Not too long ago, all the mainsteeam media (MSM) talked about was climate change. Now, it’s racial injustice and the way they’re going about it, you’d think the world is made up of only Blacks and Whites.

What are the strategies adopted in this fight? There are seminars to make White people acknowledge their guilt and privilege (the assumption being that they are all racist and privileged by reason of their skin colour). Some of these trainings demand that Whites apologise and defer to Blacks to atone for centuries of oppression and give up their comforts and opportunities for Blacks (the assumption being again that by virtue of being White, doors just open for them and they have it made in life). This absurd reasoning is captured in the quote below.

White(ness) is a passport. It’s a ticket. The world is a white amusement park and your white skin buys you into it.- A.S. King

None of this has any bearing on reality. There are racists of all colours- it is not an exclusively White prejudice- and there are struggling/enslaved people and oppressors among all races and always have been. Slavery and segregation have long been abolished in the US and Affirmative Action policy instituted to give minorities a leg up in jobs, school admissions and other aspects of life. While government and private organisations and individuals are encouraged to bridge the gaps between the well-to-do and the have-nots, we cannot reasonably expect equality for everyone in education, income and standard of living at any point in history.

So expectedly, while there is no law in the US limiting any group’s chances of success, there are, however, differences of outcomes for different people based on their peculiar situations and choices and these differences are not usually determined by race. Even among the members of the same family, not everyone is equally successful. Some are more intelligent than others, some are held back by moral failings and misfortunes, like crime, indolence, addiction, sickness, accidents or losses.

Where government policies make a negative difference in the US, they are working in an ironic fashion. Blacks traditionally vote Democrat and the Democratic Party is the loudest, co-ordinating with BLM and other activist organisations in the fight for racial justice. Yet, it is in the Democrat-run states and cities that life is hardest for Blacks as we shall see in this discourse.

Insisting that White people are inherently bad and Blacks entitled to appeasement and reparations as these re-education seminars do will build resentment among Whites in due course. It will not improve racial harmony or make Whites and Blacks truly comfortable around one another, not when Whites are expected to walk on egg shells, constantly struggling to not offend the sensibilities of Blacks as dictated by social justice warriors (SJWs) and the “White privilege” instructors.

Another strategy for fighting racial injustice as we have seen in the past few months since the death of George Floyd during arrest by a police officer in Minneapolis in May is the organising of protests. The MSM has fully encouraged these protests which escalate into riots with arson and looting in Black communities. The violence and destruction of the last few months have been allowed to proceed unchecked in Democrat-run cities like Portland, Seattle and New York. This has obviously hurt Blacks with many businesses in those communities destroyed or relocated.

(Picture of burnt street from Fajrul Falah on Pixabay)

According to Reuters, “The gap in unemployment rates between Blacks and whites in the United States widened for a fourth straight month in August, and the spread between the races is now the largest in nearly six years.” The possible reasons for this growing disparity are not hard to find.

The riots, ostensibly caused by police killing of “unarmed” Blacks, and the hurried/high-handed prosecution of police officers involved (with little regard to the circumstances but an eagerness to appease the mobs) lead to reduced policing and a sharp increase in crime rates (especially murder). This has been dubbed the Ferguson Effect by St. Louis police chief, Doyle Sam Dotson III, after the riots following the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. The higher crime rates then disincentive businesses from investing or remaining in the affected neighbourhoods.

In addition, the interminable shutdowns in Democrat-run cities, which the MSM have promoted with fear-mongering about positive Covid cases despite the fact that death and hospitalisation rates have plummeted, has limited everyone’s chances of getting jobs, particularly Blacks with less skills and education.

BLM rhetoric which calls for reparations and redistribution of wealth and even justifies looting and endless protesting with the goal of tearing down American society may very well be encouraging laziness and a disinclination to seek employment among some Blacks who have bought into that rhetoric. This is reminiscent of the Democrat extension of welfare to poor people that, rather than raise them out of poverty, has made them more dependent on government. The fact that welfare is more readily available to women and single mums has negatively impacted male presence in homes and led to a breakdown of the among poorer people, particularly Blacks. The father absence has led to poorer life outcomes for many Black kids in health, education, interactions with law enforcement, etc. The intentions may sound noble but the effects have been disastrous.


BLM protest with black man speaking, fists high
(Pic of BLm protest from BruceEmmerling on Pixabay)

These new agitators for racial justice haven’t helped Blacks either. Bear in mind that BLM and similar groups are promoted by the MSM and have raised billions of dollars, none of which has been used to better the lives of Blacks by investing in education, infrastructural and business development in Black communities. All that money has gone straight to Democrat candidates.

On the security of lives and property, the experience of ordinary Blacks is becoming more harrowing during this so-called fight for social justice. Activists give the impression that all White cops are racist and they are killing off Blacks, just for their skin colour. The truth is that most of those killed or injured in encounters with the police were aggressive, resisting arrest and some of those initially said to be unarmed were actually armed. Take the case of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin on Aug. 23. Media reports state that he had a knife and Deon Kay, shot on Sept. 2 by DC police in Southeast Washington, had a gun.

At this point, the BLM narrative seems to be that the police has no right to arrest or shoot any Blacks even if they brandish weapons or are caught in criminal behaviour, hence its Defund the Police campaign. The Kill the Cops corollary of that, which is leading to the killing of police officers in cold blood, is going to get more Blacks killed as policemen and women begin to defend themselves.

The anti-cop sentiments of BLM, Antifa and other radical groups have been embraced by Democrat leaders in America, leading to drastic cuts in personnel and budgets. In NYC alone, a 600-man plainclothes division was disbanded and one billion dollars cut from the NYPD budget for the 2020 fiscal year. Add to this the introduction of no cash bail even for violent offenders in places like New York and the reluctance of liberal DAs to prosecute crime suspects but their hasty charging of ordinary citizens who try to defend themselves and their property with felonies. The result is a meaningless law enforcement system that is essentially a revolving door for criminals. When criminals are caught and released promptly with no fear of punishment from the state, is it any wonder that they get more busy and brazen in their illegal activities?

Law enforcement officers are never ‘off duty.’ They are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace is threatened. They need all the help that they can get. – Barbara Boxer

Consequent upon the foregoing, many Democrat-controlled cities have become war zones where activists/criminals get shot by their kind and by the police and law-abiding Blacks are at the mercy of criminals with the lack of deterrence formerly provided by proper police presence.

The Black community should realise that radical/Marxist groups like BLM and the MSM are its enemies, not friends. Their stoking of race divisions in the US has done nothing good for Blacks. This has rather left Black neighbourhoods more impoverished after each cycle of needless violence as already stated.

Blacks should settle down and pursue the American dream like everyone else. They should not listen to lies that legitimise criminal behaviour and discourage legal, gainful employment. This is what Black racial justice activists are doing by claiming that rioting is the only way Blacks can express their anger at racial injustice and that looting is a right way of getting reparations and redistributing property. Besides, they argue that expressing concern about looting is to value property above human life and businesses have insurance. This underestimates the pain of those who are losing their entire lives’ work to the mayhem, many of whom are Blacks and other struggling folks of all colours. Insurance companies do not have bottomless pockets, so widespread destruction hurts those companies as well. And these crime apologists ignore the fact that both police and ordinary people are getting killed in the course of the vandalism, looting and arson.


(Pic in graphic is from Joshua McKnight on Pexels)

The Black community is facing a moral crisis. The current endorsement of BLM and participation in riots is reinforcing the stereotypes that Black people are irrational, malleable, lazy, seek instant gratification and are prone to criminal behaviour and violence. These stereotypes transmitted through music and movies, especially rap music, are being glorified by liberal activists and their party, the Democratic Party.

They are attacking traditional values in the Black community like faith in God, hard work and accountability. Blacks had closely-knit families, strong fathers and husbands, supportive and submissive wives and mothers from the end of slavery till the explosion of government welfare programmes in the mid 1960’s with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Act and the War on Poverty therein as explained earlier. BLM’s avowed desire to destroy the traditional nuclear (two-parent) family is, therefore, insidious.

But its warped value prescription for Blacks is receiving amplification from institutions that are pushing leftist ideology. In June, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture published guidelines for talking about race which claimed that rational thinking, hard work, subdued elegance, belief in one God and maintaining a strong family structure while pursuing individual success are White values. No, they are not! They are universal, decent and mostly Bible-based values. The museum’s claims expectedly elicited widespread outrage. The excesses of emotional rioters, get-rich-quick gangsters, wealth-flaunting Black rappers, God-dishonouring atheists/polytheists/Satan worshippers, hardened sex workers, LGBTQ+P perverts and Marxist commune enthusiasts do not represent Black values. It comes down to good and bad, not White and Black.

Blacks are not the only minority group in America. Those constantly pitting them.against Whites are not doing them any favours. Asian-Americans (another minority group are the richest demographic group in America. In the jobs report Reuters referred to, Hispanics (another minority group) gained over 1 million of the 1.4 million jobs added in August. Black folks should revive traditional values and their conscience by maintaining stable two-parent families, acquiring education and skills, cherishing the dignity of labour, accepting personal responsibility for their choices and actions, respecting authority and, last but not the least, walking with God in faith and love for all humanity. This is the path to progress, not endless victimhood and lawlessness in pursuit of a Communist utopia which translated to misery, oppression, unimaginable poverty and death for many
citizens wherever it was implemented.

You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.- Thomas Sowell

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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    May God guide us all in the right path. Amen

  • Chinemerem Mbanugo

    I feel that racism is just a word used to let others do as they like. A black man can say or do something bad and when called out for it by a white man ,they classify it as racism. It doesn’t make sense that blacks are allowed to carry around weapons for protection from whites, people should live equally without fear. I don’t blame the black folk at times though but why can’t they just look at it from the perspective that we are all humans and if one does a wrong thing, they can be punished instead of using the term racism to avoid such derogatory acts? There was a time Ronaldo, the football player peed on the lawn which was a law that nobody should do and was to be arrested. What if it was a black man? They would avoid doing so just because they don’t want to be labeled as a racist. If there is a crime committed by anyone, whether black or white or Asian, they should be punished accordingly without considering it racism.

    • You make a good point, which is that Black people should not expect the law to turn a blind eye when they commit crimes for fear of the officers being labelled racist. There should be equal treatment under the law, regardless of skin colour. Otherwise, we are only asking that pro-Black racism replace anti-Black racism. More importantly, criminal lifestyles should not be celebrated by any group, regardless of their race. Otherwise, we all end up destroying ourselves and our society. God bless you!

  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    Every white person isn’t racist but that doesn’t erase the systemic racism in America affecting blacks and other people of color.
    Riots may not be the appropriate way to address these issues but they nonetheless should be addressed.
    The issue of racism shouldn’t make black people disobey the law but everyday in the news, black men get longer sentences for crimes white men get a pat on the back for. Black hairstyles were deemed inappropriate and people lost their jobs for something as little as a hairstyle.

    Systems have been put in place for blacks and people of color to be able to compete/ coexist with white men but discrimination based on skin color isn’t an illusion. If a black person doesn’t qualify for a position, he shouldn’t get it but this qualification shouldn’t be based on color.

    I’m also going to acknowledge that I get the angle in this article. The outrage harms everyone irrespective of ethnicity. And if blacks are outraged, they should seek a better way to air their anger. This is however, a wonderful article. A necessary discourse too.

  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    I would also love to note that some black people cry racism at every treatment and that is absolutely wrong. You don’t oppress people especially when you say you want justice, if not it becomes an endless cycle. For instance, black people bully people who ‘copy’ their culture online and that isn’t the way to go. It’s as if their outrage is about wanting to oppress other races and not ending oppression itself.

    Racism is a very emotional subject for me and as such, I might not be completely objective while talking about it. This article has shown me a new way to look it at and now, I’m going to do my best to look at all angles before I dive into the topic of racism. I’m glad to have read it. God bless you ma’am and have a lovely, lovely day.

    • You’re right. The BLM movement seems to want Blacks to be the oppressors and Whites the oppressed. How’s that for a better world!
      Have a beautiful day too and stay blessed!

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    What I hate about some blacks is playing blame games anytime they are punished. They rush to play the “if it was a white” game. Instances like these make their accusations of racism a joke.

    Even though there is racism in the white society, we should not always see every case as a room to cry racism. It is childish and really doesn’t help in fighting actual racism.

  • Obi Chisom Vanessa

    I totally agree that racism is a serious problem and indeed white people enjoy “white privilege”, but I also believe that the blacks take it too far sometimes with looting and riots which make it hard for the government to address the issues of racism. The blacks also love playing the racist card which makes it uncomfortable for whites or other races in the room or sometimes use it to get what they want.
    I sometimes find them hypocritical when they also laugh at Africans and try to oppress them because so many issues like this have come up in the past years telling these Africans to go back to the “jungle” and more. I do hope for them to be treated better but for that to happen, they need to do better.

  • Eze Chioma Uzoamaka

    Blacks have misunderstood the true meaning of racism and think it’s just about black and white, with the white hating and feeling superior to the black. Racism is so much more than that! Racism is seeing your fellow black person and looking at them in a condescending manner just because ‘they are from that dirt poor country’. I think we should all put the colonialism and racism behind us and start embracing peace and love. Teaching our kids to love and respect everyone equally irrespective of their skin color is the first step to achieving a non-racist environment, where white and blacks can peacefully co-exist without the other party having more privileges and leaving the others feeling cheated.

  • Emelife Assumpta M

    Not every white person is racist, although they are many of them sha. Black and White can co-exist without discrimination. We should respect everyone, irrespective of skin colour. This should be the first step to take for a conducive environment.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Most Blacks use racism as a consolation for whatever happens to them. They believe if they were White, some things happening to them won’t happen, sighs!


    2020 was a dramatic year especially in America. Well i have a lot to say on this

    The issue of blm made sense at the beginning till the Democrats politicized it during the election to get trump out of office.

    Late George Floyd would have been alive if only he did not do drugs and did not resist arrest (not that I’m supporting the police that pressed his neck)

    Not all whites are racist. And the issue of ‘White privilege’ in dis generation is sounding like a myth. Some black folks just want to play blame game. If they could stand on their feet and do the right and do not let negativity drag them backwards, things would get better.

    Some people became activists of something they don’t understand, Hollywood celebrities, athletes and sjw using their platforms to spread more hate and then saying it is fight for justice. It made blm more like a hate group than a progressive group.

    Another thing I learnt is that when big government gets involved in societal issues, it is usually disastrous.

    The silliest part of the protest and one of the sad parts is #defund the police#.

    But I pray for a better tomorrow for all.

    • I agree with most of what you said except that blm only made sense to those who don’t know its antecedents. Every four years and sometimes in between during the Midterms, Democrats stoke racial tension by labelling the killing of Blacks racially-motivated and police brutality to gain Black support in the elections. It is only those who are unaware of this trend that believed the hype by the Democrats and their media collaborators/trumpeters.

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    Every White isn’t a racist. So many Blacks use this idea of racism against them to their favor and it’s so wrong. The truth is not every Black that’s crying racism for every problem they experience is actually being discriminated against.
    Wonderful post, ma!

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    In as much as racism against blacks exist, we should also take out some time to imagine what it might be like for the whites. Not every white is racist and not every white policeman is racist. The constant agitation from the BLM and other movements will make the whites feel like they are on eggshells as any wrong statement they make is taken as racism. At the same time, the whole thing is doing nothing but worsening the distinction between whites and blacks. Destroying everything men like Dr Martin Luther strived to build

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