Not too long ago, all the mainsteeam media (MSM) talked about was climate change. Now, it’s racial injustice and the way they’re going about it, you’d think the world is made up of only Blacks and Whites.

What are the strategies adopted in this fight? There are seminars to make White people acknowledge their guilt and privilege (the assumption being that they are all racist and privileged by reason of their skin colour). Some of these trainings demand that Whites apologise and defer to Blacks to atone for centuries of oppression and give up their comforts and opportunities for Blacks (the assumption being again that by virtue of being White, doors just open for them and they have it made in life). This absurd reasoning is captured in the quote below.

White(ness) is a passport. It’s a ticket. The world is a white amusement park and your white skin buys you into it.- A.S. King

None of this has any bearing on reality. There are racists of all colours- it is not an exclusively White prejudice- and there are struggling/enslaved people and oppressors among all races and always have been. Slavery and segregation have long been abolished in the US and Affirmative Action policy instituted to give minorities a leg up in jobs, school admissions and other aspects of life. While government and private organisations and individuals are encouraged to bridge the gaps between the well-to-do and the have-nots, we cannot reasonably expect equality for everyone in education, income and standard of living at any point in history.

So expectedly, while there is no law in the US limiting any group’s chances of success, there are, however, differences of outcomes for different people based on their peculiar situations and choices and these differences are not usually determined by race. Even among the members of the same family, not everyone is equally successful. Some are more intelligent than others, some are held back by moral failings and misfortunes, like crime, indolence, addiction, sickness, accidents or losses.

Where government policies make a negative difference in the US, they are working in an ironic fashion. Blacks traditionally vote Democrat and the Democratic Party is the loudest, co-ordinating with BLM and other activist organisations in the fight for racial justice. Yet, it is in the Democrat-run states and cities that life is hardest for Blacks as we shall see in this discourse.

Insisting that White people are inherently bad and Blacks entitled to appeasement and reparations as these re-education seminars do will build resentment among Whites in due course. It will not improve racial harmony or make Whites and Blacks truly comfortable around one another, not when Whites are expected to walk on egg shells, constantly struggling to not offend the sensibilities of Blacks as dictated by social justice warriors (SJWs) and the “White privilege” instructors.

Another strategy for fighting racial injustice as we have seen in the past few months since the death of George Floyd during arrest by a police officer in Minneapolis in May is the organising of protests. The MSM has fully encouraged these protests which escalate into riots with arson and looting in Black communities. The violence and destruction of the last few months have been allowed to proceed unchecked in Democrat-run cities like Portland, Seattle and New York. This has obviously hurt Blacks with many businesses in those communities destroyed or relocated.

(Picture of burnt street from Fajrul Falah on Pixabay)

According to Reuters, “The gap in unemployment rates between Blacks and whites in the United States widened for a fourth straight month in August, and the spread between the races is now the largest in nearly six years.” The possible reasons for this growing disparity are not hard to find.

The riots, ostensibly caused by police killing of “unarmed” Blacks, and the hurried/high-handed prosecution of police officers involved (with little regard to the circumstances but an eagerness to appease the mobs) lead to reduced policing and a sharp increase in crime rates (especially murder). This has been dubbed the Ferguson Effect by St. Louis police chief, Doyle Sam Dotson III, after the riots following the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. The higher crime rates then disincentive businesses from investing or remaining in the affected neighbourhoods.

In addition, the interminable shutdowns in Democrat-run cities, which the MSM have promoted with fear-mongering about positive Covid cases despite the fact that death and hospitalisation rates have plummeted, has limited everyone’s chances of getting jobs, particularly Blacks with less skills and education.

BLM rhetoric which calls for reparations and redistribution of wealth and even justifies looting and endless protesting with the goal of tearing down American society may very well be encouraging laziness and a disinclination to seek employment among some Blacks who have bought into that rhetoric. This is reminiscent of the Democrat extension of welfare to poor people that, rather than raise them out of poverty, has made them more dependent on government. The fact that welfare is more readily available to women and single mums has negatively impacted male presence in homes and led to a breakdown of the among poorer people, particularly Blacks. The father absence has led to poorer life outcomes for many Black kids in health, education, interactions with law enforcement, etc. The intentions may sound noble but the effects have been disastrous.

BLM protest with black man speaking, fists high
(Pic of BLm protest from BruceEmmerling on Pixabay)

These new agitators for racial justice haven’t helped Blacks either. Bear in mind that BLM and similar groups are promoted by the MSM and have raised billions of dollars, none of which has been used to better the lives of Blacks by investing in education, infrastructural and business development in Black communities. All that money has gone straight to Democrat candidates.

On the security of lives and property, the experience of ordinary Blacks is becoming more harrowing during this so-called fight for social justice. Activists give the impression that all White cops are racist and they are killing off Blacks, just for their skin colour. The truth is that most of those killed or injured in encounters with the police were aggressive, resisting arrest and some of those initially said to be unarmed were actually armed. Take the case of Jacob Blake in Kenosha Wisconsin on Aug. 23. Media reports state that he had a knife and Deon Kay, shot on Sept. 2 by DC police in Southeast Washington, had a gun.

At this point, the BLM narrative seems to be that the police has no right to arrest or shoot any Blacks even if they brandish weapons or are caught in criminal behaviour, hence its Defund the Police campaign. The Kill the Cops corollary of that, which is leading to the killing of police officers in cold blood, is going to get more Blacks killed as policemen and women begin to defend themselves.

The anti-cop sentiments of BLM, Antifa and other radical groups have been embraced by Democrat leaders in America, leading to drastic cuts in personnel and budgets. In NYC alone, a 600-man plainclothes division was disbanded and one billion dollars cut from the NYPD budget for the 2020 fiscal year. Add to this the introduction of no cash bail even for violent offenders in places like New York and the reluctance of liberal DAs to prosecute crime suspects but their hasty charging of ordinary citizens who try to defend themselves and their property with felonies. The result is a meaningless law enforcement system that is essentially a revolving door for criminals. When criminals are caught and released promptly with no fear of punishment from the state, is it any wonder that they get more busy and brazen in their illegal activities?

Law enforcement officers are never ‘off duty.’ They are dedicated public servants who are sworn to protect public safety at any time and place that the peace is threatened. They need all the help that they can get. – Barbara Boxer

Consequent upon the foregoing, many Democrat-controlled cities have become war zones where activists/criminals get shot by their kind and by the police and law-abiding Blacks are at the mercy of criminals with the lack of deterrence formerly provided by proper police presence.

The Black community should realise that radical/Marxist groups like BLM and the MSM are its enemies, not friends. Their stoking of race divisions in the US has done nothing good for Blacks. This has rather left Black neighbourhoods more impoverished after each cycle of needless violence as already stated.

Blacks should settle down and pursue the American dream like everyone else. They should not listen to lies that legitimise criminal behaviour and discourage legal, gainful employment. This is what Black racial justice activists are doing by claiming that rioting is the only way Blacks can express their anger at racial injustice and that looting is a right way of getting reparations and redistributing property. Besides, they argue that expressing concern about looting is to value property above human life and businesses have insurance. This underestimates the pain of those who are losing their entire lives’ work to the mayhem, many of whom are Blacks and other struggling folks of all colours. Insurance companies do not have bottomless pockets, so widespread destruction hurts those companies as well. And these crime apologists ignore the fact that both police and ordinary people are getting killed in the course of the vandalism, looting and arson.

(Pic in graphic is from Joshua McKnight on Pexels)

The Black community is facing a moral crisis. The current endorsement of BLM and participation in riots is reinforcing the stereotypes that Black people are irrational, malleable, lazy, seek instant gratification and are prone to criminal behaviour and violence. These stereotypes transmitted through music and movies, especially rap music, are being glorified by liberal activists and their party, the Democratic Party.

They are attacking traditional values in the Black community like faith in God, hard work and accountability. Blacks had closely-knit families, strong fathers and husbands, supportive and submissive wives and mothers from the end of slavery till the explosion of government welfare programmes in the mid 1960’s with Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society Act and the War on Poverty therein as explained earlier. BLM’s avowed desire to destroy the traditional nuclear (two-parent) family is, therefore, insidious.

But its warped value prescription for Blacks is receiving amplification from institutions that are pushing leftist ideology. In June, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture published guidelines for talking about race which claimed that rational thinking, hard work, subdued elegance, belief in one God and maintaining a strong family structure while pursuing individual success are White values. No, they are not! They are universal, decent and mostly Bible-based values. The museum’s claims expectedly elicited widespread outrage. The excesses of emotional rioters, get-rich-quick gangsters, wealth-flaunting Black rappers, God-dishonouring atheists/polytheists/Satan worshippers, hardened sex workers, LGBTQ+P perverts and Marxist commune enthusiasts do not represent Black values. It comes down to good and bad, not White and Black.

Blacks are not the only minority group in America. Those constantly pitting them.against Whites are not doing them any favours. Asian-Americans (another minority group are the richest demographic group in America. In the jobs report Reuters referred to, Hispanics (another minority group) gained over 1 million of the 1.4 million jobs added in August. Black folks should revive traditional values and their conscience by maintaining stable two-parent families, acquiring education and skills, cherishing the dignity of labour, accepting personal responsibility for their choices and actions, respecting authority and, last but not the least, walking with God in faith and love for all humanity. This is the path to progress, not endless victimhood and lawlessness in pursuit of a Communist utopia which translated to misery, oppression, unimaginable poverty and death for many
citizens wherever it was implemented.

You cannot take any people, of any color, and exempt them from the requirements of civilization — including work, behavioral standards, personal responsibility and all the other basic things that the clever intelligentsia disdain — without ruinous consequences to them and to society at large.- Thomas Sowell

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  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    May God guide us all in the right path. Amen

  • Chinemerem Mbanugo

    I feel that racism is just a word used to let others do as they like. A black man can say or do something bad and when called out for it by a white man ,they classify it as racism. It doesn’t make sense that blacks are allowed to carry around weapons for protection from whites, people should live equally without fear. I don’t blame the black folk at times though but why can’t they just look at it from the perspective that we are all humans and if one does a wrong thing, they can be punished instead of using the term racism to avoid such derogatory acts? There was a time Ronaldo, the football player peed on the lawn which was a law that nobody should do and was to be arrested. What if it was a black man? They would avoid doing so just because they don’t want to be labeled as a racist. If there is a crime committed by anyone, whether black or white or Asian, they should be punished accordingly without considering it racism.

    • You make a good point, which is that Black people should not expect the law to turn a blind eye when they commit crimes for fear of the officers being labelled racist. There should be equal treatment under the law, regardless of skin colour. Otherwise, we are only asking that pro-Black racism replace anti-Black racism. More importantly, criminal lifestyles should not be celebrated by any group, regardless of their race. Otherwise, we all end up destroying ourselves and our society. God bless you!

  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    Every white person isn’t racist but that doesn’t erase the systemic racism in America affecting blacks and other people of color.
    Riots may not be the appropriate way to address these issues but they nonetheless should be addressed.
    The issue of racism shouldn’t make black people disobey the law but everyday in the news, black men get longer sentences for crimes white men get a pat on the back for. Black hairstyles were deemed inappropriate and people lost their jobs for something as little as a hairstyle.

    Systems have been put in place for blacks and people of color to be able to compete/ coexist with white men but discrimination based on skin color isn’t an illusion. If a black person doesn’t qualify for a position, he shouldn’t get it but this qualification shouldn’t be based on color.

    I’m also going to acknowledge that I get the angle in this article. The outrage harms everyone irrespective of ethnicity. And if blacks are outraged, they should seek a better way to air their anger. This is however, a wonderful article. A necessary discourse too.

  • Awforkansi Kamsi

    I would also love to note that some black people cry racism at every treatment and that is absolutely wrong. You don’t oppress people especially when you say you want justice, if not it becomes an endless cycle. For instance, black people bully people who ‘copy’ their culture online and that isn’t the way to go. It’s as if their outrage is about wanting to oppress other races and not ending oppression itself.

    Racism is a very emotional subject for me and as such, I might not be completely objective while talking about it. This article has shown me a new way to look it at and now, I’m going to do my best to look at all angles before I dive into the topic of racism. I’m glad to have read it. God bless you ma’am and have a lovely, lovely day.

    • You’re right. The BLM movement seems to want Blacks to be the oppressors and Whites the oppressed. How’s that for a better world!
      Have a beautiful day too and stay blessed!

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    What I hate about some blacks is playing blame games anytime they are punished. They rush to play the “if it was a white” game. Instances like these make their accusations of racism a joke.

    Even though there is racism in the white society, we should not always see every case as a room to cry racism. It is childish and really doesn’t help in fighting actual racism.

  • Obi Chisom Vanessa

    I totally agree that racism is a serious problem and indeed white people enjoy “white privilege”, but I also believe that the blacks take it too far sometimes with looting and riots which make it hard for the government to address the issues of racism. The blacks also love playing the racist card which makes it uncomfortable for whites or other races in the room or sometimes use it to get what they want.
    I sometimes find them hypocritical when they also laugh at Africans and try to oppress them because so many issues like this have come up in the past years telling these Africans to go back to the “jungle” and more. I do hope for them to be treated better but for that to happen, they need to do better.

  • Eze Chioma Uzoamaka

    Blacks have misunderstood the true meaning of racism and think it’s just about black and white, with the white hating and feeling superior to the black. Racism is so much more than that! Racism is seeing your fellow black person and looking at them in a condescending manner just because ‘they are from that dirt poor country’. I think we should all put the colonialism and racism behind us and start embracing peace and love. Teaching our kids to love and respect everyone equally irrespective of their skin color is the first step to achieving a non-racist environment, where white and blacks can peacefully co-exist without the other party having more privileges and leaving the others feeling cheated.

  • Emelife Assumpta M

    Not every white person is racist, although they are many of them sha. Black and White can co-exist without discrimination. We should respect everyone, irrespective of skin colour. This should be the first step to take for a conducive environment.

  • Oshana Oyaku Endurance

    Most Blacks use racism as a consolation for whatever happens to them. They believe if they were White, some things happening to them won’t happen, sighs!


    2020 was a dramatic year especially in America. Well i have a lot to say on this

    The issue of blm made sense at the beginning till the Democrats politicized it during the election to get trump out of office.

    Late George Floyd would have been alive if only he did not do drugs and did not resist arrest (not that I’m supporting the police that pressed his neck)

    Not all whites are racist. And the issue of ‘White privilege’ in dis generation is sounding like a myth. Some black folks just want to play blame game. If they could stand on their feet and do the right and do not let negativity drag them backwards, things would get better.

    Some people became activists of something they don’t understand, Hollywood celebrities, athletes and sjw using their platforms to spread more hate and then saying it is fight for justice. It made blm more like a hate group than a progressive group.

    Another thing I learnt is that when big government gets involved in societal issues, it is usually disastrous.

    The silliest part of the protest and one of the sad parts is #defund the police#.

    But I pray for a better tomorrow for all.

    • I agree with most of what you said except that blm only made sense to those who don’t know its antecedents. Every four years and sometimes in between during the Midterms, Democrats stoke racial tension by labelling the killing of Blacks racially-motivated and police brutality to gain Black support in the elections. It is only those who are unaware of this trend that believed the hype by the Democrats and their media collaborators/trumpeters.

      • Chijioke chinemeogo Jennifer

        Most of blacks uses racism aas consolidation for whatever the whites does to them.they think if they where white somethings they are facing or passing through would not actually happen to them. but most whites are not racists

  • Abiayi Ifeonuchukwu

    Every White isn’t a racist. So many Blacks use this idea of racism against them to their favor and it’s so wrong. The truth is not every Black that’s crying racism for every problem they experience is actually being discriminated against.
    Wonderful post, ma!

  • Chikwesiri Uka

    In as much as racism against blacks exist, we should also take out some time to imagine what it might be like for the whites. Not every white is racist and not every white policeman is racist. The constant agitation from the BLM and other movements will make the whites feel like they are on eggshells as any wrong statement they make is taken as racism. At the same time, the whole thing is doing nothing but worsening the distinction between whites and blacks. Destroying everything men like Dr Martin Luther strived to build


    Though few white people fall victim of racism against black but my worry against some black is, they have not started loving themselves, white people will be busing doing something that will benefit everybody in the society, ours here, the reverse is the case, look at most of our Africa leaders and their selfish policies how poorer some of their state are, and we want respect, sometimes people’s behaviors draws some actions towards them.

  • Obiosa Oluchukwu Reward

    Human race have been face with many challenges but discrimination happen to top it up. inhumanity of man to his fellow man is unlawful and must be stopped. but how?
    showing more kindness
    taking responsible measures to see the end of discrimination.
    Black lives matter! All lives matter.
    Thank for bringing this to light ma.

  • Oruma Nneoma Goodnews

    Racism has elicited several debates in the world.From my own perspective,i think both blacks and whites should be given equal opportunity and equal punishments too.Racial crisis in America over the years have increased and almost every white person is labelled racist.I don’t buy this because most blacks actually commit crimes that deserve punishment but they use the term racist to label a white officer trying to do his job.Black lives matter,yes but blacks should make their lives matter by doing what they have to and leaving the rest to God

  • The blacks is meant to learn how to help his/her fellow black. The blacks are not unified and most of those arrested by the police are armed. The blacks always fail into the victim hood believing that the white are the cause of their problem.

  • Kelly Anwulika Bernice

    Some Blacks like pointing fingers even when they are wrong,they don’t want to be punished but they don’t want to do the right thing.

  • It is too absurd to hear that there is racial discrimination. The Whites shouldn’t make life unbearable for us the blacks just because of their color.

  • Ibeh Lorretta Chiamaka

    The white seems to believe that the black have a gene that generate criminal activities in their body system. Though racial discrimination has been a very critical issue in our society but sometimes the black misunderstand it’s concept.
    Even when they are wrong they believe what happened was as a result of their colour.

    • Circumstances, like the breakdown of the nuclear family and embracing thug culture, have resulted in Blacks committing more crimes than other racial groups. It’s not a question of what Whites believe, the statistics are there for whoever cares to see. More Blacjs are killed by fellow Blacks daily in America’s inner cities.

  • Chibuife Isaac Chukwuebuka

    May God see us through all our life’s journey here on earth ,Amen.


    they truly know their history and what the whites did to their fathers, and the fact that even if they choose to come back to Africa which country will give them citizenship without years of parliamentary debate. The agitations is born out of hatred, which can only stop by forgiveness and Love.

  • Udegbulam Favour Oluchi

    The issue is that we go about this protest against racism in an aggressive manner sometimes, when this happens and a black is arrested we all tag every white police man racist and we tend to fight back.

  • Ezeh Loveth chinemerem

    I totally agree that racism is a problem. Black people use racism as consolation by using the opportunity to cause riot and also black and white can exist without discrimination.

    • Okpechi Amarachi

      Racism is real ,but blacks must not label every move made my the whites racism. Not all whites are racists. And whites should also understand that regardless of skin colour, we are one and the same

  • Racism is one of the major problems blacks in America are facing, but at times they are the cause of their problems.

  • Chukwumalume Ozioma

    I think it’s safe to say that the BLM initial ideology is way different from the current mentality. Like you said, the movement for Blacks is the most renowned. Yet, when compared to other minority groups, the Blacks have the least development. They do not need these movements before they are heard, rather they could begin with a realignment of priorities (taking up available job opportunities, building their communities morally) and not waste so much of their strength promoting these unyielding movements.

    • Nwofor Gift Chinenye

      May God see us through all of these
      I believe blacks can do better than they are currently doing in the US
      Many blacks over there tend to hide under the umbrella of racism and injustice to perpetuate criminal activities

  • Obiora Miracle onyinyechi

    I totally agree that racism is a serious problem and indeed white people enjoy “white privilege”, but I also believe that the blacks take it too far sometimes with looting and riots which make it hard for the government to address the issues of racism. So the black should also take it easy and calm down

    • Akpom Chinazor Kamdilichukwu

      The blacks now use this racism stuff as an excuse. And that is very wrong. So if they do something wrong and the whites punish them they term it racism. I agree that America has always been known for this racism issue but the blacks shouldn’t take advantage of it, it’s very immature.
      How are you ma?

  • Sochi

    I think people should stop believing any news from Mainstream media or anything they do because I have realized they can never say the truth or represent anything good

    Just saying my mind though

  • Chukwu Joy Chioma

    In my opinion, if blacks do not protest against injustice and marginalisation on black race, racist behaviour will only be heightened and white racists will deem it fit because of the thought that the black race is voiceless.

  • Dick-Unegbu Jennifer

    Yes, we know that the whites did alot of the wrong things to the blacks back then, but recently, some of the blacks use the fact that racism is not accepted as a means of causing more trouble to the whites. I believe, that not all whites are racist and that the blacks should stop this wicked act.

  • Maureen

    The whites that brought Christianity and were the first to preach about Christ’s love for all are still the ones treating God’s creation as nothing simply because of skin color . I’m not here to judge though ,it’s just the hypocrisy me.

    • How many White people do you know and have seen treating people bad because of skin colour. My dear, prejudice is everyone. People feel and practice it on the basis of religion, ethnic group, economic status, educational level and yes, skin colour. Why single Whites out? There are also racist Orientals, Arabs, Hispanics and, wait for it, Blacks! Yes, some Blacks are racist towards Whutes and Asians and have been emboldened by recent events to target, kill and injure them. But because these incidents do not fit the media narrative, they are hardly covered. But once it’s White-on-Black violence, no matter how justified, they keep screaming racism over it.

      In our own country, Nigeria, the Fulani feel superior and want to kill off everyone else. Muslims want to dominate and convert everyone else by force!

      Can you se how deficient your stance stance is?

  • Olusola Esther

    Whether black or white, we are all created by one Almighty God to make the world a better place and that we must all work to achieve.

  • Nwokedi Fortune Odinakachi

    Racism is yet another issue destroying various societies! Blacks even most times bear in mind that they will be segregated in gatherings with whites. That is why there’s the tendency to direct every incident to anti-black racism. Good alone can intervene!

  • Obiogwu Onyinye

    I want to equate this to a mother,(probably a step mother) being afraid to beat up a child when he’s wrong so that people don’t term her wicked, inconsiderate, “unmotherly.” The privileges given to blacks in atonement or whatsoever should never be an avenue to constitute nuisance. We should work for ourselves and not succumb to pity

    • Wow! What an excellent analogy! Those attacking the step mother unjustly are actually setting up the child to fail in future. These attacks on the police and Whites is emboldening some Blacks to commit more crimes and resist arrest, leading to the killing of more of them.

  • Nwoke uchenna

    There is no room for racial discrimination

    Awesome work ma.

  • Igwenagu Somtochukwu Osinachi

    In my own understanding racism is a word used to let others do as they like. A black will commit an offense and when called out for it by the white it will be termed racism. Everyone should be punished accordingly without considering, if they should commit an offense.

    • God bless you for your honesty and objectivity.

      • Obiaghanwa Paul

        Racism is an household name in the United States you won’t blame the blacks for acting the way they do now, it is as a result of the scars left on them by the Whites. But that’s not a justification for violence towards another race. A peaceful protest is better rather than riots which leads to violence.

  • Chinenye Enwerem

    The recent fight for racial justice has done no good for blacks in America.

  • Okafor Agatha Ifeoma

    I hope that everybody is a human being. No one should underestimate others both blacks and whites.

  • May God guide and lead us to the right path.

  • Chinenye Enwerem

    The recent fight for racial Justice has done no good to black in America

  • Iwuchukwu Vivian Chinagolum

    How do we rightly cut off racism from its bud? Over the years, racism has been a cause of so many violence, several movements set to nip it off has prove futile. Let God take control.

  • Ezeobi Chisom

    The MSM has been responsible for lot of fake news…
    This should not be neglected

  • Nice one ma, white and black faces one form of discrimination or another but the case against black is more intense.

    • Not any more in many cases. Blacks are turning into the aggressors and the corporate establishment and communists in America are turning them.into the oppressors. None of this bodes well for the future of America.

  • Makwe Covenant Nkiruka

    Racism, especially in America,is like a plague on the skin of the American state. This is a very sensitive issue,that demands critical analysis and verification. There are champions of racism in America,and these has caused more harm than good, to the American people. President Trump of the US,has been described as a racist,due to some reasons. But be it as it may,the American people needs to undertake feasible tasks,policies and projects to curb the menace of racism in their country.

    • Oh, please! America is so racist she elected a Black man to the White House, twice! She is so racist Blacks are making billions in sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship. Don’t let the media deceive you. There’s an ulterior motive for pushing the racism narrative and it has nothing to do with improving the lot of Blacks.

  • I think most white racist discriminate blacks because of some historical reasons, only them knew about it. the missionaries that came to preach to us and show us the way to salvation as they claimed. when it comes to passion of Christ films, a white man is always used to act that character. they all picture Jesus as a white man and picture the devil as a black man, whereas no one knows the true complexion of Jesus or the devil.they tag black colour with a lot of bad /evil things . Nature described white as light and black as darkness. the racist call blacks Negros, Moors and so other unpredictable names , but they forgot that black is beautiful ?

  • Nwawulu Arinze

    Yes trump is a racist,tho it’s bad for him to be a racist and what I’m about say is not to say he’s right ,but a president looks out for his country ,on many recent occasions it’s the black Americans that have gangs and cults
    So maybe he’s looking out for his people or maybe he’s just a racist .

  • Chisom Efobi

    I feel what gives us the impression that ‘All whites are racist’ is because Trump is a racist,which is a very wrong impression.
    People are misguided by the truth that not all Whites are racists.
    The blacks has used the issue of racism as a tool to commit crime and play victim to such crimes.
    This writeup is really enlightening,I was of the view that blacks are always the victims, but sometimes the reverse is the case.

  • Njepuome Nmesoma .O.

    This is racism from a totally different approach.
    Black people should not expect the law to turn a blind eye when they commit crimes and hide under the umbrella of racism.
    It is important to also note that not only whites are racists and also not all whites are racisits.
    Thank you ma for bringing this to our notice.

  • Ezema Johnmartins Kelechi

    No matter how hard one tries, two things can never be equal, it is natural. If only there can be something like equality, then, it will put an end to this. Thanks ma’am for this.

  • Racism is a thing that has been going on for a long time and again racism doesn’t have to be against the blacknand white people… Racism also exist among fellow blacks and whites. This post is really educational… Like it broadens ones knowledge.

  • Chukwuma Ifeanyi Williams

    Racism Exists…..
    But not every instance of a black being a victim of the white is racism.
    Blacks seem to like playing the victim, the racially abused victim just because it gets you some sympathy and maybe leniency.
    Hopefully the black and white people will be equal someday because the racist tag wouldn’t hold water soon.

  • Ugwu Bridget

    Racist always forget that we were created by the same God, no matter the religious beliefs. The coloured people should obey the rules and law and stop playing victim

  • Philippians 2: 3 says, Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Now the question is why are they contradicting their religious beliefs the implication is that they are not trustworthy, because if they can fake their religious belief it means that they can fake everything

  • Onoh Chinenye

    Exactly, it all comes down to ‘good and bad,’ not ‘white and black.’ I blame it all on stereotypes and leftist ideology but then again, we can’t say that blacks should just sit down and not pursue their own free pass (equal rights to be precise) into jobs and education like the whites have, rather I’ll say that the problem is their approach and not the entire ‘BLM’ group itself. Well, looking at your own perspective, ma, I agree with you. It has truly done more harm than good.

  • Okwa Ihuoma Jessica

    The blacks should stop taking the offensive side when called out on their crimes and discard the belief that all white are racists. What an insightful post ma.

  • Peter Chinecherem Nathaniel

    Every white person isn’t a racist but it can’t excuse the racist system in America that was built up centuries ago. The topic racism is not a guarantee for blacks to go about disobeying the law , but everyday we hear news of blacks being killed on a daily basis or getting more sentences for crime while the whites get accolades. Blacks get laid out of jobs cause of little things such as dressing, hairstyles, the way they talk.
    The discrimination against the blacks has eaten deep amongst the white, but not excusing the blacks approach to it, of the blacks wants to lash out their anger, they should look for a better and more diplomatic way to channel their anger. Beautiful article ma.

  • Racism is everywhere in all parts of the world,its not only meted on the blacks alone as they always claim.the blacks should stop their unruly behaviours in the name of fighting for justice against racism,they should learn how to tolerate and love one another as Christ preaches, and also ask for His Grace which is the best solutions to every problems.

  • John Adoyi

    To say there is no racism in America is not the truth.
    People of color are being shot almost everyday.
    Slavery is barely found in the American history curriculum.
    There is racism but it is not as pronounced like the thirties America.
    Not every white person in America is racist but racism still exist.
    Proud boys and KKK are racist groups.

    • Who said there is no racism in America? There is racism everywhere, America included. There is racism in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa …. There are also other forms of prejudice and discrimination. For example, tribalism and religious oppression is rife in Nigeria with the Fulani and Moslems hijacking all resources of state to further their own agenda and for their group’s exclusive interests.

  • Manifest Eja

    I think the protest by BLM is not a wrong move.
    I believe in every protest, there are people who come to protest peacefully and there are those who are there for the violence.
    Just like the End SARS protest that started peacefully and was later high jacked.

    Racism still exist in America not just against the blacks but also people with colour.

  • Sunday Chenka Esther

    Indeed the recent struggle for racial justice have absolutely done more harm than good to the blacks. Like you mentioned Ma, Blacks should settle down and pursue the American dream like everyone else. The Black Racial Justice Activists are just wolves in sheep clothing. LET PEACE REIGN!!.. Nice post Ma’am

  • Uchegbu Ogechi Elizabeth

    Black life matter but at the same time they shouldn’t use that as a disguise to commit crime. Every criminal should be punished wether black or white.

  • Orazulume udochukwu victoria

    It’s not all whites that are racist
    So I think the blacks should stop playing blame game . When they commit a punishable act they will be punished .so it’s better everyone obeys the law.

  • Chukwukanne chinecherem winner

    Racism has been an agelong occurrence, which can be attributed to many reasons. Colour and tribe being the most typical, however, it would be stereotypical to say that all whites are racist because even in the black community various forms of racisms also takes place.
    For me I believe that finding a balance and learning to accommodate people starting from our small communities will go a long in curbing racism.

  • Igboka chidimma

    Racism/Racial discrimination has become a shield for many blacks to commit different kinds of crime which is uncalled for.Everybody should be punished accordingly considering the crime committed.

  • Agbo Peace

    Wonderful! These issue of racial prejudice has caused more harm than good to the negreos or we the Black’s,we seems so inferior to the white counterpart and there is one thing these negreos should understand, we are all created by the same God,both we the blacks and them the white and by so doing we are all equal and there should be impartial treatment.

  • Obong Phebe

    First I’ll say racism is ungodly, cause God everyone in the best of his ability so none of his creature should be intimidated. But then since everything in our world today is driving against the plans and wish of our maker I will the racist fight is not necessary. The blacks should rise up and live up to the standards of the society not just loafing around. I believe if they get their self occupied with profitable things or matters, there’ll be no time for misbehaviors.

  • It is hight time we got to know that racism is not an option because it has always ended in a sad note between the white and the black. We should both embrace togetherness and maintain peace between both races.

  • Okoli Ifunanya

    As much as I agree that some blacks play the victim card, white privileges cannot be over emphasised. The boldness in which they carry out these acts is disgusting. The officer who killed George Floyd didn’t care that people were recording him, the officer who pepper sprayed Caron Narazio wasn’t bothered by the fact that he was caught in the act by his own body cam. In my opinion, as much as the BLM protests led to carnage and the likes, we cannot deny that it brought a level of justice and actual efforts from the authorities to curb racial violence. The people have been suffering over the years and so they decided to speak in the only language governments seem to understand.

    • Really? What justice has been served except mob justice? Floyd was not killed by that officer but by the lethal dose of hard drugs in his system. And cosmetic changes plus emboldening Blacks to commit crimes worsens their situation. They need fundamental changes in their communities, change in values really- pursuit of education; stable, two-parent homes; curbing of this life- gang and drug culture …. Blm is a scam to enrich the leaders and the Democratic Party. Nothing at all has been done for Blacks from it.

  • Odey-Oko Victor

    Black on black crime is one of the problem the United States is facing. Also the legalization of guns is another. If the United States can get rid of the guns of citizens I say a lot will be better. This particular black American screams Black Lives Matter but still go ahead to kill each other. It’s the irony for me.

  • Racism is a serious case in the United States and all over the world and involves blacks, Asians, Latin Americans too. But propagating victim hood especially among the blacks and tainting police image won’t help anybody but advocating equality, love among them would result in a peaceful society.

  • Ekenworah Chidinma

    Both black and white should be given the same equal opportunities and equal punishments when crimes are committed, most atimes i don’t blame the whites for discriminating us and even when they don’t allow us to come in to their country because we engage ourselves in fraudulent activities because of our low economic problem in our country, Blacks don’t want to do the right thing and when we are arrested or distained we will label it as “Rascist” even the good and bad ones have been affected

  • Nwaorgu Cynthia

    It’s true that there is racism but I think it’s becoming exaggerated
    Some blacks use this whole thing as an avenue for crimes
    May the good lord see us through

  • Mercy Nnenna Otisi

    The money put into racial justice campaigns can rather be used to improve the Black Community. The struggle for racial justice has not yielded much positive results for the Blacks in America.

  • Josh-mba Amara

    I just saw a comment somewhere that George Floyd was not killed by the policeman. Is that true?

    • He had a lethal dose of Fentanyl and other hard drugs in his system. Mob justice was served in convicting the policeman because the jurors were doxxed and threatened.

  • Ado-Okoye Stanley Chidera

    I totally agree with you ma! The fact that racism is bad and have to seize, blacks also need to settle down and pursue the American dream like everyone else, and they can express their anger of racism peacefully instead of looting and causing violence, because doing so they are reinforcing the stereotype that blacks are violent, irrational, etc.

  • Well.. the white should not treat the black in a different ways just because of their skin color. As well as the blacks too they should not commit crime as a disguise of fighting for justice and expect not to be punished by the law. Blacks should not be allow to own a gun because this will give room for more violence instead of solving the matter. The white can not continue to live in fear of if they are treating the blacks well or not. I feel like the two parties involved are going through a lot because of this.

  • Iwuchukwu Samuel Ifechukwu

    We are all created by the same God, complexion shouldn’t matter.
    If we all can have this in our heads…. There won’t be racial injustice.

  • Onyebuagu Onyinye Eleanor

    In my opinion, a universal law should be passed that punishes offenders who still support racism, such bastardised act shouldn’t be existing in this modern age

    • There are laws against racial discrimination but many people fail to recognise that anybody can be racist- Whute, Black, Oriental, Hispanic- anybody can be racist. The current focus on Whites is simply political and excusing or encouraging racism against Whites by other races isn’t bringing healing but tearing society further apart.

  • Ben-Egbe Nneoma Andrea

    I personally feel like the many years of racism in America has projected a victimhood mentality on many blacks living in America

  • OWOSENI Kehinde

    Very true ma, a thorough look into these situation makes me see that it is two-way. While one cannot assert that every time a black is caught he is playing victim card which means sometimes he might really be innocent take for instance the Derek Chauvin and George floyd. While alo sometimes, the reverse is the case.
    However my take is that Africa is not the only race in America, they should just live like everyone else peacefully. Where ‘s racism not? Even among people of Same country there’s tribalism. Man generally just have to learn to co-habit with every other peacefully. The blacks should have a good education and get a good job like others

  • Lotanna mba

    The media that is supposed to beam the light ends up putting us in the dark and heaping up blames on Trump

  • Ekeh ifunanya Cynthia

    The point is that racism is a mentality,both the black and white can at sometimes display an attitude of a racist,it is more of an individual thing,the black should understand this and find a better way of expressing their anger instead of resulting to violence which will end up affecting them as well.

  • Iheme Akunna

    Everyone is equal. Racism is of the devil. Whatever the colour, it doesn’t matter. It is of a fact that every race have their flaws and as such should embrace unity in diversity and pave way for democratic precedence and abide by the law. In all said, God over everything pays a lot


    It is of a fact that every race have their flaws and as such should embrace unity in diversity and pave way for democratic precedence and abide by the law. In all said, God over everything pays a lot. Everyone is equal.

  • People are meant to live equally without fear. The blacks should learn to keep to the rules and stop tagging people racist when they are actually in the wrong path

  • Angel Mandy

    Facing racism in America is inevitable. I strongly think peaceful co-existence can still be possible between the blacks and whites without discrimination and harassment simply because of one’s skin color.

  • Okeke Tochukwu Patricia

    I had so much to learn from this post.
    I even found reading other people’s comment satisfactory as I have listened to other angles of this issue of racism

  • Okoro kosiso Mary

    Racism begins from the mind before it’s practiced. Both the white and the black should train the young ones with positive mindset towards the other

  • Treasure Emone

    Resulting to violence is not always the way out. There are other ways to handle social issues

  • Okoye Emmanuel

    Racism has never and can never be a good sense of judgements.
    It’s so sad that the blacks in America are passing through it, not only the blacks but also the colored.
    In my own perspective, I believe whether black or white we are all human beings and everyone should be treated with equity.

  • Ide Oluchukwu Cherish

    I don’t think so because this is simply the blacks voicing out for the world to know how they are being tormented by the white so to
    me it is not affecting it.

  • Ihuoma Ogochukwu Chinonye

    Racism is not acceptable by anyone or anywhere. We must learn to embrace our differences.

  • Edebeatu Ebere Nelly

    Racism is systematic, although not associated to everywhere but has taken its root in white nations as long as the black man detests development.The recent happening in Algeria, a Fellow African country, though not black but Arab African country spells it all. The black first rejected himself,therefore will not gain recognition from the white.

  • Itodo Amarachukwu Grace

    Racism is bad especially when we all (Blacks and Whites) are all created in the image and likeness of God. We should all accept our differeces because that’s what makes us unique.
    There should be no fight for superiority or claiming that we are better than others. We should realize that we all have our strengths and weaknesses and strive to complement the other.

    The heart of man is extremely wicked (Jer. 17:9). This Bible passage is clearly seen in the role played by MSM and the BLM in faced by the The Black community in the Democrat – run cities. Instead of helping out, they set up seminars that will deteriorate the feud between the Blacks and Whites, they insite the blacks to riots and commit crimes creating a state of anarchy. Not only that, the money raised is actually sent into the purse of officials in this Democrat – run cities. The black communities should realise that radical/Marxist groups like BLM and the MSM are its enemies, not friends. Their stoking of race divisions in the US has done nothing good for Blacks.

    The blacks should also own up to their crimes and learn to be responsible instead of being pawns in the hands of it’s enemies. Two wrongs cannot make a right.

  • Nicholas Princewill Kelechi

    Well, blacks are sometimes making it hard for their redemption. It’s only a matter of do it right and understand your flaws in the matter, then your plight will be heard. As a black you cannot claim marginalized or racism when you are caught violating the law or harming the whites, under the umbrella of getting it right. That’s why that sentiment is almost indelible in the heads of whites, concerning questionable characters exhibited by some of these blacks. Because of these actions of some the blacks it won’t be so much considered a bad thing if some insensitive whites generalize these misbehavior to all blacks.

    Thank you so much ma for this piece

  • Angel Mandy

    We are all the same people created by the same God, harassment because of color should not be the order of the day.

  • Okorie Divinefavour Nkechinyere

    If everyone is treated same, this world would be a better place.

  • Ezenwa Miracle Joy

    Racial prejudice gas caused a whole lot of harm to those being affected by it. We should come to the point where we understand that we are one, despite the skin color. It’s not about the skin colour but one God created us and made us unique in our own ways and colours therefore, we are different and beautiful the way we are. This should be appreciated.

  • My take on the matter is that we are all equal, black or white we are all the same and should be give fair treatment and equal justice or punishment if the need arises. Not all whites are racists.

  • Agwuna kamsiyochukwu chidinma

    personal I feel racism is done to all skin color but that is the black is the most spoken about because it is the one that is mostly heard of and seen.

  • Onyiwalu ogechi faith

    It is true that blacks suffer racism from the white and these has triggered hatred. The blacks are seen as threat but the black must represent the black community in a good light and not allow them to be branded as criminals .

  • Nwachinemere Oham

    As someone who has experienced racism first-hand, not all white people are racist, but still the American system mainly works for white people. This is called institutionalized racism. The ignorant form is referring to Africans as barbaric or believing Tarzan was black when he was just appropriating racial beliefs. Also ma, some atheists actually respect Christian ideologies, also the LGBTQ+ community shouldn’t be generalized as perverts because pedophiles are also straight. Therefore, fighting for racial equality is hard, but still necessary.

  • Okolo Elizabeth Chisom

    We are all created by the same God, and are also human beings regardless of complexion ..
    If we all can have this in our heads…. There won’t be racial injustice.

  • Ezenwanne Chisom Akunna

    I feel we are both racist , the black equals hate the white as the white hate the black. And black peoples uses as an excuse this days

  • Ihuoma Ogochukwu Chinonye

    Racism is not acceptable by anyone or anywhere. We must learn to accept our differences.

  • Okocha precious

    Things going from bad to worse? I hope it simmers off someday. It’s quite exhausting.

  • Akuma Creeda

    I read a book in secondary school which talked about how a black man was given a punishment more than a white would ever receive in his lifetime. Racism shouldn’t even be in existence because God made us all in his image and not because you’re white, you’ll make a black feel Inferior.

    • You’re talking about a book you read which was probably written in the past century instead of reading a post that gives you an updated look at the issue being discussed.

  • Eze Samuel Anayo

    Racism has deep roots in the system already. It’s really going to be difficult or impossible to eradicate no matter the fights or protests against it.
    We all (both whites and blacks) should just try as much as possible to fix our mindset.

  • Ezeagu Chidinma Annastacia

    I think that blacks have misinterpreted the meaning of racism. I have seen situations where black people will resort to violence all because they feel violated by the supposed racism. Also,most blacks always try to play the victim card with this racism of a thing and they use that card to get what they want. Although white people can be very racist and discriminative when dealing with people of a different race,making it hard for blacks and other races. Racism is very sensitive and downgrading and should be stopped. This writing has indeed taught me to look at racism differently,God bless you ma

  • Kamsy Mbamalu

    Although there are cases of racism, I feel the fight against racism has turned into a blame game for the blacks. They use every single misfortune as a way to blame the whites meanwhile they are not different from them.

  • Rosemary

    Blacks are really turning into aggressors too. This racism issue shouldn’t be seen as a one-sided stuff( blaming just the whites all the time)

  • Destiny

    The whites are not only the racist , there’s a tendency of racism between blacks , not only when we see ourselves as one despite the color , culture or background, racism can never be cured .

  • Ejim Juliet Ifechukwu

    I sometimes find them hypocritical when they also laugh at Africans and try to oppress them because so many issues like this have come up in the past years telling these Africans to go back to the “jungle” and more. I do hope for them to be treated better but for that to happen, they need to do better.

  • Madukwem Ebube Sharon Oghenetegiri

    Not every white person is racist so people should stop using racism as an excuse to commit crimes.

  • Okoh Stephanie Chinenye

    It’s safe to say that every white person isn’t racist but that doesn’t erase the systemic racism in America affecting blacks and other people of color.
    Riots may not be the appropriate way to address these issues but they nonetheless should be addressed. Racism has elicited several debates in the world.From my own perspective,i think both blacks and whites should be given equal opportunity and equal punishments too. I blame this whole issues on stereotypes and leftist ideology but then again, we can’t say that blacks should just sit down and not pursue their own free pass (equal rights to be precise) into jobs and education like the whites have, rather I’ll say that the problem is their approach and not the entire ‘BLM’ group itself.

    • My dear, I don’t know if you read the post. What does systemic racism mean? Is there any law preventing Blacks or people of other races from attaining any position or privilege in America now? The answer is “No!” But such things happened decades ago. There was slavery and even after it was abolished, segregation was legal, especially in the South. There were “Whites-only” schools, restaurants, etc.

      Those days are gone. In fact, with affirmative action laws, White people and sometimes Asians are the ones being discriminated against now. A Black person with poor scores will get admission before a White or Asian with high scores.

      But it’s never enough. Everything is declared racist and values that built society and contribute to personal success are being jettisoned by American society (government and corporations) in deference to race activists who don’t want Black people to compete but to have everything handed to them. They want to discourage hard work, numeracy and reading skills and remove the use of test scores for admission.

      Martin Luther King Jr. and others who fought for civil rights in America didn’t use violence as those who claim to be fighting racism are doing now; they didn’t discourage industry, excellence and personal accountability.

      Black people are allowing White liberals to destroy their communities in the guise of fighting for racial justice; they are abandoning faith, family and traditional values that help people to live as responsible citizens, instead of embracing indolence (living on government handouts) and normalising criminality. They are not helping themselves at all.

      I already made these points and more with adequate substantiation in the post. Cheers!

  • Omolola Akande

    I concur with this!

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    Blacks should not expect the law to turn a blind eye when they commit any crime.

  • Ucheghara Fortune

    Yes, racism is evil and its effects on blacks (mostly) are bad. But that doesn’t mean that we blacks should continue to sit and walk around like cry babies. The moment we understand our worth, the whites will see our worth and accord that respect to us. Justice and equity should be earned not begged for.

  • Ugwuanyi Perpetua

    It’s easier said than done, in this issue of racism causing havoc and making life unbearable for the black in America, I must say is frustrating. America haven’t kept to the law of democracy, rule of law and vise versa.

  • David Efemena Christiana

    From my own view point, Blacks are always quick to play the blame game. I am no supporter of the racial discrimination between Whites and Blacks but the question is have we as Blacks’ learnt to accept ourselves? or Is the issue of tribalism in Nigeria any better than that of racism?

  • Grace Chikamso

    The blacks should also accept and own up to their crime and learn to be responsible

  • Chukwumezie Udochukwu Emmanuel

    since the BLM protests in 2023, while it is true that the issue of racism has become an issue of public discuss, we cannot say that the issue of racism has been solved regardless of how much intervention from the government has done. and definitely the consequences are multifold on both sides.

  • Ekene Emmanuella kosisochi

    This post is really educative. Racism is really bad but both the black and white should learn to teach their children to think in an open and positive mindset to avoid future problems. Thank you ma.


    Although there are systems in place to allow blacks and other people of color to
    compete with and coexist with white males, racism based on skin color is real. A black
    individual who doesn’t meet the requirements for a job shouldn’t be hired, but the criteria
    shouldn’t be focused on race.”

  • Oshen uke Gift

    Racism I must be honest cannot be eradicated entirely, it is a social problem birthing other problems on a daily basis. Only God can sustain those who are being ill treated as a result of racism.

  • Pearl

    Racism is not the problem , the problem is I think the problem is the mindset .because right from time the black always considered the white as there God. The concept of racism has left America a longtime ago but the mindset is still there.

  • Okafor Unoma Oluchi

    Racism is eating deep into our society and it’s not specific to a particular race or color. Equality is very much needed in every aspect of our lives.


    Racism applies to both white and black. It is essential to promote understanding, equality, and respect among all races and work towards eliminating racism in all its forms.

  • Chidiebele Ojuanu O.

    Hmm. The matter of rascism is something that interests me alot. Overtime, I’ve come to realize that this stained relationship between the Whites and the Blacks is own to misinformation. There’s a prenotion a White man has about a Black man the same way a Black man does a White man. “What if this prenotions were wrong? What of all we needed was to come to a unified understanding about these two races only to discover that our generational prenotions had been false all along? ” These are questions I ask myself.

    I just hope we all move on and stop dwelling on the past so our wounds can heal without leaving a scar.

  • Obunadike Obioma Grace

    Skin color should not be a restriction to retaining a social position but the “whites” in quote made it look like we ought to be ashamed of our color. We blacks make things worse because discrimination is seen amongst us.

  • Success ogbonna

    Racial distinction is a serious issue in the world which did not start now instead has been in existence for sometime now , I don’t really know why the white are seen to be higher than blacks,there was also discrimination while giving job offers between the white and the black.the blacks where also killed. But I must say that I love the idea of protest to curve social discrimination .

  • Anayo chinonyelum cynthia

    All lives matter.

  • Ori Marian

    The world is changing and we need to let go of the past

  • Nwaedoh Amarachi John

    The problem is how racism has become a better way to cover the stupidity of most people.
    You cry for justice yet create a problem for that to surface. How on earth will the world become a better place when rioting and looting is the best way for these people to express their pent-up anger.

    As highlighted in the story, “Blacks should settle down and pursue the American dream like everyone else. They should not listen to lies that legitimise criminal behaviour and discourage legal, gainful employment,” this has got some truth to it , although, I don’t totally agree with the term “American dream” because every individual no matter the race is allowed to dream big.

  • Onah Celestine kenechukwu

    Most times people leave what is important and start chasing the wind.

    Just like some lazy easterners have decided to always be blaming everyone for their misfortune, some groups of blacks are also inciting others for their ambition while the masses react in ignorance.

    It is high time we stopped chasing what is not chasing and face the real gist. Accepting responsibility is always a step closer to success.

  • Chukwunta Philip Ozioma

    There are racist of all colours. This is so true.

    Interesting read. Thank you, ma.

  • Perpetual Oko

    Racism is indeed terrible which involves worse things than discrimination. The blacks are suffering. After the slavery and hard labour, it is expected that they should live with honour and pride since they made the current America and Britain but reverse is the case. A black youth is not allowed to work or school in the place that he or she deserves because of skin colour. The blacks are really living in bondage. On the other hand, the blacks should not bully or harm the whites because it would not be a permanent solution to racism. I believe that the way to curb the issue of racism is by peaceful negotiation.

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