Good day, my beloved in Christ!

Today, I want us to ponder on the problem of hyper-spirituality among believers.
While there are different schools of thought on hearing from God where some Christians believe He still speaks directly today and others feel He can only be heard through the Bible at this time, we all agree that God does lead or guide His people (Romans 8:14). How pervasive we perceive the guidance to be can, however, vary from Christian to Christian.

But a big problem arises when a Christian attaches, “The Lord told me,” to almost everything he says and constantly shares quite enthusiastically the next big step God would have him take or the latest profound truth God has revealed to him (sometimes asking for support to fund him) with no accountability for failed and contradictory prophecies he shared in the past.

Furthermore, in the midst of this abundance of revelations, the person’s life is not showing much evidence of the fruit of the Spirit or sustained spiritual growth/maturity and, sometimes, progress in general.

Raising this matter is not meant to denigrate any brother or sister in the Lord (I’m using male pronouns generically as the Bible does) but to help us in our walk with God.

So my question is:
What would you tell such a believer to enable him:
– come out of the bubble he’s living in and reconnect with reality
– attain stability and growth in his Christian experience and life in general
– gain credibility as a speaker of truth which is what a Christian should be?

I’ll start the conversation.

Every believer needs to know that although God speaks to us, our hearts speak to us too and other spirits can as well. Our desires can be what we term God’s leading if we’re not careful. It can also be suggestions from the enemy dressed in spiritual language to lure us away from what God wants us to do or where He wants us to go. For example, during the temptation of Jesus, the devil quoted the Scriptures to him to confuse him (Luke 4:1-13).


We, therefore, need to learn to identify and distinguish the various voices that speak to us. This requires honesty and discipline. If we’re not truthful to ourselves and we don’t discipline ourselves through much Bible study and prayer to know God intimately, we’ll not be able to know His voice and see the scriptures fulfilled in our lives where He describes Himself as the good shepherd whose sheep hear His voice and follow Him but flee from the voice of strangers (John 10: 27, 5).

We also need to be humble and sincere enough to acknowledge when we miss God’s leading and examine our lives to know why it happened so that it does not become a recurring decimal. If we play with sin, it will be hard for us to be in clear communion with God. If we care more about making people think we are supremely close to God than actually learning about Him through His word and faithfully living by its precepts, we’ll keep being embarrassed by saying that God told us things that don’t get to happen or that conflict with what mature believers and the Word of God will associate Him with.

In addition, before announcing any supposed revelation widely, we should pray for confirmation through other brethren who are walking closely with God.

Finally, the Lord gave us minds to help us reason. We should not believe the lie that we should live by revelations, as if they’re untouchable. Each revelation should be weighed in our minds and judged to see that it is consistent with the Scriptures before we accept them. When we allow our minds to go to waste, we become easily deceived and toy with foolish notions thinking they are prophecies from God.



Kindly weigh in and remain blessed!

I look forward to your candid and grace-filled responses.
(You don’t have to answer the entire question. You can address any aspect you wish to for our combined edification.)

(Picture in graphic is from Luis Quintero on Pexels)

Dear Lord, draw us closer to You everyday that we may represent You better and better and be blessed thereby in Jesus’ name.

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  1. I love this topic. As you rightly said, we could have other spirits speak to us. But if we are not careful, we may be misled by the wrong spirit. That’s why we need the Spirit of discernment and not just the spirit of discernment but as you also said we need to judge what we hear using the word of God. Thank you for sharing this Ma. God bless you!

    • You’re right about the usefulness of discerning of spirits, which is a spiritual gift, in this regard (1 Corinthians 12:10). However, whether or not we have the gift to pinpoint different kinds of spirits, being close to God through His word and prayer will help us to know when He is speaking to us and when someone else is doing so, even if we don’t know the exact identity of the impostor. Thanks for dropping by and have a beautiful second half of the year.

  2. This topic is awesome. God bless you ma.

    I think the answer is in your post, this: studying God’s word, getting that intimacy with God, putting more effort in being spiritual than in proving that you are spiritual, being mindful of what or who is speaking to us at every point in time by weighing what was said with rhe Scriptures.

  3. “Our desires can be what we term God’s leading if we’re not careful”, this is true, I know someone who got married to a woman twice his age, when his parents asked he said, “God told me to marry her”. No one wanted to disregard the wishes of God and all kept mute. The marriage failed two years later, he admitted that God didn’t say anything, he hoped the lady’s family would help him leave Nigeria.

  4. Interesting read ma.
    God speaks to His people; but not as some people have represented it. His word is there as a guide to believers. He doesn’t even have to speak unless on some specific aspects of our lives that are not clearly spelt out in His manual for living—the Bible.
    It is not for us to go looking out for His voice because when we do, we end up hearing all types of voices, many of which contradict the written Word of God.

  5. I believe God speaks to us in different ways. It might not necessarily be a voice in our heads. Therefore, it is important to think through with the guidance of the Holy Spirit what we tag God’s words. What does the Bible say about the action you want to embark on? What is God’s stand on it? Is it in agreement with what God told you?

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