I love to compose love poems. In fact, I just love to write about love, whether it’s in quotes, poems, teachings or stories. Love, including romantic love, reminds me of God and it’s no surprise ’cause the Bible says He is love (1 John 4:16). And He loved us so much, He came in the flesh to die for our sins (John 1:1, 14, 29; 1 John 4:10). Love can sometimes be as incomprehensible as God. It can also be gentle and yet powerful. Remember the account of Elijah the prophet at Mt. Horeb waiting for God. (1 Kings 19) There was a violent wind, an earthquake and a fire, but God was not in any of them. Finally, a still small voice was heard and that was God! Awesome!


You thought there’d be stars and lots of glitter
Not forgetting the butterflies, the racing of the heart
But from a smile here, a word there, a bond ensues
“It’s nothing special,” you tell yourself at first
Then the undeniable yearning takes you unawares

Love doesn’t always come in Hollywood wrappings
When you least expect it, it can sneak up on you
Make you fall unreservedly for an unlikely one
And while you stridently declaim, “What the heck!”
It can fix its talons on you and refuse to let go

Love can be an indecipherable, inexplicable emotion
It comes softly sometimes but it turns out just as strong
Love may be challenged by your plans and expectations
But in the end, it’s amazing and intoxicating as it should be


Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2016


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I am a university lecturer. I teach Mass Communication, mostly writing courses like Feature and Interpretative Writing, Magazine Article Writing and News Writing, and let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time. As you have probably guessed, I am a born-again Christian.


  1. …Love doesn’t always come in Hollywood wrappings
    When you least expect it, it can sneak up on you….
    So true! I love these lines!?

  2. God is love and as a result we need to replicate same to others unconditionally, the best way to attract other people’s love is by loving others. Thank you ma.

  3. Love as a phenomenon is just something above us. Where it is concerned, we are just helpless, because even Hitler must have loved something or someone. I’ve come across some who swore not to love anymore because of a heartbreak, but when love came knocking, they could not help but open their hearts to let him in. such it the tale of Love the divine. Nice post.

    • Love is a beautiful thing that can happen to anyone especially when you least expect it.
      May God give us all the wisdom and grace to fall in love with the right person, Amen.

  4. I love this. Indeed, love comes softly, in some cases, you see your self developing an unusual feeling for someone you never imagined a mere friendship with. But anyway, that’s the spirit of God in us: spirit of love.

    • Yeah! That is why it is not good to despise anyone before you become the dog that goes back to its vomit or better still, aku fechara daara awo. Lol!

  5. Wow very lovely and indeed love comes softly. which love can be compared to the love of Christ? None as far as I know, no man would leave his home to die for a friend, a thief, a proustite, a brother, a father, mother or sister. no man can do that. Love indeed is phenomenal it is more than just a feeling, I love this piece ma and I just want to tell you I love you ma

  6. I like the poem telling us about the power of love, but also reminding us of the love of Christ which is the greatest of all

    • I am partial to that poem too, even though I can say the same for many others I’ve shared here and there. Love does take us unawares sometimes. And you’re right. There’s no love than the love God has for us. Bless you!

    • Bless you too. Though the poem is largely about human love, every discussion of love takes us back to God who is love Himself.

  7. Awesome. This is true, we don’t plan on how to love before we start loving. It’s just like a careless seed planted without plans. But truly Love is indeed a beautiful thing to experience.

    • Yeah, April! Often, we get sucked into the hype and start playing catch up to movie magic love forgetting that that stuff collapses like a pack of cards. Glad you visited. You’re such a lovely friend, praise God. Stay fabulously blessed in Jesus’ name.

  8. I love reading your love poems it makes me want to fall in love every single day… Love is a feeling only the heart can explain… Nice poem

  9. love is an uncontrollable feeling no matter how you want to hide from it it always comes back.For those in love , when you see the ones you love, the feeling just keeps bobbling up.

  10. This short poem throws a light on how love creeps into the heart of a person.It starts like a creeping plant and firmly plants its roots deep in the heart of one. Love happens unexpectedly. Wonderful piece Ma!

  11. Love is a mystery.It is true that love comes softly and sometimes strong. In fact the poem is really interesting and captivating. It teaches quite a lot .

  12. Some people feel that when love comes, it does so strongly. This poem emphasizes that love someimes takes a gradual process, it doesn’t just come at once.

  13. True oo… Love does exist and it doesnt always happen like those hollywood wrappings.
    Love takes time-it grows; we dont decide on how or when we love; it’s just something that comes or happens unawares.
    Love is a beautiful thing that everyone should wish to experience.

  14. “Love may be challenged by your plans and expectations
    But in the end, it’s amazing and intoxicating as it should be”. I love those lines.

  15. Love the four letters word that everybody craves for. The feeling of loving and its being reciprocated cannot be traded for riches. Love conquers and it can turn a beast back to a man

  16. Love is beautiful! Especially that which comes off sincere and true!
    It can make one act, speak or react in ways he/she ordinarily wouldn’t!! Nice piece ma.

  17. I feel that love can be embarrassing, you fine your self doing things outside the ordinal, but after which you will be glad u did. Love is spontaneous and adventurous, it takes wisdom to embark.

  18. Lols, sure i agree with you, most times love takes time before it comes and then we will feel we dont have heart at all, and wonder why its time to love, not understanding that love comes slowly and it cant be pushed which depicts its softness, most times it is also developed, but in all it comes in a soft manner.

  19. No doubt, “love comes softly sometimes but it turns out just as strong”. This is a very nice poem because love is essential but many do not understand it.

  20. Love may be challenged by your plans and expectations but in the end,its amazing intoxicating as it should be.I love that!

  21. The poem sure stirs my emotions positively, love is a beautiful thing which demands a lot of devotion from both parties involved to maintain its beauty

  22. That’s true. Love comes to us in ways we least expect and through people we never dreamed of meeting. Some breath taking while some are not . all the same it is most rimes exactly what we need if only we would look within.

  23. I agree with you ma.Just like a cool breeze it comes within the twinkle of an eye it carries you like hurricane.

  24. I am so in love with this post, every line speaks truth about how love catches you unaware, when u least expect it and with the most unlikely person. People fall in love everyday but only a few can acknowledge what it is. I love this post because it reminds me that all has felt the bite of love and just like a thief, it comes and steals your heart away when you least expect it , leaving you lost and confused. Thank you so very much ma..

  25. Very nice, i really enjoyed it, its so pure and true, there is power in love but God’s love is the best.

  26. Love can be captivating especially when is with the right person. It may seem hard but with time it grows to something spectacle. No love can be like that of God towards his children. Nice one Ma.

  27. Love has not one definition. One said it is a craving emptiness that needs to be filled. Another said it’s an illogical feeling that endears him to someone. That’s why some say it is blind. Love enters the mind sometimes like a trail of water that gradually fills a cup. Sometimes it cannot be predicted. It comes gently as the name sounds.

  28. Love is divided to many kinds. But what matters here is that it powerfully dwells within us. Everybody can love because it is our nature. Just like God, our maker is love.

  29. Love cuts bonds, classes and sizes.
    It flows in the little things we don’t expect. It can come instantaneously or gradually, however, it is beautiful.

  30. Love is the most beautiful legacy God gave man. I picture Love as a balloon which we set off, and it mostly lands on the unlikely of persons. Nevertheless, It is a beautiful feeling to be in Love. That tingling feeling is worth it.

  31. love is something that grow with time as they say love is blind , it is the only thing that will make you behave abnormal when you are actually ok . everybody needs it even when you say you don’t need it, when it will come it will knock you down

  32. ”As it should be”
    Gods love visited me at the least expected time in my life, and ever since i ve never remained the same. Love is a beautiful thing

  33. It feels good when you are in love especially with the right person. Truly love comes softly and when it comes you can’t help it but fall. Nice one Ma

  34. This poem depicts a true love and it has taught me more on the subject-love may challenge your plans and expectations but’ll turn out good. Thank you Aunty Edith

  35. If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love, lovely poem, I enjoyed it???

  36. This has an embodiment of truth in it, to love is a good thing but to be loved is better. As seen in the case of our Lord Jesus Christ, he died for our sins as a result of the love he has for us his children. The same is applicable to humans, it might seem the expectation of that kind of love u are expecting isn’t forth coming but still stay strong because at the end, it will turn out good.

  37. As you rightly said, love comes when you least expected it. What a beautiful feeling. But this could cause pain if maturity and understanding are not applied.

  38. Love is a beautiful thing and it tend grow and it becomes strong but most importantly we should endeavor to express God’ love towards each other and our dealing with other people

  39. God is love and as a result we need to replicate same to others unconditionally, the best way to attract other people’s love is by loving others. Thank you ma

  40. Truth be told, love is not something you force. Its a gradual process. It comes slowly and softly when you least expected it. And when it comes don’t force yourself to kill it as you might end up hurting yourself. True love is actually irresistible.

  41. Love can’t be force, true but it can be earned. Love is genuine and sacrificial. it does not care if its hurting or not, it does not care if it is been reciprocated or not…… This is the kind of love Christ have for us.

  42. Love comes softly sometimes but still turns out strong, don’t forget the roses, the thorns hurt too… Nice poem, not my kind of romance though.

  43. Love, love, love…Ain’t know why this post is just sweeting* me. I guess, I now have an added knowledge on what that word means. Relatively, I pray I’m loved by God in such ways.

  44. I can’t say love is amazing or beautiful but I am a believer so I can say that God is true, kind and merciful. I cannot vouch for earth’s love because I haven’t sat down to fathom the love I see in people’s eyes or perceive in their scent. I hope to understand and learn the in depth meaning of love.

  45. The influence of Hollywood, Bollywood and nollywood have made people to think that love comes like a beautiful rose, sometimes yes but most times no, a little difficulties and some blissful moment all builds up to true love. Love comes softly, yes! yes!yes! I agree.

  46. Love as said is blind. The thing about love is that at first we seem unsure,shy and confused about the relationship but as time goes by and the relationship continues, you would come to realize what you truly feel and the relationship gets stronger and stronger.

  47. I will be on the lookout for when I feel this way. I just pray its not one sided and God please make it something.

  48. Truely love is something that comes gradually and the feeling is intoxicating which is never harmful. Thank you ma

  49. All and sundry has tried in what way or the other to define love, according to their to own understanding. Love to me is limitless and can creep up on people without previous warnings, genuine love warms the heart and gives this fuzzy feeling. Aunty Edith this poem is greatly appreciated.

  50. Love is an uncontrollable feeling and truly it comes softly most times. it comes like a drop of water, then before you know it, it floods your heart with emotions.

  51. Love is God,God is love.a nice poem and I like it when you write on all facets which defines is sweet bit it can cause great pains talking on the romantic side,however,our creators love is ever encompassing,accomodating and is sure and pure.nice one ma.

  52. “But from a smile here, a talk there,boom! Bond ensues”…
    So lovely. It really sneaks up on you even with whom you may think is most unlikely.
    Beautiful piece ma.

  53. I Loved the way you personified love. But, I know this will sound wired to some people, but frankly speaking I don’t believe I can love. I can only like a person. The love I mean is the one we confess today to each other…Let deliberate please..
    If I may ask Ma, what are the true signs of true and sincere love? Again, who can love? A lot have gone wrong, girls and boys deceived by thier looks, a toddler because of little moustache he discovered in his jaw will approach a girl and process love. A man will marry a woman under the umbrella of love and turn the beautiful woman into a punching bag or even worst turn her into a shadow of herself, what do you call that, Love? A son will claim he loves his parents but at little pressure or challenge extort money from his/her parents, is that love? I can go and on…
    Once again, ma do love exist out Christ?

  54. True to the core ma, love is something that happens even without our notice. But perplexed by the way young folks nowadays abuse the word, love. I believe love and deceit are two different things, right? Love is kind, and not deceitful.. I have really enjoyed myself. God bless you ?

  55. “”Love doesn’t always come in Hollywood wrappings
    When you least expect it, it can sneak up on you””
    So true… Lol.. LOVE is not planned,, it just happens.. May we all find true love…

  56. Mr love comes without prior notice… but the hard question is do our generation now love or are they actually lusting? This is something that happens even without our notice. We must understand what love and like is?

  57. Love is stronger than mahogany. Its grip is gradual, but when it gets hold of you, it makes you to do the unimaginable,things you will never do ordinarily , when not under the influence of love.

  58. I was a victim of this sort of love for the wrong individual and now I want this sort of love for the right Immortal (God).

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