Edith Ohaja Heather and Her Husband Short Story 1



This is a fictional story of marriage and how relatives can get involved in it. The character of the relatives will determine if their involvement will serve for good or for ill. Enjoy!


Heather was not surprised to see a light in her son’s room when she tiptoed to check on him around 10 p.m. Junior was reading with a flash light again, she told herself with a smile. I think I have a professor on my hands. Heather switched on the light and found that this time, Junior was not reading. He was admiring a drawing he had done. It was of a puppy (terrier-like). She had to admit it was good but she sensed her son’s emotional attachment to the drawing. He probably wants a pet, she thought, but decided to ask him anyway.

“Junior, you should be sleeping by now. Why are you awake drawing a dog?”

“I’m sorry, Mum,” he replied, with a shrug that said, “I just had to do this.”

“Mum, can you buy me a dog just like this tomorrow?

“But I’ve told you you can’t have a pet till you’ll be able to take care of it. That won’t be for a couple of years yet,“ she reminded the four-year-old, ruffling his curly brown hair.

“Oh, no! This is not for me, it’s for Aunty Woman,” Junior disclosed.

“Aunty Who?” Heather asked, sitting on the bed.

“Aunty Woman. Her birthday is tomorrow and I want to give her a special gift.”

“Junior, you know better than that. Woman is not a person’s name.”

“It is too! Uncle JP told his friend on the phone that Daddy like Woman too much. He said he bought the aunty a Lexus for her birthday and he will give it to her tomorrow at Silver Point. Do you know where that is? I want to surprise her with my own special gift.”

Heather was speechless. She wanted to remind her son that it was wrong to eavesdrop; she wanted to correct his bad English, “It’s likes, Junior, Daddy likes Woman,” but she was too shocked by what she’d heard.

“Please, Mummy, say you’ll buy the puppy for me,” he pleaded, overwhelming her with his hazel eyes.

“But you have never met this Aunty Woman. Why are you even calling her Aunty and how do you know she will love a puppy?”

“Duh, Mum, everyone loves a puppy! And Uncle JP called her Aunty.”

“Okay, but can we talk about this in the morning? You really have to go to sleep.”

“Okay, Mum.”

After tucking her son in, switching off the light and gently shutting his bedroom door, Heather could only walk about ten steps before her legs nearly gave way. Leaning on the wall, she slid to the floor and began to weep.

For one thing, tomorrow was not her birthday. For another, her husband, Pago, claimed his business was in the red and had her picking up more than her fair share of the family’s bills. She ran an online fashion shop which did well before but family expenses were almost rendering it insolvent. She didn’t have so much as a Mini Cooper at the moment, having decided to stop getting financial help from her dad, but Pago was planning to gift a Lexus to some woman. Bringing his cousin, JP (short for JohnPaul) to the US to live with them had turned into a blessing in disguise, she told herself. Otherwise, how would she have discovered that her husband was having a ball at her expense?

Edith Ohaja Heather and Her Husband Short Story 1

The shock was slowly wearing off as she realised the signs that he was in a serious relationship with another woman, not just another fling, had been there. She just wasn’t paying attention. He often had a faraway look in his eyes but she thought it was the pressure of his business troubles. Also, he hardly paid her compliments anymore and had come up with the idea of separate bedrooms a while ago. But the real red flag was that he was often too tired for sex. Who has ever heard of a man too tired for sex, five days in a row, she asked herself. And a Black man to boot! How could I have missed that?

Heather believed that Black men were the most virile men on earth and had reserved her heart for them. She dated a few before she settled for Pago although their relationship had been tumultuous from the start. But the sex was wonderful, sweeter in fact when they made up after their numerous rows, so she said “Yes” when he proposed two years after he graduated from college.

As she mused, Heather became angry. She got up and marched to her husband’s bedroom where he was snoring gently. She felt like shaking him awake and confronting him. But she didn’t want Junior to wake up and see them fighting as they often did before he was born. She had promised herself that she would protect her son from the trauma of watching his parents fight and had been so forbearing. What she didn’t know was that Pago was deep in his old game of cheating and lying, she lamented. She turned and quietly left the room.

The SilverPoint Hotel! That hangout of the rich and decadent on the other side of Houston was going to witness one h&#l of a fight tomorrow, she decided. She went to her room and sent a text message to her sister, Andrea, to come and pick up Junior in the morning. Then she reached above her wardrobe and brought down a hard plastic case containing her Glock. Someone is going to be sorry for messing with me tomorrow, she told herself, as she lay down.

“Someone will be very sorry tomorrow,” she repeated in an icy voice.

To ensure that her dark prediction came true, she got up and went to the pool house where JohnPaul stayed.

He was shocked to see her there dressed in nothing but a flimsy cotton night dress. As he was wondering what she was up to, she asked him a most unexpected question.

“When is Pago meeting his girlfriend at SilverPoint tomorrow?”

JohnPaul took a look at Heather’s wild green eyes and realised why Pago often called her a crazy White bi#ch. But he also knew that this “crazy White bi#ch” was behind everything Pago had achieved in the US- his degree in economics which she helped pay for, his green card that set him above illegal immigrants, his business connections, even this exquisite European style house in which they lived was a wedding gift from her dad (a real estate mogul).

JohnPaul also remembered how Heather had encouraged him after he lost both parents to diabetes and hypertension due to his meagre pay as a lecturer in a private university and how she convinced Pago to invite him over, claiming he was his sibling. He considered himself loyal and felt that Heather had earned it.

“7 p.m.,” he replied. “That will give him time to drive home and change after work,” he added but Heather was already walking back to the house.

A chill crept through JohnPaul. “God, please help me! What have I done? How did she even find out?”

-To be continued-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2021

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***How do you think Heather should handle the problem in her marriage?

***Do you think JohnPaul did well to give Heather the information she asked for?


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  • Heather should calm down and communicate with her husband the right way and I feel John Paul did the right thing by telling Heather the truth.

  • Iyorakpo Dorathy

    If Heather’s findings happens to be true then her husband is one ungrateful human and he does not deserve her. Very emotional and intriguing story ma’am.

  • Okwuchi Kimberly

    Heather’s suspisions are not confirmed yet
    I hope he isn’t actually cheating o
    Anticipating the next episode

  • Oruma Nneoma Goodnews

    I really do not know why any man would want to cheat on a woman like Heather. Someone who literally helped you advance in your career. I really do not know. And for Johnpaul, he should have cautioned his cousin instead of waiting for him to be threatened. I hope Heather gets to the root of this and I hope she does not act out of anger.

    • You’re right. JohnPaul was probably afraid to caution Pago because he had not fully found his feet in the US. Heather would never have known what was up if not for Junior. Kids can be catalysts like that, without knowing what they have done. Let’s hope there’s no bloodshed though.

  • Heather’s son was innocently saying what he heard but I feel Heather is over reacting by picking up a glock with the intention of using it on her husband

    • Well, people have died as a result of these kinds of messy situations. Love is strong but when someone who loves fiercely is hurt, they can deal with the loved just as fiercely.

  • Chinweuba Blessing Oluchi

    JP did the right thing by informing Heather of the truth. Heather should liase with her husband for a better result than causing a fight.

    • I think she is planning more than a fight. Scary!

    • Obong Phebe

      To JP, he made the best decision by telling her because whether he tells her or not she will find out sooner or later since the real cat has been let out of the bag by her son. On the other hand I will advice Heather to just go to the venue to confirm and make sure her husband sighted her then boldly reserve all comments till they meet at home to at least retain her self respect.

  • Heather should have waited for dawn, to have discussion with her husband before going to JP but when we are filled with rage we act without thinking, also john Paul did well by telling her what he knows.

  • Chukwukanne chinecherem winner

    This short story brought the real picture of cheating, ingratitude, and lies. Heather would never had known that her husband had been cheating on her if it weren’t for her son. She was made to believe that her husband was under pressure and had no financial security. She had taken up the responsibility of catering for the family. It was not until she laernt about the truth of her husband’s deceit through her son and in an indirect way that she got to know about her husband extra marital affair. This is what happens in the society. Women are lied to, made fun of, cheated on and shown ingratitude for things they did for their spouses. Heather had made sure that her husband graduated from school by helping him. She made sure he was able to get a green card, she had convinced him in bringing his cousin to the US so he could make something out of his life but later she was deceived and lied to by her husband. This is really a case of paying good with evil. Heather also made us understand that no matter the situation that occurs, we should always try to make sure that it doesn’t affect our children as children could assimilate things at a quicker rate and it would be detrimental to them if they see their parents fight in their house.

  • Nweze Somto Maryann

    I think Heather should take things easy with her husband and also pray for a change because marriage is not always easy. As for Pago, he doesn’t deserve her with all his lying and cheating.

  • Nwikwu chidera judith

    Heather doesn’t deserve to stay with such a man, if it is confirmed that he is cheating and as for johnpaul he is supposed to caution his cousin before it got to this point. No child is supposed to see his or her parents fight.

  • Okochi Chinonso

    Infidelity is heart wrenching,being cheated on by someone you love and call your own is heart breaking so I won’t blame Heather for what she’s about to do

  • Ugwu Mmesoma

    John Paul obviously did the right thing by telling Heather the truth. Heather should equally talk things out with her husband

  • Obajie Chinonyerem

    Some people don’t appreciate what they have. Imagine having a wife like Heather and still cheating on her.

  • Ben-Egbe Nneoma Andrea

    This is very sad and realistic. It is so sad that after going all the way for her husband, she received lies and infidelity in return. But I feel Heather should try and handle the matter calmly

  • Agbedo Ebubechukwu

    This must really be heartbreaking for Heather though, after all she did for him… Well it’s not fully confirmed if he’s actually cheating on her. Waiting for the next episode by the way.

  • Peter Chinecherem Nathaniel

    I would like to start by saying, Heather’s husband is an ingrate and deserves anything coming his way by his wife. But then thinking about her son, I think she should calm down and think the whole process through thoroughly before making decision she would regret in the future. It’s not good to react in anger…

    I look forward to the part 2 of this story ma

  • Nkan David

    This particular story is so interesting, but filled with emotions…I feel so sorry for Heather, cos she deserves better than undergoing lies, and cheats from from her husband… Putting myself in her shoes, I will just put and end to the marriage, cos it is clearly stated in this story that it wasn’t the first time she had experienced such heartbreak….Johnpaul did so well in exposing the meeting point pago intended seeing his other lover, cos hiding the truth from Heather will make me believe he too was in support of the nonsense pago was doing….I hate it so much when one cheats on the other??

  • Chibuife Isaac Chukwuebuka

    Although Heather’s suspicion about Pago cheating isn’t confirmed yet, the story is indirectly portraying the society in which we live in today. Infidelity is the new normal in our contemporary society. Both men and women cheat as a result of finding one another unattractive, dissatisfactory sexual pleasure among others. If Pago is guilty of what he’s being accused of then he didn’t do well at all. Heather has done a whole lot for him and she deserves to be shown gratitude and treated well likewise.

  • If pago is really cheating on Heather after everything she had done for him then he is being ungrateful and Heather should be careful before she makes a big mistake.

  • Victoria Chigere

    So sad how people don’t value what they have. They choose to hurt the person who went extra miles for them.

  • Idu desmond obinna

    The story was indeed emotional,
    Normally men cheats , but pago should have considered what him and Heather went through and the impact Heather has made in his life before he started cheating on her , We don’t have to conclude yet because the story never end .

  • Ugwu comfort

    This story is very touching and realistic and it thought me alot. Heather made it clear to our notice that it is never a good thing to quarrel as parents in the presence of your children.

  • If what Pago said about the father is true, i will say that Johnpaul did not do well by cheating on a woman who had sacrificed so much for the progress of the family. No woman who truely love her husband will ever accept to share her man with another woman. But i will advise Heather to handle the matter with wisdom so it will not escallate into a bigger problem which might lead to divorce for the sake of PAGO.

  • Njepuome Nmesoma .O.

    An intriguing story.
    I love that Heather was calm enough not to create a scene.
    I really hope her husband isn’t cheating on her.
    Please ma, Don’t make us wait too long for the next.

  • Eze Cassandra chisom

    I think jp,after remembering all that heather have done for her husband, feels like she don’t deserve bad,she deserves the best from him that’s why he chose to tell her,and heather going to meet them there is not the best way to solve it, instead it will cause quarrel between them, making it the worst.

  • Asogwa Uchechi Happiness

    Pago obviously doesn’t love heather , though the story is still unfolding but i can sense that Pago just married Heather just for the benefits he would get from her not for love and this is very wrong .Love is very important especially when it comes to marriage . I just hope Heather doesn’t do anything that will hurt anyone especially her son.

  • Anarah Chisom Chigoziem

    It is very sad. After all the help she rendered, inasmuch as how hurting and emotional it is, going to fight her husband at the hotel is not going to turn out well. She should turn to the Lord, it might sound very funny, but nothing is too childish or little for God to do. She should pray to God for the courage to confront her husband on the matter.

  • Ikechukwu Favour Mmesoma

    Wow!!! This is a big one. I really can’t wait for the next episode but before then…
    I have never been married but I think there are better ways of conflict resolution in marriage than resorting to violence and public show of disgrace.
    In as much as cheating is a very crucial matter in marriage, communication should be the bedrock of every relationship. Couples should be able to sit down and talk about their problems and differences and for all we know, Heather could be wrong about her husband.
    Women are the home builders and should do “everything” in their capacity to keep the home together and not make it an object of mockery for outsiders.
    I commend her though for keeping her son out of the mess. Can’t wait for next episode….

  • Sunday Chenka Esther

    It’s quite disheartening when someone you love turned out to treat you unfairly. As painful as it is, Heather should take it easy and talk it out with her husband. JP on his path did the right thing by telling her the truth, hence he shouldn’t feel guilty. Eagerly anticipating the next episode ??.

  • Aguguesi God'sfavour Idimmachukwu

    We can see how how evil and ungrateful the human heart is. Heather did everything to make the husband comfortable, and then he decides to cheat her. Johnpaul can’t be said to be loyal because if Heather hadn’t found out the husband is cheating, he will never have told her

  • Ekechukwu Francisca

    It is really intriguing seeing how a little chit-chat with a child exposed a terrible secret. Honestly, children are one of those you can count on for the truth. How Heather’s husband and John Paul deceived her for so long despite all she had been doing for them is heart breaking. They mercilessly delt her a blow of disloyalty, and deceit. I can’t wait to see how she’s going to return her blow. It was a nice read. Well done Ma

  • Heather should settle with her husband peacefully and avoid serious damages later on. JP didn’t do bad by telling her ,being in that his situation,he doesn’t have option than to tell her


    I think the best way to handle such a man is through prayers. She have to pray and ask God to restore her home otherwise no man can stop the man.
    She acted wisely by not confronting her husband immediately otherwise, he might end up denying his actions.
    On the other hand, I think JP did the right thing by letting her know the time she ask for because if he had told her otherwise, it would’ve been a thing of betrayal after many years she had spent helping him too.

  • Ugwuanyi Charity Ugochukwu

    Very often, we should be mindful of our words and action in the presence of children

  • Chukwukereobi Esther

    I really hope she doesn’t plan to do something drastic that would ruin both the life of her son and hers.

  • Eze Abigail Nmesoma

    I won’t blame Heather for taking such action,but i will blame her for reacting without enough evidence .. Although the way Heather reacted could have been some of our reaction if it happens that we were in her shoes..But my Advice to her is is to seek God’s face first before thinking she can handle it herself..in other not to have a broken home

    • Broken home? More like a dead husband!

      • Duru Gift Onyinyechi

        I love the fact that she controlled herself by not arguing with her husband that night. Even if the way men cheat and deceives is something that shouldn’t be overlooked,I sincerely hope she doesn’t take any decision that will be detrimental to her son. I appreciate the fact that she is conscious of what her son sees or hears. She also needs to go into the secret place and ask God to fight for her instead of her fighting for herself.

  • Ikechukwu Fountain Chidera

    Don’t want to conclude on anything,I hope it’s otherwise.cant wait for the next episode.

  • Adiele Onyedikachi

    It is a good thing John Paul told her, left to me he should have told her earlier so she can decide what to do, thank God she was calm a little not to fight with her husband without actual evidence. Looking forward to the next chapter


    Someone should tell me this story will be continued… I miss that small boy. Who is #auntywoman for the boy?.

  • Chukwumalume Ozioma

    She’s arming herself with a gun?! That’s extreme in my opinion. Heather knew Pago to be the cheating type before they even got married, so why does she think he’d automatically change after marriage? Did she marry him because of her soft spot for black men and their ability in bed? Wasn’t there anything else to look forward to in marriage? Poor Junior, having a soft spot for someone he barely knows. I hope he does not become a victim of domestic abuse of any sort.

  • Tosin Ojora

    Oh no! This is so sad. Heather deserves a better treatment instead of having her husband cheat on her; but her reaction may be rather too rash. She should have tried to confirm this and perhaps seek counsel before taking any action.

  • John Adoyi

    This is a very interesting story that I can’t wait to read the continuation. the suspense is very strong.
    I believe JP did the right thing by telling the time.
    I think Heather should not make a scene at the hotel but should show up and let the Husband know that she is very much aware of his cheatings.

  • Manifest Eja

    This story is very interesting.
    JP should not feel bad for telling Heather the time for the birthday gifting.
    He did the right thing.
    Heather did a great job by not making a scene because of Junior.
    I can’t wait for the continuation of this.


    I am kept in suspense
    Heather hasn’t taken action so i can’t judge now.

  • Emmanuel Eze

    If her suspicions turn out to be true , then what is coming after would be a gory sight … This story captures the menace of cheating in our society especially in inter-racial Marriages due to the selfishness of one or both partners.
    I can wait for the conclusion ma’am

  • Ojobo somtochukwu praise

    Pago went too far, little did he know the truth would one day come out. Poor heather, what did she do to deserve this


    A glock? C’mon I think there are better ways to handle cheating cases, picking a glock is way to extra, I just hope she ends up not pulling that trigger because she’s going to cause much more problems and even cause more trauma for her son than just the trauma of seeing his parents fight, let anger not cloud her judgment. I sha hope this story doesn’t end a tragic one, lol.

  • Why should the husband be cheating on her? If the love between them has been lost, they should find ways to rekindle it. Also, Heather should calm down before she does something drastic. Intriguing story!!

  • Orazulume udochukwu victoria

    I would applaud heather for the way she reacted …. But John Paul shouldn’t have kept this away from Heather despite what she has done for them. Am anticipating for the next episode ma.

  • Heather needs to breathe before taking any action, otherwise she might regret it. Save for her innocent son she wouldn’t have had an idea of what was going on. JP did the right thing by telling her the truth, but still he had tolerated his cousin’s cheating which is absolutely wrong

  • Uchechukwu Chikezie

    It is heart breaking to see someone you love and care for misbehaving ,reasoning of sudden change not clarify. Heather would have exercise patient.

  • Soje praise

    I love the suspense ma. Men of nowadays are unfair and unfaithful to their wives, and this results to disunity in homes.

  • Ezema sochima Cynthia

    I guess Heather should confront her husband first than going to create a scene. Confronting him first and knowing his actions before taking any other step should be the best. Marriage is all about endurance. I believe if she keep advising her husband one day he will get tired of his lifestyle of cheating and change to a better person

  • Ama Mitchelle Chisom

    It’s definitely not going be pretty for Pago and his mistress by the time Heather shows up. She deserves better!

  • Udoji Oscar Obinna

    So sad that Heather was cheated afterwards

  • Chukwu Endurance Chinaza

    This is exactly what’s happening in our contemporary society . Men go about cheating on their wives with women their wives are better off .
    She has every right to divorce her husband this time even biblically but I believe marriage comes with Endurance and patience , Peaceful confrontation will be better , Prayerfully follow up cause God’s intervention will be the best .
    JP should be careful as disclose of certain confidential information as this could create more issues .
    Thumps up ma!!

  • Okoli Ifunanya

    I don’t think Pago has ever been interested in the marriage in the first time. For the sake of her son, Heather should calm down and speak with her husband when she is in a good head space.

  • Ani Chelsea Nzubechukwu

    Heather should be careful on the action she takes so she won’t regret the result. The best thing is that she should find out why her husband is cheating on her after everything she has done for him.

    • Manny

      While I am yet to read the next part of the story, I can boldly say that Pago(husband) is cheating on the wife. I got that confirmation from Uncle JP’s reaction when Heather asked him where they are meeting. But then again, she might just be going about it the wrong way.

      Love is strong but when someone who loves fiercely is hurt, they can deal with the loved just as fiercely – Ohaja 2021

      The man has got to accept whatever comes his way.

  • Heather should not be harsh in taking any decisions, she should be calm and think about her son’s well-being as well. It is very difficult to deal with a cheating husband especially when she had even her all in the marriage. Pago is a very ungrateful man. But I do not support disgracing her family name in an open space.

  • Nwugwu Jennifer Somtochukwu

    I think Heather should calm down before she makes a mistake that she might regret

  • Ehiakhamen Daniel

    I believe sometimes parents need to have little discussions with their children because they don’t know the kind of secret they are keeping and waiting to pour out

  • Stephen Ofojeh

    Very interesting story. Love can really hurt sometimes.

  • OWOSENI Kehinde

    We’ll fiND out why? While cheating is wrong, he might still love her I don’t want to make conclusions.
    Wow I’m going to love this story.

  • After everything Heather did, Johnpaul still cheated. It’s so sad how humans can be ungrateful at times

  • Udeh Precious Chinemerem

    Nice story. Waiting for the conclusion. JohnPaul did well telling Heather about the meeting of the Pago with the girlfriend, at least he told the truth. Heather on the other hand should go to the meeting point but should refrain from shooting anybody but use any available means with the ambit of the law to ensure that the husband did not waste the family resource in gifting a lexus jeep to a strange woman.

  • I feel like Heather’s approach to her husband’s alleged cheating, is wrong.
    She should have slept over the matter and and then think, with a calm mind, which is the best way to go about it. This piece is really wonderful, I can’t wait for the other parts


    I love the suspense and comedy in the story very interesting it exposes an unfaithful husband who has been exposed by his wife i hope she handles the issue with reasoning and avoid making a decision she might regret very exciting and intriguing story.

  • Nevo kaosisochukwu Assumpta

    Men like pago are ungrateful,the least he can do is to stay loyal to a woman that made him all he is. the fact that Jp who is involved told Heather of their place of meeting the next day means the fact is true.i just hope Heather handles this situation matured and wise.

  • Nsude Emmanuella

    Going to the hotel to fight isn’t a good idea. I know it hurts bt g I think Heather should calm down and hear from her husband first.

  • Oluchi Abonyi

    In my own opinion, Heather is going extreme, especially in arming herself with a gun. But then, it’s takes God’s help to properly deal with a cheating husband. So she shouldn’t take matters without seeking for God’s help, as there’s a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is destruction.

  • Eke Tobechukwu

    Surely a strange way to find out your partner is cheating on you.
    JP Made a good decision by exposing Pago. Nice story I really wanted to see the end but Aunty Edith kept me in suspense.

  • I will say the information provided by Johnpaul is a lie and not authentic .

  • Nnaji Ozioma Faith

    I would advice Heather to tred softly if she still wants her marriage to work. But I don’t think she’ll listen to me…. Heather put in a whole lot into their marriage and in turn only to be betrayed this way. It is pure cruelty. Actually I think JP made the right decision by disclosing such information to her. Lying to Heather would have made matters worse .

  • Chukwu Joy Chioma

    I get that Heather is hurt, but she should try to communicate with her husband as the situation is more sensitive because Junior is involved.

  • Nebo prince

    This short story is an eye opener to the younger generation on ways to handle extra marital affairs

  • Ozioko Loveth Uchechi

    This is why it’s not good to discuss some certain things in the presence of children, the innocent child didn’t know that he was saying what will cause problem between both parents, this is why it’s not also not good to do evil in the presence of little kids, what pago did was evil before God and man but I don’t blame poor jp who have to say the truth because he didn’t have any choice but to say the truth.

  • Amalu Wendy

    A very interesting story, filled with drama,I wonder what Heather is going to do by 7pm and what pago will do to JP(John Paul) after he finds out he snitched

  • Okporie Ezinne Florence

    After everything Heather did for her husband Pago that’s how he pays her back?? Humans can be so ungrateful, Pago should be ready to bear the consequences of whatever Heather does to him.

  • It not easy to deal with cheater especially the person you sacrifice everything for. Heather should keep silent and pretend as if she known nothing because in doing this, the man will come back to his sense. Pago also is right in telling her the truth but he should have told her earlier before she asked.

  • Jennifer chisom

    The best solution for a cheating husband is putting him in prayers,fighting will never solve the problem. Jp did well by disclosing the information considering how the woman have suffered in the family, it is left for the woman to act wisely.

  • Ikonne Vicory Ozioma

    The pain of noticing that one’s partner is unfaithful really hurts.

    I love your use of suspense Ma, I’m waiting for the next episode.

  • Nnamani Adaobi Cynthia

    Another wonderful write up!…
    I don’t know why someone will decide to be in a relationship and get married and then decides to leave his or her home to cheat with someone else !!this issue is not a new thing tho. Even after all she had done for him.

  • Heather should take things easy while taking decision because she dont have enough evidence to prove her suspision. And i thnk JP did well by telling Heather the truth.

  • Esther Sopuluchi

    Thank you so much ma for this. As a young lady who will get married someday,is very important to be able to control yourself and have privacy between you and your husband. Just as Heather usually avoid having issues with her husband when their son is around…it will help you as a mother and also help your children.
    Thank you once again ma??

  • Makwe Covenant Nkiruka

    It’s normal to have suspicions. But taking it to the extreme is unacceptable. As couples,so many things are bound to happen,and as a smart wife, you’re meant to confront your partner,sit down and talk things through. Try to smoothen things out, cause I believe there’s a motive to every action. And this time,try as much as possible to take correction and proffer solutions to the persistent problem.

  • Stephanie Ada

    Ma thank you i love your use of suspense its not easy to deal with cheaters the best we can do is to put them in prayers.

  • It pains me to see that pago is a cheater. He don’t value his marriage and his case should be treated ruthlessly because he might end up contacting virus infection and transfer to his wife Which is very bad.

  • Ibrahim Mariam

    Always be bold to confront your partner, what a suspenseful story! tank u, ma.

  • Miracle C Ohia Obioha

    Heather should calm down. Aunty woman can be literally anybody to Pago. She could be an old friend. She should calm down and watch closely so she doesn’t end up doing what she’ll regret.

  • Emeka Richard chibuike

    If what Heather finds out and perceives as true is indeed the truth.
    It then marks out that Her husband is an ungrateful husband and by virtues shouldn’t have been one.
    This article has helped me understand the best way to handle situations like this.

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    This whole story shows how underappreciated women are and how people repay love and kindness with betrayal.

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    Making a scene at the restaurant, as she proposed will only belittle her and even land her in a much bigger trouble.

    Having done lots of good to JohnPaul, he helping her by divulging the secret surrounding her home and marriage isn’t a bad idea at all.

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    I must commend her for dealing with her family fights and issues with her partner without her son, Junior’s notice.

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    First thing first, I believe finding out the truth will be better before initiating a peaceful dialogue with her husband

    Also JP never made a mistake by telling her; remember she earned it 😏
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    Heather should calm down ooo

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