I wrote this story for my students in commemoration of the World Teachers’ Day last year. However, its subject is relevant to students and non-students, teenagers and older persons as well. It’s a subject that requires urgent attention to attenuate the shredding it is causing in the moral fabric of society. Read and be blessed!

“Wifey4life, wen r u rtnin? Must u complete d 8wks of IT? Sch mks no sense wtout u. HURRRYYYYY n save a soul!”

Chinny read the sms again and felt a warm tingle all over her body. She smiled and tried to recall how often she’d read it since she received it shortly after 5 a.m., maybe eight, no, twelve times. It didn’t matter. She’d read it so many times and would probably do so all day long.

And why not? The writer, Gerald, was the reason Nsukka was bearable when school was in session. She had fought her parents to seek admission into UniLag or any other school in Lagos, but they wouldn’t hear of it. Being alumni of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, (UNN) themselves, they generally over-rated the school in her judgment. They claimed that the quasi-rural environment is specially suited to academic pursuits but she had countered that, “All work and no play will make Chinny a sad girl”.

They even resorted to repeating some slogans which she considered ridiculous like, “A UNN graduate is naturally ahead of you” and “In UNN, we restore the dignity of man”. “Whatever!” she would reply, seeing that arguing with them was a futile exercise.

So to UNN she had come and just when she thought she would die of boredom that first semester, she met Gerald and agreed with her parents that UNN was really the place to be. He resumed late having “shopped” into Mass Communication from Mechanical Engineering, the course he had been admitted to study, because he had insufficient credits in science subjects. He was a natural leader and although they already had a class representative, he secured the help of graduate and final-year students to organise tutorials for all the first-year courses.

It wasn’t long before they became an item. Her friends cautioned her to slow things down. Some of them claimed it was unwise to have a boyfriend in her class. They did have a point there because she and Gerald had been caught exchanging romantic glances and love notes by several lecturers. But she didn’t care. What she was feeling was more important than all their “stuffy” lectures anyway.

Before the end of the second semester, she was spending more time in his place than at hers after lectures. There was good reason for that, she’d told herself. She stayed in the hostel and there was little comfort and many prying eyes there. Gerald shared a room with a friend off campus. They had a refrigerator, cable TV, a DVD player and what have you. There’s nothing more welcoming than a chilled drink after traversing the campus on a sweltering day and she never missed an episode of her favorite Telemundo series or the latest Nollywood movies.

But her grades gave her no comfort or cheer. At the end of first year, she “earned” three C’s. The other lecturers, “for reasons best known to them, decided to punish” her “efforts with D’s and F’s”. The class performance was generally poor but Gerald got two A’s, no D’s, no F’s. She was so proud of him! To make such a result after joining the class late was truly a feat, she told him. He told her the secret was night class but she wasn’t prepared to lose her sleep for any grade.

By their second year, she came up with the “bright idea” that they should move in together. He confessed that he was largely supported by his roommate as his parents had only a paltry and irregular government pension to live on. That admission made her to fall harder in love with him. What honesty! What guy would tell a woman the truth about his financial position, she asked herself.

She offered to foot most of the bill. Her father’s younger brother, Chuka, loved her to bits and had always spoiled her. She got the funds from him on the pretext that she needed to pay for computer programming trainings that will get her Microsoft and Oracle certification before graduation. She begged him not to tell her parents because they will discourage her thinking the trainings will interfere with her Mass Communication studies and she assured him that they won’t.


She paid for a room off campus and with Gerald’s meagre help, they furnished it to their taste. From that point, they cast off all restraint. He began to call her “wifey” and as well he might for were they not doing everything a married couple did? She began to cut classes because her wifely duties were really taking a toll on her. While her friends were in the library, she checked recipes online, shopped and performed culinary miracles to wow him with all manner of delectable dishes. Whoever said that the way to a man’s heart was his stomach was spot on because Gerald was, in her view, totally consumed with love for her.

And what better proof than this sms and countless others, the pings, the Facebook and WhatsApp messages? The late-night calls too, although it’d been a while they’d had one of those. They would have spent this first internship (IT) together working at Voice FM, the new Radio Nigeria station in Nsukka, if not that her parents had scuttled her plans by arranging that she should work at the Vanguard newspapers in Lagos.

She looked at the gifts she had carefully selected for him – an Android (Infinix Hot) and a suit that spoke of sartorial splendour sewn by one of the best hands in Maryland. She would have bought more if she didn’t have to factor in their household expenses once she got back to school. She had told him there was no getting out of the remaining weeks of the IT but she meant to surprise him by returning to Nsukka tomorrow. How happy he will be, she thought.

She could just imagine their reunion. He would scream, oh so loud, and he would pick her up and spin her round. No, he would carry her and dance around the compound, knocking on every door and announcing, “My wifey is hooome!” Poor thing, she thought, how he had missed her! Now, who was she kidding? She’d probably missed him even more. And that’s an argument that would never end, you know, who missed the other more.

The next morning, her parents dropped her off at the Peace Park, telling her to be a good girl, to remember the kind of family she came from and to ensure she came out with nothing short of a 2:1 (second class, upper degree), which was the family standard. She had dutifully nodded, wondering what their reaction would be if they knew how poor her grades were or that she was shacking up with her class mate. She had told them she got mostly B’s in her first year, a couple of A’s in her first semester, second year and that other results were yet to be released.

The journey was uneventful and painfully long. She blamed her parents for being pinchpennies and making her travel to school by road. But very soon, she would see Gerald and this journey would be worth the while, she assured herself as they approached Opi. Fifteen minutes later, she nearly pushed down the lady by the bus door in her hurry to disembark. She offered her apologies, helped the driver untie her suitcase behind his seat and dashed to the road to pick a motorcycle taxi (okada).

Sensing her impatience, the okada rider sped down University Market Road, crossed the UNN main gate and made for Onuiyi Link Road. In less than no time, they were in front of the house she indicated along Onuiyi Road. She saw two of her neighbours lounging in front of the house. They seemed to be snickering at first, but they quickly composed themselves and came to help with her luggage.

“Na wa oh!” one of them, a student of Chemistry called Dapo, said. He held her suitcase to prevent further movement and asked, “My dear, how was your journey?” It was nice of him to ask but she didn’t travel this far to see him, she thought. But why start a quarrel at the beginning of the session? So she replied, “It was fine.” She added a lie for good measure, “My people send their regards”. The other boy, Ahmed (in Linguistics), whose eyes had been darting about, asked if he could get her something to cool off with from the nearby kiosk.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. “What are you guys up to?” she queried. “Why are you waylaying me like this? I hope Gerald is okay.” Without waiting for their response, she grabbed her suitcase and marched into the compound. A sure sign that something was amiss was the female underwear on the clothesline in front of their room. She burst into the room and could not believe her eyes. Gerald was cuddling a girl she recognised from their Natural Science class!

-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja

May God guide our children and help them to live in a way that honours Him in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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  • immense Joe

    Wow!!! My Aunty, u re so amazing.. U’ve just touch the nitty-gritty of the matter in our society today.. I’d wish all the youths and elderly out there re seeing this post because it’s indeed an eye opener to us.. For real, this is what is going on today in our most campuses. As I read this write ups the beginning of my year one came alive to memory. First hand, I say it all happening to a colleague of mine, oh Aunty, it was devastating. The most funniest, yet saddest part of it all was that this time it was a male victim unlike the usual female… u know. He met this very gal in our 2nd week into year 1 who happened to be a gal she once knew during his O levels & really, b4 we could fathom what was going on they were already deep in their unprofitable emotional entanglement which I wouldn’t dare go into details on how it all played out, but trust me it was so heartrending in the end, and for the first time in my life I saw how miserable my fellow guy could be. That semester he missed 3 important papers because of hrtbrk.

    And another thing I’ve come to understand in this is that most of the parents don’t care to visit there children or ward to know how they re faring. Phone calls and advice isn’t just enough. As a parent endeavour to visit ur child especially when he/she least expect.. Go to the head of department and ask questions.. by doing so u’ll get to know how well he/she is doing academically and otherwise. And to my fellow youths, I need not say much anyway cos the story has it all to teach. Just open ur heart and embrace the lessons..

    Aunty Edith, I’ve to commend u a lot for this. It’s really gonna help a lot of us out there.. May God continue to grace and use u.. Remain blessed

  • Ebi

    It’s sad that this is now a norm in our campuses

    • Edith Ohaja

      Subtle dissuasion is the way to go about this, I think. When parents and guardians come out with guns blazing, the young people may cling to each other whereas the relationships weren’t really going anywhere. Love and gentle rebuke works in amazing ways.

  • Seems I wasn’t impressed by how the writer ended this story. So predictable; rather hasty…

    • Edith Ohaja

      Hi Edidiong! Hope you’ve been fine. You can deal with your dissatisfaction by contriving your own ending. I like my readers to engage themselves that way sometimes. For this particular story, I painted an elaborate picture and the climax (the point I wanted to drive home) was the betrayal she least expected – she’d been building castles in the air. What happened subsequently is immaterial unless one wants to do a sequel. The story succeeds in discouraging co-habitation and with that I’m satisfied. Ciao!

  • Ani Bee

    This deserves a standing ovation! It’s exactly what happens in most campuses today. May God help our teenagers and youth ooo. And may He continue to teach and direct parents on the best way to instil His wisdom in their children . Amen! Nice one ma!

  • Ekeh Chioma Jennifer

    wow!……dis is superb……i did learn a lot.

  • nnadi chinyere josephine

    wow….. nice one

  • Edith Ohaja

    Bless you, Chioma and Chinyere!

  • Egwuonwu Priscilla

    tank u ma 4 dis piece its an eye opener

  • nice writeup…i sensed something fishy too when those two guys were helping her out…sorry for her life (lols). though this story is a lesson to every young lady out there…u came to school to study and not to play role of a wife to a boy who doesn’t care about your academic excellence but what you can offer to him.nice post mam

  • Ndukwe Catherine U

    I guess that’s what happen when you give yourself to a man so cheaply. But I really feel for Chinny though!


    this is wonderful. It just explain what happen today in the university environment. thanks for this write up

  • Aniah Favour Adaeze

    this is a small but mighty story wit so many things in it.hmmmm I learnt a lot !

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    Nice one Ma it is inspiring

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    Lolss. This is so true. And the choice of words made it so real…me likey!

  • Tobechi

    Lol! I think she was just plain stupid. Wifey indeed. Lolzz.. The story teaches a lot. Thanks Ma.

  • everyone has a mission to accomplish and a journey to finish. No one should stop halfway realizing what lies ahead. A really great one ma kudos.

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    chai! this should teach young girls a lessons…ma’am you really got them (girls) there.

  • Duru Jane onyinyechi

    interesting! This would teach a very big lesson to those that come to the Universities to play ‘wifeys’ and not to face their studies squarely

  • onoh oziomachukwu beulah

    the ‘wifey’ indeed… very nice one ma

  • Oweka Chioma Sandra

    Ehya. It’s a pity.Some guys though. Well,to an extent,she got what she asked for. Playing Wifey to a man who hadn’t put a ring on it at the expense of her academics

  • Ugwu, Chinagorom Joseph

    Honestly, the story appears like a non-fictional story. Apart from mentioning real places in Nsukka, the writer succeeds in painting a picture of real campus life among students. Chinny, who had not loved UNN, but later found it interesting due to Gerald’s presence, misplaced her priority. Her delusional thought of marriage with Gerald portrays her as not only naive, but foolish. Gerald, on his part, is an ungrateful animal and fake friend or self-acclaimed husband. To have gone to bed with another woman because of the absence of his woman presents him as a slave; one who cannot control his desires. On the idea of Group of guys waylaying her to prevent her from seeing the awful affair, i think what most of them do is to quickly rush at the sight of such person(chinny) and tell the cheat that his woman is back which he would respond by discharging his mistress probably through the window. Nice work from a nice writer in a nice Blog!

  • okonkwo benita chidimma

    hmmm… playing wifey to a guy who is more successcful and intelligent. God help ladies to understand their worth and reason for being in school.

  • Ifebe june sobechukwu

    wat a wonderful story. is a lesson for all

  • Ifebe june sobechukwu

    i have read this story a lot of times simply because i find it interesting. i also find out that the story looks more like a true story. this is one of the issues to be addressed in schools to students.the story depicts how distractions can come from various angles. First, she finds school interesting because of Gerald. secondly,she becomes his “wifey” and forgets her primary mission in school by her products of D’S N F’S.At times, i wonder if Gerald could be called “husbandy” (lol….awkward)

  • Nwafor chukwudalu

    Good story and predictable ending but what the guy did was’t good.

  • Jeremiah Chioma

    am with you on this one@ Nwafor Chukwudalu

  • Mokogwu Josephine

    in life there is time for everything

  • Barnabas Timothy Ebube

    Its so pathetic what gerald did but the girl was foolish though..performing wifely duties at d expense of her education

  • Queendaline Onyeama

    Amazing story!

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    wow…..no sentiment…. the guy did not do well at all, and married in school single at home,

  • Evans brainz Ezeme

    hmm.. dem go send pikin cum school, she go cum de act wifey. Lessons for everyone tho, there is time for every thing. learn not to indulge in such activities that will later on paint regret.


    this is an amazing lesson to us.
    we should always remember that we have a target in our academics and also there is time for everything as the bible said I really learnt a lesson from this story God bless u ma…….

  • nwosu esther chioma

    what an end

  • chinaza ezenwa

    This story is a lesson

  • Chigbo ifeanyi James

    What happens in school really surprise me. This story should be shared in schools social media platform for students to learn.

  • onyeabor ijeoma

    this should teach girls that not all that glitters are gold


    this is a very huge lesson to us ,there is always time for every thing as the bible said. we need to bend down and study now in order not to regret any negative outcome in future. This is really inspiring tanks and remain blessed maa.

  • ugwoke onyinyechi sylvia

    I don’t pity her at all. She deserves it. This is a lesson to every girl in the university.

  • Fidelis Favour Chiamaka

    its good for her. A lesson for others

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    wow what a nice story…..be focused in life.

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    awesome piece..if only my fellow ladies will learn.

  • Ndukwe Catherine

    The thing is that we have to be focused in whatever we do or wherever we may find ourselves. This story is not only a moral lesson to girls alone but also to everybody both boy and girl, old and young. We must always strive to do away with any sort of distraction that will make us lose our goals in life.

  • Abugu Nkemjika

    this story is truly what occurs in our everyday life and takes place in most universities….girls all in the name of love, move in with a man who is not their husband and other students then begin to encourage this by calling them ,’couple’ and even in some departments awards are given to the ,”best couple” of the year… this is wrong and should be discouraged.. thanks to aunty Edith who wrote on this issue…..write on aunty

  • hmmm. love affairs between student on campus these days. na wa o. beware young girls!

  • Madu Chidimma Sandra

    Brothers can be very wicked shaa


    what lesson to all. funny and interesting.

  • Obetta Collins Odinakachukwu

    very interesting post

  • chika divine umunnakwe

    students who have failed to realise why they are in school would be taken and used by anything they meet in school. some girls are not wise so also are some boys who at first think they are wise. Gerald thought he had seen opportunity unknown to him and his girlfriend that they were both deceiving themselves.

  • Ekpali Joseph Saint

    hmmm, it’s quite unfortunate… some parents will think their children are representing them well outside.. may God directs our heart especially students to always make a right decision.

  • wow interesting post .This tells us not to trust anybody.

  • Attic Faith Etim

    Wow it is really educating, meant to teach the young ones.

  • Very interesting I wish our generation and the generations after will learn from it

  • Okoro ukamaka Victoria

    Thank you so much ma for this story,I really learnt a lot from it .

  • Florence onyekaozuru

    Haha haha can’t stop laughing and wondering how she would feel for the rest of her life, well this story just describes or gives a clear picture of what is happening in our campuses today, many young ladies in the universities are”MARRIED IN SCHOOL, SINGLE AT HOME” it is appalling to see that their grades suffer and unknown to their parents, they are catering for two children when they just have a child in school. One can only wonder where this madness is going, the funny thing is that the rate has not reduced but is increasing alarmingly. I love this story, its very interesting and enlighten, I hope young ladies would learn their lesson from it and retrace their steps.

  • Ekechukwu Nkechi

    hahaaha poor chinny, well i feel for her but i know i’m not so stupid to care for a guy like that. i love this story. message passed across aunty edith.

  • Odigbo Chidinma

    oh…..poor chinny. Anyways this serves as a lesson to young people of our time but I must say, quite a good story you got here, the transition and suspense is superb.

  • There was no trust in the relationship between Gerald and chinny. Also it is good for one to focus on whatever you are doing because had it been chinny focused on her studies, she wouldn’t have ended up that way.

  • Ifechukwude Egbune

    So wonderful and perfectly structured. Well I think she actually went home to GERALD…. I only wish she had gone with more food recipes.

  • Henrietta Okoye

    I expected the ending. When lodge mates start telling u something or start being nice, hmmm, there is fire on the mountain… Most girls now are married in school and single at home… Classroom relationship is the worst but at times they end up together. 10% out of 100% sha!!!

  • Eneje Chekwube Vitus

    Chinny’s case was very dismal. nevertheless, so many girls are still to learn. I always feel very bitter when this type of issue is being discussed in classes, people involved or who are into it always feel proud about it. These days in school, a kind of recognition is being offered to some tagging “best couple of the year” and they accept happily.

    Having said all these, I must extend my annoyance to some parents or guardians. They aren’t trying at all. Phone call or text messages are not enough. Pay your ward a visit from time to time and as well enquire about her behaviour in school.

  • Oluchi Ekeruche

    Bad timing ruins everything one has worked for. And I think Gerald is a wicked person. It is wrong to hurt people like that.

  • Ozoemena Jennifer Adaobi

    This story is a lesson for all
    Nice one ma

  • Deborah

    Felt for her so sad. She should sit up and amend her result

  • Samuel Godsgift Akachukwu

    This is exactly what is happening in our campuses today. Single at home married in school.

  • Isaac Nwanneka Oyirridiya

    the girl in question do not have sense. How can you be acting wifey to a fellow student in the name of love to the detriment of your education.That serves her well

  • Ezeh Blessing Oluchukwu

    Nice story that strongly portrays what is obtainable in most campuses today. some students have chosen to sacrifice their academic pursuit of excellence on the altar of amorous tendencies, thereby jeopardizing their future.


    this piece exposed what is now rampant among the youths especially those in the university. we should take our education serious and God will help us find love. nice one ma

  • Nwangwu Chisom

    Yes! A warning to most girls on campus and also an eye opener on embarking on such a relationship.. Please girls be wise oh!

  • Adonu Ifeanyichukwu B

    This is an epic story….it’s a must-read for everyone, especially the youths. The choices we make in life make or mar us. Achieving our dreams as students should be our main aim in school. Engaging ourselves in unholy and reckless relationships will not only destroy our character but also bring us academic failure and heart break. Judging from Chinny’s relationship with Gerald, most men will not regard her again and picking the pieces of her life from this betrayal will be very difficult for her.

  • Ikenna precious

    Nawa upon everything this girl did for him. Well, it’s her fault also. She should have slowed down and not rush things. nice story, ma!

  • Maduabuchi Emmanuel Chidera

    Might been wondering how she will feel after discovering what happened,truly there is time for everything.This shows how important we should place our priorities;sacrifice before splendor;hard work before success. This is a sure read for every young person out there.

  • Umoru Sadia

    This story is the most heartbreaking story I’ve ever read on this blog, that’s why it’s always good to respect one’s self, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. She was oblivious of why she was in school, this was the beginning of her heartbreak


    this is really a very interesting story. its really what is going on in campus and which is not good. married in school, single at home. some people don’t even know why they are in school. they can’t differentiate between school and marriage. it’s too bad. girls concentrate AND RESPECT YOURSELF. IT PAYS.

  • ezeagbo ifebuche juliet

    Very interesting. this is exactly what is happening inside school nowadays. girls no longer stay in hostel or rent an apartment to stay instead they prefer staying with their so called boyfriend. this is really a big situation that requires urgent attention.

  • Amadi victoria chinwendu

    A capital example of married in school and single at home. Dat’s bad.

  • Gideon kosiso

    Awwn!! This story is very heartbreaking. This is very common in our campuses. This story should serve as a warning to campus babes. Thank you ma

  • nwankwo gift nneamaka

    Hahahahahaha Lamo! This is just the beginning. I wonder why somebody won’t come to school and do the right thing; she thinks school is all about enjoyment and always being happy. Omo one gas suffer oo. Nothing good comes easy. I just hope she learnt from her mistakes and let the school pass through her not just her passing through the school.

  • caius precious chinwendu

    well she didn’t just go home to Gerald, she went home to Gerald and another woman. lol. Focus on your dreams and don’t be easily distracted plus living with a guy that is not your husband is risky.


    Hahahaha you know one thing wrong with children of these days is movie, you watch too much movie and you think the actuall campus is the same, where you come to enjoy and flex, go to school and do what school is for joor, this should serve as a lesson not just to campus babes but to everybody as well lol slay queens

  • Nneji Mary Chinenye

    Wow lovely story, this is now a trend in school, may God help our young ones realise the reason for being in school and face it.


    This is exactly what is in vogue, married in school single at home, well for a Guy to move into a girl’s lodge , Gerald is shameless anyways she started it first, Instead of her to make her studies the primary objective or aim in school she decided to choose Gerald.


    well, too much of movies this is the real world, as a girl in the university, you ought to know what’s right for you, I mean her parents will be disappointed in her, her grades are poor unlike the so called Gerald guy, well it is kind of good she has learnt her lesson but in the hard way

  • Amachukwu Amarachi mercy

    everyone has a mission to accomplish and a journey to finish. No one should stop halfway realizing what lies ahead.
    Our four years in school will either determine our downfall or upliftment in the future so we should spend our time wisely and judiciously because with that the Lord will always be our strength.
    Great kudos to you Ma, I am always impressed by your diversity and ability to craft stories through what’s happening and people experience.
    Wonderful passage.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy


    I believe this story to be a fiction, but it is what happens in most of, if not all the universities. While, this was the exact thing that happened to a girl I know, though, hers ended with she being pregnant and the boy in question rejecting her.
    I don’t know what is wrong with most of us, we tend to pray for admission and make a lot of promises to both God and our parents, but getting to school, everything changes, instead of trying to achieve the purpose of why we’re school, we get entangled in a relationship and justifying it with “being in-love”. Still after hearing and seeing stories of what happened to people who did what you’re doing, just like Chinny, most of us won’t still learn.

    Thank you Ma for this story, I really enjoyed it.

  • Nwokolo Chidera

    A very wonderful and real story. You write exactly as it is, and I thank you for that. This is what is happening currently in schools but most girls fail to realize the truth, they blame it on Love. They keep going back for more till they are eventually broken, they forget the reason they are in school and pursue unfavourable things. Am glad Chinny saw Gerald for who he truly was and hope she learnt a great deal from the relationship, because I did.

  • Nwokolo Chidera

    This is a very wonderful and real story. You write your stories exactly as it is, and I thank you for that. This story of Gerald and chinny is what is happening in schools all over the world(both secondary and higher institutions). Most girls, even guys after finding their partner committing a very bad act still fail to walk away because they believe it is Love and say Love can withstand all. They fail to realise the reason they are in school and that there is time for everything. They misinterpret the saying “all work and no play, makes jack a doll boy”. I hope people learn from this wonderful story because I do.

  • Ezeme Evans Ejike

    This is the kinda story that leaves the feeling of “He who has ear, let him hear”. I pray that as many that will read this story will understand the importance of being focused while in school. On the long run, nobody really cares about you. Just play the cards well, get good grades and the future will glow.

  • Odeke Camilus Chidubem

    Finally finally, a big lesson to everybody do not be taken by the things of this world, everything will fade away. Just thinking how Chinny’s world will look like after this, maybe she will learn her lesson.

  • Mbata jemita

    This is a story that we all should learn form. There is time for everything.

  • This is a real life representation of what is going on in our institute of learning. People don’t know why they are in school and because of that they effortlessly chase shadows that ends up coming to hurt them in return. Love has become a driving force. It has consumed many, left many in hurt and heart break. I just hope Chinny would have the strength to take this heart break. I just love the way the story ended it makes me so curious so as to dictate the outcome of events yet to unfold.

  • Ani Fabian

    Wow!!!.what an interesting story. These is exactly what is going on in our present day society. Students who are being sent to learn, will rather choose to ruin their life’s than to help themselves and their parents that sent them to school.knowing that they is time for everything will eventually help shape and amend the way we do things. I pray many of us will spent time to read and learn from chinny’s mistake.thank u very much ma for this post.

  • Cohabitation is fast becoming a popular culture in universities, which is very bad. Such relationships as that of Gerald and Chinny is totally wrong. Youths should set their priorities right as there is time for everything. The married in school, single at home syndrome is disastrous.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka Peace

    This is a story to serve every young undergraduate to never live in with another guy who is not ur husband. The annoying thing is that this habit is trending in campuses. I just pray girls would learn to handle relationships the right way. And like I always say..”you are a student first before you’re his girlfriend”. Your education should be top priority. Thank u ma for this eye opening story.

  • Kalu Divine ogechi

    God bless you ma, you just hit the nail on the head, this is exactly what is going in Nigerian universities today, boys and girls living together when not married and enjoying the benefits of a relationship without the commitment..youths should be wise, and also remember that there is equally time for everything

  • Unwana Ekere

    Chaii…So sorry chinny but next time try to be wise, This is what is going on in our Universities today, You will see a girl proudly telling you that she lives with her boyfriend,like she will be so happy,at times i so wonder if they are okay atall..
    Dont put all your trust on anybody because temptation and devil is always bound to come up.
    Am sure Gerald pleaded with her thereafter that it is the ‘devil’ handwork’ …mtcheeeww.
    God help us to concerntrate in our academic pursuit.

  • Anazodo Helen

    Wow, first of all ma lovely story, Chinny should have listen to her friends and her parents and face her studies,now look at the mess she find herself in, no matter how strong their love is, she shouldn’t have move in with him. Gerald on the other hand is wicked, regarding all the things chinny did for him and all he can pay that kindness back was cheating on her and this will change the way she sees men, it will affect her in life for sure.

  • Charles chisom vincentia

    Co habiting is what I don’t support in relationship. God first,academics 2nd is the motto for a normal student.not love.

  • Chioma Harmony

    Thank you ma’am for sharing this story. I really think it’s about time the youths know the truth. This an eye opener. I hope all cohabiting student, especially girls, realize that they’re only making a fool out of themselves.

  • Nnamani Eunice chiidnma

    Thousands of lessons to learn.. Well, this is what happens every day in the university. Some girls allowing their emotions control them. Forgetting the main reason why they are in school.. May God help us and direct us. Amen.

  • Emeka joy

    Wow, a lesson for young girls, Chinny is very foolish and blinded by what she calls love.

  • Adumike Winifred

    So many things are happening on campus,students are single at home but married in school.
    Girls now perform wifely duties to a guy who they are not married to,cooking cleaning and washing for them and these are same people that won’t run any errand for their parents.

  • this doesn’t look like a fiction because it truly happens in campuses , parents should endeavour to check up on their kids when they least expect it

  • Oshana Endurance

    Most students are married on campus without the knowledge of their parents. My advice to girls is- no guy is worth that sacrifice, face your studies squarely, don’t sell yourself cheap to any guy because he will do exactly the same thing Gerald did to Chinny. Know that if a guy truly loves you, he will work to deserve you.

  • Kooyon Abigail Aershimana

    It’s indeed a pity to see young people waste their lives mostly in varsities while their parents are busy suffering back there at home to make sure they give them the best.
    As youths,we need the grace of God and wisdom to live as expected by our parents.

  • Chukwu Oluebube juliet

    This is an eye opener,ladies ought to be careful and smart and not rely on any man who has not married you.

  • Chinedu stanley

    Gerald’s action was heartbreaking. Cheating on his girlfriend is atrocious. Everyone should be mindful of how they handle people’s heart. If you know they mean nothing to you, please don’t go about decieving them and breaking their hearts at the end of it all just like Gerald did to Chinny.

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    this is a great didactic story. Your ink will continue to flow more and more Ma as you impact morals into the lives of the youth. Truly there is time for everything. Time to play, time to face your studies. Chinny hard to use the time she was supposed to use and work for her future to play the role of a wife to an ungrateful man who has not put a ring into her fingers this is called stupidity in the highest order. She got what she deserved.


    Like how I will tell my single friends(ladies) , love is a beautiful thing but a bitter thing too because it consumes. It actually blinds ,I was not surprised when the lady was failing some of her courses while the guy was passing and it didn’t bother her to buckle up with her studies shockingly, she was so happy for her boyfriend…unbelievable. That’s why the scriptures (1cor 7:34) said that the unmarried should focus on the things of God, so that you won’t hurt yourself and the married ones should think of how to make their spouse happy. Don’t start what you’re not ready for (seems she’s still an under- graduate ).

  • Duruji Veralin Ogochukwu

    This issue is indeed a rampant one in most tertiary institutions. Many a times most girls tend to forget their reasons of being in an institution is to study and not practice “wifely” or “homely” activities to another fellow student all just because they feel they are in love. Am glad she was surprised by the turn of events, maybe that will teach her valuable lessons and make her concentrate more on her studies.

  • Chai! Imagine. The worst part of it all is that some girls are still practicing these “wifey” duties while in school. Some are under the impression that “he will later marry me” or “I’m just preparing for the future”. What nonsense preparation? I pray those that are living their lives like this will one day wake up and realize they are wasting their time. He is not your husband, you don’t owe him any wifey duties. Nice one aunty Edith, keep it up.

    • Egelebe uzoma geraldine

      This is pathetic when we know we don’t have a future with a person and still try to decieve ourselves. it is obvious that their relationship is a paratistic one and Gerald only stayed because he was what he was gaining from Chinny.Thankyou Ma for this piece because it replicates what is happening in our society till date and this will give an insight to us the young youths on the path to thread upon.

  • John Adaobi Benedicta

    Chinny’s case can be seen as ‘blind love’. She failed to realize that there is time for everything and failed to prioritize her studies instead she was deep in the ocean of love for Gerald. I hope she learns her lesson and start making up for her mistakes after what she saw at ‘their’ house.
    Keep going MA.

  • Chidimma Vivian

    Chinny gave herself freely to Gerald. This happens on campus and even in other settings. She didn’t get her priorities straight from start.

  • Nwanze Josephine Chidera

    Heartbreak! I can’t imagine the pain Chinny would have gone through. I love you, I love you everywhere in the air and here comes heartbreak. Chai! Ladies, be careful what you do with your life. Grade Chinny did not gather, Gerald she could not hold. What a loss!

  • Nwosu Victoria

    most relationships between students are always out of lust and stupidity in the end,they lead to depression and also makes one to loose focus. it is advisable to abstain from all these unholy relationships and face the real reason for being in school which is ensuring to graduate with a very goo result. footing his bills, cooking for him, performing wifely duties? now that was just too much. how sad. thank you for this piece ma. it is a real eye opener

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    The married in school, single at home syndrome. The things we young people do all in the name of love! I think it serves Chinny right for trying to deceive her parents and uncle. It also serves her right for no getting her priorities right and for allowing romance carry her away in a place where she was supposed to be studying. As they say, what goes around, comes around.

  • Chah ugochukwu

    The girl is a fool. What did she think would happen? Lol when u give a man everything before marriage, u are just asking him to leave u and go because they know that there is nothing left for u to give them,there is no mystery to u. I mean the girl was living with this guy for goodness sake. A guy that could not take care of her or their kids if any should have come. She should thank God sef that it was only cheating he cheated. Mtcheww and imagine skipping class to cook for ur classmate who would no doubt be in class just cus of love.hm

  • Andeshi Moniica

    Lol… cooking and looking up videos on new delicacies online to try out for him to eat and have strength to read his book and pass his exams (this is really funny). in situations like this, you ask yourself ‘where is the place of commonsense in all this? this is our new reality, we come to school to study but before you know it, we are carried away by unprofitable ventures that will deviate our attention from our main focus. i pray God help us to know distractions when we see one and give us the grace to remain focused.

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    This story is very didactic and insightful indeed. There is time for everything. That’s what the Bible thought us. But in society today, most especially among the youth. Due to what we view as enjoyment, we lost focus on the most important thing which will eventually lead to failure. Just as in this story, Chinny doesn’t see studying as the utmost priority of gaining admission, but to be with boyfriend and party around which is one of the reasons she was striving to gain admission in located in the city.
    The lesson from this story is that we should understand that there’s time for everything; and also to give our utmost priority to most important things which will facilitate success in our life.

  • Mark Favour

    This is an interesting story. I wonder what will become of Chinny ’cause I can see she loves him to a fault. Was she able to recover from the shock. Did she send him packing from her apartment? Was she able to recover the lost times through hardwork? Did she reconcile with God? If so how did she get conviction? But if not, did she become any wiser to steer clear from the parasite, Gerald? Did her parents ever find out about her poor grades, affair and break up? A sequel will be amazing.

  • Ugwoke Jennifer

    First thing chinny should have given more attention to her studies since that was the main reason she was at school but No she was so looking for distractions elsewhere.what do you stand to gain throwing yourself at a guy. Most men don’t value relationship or marriages when the girl comes cheap. I am dissapointed in chinney. I wonder what becomes of her when she realizes that she has lost on both sides.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Ewoo! ? So after all the cullinary miracles she’d performed in the past, this is what she got?
    Obviously Gerald has gotten everything he wants in her, he needs to taste other girls around. Lol

    Love/lust took the best part of her. I hope she borrows sense because she lacks it.

    I’ve always dreaded this boyfriend/girlfriend thingy in school because it makes one have divided attention.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Ewoo! ? So after all the cullinary miracles she’d performed in the past, this is what she got?
    Obviously Gerald has gotten everything he wants in her, he needs to taste other girls around. Lol

    Love/lust took the best part of her. I hope she borrows sense because she lacks it.

    I’ve always dreaded this school boyfriend/girlfriend thingy because it makes one have divided attention.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu c

    Oh my!!!. People can really be ungrateful. So Gerald had the mind to take another girl in because the girlfriend travelled. Chinny was so nice to be paid back like this. I really pity her because she will be devastated.

  • Igbokwe Rita Chinecherem

    Wow! I love this writeup. This story is just a lesson to every girl out there who goes to school to play around and waste her parent’s money. I just wish that they could learn their lesson from this story. Good job ma.

  • Ebere

    This is really worth reading and exactly what is happening in the University this days because we girls we come to school and start playing the role of wife to our so-called boyfriend while we are single at home. “Married in school single at home “

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Hmmmmmm, this is what is happening in the University community, teens and youth come to school and in no time become couple. Why not wait for the right time? Why rush into becoming husband and wife at this young stage of life?
    Her grades are already suffering, now she wants to suffer emotionally, God please help our generation. A generation that welcome cohabitation as though it is normal, a generation that leaves God for worldly pleasure, a generation where immoral sexual partners go to church together, dance and come back to continue in their sin, a generation which even when confronted with their sin feel no remorse about it, bringing up arguments that it is a normal thing…Ah, God please help our generation.

  • Okoloji kosisochukwu vivian

    This is really funny to me,I just pity my fellow girls who came to school abandoning their sense at home.
    I have such a friend and I Just feel she’s been stupid.
    Men can never be trusted especially the worldly ones.

  • Richards Orighomisan

    The rate at which this nonsense is happening in school is alarming, so many lives have been destroyed, destinies aborted. May Gid save His children from foolishness. Amen

  • Ekwubiri Wisdom

    It’s so disheartening to see youths even after reading all these, continue in unplanned relationships with each other?,I pray that God will strengthen us youths and teach us his ways..
    Nice piece of art ma’am, remain blessed as you continue to touch lives,Amen

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    Not surprising but for me school first and others.

  • Nora Nsan

    Wow this is amazing for it’s what is happening in our society today. Aunty Edith Ohaja, you are an incredible writer. Well done, ma!

  • Uzochukwu Angel

    It’s so sad how parents will send their children to school, only to be welcomed with this heartbreaking and disappointing news. It’s a lesson for for those who while away their time in the university, under the pretext of love and showing support. A man who loves you will want your progress and success and not deter you.

  • Chimdalu Onah

    This should serve as a guide. Girls please have sense

  • Okeke Mmesoma

    A wonderful piece which every student should read

  • Caroline Udegbe

    I was literally glued to the story till the end, now am yearning for part 2…
    Its quite shocking what a lot of people go through, especially miles away from home and family, and this is actually painful after investing in what you think is good and then it becomes an unwanted reality.
    I pray God will help us.
    Thank you, ma.
    This is actually an eye-opener.

  • Anita kadiri

    This is some what my story but I thank God for delivering me.. this is really a great one ma.

  • Pearl

    Very educating ,I wish it was longer than this.

  • Foukunou favour Tamaraprede

    God bless you ma for this advice ma

  • Glory wisdom Ugwuoke

    It serves her right. At least it will help reset her brain and put her back on the track.

  • Mboutidem Godwin Samuel

    Wow! So wow.
    The breakfast was served as expected. What an educative story.
    I really appreciate ma

  • Kingsley Eze

    Wow! The story was very interesting and also filled with encouragement with regards to good morals. Undeniably speaking, it is very bad and not encouraging for students to co-habit or should i say unmarried couples if I’m permitted. Another thing that caught my attention was the wrong decision that the co-habitors took; how could someone be anticipating marriage when he or she is still in first year. This is uncalled for and it shouldn’t be encouraged at all.

  • Oliseji Goodnews Adaeze

    Hmmm, in life there’s time for everything but Chinny failed to realize that early enough!

  • Anayo chinonyelum Cynthia

    Oh my God! Ewo! The thing go shock my girl- campus marriage.

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