A very enriching short virtual course on harnessing the power of social media to boost one’s global audience hosted by American digital reporter/producer, Ms. Kamara K. Daughtry, for the Mass Communication students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) ended Friday, Feb. 19, 2021.

The aim of the course was to equip the students with invaluable digital and presentation skills suitable for harnessing the power of social media for their journalism career and guide them on how to get connections for the future.

The course which was free was taught through a 4-part Zoom series held every Friday between 2 and 3 p.m. beginning from Jan. 29, 2021. Some students joined from different locations while others watched a projection of the meeting in the final-year classroom, Jackson Buliding, UNN, for the first three sessions and Mass Communication first-year classroom, Faculty of Arts, Block A, for the last session.

Ms. Daughtry, is also a social media specialist who assists TV stations by recommending viable strategies for their social media platforms. (You can learn more about her via the image of her bio at the end of this post.)

This post presents a summary of each session, the resources shared by Ms. Daughtry and links to my original Facebook posts from which this article has been compiled.

The First Class
In this class, students were taught the following, inter alia:

• The importance of using their social media accounts in reporting, a very important part of which is interviewing important personalities
• How to prepare for and conduct such interviews
• The superior effectiveness of videos in garnering attention over textual messages and how to use Facebook live in this regard.

Cross sections of students during the sessions

As homework assignment, Ms. Daughtry asked the students to do a Facebook live interview of an important personality or do a regular interview, transcribe it and share to their Facebook profiles. The links to these interview posts were to be sent to her via email for review during the next class.

She subsequently provided a link where students who missed the live session could watch it.

Video: First Class

The Second Class
In the second class held on Feb. 5, 2021, the facilitator, Ms. Daughtry, brought on a special guest, a TV reporter from Alabama, Ms. Ashley Brown, to share with the students her job experiences.

Clips from some of Ms. Brown’s live reports were shown and she, along with Ms. Daughtry, explained the basics of live reporting. They fielded questions from students on how to improve one’s chances of landing a media job and overcome challenges faced in the process of researching stories/interviewing sources.

Ashley Brown reporting

The students’ live interview assignments from the previous week were reviewed, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. More questions were entertained on the process of reporting and the students were given a news writing assignment to round off what had been a very lively and interactive session.

The only difficulty encountered was that some students couldn’t follow Ms. Brown’s Southern drawl easily but Ms. Daughtry’s reiterating of key points saved the day. Besides, by watching the recorded session via the link below, the students can catch what Ms. Brown said more clearly.

Video: Second Class

The Third Class
During the third class which held on Feb. 12, 2021, the students were taught, among other things, how to build professional profiles on social media, especially LinkedIn, and how to make job-yielding connections therefrom.

Ms. Daughtry during the third class

One of the videos Ms. Daughtry shared (linked below) gave detailed tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile that will draw attention and impress employers.

Video: 6 Tips for Making a Great LinkedIn Profile

The students were also given some tips for creating content on digital media, their news story assignments were reviewed and as their third week homework, they were asked to create profiles for themselves on LinkedIn.

They were to add clear portrait pictures in business attire to their profiles, a short bio describing themselves- their qualifications and skills- and add some media samples like articles they’ve written and videos they’ve made that can attract potential employers.

Video: Third Class

The Fourth Class
In the fourth and final class held on Feb. 19, 2021, Ms. Daughtry elaborated on how a young journalist can make the most of social media in news gathering and dissemination.

Screenshot from the fourth class

She explained the importance of Twitter lists, how to build them and shared a link on this (See below). She also asked the students to explore the features of other platforms like Tiktok and Instagram (reels & TV).

How to Use Twitter Lists

She then reviewed some LinkedIn profiles the students shared based on the third week’s assignment. She reemphasised the importance of using bright profile pictures; adding rich bios, samples of content they’ve created and the jobs they are seeking to those profiles.

Above all, she reiterated the importance of constantly creating and sharing content (textual, audio & video) if one wants to get better as a journalist.

Video: Fourth Class

Our students and I are grateful to Ms. Daughtry for taking the time to teach and challenge them to start their journalism careers even while in school by being active in making the most of news opportunities and building rich portfolios via their social media accounts.

The questions asked by students throughout this course resonated with this challenge: they were mostly about how to make professional connections and get good media jobs.

In her valedictory email, Ms. Daughtry made this glowing remark about our students:

I want to say thank you. It was a pleasure connecting with my new media family in Nigeria. You all are a BLESSED GROUP with AMAZING AND SMART students! The best word to describe the class – is the word- STARS! Bright stars that will change lives and be a light in their community. I’M SO EXCITED AND GLAD TO SEE THEIR PATHS!

We really appreciate this and send Ms. Daughtry a big bouquet of thanks. We also wish her the best in all her endeavours and express our heartfelt gratitude to the Royal Centre for Public Speaking for connecting us with her.

All those involved in various aspects of digital communication, particularly aspiring and practising journalists, can join Ms. Daughtry’s mentoring and networking group, Digital Career Opportunities Worldwide, on Facebook and follow her YouTube channel for updates.

About the Course Facilitator

Screenshot of Ms. Daughtry’s Bio


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  • Egbo Paul Uchenna

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    This is more of practical class.

    Thanks, ma!

  • Highly educative and creating awareness in various areas of learning. Thank you Dr.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    I really learnt a lot in this programme. May God bless Ms. Daughtry for taking out her time to teach us on how to effectively use the social media as mass communication tools.

    And to you the organiser, may God bless you abundantly for bringing this avenue to us.

  • Okoli Ezinne Juliet

    Wow, there is a whole lot of knowledge to imbibe here and I’m grateful I didn’t lose out. Thank you Ms Daughtry for this and thank you Ma for this golden opportunity. Have a blessed day .

  • Nwabueze Ogechi Norah.

    God bless Ms. Daughtry for this great idea and eye-opener. The social media actually has a very wide range of positive impact on people. We just have to discover them.

    Thank you Ms. Edith. God bless you.

  • Thank you so much Ms. Daughtry! You are an amazing teacher and I learnt a lot. I hope for another opportunity. Can’t wait.
    Thank you very much Dr. Edith. Your zeal and vision for your students made this happen.

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    Many thanks to you our dear Approachable,Accessable and Available HOD. Cherish the uniqueness of your virtues. More power to your Bones.

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    Essentially after the outbreak of a pandemic, the world has moved to its digital stage and understanding social media, how to handle and influence its power is the first step to take. Thanks ma on this great opportunity

  • Aroh Cynthia

    We are forever grateful for this golden opportunity of practically learning our course. May God richly bless the organisers and Ms Kamara.


    I was one of the participants of the program, and I must say it was powerful. Though it was hard getting some of the things she said, but through the act of re-uploading the videos of the classes I got everything. The program went far in helping me to correct my LinkedIn account bio. Thank you ma for creating such opportunity and I pray more of this will come. Amen

  • Amaugo, Stephanie Chidinma

    Thank you so much Ms. Kamara Daughtry for all you shared with us in this class. . I learnt new things. I’m really grateful for this. Thank you Dr. Edith Ohaja for putting this together for us. God bless you Ma!

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    A very insightful course.

    I was able to create a LinkedIn account after the course.
    I look forward to practising more of everything she taught.

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    It’s just a breath of fresh air that one can still go back to all the videos from the class. It’s such a large amount of information buried in each class and to be able to go back to it when the need arises is truly amazing. Well done ma.

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    Thank you so much

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    The virtual class was very interesting, though I couldn’t follow up properly due to some phone issues.
    But the first 2weeks was interesting
    I even conducted my first interview which was fun
    Quite an experience. God bless you, ma.

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    Wow… this is really educative, thank you so much Dr. Ohaja . Thank you Ms. Daughtry for these splendid pieces of information. Now we can practice our profession before we leave the den.

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    Thank u Dr. Edith Ohaja for putting this together for us. God bless u Ma!

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    very useful she taught us well…

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    Thank you ma for this.
    And Ms Daughtry, much gratitude.

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    Yes, amazing tuition on how to harness the power of the ever evolving digital media. The use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to booster the aid of our course is very essential. Thank you Ms Kamara Daughtry and thank you ma for setting up something this technical for students to benefit from.

  • Chukwurah Nnenna

    Thank you so much Ms Daughtry for this insightful knowledge, I learnt a lot and also a big thank you to Dr. Edith Ohaja for making it possible. God bless you ma


    Learning in the digital life today is a necessity and Ms. Is doing a great job for the mass communication students. This would help to broaden our minds in doing things that can be of benefit reach out to people around the world. As mass communication students, “reporting consistently is the key to expand one’s global attention.” .

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    In the ever skyrocketing global media digitalization it’s unequivocalbly resounding to be having such a teaching now, this is such a huge investment in our future not just about us but the society who will benefit immensely from it in the nearest time as we appropriate judiciously the resounding thoughts gushed out from your vast knowledge and experiences. It’s quite timed and am grateful of your resourcefulness with such a valued teaching

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    Have a knowledge of how to report things happening around me now
    May God crown your efforts

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    In reaching out to the global community,how do I monitor my progress?
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