GUILTY OR FULLY PARDONED? BY JOLEISA (Creative Testimony from the Woman Caught in Adultery)

Some months ago, I published a guest post that was based on the scriptural injunction in Matthew 7:1, “Judge not lest ye be judged.” The post was a brilliant retelling of the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8:3-11) from the perspective of one of the men who brought her to Jesus. It was written by my beloved sisters, Jo and Leisa, of Penny Pinchers’ Paradise. If you love a good story that graphically paints the mood of an event and goes beyond what is obvious to people’s motivations, you will love that story. (See link below.)

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You can therefore imagine my excitement when Joleisa as they are called in their writings contacted me to say they had written a similar piece. When I read the story, it simply blew me away. It turned out to be another creative interpretation of the same story, this time from the perspective of the accused woman herself. The story is highly relatable and offers life lessons to both the saved and unsaved.

Read, comment, share and be blessed!

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So I’ve been trying to live a good, clean, godly life, right? Right. By my own power. I mean I never quite fully surrendered to God. And then I met this man. I knew I was trying to abandon sin, but these days sin in most forms just seems so appealing. So like I said, I met this man and he chatted me right up. He really did have a honey tongue. We made a date to meet up again. Stupid me, I went. And this time, we got up to more than just talking, you know what I mean.

Lo and behold, we were caught! Caught in the very act and I did not know what to do. I was naked, the man was naked too. I was so ashamed. I just wanted to be swallowed up alive by the earth. No such luck! The men of the village saw us both.

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But they gave him a chance to gather his clothes together, put them on and disappear in the crowd. But for me, they grabbed me before I got a chance to put on even one bit of clothing. To say I was embarrassed is, to put it mildly, a big understatement. I had no clothes on! I did not know what part of me to hide, my face or my private parts. Well, I could not hide anywhere because the men grabbed my arms and dragged me. I feared for my life! It’s at times like these that I wish I could just put on a disappearing act and do just that, disappear!

Where would they take me? What would they do to me? Would they give me a chance to tell my story or to even ask for forgiveness? And where was Mr Honey Tongue? All these questions flooded my mind. I didn’t get to think one through carefully before another came rushing in!

Whilst all this myriad of thoughts were going through my mind, I noticed that the crowd looking on to see my shame was growing bigger and bigger. My arms were aching because the men just tugged at me, not even thinking that I was hurting. One of my biggest worries was that my husband might be in the crowd. OMG! My head and my heart were pounding with the anxious thoughts.

The pace slowed down for a bit and then they flung me in the middle of a hastily formed circle of people. I looked up briefly and there was Jesus! Oh gosh! This could not be worse! I really did look up to Jesus and many around did too. But most of these men did not accept His claim to be a prophet. In fact, they tried to use the situation I was in to set a trap for Jesus. They knew He had a tendency to forgive. So they figured that if He said I was forgiven, then they could say He was a false prophet! They could say this because the Mosaic law did stipulate that anyone caught in adultery should be stoned. So how could a true prophet not abide by the great prophet Moses’ decree?

So the trap was set! How was Jesus going to get out of this one? How was I going to get out? I was facing certain death, and there surely were enough of them to start pummelling me with stones! The crowd was chanting: ‘What say you, Jesus?’ They repeated this over and over. It was deafening!

But Jesus was about to play His best chess piece! His best card. He stooped, and with his very fingers, he wrote on the ground. While He wrote, they continued chanting. Then all of a sudden, He stood up and calmly said to the crowd: ‘He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone’.

Then He stooped again and there was silence! I was cowering, waiting to feel the blows and there was none. After a while, the only sound I heard were the footsteps of the crowd leaving. All left, young, old and middle-aged. They had all been waiting there to stone me. But now I was left alone, just me and Jesus. They had all been convicted of their own sins and had seen that they could not condemn me without condemning themselves.

Jesus asked me where my accusers were and I told Him they had all left, every one of them. I was still afraid although it was just Jesus and me. He could condemn me, because He was without sin. But guess what? He didn’t! He admonished me to go and sin no more.

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You know, I could have protested. I could have complained about how unfair it was to have just me brought to him for capital punishment without the man I was caught with (after all one person cannot commit adultery all by herself) but I did not. I was just so relieved to be pardoned.

Jesus went on to do many mighty things. I, on my part, accepted the pardon that I had been given and left to live a sinless life by God’s grace. No longer in my own power. Are you doing the same? Have you accepted the forgiveness of Jesus? You don’t have to wait until you are exposed like I was. No matter how secret you think your sin is, God sees it all.

Seeing how I was rescued from the anger of that crowd, I look on others through the eyes of mercy with which Jesus looked at me. Are you doing the same? Or do you have stones in your hand? Have you given your stony heart to the only One who can change you, the Saviour Jesus?

How do you stand now? Guilty or fully pardoned? The choice is yours!

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Jo and Leisa are twin teachers, authors, freelance writers and bloggers who hail from Jamaica. They currently reside in England where they are doing their bit to raise their children. The Christian ladies now blog about frugal living and using wisely the resources we have at our disposal. Their blog is and they can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  • Lawrence Ernest Enyi

    Wow! This is creativity at work. I so much believe in this statement that “Trying to live a godly life in one’s strength is like fetching water in a basket.” God bless you trio… Ms. Edith, Jo and Leisa. More inspiration to you I pray. Happy Sunday!

  • Umoru Sadia

    This is a very interesting way of telling this biblical story. I read through every word from the woman’s eyes, and it’s a good thing to know that despite the gravity of our sin, Jesus can forgive us. Thanks for sharing this ma

  • Wow this is such a beautiful way of ministering. God bless them for this. Indeed it is not right to judge others.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Amen. God has given my sisters, Jo and Leisa, wisdom to do things differently to catch people’s attention for His glory. God bless you too in Jesus’ name.

  • kbraswell1187

    I was so moved! This is such a beautifully written account! I did tear up, remembering what Jesus has done for me; for us! <3 Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder today!

  • When you get into the story like this, live and breathe and experience what is happening, Scripture really does come alive and you can see things you never saw before.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thank you, Susan! You’re absolutely right. This kind of rendering helps one to visualise the scene and empathise with the womam in the story although sin should not be excused. God’s grace in your ministry in Jesus’ name.

  • Awoke Isaiah Kelechi

    i’m grateful to God that people of those days can repent of their sins, today, i feel some people will still cast the stones but my question is why would the man involved in adultery not be punished?

  • Nonike Victoria N.

    Such a timeless love story! Our Lord so loves us that he came in form of a man, to live among us, i believe he understands the passions we face, the temptations and our weaknesses. “let he that is without sin cast the first stone” imagine that! This teaches me to avoid being judgmental, so I’m not judged either. this is an awesome way of telling a bible story, good work Jo and Liesa. God bless you ma for sharing this story, i was inspired tonight.

  • Great post! I enjoyed the way this was written. Jesus comes alive more fully when it’s written this way and I think the message comes across in a new light!

  • Beautifully written! Very good biblical fiction; putting in little details that fill out the life. The words painted an accurate picture!

    • Edith Ohaja

      So glad to have you here, April! The sisters did a great job, praise God! Have a joyful Christmas season in Jesus’ name.

  • Ukamaka Ukaegbu Mirabel

    Wonderful post. God’s personality is such that no man can beat that which is made so clear in this story. In our society today, we would hastily condemn and profane the name of such adulterer forgetting that no human being on earth is devoid of sin which could be this same act or even a greater act than this. We should never be quick to judge.



    • Edith Ohaja

      Ummm, for a more balanced perspective on this, you might wanna read “Myself, the judge” under Guest Posts. May the Lord decorate your Christmas with His oresence and favour in Jesus’ name.

  • okoh daniel


  • Jeremiah Chioma

    Its simple…. Love is Jesus Christ and Jesus is Love. Seperate the two and we forget the only reason for his coming and death.

  • Mokogwu Josephine

    It’s not good to judge much less condemn no matter what happens, we are human and mistakes are inevitable for the Lord is a merciful God.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Hi Josephine! In order not to misinterpret the point the story is making, you might wanna read another guest pist here on the blog. It’s called, “Myself, the Judge”. Cheers!

  • Ene Esther

    Wonderful post. Beautifully written. This encourages those who have lost faith because of the gravity of their sins that God is ever ready to forgive us.

  • victor chukwudi udeh

    its an inspirational post for me. I tried some time to live a godly and just life but without positive result. ln fact, the situation worsened. l concur that through the death of Christ, human beings can attain perfection.

  • Oleru Precious

    This piece is fantastic. I see Jesus Christ as our redeemer who came to save and not to condemn. If you don’t believe in him I wonder who else you would believe in

  • Theresa Osere

    Fully pardoned, May the Lord see us through our tribulations and trials.

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Wow! This is so creative and inspiring… I have never read this story on this dimension before. it’s so simple and easy to comprehend.

    I pray God will give me the grace to live a holy and decent life and also give me the grace to take full responsibility for my sins and not blame anyone for them and that he will forgive me each time I fall short of his glory…Amen

  • Ohakwe Oluchi judith

    Wow! This is so creative and inspiring… I have never read this story on this dimension before it’s so simple and easy to comprehend.

    I pray God will give me the grace to live a holy and decent life and also give me the grace to take full responsibility for my sins and not blame anyone for it and that he will forgive me each time I fall short of his glory…Amen

  • Abugu Nkemjika Edith

    I am not perfect and I am a sinner, Lord please give me the grace to rise whenever I fall short of your glory.AMEN. thanks a lot ma, for this life changing story.


    Wow this is such a beautiful way of ministering. Indeed it is not right to judge others because judgment belongs to God alone.

  • Nnadi Daniel

    Wow it was like a very detailed story of the woman who committed adultery in the Bible. Nice piece by the writers.

  • Emmanuel Nancy o.

    At first sight this write up was sounding abit hilarious, cause i was trying to imagine the contemporary version of that biblical story. Well it’s so great to have even imagined putting such a work into contemporary version, that brought some insightful thoughts to me though. Great and very nice…. Thanks to the creative mind.

  • Shade

    You need God’s grace and mercy to live a sin free life. You cant do it on your own. The story is very creative.

  • Nwosu Esther

    Very inspiring


    what a creatively written work, it really held me spellbound. i was even about asking for the man too, we really leave in a world where women bear most of the brunt that arises in some certain issues. you see a young lady pregnant out of wedlock, the blame goes to her forgetting the man that made it possible. Thank God who has sent His only son Jesus to redeem us from all sin and through Him we have the grace to live a holy life

  • Njoku Chimamaka Elizabeth

    Nice piece..reminds us of Jesus offering to mankind and his willingness to forgive our sins without casting any accusations at us. No matter how big we think our sins are, he is willing to forgive us of them all.

  • Onyema bright

    Reading this I couldn’t just help the tears gushing down my cheeks sometimes I ask God what I did to deserve such unending mercies from him.
    I guess that’s why his God.
    Godbless you ma for posting this inspirational piece am so elated and lifted..

  • Okereafor, Cynthia Uchechi

    This is touching. Creatively written and presented. However, I am compelled to ask, where is the Man that was caught with Her? What is difference between the two sinners or does being a man make him blameless. Why are some laws seeming to neglect women and treat them negatively?


    It is natural for any body that reads the story to feel even though the story was obviously gotten from the Bible. This is because it is crafted in a creative way. However, The need or essence for pardon is for people to repent from their sins and return to God. I know that for Aunty to publish Guest post here, it must be worth it. God bless you, Ma for sharing with us.

  • Njoku Chioma Grace

    I have always read this part of the bible and drawn many lessons from it that has helped me reach out to others on Christ’s love and salvation but have never allowed myself imagine how that woman must have felt being caught naked in her sins by people who had no right to see her nakedness. I was once a sinner but fully pardoned. It should be our priority as believers to reach out to others with God’s love and word instead of Condemning them

  • Maduabuchi Ebube Deborah

    This message really inspired me……sometimes when we sin against God, we find it difficult to beg for forgiveness because we are scared that he won’t forgive us…..God is a merciful father, but we should not use because he is a merciful father and be disobeying his commandment,do those things that pleases God,abstain from sin,in as much God forgives us our sins shouldn’t give us the right to be offending him every time,let’s try and work on ourselves. And always ask for forgiveness whenever u wrong him,dnt feel too big to ask for forgiveness ,no matter how big your sin is,once you accept him as your personal lord and saviour nd conclude to abstain from sin again I know that he will always welcome you to his arm…..for example the prodigal son,after all his atrocities using his father’s wealth but yet he was able to talk to himself regarding his attitude and concluded to beg for his forgiveness and when he did,his father forgave him with happiness in his heart….this is exactly how God feels whenever we wrong him and ask for forgiveness nd promise not to go back to sin again…… My dear,God is always ready to accept us back no matter the amount of sin you have committed,just ask for his forgiveness and he will forgive you….

  • Osere Theresa

    This is where I found myself singing this song ” if to say man be God o, I for don kpeme”, we have no rights to judge or evaluate the sins of other people, i thank God for his everlasting love he portrayed by sending his beloved son to safe us…

  • Agi Comfort Obahi

    Thank you for the story I have learnt a lot but a few are that it has taught me to always take full responsibility of my sins and hope that God forgives in our world today when two people are found in a sin, its only the women that have to b blame they forget that even the man had a part to play in that sin…I know that lady felt very awful knowing that she was caught nake4d n a sin…we should learn to reach out to others as Christians rather than condemning them kudos ma.

  • Ndukwu cynthia chizoba

    yes we fall short but God proves his love for us by forgiving us and accepting us even when the world despises us. no greater love. thanks for blessing my soul as usual ma

  • Chika Divine Umunnakwe

    I am blessed by this article. A woman God has given wisdom on how to creatively craft such a story especially from the main character perspective is really wonderful, God bless you ma. This piece carried me to a wide imagination, i saw the visual picture, the scene through this story. the use of simple language, clarity and correctness beautifies the piece. The emotional effect on readers cannot be exempted , the pace, the suspense and illustration employed in this story all have great effect. The story ends up entertaining as well as educating all.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, it’s wonderful. You do know it’s a guest post. It was written by some friends in the UK, twin sisters and fellow bloggers, Jo and Leisa.

  • Chigbo ifeanyi James

    Writing this in the first person opened up some imaginations on what the accused woman was feeling at that moment.
    Jesus Christ really did a great thing for the woman in forgiving her at such moment. I pray for God’s forgiveness of my sins. Amen.

  • Ibute kosisochukwu nina

    Judge not, so that u won’t be judged by God… Some people judge people without even knowing d person wella… Such an interesting piece ma

  • Peace onoja

    While reading, it was as if I was watching the act. This is really amazing. We tend to look at all this bible stories as something that is far fetched but no, it is real and it still happen in this our generation. All this stories is to help us make the right choice in life. Thanks for this inspiration

  • lnegbu Benedict

    Very creative l must say. We should not be too eager in judging people. For our judgement to be just, we must use disinterestedness. we all have sinned and fallen short the glory of God, what matters is the effort we put in to curtail the rate we do sin.

  • Ndudu John

    Gruelling situation for the lady in the story. Pain and shame walking hand in hand. So hard to bear. But she heard the merciful voice of Jesus and she was saved. Our Lord is still able to save and to deliver.

  • keswet mercy

    wow the story really triggered the suspense in me especially the part where they got caught, but then on a second note why is it that in our society it is considered legal when a man cheats but when a woman cheats it is a big offence. If not for our Lord Jesus by now the story would probably have been a different one entirely probably she would have lost her life.

  • Onyeama Obianuju queendaline.

    The story felt surreal it was breath taking, and suspense filled. you know, issues like these are not to be viewed from one prisim. we are for ever grateful for God’s saving grace, that was what restored the protagonist. very lovely post.

  • Ike Faustina Uchechukwu

    God did not send his son to come and condemn people but to save us, we should try and accept our faults as sinners and open up our heart for him to enter and cleanse us.

  • Empere Reuben

    Only God has all power to judge or forgive. He’s a merciful God, if you come to him with genuine repentance, he willing answer

  • joseph jennifer

    This story is so creative and inspiring. similar things occur in our lives today and we feel God has condemned us, so we do what we think and condemn ourselves too. God will nevr condemn us. our lord Jesus christ already paid the ultimate price. the ladies who wrote this have truly inspired me. wwow! i just looked at this story from a different viewpoint and i realized what that woman would have gone through. it almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much, ma

  • Amachukwu Amarachi mercy

    I love the creativity and the suspense of the story, it is a very touching and inspiring story, I thought it was a live story without biblical allusion and I was afraid the lady might die, I think there’s a climax at that point, the story is touching and direct to the core. The beginning was actually linked to a Bible story which no one could actually fathom except he finishes the story, at that point the writer displays himself as a dynamic writer.
    The story is moving on a change of pace, it is touching and serves as a warning to all Christians, God will not rebuke those he doesn’t love, believe me you the woman will not back to the sin again because she was humiliated by the Jews and finally pardoned by God. She said why is the honey tongue not pardoned it’s because the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. After the honey tongue seduced her on social media despite the fact she is married just like the serpent and Eve in the garden of Eden he still went Scot free without getting apprehended.
    The lesson I learnt here is not to always follow the crowd, know the kind of person you are chatting with before an acceptance.
    Lastly, we should always embrace Gods word and eradicate any form of distraction for from Satan through the divine intervention of the holy spirit.
    Great one once again, this story is extremely beautiful and constructive.
    I love it. Thanks


    People are quick in judging others forgetting that themselves are not without sin… Nice creativity from the writer. the story is full of life, this story mirrow the society of today. The story creates a picture and makes me travel deep in the world of imagination.. Bless you MA

  • Obetta Collins Odinakachukwu

    I know that Story. It’s the story of Mary Magdalene, the adulterer who was caught and was brought to Jesus for condemnation. Lo and behold, to the disappointment of the captivators, Jesus refused to condemn her as the Law of Moses stipulated. This story reveals the tender heart of God to pardon all our iniquities.

  • Ugwuoke Kenneth Ekene

    People are always quick in judging others. They forget what the bible warned about this: don’t judge, lest you will be judged. The bible also warned we remove the thong in our eyes before looking for whom to remove thongs from his eyes. I guess the story of the woman had really taught us a great lesson.

  • Chikwado Ezeh

    They wanted to put Jesus to a test, and possibly find fault with Him. But Jesus proved to them, beyond reasonable doubt that He’s a wise judge. I can remember what happened when Jesus gave them the condition on which they would stone her to death: they deserted the scene one after another. I ask, we are not innocent ourselves, why then should we judge others of being guilty?

  • Odeke Camilus Chidubem

    No one is above sin, we all need Jesus in other to overcome sin and temptation. Jesus in this story has shown how fair he is, how could they allow the man free, but drag the woman to be stoned? but in the very end justice prevailed through Jesus our saviour.

  • Egbukwu ogechi

    Nobody is above mistakes, but then the ability to fully acknowledge and repent from our sins shows how remorseful we are…in everything, we need Christ to direct our foot steps.

  • Obidigbo Ifunanya Nino

    Most of us tends to judge people without thinking, everyone makes mistake in this world, no one is perfect and nobody can be. we should leave all things to God to judge because we ourselves are with sin so u shouldn’t judge some one of stealing or adultery and we are still practicing the same sin. a world advise to everyone, is to forward and recommend this post to people so that they wont make mistake of judging. thanks ma for this wonderful post.

  • Ezeh Blessing

    Wow what a beautiful guest post. It’s so perfect. Beautifully illustrated. It reminds me of the previous one’judge not lest ye be judged’. This story never get old no matter who does the telling. Beautiful creativity. Well done to the twins and thank you ma for sharing

  • uzoma chidera

    Wow! Don’t judge so that ye may not be judged, the Bible should be our second companion because it draws us closer to God and also learn new things, I pray that God gives us the spirit to not judge.

  • Ayigbo Chineme Edna

    For me, I have accepted the forgiveness of Jesus. I know that inspire of my sinful nature, the Lord forgives me and so I try my best to look at others through the eyes of mercy with which Jesus looks at me. I believe Jesus came to die for sinners like me, Hos death cant be a waste and so for that, I am fully pardoned. This is such a beautiful article that makes us understand the story of the woman caught in adultery through her eyes. Thank you ma for sharing this.

  • Ezeh onyekachukwu c

    Trying to live a holy life by your own power Is not easy, it’s a waste of time, we all need the special grace of God to live a holy life.

  • Udeobasi Ngozi B.

    Wow! I enjoyed the story. How I wish all the bible stories will be written in this manner. So real and creative. At first, I didn’t know it was the same bible story I knew. A million thanks to the writers of this story. May your ink continue to flow endlessly. And to the poster, thank you for making this story accessible to us. Remain blessed.

  • onu victor tochukwu

    forgiveness is the solution to the worlds problem because if we can forgive people for their mistakes just like Christ forgave us on the cross, the world will be without war. We are called Christians because we are expected to live in a Christ-like manner. If He can forgive us even during the time of death, what then can someone do to us that we can’t forgive

  • ologhofor sampson

    This part of the bible is one of my best, it teaches me that we shouldnt judge people but rather judge their offence and give them room for change. Jesus also showed that no matter the sin that have been committed, he will always pardon us and welcome us back. Its a great lesson.

  • Agugbua Miriam Chisom

    Wow! This is a wonderful way of telling the biblical story of Mary Magdalene. This story teaches a lot to youths. Jesus Christ is our redeemed and saviour and no matter what happens we should never give up hope as long as Christ is on our side. I really loved this post. Thank u for posting it ma.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    This post caught my heart and kept me thinking. How smart could Jesus be?? Could anyone have been as smart as he was to come to the woman’s rescue? He was without sin yet he never condemned anyone. People should also learn to look within themselves before casting an accusing finger towards another.

  • Precious Gold

    I like this story from the woman’s perspective. It isn’t easy being shamed for adultery while your partner is allowed to go free. And the shame of being paraded naked publicly is even more unbearable. But, Jesus in His utmost love and mercy, didn’t agree to the woman’s execution but set her free. The Pharisees’ plans to put Jesus into a trap and also have the woman stoned failed. Thank God for Jesus.

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    Jesus was not sent to condemn the world but the world will be saved through him. In our daily lives, we should not condemn other people for their wrong acts too. We should emulate Jesus, our master by leading such people to God by teaching God’s unconditional love to them.


    Many people are very good at condemning or judging A lot of people for their sins even when they are not flawless or without sin but,The only person who cannot condemn you for your sins is Jesus! He had died on the cross so that we may be saved. Instead of judging people who sin, we should preach the gospel to them and tell them about Jesus so that, they will turn away from their sins, accept Jesus and start living a new life in Christ.


    Many of us today are very good at judging sinners even when we are not flawless or without sin. Instead of judging and condemning sinners, we should preach the gospel to them, tell them about Jesus and the rewards they will get from serving him so that, they will turn away from their sins and accept Jesus. Jesus is the only one that cannot condemn a sinner.

  • Theresa

    Guilty or fully pardoned? I have read several account of this story and I’ve never seen any as beautifully crafted as this… The wisdom displayed by Christ is none that can be compared… I wld say I’m fully pardoned because He has paid it all. He paid the debt He did not owe… Thanks Ma for sharing

  • Sunday Ezekwesiri Daniel

    Lord Jesus I surrender all to u withholding nothing. Help me to live a Godly life and be free from condemnation. This I ask in ur name.


    I so much love this, he is a merciful God, abide in him and he will never leave you. He has taken care of your sins if you believe; do not doubt him, because only him can do it, only him is righteous. I believe that i am not guilty of my sins, because he has forgiven me. He will deliver us all from all evil, even the evil of committing a sin, AMEN

  • Awesome write-up and from a angle rarely explored. We should never be quick to judge others for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

  • Chisom vincentia charles

    Lord Jesus help me to live right.sin looks so appetizing and appealing but its still sin.father lord,take my mind away from any activity that will bring shame to me ijn.God bless you ma for sharing this.


    Jesus has come to change so many things in this world. Not minding his teachings, some Christians are still casting stones on sinners when they are not pure. Christians are Christ-like people but most times we don’t act like Christ.

  • Sefiya

    We can try to live a good, clean, godly life, Right by fully surrendering to God, to see us through. We should not judge another’s sins if we have sinned as well. That covers everyone since the only person to have never sinned is Christ, Himself and When we repent, we should avoid repeating that sin.

  • Awaka vivian

    Yes, actually we need Christ in our lifes,but we need God’s grace because doing it on our own is like pouring water in a basket

  • Obeto Clinton

    This is a creative write up using the biblical account of the adulterous woman and the wisdom of Jesus. It tells us that we are all imperfect beings that are born with sin.

  • Most often,we assume we are more righteous than others,we judge other people without knowing we are guilty too. Our God is a merciful God but we shouldn’t take God’ s mercy towards us for granted and we shouldn’t feel superior to beg for God’s forgiveness each time we err.

  • Nkpozi miracle

    We are all sinners, his mercy is what we should all pray for

  • Alex

    God is always there for us in all situations, He shows mercy to us just like he did in the story. It is not right to judge a book by its cover.,because no one knows the disguise Jesus will come with.

  • Chukwuemeka ifunanya Abigail.

    That’s an example of what Christ did for each and every one of us. He saw the accuser and took it upon himself to be our vindication. Don’t get me wrong we were sinner but like she said here he was truly without any spot. He saved us and all we have to do is to believe Hallelujah.

  • Most often, we assume we are more righteous than others,we judge other people without knowing we are guilty too. Our God is a merciful God but we shouldn’t take God’s mercy for granted and we shouldn’t feel superior to beg for God’ s forgiveness each time we err.

  • Onah Chimdalu

    Indeed Jesus is loving and forgiving but that should not be a guarantee to live in sin.We point accusing fingers at others forgetting that the rest are pointing at us.

  • this biblical illustration shows that no one is above temptation and jesus is able to deliver no matter our sins.

  • Mbam Patrick chinonyelum

    Wow! This is so creative and inspiring. I really love the saying that “he or she who is trying to live a Godly life in one’s strength and might is like fetching water in a basket”. I pray God will give me the grace to live a pious and God-pleasing life, like the saints in heaven. Amen.

  • Chukwuma Emenike Wilfred

    Truly, I haven’t seen this kind before . I really pray that God forgives my flaws and as well as give me the grace to keep up to better Christian life. And truly, this saying that ” Trying to live a Godly life by ones strength and might is like fetching water in a basket ” keeps pounding in my heart. I can explicitly say that I can only do this through Christ who strengthens me. Thanks, ma, for this.

  • This is an interesting and didactic piece drawn out of the Bible but written in the present day setting thereby flavoring the message – thou shall not judge. Many are guilty of this.
    Remove the log in your eye before removing another’s. Kudos! Thanks, ma.

  • Ugwoke Jennifer chinecherem

    Often times we offend God but in his infinite mercy and love he forgives us, but that doesn’t mean we should should offend him on purpose because we know he will forgive us, our God is so loving and caring.

  • Onyinyechi

    All have fallen short of God’s glory. He came not to condemn the world but to give us eternal life. But one needs to shape his behavior because the Bible says that no sin goes unpunished.

  • Most often ,we are so deep into sin that we forget that there’ll be a judgement day for us .we should always remember that each and every action we take will be judged by God. People should stop being too judgemental when they aren’t perfect either its like sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently

  • Anabude oluchi m.

    No matter how terrible our past might have been we have a God who has not come to condemn us but is willing and just to forgive our sin. As we see the woman in the story who was thinking that she will also be condemned by Jesus but was the contrary. In addition what God appreciate more is a remorseful and repentant heart. I am really blessed with your writings so far and remain blessed ma.

  • Nwalutum Chisom Doreen

    We offend God put he still blesses us.
    Lord Have mercy.

  • Ukwuani Ogechukwu Cynthia

    Accepting the forgiveness of Jesus is what matters.we don’t have to wait until we are exposed, because no matter how secret we think our sins are, God sees it all. Our God is a compassionate God ,with his love abunding

  • Nnadozie Judith chidimma

    I was really touched by the writers’ words. This is really a simple way of passing the gospel. Thank God for the lives of some people in this world.

  • Epunam obianuju

    for the fact that Jesus who is with out sin has set a person free, then who are we to criticize and condemn other sinners like us. We must learn to overlook others mistakes and focus on correcting ourselves first.

  • Chidinma Abaraonye

    I noticed here that the woman received the power to go and sin no more. Despite her sin, Jesus did not condemn her this is because Jesus came to save that which was lost. So no matter the sin we have found ourselves, Jesus still have the power to wash us and make us holy if only we humble ourselves and submit to His mercy. We can still be pardoned even if we are guilty presently. Great lesson.

  • Ezidimma odinakachukwu oluchukwu

    Thank God for that woman’s life.. She was pardoned and told to sin no more.
    Father I pray I give out my stony heart and accept you into my life and also turn a new leaf

  • Oba Cindy Biobele

    This story is truly an inspiration for the sinner and the saint. I like the fact that it was put in the woman’s perspective. This story shows that accusing someone without looking at yourself is wrong and also that when people sin, they shouldn’t feel like they’ve been condemned by God for he is always ready to accept and forgive them.

  • Brown Favour Felix

    God is always there to forgive us when all hope is lost, thanks be to God for His ever forgiving spirit.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    I cried while reading this great piece of work. The question kept ringing in my head; are you guilty or fully pardoned? God, it is by your grace that we are alive today in spite of our sins, and I know that when we repent of our sins, we are fully pardoned. Only Jesus can set us free.

  • Obeta Lillian Chiamaka

    The story of the woman caught in adultery is a very captivating one.Our Lord Jesus is ready to forgive us and help us no matter how much we have sinned

  • Epuechi Chinwendu Almira

    Truly “Trying to live a godly life in one’s strength is like fetching water in a basket” we should be grateful that despite all the sins we commit, we are still forgiven.

  • Adeke Chukwuka

    Accusers are always ready to condemn not wanting to see their own faults……… But thank GOD for His mercy and compassion upon our lives, and may His grace be sufficient for us. Amen

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    After reading this story, one could rephrase it as “Guilty but fully pardoned”. There is a lot to learn from this story, that we would be forgiven doesn’t mean that we should continue in sin.. Remember “go and sin NO MORE”.Wonderful version of the biblical story.

  • Okafor charles c.

    Serving God is not by one’ power and might ,it is by his grace that we are pardoned.God is a loving and glorified being and he is willing to makd his grace enough for us.


    This story is a captivating one. It is a food for thought for everyone. Are we truly guilty or fully pardoned? The woman in this story have already condemned herself before the people said so forgetting who was going to judge the case. Humans tend to jugde others without recognizing their own flaws. With Jesus in our lives we should never forget that nobody is condemned to sin. There is always a home for making amends.

  • Okonkwo Goodness chiamaka

    This story shows us the wrong ideology that we observe daily. We shouldn’t judge so we won’t be judged. We have no right to condemn any man because we are full of imperfections

  • Peter Chioma Martha

    This Is a great post that shows how people that are guilty of a particular sin, judge others. This also shows that no matter how great our sin is, Jesus is willing to forgive us.

  • Sugbaza Benjamin victor

    Nice piece ma. This piece is very creative and inspiring may the lord restore the joy of our salvation in Jesus name

  • Okoli Ezinne Juliet

    “Go and sin no more”, wow what a wonderful God we have. He is so merciful and kind that he always neglect our iniquities to come to our rescue. May his name be ever glorified.


    This story depicts the the kind of society we are in. Two people were caught in adultery but only one person was about to be punished;the female. The society at this modern time should ‘grow up’ by putting equal blame on both parties when a case like this occurs. Even in the mist of this unjust act, when she was forgiven, she didn’t bother to bring that up,she accepted forgiveness and went home. Hopefully, she would never do it again.


    What a nice and captivating post,i almost thought it happen sister judge no man.Only god is the greatest judge


    What a nice and captivating post, I almost thought it happen sister judge no man.Only god is the greatest judge

  • nickprosper


  • Great post ma,there is no better judge as to christ .no better saviour.we just need to abstain from sin and immorality.

  • Okonkwo Sophia

    Sin creats disparity between man and God but God is a merciful father, we should always ask for his grace to lead us to the right path because the world is full of sin….

  • Onyekachi confidence chimamaka

    How cruel the judgment of man can one to suffer the punishment of a crime committed by two showing gender discrimination. But thank God for Jesus the true judge whom despite our sins is faithful and just to forgive. All we need to do is never to take the mercies of God for granted just like the woman.great motivating write up!,God bless you ma.


    It still baffles me the way God forgive sins. NO matter the gravity of our sins…. his ever ready to forgive and accept us back once we repent. God Please give us the grace to sin no more.

  • Eze Vivian

    God is all-knowing and loving God, he forgives us our sin without condemning us, but what is observable today is quite difference, we hastily condemn and call people who are termed guilty or caught committing sin all sorts of names instead of advising them or knowing the reason behind such act. Do not judge so that you may not be Judged.

  • Obikeguna ebele

    This story carried me on a wide imagination, the scene through this story was epic. the use of simple language, clarity ,beautifies the piece and makes it easy to understand…bless you ma for sharing this,i was really blessed


    Great post ma,there is no better judge as to christ .no better saviour.we just need to abstain from sin and immorality



  • Nwoye Chiamaka Favour

    This story is one of the stories I admire a lot. Some times while we look at the terrible deeds of people we fail to examine ourselves to see if we commit more sins that who we are about to condem

  • Ozukwe Mirian chisom

    I feel like crying right now. Sometimes I do ask my self what I have ever done to merit such unending love from God. But what about the man she was caught with? Isn’t he also guilty like her? Why humiliate only the Lady?

  • kelechi collins

    I would actually say that there is no better judge to Christ because this story sent me into deep thoughts. God loves us and does not condemn us but today we hastily condemn and judge our fellow humans

  • Jesus forgave the prostitute in the bible, he also forgave his accusers who condemned him to death, This is only a guarantee that no matter how far we stray from him once we are ready to go hack to him, he will surely forgive us.

  • God has the power to forgive all kinds of sin, no matter what it is . If we seek his forgiveness with a sincere heart he will surely forgive us

  • Okibe Mercy Odinaka

    Who can condemn when God has not condemned. It is sin which gives death it sting and it is law which gives sin it power. one cannot be righteous by keeping the law or by your ability to maintain the law. It is Christ that helps one to be right not your your self righteousness.

  • While I was reading it got to the part where I had to stop and critical analyze, the suspense was amazing. The way you redefined the story from the Bible is just amazing. And something else I would like to add before judging others we should first examine ourselves.


    We all are free indeed since his birth,through him we have conquered all obstacles,challenges.A great post ma,we have been pardoned never to go back to sin.

  • harriet

    Lovely post
    Who the Lord sets free he is free indeed
    Don’t judge any man

  • wow! This is great. I so much agree to this quote “Trying to live a godly live in one’s strength is like fetching water in a basket”. Indeed by strength shall no man prevail

  • Ezike winifred udochukwu

    God is really merciful..i cant imagine how the world would be if it was ruled by man..when i look back and see where i am now with God’s help all i can say is thank you Jesus…nice writeup ma?

  • Isaac Nwanneka Oyiridiya

    Everyone is guilty if one thing or the others so before you judge others make sure there’s no skeleton in your cupboard.

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    Go and sin no more!!! no statement is going to beat that, god help me to forgive people and show them mercy as you have shown me oh! God …. thanks Ma for this.

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    Sometimes is hard to believe that people still condemn others, we humans don’t have the power to condemn others even Jesus that is without sin does not condemn us, you don’t need to condemn people because they sin differently, instead of condemning others we can help them discover the true life in Christ

  • Chukwurah Nnenna Chisom

    Such an interesting way of putting the story , am highly impacted . God bless u ma

  • Ugwu Collins Kelechi

    Most people condemn others these days and put their sins in front so as for theirs not to surface but with the grace of an ever loving God we are constantly reminded that we all have hope for forgiveness in him and we should yield to that all the days of our lives.

  • Chisom nwalutum

    Accepting the forgiveness of Jesus is what matters.we don’t have to wait until we are exposed, because no matter how secret we think our sins are, God sees it all. Our God is a compassionate God ,with his love abunding

  • Chigbo victor

    I love the creativity in this post… And truly why judge others when you the judge is not a saint.

  • Janefrances Nwaduche

    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is his faithfulness. The compassion of Christ passes all human understanding. Praise God!6

  • Mirian Ndawe

    Interesting write up Ma. God is a forgiving father, even when men despise you and cast you away, he draws you near to his bosom, forgives your sins and washes them away, then gives you a new life. It’s just a shame that most people who are still dwelling in their past mistakes are not aware of this infinite love and mercy.

  • Sophia

    Without him, we are nothing, The journey to make heaven is not by our strength…. He is willing to forgive when we feel remorseful for our sins

  • Ikwuakam Oluchi Francisca

    I live a sinless life, not of my own power but by the grace of God. Thank you Jesus for being ever willing to pardon our sins and thanks so much to Joleisha for this relatable story, what a great way of telling the story, God’s grace

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    The knowledge that Jesus is there to pick me up, loves me despite my flaws and wants to help me be better encourages me. Thank you for this insight ma.

  • Ogechukwu ukwuani Cynthia

    Wonderful post. God’s personality is such that no man can beat that which is made so clear in this story. In our society today, we would hastily condemn and profane the name of such adulterer forgetting that no human being on earth is devoid of sin which could be this same act or even a greater act than this. We should never be quick to judge.

  • Ogechukwu ukwuani Cynthia

    This piece is fantastic. I see Jesus Christ as our redeemer who came to save and not to condemn. If you don’t believe in him I wonder who else you would believe in

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    I wish believers can follow this step of Jesus and not outrightly condemn another. But something is really baffling- the man and woman were caught in the very act, why was just the woman brought to be condemned?


    Ahuuuunnnnnnnnn twin teachers (smiles) they look prettyyyyyy. kai I haven’t even read the story. I’ll do just that

  • Nwatu Vera Chisom

    This is such a beautifully written account of a Bible story! Jesus Christ truly came for us to be saved and not condemned. God bless this twin sisters for this.

  • Adebanjo Adenike Rebecca

    All our accusers won’t be able to even cast a stone, we all are sinners but radiating under Christ grace of salvation. Hallelujah

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    Wow, I’ve never really imagined this story from the woman’s point of view. Jesus is truly able to save. Thanks for sharing with us

  • Obiosa Oluchukwu Reward

    Who the Lord have set free is free indeed ☺️

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    This is such a beautiful piece and very inspiring too. I’ve never seen this story in this light before. Indeed Jesus is our redeemer and whom He sets free, is free indeed.
    Thank you ma for this. God bless you

  • Ajah Ugochi Agnes

    This is an interesting piece. The Bible says, “who the Lord set free is free indeed”. We should learn not to judge just as Jesus did to the woman. We are not righteous ourselves and judging others is not a good idea.

  • Kelly Anwulika Bernice

    All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God,but by his mercies that we are not consumed.

  • Ndukwe Akwara

    Don’t judge and you will no be judged,cos God forgive all our sin if we plead for mercy

  • This story is about forgiveness,we should not condem people because we are also sinners and we should have forgiving spirit.

  • Ezeh Loveth chinemerem

    I encourage those who have lost faith because of their sin that Jesus Christ will forgive and accept them.

  • Obiogwu Onyinye

    “Go and sin no more,” that peaceful, love filled, uncondemning voice and words of the father. Thank you Jesus for your peace. And thank you ma’am for this scriptural work.

    • Okeke Obinna Clinton

      Nobody is more holy, like my grandfather will always say, we learn not to judge so as not to be judged

  • We are in the time of grace but people still misuse it and apostle Paul said “should we continue to sin so that grace may abound?” I just pray we learn.

  • Obiora Miracle onyinyechi

    Wow this is such a beautiful way of ministering. God bless them for this. Indeed it is not right to judge others.

  • Obiora Miracle onyinyechi

    Wow this is such a beautiful way of ministering. God bless them for this. Indeed it is not right to judge others, only God has the right to judge

  • Nice one this is very creative, our lord Jesus Christ is ever loving father. Thanks ma for sharing it and God bless Joleisa for their wonderful work.

  • Chilaka Vivian

    Every man living a correct life of Christ is a product of Mercy and not of his own we should not condemn others when we know that it’s all by grace.

  • Ekechukwu Francisca

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, yet he is faithful and just to forgive us of our transgressions. His Mercy and love is compared to none. Good reminder from this story!

  • Chibuife Isaac Chukwuebuka

    No matter the gravity of our sin, Jesus is merciful to forgive us so we ought to admit that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. We need the grace of God to cleanse us from all sin and filthiness of the world cos he’s faithful and just to forgive.

  • This goes by a saying that, when you point a finger at a person, four others are pointing at you. We always condemn people for their sins forgetting that we are sinners too. This has so many insights. Thank you Ma.

  • Ibrahim Mariam

    Wow… that has been my point of view that my sins are to much until I understand the scripture 2co 5:17 and then I begin to acknowledge my forgiveness and righteousness in Christ.

  • Ekeh Maryann C

    Men always forget the very adage they love; “remove the sand in your eye before you remove another person’s own” when they are not the one standing at the “guilty post”. But thank God for mercy.

  • Okafor Agatha Ifeoma

    Jesus is merciful, whenever we fall into any kind of sin, we should always ask of God’s mercy, He is willing to forgive our sins

  • Phillips faith

    This is really inspiring .

    Nowadays people are always so quick in judging others. Dont judge, lest you will be judged.And most bnb of us tend to judge others without thinking, no one is perfect,everyone makes mistakes in this world.The best thing is to leave everything to God to judge cause we ourselves we aren’t pure and perfect.

  • Onoh Chinenye

    Beautiful! The mercy of God is indeed for a lifetime. Thank you for showing us the difference between trying to live a sinless life by your might and trying to live a sinless life by God’s grace instead.

  • Peter Chinecherem Nathaniel

    This is indeed a beautiful piece, many times, we are so quick to judge others, neglecting what the bible said ” Don’t judge so that you won’t be judged”. If God hasn’t called someone condemned, we shouldn’t either..

  • Chisom Efobi

    This story is so good!!! I never knew it was the Bible story more detailed
    This story sure brings tears to my eyes
    Indeed, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth

  • Alaedu Chioma Gloria

    My heavenly father is so merciful
    No matter the gravity of the sin committed, His love surpasses all
    He’s forever ready to forgive..

  • Williams Blessing Ngozi

    We should get to know people first before judging them. No one is perfect and we should do well to tolerate other people and their flaws.

  • Ossai Judith mmesoma

    May lord have mercy on us, we sin against him but his mercy is endless. Thank you God.

  • Charles Flourish Iheoma

    God does not condemn us, he gives us a chance to repent and come to him.

  • Adimorah perpetual

    We should not judge people and let God do the judging.

  • Sochi

    This gender inequality did not start in this our generation,imagine they took the woman to Jesus to be condemned but pardoned the man.

  • Eze Goodness Mmesoma

    We should not be fast to judge somebody .That is the same partiality in our society today women are being blamed for every thing that happens they will not punish the man too only the woman bears everything on her own.

  • Chisom Efobi

    This story is so good!!! I never knew it was the Bible story more detailed

    This story sure brings tears to my eyes
    Indeed, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth.

  • Ossai Joy Adanne

    Our God is a merciful father. In our society today women are being judged, criticized from doing things but I believe what a man can do a woman can do better. We should learn not to judge when you know you can also be guilty of doing the same thing.

  • Okwa Ihuoma Jessica

    Herein is love and forgiveness displayed. Creative work Joleisa, God bless you

    • Miracle C Ohia Obioha

      Creativity at its peak. This caught my attention, full time, from the beginning to the end. Yes! Let he that is without blemish cast his stone. I’m glad they were even true to themselves and didn’t throw a stone at her in anger.
      Beautiful write up! God bless you. More glows and grace.

  • Maureen

    “He that is without sin among you, let him cast his stone first ” people are too quick to judge and condemn but there is Jesus who is without sin but yet merciful , loving and forgiving. May we find the grace never to take his love for granted but rather abide by his law of love to “go and sin no more”. Amen

  • Iyorakpo Dorathy

    The mercy of the Lord truly is endless. Some times while we look at the terrible deeds of people we fail to examine ourselves to see if we commit more sins than who we are about to condemn. We give God the glory in everything

  • Ugwu Mmesoma

    Wow.a very unique way of telling a biblical story
    More grace to you ma

  • Uyanna Chibuike

    What a nice writeup, at first I thought that maybe one of them was writing her personal experience then I realized that it was the story of the adulterous woman. We as Christians should not be quick to judge or condemn anyone.

  • Adiele Onyedikachi

    I am shocked at how they were able to bring the story down to this recent times. We should all be merciful as our heavenly father is merciful

  • It is not right to judge others,leave the judgment to the father who knows the wrong and right

  • Ede Ndidiamaka Patience

    The perfect Jesus did not condemn sinners while on earth, but we the unperfect ones are doing that today. It’s only by God’s grace that one can be free from sin. More wisdom to Jo and Leisa I pray!

  • I do have many problems when reading the scriptures in terms of understanding. But with the way it is explained using a life story…I understand perfectly, thanks ma

  • Nnaji Ozioma Faith

    What a creative way to tell the story of the adulterous woman. A times people are so quick to judge others forgetting that they’re also not perfect. Humans are in no place to judge anyone, let God the perfect being judge

  • No man has the right to judgement. When you are guilty of sin, you go to God in prayer. He alone doesn’t condemn but men do


    Full pardon, for Roman 8:1 say that there’s no condemnation for those that in Christ Jesus.

  • We should actually leave judgement for God because no man is perfect.
    Thank you Ma

  • Okoewa favour

    We all need the grace of God to be redeemed and to be able to keep living a holy life.

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