It’s a new day, it’s a new week
It’s a time to trust and be blessed afresh
The hurts and disappointments of the past may still be raw
But take a chance to open your heart
Open it up to possibilities of good
Believe that better things are in the wings
Things long desired
Things that will warm your heart
Embrace them from afar
Then pull them in by faith

It’s a new day, it’s a new week
May you experience the very best in it
And share same with everyone
The downcast, the crushed and heavy laden
Pull them up into the light
Put a smile on their lips and a song in their heart
Such that they can reach out to someone else
And spread the circle of love and light
Banishing the darkness inhibiting the appropriation of the Creator’s goodness
In Jesus’ name.

Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2021

Scriptural References

Psalm 118:24 KJV
This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Lamentations 3:22-24 KJV
[22] It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. [23] They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. [24] The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

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  • Victor-sunday Daniel

    Praise God, Glory to his name, it’s a new day.
    I receive better things from the wings,I embrace them from afar, I pull them in by faith,by his light let darkness be banished and let the appropriation of the king of Kings, his council, his purpose for each day not be inhibited. Halleluya…??????

    • Akamadu Oluoma Francisca

      It’s a New day. Praise be to God for making me see a brand new day.

      • Chukwuemeka Emmanuel somtochukwu

        It is not by our power not might that we get to see another day. Thank you ma for this great opportunity to see what God has for us

    • Igboka Valentine chidera

      You were born, thus every day you wake up is a new day. It’s a new chance to show the world who you are in a completely different way. Pick yourself up, live this life as though you were born to live it, and you’ll enjoy the magnificent grace that God bestowed on this planet.

  • Okoro Ugochi Angel

    Amen! I believe it’s a new & blessed week 4 me.

  • April Boyer

    Love this. I especially like the line about pulling faith in. Thanks Edith!

  • Joses Agbese

    Nice work

  • Sochi

    Amen, and luckily I read this in the morning.What a nice way to start my day?

  • Makwe Covenant Nkiruka

    Everyday you wake up is another day, you’re born. It’s another time,to present yourself in a whole different light,to this world we live in. So, pick yourself up and live this life, like you were born to live it and you’ll enjoy the spectacular grace,God endowed on this earth.

  • Honestly, this poem touched my current state of being! Sometimes I felt like am i sure that there is a better days ahead with the way things are? With all the struggle and focus yet nothing much have turned out for good as a result…
    But forgotten that the only solution to
    all problems and the giver of success and happiness is God.
    God bless you ma. for always give us reason to trust and hope in God through your writing.

  • Bassey Katherine akpan

    I love this. Indeed it’s a new day for me Amen.

  • Aroh Amaechi Casmir.

    :D:D very interesting.

    • Ogbu Chinyere Rosemary

      No matter the circumstance or the horrible condition one find his/her self never let it pull u down, just believe that better days are coming

  • Emmanuel Ejiofor

    What a refreshing poem this is. Happy new week ma

  • Aroh Amaechi Casmir

    Yes, it is a new day. Glory be to God almighty. A new day has come.

  • that was unique, wonderful and beautiful. I love the poem

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    A new week it is, a refreshing poem.


    Nice piece…keep it up ma even as i extend the love for its circulation.

  • Yahsown Dabere

    Typically what I needed in this current dispensation. May this heart-warming poem sink into my heart, Amen.

  • Chiamaka

    Amen!! I believe it is a good and blessed day for me

  • Praise be to God both now and forever. Amen.

  • Nora Nsan

    Indeed, it’s a new day for the old things have passed, everything has become new. It’s the day that the Lord has made. Blessed be His name. Amen. 🙏

  • Ngwu Chiamaka

    It’s a new day today, and everything is becoming new… Even my faith!
    May we explore in this new day that presents sweet savour of life😊🌸
    Greater heights, ma’am…📌

  • Angel Mandy

    This piece is so refreshing to read. Indeed it’s a new day and new week with lots of blessings in store, Hallelujah.

  • Macaulay Tekevwe

    God will always do new things for us. Thanks for the reminder ma.

  • Mma Eze

    Always spread love and reach out to the downcast and heavy-hearted.
    Thanks, Aunty Edith, for an amazing poem.

  • Onyekachi Amarachi

    “The downcast, the crushed and heavy laden
    Pull them up into the light”
    This is my favourite part of the poem. It creates this awareness of leaving the past behind and striving for betterment.

  • Cherish Oluchukwu

    Everyday is a new beginning with great opportunities. God’s goodness has no limits because His mercies are new everyday.

  • Ubani Sonia Nmesoma

    Thanks ma for this beautiful write up!

  • Evelyn Johnny

    Every new day is a day to say bye to old wounds, breathing fresh air

  • Okoro kosiso Mary

    It’s really a thing of joy to put a smile on people’s faces.

  • Otum chiamaka

    Every new day is a day to be open to new opportunities, don’t dwell on the past,learn to move on.
    Also, we should pull those opportunities in by faith.

    • Amadi Doris Nmesoma

      We might be held down by the experiences of the past, but God has made a new day for us to rejoice in it.

      It’s a new day and it is accompanied with good tidings.

    • Cyndy uju

      It’s really a new day. May God be praised

  • Amadi Doris Nmesoma

    Indeed, it’s a new day. Our pasts should be put at our backs because there’s a new day with opportunities and everything we want is waiting for us.

    You’re amazing, ma.

  • Omeke Soromtochukwu Ann

    A new day is always a chance to start afresh and be optimistic

  • Nwije Vivian Onyinyechi

    We should be grateful for every new day and be optimistic.

    • Nelly otoko

      This is a beautiful and inspiring message that encourages us to let go of our past hurts and embrace the possibilities of a better future. It also promotes kindness and compassion towards others and the importance of spreading love and positivity.

  • Udeh Cynthia

    It is indeed a new day,is a good write up to start our day.Always put a smile on your face and affirm positive words to yourself and believe in the better days ahead

  • This is indeed a nice piece anyone should read!!
    Thank you so much ma

  • Okeke Tochukwu Patricia

    Thanks for the advice. It’s indeed a new day and the past should be left behind as we grab the opportunities of the new day

  • Agbo Kamsy Kate

    It’s a new month, new week and a new day with great opportunities, Thanks for this piece ma.

  • Okwor Nmasi Sarah

    Every new day , new week is a fresh beginning, old problem are passed away.
    Thank you ma this is a refreshing poem .


    Truly life us filled with tribulations but after that comes a promising day!

  • Thank You Ma For All You Do For God.
    Through this work, students go to God’s Word intentionally and unintentionally.

  • Ihuoma Ogochukwu Chinonye

    “Banishing the darkness and inhibting the Creators goodness”, this line speaks volume. We must learn to let go of the past and bask in the eternal love of our master and father.

  • This poem is filled with words of encouragement.It actually suit the situation in this country.

  • Mba Rita chizoba

    Yes fresh hope
    It’s a new day thank you ma’am

  • Peace Agada

    Smile because God has put a smile on your face and a song on your lips. May our hearts be forever joyous because of the good things God has done for us and what he is yet to do.
    To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen

  • Treasure Emone

    I agree with you ma, every day is a new day and we should not let the burdens of the past ruin a new day that has just began. Everyday is a day of endless opportunities and we should accept those opportunities with open arms.

  • Eze Chidiebeube Judith

    New day, fresh hope, new start and new opportunities.

  • Mbakwe Rebecca Turning point

    Amen! It is indeed a new day for me, thank you very much ma for this piece.

  • Itodo Amarachukwu Grace

    Every new day we witness is a new opportunity given to us by God to utilize properly and produce positive results. So we shouldn’t be despair not become despondent as the scripture says in PS. 30, that sorrow may lost but for a moment but in the morning comes joy.

    Also, we should strive to promote positive vibes within and without us. Always wear a smiling face believing that God is bigger than that problem u are currently facing. Let your smile be contagious and help others out if their broods.
    Thank you ma for the poem and I pray the good Lord help us all. Amen

  • Okoye Emmanuel

    A new day… For new life and new opportunities
    No matter how yesterday hurts… Just learn to let go and let God
    But first let’s explore a new day!

  • Okorie Blessing Chigozirim

    Every new day comes with new possibilities.

  • Omolola Akande

    I love the hope that this poem speaks of

  • Chidera peace

    This new week is blessed for me..I receive it in faith,amen

  • Okoye-azi Chiemerie Regina

    This poem is filled with so much hope and positivity.

  • Benjamin Glory

    It’s a new day, a new opportunity

    A new day, a new blessing

    Every day brings a different blessing

  • Onogwu chinenye blessing

    It’s indeed a new day
    Everything shall fall into places

  • Okwor Uchenna Sonia

    The blessings of the Lord is new every morning, so is His steadfast love.

    Thank you for the heartwarming message ma.

  • Nicholas Princewill Kelechi

    But of course, the gift of a new day is worth glorifying God for, trials and tribulations shouldn’t cloud our minds from this truth.

  • Agwubuo Ebube

    It is always a new day to show love to people both friends and strangers

  • Anaje kenechukwu

    Everyday is a new day to present yourself in a whole different light,to this world we live in

  • Agwuna kamsiyochukwu chidinma

    Every new day opens doors to new chances and opportunities…always look up to a new day with hope and expectations.

  • Ezenwa Miracle Joy

    Wow! How beautiful. God bless you ma. It’s my duty to brace up and put smiles on the face of people who I come across daily because it’s always a new day.

  • Ihediwa peace Akunnaya

    So refreshing 😊

  • Okereke victoria chigemezu

    I love this poem, I believe it’s a good day for me.

  • Chibudike Nmesoma Praise

    It is only Christ that can take away the hurts of the past.

    This was said right, Aunty Edith!

  • Everyday is a new day filled with it’s own blessings, may every of our days be amazing


    No matter how hard you fall always lean on THE LORD, use him as support for HE is the greatest support and rise like a blooming flower, THE STORM IS OVER.

  • Edebeatu Ebere Nelly

    Everyday comes with it’s blessings and opportunities, if we open mind and faith we embrace it, there could be so much endless possibilities that could be achieved.

  • Abosi Delight

    Hallelujah! It’s a new day and a new week to be loved by God

  • Onyenekwe Ihechi Prince

    Amen! This poem is heartwarming. A new week with newer possibilities. Thank you, Aunty Edith.

  • Okolie-Ekwuazi Zutem Nonyelum

    This piece is needed everyday, every week to keep one going. Thanks for the encouragement ma’am.

  • Onuoha Augusta Chinecherem

    It’s always a new day to put a smile on people’s face

  • Blessing Baralatei

    It’s is really a new day 😍
    Very much happy to have come across such a lovely and devotional poem . This poem touched all area’s that can help us survive a day in this our country I must say 😂

    I learnt that no matter how hard things may get just a simple prayer and a little touch of positivity can change that day in to a blossoming /blooming day . I appreciate ma

  • Utazi Ogochukwu Immaculata

    No matter what we are going through, let’s embrace a new day with joy and happiness, because today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well

  • Uderika onyinyechi gift

    Truly it is a new day for he who believeth …. The trials and tribulations of the past have been taken away and the new day comes with joy and gladness.

  • Nwachinemere Oham

    It’s a new day, it’s a new week, and I’m feeling good.

  • Amarachi Ikwueze

    It’s indeed a new day to be better. I love this poem!!!

  • Chukwuemeka Lydia Ogechi

    My new day is here!!! I shall be happy and rejoice in the Lord. Thank you ma for these great inspirational words

  • Ugwuanyi Perpetua

    It’s a new day and yes it’s a new beginning of His goodness and fulfilment in my life. For a new day is attached with a new promise. Hallelujah……!

  • Chidimma Miracle

    Such a wonderful piece, i understand that I’m entitled to my gratitude to God for enabling me witness a new and beautiful day by putting smiles on the faces of people.

  • That in everything we do we should always know we have a father who lives in heaven

  • Mboutidem Godwin Samuel

    What a wonderful way to start my morning. This is awesome I can’t believe I took my breakfast, by reading this poem.

  • Ifechukwu Izueke

    Amen , I claim the blessings of the new week

  • Rosemary

    I believe it’s a new week made by the Lord, Amen!

  • Ngwu Chinasa Modesta

    It’s a new day to forget your past pains and start a new day!!!!

  • Ucheghara Fortune

    Waking up and reading this on a Monday morning is enough motivation for me to go out and face whatever comes my way. Thanks for serving this poetic motivation on a beautiful platter

  • Ihuoma Ogochukwu Chinonye

    “Banishing the darkness and inhibiting the Creator’s goodness”, This line speaks volume. We must learn to let go of the past and bask in the eternal love of a creator and father.

  • Braide kenneth victor

    A beautiful piece to start a new and blessed week,
    Thank you ma…I really appreciate your work.

  • Chinomso salome Jeribe

    Every new day comes with great blessings

  • Chukwude Olachi

    It’s a new day
    It’s a new week
    And i believe better things are in the wings for us through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. Blessed week Ma!!

  • Okocha precious

    I’m reading this on a Monday. It’s a new day and a new week for me. Thank you ma

  • Glory Odogwu

    this is an insightful write up ma…
    I learnt from this write up that it’s always a new day to have faith
    and also a new day to spread love.

  • Amadi Doris Nmesoma

    Indeed, it’s a new day. All things have passed away behold a new thing. I don’t need to be worried about the things I couldn’t achieve in the previous days because it’s a new day to start afresh.

  • Obinabo Chinelo

    Sparks of hope. Beautiful piece ma

  • Will ifeanyi

    It’s a new day possibilities abound

  • Hope Emeka

    A blessed message, for a blessed week. Thank you ma!

  • Okoh Stephanie Chinenye

    It is indeed a new and blessed week for me, new chances for opportunities I pray. This poem is really amazing, thank you ma.

  • Ezeagu Chidinma Annastacia

    I love how this poem is talking about hope and faith,to show that despite being hurt and disappointed from things of the past,theirs is still a light at the end of the tunnel. And also telling on how important it is to spread the circle of love and light

  • Ejim Juliet Ifechukwu

    WOW!!!!! This wonderful piece is a refreshing article to start a day, a week, or a journey. Knowing that we’re filled with holy Spirit, it’s good that we go on and have a wonderful day. This is so nice.

  • Madukwem Ebube Sharon Oghenetegiri

    Amen. This new week shall be blessed. Thank you ma.

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    A new day brings to us a fresh beginning, so I am blessed by this words

  • Ugwu Samuel Chidera

    We can only appreciate goodness and happiness when we put smile on other peoples face.

  • David Efemena Christiana

    I open up to possibilities of good ijn 🙏🏾

  • Amachaghi Goodness Akuchukwu

    Wow ma this is encouraging to everyone that is heavy laden or has been disappointed in the past

  • Destiny

    Everyday is a new day for us to make new decisions , meet opportunities, move on because all things has passed away and everything becomes new

  • Anita Ilechie

    It’s a new day, it’s a new week… I believe that better things are yet to come and God will supply all my heart’s desires.


    Thank you ma, every new day brings hope.

  • Elias Ozioma Favour

    Lovely poem! What a nice way to start a new week. Thank you for this ma.


    New dawn come with new and wonderful blessing. There is alway light at the end of the tunnel.Such a motivating piece. Thank you Ma, you are blessed

  • Francis precious Ifeoma

    I’m in love with this poem.
    Everyday is a new day.

  • Aniehe MaryJane Chisom

    A soft reminder to always smile and spread the love of Christ to all. This is how set oneself on course for a new week.

  • Aleke Angela Chidera

    It is a new day and a new is only God that can make away where there’s know way

  • Ugwuagbo Chibuike Emmanuel

    A new day,a new week,a new month and a new year to be blessed. Amen

  • Harrison Nnamdi Ogbonna

    With Christ Jesus, happiness is sure.

  • Anita kadiri

    It’s a new day and a new week to know more about God.

  • Melody

    Indeed it’s a new day for new beginnings and blessings. Glory be to God

  • Amah Victoria Chiamaka

    It’s a new day, it’s a new week indeed. And I embrace things that will warm my heart. And I know those things comes from Christ Jesus. I love his work of art. I’m so grateful ma.

  • Oluka Faith Chikodili

    Yes! It’s a new day to spread love and give hope to the hopeless.

  • Ebube Leonardo

    it’s a new day and God’s mercies is everlasting

  • Ekene Emmanuella kosisochi

    Positivity helps to heal the heart. Thank you ma.

  • Oshen uke Gift

    This piece carries so much hope, I love how much it emphasizes on hope

  • Obiora Ijeoma Gift

    Thanks be, it’s a new day♥️

  • Odo Faith chinecherem

    Amen, Honestly it’s a new and precious day to me .

  • Ifeanyi Nwanegbo

    Amen, it will a blessed week for me.

  • Odoabuchi Joy Ngozika

    The new day is like a fresh start, an opportunity to make things right

  • Bassey Gideon

    Thank you for this piece Ma.

    Step out with hope and a belief in great possibilities.

    Spread love to everyone you come across.

  • Chukwuebuka Joseph Uzochukwu

    If people understood this poem, we’d have people starting their days on happier notes.
    The first stanza is all about motivation and the second stanza is a goodwill wish/prayer.

  • Okwa perpetual chidimma

    Present your day to the Lord and see how victorious it will turn.

  • Okafor Unoma Oluchi

    My days are blessed!
    Joy comes in the morning, my day would be happy. The pain would be there but won’t bring me down.

  • Odiase Osazee Erico

    It’s always important to approach each day and each week with a positive outlook and a willingness to embrace new opportunities.

  • Juliet

    I am glad I read this, a nice poem to start my day and a new week. Better things are yet to come.

  • Miracle Ogbonna

    Sometimes I discover that when I’m in a bad mood it kind if affect people in my surroundings, there is this negative aura that emanates from any form of negative energy. So, I have decided to being happy and making people around me happy at all times. Let’s merry it’s a new day filled with possibilities.


    Yes ooo, it is a new day, for the old things has passed away and behold new things will begin; and the Lord will cause lines to fall for us in pleasant places.


    It’s a new day, it’s a new week
    I embrace positivity and will experience the best in it.

  • Chidiebele Ojuanu O.

    Everyday comes with a new hope 💃 and that’s strengthening enough.

    Amen. Thank you ma.

  • Gbatalibe uchenna Mildred

    Since we have received salvation through the resurrection of Christ, let us try and make everyday of our lives worth it. Amen.

  • Favour Mamah

    You let go of the past, start a fresh new scheme. So inspiring Ma

  • Eleke Jane Somadina

    It’s really a refreshing poem. It’s a new day and the night has gone with it’s evil. Forget about the painful experiences and embrace new opportunities.

  • Angela Ogechukwu Odo

    We should always endeavour to put smile on the face of others as that will make us always smiley too.
    Indeed it is a new day.
    May our expectations of future possibilities of good things outweigh the hurts and disappointments of the past 🙏

  • Okonkwo Tochukwu precious

    Better days ahead, Amen 🙏

  • A hopeful and uplifting message, encouraging positivity, kindness, and the spread of love and light in the world.

  • Every new day is a chance for rebirth and to present yourself differently to the world. Embrace life with enthusiasm, and you’ll experience the incredible grace that this world offers


      It is a new day let praise the Lord and one should always be happy in life because gives us life everyday

  • Onyishi Henry Kelechi

    This inspiring message encourages us to embrace new beginnings with hope, faith, and the intention to share the blessings and joy with others, creating a ripple effect of positivity and love. It’s a beautiful reminder of the power of spreading light and lifting others up.

  • Eneje chidimma ekene

    A positive and uplifting message about embracing new beginnings and spreading love and light to others.

  • Nmesomachi Igwe

    Today is another day to embrace the hurt of yesterday and open my heart to possibilities of good.
    I am loved by God and all lines are falling in pleasant places for me as I have a goodly heritage.

  • Okeke Chioma

    Each fresh day presents an opportunity for renewal and the chance to present yourself in a new light to the world. Embrace life with zest, and you’ll encounter the remarkable blessings that this world provides

  • Okoye Paul Ketachukwu

    We should forget about our worries and embrace the new day and what it brings forth.

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