanted to help but doing so lately is not advisable she took a dangerous step

  42. It seems this particular episode is just an intrigue-inducing piece of ice berg. What mama Chinonso actually wants is not yet defined. But from look of things it seems her motive is sinister, and Ikemefuna is trying hard as a man to trade with caution understanding the implication of having an affair with another man’s wife. Please ma, let the story unfold.

  43. Ma this is great I must confess. I had to read that story over and over again for the fun of it and it kept a smile on my face all through the recycling. lol..yea, Ikemefuna is being meticulous with his decisions and I love that part of him. He understands the implication of dating a married woman and so he wanted to be careful. But come to think of it, no one knows what Chinonso really wants……she could be something else but lets not conclude yet and watch the story unfold.

  44. The part at the end where he offered her money is kind of amusing though. saying thank you would have been enough, not everyone has a hidden agenda.

  45. Heheheiiii…..sorry oooo but this story is complicated to me…..please madam helper,do you really want to help out or is there something more than that lol… you can’t help out again except in the night,I think I saw in the story that you are a married woman…..oh my,please where is your husband,infact who asked for your help…….well let me not be rude,nice helping oooo but please know when to help and when not to,for crying out loud you are a married woman and you suppose to have time when to visit someone and when not to or is there something chasing u in ur house……….madam pleaseeeeeee forget that thing u dey do…….hope am not thinking awkward lol…..ebony ebony… Guy man,remember you no dey do married women so always have it in your mind ooo and if you fall my hand eeee ,let me just keep calm first and know your next step shaaaa

  46. I feel going out in the middle of the night to help a stranger very strange. It is only predictable that Anastasia is out for something fishy.

  47. Lol… I’m trying to imagine the look on Ebony’s face when all this was going on. No doubt he thinks Mama Chinonso is just after the same thing the other ladies were after. But some people are just nice like that…I hope.

  48. The Woman is very funny, that is something I can’t do(at night), its non of her business at that hour although she was trying to help but it should be during the day not at that odd hour someone you don’t know from Genesis, Ebony is already scrutinizing her in his head, let’s see how it goes in part 2.

  49. someone helping you does not mean the person wants money in exchange. sha i don’t blame him. his past experience with ladies made him think that way.

    • It’s so easy to misconstrue well meant deeds in times as these.
      I sincerely wouldn’t do such for a stranger and definitely not at that hour.

      It’s understandable that Ebony would feel uncomfortable at such awkward gesture.
      True, definitely not everyone have bad intentions, but goodwill is not written on the face for everyone to see.

      Once, a man offered me a ride on a rainy day, I reckoned and hurried away as fast as my poor legs permitted.
      I only found out that he was new in our neighborhood and in fact, a good friend of my mother.
      But hey… How was I to know?
      Better safe than sorry isn’t it?

  50. My generosity no reach midnight helping ooo. Madam do good Santa clause well-done . in my own point of view, I can’t go help some one in the night when I was single not to talk of as a married woman.. I no do oooo. I have met Strangers who act nice to me. And I get extremely careful with the opposite sex.

  51. I would say this woman is either naive or has an ulterior motive. Why move into a single man’s house, even without his permission at that “ungodly” hour of the night. Was her husband aware of where she was? I’m happy the young man has standards at least learning from past experience. We’ll see how this unfolds anywhere.

  52. There is time for everything so said the Bible. For crying out loud a married woman should be careful in whatever she does.I pray it ends well.

  53. A married woman should know that there is limit to everything and that there is time for everything.

  54. Lol that moment when Yanga-dey-sleep-trouble-go-wake-am i can actually understand from his perspective his is just avoiding trouble….actually the kind gesture is appreciated but there is more to it i believe, how can you wake up in the middle of the night just to help a neighbour sweep his apartment? really? There is definitely interior motives!

  55. The suspense is killing. People are born kind and that should not be used against them. Ebony should be careful in a way ohh because it is quite suspicious that a married woman offered him such help and niceness. The kind gesture is well appreciated but should be kept on the watch.

  56. SUSPENSE!!! This is a very interesting story. I am off to part two right now. I love the name Ikemefuna.

  57. well,i think i wouldn’t, i mean that’s just too much, he is a stranger. whelther broad-daylight or night i am not doing that,Yes i have, just once, i was shocked , i didn’t expect it from anyone much less from a stranger.people are different, what an interesting story, i love the suspense.

  58. For me, i will not because i don’t know the person that doesn’t mean that i don’t help people, it depends on the kind of help i want to offer to the person. like i said, it depends on the kind of help but in this case i will not. Yes,often times, and i always feel happy and i do appreciate them for offering their help. Yeah, everybody intention is always different i do believe in that.

  59. I understand she wants to help the young man but, in the middle of the night…i don’t buy that. I feel she has an hidden agenda..waiting to see how it goes. Weldone Ma.

  60. I love the choice of words and how the story ended. Like the last graphics read, not every one has a hidden agenda, some persons only want to be just nice to you. I’d receive nice gestures from strangers who i know nothing about and it went a long way in helping me.

  61. There’s no harm in helping people, but too much of everything is bad. she’s offering this and that to oga ebony. apparently, she wants something in return and from description and a brief look into the history of his life, he has had a fair share of women and oh! he’s handsome as well. could this be the reason behind her kind gestures? or is she another kind neighbour out there? i’m rushing to the 2nd episode to find out. I don’t know why I’m just seeing this story now. Aunty Edith never runs out of fictional story ideas.

  62. Lol. Crazy guy he has bitten more than he can chew and he expects not to contribute? He deserve many rounds of beating until he has paid the last penny for sleeping with someone’s daughters and expects to move freely like he owns the world. Am sure he is coming to face the same thing in this new lodge he came in .

  63. Well, personally I hate when people like mama Chisom intrude, especially into my privacy, and at worst make some poor comments about me or something related to me.
    What I normally do in such state, if I’m not familiar to the individual, I will take more time to know if suchlike is naturally intrusive and insolent, and if that’s really suchlike’s attitude, I definitely keep my door open for exit.
    However, we sometimes take the wrong approach thinking it’s the right path just because of the ugly past, that’s why Ebony is trying to fix things his own way, though mama Chisom could actually turn out to be totally opposite of Ebony’s impression.
    I don’t like suspense, next follow up gist please..

  64. Like my friend would say “water done pass garri” lol.
    He was lucky he escaped with his life and in one piece from the former compound.
    Am enthusiastically waiting for the rest of the story.

  65. what the woman did was what i will gladly do but not in the dead of the night. Ebony should go wash his mind not everyone does an act of kindness with an ulterior motive and i actually hate when people think i help them to get something in return.

  66. Mama Chinonso was very nice to help a new neighbour but not at an ungodly hour….. She’s a married woman for God’s sake and Ikem is a bachelor…..temptations are everywhere….. Well I hope her help was just natural without ulterior motives…..

  67. I understand the fact that she is helping the guy because he arrived late to a dirty room not the other way round, but as the story continues I just hope that something funny will not happen along the line

  68. This story is funny,Anastasia is somehow unreasonable. I don’t think she should have cleaned that room and at such an odd hour of the day.

  69. It’s actually bad to live an indecent life, and it becomes worse when you start thinking wrongly about others.

  70. It’s possible the woman doesn’t have any negative intention but because his mind is already corrupt, he is misunderstanding her.

  71. Oooo!!!!
    Mam why did you want to kill me with suspense kwan?
    Anyways, Ikem made a mistake by bringing out money to give to her because the woman didn’t tell him that he wants something in return
    At least not yet.

  72. A strongly captivating story with a brief element of thrill, brief because the story ended abruptly. I really, really wish it was completed. It has a strong theme, aside the theme of eros. The fact that he’s a loner running away from the tension of the public, as well as the accusation from the crowd: (That’s a whole lot of strength in a single concept). Saying he was the cause of his mother’s death. I really like the whole concept of the ‘Lone Wolf’ lifestyle he picked up. It has this captivating mechanic behind. I really, really want to know how the story ended. I’ll appreciate it if another part will dropped ASAP. by

  73. I think this woman is up to something. If not, that odd hour is not a time to help nah, she would have offered to come in broad daylight instead if she really wanted to head. Let’s hope she doesn’t put the young man in temptation

  74. OK first I can’t do what she did that’s cleaning the whole place at that time of the night secondly even if I should I would better do the cleaning on a broad day light .

  75. OK this is out of the ordinary,never heard of it done like this anywhere but let the games begin…

  76. Although some people are born to be good but it’s not in this case. Mama chinonso’s kindness is too much even when she is married. Ebony should be careful before it will turn to another thing

  77. Why do the cleaning at a time like that, to me mama chinonso was being overly kind, even if she wanted to help, she would’ve done it during the day afterall the same purpose would still be achieved!

  78. Some people can be naturally nice*no strings attached* and I think Ebony’s female neighbor is one of them
    Great post ma

  79. Some people can be naturally nice*no strings attached* and I think Ebony’s neighbor is one of them.
    And he has every right to question her actions due to experience.
    Great post ma

  80. I vehemently believe that she has interest on that handsome. What she did is nice but she did it at the wrong time. To visit oposit gender at such time is bad, let alone a strenger.

    If I were that dude I would not have allowed her in, who knows whether she’s a ghost. Lol!

  81. Dr. E. Ohaja, pardon me but you a prolific and astute writer… Wow! So captivating, interesting and we’ll composed story you gat there!
    Anyways, let me imagine I was Ebony I will not allow a total stranger to enter into my room at that ungodly hour because of obvious resaon, times are bad.
    Secondly, considering her alluring beauty and pyjamas. Oh no! That was sure a tempting moment, best thing to do is to gently ask her to go and come back the next day and if she refuses, push her honestly.
    See devil ooooo!! Imagine her husband saw or met her in that room? Oh! Ebony’s village people are after him.
    That women might have good intentions but wrongly coated..ladies don’t go and asist the opposite sex alone all in the name of help.
    Finally my fellow guys my pupsy will always say something “a man that a woman kills, never shed tears” be wise

  82. I really think the got it all wrong though she did a good job but at the wrong time and also I wont blame Ebony for having mixed feelings considering his past experiences

  83. Its okay for Ebony to have mixed feelings cause of the time she came but we should understand that not every good intention have other motives, she might be genuine and just helping him as a neighbour. But then I think Ebony is the one turning the table round, beside he has already start on observing her physical qualities; so if there is any one with another motive, it might be him.

  84. Getting help from a stranger is not a bad idea. There’s nothing wrong with it. But all the same, when getting help from a stranger, we should not let our guard down
    Thank you ma

  85. Mama Chisom is obviously a very kind lady but I can’t do what she did. I can help my new neighbor out with unpacking and settling in but not at that time of the day.

  86. Honestly, receiving help from people is not bad actually but for me, when a stranger helps me, I feel uncomfortable that I might even think that the person has an ulterior motive.

  87. Joes Osteen says, “Let go of yesterday. Let today be a new beginning and be the best that you can, and you’ll get to where God wants you to be.”
    Ebony, as called, has gotten it wrong this time: he has used his previous bad encounter with people to predict what tomorrow shall be for him, which is wrong.

    The woman, Mama Chinonso, was just there to assist him as he might not have the necessary things to clean up the room as he just move in. And he, Ebony, in his corrupt mind of what has happened to him decides to equate it with his previous encounter, which means he hasn’t changed from his bad attitude.

    I think it’s high time he learnt his lesson to stop using a particular incident to generalize others.

  88. Wow i must admit that ikemefuna is a hardworking fellow . He has his plans mapped out and he thinks ahead . I hope that the good of this woman is really good without ulterior motives .

  89. Hmmmmmmm! I might opt to assist a stranger but I won’t persist when they brush off the offer. This is because the stranger might think I have ulterior motives.

    Ebony might have misconstrued the woman’s act of kindness. Perhaps because of his past experiences plus the fact that this woman didn’t wait till the next morning to offer her unsolicited services .

    He should just keep his fingers crossed and don’t forget to thread with caution.

  90. I really don’t blame ebony for being suspicious because it was really late in the night an unholy hour at that. Anyways the woman might have just been trying to lend an unharmful helping hand because she refused the token given to her. Can’t wait for the next part.

  91. Wellll, i’m sure our madam has ulterior motives. When she got the broom, mop and water, i thought she was gong to hand it to him but she did the work herself and at that hour! lol. I’m off to read the next episode to see how things go with her and Ebony.

  92. It’s so obvious that his past experience has made him think every body acts thesame way. But come to think of it as a married woman, rendering my help to a young man all alone in the house Should have limits.

  93. It’s so obvious that Ebony’s past experience made him think everybody act thesame way, but come to think of it as a married woman, helping a young man in his house all alone should have limits.

  94. Nice story, thou I would only do such during the day not at an odd hour. Ebony should be careful because he don’t know her motives.

  95. If Ikem had different thoughts about the help of his neighbour toward him then he must have been wrong. Mama Chinonso is obviously one of those nice neighbours who don’t have enough imagination to do certain nice things so as to gain your attention and engage in wrong acts. Like a familiar quote above says, “Not everyone has a hidden agenda”.

  96. we should help whenever we can not minding the situation.. i dont see anything wrong with helping someone even at night

  97. It’s good to be nice, and welcoming but I can’t do what Mama Chinonso,whether it’s night it broad daylight. The guy is a total stranger to begin with,he may misinterpret the gesture and start thinking something else. The usual method is to clean up the house before moving in,maybe if he had come to do so, he would have had the chance to interact with his neighbours and avoid any awkward moments.

  98. Ebony is just trying to be careful because of he doesn’t want what happened in his other compound to repeat it’s self.. So I wouldn’t say him offering d woman money was a bad thing because he never knew the woman’s intention..
    Nice story tho.. Love d part wen e said “I may have jumped from fry pan to fire” lol. That got me smiling..
    Thanks ma for d story..

  99. Well,Mama Chinonso was very kind to have done what she did . I’m pretty sure she has no “hidden agenda”. She’s probably one of those extra nice people whose kindness could be misinterpreted, like in this case with “Mr Ebony”.

  100. I could do same for a stranger, but not at odd hours. I don’t understand mama chinonso’s level of kindness? I’d wait till morning, if I was Ebony I won’t even open the door at such hour.

  101. Hmmm, I cant wait to finish this story and yes I would do this sort of thing for a stranger. Strangers have gone out of their way to assist me and i am usually grateful. I also always pray to do same for another.

  102. Well this kind of kindness off me oooooo.. If it is in the day time there is no problem but in the dead of the night? I don’t understand maybe it is the kind of person she is but that is not ideal if others see her even if she don’t have anything in mind, they will start making speculation. Ebony is just being careful to avoid repeat of event.

  103. We can’t stop people from thinking, we are all humans and certain actions tend to be misunderstood, but our happiness comes from the fact that our intentions are good and pure. Lending a helping hand is good, anywhere, anytime.

  104. Wow… All this nice gestures from a total stranger? Its questionable, I would have said she has ulterior motives but the quote that ‘not everyone has hidden agenda’ am hoping nothing stupid is going to take place.

  105. Hmmm….fine boy doing ponzi scheme. chai that a bad making money duping others of their hard earned money. But as for mama chinonso the good neighbour with kind heart she should be careful.

  106. We can’t stop people from thinking, we are all humans and certain actions tend to be misunderstood, what really matters is the fact that our intentions are good and pure. Helping is good, anytime, anywhere.

  107. wow,all this nice gestures from a total stranger? ordinarily, i would say she has ulterior motives, but with the quote that’not everyone has hidden agenda’ am hopeful that nothing stupid will happen.

  108. Even though her kindness was somehow unusual his reaction of giving her a 500naira note seemed rude and disrespectful.But I don’t blame ikemefuna for acting the way he acted cause her behaviour seemed so off.

  109. That act of kindness from a total stranger would definitely make me uncomfortable. I also think what made Ebony feel a bit off about it all was the time. It was late for her to have helped, it made it seem like she has a hidden agenda. Giving her money also seemed like an insult to her but I really do not blame him totally.

  110. Well for me there is nothing wrong with what the woman did its just an act of kindness and ikemefuna shouldnt have given her money ooo it would send a wrong signal to her well he is just being cautious. Nice one ma

  111. Some people can be naturally nice anyway,, but I feel the woman was rather too forward, plus, its night already and for crying out loud , she is a married woman which makes it improper for her to badge into a full fledged man’s apartment all in the name of helping him clean the house at late hour. Hmmmm… Its kinda suspicious..

  112. Lol
    There are lots of ‘Ebony’ in my area (lodge) at least Ikem has little money, but the guys in my area though handsome, but they do not have money and yet they are able to have and keep several girlfriends. I keep wondering how these guy convince and get different girls.
    I can’t imagine what is going to transpire between Ikem and his beautiful neighbour.

  113. I’d like to think the lady is very nice but I’ll point out too that it’s rather quite creepy to offer such kindness to a handsome looking guy at such a weird hour. It could shed the wrong light eventually.

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