Heather and Her Husband Short Story 2



In the first episode of this story, Heather accidentally learnt that her husband was into a serious relationship with another woman and planned to confront them with her Glock.

This episode focuses on Heather’s sister, Andrea, and her involvement with her sister’s family. Quite an interesting or, to be more precise, shrewd character, this Andrea! Enjoy!


Andrea had a burden to pray. It was so heavy that she told her partner she’d be unable to come to their art shop that morning. As she prayed in tongues, unable to discern what the burden was about, images of handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit flashed in her mind. She nearly laughed at the absurdity of the idea that the devil was trying to rope her into something that would warrant prison time. But she figured that if the Holy Spirit considered it important enough to burden her to leave work and pray, she’d better not trivialise it. Still, she couldn’t think of anything remotely illegal in her professional and personal dealings but she continued to pray, cancelling every evil intention of the enemy.

About 7 p.m., Andrea felt slightly relieved and decided to eat some fruit salad which she prepared around noon but refrigerated when she noticed she might be praying all day. She drank a bottle of water and ate a few dessert spoonfuls before dropping off to sleep. Being a light sleeper, she woke up when her phone rang the short message alert tune.

The message was from Heather, her younger sister. Without even opening it, Andrea knew without a doubt that she had not been praying for herself but for her sister, who was very volatile.

“Oh, my God!”

Heather was no stranger to the law. She had been arrested several times for social justice activism during her college days. It didn’t matter the cause, Heather was always in the thick of it. Then she started dating foreign students, mostly Africans, and helping them to game the system for financial benefits. One of her scams led to her expulsion from college, but in order to avoid accusations of racism, the college authorities allowed the beneficiary of the scam, Pago Sambe, to graduate but without further financial benefits. Through doing odd jobs- waitressing, tour guiding- and wheedling her dad for funds, Heather supported him for the rest of his stay in college.

Heather and Her Husband Short Story 2

Andrea was against the relationship from the start. During her time in college, she had dated a couple of Black guys but felt they were too different to build any future with. She could not believe a word they said after she found out that the guys they called brothers were actually their cousins or not related to them at all. Their families were unmanageable and the circle widened the farther they travelled. She broke up with the last guy, a Kenyan, after he introduced a fellow as his brother, a guy she knew was from Lesotho. He probably thought she was a dumb blonde who believed that Africa was a country.

Something else she noticed was that they were always in need and she couldn’t accommodate their needs without lying to her dad or dabbling into illegal stuff, something Heather was apparently more than willing to do. She didn’t mind sharing what she had but when everyone with the same skin colour claims to be your spouse’s brother and feels entitled to financial help from you and your family, it becomes a tad trying. There were certainly rich African students but Andrea had never been acquainted with any.

Andrea wondered if she was racist but assured herself it was cultural difference. To each his own! Anyway, Heather loved Blacks and would die for them, she not so much.

But in spite of her reservations, when she saw that Heather was determined to marry the Pago guy from Nigeria, she relented and behaved herself. She also convinced her dad, who hated the guy that caused his baby girl to be expelled from school, to show support. And she thanked God that she did. She got to babysit Heather’s adorable son, Junior, and stood in the gap for her sister and her family, which seemed to be teetering, something Heather seemed oblivious of.

What informed her view of Heather’s family?

In Andrea’s eyes, their lifestyle was unsustainable on their income. They lived in prime real estate, which they could put on the market for a sizable sum and buy a townhouse or condo.

Heather was also fooled by Pago’s good looks, charm and expressiveness to think he could run a business. Garrulity and paper qualification cannot substitute for business acumen. His list of collapsed ventures should have told her that, but she kept pouring water down the hole and massaging his ego. He would do well as a staff in a company somewhere but he didn’t know squat about running a successful business, Andrea believed.

Their relationship was also unhealthy in her opinion. Pago had more of a utilitarian than genuine romantic attachment to Heather, something his endless affairs should have told her. But she melted in his arms every time they fought and made up. Andrea was sure the magic would wear off sooner or later. Heather was a smart girl and she was bound to realise she was being duped at some point. But not from her, lest she be accused of being a home breaker, she told herself.

It appeared that the realisation had finally come after five years of marriage for Andrea was certain her vision of handcuffs and the orange jumpsuit was not for herself after all but for her passionate sister. Heather had probably had enough and Andrea hoped her prayer had been enough to stave off a tragedy.
Andrea tried to call Heather but she had switched off her mobile phone. She didn’t want to make a call to the house which Pago could pick. She never knew what to say to the fellow and she certainly didn’t want to go through him to Heather then. She decided to call the pool house where another handsome Black guy, whom Pago said was his brother, was staying. He picked on the third ring and sounded genuinely pleased to hear from her.

Before she could explain her need to talk to Heather before tomorrow, the fellow (JohnPaul) confirmed her fears.

“I may have endangered my cousin’s life,” he began.

“Who’s your cousin?” Andrea queried, although she had no desire to be dragged into these immigrants’ sob stories, especially when she had an emergency to deal with.

“Pago is my cousin.”

“But he says you’re his brother. Oh, never mind! Why do you think his life is in danger?”

By the time he finished his story, Andrea was so mad she could have killed Pago herself.

“The nerve that he has, that scoundrel! After all that my sister has done for him!”

“Can you help? Pago is my brother.”

“For goodness sake, make up your mind,” Andrea exclaimed in frustration.

“Cousin, brother, it’s all the same,” JohnPaul replied, surprised at her outburst. “I will not forgive myself if any harm comes to him. Besides, I love Heather like my own sister and I don’t want her to do anything that will get her into trouble.”

Andrea was touched. “Neither do I, neither do I!”

-To be continued-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2021

Hi! Hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far.

Should Andrea do more for Heather in her marriage than pray for her and babysit?

Should she tell Heather her honest opinion of her husband and her marriage?

Or would that constitute setting asunder what God has joined together?

Where do you think the story is headed- peaceful resolution or tragedy?



  • John Adoyi

    O my God another suspense.
    I can’t wait for the number 3 of this captivating story

  • Uchegbu Ogechi Elizabeth

    Happy new month ma.

    Prayer is something that is very important to me. And also having friends and family that are very close to God. Because I know that any problem coming my way with prayer it can be defeated.

    God bless you ma.

  • Nnaji Ozioma Faith

    I want to believe that Andreas interference will be helpful to Heather’s situation. I’m sure she must have gotten one or two revelation after yielding to the Holy spirit to pray for that long or better still must have gotten and insight on how to settle the conflict. JP is in total confusion. I wonder who he’s finally gonna help.

  • Manny

    Fingers crossed

    • ???

      God bless you very much in Jesus’ name.

      • Ezenwa Miracle Joy

        I think Andrea’s intervention in this matter would help a long way. She and John Paul can pull up this and make Pago’s marriage work if he is ready to oblige. Imagine if Andrea had not listen to the Holy Spirit and prayed over the burdens and dream she has, things wouldn’t have unfolded this much. I think heather is quite gullible although Andrea claims she’s smart. Her husband keeps manipulating her. Part 1 ended happily, I would also have like to say that this would end happily but I have some fraud due to the turning out of events especially for Pago manipulative charm on his wife, I wonder what happens when she truly comes to light.

  • Njepuome Nmesoma .O.

    Good morning ma.
    Thank you for yet again another intresting episode can’t wait to see how the story ends.

  • oforgu ifeanyi Augustine

    I felt the plight of heather, she was battered in disappoinment. Nevertheless such drama do occur as reality is concerned. Heartbreak and regrets on the path of women who dedicate their all to love. Pago never seemed straight in helping issues. But thanks to Andrea.

  • Igwe Amarachi precious

    This is really sad, but thank God Andrea committed everything in God’s hand which is the most important thing


    I said it. This platform is very educative.

  • Idoko Charles Edicha

    This is getting interesting. lots of things are being unveiled. I Can’t wait to see how it pans out.

  • Emmanuel Eze

    Woah! What a way to infuse another character into the story.
    Andrea is definitely a polar opposite of Heather..
    I can’t wait to see what happens next

  • Pearl Azuoma

    Well well, if I were in Andrea’s shoe I’d have interfered by now. Women should not be submitted to such horror in the name of love. Being her sister and seeing all this I would have told my sister about it all. As much as prayer is important, let’s face the reality, heather will probably still be swimming in her husband’s deceit if not for this final blow. Who knows he might even cover it up and heather will once again fall to his devices. Forget being called a home breaker, even heather will not be able to deny her husband’s excesses, it’s glaring… Andrea should intervene by filling her sister in besides prayer, because like all stories, when the truth is revealed and turns out Andrea was aware all along, heather will assume her sister was a liar for not telling her about it. Even the bible says, saying it is well without offering any real assistance is dead.
    An interesting story with well defined characters. May God bless you.

  • Makwe Covenant Nkiruka

    Andrea’s portrayed as a very wise, brilliant, admirable youth,who knows the Lord. She’s really a character, worthy of emulation. And I’m also happy,she took the right decision of praying. This shows her commitment on the things of God.

  • Omenka Deborah Ehi

    Marriage I know is for better for worse moreover Heather wearing the shoe should know where it hurts and weather to pull it off or endure the pain, Andrea is neither a priest nor marriage counselor, the best she can do is to continue babysitting junior and praying for the sister, God still answer prayers.

  • This story is mind blowing and I can’t wait to read more of it.

  • Stephanie Ada

    Marriage is union made God Andrea portrayed as a wise girl who loves God Am happy she took the right decision in life

  • More than praying, I really think Heather needs counseling. For the fact that the relationship is a utilitarian one is a big deal. Pago is a guy and shouldn’t be dependent on her, it should be the other way round. Even if she doesn’t want to break up with her husband, there is an actual need to restructure the relationship.

  • Mary oche Rachael

    Oh God! Can’t wait for the next episode

  • Okporie Ezinne Florence

    Thankgod for Andrea’s prayers,the suspense in this story is something else; can’t wait for the next one

  • Good morning ma I hope d story have finished,it is a unique one

  • Pls ma what’s the meaning of this statement; Andrea was certain her vision of hand cuffs and orange jumpsuit was not for herself.

    • It’s a simple statement, my dear! And the words are pretty simple. You may want to research who wears orange jumpsuits. I won’t help you by explaining everything to you. It’s called spoonfeeding, and that is for babies. You’ve got to find out some things by yourself. You learn better that way.

  • Ikeh Christiana Chinenye

    problem. Andrea made a good step by introducing prayer to her sister in this condition of hers. Can’t wait to see what happened next!Prayer is sure the key to solve any

  • Obong Phebe

    This story is a trickish one ? you’ll always want to read the next episode.

  • Miracle C Ohia Obioha

    If Heather was my sister, then it means I have every right to interfer when I believe my younger sister is doing the wrong thing. If Andrea feels she can stop Heather from making a mistake she will surely regret, she should go ahead. If their marriage was really meant to be, it will be and no one except God can scatter the union. Sometimes, things should be sacrificed for the greater good.

  • Emeka Richard chibuike

    This article points out the importance of prayer in every home and the importance of the holy spirit guidance in decision making

  • Jemimah Okwute

    Hoping that Andreas will help. Really felt the pain of Heather, she was heart broken.

  • Ani Gift Onyinyechi

    Pago is so unbelievable! It’s because of people like him that whites find it difficult to trust blacks. And Heather is no different from him for helping him in his scamming schemes

  • Orieji Christiana Amarachi

    Wowwww sincerely I enjoyed this story, Pago represent so many young men in the society who believes this goo looks will get them a good wife so that makes them lazy and so nonchalant about life which is very bad. Young men is to learn from this and change; learn to be hardworking and responsible not only in good looks please and for Andrea I love her and all she do and wants for her sister’s family but the better way to go through that is go pray for her sister and her husband because they’re one and as such won’t understand her point even if she’s right in her opinion. Nice story ma’am.
    I can’t wait for the next episode

  • Wow thank you ma for this nice follow up. Wonderful story line indeed

  • I pray Andrea gets to Heather on time before something terrible happens oooo…heyyy!!! God, my heart is beating fast.

  • Eze hyacienth

    Dreams are sometimes a clear picture of things we don’t know. It could be directly reveiwed to us or someone close to .it takes only the grace of God to build a better home or life in general.
    Thanks to Andrea for being such a prayerful woman who sees beyond fiscal eyes .

  • Eze hyacienth

    For me I thank Andrea deserves something better than a cheating husband like pago ,it’s do sad how people genuinely feel in love with the rung person .God, I believe.is the only means of changing the mind of a cheating husband like pago through prayers .

  • Umechukwu Chelsea Dumkenechukwu

    Already love John Paul

  • Godwin chiemerie janemary

    Wow!!What an amazing story. I can’t wait to read the next episode.

  • Thank you ma for this episode can’t wait for the next part

  • Emmanuel Ejiofor

    Let’s hope that Heather doesn’t do the unthinkable. But, why are many black men overseas like Pago? It’s really bad that they always like to take advantage of the whites’ kindness

  • Okpala, Chukwuebuka

    Heather brought all those, upon herself. The signs were there ab initio but she chose to ignore them because of her love for him. Love alone cannot sustain marriage. Personality of the people involved is also a salient point to be considered in any marriage.

    Her sister Andrea did the much she could do. Anything more than what she did may appear to be backbiting or out of jealousy.

    This is an interesting story. Thank you ma’am.

  • Nwosuocha Winnie Chidiebube

    This article shows the importance of prayers like how Andrea always prayed for her sister. I think Andrea should step in and caution her sister cause Heather is about to do something they would all regret.

  • Okwor Nmasi Sarah

    Andrea did well by committing the life of her sister to God , which is number one things, and I’m so happy john Paul has good intentions for the both of them .

  • Omolola Akande

    I love the fact that prayer isn’t looked down on

  • Chimdalu Onah

    I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid

  • Ebube Leonardo

    Can’t wait to see what happens next

  • Etim Mary David

    Can’t wait to read the full story.
    I like the fact that they showed how important it is to pray.
    Prayer helps a lot.

  • Oliseji Goodnews Adaeze

    Hmm good looks shouldn’t be the bedrock of a relationship. Heather was deceived by Pago’s good looks and expressiveness.

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