This short story series, “I STILL LOVE TONYE”, is a sequel to the one I wrote earlier this year titled, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

That story is full of humour but it raises some intriguing questions about impulsive behaviour and being led by God. You can read the first episode by clicking on the link below, and that will take you to the remaining two episodes.

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Many readers insisted that they wanted to know what happened to the love birds in that story. Did they recover from the blow visited on their fledgling engagement towards the end of the story or did they go their separate ways? Besides, the protagonist, Obinna, was saved to the bone, his fiancée, Tonye, was not. Did that throw a spanner in the works as expected? Did it make their union impossible?

These are the questions this sequel answers. The story has as many reflective moments as emotional outbursts. It weaves a tapestry of disappointment and grace. The title speaks of prevailing love, but is there a point when someone says, “Enough is enough” although they still love another?

Please join me in the discussion at the end of each episode and share the story widely across social media. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.


On Wednesday, four days after Boma’s visit and Tonye’s departure, Obinna woke up feeling despondent still. He was missing Tonye terribly and would have given anything to know where or how she was. He hadn’t shown up for work since Monday due to his shattered emotional state, but he decided he would try and shake the blues that day. It was wrong to neglect his duties for personal reasons, he felt. Besides, he believed that interacting with fellow staff and students would take his mind off Tonye for a while.

Although he had prayed and received some calming words from the Lord, he couldn’t overlook the fact that Tonye, who had just agreed to marry him, had left with another man and had not contacted him in anyway in all of ninety-six hours. On the occasions he had tried to call her, her line was either busy or switched off. He didn’t think that sending a text message was appropriate in the circumstances. And by right, the onus to reach him was on her because she was the one who had left.

To his utmost surprise, the dreaded teasing from his lodge mates didn’t come. Rather, they sympathised with him. Even Bimbo, who had suggested that witches possessed Obinna to destroy Tonye’s chance of getting married to a well established guy, had been bringing him food every night and forcing him to eat. It had turned into a contest of sorts for them. “A poor corper versus the arrogant rich man.” They were rooting for him like he and Boma were housemates on BBNaija*.

The self-appointed spokesperson and co-ordinator for the group was Chima.

“Come on, guys! He’s one of us, and so is Tonye. We can’t allow that ill-mannered, money-miss-road to snatch her from him.”

And so the guys had come on board, intermittently trying Tonye’s line and encouraging Obinna. He couldn’t count the number of fist bumps and ‘Stay strong, bro‘s he’d got. Funny that it had taken him getting himself into a mess to stop his colleagues’ jeering, he thought. Even the term, pastor, was used with respect when speaking to him or about him. For example, Don drew the attention of his colleagues to Obinna’s spiritual contribution to the fight thus:

“Una no see as Pastor dey kabash? No power from hell fit separate im and Tonye.”

While the guys believed Obinna could win Tonye back, the ladies were not so sure. They stressed that in Nigeria of today, most people are looking for financial security. As a result, it has become a top consideration for marriage, especially for women. One of them, Linda, insisted that it will be nothing short of insanity for Tonye to leave Boma for a jobless corps member, his temper notwithstanding.

So they were making bets on the matter to Chima. Nothing that Obinna said could dissuade them from the gambling. It was #TeamObinna versus #Boma. The Port Harcourt guy was outnumbered. Even his money couldn’t save him from eviction from Tonye’s life, the guys taunted the ladies. They even started raising funds to help Obinna buy a ring and to organise a small engagement party for the couple when the dust settled. The bets were snowballing by the day. Beyond the general one about who will win, groups of twos or threes were betting on the exact day Tonye will return, what will happen next in their relationship, stuff like that. They were really having fun.

But the issue was not entertainment as far as Obinna was concerned. It was his life, his future and his happiness. And whenever he thought about it, he felt that Boma was winning. The whole thing was driving him crazy. He had blamed himself for not challenging Boma more boldly or calling Tonye out to intervene in their exchange. On the other hand, he had wondered if that wouldn’t have worsened the case. It could have degenerated into fisticuffs and he wasn’t sure he would have trounced a guy that stocky. What am I even thinking? Since when does a Christian fight to settle a dispute?

He had even blamed himself for proposing to Tonye immediately without asking the status of her relationship with the guy in Port Harcourt whom she was using to keep guys at bay. But the urgency with which the urge to propose came did not allow that. Moreover, it all seemed like crying over spilt milk and thinking was not the way to resolve the matter. He needed answers, he needed to plot a way forward. But above all, he needed a way to get Tonye back. That was the only thing he was sure about in his rumination. It always came down to: I just can’t wait to see Tonye again. I can’t wait for us to pick up from where we stopped. Ultimately, he felt deep down in his heart that Tonye was the woman for him. He just wished they weren’t in the current sea of uncertainty they had been thrown into.

Wishing, thinking … not good enough. So he did what he should have done from the start. He prayed and fasted 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday. He would also go out fasting on Wednesday. It wasn’t that he had entirely overlooked prayer all along, it was just that he hadn’t given it the kind of attention it needed. He basically asked God to intervene and bring Tonye back. He also added that his will in the matter be done, regardless of how he felt, and God spoke soothing words to him.

Still, Tonye did not show up.

Finally, on Saturday, exactly one week after his sudden proposal and Tonye’s acceptance, Obinna was ready to throw in the towel. Besides worrying about their relationship, he had been fretting over what Tonye’s fate would be if she was reported to their Zonal Inspector for absenteeism from work on campus and from their Community Development (CD) activity every Thursday. The Inspector was known to collect heavy bribes from erring corps members to enable them escape extension of their service (upon his recommendation) beyond the mandatory one year.

So, on Wednesday morning, he had casually texted Tonye, “Remember CD 2moro.” Her response had been, “I cnt blv u!

What on earth does that mean? You can’t believe that I’m talking about CD at such a time or you can’t believe that I haven’t done more to show that I care? How am I supposed to know what to do? It’s not like you’ve given me any clue. You left, left with that guy, left without saying a word to me…..

Obinna stopped himself at that point. He was beginning to hate this thing called love. A week ago, he was a free man, with hardly a care. And there he was, bound to a woman with sturdy, invisible cords: a woman who didn’t seem to care how he felt, a woman whose moral gauge he hadn’t read. Yes, he had got to that point! He had no idea what was going on between Tonye and Boma. If what the ladies in the lodge were saying was anything to go by, Tonye must have settled for Boma. He obviously had the means to ensure it: diamond ring, expensive gifts and wads of cash from his last visit. It wouldn’t even surprise him if Tonye came back with a car.

Or if she was less scrupulous, Tonye might be thinking of stringing he and Boma along and taking her sweet time making a choice. Which would be worse! He had no intention of being part of a love triangle or becoming any lady’s plaything to be discarded at the end of the service year.

None of these thoughts lessened the intensity of his feelings for Tonye. If anything, he loved her more with each passing day.

“Lord, help me! How is it possible that I still love Tonye so?” he prayed.

But his head was telling him something else. He longed for his freedom. He longed for the time when his life was far from complicated, just a week back. And he decided for his peace of mind, to end the thing with Tonye, whatever it was. If this is what love or marriage involves, I’m not sure I want any part of it.

“Release me, Lord,” he prayed. “When I’m ready, find me someone else. Tonye obviously has what she wants at the moment.”

He was in no mood for further praying and fasting. He decided to go shopping for food items. He would cook some jollof rice with dried fish, something he learnt from his grandmother, and go for a worship event he had been invited to in a church in town. I no go die before my time. Dis kain love fit kill person. As for me, I will live to declare the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

He was unsettled in his decision but he assured himself: I’m not going to brood over her again, not for one minute!

-To be continued-

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2018

*BBNaija is a reality TV show, where the contestants live together in a house and continuously get evicted till the remaining one becomes the winner.

Hi, hi! Hope you enjoyed the story. Share your impressions with me, would you?

Do you think it’s time for Obinna to give Tonye up?

Where do you think Tonye is? Any guess about what she might be up to?

Have you ever gambled or do you do so habitually? How is it working out for you?

How do you cheer yourself up when you’re in the blues as Obinna was?


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  • Ishiwu victor c

    Still expect the story to end with the love shared by both lovers because am sure Tonye will surely come back for him because deep in her heart, she loves him, and just as they say the loved shared is the life lived. What a wonderful story!

    • Edith Ohaja

      Nice view, Victor! Well let’s see what happens as the story develops. You are lifted in Jesus’ name.

      • Ezeoyili Ogochukwu Perpetual

        This is complicated and touching as well. I really feel for him and I must say that I am impressed. His Patience is worth emulating and I think he shouldn’t give up that easily because good things especially LOVE don’t come that easily and even when it does it has its own challenges….This is really Nice Ma

  • Ngwoke Peter Chinaza

    This notion about love is causing serious commotion in the lives of our youths today. 95% of girls value money more than anything, what I see in them is lust not love, but some young guys still believe that you can die for someone that you love. I like the proposition of Obinna in this story when he asked himself different rhetorical questions, “What am I even thinking? Since when does a Christian fight to settle a dispute?” For me, I believe that a Christian should not fight in order to gain any selfish interest. No matter any kind of predicament we might be passing through, our God through his infinite mercy can help us to overcome it all. Thanks so much for feeding us with such good knowledge and making us to understand how to resolve any difficulty. Waiting to read the remaining part of the story.

  • Oluwaseyitan

    Brother Obinna could have saved himself a lot of heart troubles by simply putting a Call through to Tonye. This would have afforded him the opportunity to know for a fact, the state of things. If they were still good, fine. And if not, well, at least, he wouldn’t be this anxious for not knowing what’s really happening. And he would get to know things from her perspective too.
    Plus, it would really be good if we cast aside expectations when dealing with people, and especially, in a marital relationship. “He/She should have called me…” “He/she should be the one to apologise…” are not always the best route to take. Give up rights and do the right thing.
    Presently, I think Bro should dwell more on the words of comfort and save his heart from further emotional trauma. Trust in the ultimate good, that will come out the situation, whichever way it goes.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Always glad to hear from you, Oluwaseyitan! Sound advice you’ve given. The word, “should” and the expectations we sometimes build with it can form a trap that prevents from stepping out and setting things right. God bless you real good in Jesus’ name.

  • Ewa ifeoma

    Love is a beautiful thing and sometimes can be very hurtful. I think Tonye is in a fix here; it’s possible that she really loves Obinna but she also wants financial security and Boma can give her that.

  • Aleke Juliet

    I feel love when I can and love to share it with the right person at the right time. I don’t blame Obinna for his long awaited patience; if only he can take my advice, I will advice him to forget Tonye and move on because love is to be shared with the right person

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re correct to emphasize the right person, but is it not too soon for him to give up? More episodes on the way!


    The story is interesting and I really anticipate for the end.
    To me, Obinna has already jumped to a hasty conclusion and is already doubting her love for him. Even if Tonye’s friends are not helping matters, he should still hang on and hear from her before concluding and taking action.

  • Aleke Juliet

    Life is more than just a dream. If Obinna can’t fight like a man to get back his one eye, then, he has to let what will be to be just like me because love is to be cherished by both parties.

    • Edith Ohaja

      In other words, nothing good comes easy. He is not used to the relationship thing, so he doesn’t know about the psychological tools to use in the battle. Physical fighting is off due to his faith. Let’s see how things go in subsequent episodes. You are blessed!

  • Asogwa Emmanuel C.

    I’m richly inspired by Obinna’s attitude towards the whole drama. Yeah, if Tonye truly loves him, she will come back. The best thing to do in a complicated issue like this one is to pray, relate it to God. Obviously, he cannot fight his opponent physically because he will definitely lose to him. I don’t support Obinna giving up on his love. Among the attributes of love is patience, let him keep waiting, true love hardly dies.

  • Ebere chukwu

    I wouldn’t really blame him for trying to give up on Tonye because she’s supposed to let him know what’s going on. On the other hand, I think Tonye is trying to convince her family that she prefers Obinna to Boma.
    Would love to see if my guess is right. Really enjoyed the story

    • Edith Ohaja

      Would be clear in later episodes. Glad you enjoyed the story, Ebere. You are super blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Anita amadi

    I love this story. I hope it all ends in love.

  • Miracle

    Good read. That statement ‘I can’t believe you’ means a lot. Maybe Tonye didn’t really mean to go with the man. Maybe things came up in a different way as she had planned. It could still be a plot to see how Obinna would handle it. They are just a week old. It is not enough to conclude anything just yet. But it is enough to say that Obinna should not have started anything serious with an unbeliever. Thank you for sharing this, Ma.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I agree, Miracle, that it is very risky getting into a relationship with the unsaved. Thanks a lot for dropping by. You are sooo blessed!

  • Amana Sharon Umola

    For her to leave him for another guy, please he should not waste his time on her. My fingers are crossed though. Can’t wait to see how this ends

  • Ifediora mmesoma

    Being in love is good. Nevertheless, let’s try and give ourselves breathing space because I believe that anyone who truly loves us will surely come back for us.


    eeya i feel for the guy, girls of today can’t be trusted but i feel she may still come around. the guy shouldn’t stress himself over her.

  • Ifebuche

    Well looking at Obinna, he seems confused at the way things are going. Concerning the way the urge to propose to her came and the way she accepted it, I will say is more of divine “the will of God” so I will advice that he hold on to faith and wait for Tonye. After all love is not a bed of roses, there are trying times and I believe this is one of such for Obinna.

  • Onoyima juliet

    This is wonderful and complicated as well. I think Tonye is trying to test Obinna’s faith. Obinna should not give up so easily, actually he was supposed to be disappointed but all hope is not lost.

  • Idika Uloma Sophia

    Tonye is in love with Obinna but really needs financial support from Boma who is ready to give her what she desires. It is also interesting for the decision Obinna took, to spare him more stress. And if truly Tonye loves him, she will come back for him. This is a nice piece. Thanks ma…

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    Don’t you just keep us at the edge of our seats? nice one ma. would have loved to say love conquers all, but then love isn’t always enough. fingers crossed.


    what an interesting story you made up here! well, if Tonye really loves Obinna, she will surely go back to him. i guess she only loves Boma because of his money, so i believe she will go back to the one she loves.

  • Ekwe Success Chinenye

    This story shows how friendship should be because Obinna’s lodge mates were concerned about his predicament

  • Enwerem Beatrice

    Don’t you just keep us at the edge of our seats? nice one ma. would have loved to say love conquers all, but then love isn’t always enough. fingers crossed.

  • Jenny

    Wow! Love is a good thing!!
    It’s actually better when the two parties are of equal or close to something like that with each other….really….I know that Obina not withstanding his decisions will still go back to her…..and on Tonyes’ part if indeed she is meant for Obinna she will come back begging for forgiveness .

  • Nothing good comes easy, sometimes people face some challenges to become successful in life. I believe Obinna’s situation is a challenge to him, so he need to be strong…..fight to win….. I strongly believe both are destined to be together. This story is amazing!!!!!

  • Girls of nowadays still Lack’s a great aspect of life which is love. We all know that love is one of the greatest commandments,and for that reason it should be the first thing in our scale of preference. In this story tonye didn’t put her own as that rather she choose to put money or material wealth.My advice to youths majorly the female counterparts is to make good use of their opportunity, even though I don’t know what would be the next action in the storyline.

  • Chukwuemeka ifunanya Abigail.

    That’s what one faces in a relationship and it is so good as he Obinna continues to seek the face of God at every stage .And that is because he knows that it is only God that have the answer in every situation.

  • Ede Emmanuel OFORBUIKE

    Well, OBINNA giving up on Tonye to me is even long overdue because no matter or irrespective of how far one has gone on a WRONG ROAD, it can never make that road the right one. Again, TONYE’s disappearance cannot be unconnected with her affair with Boma. Like one of the commentators said, “she may be doing that (her affair with Boma) to ensure financial security. And am like, seriously? Though that shows how dependable most girls are these days. My contribution is more of advice to them (girls) that seek FINANCIAL Security from men to look for something to be doing to secure themselves financially, not from men. Moreover, the last time I checked, men are not banks, neither are they ventures where money is made. But if girls insist on getting it from men, then, they should be prepared for the vulnerability that comes with financial insecurities. Even the Bible made it clear that any body that ddidn’t WORK should not eat, girls inclusive. “Let JAH be praised!”

  • Ibekwe Evangeline Chinaecherem

    I love this. Like the saying goes, love is patient and has endurance. I will like Obinna to have a little patience with Tonye, because she does love him, just the confusion of Obinna’s financial insecurity. But they say money can buy bed but not sleep, money can put food on your table, buy clothes and you live large, but what about that happiness and joy? I think that’s what Tonye wants, true love, not actually the money. Let Obinna have some patience with her.

  • Agnes udosen

    I think Obinna is filled with lust and has lost the direction of God in marriage. If Tonye is his, I mean God’s will for him, then he needs not to panic. Just like my pastor once said, one needs patience when it comes to marriage. There should be an absolute trust in God for grace… What an interesting story! In most stories, the girls are the ones with emotional battle. It’s a good change to read an illustration of a guy’s emotions.

  • chidera

    I’m honestly captured!!!
    Can’t wait to read the next part

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Obinna should ask Tonye the relationship between her and Boma so that he would know his stand with Tonye, whether to move forward or backward

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    Obinna should ask Tonye the relationship between her and Boma so that he would know his stand with Tonye, whether to progress or pull back

  • Ozukwe Miriam chisom

    Wow!! This was such an interesting story. But I think Tonye left because of Obinna’s financial setback but I don’t know why most ladies prefer going after wealth than true love. As for me, I would rather prefer true love and happiness than wealth without joy. Nevertheless, this is such an interesting story. Plz keep it up, Ma.

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Tonye was being very unreasonable. Why keep the young man in suspense if you’ve already made a choice of somebody else? Let him know by telling him your decision instead of keeping him in emotional torture. Thumbs up ma!

  • Eczema Maryjane chinweokwu

    Wow this Is a Nice story.
    Looking at things Obinna will not give up on Tonye and Tonye must surely come back to obinna.And they will continue with their love.

  • Anosike Chinaza Blessing

    This happens on daily basis, women leave men who truely love them simply because they aren’t rich and end up with the rich ones who aren’t really in love with them. I believe Tonye would go back to Obinna though.

  • Ajibe Chinonye

    Tonye,Boma and Obinna, truly a love triangle.
    Do you know the worst thing in this life, is to be confused.When you have money and love placed in front of u, it can be quite challenging and this is one problem most couples are facing,most of us can be very indecisive,l am sure that Tonye knows that Obinna would not become instantly rich, den y bother wasting his time.And for Obinna, he would have done well to research deeper,dont always assume things..

  • Odoh Chiamaka Herietta

    Obinna’s reaction to the situation portrays the life of a true christian and Tonye’s life shows what a lot of girls do.I believe they will get back together because everything handed over to GOD works to his glory. I can not wait to read the rest of the story .

  • Ezeibe chiamaka

    I don’t think obinna is doing the right thing. He shouldn’t have asked a girl who he didn’t know her relationship status to marry him. marriage is a very serious affair, especially for a Christian. and you need to be sure before going into marriage.

  • First of all, I feel sorry for Obinna. He has been caught in the web of love and I don’t think he will be able to come out of it unhurt.
    Secondly, I am beginning to doubt Tonye’s feeling for Obinna. It’s as if she doesn’t love him at all and if at all her love is genuine, she would have texted him. At least, to keep the poor corper from worrying to hunger!!.
    Lastly, it is frustrating for Obinna to long endlessly for the heart he isn’t sure will be his….. Kudos ma☺☺

  • Onyinyechi

    Such is life, but sometimes I Wonder why this is happening. When you love, you will not be loved in return, you will see someone that will care for you but you will not value it, rather u end up following someone who is having two minds about you. Still, I don’t see anything wrong in loving. I think Obinna is the right person for her.

  • chah ugochukwu adiensa

    i loved it.. i cant wait to go to the next one. But is that really love? i have heard that love makes one calm, amd infatuation makes one sort of crazy so, based on that, isnt obinna infatuated not inlove? lol, obinna should have realized that what tonye was doing was a test, to see if he really loved her, she was waiting for his text if he couldnt reach her and when he finally did send the text, it was to remind her of a class. That sends a message that he didnt really care about her, at least, thats what most girls would think. Again, i think he should have more trust in her, if she said “yes” knowing he was not a rich man, then i think she meant it. But one thing i admire most about obinna is his ability to ppray and leave everything in Gods hands and also his ability toget back to life afterall, we should learn to move on after every tragedy well, since there are 3 more books, lets see what happens

  • Vincent Akupue

    Hmm, it’s not a small deal to separate yourself from your emotion. When you become too attached to something, that thing becomes your weakness. Obinna’s love towards the young Belle Tonye is such a strong one. Being patient all this while and waiting for Tonye’s return doesn’t show that Obinna is insane, rather it shows how much he can endure.

  • Omeje Daniel ifeanyi

    The story leaves so much still to be said. In a society such as Nigeria I don’t seriously see why he should still brood over a girl that left him hanging without any reason or contact. Girls in Nigeria will choose social or financial security over love when the option is presented. This notion is futher reinvigorated by the family who expects a lady to marry a financially secure man. I think this story is a reflection of some of the things that happen in Nigeria.

    • Chibuife Deborah Chidinma

      What a wonderful story.. I hope Tonye comes back because I know deep down in her heart she still loves Obinna. Can’t wait to know the end of the story.

  • Ugwoke Jennifer chinecherem

    I can’t wait to read the rest of the story, would love to know how the story will turn out at the end. If their love is genuine they will still end up being together.

  • Ugwu Kingsley ejiofor

    If God’s will for him is to marry tonye, then he needs not to panic. Just like my pastor once said, one needs patience when it comes to marriage. There should be an absolute trust in God for grace… What an interesting story!

  • Ezeha Juditth

    True love doesn’t come easy. You have to fight for it. If you are a person who appreciates another person you have to be a little different than them. You need not be someone’s carbon copy to be their true love, or them to be yours. obinna should not give up

  • Ezeha Judith

    True love doesn’t come easy. You have to fight for it. If you are a person who appreciates another person you have to be a little different than them. You need not be someone’s carbon copy to be their true love, or them to be yours

  • Ezeha Judith

    Obinna should pray and seek the face of God..Christian should not imitate unbelievers,there is no reason for being anxious or get worried because if it is a Gods will the relationship will stand the test of time.


    What a tough and touching story… It tends to hurt so bad when you love someone but you don’t receive the same love and affection from the person, it’s like a one sided love. I still pity young ladies who have sold their conscience in exchange for material things… Nothing weighs more than love.. I don’t know to what extent Boma loved Tonye, but I know it’s because of his financial security that attracted her to him and made her to abandon OBINNA… Can’t wait to know what happened next..

  • well love is sweet and has its consequences that why we should always commit our relationships into the hands of God for him to take control but tonye was very wrong with the way she acted buh if their love is true and is meant to be obinna will accept her back

  • Ugwu Matilda

    Love is not a do or die affair, I believe that if they are meant to be it will surely come to be.Better still,Obinna should try and comport himself and not worry unnecessarily though its painful but at least he should try and hear from Tonye first before taking any action. I can’t wait to read the rest of the story. This is very interesting.

  • Good day ma’am.
    I have read the first episode of ” i still love Tonye”, i wouldn’t say it is inspiring yet, but i enjoyed it. i do not think that it is time for Obinna to give up on Tonye just yet. I have no idea where Tonye might be although i feel that she might have been kidnapped or charmed by Boma. Yes, i do take risks and it works for me most times. In that kind of situation, i listen to gospel songs, worship God, gist with my mum and sisters, be happy always and most importantly, i pray to know the mind of God concerning that issue and i get healing when i know what God is saying so I just go with it.

  • Obeta Lillian Chiamaka

    Love is a very strong force, it can make a person do things he/she ordinarily would not do

  • Okoh Anthonia

    I love this story ??

  • Ndujihe clifford chiebuka

    This is a catching story, with suspense and tension, nevertheless tonye’s behavior towards obinna went over the top, it is indeed heartbreaking even with the feeling of jealousy in the heart of obinna, it is almost unbearable.

  • Obinna has a good heart, he tolerated Tonye despite her lapses .It true that we dont know the value of what we have until we loose it.Most people value lust than love, this story is an eye opener for people out there ,however the friends we make can make or mare us.sex is not what keeps a relationship love, understanding,communication and trust does.

  • Ugwu Chizoba Janet

    Obinna shouldn’t have troubled himself over Tonye because true lovers will always have a way of meeting up with each other again. What will be will be.

  • Epuechi Chinwendu Almira

    Love is a beautiful thing and also a strong force that can either make or Mar a person. I really anticipate the end of this story and I like Obinna’s attitude towards this situation, he does the best he can and leaves the rest to God.

  • Alot of individual do not understand the stress of being in love. a friend of mine would always say the easiest thing for unbelievers to say is ”love”, this is because the do not understand what it means to be in love. Obinna teaches us that though its not easy to love we must continue loving.

  • Lilian

    I don’t think obinna should give up on tonye yet, he should continue to trust God and she might think twice and come back to him.

  • Erilem Happiness

    I think Tonye is tormenting him by not being open about her decisions ….if I am caught up with such situation I pray and then try very hard to be busy …music helps me too

  • Love they say is blind. This is an exact depictmentvof that saying, even though Tonye does not in any way deserve Obinna’s love, yet, he still loves her with all his heart

  • One cannot fail to see how desperate love can make a person get, obinna loved Tonye but she was more attached to someone due to wealth difference, furthermore some aspect of Christian love as some people call it was displayed, when Obinna wanted to save his relationship he resulted to prayers and fasting which means God has a part to play in our relationship no matter what kind it is

  • Andeshi Monica

    emotional breakdown is the worst feeling anyone can ever have and I totally understand how Obinna feels.I will like him to hold on for sometime, if not for anything but for the fact that he loves her dearly and Tonye too should say something, she should please tell him something!

  • Obikeguna ebele

    Obinna has already jumped to a hasty conclusion and is already doubting her love for him.i think he should just ask her where he stands in her life .

  • Nwoye Chiamaka Favour

    Finally the reply. Tonye performed horribly. No texts or calls. SMH. Poor Obinna.

  • Henry

    To be in such blues as Obinna, to cheer up is reminding myself that ”If it’s to be, then it would’. Cannot loose sweat for people, though you might have sacrificed lots and gave true love. However, if its not to be, then it won’t.

  • Egenti chidimma Jennifer

    Wow… This is a wonderful story. Am really touched by the way he still held on even when it was somehow obvious that Tonye had left. I guess that’s all love is about or would I rather say infatuation?. I think it’s time for him to move on. If Tonye is really for him, she will come back.
    For the fact that he succumbed to prayer is commendable and am sure God will not forsake him

  • Gabriel Chinasa

    We should always go to God in prayer when confused

  • Omeje cynthia

    Confusion comes always but God is d only way out. We should seek and find GOD in times of trails.

  • Gods will

    Does it mean that Tonye doesn’t love Obinna, that she wants to settle with Boma? She can’t be serving two masters at once. But if Obinna loves her as he claims, he should fight for her love.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Good idea. But you know, our ideas may be lost if our language can’t convey them. Take note of your new comments and strive to do better. You are sooo blessed!

  • Edwin ijeoma vivian

    Love is beautiful when shared with the right people.
    Obinna should just move on..

  • Chigbo Victor Ebuka

    Tonye has frustrated obinna enough. I think it’s time he moved on. God will surely be there for him

  • Love they say is blind, but Tonye was not carried away with that say. Even if she loved or loves obinna rather …she is being concious of the future though she could have waited for obinna to be established for love’s sake …but her decision was still a good one.

  • chinenye ogbuagu

    Love is enjoyed when it is mutual,obinna should move on and leave tonye

  • Ogidi Gift Uzoma

    I think Obinna should move on.
    I don’t understand why he is still sticking to Tonye.
    Its a pity because Tonye has frustrated him enough.
    Nice piece ma. God bless you

  • I think the best thing for Obinna to do is to move on with his life because tonye has frustrated his life enough

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    I’ll be voting for Boma to win, I mean, he has the money and attitude or is that not what BBNaija is all about?. Lol.

    On a more serious note, I believe Tonye likes Obinna, but, I’ll be taking the girls part of the bet, marriage shouldn’t be all about love, there should be money too, considering Obinna is trying to survive, he needs to have good source of income before getting married.

    I smiled the part showing how he fasted, lol, Obinna really has tried, ‘abeg no kill yourself’. Move on please, do whatever will make you happy in order to take your mind off Tonye. If she is for you ,she’ll be back OK?

  • Ikebudu Juanita Chinenye

    Obinna should ask God for directionandd take a little break

  • Joana ushie

    I would advice Obinna to move on. Omo this days babes value Benz to love o. No just kill yourself for nothing.

  • Iroegbu Chinatu Amara

    Hahahahahahha… This love story is a very funny one. Corp members meant to serve their country are now playing love. Lol. Fingers crossed though let’s see how it goes.


    Obinna’s love for tonye is really driving him nuts already. The more he tries not think or care about her, the more his love for her grows. I can’t wait to read the next episode and I’m hoping tonye comes back soon.

  • Abonyi chisom.E

    Honestly obinna should just forget about Tonye and move on, because every girl wants to end up with a man that has money and obinna is still a young guy who is still struggling with life but If tonye truly loves him she will still come back to him.

  • Ugwoke ifechukwu melvina

    A man in love is a very funny thing to behold. Obinna should just learn how to control his feelings. Getting all worked up over Tonye leaving with another man will not help his sanity. Obinna should try and understand that money isn’t everything and not all girls will chose money over a life filled with love and happiness. He needs to understand that love has its up and down and it will make you feel like you are going crazy with happiness one moment and make want to cry the next. The best thing to do when you are missing someone is to go out with friends and try to have fun.

  • Chima ella

    Love is one thing that most people can’t define or understand. Love is genuine,love is kind….. If only Obinna could understand that tonye was/is not the right person for him, that she is only after material thing. Right person will come at the right time.

  • Kat

    Why should Tonye leave poor Obinna hanging? It just isn’t fair to the poor guy. Is she trying to be all mysterious or something?. I personally think that at this point he should move on with his life till someone better comes. I don’t even believe he is ready for marriage yet anyway. On to episode 2

  • Oma

    Obinna I think you should forget about her ,
    focus on your life and also on how to make it.for her to elope with Boma its a clear definition that she prefers Boma over you .

  • God has a way of bringing two people together. He does these things expecially to fillfull purpose. We should not neglect the power of praying and fasting. For our God never sleeps nor slumber.
    However,hoping on God is one of the best thing that can happen to a believer. For now matter how the situation is God can never forsake is children . I still love tonye part one

  • Nnamani Eunice chidinma

    What a nice story, but I don’t like the fact that Obinna is giving up on her so easily, he should wait and hear from her. Tonye might just be trying to choose which will be best for her, obinna or Boma when money is involved we girls are always confused????Off to the next ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  • Ezeh Blessing

    I think Obinna should move on with his life because we never get hurt by loving but by holding back. What he should be doing now is grooming his future for the better one but, if Tonye is really his then, she will come back. Can’t wait to read the second episode. Bless you ma

  • Agu Ginika

    Hmmm… Guys and feelings
    OK na!
    These days girls are after guys that can take care of them and not the ones that still have a long way to go. Anyways true love never dies as they say, Obinna should continue hoping that Tonye might change her mind towards him.

  • Nnamani Oluoma Esther

    I really love this story and I can’t wait to read the remaining parts. I really like the fact that Obinna remembers his status as a Christian and refuses to engage in a fight with Boma. I think Obinna should have really taken a bigger move to get Tonye back. He had the chance to text her about their CD, he should have also used that opportunity to text her about their relationship, ask her to meet him somewhere so they can talk and settle things. Well, let’s read the remaining parts to know how it will go.


    Obinna should just be prayerful and not allowing his emotions to toy over him… If Tonye is for him, she will come back. WHAT WILL BE WILL BE

  • Anekwe Paschaline

    I think that it will be wrong to continue pushing yourself and someone who does not really appreciate you. Whatever will be will be. So if they are really meant to be together then they will. Nothing, not even money can stop it because love conquers all.

  • Afiadigwe Nnedinso Rita

    Love nwantiti!
    Obinna’s Love to Tonye is actually a true love because even after the girl he has been dying for left with another man he still loves her.I think Obinna should keep asking God to show him the right person. Nice one ma!

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    Love is patient and enduring as depicted in the actions of Obinna. Nice story

  • Ogbu Gloria

    Obinna should not give up on Tonye because I feel they are meant to be together. Tonye only misunderstood him because the only text he sent her was that she shouldn’t miss CD, she felt he cared less about her cause he didn’t text to tell her anything, she probably never knew he called because her phone was off.
    Love is patient. He should just be patient with her and am sure, there will be happily ever after.

  • Blessing Udeobasi

    Oh! Love, how complicated are you? You make people discover their full potentials, you make people act and behave in ways they never thought they could behave.
    When love happens, people behave as though they’ve lost their minds.
    It’s an interesting story and I can’t wait to read the rest of it.

  • Promise onwusonye

    Love is an interesting thing but too much of everything is very bad… I think Obinna should move on with his life and forget about Tony.
    I believe in the saying “whatever will be will be” so if they are really meant to be together, things will surely work out fine but for the meantime, Obinna should stop the brooding because it won’t be of any help to him.

  • ifunaya chukwuemeka

    In our today s world yardstick for measuring relations and relationship is clouded by just financial cover and for so long nobody has addressed this issues. Patrick a christian is in between two world as he his confused on what to do about his seeming fiance whom he proposed to and is now away with another man, he’s completely not aware of what his happening, i humbly await the other series to find out what happens, Bless you Ma

  • Okafor chidinma Josephine

    There isn’t much in the world that is more painful than a broken heart. And most will say that there’s no better salve than time to take that pain away. Nice story

  • Okoro nneoma

    Obinna is now caught up in a love triangle he didn’t bargain for, this sought of ghosting and heartbreak can cause someone to wish they never met the other person but i admire Obinna’s way of handling it, always trusting and hoping in God no matter the circumstance.

  • Ezeh Onyekachukwu c

    This is really a painful experience. Losing someone you love all because of money. Well I compliment Obinna’s friends for being there for him.

  • Amarachi Duru

    Wow….This is interesting!. To think that Obinna loves her so much that inspire of the injurious thing he said to himself about her to kill the love, it increased what he felt for her instead.
    I understand exactly how he feels at this moment. It happens. But, according to aunty Edith, “what is not yours is not yours no matter how long you play with it”.
    However, if she is his, things will eventually play out well.

  • Ugwoke Victor Nnabuike

    I’m yet to fall in well with this amazing story. Its kinda complicated to some readers like me (who is yet to read the preceding story), much as Obinna’s relationship status is complicated, lol.
    That notwithstanding, the story line is sweet. Can’t wait to get to the end! Thank you, Dr.

  • Chioma Agbaraka

    I binge on movies and food to get over things that bother me too.

    I think Obinna has tried, its not easy trying to reach out to someone you love and cherish but end up getting a cold response at the end. I really don’t want to outrightly blame Tonye because I don’t know what’s going on with her at her end but what she is doing to him is wrong.

    Nothing hurts than leaving your partner wondering the future of the relationship based on assumptions. If you are done, state it. If you are still interested, act like it too.
    Obinna should try and forget Tonye, if she is the right woman for him, she will be back in no time

  • Ugwu Collins Kelechi

    I don’t think what Tonye and Obinna had can be described as love, because a person who claims they love you don’t go running off at the first sign of a problem. In Tonye’s case she left someone she was engaged to to follow another guy who had money, so I think Obinna should stop worrying over her and get back to what life has to offer cause the right person would still come along.

  • Ugwu Chika Samson

    Yes it is true that obinna loves Tonye but as it stands now no body knows where Tonye is and she never bothered to contact obinna, my guy has done the much he can do praying and fasting, his decision to move on with his life is a good one.

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Tough situation for Obinna. His current state is capable of making one feel depressed. It’s a pity that his peace of mind is at stake.

    Tonye’s response to Obinna’s SMS got me worried. Why do some women like turning tables at all time?

    If she really love Obinna as she claimed, she should have sent SMS to him in order to clear the air concerning her whereabouts at least. Or does she want Obinna to sniff his hands in order to know what’s going on at her end?
    Not as if Obinna didn’t try to reach out, his efforts were just abortive.

    However, if I was in Obinna’s shoes, I’d just try to distract myself so as not to do anything I’d regret later. Bearing in mind that what will be will eventually be.

    This thing called love sef?

  • Okonkwo Goodness Chiamaka

    Girls and money are like five and six
    to me i think tonye it’s not meant for obinna because if she truly love him she won’t leave him like that all because of money

  • We just have to cheer ourselves as he did. God’s time is the best and maybe He is waiting for the right time, or He wants you to read an important message from the situation. Whichever, he should pray and leave the rest for God.

  • Onyejekwe favour kosisor

    He did the right thing to move on because if she loves him as much as he does, she wouldn’t even be together with the Boma guy. I don’t know her intentions but love of money is surely part of it!

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    the story made me miss my crezy friends in PH ,
    those guys where made,they can make your darkest night seem bright
    see hw dy started betting with obinna’s situations …that the same thing my friends would do if there where there…
    and every one really needs these kind of friends in life

    its still toooo early to give up on tonye …because she is coming back and definitely the stroy still has a long way to go
    i cant say where she is ooo
    let me go and read up the rest of the story shaa…
    thank you ma for the beautiful story

  • Agbo onyekachi obumneme

    Love is like a yoke that when you put your neck inside it , it dictates the direction of your thought which will adversely affect your physical movement but what makes it different from the yoke of Christ which He spoke of in the book of Matthew 11:29-30 is that Jesus’ own yoke connote a single directional movement, so that Christ is moving and you are following Him. But in case of Love, you are yoked with many things including happiness, anger, confusion, depression, anxiety and the worst of it all is that you are passive. you don’t have any atom of resistance to any of the emotion that arises. the emotions take their time in turns to play and any one that comes up, drags you and unfortunately for you, you cannot resist. Obinna should have considered these before making such move. Love affairs should be considered as an option when one is ready for marriage. I am surprise at his statement ….” Release me, Lord,” “When I’m ready, find me someone else”. So he has not been all these while? Let him keep hoping that Tonye will return.

  • Enobong Daniel

    Hmmm…Obinna. i love the way he handles his emotional crisis;telling God about it. And too, he hopefully expects an intervention which am skeptical about. Let me hope it works in the subsequent series. Intriguing story.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    it is so good that Obinna prayed for God’s will to be done,and I’m curious to know why Tonye never contacted Obinna after her disappearance. This is an interesting story: Intriguing!

  • Okalishi Oliver

    He shouldn’t just throw in the towel (accept defeat) yet, since he has not heard from Tonye herself. And he shouldn’t be anxious of it, but by prayer and petition, as he has been using, with thanksgiving, continue to present his requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard his hearts and minds.

  • Agbodike Ogochukwu Maryclaret

    Aww! For some minutes I forgot it was a short story. This is soooo interesting. Please juice us up on more of this story, dear Aunty Edith?

  • Ozioko Glory Oluchi

    I think Obinna should give Tonye up. There’s no need to worry about someone who doesn’t care about you. For her to leave Obinna because Boma is rich shows that she’s more concerned about money not love, and she may bring that attitude into their home when they get married. So Obinna should look for someone who can love and accept him for who he is.

  • Ugwu Amarachi Matilda.

    Wow! I love the way Obinna took this matter up, he really did well by praying to God first and seeking for his will. Hmmm…but what could possibly be Tonye’s reason for leaving with another man after accepting to marry Obinna? Why on earth has she not reached Obinna? What could be her reason for not doing so? These are some of the questions that run through my head now. Can’t wait to find out.. Interesting story!

  • Eze Blessing Ada

    Tonye is putting up an action many girls in the real world today would put up in such a situation. It’s one thing to love, and another to want such comforts that money or wealth can bring. I believe Toney loves Obinna, but she’s confused. I maintain though that love should lead the way in all things.

  • Okafor Emmanuel

    It’s sad that obinna not only got his heartbroken, but also had his lady stolen by some guy. I find it rather amazing that he stil loves tonye. In my opinion, he should give up. It’s not called weakness or anything, but sometimes it’s ok to let go

  • Ifeanyichukwu Eunice

    It’s sad that tonye broke obinna’s heart, if she truly loved him, she should have stuck with him despite all odds.

  • Uko Iniobong Anthony.

    True love does not come easily. Obinna don’t let it go yet. if tonye is really for you she will realize her mistake and come back to you for good.

  • Ochekwu Caroline Ene

    Wow….what a touching story, i really felt for Obinna, he went through a lot emotionally, all for Tonye .The way she replied Obinna’s text was so annoying. I mean all d times he has been calling, she never replied,he was even kind enough to remind her of the C.D they had tomorrow……well let’s see how they’re love goes.

  • Joy emeka

    It is clear that tonye does not love obinna, if she truly loves obinna she would not have left obinna for another guy who is Rich,love does not know poverty you should love someone for who that person is and not what that person has

  • Grace Ugwuaneke

    Tonye baby! What’s on your mind? you accepted a guy’s proposal and at the same time going out with another.
    No be small contest: Boma vs Obinna.who will win this battle.

  • Oba Cindy biobele

    Love can be very complicated and annoying sometimes but it is a beautiful thing. I don’t think Obinna should give up yet. He should wait to hear what Tonye has to say and to tell us wwher she has been and her plans with Boma. It’s good Tonye is praying frevrently but he should work for his love.

  • Agugbua chisom

    Wow!! I feel for Obinna. I don’t even understand this Tonye. If she did love Obinna why did she leave him for Boma? I just hope she gives him a reasonable explanation for leaving like that and hurting him the way. Love can be very painful and it can be very sweet. It all depends on the person you love and how much the person loves you back. I hope Obinna finds happiness.

    • Nwosu chinwedu favour

      I feel pity for obinna o, Tonye must have left him because of his financial status …but it doesn’t mean that the love is not there anymore. I appreciate obinna’s courage, It shows he’s a real man who can at all times fight for right, I just pray that Tonye will have a rethink tho it’s not gonna be easy

  • Ajibo lovelyn onyedikachi

    It really hurts when you love someone deeply and the person doesn’t reciprocate in return. Although true love should venture in openness and trust. True love should not be one sided. I think obinna should have tried more to find out what is wrong with Tonye before embarking on prayers.

  • Ugwuja Deborah

    Love is indeed complicated. I just wish Obinna called her to save himself all the stress. He even fasted and prayed on the issue . If Tonye really loves him , she’ll come back to him.


    Very tough situation for Obinna, these things happen all the time, its sad but it’s human beings for you, you can’t understand why someone who said they love you, would be the same person to break your heart.

  • Chinelobi Treasure Oluchi

    I’ll prefer not to take sides but…
    In the world today, we young people have formed a habit of prioritizing the wrong things. I feel Obinna should focus on finishing his service and find a good job. I don’t think any one in their right state of mind will want to leave an established person for an unemployed one. We aren’t just on this earth to just fall in love and die, other things in life matter more.

  • Immanuella Uwa

    It’s possible that Tonye really loves Obinna but she also wants financial security and Boma can give her that. I am not saying it is right, but that might simply be her notion.

  • Amah Damian Uchechukwu

    Obinna is an epitome of God’s love,this can be seen on how he relates relates with Tonye,if this can be inbibed by couples of nowadays, divorce will become an illusion. But Tonye needs to be punished for what she did.

  • Dike Gerald

    It can be so distressing to experience this from a loved one and so intimidating to be caused by a fellow man. Well, Tonye has really hurt him but may not be as bad to do so, but for financial… I think Obi should try and contain the situation and not say no when tonye repents.

  • Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon

    Love is patient and enduring as depicted in the actions of Obinna but I however think Love is enjoyed when it is mutual. Based on this, I think obinna should move on and leave tonye

  • Chigbu Pamela Chinwoke

    Awwwwwwn, Obinna truly loved Tonye dearly. He was really a calm and loving gentleman and I admire him for that.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    I pity ‘pastor’s and yes sometimes love is the hardest thing ever in different contexts

  • Jumbo Gold

    We all know that feeling, waiting on your phone to Ring hoping they’d remember you still exist arghh, it hurts poor guy, now he’s being compared to money miss road? which makes me wonder, if obinna indeed had money, would it have been too hard for tonye to get out of the toxic relationship she was in sooner enough. hopefully we know should how your actions affect others, especially those who care about us. They say REAL is rare, value yours.

  • Love is patient, love has hope, love endures, love understands, love forgives. It was love unfeigned working in the heart of obinna for tonye. Love is not scattered, it thinks.

  • Favour Nnaemeka

    There’s a saying that goes ‘If you love someone, let them go and if they’re yours then they will come back to you.’ I feel Obinna has suffered enough in her behalf, he should focus his mind in something else. They’re both adults, old enough to know what they both want. And I personally feel Tonye is playing games with him.

  • Love bears, love understands,love endures and love unfeigned is rich with forgiveness this are the things that obinna felt for tonye but no one understood.

  • Ugwu Ogochukwu A

    I would say Tonye might not even be doing anything wherever she is. She might just be want to put Obinna’s love for her to test. To know if Obinna’s love for her is true.

  • Chidebe uchechukwu cyprain

    It is quite obvious that tonye don’t love obinna.obinna really tried his best to impress tonye but all to no avail. I don’t like her attitude towards obinna, even though tonye has the right to make her choice

  • Chimezie Goodness Adimchinobi

    If only Tonye could understand the power of love and the strength of disappointment…. Not quiet easy though….kudos Ma,I want more??

  • Obi-eze Adaobi

    For me, i didn’t expect that from Tonye. At least even a text would have put Obinna’s heart to rest instead of him going through emotional stress. Again,she should have told him if she wanted to continue the relationship or not, she was wrong by leaving him helpless.

  • Nnamani chizoba

    Obinnna should not give up hope. if she is truly his,she will come back..some times girls can be confused in taking decisions when money is involved.

  • Nwata Blessing Chinyere

    Love, love!!
    If Tonye truly loves Obinna just like the way he does, she will come back for him. But if her love doesn’t equate his, then Boma wins. I just pray she comes back for Obinna, he is really ‘drunk’ in love. Interesting piece, ma.

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    Thus is really complicated and I feel for him. Giving up is not an option if he loves her, he should really fight for their love because I think that Tonye loves him that’s why she accepted his proposal but she should give him a clue at least call him to know the way forward.

  • Onovoh Adaeze Jennifer

    Welcome back,Tonye and Obinna;we missed you guys. Lol. Well,there is nothing more painful than that feeling of being ditched by someone you love so much. I can relate with Obinna’s pain.I just hope God will bring Tonye back to him,rather than making him forget her.

  • Wenibo Modupe Glory

    Abi brother, you will leave to declare the goodness of God,lol. It really hurts to see the person you love choose someone else over you, well Obinna if you believe you have God’s backing you better don’t give up and continue to pray for her.
    Can’t wait for the next episode

  • ify queen

    OK that’s sad i wasn’t expecting him to just throw in the towel so easily I just hope his resolution is just for the time being and that he will change his mind soon

  • Onyia ujunwa sandra

    It very hard to believe that tonye had the mind to leave with another man after been proposed to by Obinna…well I think Obinna should wait for her till she returns.

  • Ezema Uchechukwu

    I think Obinna is actually getting himself worked up over nothing. 96 hours and you’re already thinking negative thoughts. It means that there is no trust in that relationship and it means that he can’t do well with a long distance relationship. Love is actually one thing that causing a bit of a commotion in this recent era especially in the youths.

  • Constance

    Love no go kill Obinna o. Since he prayed he should relax and see God’s wonders. Maybe Tonye had a good reason for leaving. Well I never can tell until I read the next episode.

  • Augustine elaigwu

    It can really be head and heart bursting to have such experience as this. This is a bitter slap on obj, but then tonye may have a good reason.

  • Uzoma chidera

    Hmm, after accepting obinna’s proposal she left him and followed another guy leaving his heart Broken, its one thing to love someone so much and be the person’s weakness.
    But obi was really patient on this, can’t wait for the next part…

  • Uzoma chidera

    Hmmm,after proposing you left him for another guy, leaving the guy devasted and worried and come to think of it tonye hasn’t gotten in contact with him for 96 hours, heart break isn’t a good experience and obinna isn’t getting it cool at all.
    He should be strong and move on if it’s needed.

  • Love is as critical as anything termed critical. To love someone, you are ready to put in your everything for the success of that love. That is why when things go wrong, it seems the world is coming to an end. people tend to enjoy the solemness of their solitude, but the real question is, does love count? Is love worthy to be sacrificed for? We do need the direction of God in our lives to answer such questions.

  • Nice story. Hopes it ends in love

  • Ebeyi Emmanuel

    If he really love her he should stand up and fight for their love, and if Tonye truly love him she will definitely come back to him….

  • Nawa ooo after accepting obinna’s proposal she left him and followed another guy leaving the poor guy Broken, its one thing to love someone so much and be the person’s weakness which is very bad


    Love is patience they say but let’s wait and see where this story is leading us to.

  • Chukwuebuka Okpala

    Left to me alone, I will title this sequel “When Love Hurts”. This is because, things hastily done boomerangs hastily too.
    Obinna fell in love hastily and is hastily opting out of it too. How easy it will be is the bone of contention here.

    • Ngwu Chiamaka

      Sometimes, love can be cruel😫
      Especially when the commitment, feelings and others are one-sided…
      Obinna should better move on…
      Thank you, MA❤

  • Ifechukwu Izueke

    Obinna loves tonye but he should move on.

  • Egbue Precious

    Love……..oh Na them Sabi it is well

  • Ekeh Rosemary

    It’s wrong to base your relationship or any kind of relationship on assumptions, like for instance Obinna should have inquired from Tony’s what her relationship with Boma was before proposing to her.

  • Wisdom Ugosinachi Miracle

    Awwwwwww, I got engrossed to the story, I love it, it’s interesting

  • Ajomiwe Chiamaka

    Love conquers all things. Therefore, I believe God (love) will conquer this too.

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