Another Impeachment Conversation: Was there really a case against Trump?

I decided to share my joy about the acquittal of the 45th president of the US, Donald Trump, at the Senate impeachment trial brought against him as a private citizen on Saturday, Feb. 13, 2021. I shared a post on some of my social media accounts and the one on my Facebook personal profile generated this conversation. My post was an image showing a representation of my husband and I doing cartwheels and dancing in celebration. I added text that read as follows:

It feels good to see the Dems in disarray and scoring own goals. It feels better when it actually counts against them.
Hope their house of cards collapses sooner than later.

A Facebook friend (called Mr. B in this post) responded and a conversation ensued but as soon as I posted my second reply, Facebook locked me out of my account. By the time I recovered it about a couple of hours later, that reply had gone and Facebook had blocked me from posting replies. That is why I’m sharing my expanded comment and the preceding exchange here.

This reminds me of a similar but more detailed conversation I had with another Facebook friend in early February 2020 after Trump’s acquittal from his first impeachment trial which took place while he was in office. You can read it by clicking on its title below.

AN IMPEACHMENT CONVERSATION: Is Trump’s Acquittal a Negation of Democracy?

Screenshots of my posts that ignited this conversation

Here we go!

Mr. B:
He didn’t get away with anything yet, Dr.

What was he actually accused of doing and what was the evidence for it?

Mr. B:
Inciting an insurrection at the US Capitol last month. An impeachment isn’t a legal proceeding, which means he could still be prosecuted for his role in the capitol scenes. Happy Sunday, Ma!

Happy Sunday, big man! Stop throwing about words from the MSM. What is an insurrection? Trump didn’t encourage violence. While he was still speaking, paid agitators were bused in to cause trouble. The mayor and the Speaker’s office turned down requests for additional security although they knew the numbers coming to DC. And the protesters were let in by some of the policemen. They gave them guided tours, took selfies …. Some insurrection!

The FBI found that the bombs at DNC and RNC were planted the day before and the violence at the Capitol showed some level of pre meditation and planning, meaning that it could not have been a spontaneous reaction from his supporters to whatever Trump said at the Jan. 6 rally as the mainstream media (MSM) and politicians with an agenda made people believe. Antifa and other anarchist elements that were bused in were the provocateurs. They wore MAGA gear to blend in with Trump supporters and started smashing stuff and setting up fires. There was a viral video of a Trump supporter asking the Capitol Police why they were standing by and letting those people destroy stuff and foment violence at the Capitol.

The whole thing was a staged event to incriminate Trump. That was why the US House of Representatives rushed the impeachment without holding hearings. They impeached Trump on media say-so which has been proven to be untrue. Some of the MSM which pushed the narrative that Trump supporters had been violent are quietly recanting. For example, on Feb. 12, the New York Times corrected a story in which it claimed that the Capitol Police Officer, Brian Sicknick, who died on Jan. 7, had succumbed to the blow to the head he received from a fire extinguisher during the fracas of Jan. 6 as shown in the quotation below.

UPDATE: New information has emerged regarding the death of the Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick that questions the initial cause of his death provided by officials close to the Capitol Police.

Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official.

But a Google search of the incident won’t show you this but the previous erroneous narrative. The media claimed that Trump incited violence without showing a tape of him actually doing so and Democratic politicians and some weak-kneed Republicans amplified that lie.

After rushing through a vote in the House, the House managers couldn’t make a case at the Senate trial. They had not investigated the Jan. 6 events or given Trump a chance to defend himself before rushing to judgment. They then resorted to doctoring evidence- including slicing and dicing tapes to give the appearance of guilt, adding blue checks to tweets to give the impression that the writer was a social media influencer and changing the date of another tweet from 2020 to 2021 to make it fit in the timeline of the Capitol riot. But they were caught and exposed.


Jennifer Lynn Lawrence’s tweet accusing a House manager of adding a blue check she never had to her tweet as exhibit in the impeachment trial.

They shifted to demand witnesses. They should have done that in the House but they were not prepared to build a real case but wanted to push one through by inflaming public passions and spewing vitriol against Trump. They control the whole trifecta and there was no opposition to their calling witnesses. But when Trump’s defense lawyers said they would call witnesses too, including Speaker Pelosi and other elected Democrats. They said they would put them under oath to say what they knew about the Jan. 6 events- before, during and after- and would examine the violent rhetoric they have been spewing since Trump assumed office and in the past year- they quickly backed down. The vote at the Senate went as it ought to- Trump’s acquittal is well deserved– and the shame is on them.

Now Pelosi isn’t even seeking to censure Trump. But they’ve been saying he’s so dangerous and his supporters are terrorists. Bwahaha! She knows she’s got nothing! And those threatening legal action against Trump should knock themselves out. The people destroying things and attacking people are still doing so in DC, Seattle, Portland and New York without serious push back from law enforcement but I can assure you they are not Trump supporters. If things were normal in America right now, more people would be outraged at the lengths the House managers went to in order to frame Trump and calling for criminal proceedings to be instituted against them with the subsequent debarment and revoking of the law license of the lawyers among them.

This whole charade has been another political stunt to keep Trump away from DC and elective office. The fact that they went ahead with impeachment proceedings after he had left office should tell you everything you need to know about their motivation. Pelosi and the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, will still poke around in their bag of tricks to pull out another brouhaha against Trump, that’s for sure, but it all means nothing. As Trump rightly said after his acquittal, it’s the same witch hunt that he’s been a victim of since he decided to run for office in 2016.

Trump is out of office but he’s still dominating the news cycle and scaring Establishment politicians of both US parties senseless. They have never accepted that an outsider who actually keeps his word and looks out for the average Joe should be allowed to hold high public office and that is why they want to damn him into political obscurity to ensure it never happens again.

(Do watch this interview by a CBS news anchor, Lana Zak, with Trump’s defense lawyer, Michael van der Veen, to see the incendiary role the media, especially the MSM, have been playing in all the conflict and upheaval in the US.)

Candace Owens’ Feb. 11, 2021 video, “Everything you were told about the ‘Capitol Riot’ is a lie,” also lays bare the facts about the “insurrection.”


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  • Francis Onyedikachukwu

    The media has always been biased about Trump. The Democrats use the media to portray a negative image of him. The earlier US citozens realize their problem, the better for them.

  • Enukora Onyedikachi Blessing

    The MSM like CNN and ABC news haven’t been so forthcoming in adhering to the ethics of journalism. The Democrats(leftists) obviously dominate the MSM, while painting Trump as the most vicious president they have ever had. I am very happy they will go home with their mouths shut.

    • True, at least for once in a long while, they got muck on their face.

    • Ugwu comfort

      All i know is that Trump is a good man (president) He was being hated and accused of things he did do, all i never see coming was how CNN and ABC news help in manipulating the whole thing by worsening the whole issue making it looks like Trump is a bad man while he is not U. S .A should know that they just lost one of the best president ever.

  • Abah Okpe Gabriel

    I’m still in shock as to why MSM like CNN and ABC news could be so biased in their reportage. What happens to the social responsibility function of the mass media? Most times still I think of what they tend to gain with these acts of theirs. Finally, Trump has been acquitted, they can now sit and think of their own lives.

    • They care little about their social responsibility these days, it’s all about politics- gaining power and consolidating it. Have a blessed new week!

    • Peter Chinecherem Nathaniel

      MSN ( CNN and BBC news) have their shortcomings in their discharge of duty as against the ethics of Journalism. They were baised in their reports. I feel they are paid for their actions. I’m just happy Trump has been acquitted.

    • Chiamaka

      Trump for me is a good man.

  • They should all leave President Donald Trump alone, after all he lost the election and they still want to impeach him, na waa ooo. It’s really annoying thinking about it. They all now make it seem Nigeria is the only corrupt country in this world, thank God, they are all getting exposed.

  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    I can’t believe the lengths to which everyone involved, including media houses (which should be unbiased), would go to frame Donald Trump. Restricting and deleting Facebook posts? Doctoring tweets? It just goes to show the length to which they would go for their anti-Trump agenda. It even shows that they have no case. If they had facts and evidence, there will be no need to go forge things to impeach Trump. This just goes to show that it’s all baseless agenda and nothing else.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Trump can finally rest now. The level of attacks on him by the MSMs and Dems have been too much and unprecedented.

    • I’m not sure it’s all over. Establishment politicians will keep plotting against him, but the guy is anu ana agba egbe o na ata nri (the animal that is being shot at and it continues to graze). See how he golfed through this last impeachment and how much it incensed all those hack reporters and desperate politicians. ???

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    The MSM are out of line. Where did objectivity and accuracy go? They are taking sides and this should not be their stand. In situations like this, they ought to be unbiased. Thank you, ma’am.

  • Nkwocha chibueze Innocent

    At a point CNN lost the respect I had for the media, they became more like a campaign Organization than a media house, they wanted Trump out by all means, unfortunately they got it, all there accusations will almost amount to nothing

  • Ogbozor Chiamaka Zillah

    What is Trump’s offence that he gets blasted anywhere he goes? Even his fellow Americans are against him. He fought for their rights but the blind citizens couldn’t perceive it. Thank God that he has been acquitted. If God is for him, who can be against him?

  • Obi Chisom Vanessa

    Finally after it all they have no case against him, its is true indeed that because he came from the outside and the amount of influence he pulls they fear him, but oh well that didn’t work out.
    These foreign reporters are indeed going agaist the rule of fairness and an unopinionated news thereby corrupting the minds of the public against Donald Trump without giving them the opportunity to choose a stand. That’s indeed very wrong of them.

  • Amaugo, Stephanie Chidinma

    I loveeeeeee your analysis! I love how you follow up stories even to the most subtle detail. I’m glad he has been acquitted. Thank you so much for sharing this. Glory to God


    Yesooo ! It has happened, at least let the MSM like ABC news have a slap on their face. They derive enormous joy in labeling Trump the worst president in the history of America. Happily, I have won my bet from of a friend of mine who was insisting that the impeachment will survive and I was like it will never survive. I have won…. ??

  • Jibulu Ngozi

    The media is becoming very biased,thank goodness Trump was acquitted and that the MsM were mocked by his success.

  • Ogbuagu Chinenye

    Due to their dislike of Donald trump they protrayed a negative image of him to lure others into disliking him, well I believe politics is a game of power but forging stories and cases about him is wrong and a bit too far

  • Isaac sopuruchi peace

    It seems the media is back to being a propaganda tool. I haven’t really gotten why the Americans don’t want trump. This your write up is very analytical. Well-done ma.

  • Maryann Ugwuanyi

    Thank you for sharing this. I have always wondered what trump did for all these to happen to him, but thank God he is out of the light now.

  • chukwuneke adaeze jennifer

    well ma’am, from what we know the man [trump] was never loved by anyone in his country so its not news that they decided to impeach him. after all, if you want to cook stew and you go to the market and buy tomatoes and when you come back you found out they gave you mangoes, will you put it inside the stew like that? NO you will throw it away. so I feel that’s what USA is doing to trump right now

  • Ugochukwu Chah

    Honestly, Ma, I did not know about all these facts you pointed out about the lengths the Democrats went to in order to frame Trump. And God knows I supported Biden, believing that Trump has indeed invited the insurrection and the many other bad things the media claimed he had done. Well now I know better and I even feel somewhat ashamed that I took the media at its words, without verifying.
    Thank you so much, Ma, for this enlightenment.


    kai on this Trump’s case ehn! The MSM were biased really biased, what happened to Trump’s statement “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” in their report. Sincerely they need to go and study the ethics of journalism again. I am glad justice prevailed.

  • Nzubechi Victor

    Politics took its place, and Trump was removed from office. The issue with Trump, I believe, is that Americans don’t love his method of getting things done.

  • Paschal Odigonma Victoria

    This falls back on the power of the media. Now not just the broadcast or print media, this includes the New media (the internet). Imagine using both forces just to tarnish and bring down the reputation of one man- Trump. Thumbs up to his lawyer for addressing that in the interview.

  • Obiaga ifunanya Stephanie

    Clearly there wasn’t any case against ,just accusations and unnecessary pure hate. I’m glad he has been vindicated so everyone stops point accusing fingers at him, blaming him of what happened. MSM didn’t do well at all

  • Pamela Chigbu

    I must confess that I’m just finding out the real truth on what the Democrats did to Trump but nevertheless, it’s good that he has been acquitted.

  • Abasiofon Nkem

    Exactly my parents view. They are really excited seeing people that think the same way.! For me, Now America and Trump can rest. America will always keep their country great no matter what

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprian

    Donald trump has been a victim of hate and unhealthy accusation from the media since he declared his interest to become the president of America. I believe nothing good comes easy. He is fighting a just cause, that’s why the evil ones are against him. Sometimes I wonder what some media houses are gaining from defamating trump’s personality. Americans don’t know the menace trump was trying to save them from.. God never fails. He answered trump at the eleventh hour, when he was about being impeached from office after losing an election. They wanted to disgrace trump, but thank God their plans failed.. really I don’t know what the media houses are turning into. They seem to be doing the opposite of what is expected of them.. God save us.


    Like someone had said before, “They really did play their cards well for framing Trump and his followers as terrorists. We don’t only get to see these things in Nigeria, politics is played everywhere in the world only that some are subtle”.
    We do need a truthful person in Nigeria, if I should relate this to Nigeria.

  • In all honesty, if foul words were bullets, I believe Trump would have died a horrible death from CNN. They actually are always on Trump’s tail monitoring his every move looking for anything worth criticizing. But on a serious note, they are not to be blamed. Donald Trump self no try abeg. He made unredeemable errors that would stick on the faces of Americans for decades to come. Insurrection, now that’s ballistic!!!!!

    • Irredeemable errors? Like what? Are you monitoring Biden’s presidency? Do so and then talk to me about errors that will hurt Americans for decades to come. And it’s been less than two months since he was inaugurated!


    I’m not a big fan of the American political system but I do know of the hatred most liberal, Democrats and some Republicans had toward Donald Trump from the beginning of his term in office till date.
    I pray for Trump and his family for God to guide and protect them.
    I pray for those who hate him for no just cause, to mend their ways.
    And finally, I pray for the main stream media and big tech, the hate and lies they spread will come to an end.

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    I’m not really a big fan of politics let alone American politics but this particular post has enlightened me on so much I didn’t know about Trump and all that went on.

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    Wow i can’t believe Democrats went as far and low as faking tweets and coming up with lies. All i can say is, America is in and will always be in the hands of God

  • Ibaro Harrison Chidalu

    Didn’t know much details about American politics before now.
    The media…. these are just the two sides of the same coin. They really stooped so low to have done that. America! We continue to pray for world’s peace and progress.

    Thanks for the enlightenment ma!


    Triumphant Trump! Sometimes people don’t value what they have until they lose it, Let’s pray America will not become another Nigeria.

  • Ajah Ugochi Agnes

    Politics is not my thing but reading through this post, my eyes have been opened a little to things I didn’t know. Politics is a game people play. I believe Trump had more haters than lovers. CNN according to Trump is a carrier of fake news.

  • Kelly Anwulika Bernice

    I love your analysis ma,politics will always be politics.but Trump can finally rest from all the dragging and name calling.

  • Ndukwe Akwara

    Even Oyibo de do wayo hmmm we wey de here na wetin we go do lol

  • Thanks for bringing in full details ma. I have been following up on this impeachment case, I discovered that all the allegations allegations against Trump to impeach him has no evidence and legal stand. It was the hand work of his opposition to removed him from the elected position as the president and also to tarnish his reputation and his political career before the good people of American and beyond. But their evil plans didn’t work all as they thought. Trump’s acquittal is the prove that darkness cannot overshadowed light.

  • Trump from the beginning of his tenure there were alot of things said about him they never liked him

  • Trump is a very good man from my own perspective, I don’t think he deserves what he received. They have succeeded in pulling him out of seat, we are still watching to see that man that is better than Trump on that seat.

    • Anayo precious

      They just plotted against trump that’s all ,but the situation here is that it is politics and politics rolls on a different side.

  • Chibuife Isaac Chukwuebuka

    Trump actually meant well for America but majority of the people especially the A class citizens didn’t see it that way. I hope Biden who they chosed takes them to greater heights. Long Live America!

    • Well, read the news to see how well he’s doing. Humanitarian crisis at the Southern border, inflation soaring, poor jobs report- meaning high unemployment, gas shortage and high gas prices, war in the Middle East …

  • Sochi

    Truth is bitter and I guess that was why they blocked u from replying comments cuz they don’t want people to know about all these things especially the corrected stories by New York Times that u mentioned

  • Udop Reyner Ivor

    The game of politics is not an easy one. The length to which they all went to get rid of Trump amazes me. I thought this only happened in Nigeria.

  • Akpom Chinazor Kamdilichukwu

    The MSM, CNN and ABS news have always been so biased in their reports when it came to TRUMP. Very annoying and unprofessional. Well it’s all Politics and now they can rest

  • Ezeh Loveth chinemerem

    Politics as we all know is a dirty game. The media has always been biased about Donald trump since he declared his intention to become the president of America.


    Reading this story after the U.S elections,draw me close to tears… Lord! for how long would the unjust keep trampling on the just…

  • Eze Nelson Emeka

    I do not like Trump as a person right from inception as US President,but thank God he has left the white House

  • Emmanuel Eze

    Trump’s emergence as us president certainly challenged the established order and I’m not surprised they keep fighting him but I’m certain we’ve not heard the last of this issue yet

  • Eze Nelson Emeka

    Thank God Trump lost the election,his tenure has ended,we pray for better days ahead.

  • Nkan David

    All these were just plots on how to send the innocent Man out of office….They finally succeeded in voting him out, but painting him black in the eyes of ignorant citizens wasn’t the best option at all….

    Bravo Donald Trump….Let’s see how Biden’s adminstration goes….

  • Stephen Ofojeh

    Very nice analysis

  • Wakwe Stephanie Ada

    These were plots on how to send trump out of office, the game of politics is not an easy one actually trump meant well for America but they could not see the good in him.

  • Nwofor Gift Chinenye

    The corruption is everywhere!
    Media houses aren’t even helping matters…freedom of the press is a vital prerequisite for democracy but it doesn’t seem to exist nowadays
    Does true democracy even exist in our world today?
    Too bad

  • John Adoyi

    The US politics has been polarized by so many propagandas brought forward by both liberals and conservatives. Trump being acquitted was bi-partisan.

  • Okwa Ihuoma Jessica

    Great analysis ma. Based on what you wrote, the media was really biased, thank God that Trump was justified.

  • Nwoke uchenna

    Very thorough and insightful

  • Maureen

    I really got my hopes high wishing they won’t succeed in their plot against Trump. But why block you from making comments? The world is indeed full of corruption.

  • If care is not taken, I see America turning into some thing else. Something not palatable. They have succeeded in removing him from seat, we are still waiting to see that person that will rule America better than Trump.

  • Obiogwu Onyinye

    Haba! Like why be so biased in their report?? The media really care no more about their social responsibilities; where is the accuracy that is supposed to be the ultimate guide to journalism??? See the long length they went to frame Trump (with his good intentions). Na real wa!!!

  • Eze Goodness mmesoma

    Trump didn’t do anything to deserve such he was elected by his people free and fair .He doesn’t suppose to be impeached

  • Igwenagu Somtochukwu Osinachi

    Thank God Trump left the office with his life because everything was planned on removing the innocent man of which they succeeded but then they ended up tarnishing his image.

  • I can’t believe the length to which the media house would go to frame Donald trump, this game politics is a dirty game, my cries goes to the media house, where has ethics and accuracy gone??
    Well Donald trump can now rest lets see what Biden’s administration looks like

  • Chinweuba Blessing Oluchi

    Trumps government was very Democratic,and I was quite shocked when I watched in the news that he incited violence.
    All the same,he is free from the slamming

  • Jemimah Okwute

    I didn’t really like Trump, cause of his speech at times. But with your write up ma, I tend to understand some things.

  • Akpan Sarah Precious

    I’ve never been a fan of politics, I see it to be risky and full of deceits..
    I never knew of America’s politics, everything was just done to get him out of the office and I think it was for the best.

  • Chinenye Enwerem

    Trump’s administration has been the object of hate since he became president but framing him, trying to make ignorant citizen believe he did the things which they accused him of? That’s the height of it!

  • Ezeobi Chisom

    Thank God Trump has been acquitted
    I was seriously thinking that he was a bad man due to the allegations….
    But now I know the truth

  • Lucky Okezi

    I had believed them that Trump’s supporters were actually the violent ones.
    To think I almost developed dislike for Trump!

  • Ekeh Maryann C

    It’s still unimaginable to me how far politicians go.. So Trump was framed?

  • We pray for better days,the game of politics is not an easy one.

  • Mecha Favour

    They just plotted to send him out of tenure , he’s out, but God is in control.

  • Okafor Agatha Ifeoma

    Donald trump is being labelled the worst president for no reason, some people hate to be told the truth, but thank God, Trump was acquitted

  • Phillips faith

    As we all know politics has always been a dirty game. As fitvme trump is a good man. But what surprises me is that why are the MSM,CNN, and ABC helping hands with those trying to manipulate trump. Well all I can say is that let’s watch how Biden’s administration goes. ?

  • Trump had a great plan for American but because of his agressiveness and attitude, the media and his opponent i.e the opposition party used it against him.
    Nice one ma,this is a very good analysis

    • What was done had nothing to do with his aggressiveness. It was bigger than Trump and America. It’s a global agenda as everyone who hasn’t read the writing on the wall with Covid will soon find out.

  • Udeh Precious

    From all the comments i wish to let us know that Trump was backed by his Republican Party members not that he is innocent of the Crime levelled against him, because the Impeachment was voted for, and some of the repulicans voted against him and wanted him impeached, but as they said the mojority carries the vote, so he was vindicated due to his Party members that are the mojority in Hause. Trump is never a good man, a man who refused to do Tax decleration to the American people, or a man who is a Racist or a man who is a Misogynist, he was lucky that the Americans have another ways of reasoning.

    • My dear, you have no idea what you’re talking about. It so sad when people see the facts before them.and choose to believe lies or spout propaganda as facts. Going to school should make people more critical and research-minded but people believe what they read in corrupt media and swear by their biased contents.

  • Nweke Onyenuche Destiny

    At the end, the winner deserved it.

  • Ado-okoye Stanley Chidera

    Wow, and this is me thinking trump was the worst president U.S ever had, not knowing they tried to frame him up to get him out of seat, politics is indeed a dirty game. Thank you for this piece ma.

  • Nwawulu Arinze

    ma the funny part of this story is that they verified a false witness account on Twitter. This house representatives can go to any means to get wat they want ,and it’s bad

  • Chisom Efobi

    Ma,I didn’t really follow up Trump’s case but with this writing I am well enlightened.
    Now,its no longer a wonder to me as to the reason why people wanted him out at all costs.

  • Ezema Johnmartins Kelechi

    Trump did well for America but he is particularly not kind towards Africans

  • Despite all Trump’s flaws he is still the most upright president that I can vouch for.

  • Chukwuma Ifeanyi Williams

    The American press has never liked Trump and since the Senate went through all this to get him impeached he must have really brought them trouble.

  • Onoh Chinenye

    They really tried everything and put everything against Trump while he was on seat. The struggle was real for the man since day one and even though he’s no more on seat, he deserves accolades for being able to maneuver through all the hurdles.

  • Ugwu Bridget

    Trump was a good president but was hated for no just cause.

  • Dennis Lovelyn Chisom

    Even Jesus Christ was persecuted, I’m not surprised, blessed are those that suffer trial in Christ name.

  • I practically don’t like the guy called Trump he did not treat African right but they way they vouch for him to come out of the presidential seat is very funny but ma I really liked the Post

  • Orazulume udochukwu victoria

    Wow ma ,so the MSM like CNN and ABC news can go extra length in politics. How are we even sure whether trump won the election and it was rigged. These media bodies have forgotten their responsibilities. I pray all of them get exposed.

  • Nwikwu chidera judith

    This goes to show the length in which politicians can go and even drag the media houses along with them. Even went as far as blocking accounts and deleting posts. I hope they are all exposed.

  • Igboka chidimma

    The hatred towards Donald Trump cannot be overemphasized but God has seen him through.


    That’s to tell you that politics is the same thing everywhere, it’s only when you are inspiring to do something that would be beneficial you get to know who is against you and who stands with you.

  • Nwafor Cynthia Chinenyenwa

    Politicians can go the extra mile to achieve whatever they want not caring if their actions and decisions put the lives of innocent people in danger. Well whatever happens in politics doesn’t surprise me anymore

  • Ossai Joy Adanne

    The level of attacks against Trump is too much he was even labeled as American worst president but in real sense he has done more good than harm for the Americans.

  • Agbedo ebubechukwu

    So the MSM were being used as a tool in portraying a negative image of Trump to the people, Wow. What I still don’t understand is what he did to deserve so much hatred.

  • Uwadiegwu Mercy Amarachi

    I believe so well that Trump has a good plan for the Americans, but they don’t believe that. Trump was trying to fight and reduce the rate of corruption, but it seems the Americans don’t want who will cage them down. But now that Trump is gone, let see how it goes.

  • Nnochiri Chinecherem Nnabuike

    Jack is wrong on this. Trump is labeled the worst president for no reason. I believe this is an act of conspiracy from his opponent. Politic is indeed a dirty game

  • Nnochiri Chinecherem Nnabuike

    They have finally succeeded in voting Trump out of office. Let what out for what happens next

  • Okoli Ifunanya

    The basis of my irritation is the shady involvement of the media in doctoring tweets and all. It makes me begin to question the credibility of the previous information delivered. Even the countries Nigerians use as reference points are even more corrupt.

  • Victor Izuchukwu

    Trump had great things in mind for America but unfortunately he was unable to carry them out.

  • Odey-Oko Victor

    This is a dicey post and I refuse to drop my opinion here. The reason is we do not live in the United States, most times we really on the news we get, we do not really know what is going on over there.

    • ???

      No, you shouldn’t because as you said you only rely on the media. You don’t have to live somewhere to know what is happening there in the world of today. But you need more sources beyond the MSM to do that. You can also live in a place and be ignorant of what is happening there if you don’t expose yourself to the right sources. Right here in Nigeria, many people believed that Jobathan was an idiot and had a “kindergarten presidency”. Now, everybody has realised it was all media lies.

      Google my poem, “My Swipe at Jonathan,” and see that some of us were taking note of the actual state of things then. What happened in Nigeria was just repeated in America by the same players. If you thinking these things are unconnected, your eyes are not yet open.

  • Okpechi Amarachi

    It still baffles me how the media whose first obligation is to the truth turns out to do just the opposite. U.S certainly have lost one of a kind!

  • Nwaorgu Cynthia

    No there wasn’t! Trump is a man of valor… He served America well and I would say, just like President Goodluck, he also had alot of enemies
    Even the media are part of his enemies
    You can imagine

  • Josh-mba Amara

    In my opinion, Trump’s tenure was cut short. He should have served for 2 tenured because I believe he is a good leader

  • Enemuwe John Paul

    We’re yet to see more. We just hope Biden fills the gap that Americans think Trump couldn’t.

  • Ikechukwu Fountain Chidera

    The media is becoming biased,thank goodness Trump was acquitted.

  • Ama Mitchelle Chisom

    Everything that happened was staged to incriminate Trump,that was why the US house of representatives rushed the impeachment without holding hearings

  • Indeed Politics is a dirty game. I wonder what Trump might have done wrong to them. Is it because he his not corrupt as them? Or he didn’t agree with the godfather to the extend of impeaching him and also restricting and deleting his Facebook post by the Media. At this point ,the media also are in line with politics for giving fake information. Thank God for the impeachment,who knows what next could have happen.

  • Uchechukwu Chikezie

    The impeachment was used against his ambition for second tenure in office. Because he has been hated by enemies of progress .

  • Christabel

    The height people in political power goes to clear there name is intriguing, there by putting innocent people in trouble

  • Nweze Somto Maryann

    Corruption is everywhere, politics is not easy and it’s a dirty game. Thank God Trump has been acquitted. We keep praying for better days ahead.

  • Agbo Chidiebere

    This is all really unprofessional. I hope that the wrong party here is exposed. I do believe that Trump was a good president.

  • It is sad to see the length this news company go an extra mile just for political gains. I believe that Trump had a lot to do for America the hate on him is just too much

  • Onuzulike Chukwuebuka Prosper

    I pray American realise their mistakes soon, and know that Trump is indeed a man who has good plans for them

  • Iheme Akunna

    Politics has always been a haunt of a sort in this present era of globalization; hence the reign of trump and the Americas cannot be an inception. In all said, the mainstream media needs serious censoring and overhauling using policies to get their acts together.

  • Was there really a case against Trump, they wanted Trump out of the seat for Media to broadcast Trump’s failure, Trump didn’t win in an election and impeaching him again is somehow .


    In all said, the mainstream media needs serious censoring and overhauling using policies to get their acts together.

  • Chinonyere Emeka

    Ha! This people are just like us, they fight a good leader when he wants to help them and misses him when the good leader goes and gets the a terrible one. This is just the case of Good luck and Buhari. I hope that when Joe Biden is done with them, they will have Sense.

  • There was really a case against trump?
    Politics has been a dirty game,it is so corrupt that the truth is usually covered. In this post, I believed MSM made up some faults just to get rid of trump.

  • Nora Nsan

    The MSM like CNN and BBC seem to have published the negative aspects of Trump’s rule but I know that Trump was one of best presidents.

  • Egbue Precious

    Oh Trump!! How pitiful but he should have maintained finesse I mean isn’t that what being in the high castle is all about

  • Ngwu Chiamaka

    Indeed journalism ethics is a prerequisite requirement for the profession.
    The MSM, like CNN and BBC, have not been fair on the type of fake news they unleash about President Trump.
    It is high time they should be censored.

  • Wonodi Success

    Your analyses are always top-notch and I love how you give every necessary details before drawing a conclusion.

  • Akamadu Oluoma Francisca

    Trump was not that bad as a president, tho.

  • Anyinachi Winifred

    They painted him black and most people were quick to down the potion.

  • Ucheghara Fortune

    The fact that the media allowed themselves to be a tool for political propaganda is very disheartening.

    The Democrats on the other hand are just a group of clowns who are doing their circus job the wrong way.

  • Okoye Emmanuel

    It’s not fair to create unnecessary bad image of someone; The MSN like the CNN and the BBC should be censored, because of false news dissemination.

  • Peace Agada

    They were bound to drop the case from the onset seeing the loopholes right from time but still choose to be ignorant. The media had always been biased about trump and his dealings. But he always finds a way to outsmart them lol. Glad the case was dropped.

  • Chibudike Nmesoma Praise

    Well, the citizens of the United States of America has always been known for their immeasurable ability to do and undo. It is what it is.
    May God help us.

  • Okwa perpetual chidimma

    Having a blameless lifestyle is a weapon to conquer the negative belief or mindset people have about you. Being biased with the intention of hurting someone has a great consequences that comes back sooner or later. Be mindful of what you do or say against someone whether in governmental position, media etc.

  • Akalugwu Ruth Chigozie

    Trump is indeed a man with Good plans

  • Igboka Valentine chidera

    Trump’s opponents use the media, which is under their influence, to their advantage. No matter what the media does, Americans have recognized their errors, and Trump is taking that seat in 2024 despite their constant reporting of negative information about him

  • Utazi Ogochukwu Immaculata

    They’re playing politics,and politics they said is a dirty game,so anything can happen while you in authority because you can’t please everyone.

  • Braide kenneth victor

    The sad part of this is that the media is pushing propaganda instead of exposing them.

  • Ezimora Reliance

    I bet Trump would be having a laugh seeing the mess US is getting into everyday after all they put him through.
    The media deserves independence from government influence. The government mustn’t be allowed to incite the public in certain matters. This was a good example of such.

  • Obinabo Chinelo

    Trump served America well. All these are propagandas meant to defame him

  • Sunday chibuike

    Trump actually meant well for America but majority of the people especially the A class citizens didn’t see it that way. Lets Make America great again!

  • Glory Odogwu Chikaodinaka

    I didn’t follow up this issue as at the time it trended, but from what I’m seeing here, they all wanted trump down for a reason I guess.

  • Rosemary

    Not a politics lover but from this post I can tell that Trump has more haters than lovers. Thank stars he can rest now.

    • Unfortunately, he cannot. They have just indicted him in NY for process matters that have exceeded the statute of limitations. They are desperate to say that he is a criminal and have been manufacturing frivolous charges against him since he left office.

  • Omolola Akande

    I actually love the dogged attitude of Donald Trump. He is confident and never lets himself to be cowed.

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    From onset, Americans have always despised Trump. They used the media to dent his personality and chase him out of the political sphere .

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    When you are honest and upright, you will surely be vindicated.

  • Cyndy uju

    Trump is a good man though

  • Ebube Leonardo

    Corruption is very bad and horrible, but then the press freedom should be guaranteed in modern democracy.

  • Odo Faith Chinecherem

    Framing someone just to paint them as bad for your own selfish gain? Really? Is this what we are doing now? We all have a long way to go in this world. I thought Nigeria was corrupt until I read this. Shaking my head.

  • Bassey Gideon

    The West have an issue with the media and as such everyone must bend to their tunes. It’s soothing to know Donald.has been acquitted of the charges and it should show how biased the media are over there.

  • Chukwuebuka Adikankwu

    The media has always been biased about Trump. They portray negative image of him.

  • Ajomiwe Chiamaka

    Everything concerning Trump and his appearance on the media, shows the media’s biased opinion against him which is really glaring.

  • Dan Joseph

    Donald Trump is a one man against all of them. Even with all of them combine they know his unbeatable but in onder to achieve their goal they are also making use of the press and the people to bring him down.

  • Juliet

    These people care so little about their social responsibility these days, it’s mostly about politics gaining power

  • Nnamani Chidibere John

    The rush to judgment without a proper investigation and the manipulation of evidence are of concern on this issue.

  • Okoewa favour

    In every government, there must be opposition, but to think that the media also has a hand in this injustice, is so disappionting.

  • Such is the power of the media in the hands of unscrupulous politicians, who are always out to enthrone mediocres who will work in their favor.
    Absolutely partisan bias.
    Up till now I have always believed that Donald Trump is a wicked man, until I read this. It is all the media’s fault.

  • The media is becoming too bias and they don’t really care about their main duties again

  • Chukwu Chinwe Princess

    Clearly the ethics of journalism needs to be reviewed in America. This goes on to show the effect propaganda can leave in a country. The case of Donald Trump clearly shows manipulation and corruption. May God help us all.

  • Nwako Chikodili Scholastica

    It is wrong for the media to have claimed that Trump incited violence without showing a tape or footage of him doing so. Being biased as a media is an unethical practice of journalism.

  • Edoriawhe Faith Avweruesuoghene

    There’s need for media to always do their investigation and verification to unearth the truth before publishing their report this is because lack of truth will make them loose credibility.Just like the way they reported that Mr Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher only for the police and the investigators to find out later that he did not die of blunt force trauma.

  • Onyishi Henry Kelechi

    The discussion highlights the importance of careful consideration and fact-checking, especially in the age of social media. It’s crucial to separate rhetoric from evidence and approach political issues with a critical mindset.

  • adeeyo Stephen

    I was actually following the news of his impeachment, but I didn’t know much about it.
    The media had probably released wrong information about him. One thing is sure, the truth cannot be hidden for long, it must surely be revealed to the knowledge of everyone. For me, I don’t trust him that much because of the things I have heard and read. God bless you ma.

  • Onyishi joy chetachukwu

    Trump is not a bad person from my own view, he actually meant well for his people but majority of them doesn’t see it that way but surely they all shall be exposed

  • It’s really irritating to know the media could be so one-sided just so they could paint a black picture of trump. The media must always say things as it is and not taking sides. It’s against the ethics of journalism.

  • Ogbu Chinyere Rosemary

    The world don’t like seeing good people, that is why when good people or individual stand up for something good, trial will be coming from every angle. Even Jesus himself faced the same thing for doing good. But in all case, the truth will surely set them free. God has his way of setting his people free.

  • Ogbu Cynthia Nneoma

    Donald Trump is a one man against all of them. Even with all of them combine they know he’s unbeatable but in order to achieve their goal they are also making use of the press and the people to bring him down.

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