This poem is an affirmation of my belief that life is worth living and that no matter what good things we’ve experienced, it’s likely that God still has new and better things in store for us. The laudation of hope seen here is not meant to undermine the place of faith in the life of the believer nor is it a call to disregard the words of Solomon as recorded in the Bible. Every verse of scripture is best understood in its proper context if we will be enriched by it. Read, comment and share widely on your social media platforms. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.


What is life without anticipation of the newness hope will bring? #quote #poem Click To Tweet

It’s wonderful to have something to look forward to
To work and strive to see it become part of our lives
It’s exciting to conceive new ideas and projects
To put our mental and physical resources into them
For what is life without hope?
What is life without anticipation of the newness it will bring?

There was once a king called Solomon
Solomon was blessed by God, oh so extraordinarily
He invested his time in seeking knowledge
He composed songs and proverbs
He built cities and gardens
He accumulated wives and horses
But then he got bored
He felt he’d seen it all
His tastes became sated and his verses cynical
What had happened to the great king?
He had lost his sense of wonder and expectation


Perhaps, if he had taken it slow
If he had paused to appreciate
And had taken everything in measured doses
He would not have been jaded enough to declare
“Everything is meaningless
There’s nothing new under the sun”*

There’s always something new
Life is infinite in its possibilities
The spirit of creation still pervades the earth
The wonders to come could exceed the wonders that have been

So latch on to hope
Look out for the new, inquire and enjoy
As long as you have life in you
Never say there’s nothing to look forward to
As God is vast and layered in mystery
So is this wide world we live in
Lose yourself in Him and all your days will be filled with hope

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

*Ecclesiastes 1: 2 & 9

As long as you have life in you, never say there's nothing to look forward to. #quote #poem Click To Tweet


Scriptural references:
Ecclesiastes 9:4-5 (KJV)
“… to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.”
Psalm 31:24 (KJV)
“Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.”
Proverbs 23:18 (NLT)
“Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.

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153 thoughts on “LIVE IN HOPE (POEM)

  1. This poem portraye the importance of an individual putting their hope in God no matter their situations and difficulties in life. Hope gives birth to results if someone doesn’t give up.

    • You’re right! That is why the Bible says “hope maketh not ashamed”, meaning that our hope in God does not disappoint us. May you see God do amazing things in your life in Jesus’ name.

  2. Beautiful! With respect to faith, it is my opinion that hope keeps faith alive. The two are not rivals nor are they mutually exclusive. Rather they both need and compliment each other. A well versed and written poem.

    • Thanks a whole lot, Ziri! So glad you came by. Glory to God for the poem. I hope it encourages some people. You are blessed and blessed in Jesus’ name.

  3. This poem is an awesome one. Although life gives you all that it takes to live, one still needs to pause and use it wisely. Solomon, the wise king, accumulated all he needed but at a point, he found it all to be tasteless and vanity. Life can be tasteless at a point but one needs to encourage oneself and live on.

  4. Wow……interesting poem. As a Christian, we should try and bring God into our everyday life. We should also appreciate his works and no matter how little you think he gave you, try and be appreciative. Also, we should be happy with what we have and don’t envy others.

  5. ‘As long as you have life in you,never say there’s nothing to look forward to’…. Some people contend that love is the greatest gift of all. I believe it is hope. Really what is life without hope? what then will all our dreams and aspirations amount to without the rare gem that is hope?. To lose hope is to lose joy, to lose hope is to forsake happiness, to lose hope is to forfeit life. Oh Aunty Edith! you have not the slightest inclination, not the faintest clue what your poems of hope and faith do to me. With every poem of hope that you write, i fall in love with you all over again. You may probably think i’m over-emotional but even as i write this, the tears of gladness just won’t stop flowing. Ma’am, my greatest fear is for hope to elude me. It’s a fate i could never wish on anyone. I could read poems of hope all day if the pressing matters of this world let me. I’m thankful, ma’am. In no small measure am i thankful.

    • Praise the Lord! The three virtues – faith, hope and love are all important and work interconnectedly. The Bible tells us that faith works through love and that our hope does not disappoint us because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts. So you see, as the Bible says again, love is the binding tie for all three. You are splendidly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  6. I love this poem, it shows that we need to work hard for our future, because there is one adage that said that, heaven help those who help themselves. King solomon is a very hardworking man, through his hardworking God bless him, so it shows that we need to word hard for God to bless us more and more.

  7. wow! I love this poem. Its all about hope which is the virtuous desire for good. As a christian, we are also meant to have faith in God because Faith is the ultimate needed in a Christian’s life. we should also be hardworking, for Faith goes along with work.

    • Actually, we are meant to have faith, hope and love but love is the greatest because the other don’t work well without it. Have a fruitful week, Chidubem, in Jesus’ name.

  8. hope/faith is a total world of its own ….its like being satisfied in hunger by telling urself that food will come even when there is no food around …its like being in a situation where all odds are pointing @ ur death and yet you are laughing and saying you will live……..its unbelievable but yet we are meant to believe…..indeed now i believe dt there are things yet to come, because if king solomon in all his riches did not use a phone, even if its nokia 3310….then there is a lot yet unseen…..

  9. “As long as you have life in you, never say there’s nothing to look forward to.” Amen! I love these words, Edith. The world needs hope. And Hope, as we are blessed to know, is Christ Jesus. Praise God!

  10. Living your life without hope is meaningless; hope pushes you to do more and also to give it your all.
    Once you have hope and faith in God,you will always be encouraged to give life your all in all that you do.
    Like the saying goes, once there is life there is always hope.

  11. This poem is really encouraging because hope is one of the special attributes one needs to adopt, reason being that with hope one can conquer or rather achieve many things.

  12. Hope is the foundation of every true christian. Why do i say this? it’s because we all hope in christ and in the kingdom of God that has been promised in the bible book of Daniel.

  13. Hope is what everyone has. We all have hope in something or someone but regardless of whatever we put our faith or hope in, we must remember to hope in the Lord.

    • Is it really true that everyone has hope, and faith? That would really be nice. But I do agree that it is best to put our hopes in God.

  14. This is an inspirational poem.
    Our responsibility is to have faith and hope in God, God`s own responsibility is to bless us infinitely .
    Therefore, do not be like Solomon, who felt tired and bored to appreciate God for his riches and wealth.
    God bless you ma.

  15. this poem i must say is awesome, hope keeps us going even in trials and difficulties of life,hope sustains us,it is only a dead man that dosen’t have hope for as far as there is life,there is hope.

  16. Exactly! Hope introduces totally new dimensions to life. A life void of hope and expectstions is really boring and bleak.

  17. A life void of hope can be said to be boring and lacking spice. because hope opens more new dimensions to life.

  18. Nice work ma.
    New inventions only tend to excite for a while, but hope really provides for a pleasurable and meaningful life.

  19. This poem emphasises on the saying that where there is life, there is hope. I agree with the poem because it passes a secret message to me. Thank you ma.

  20. What a motivational poem. We should know that the future has good plans for us. So, we should live in hope because wonders to come are better than wonders that had passed.

  21. Hope and faith are forces that push us toward achieving great, especially when things of this world try to weigh us down. #living in anticipation of new things life brings# are now my watchwords.
    Thank u Ma
    u are really an epitome of God’s instrument, used for invigorating the enervated hopes of individuals who come across this blog.

  22. Awesome! This is indeed a motivational poem which enables us to know the need of having faith and hope in everything because once there is no hope, there will be no life.

  23. Pride is an ingredient of destruction and failure. We should not be carried away by pride when the almighty God lifts us up.

  24. Wow…..interesting poem. God is the giver of hope where there is no hope, no matter what one is passing through in life.

  25. Life without hope is meaningless, but when you have hope and the fear of God in you, life will be so meaningful

  26. Wow! This is beautiful!
    Life always and will always have something new that we are yet to know about. There are still wonders that God has in store for the ones who believe.
    But then, I leant that in as much as some may be blessed abundantly like King Solomon, we ought to take life easy and slowly and enjoying every good thing that the Lord has brought to us.
    There shouldn’t be any anxiousness to get them all, else we might say life is meaningless like King Solomon.

  27. So, whenever wonderful things happen in our life, we should always appreciate and hope in Him to do something better. And He will.

  28. Hope is the light of every individual, it gives us the courage to go on; especially when we hope in something as strong and trustworthy as God!

  29. H.O.P.E they say stands for Hold On, Pain Ends and that is exactly what this poem reminds me of life will always be challenging but hope will always be that tiny voice that whispers hold on. I like the poem as a whole but I fell in love with its last stanza because, the writer was able to encourage her readers and also acknowledge God, shining the light on the fact that our hope should be in God only.

  30. As children of God, we must love, hope and above all trust in God, its through those that our success are guaranteed in life. Nice poem

  31. Thoughtful words indeed ma. truly, when there is life, there is hope. mostly if we believe in God and serve Him. People seem to give up quickly when they undergo hard and trying times. This write up is an eye opener to everyone. God bless you ma.

  32. I love this poem for it teaches us to forget about the past and look up to the future. for tomorrow may be brighter than yesterday. As a christian we have to look up to God for a better tomorrow.

  33. Wow this is actually an encouragement. No matter the situation, we should continue to hope and trust in God.

  34. Striking because some people out there fail to understand the many and new things life have in store for them. They feel they have it all.

  35. Good one, i like this poem. in any condition we are in life we should try and have hope because hope keeps us going.

  36. It all centres on patience, it centres on appreciation and being contented with what you have. Never allow envy, jealousy and conflict to bring us to our Waterloo, but rather have patience and wait for the right time.
    I duff my hats for this ma.
    It’s indeed inspirational.

  37. Wow..what a nice poem which talks abt hope bt we shouldn’t just relax and keep hoping for miracles to happen,we have to work hard, anticipate, and also have something to look out for and then with faith everything would fall into place.

  38. Wow! Iove this poem. It potrays the need for we Christians to live in hope and also to appreciate and be happy with the things God has done for us without turning our backs on him.

  39. Hope is the virtuous desire for future good. Therefore, we cannot be fulfilled unless we hope on something and we are not fulfilled unless we get fulfilled in God who is the hope of all creation.

  40. Hope and trust in HIM is a strong factor in our faith. He doesn’t disappoint-EVER!!. when life deals you a blow..don’t go down-utilise it.

  41. The story was told of Jews who died in Nazi concentration camp while others survived the trauma. those who did had something to live for which live in hope emphasized

  42. We should always know that there is hope as far as there is life. We should always have something to look unto that will always renew our hope. Remain blessed, ma.

  43. Beautiful piece ma. Truly, the saying that “when there is life there is hope” is one that everybody should have at the back of their mind and portray it even when life is not smiling with them

  44. Sometimes in life, one does not have any choice but to hope, trust, have faith and believe in God and something miraculous will happen.

  45. My spirit just got lifted up. The poet is right! there is always something new under the sun if only we can open our mind to behold and see thousands of great possibilities that exist in this world, because when we do, our limitations to ourselves will cease.

  46. As long as there is life there is hope maybe for Solomon no hope,but for me here on earth every new day is a day filled with endless possibilities and I Look on with every joy and hope as I can .muster

  47. We have hope, because we have life.
    However tough, our hope in the creator of the universe will never waver. He knows all of our problems and he’ll answer us in due time. Thank you for this poem ma.

  48. Three gifts the Lord gave to us- Faith, hope and love. He told us, through the scriptures that he is with us, even when we walk through the fire. These truths are enough to keep me going, even in bad times.

  49. A beautiful poem that assures the heart of God’s Love and a call to always hope in his love that he will never leave nor forsake us. To us Hope is assurance!.. God bless you Ma

  50. We should all emulate the character of Lazarus, his hope and faith towards God even in his condition, we should understand that tomorrow holds so many promises, for the gift of life is a reason to be hopeful.

  51. Emmanuel:God is with us
    No matter what we should have hope for a better tomorrow.
    Once there is life there is hope..

  52. I believe that HOPE is a necessity for all humans, that moment we want to give up we remember this word (Hope) which whispers silently to our ears making us not to give up.
    Giving up is only for failures for if you want to be successful we fall and rise again and that rising again is Hope…God is the generator of Hope.

  53. Everything in life is all about hope. Even when things are at the worse stage, we still hope it turns out good. Life itself is built on hope, thats why the igbo adage says”Nke iru ka” and so we keep hoping and believing God for the best. Jisike ma

  54. Amazing poem! Life has a lot to offer. Lets take away the doubt and speak positive, believe in the future and hope for the best. Life is a mystery and only the brave and courageous can survive. This is a message of life. Thank you ma.

  55. hope keeps even the most unfortunate of persons going and smiling. it gives us all something to hold on to when everything is just tough.

  56. Hopes and anticipations are the vehicles that propels one towards a certain goal one has. The absence of hope in ones journey towards can be likened to driving without gas in your vehicle which is impossible, nevertheless, goals cannot be attained without the inclusion of hope

  57. I have hope in the almighty God. He is the one that I live for and he is the reason I live. My hope is built on nothing else than in Christ Jesus, his blood and righteousness.

  58. This is a great assurance you have for us nah, as long as there is life there is hope. This poem I bet will give many of its readers life time hope

  59. Never give up, as long as you are living there is hope for you. In any situation we find ourselves let’s bear this is mind something good can still come out from that situation. Don’t lose hope but stay focused.

  60. Once there’s life there’s hope. We should always place our hope on God and not in man. We should never lose hope but rather we should be steadfast to God’s word and place or faith n hope on him

  61. No matter what a situation looks like, it is important for us to be hopeful. It makes one look forward to a brighter tomorrow, it makes one work towards achieveing a better tomorrow.

  62. Even as Christians our life depends on Christ is our hope of glory. We should not relent on whatever good we are doing, because there a rewarder who rewards every man according to his deeds.

  63. Wow, very nice, living in hope is the best, hope keeps faith alive, living life without faith is meaningless, its really inspirational.

  64. Interesting ma. I strongly believe that when there is life, there is hope.This poem helps us understand that we should always have a positive mind in what ever we are doing. May God continue to bless your handwork ma.

  65. When there is life, there is hope. As long as we are alive, we shouldnt loose hope about certain things. Things could happen and we fall, still, we must rise and start over again. We would get there eventually. Also, life in Christ is the hope of glory

  66. Having hope on something keeps one going as did the disciples of old had hope of eternal life in heaven and followed Jesus to the end. Hope is a moral virtue that brings essence to life. This is a lovely inspiring poem as it reminds Christians of their hope in Christ

  67. As Christians,we should learn how to live in hope.In as much as there is life, there is hope. No matter any situation we found ourselves,we should learn to know that is not the end of the world.when we rise and fall,it shouldn’t discourage us but encourage us to do better.what a wonderful poem ma.

  68. Hope comes with faith, and its not also by hoping we also workhard to fulfill our hopes. God is always there for us and reaching out for us, that’s if we have hope. Hope is very important!

  69. On course… There new ideas to exploit, life is full of possibilities but we are meant to do these exploits with our creator, the author and giver of life. unless the Lord keeps watch, futile is the watchman’s job.

  70. Since there life, there is hope. We have to believe that there is nothing hard for God to do, one thing every child of God need to have is hope and never give up on anything you want, just have faith in God.

  71. No matter what l pass through, there is this tiny feeling of hope l have that he who keepeth me alive will never forsake me. Life is meaningless without God. God is hope. As long as our reliance is on God,we have nothing to worry about

  72. As long as you have life in you. Never say there’s nothing to look forward to. Yes, I believe.
    Hope in God, be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart.
    Interesting piece!

  73. When there is life there is hope. Hope and faith work hand in hand. God is hope and he will always be there for us and will never forsake us.

  74. Having hope is one of the best thing that can happen to us because when you have hope, you hardly give up. Hope becomes your strength, even when things and difficult and are not going as planned. Always have hope and believe in God for an upliftment.

  75. This is a nice one ma.You have really touched me with this great poem on hope. it has made me to really understand that only hope can one have to live up to expectation in life. so long as one lives in life one should always be filled with hope to achieve great things in future and also accompany it with faith only in God and not in man, because the bible said in Matthew 19:26 that“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

  76. Hope keeps us going all the time. Do we wonder why those who commit suicide make the decision to do so? Because they have lost all hope. While having hope, we should learn to fix our hope in the right source, we should place our hope in God and not in man for He is the author and finisher of our faith. As long as we have hope, we have a tomorrow. Let’s learn to live life one day at a time.

  77. This poem is thought-provoking,
    There always comes a time in our life, that we feel depressed, it seems nothing is working,because of this, people commit suicide but if we can have faith in God and hope for a better tomorrow, we will realize that life is worth living.
    As for me, as long as God exist my tomorrow must be greater than my yesterday.

  78. Truly, there is nothing hidden under the sun but with hope and great work, you can make things new and beautiful for the world to see. Therefore, anything being conceived should be put into reality fully backed up with hope and above all prayers….

  79. The saying “when there is life,there is a way”, hope is the foundation most Christians are yet to find because without hope,there is nothing to live for.
    This poem draws our attention to putting all our hope in GOD and how it would eventually make one successful in whatever they do.

  80. Hope keeps faith alive. The poem is really great. When life seems bad, always encourage yourself by having hope.

  81. The introduction reminds me of the popular saying of my dear Fulton Sheen…”Life is Worth Living ” as opposed to the philosopher Albert Camus…. Life is Not Worth living.
    In our dynamic world today where everything changes,their is need for us Hope for things because we live in a world where no one knows what will happen next.
    We are to work and pray and then hope for a result. Usually, people do say hoping for a positive result…. No,God’s foreknowledge supersedes all and as such his will must be done whether we like it or not.
    We are to pray like Jesus in his example while praying on Gethsemane…. “Father, if it is your will let this cup pass over me. It is not my will but may your will be done” We are to accept God’s will and hope on him for He is our Father…For with God,nothing is impossible

  82. This is so incredibly beautiful. Hope is everything. To alot of people, there seems to be no point in carrying on if there is no hope. I pray that everyone will feel the hope that Jesus gives us today. Thank you for your heartfelt post! ❤

  83. As far as we are alive, there is hope, let hope drive us daily because if we loose hope we start loosing the importance of our humanity!

  84. The bible says we should have hope for hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been shade abroad in our hearts as children of God (Romans 5:5).

  85. Hope is dwindling away in people’s mind, leading to suicide actions now. I encourage us to live in hope because when there is life there is hope.

  86. Hmm. Beautiful one Aunty.
    Hope is not just an easy virtue, especially now things are not as expected. Life may throw all it got on you, but what? Lose yourself in God and you will find hope. Thank you so much Aunty.

  87. Never say never
    Never give up as long as you are still breathing.
    Be optimistic, have hope and finally have Faith because God is alive

  88. Exactly, there is always something to look forward to in life no matter what we think but be hopeful for a better tomorrow in God because he can never fail his children

  89. This is really an interesting poem that gave me a very clear insight on the word “hope”, although I got an argument with my roommate (Janessa) on whether there is really anything new under the sun or not. Reading through this poem and from other rational deductions, I’m convinced that there are many things new under the sun and hope helps us look forward to those things to come.

  90. As long as there’s life there’s hope, every hard working person have a reward, therefore as you are working you are also hoping for your rewards, but the most important thing is to remember that the reward comes from God and we should learn to use it well when we have it.

  91. One thing I believe is that, so long as you have life, never say never, keep believing. Even if in process of pursuing your dreams they scatter into pieces, pick up one piece and continue from there. There is always something to look forward to. Some people who gave up, never knew how close they were to success. Just put your trust in God, and you’ll see that life is worth living.

  92. “It’s wonderful to have something to look forward to”. I for one is looking forward to being a better person, a friend of all, a great and influential person. That is hope. And, “What is life without anticipation of the newness it will bring?” Yes! The newness life brings is in the salvation given to us by Christ. When he gave up his life for us, he gave us hope and his fountain of love brought a newness in our lives. No creature can fly without hope. When we anticipate and hope, we see the need to live and do better. This poemis holy Spirit-inspired I must say. Thanks alot Ma.

  93. I have a lot to look forward to,sometimes things aren’t rosy but as long there is life never say there’s nothing to look forward to, only the living has hope and it’s a great privilege to be alive.I will keep pressing upward high.

  94. Is true that there’s always something new and something to hope for because when there’s life, there’s hope. This encourages me a lot.

  95. I like the artistic nature of this poem. It centers on the aesthetic nature of hope as more than just a feeling in distress. This poem rightly says that we should never see life as a dull affair simply because of bad situations or circumstances. We should always hope for new and better things. That’s what gives life it’s flavour. We should hope in God as well for he can change our troubles. Hope should be enough to pull us through.

  96. No matter what circumstances and trials you are going through, never give up. Always hope in God to help you through. Always have hope and look forward to a brighter and better tomorrow, God never forsakes those who have faith and trust in him. Thank you, ma, for this motivational post.

  97. What is life without hope. Hope is one thing that keeps us moving even when we have no seen the result of what we are doing. In school, we embrace all the stress with hope. Even when we think we have enough just like Solomon, let’s not stop hoping.
    Thanks ma.

  98. Sometimes, it is really hope that drives life. cause when hope is lost, faith is also lost and it is faith that enables you to hope. And hopelessness is a route to snipy juice.

  99. ‘Never say never to whatever you do’, there is always hope for you as long you breathe and live “for what is life without hope?”. I believe there is something “new” out there that will definitely capture your fantasy and you can live for. There is always reason to live (in line with recent suicide occurrences) and something that is worth living for, “never say there’s nothing to look forward to”. Nice and hope building and sustaining piece Ma, the message is truly clear.

  100. if one is passing through the deteriorating times in his life, he or she should always latch on to hope because there is always greater and better expectations awating one in the future and as long as you have life in you, never say there’s nothing to look forward to. since with God all things are possible and one should always remember the saying”that the mills of God grinds slowly”. therefore, be patient and depend strongly on God who is the author and finisher of our are blessesd ma.

  101. Inspiring poem from you ma .Hope is one of the things we should have because it remind us of greater tomorrow even when our today is bad, keep hoping and trust God and the dreams will come through.

  102. This is inspiring ma,
    No matter what we face now, we should always be hopeful that the wonders to come must surely exceed the wonders that have been

  103. Hope is indeed necessary. It spurs you to look up to the best and be patient. Hope brings positive vibes and thoughts of a better tomorrow.

  104. Hope and faith are the two things that pushes me through whenever I feel like nothing is working out for me. I found out that life is truly infinite in its possibilities and while something may not work out as planned, we should hope and have faith because God is indeed vast and mysterious, he may have something far greater in store for you.

  105. Trying or having an idea to do something new has these feelings that come with it but when your hope is dashed, you are left weaker or stronger.

  106. there is always something new life has to offer each day, all we need to do is present ourselves for it by giving ourselves hope. God is never out of stock, he has so much in store for us each day of our life’s. the future will definitely be greater than our past and present. “as long as there is live there is hope” this simply means that we should be expectant each day of our life because life breed hope. let’s all believe and trust in the HOPE for a better day.

  107. As long as you have life in you,never say there’s nothing to look forward to. if one is passing through the deteriorating times in his life, he or she should always latch on to hope because there is always greater and better expectations awaiting one in the future.

  108. As long as the earth remains there is hope. No matter the condition you are in or the situation you are going through as long you are alive there is still hope for a better tomorrow.

  109. It is said that when there is life there is hope. We should keep hoping everyday because there are better days ahead. We should ne never lose Hope but keep being expectant in our daily lives. With hope, there is always positivity.

  110. It’s very evident that everything is vanity. Solomon got too familiar with his achievement that he thought he’s seen it all. Forgetting that God is a mysterious God.I wish I can taste a bit of how it feels to have everything. Wishful thought.

  111. To live in hope and anticipation is great gain. I say this because it’s wonderful to wake up to see what the day has in store for you irrespective of how you have planned it to be.
    It is more wonderful to have new ideas in your head or goals with which you always live for and hope to accomplish.
    The word of God says his words are new every morning. We should place our hope in Him and learn to live for each day as best as we could for we just might be living the last.

  112. There is no Hope without Christ, so if we must live in hope, we must first accept the finished work of Christ for us on the cross, a song writer said “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow” a perfect example of one whose hope is fully in Christ.

  113. They said the gods are jealous of our lives, because they already know the future and as such life is boring to them. We wish to wake up tomorrow because of the excitement we are yet to experience. For if we don’t have hope, what are we waking up for!?

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