This story is a typical slice of life. I personally love and recommend it very much. It will make you laugh and give you food for thought as well. As the title, “My Penny-pinching Husband”, shows, it’s dealing with money matters and the situations that they are generating in a particular home as in many others owing to the poor economy.

Do read, comment and share. And in case you’re wondering, the story is entirely fictional.

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As I was getting out the toothpaste from the bathroom cabinet, my husband, Desmond, brought me an unsolicited cup of water. (We didn’t have running water in our flat.)

“What is that for?”

“For brushing your teeth.” He stood there and crossed his arms, daring me to do otherwise. This was a fight waiting to happen. A gentle, inner voice told me to use the water but I wasn’t going to listen. I was going to give as good as I got this time around, no backing down.

“Mtcheew!” I hissed as I went to pick a sachet of water from the bag in the kitchen.

Expectedly, Desmond followed me.

“Why do you enjoy waste? What is wrong with brushing your teeth with water from the borehole?”

I ignored him and went back to brush my teeth at the bathroom sink.

“I’ve never asked you to drink it, you know, just to brush your teeth with it.”

I concentrated on my tongue like there was a prize to be won for my efforts. I was making a point in a way. Ignoring him was just as loud as arguing with him which I would get to shortly if he didn’t let up.

“Are you the only one who doesn’t realise that the prices of things in the country have skyrocketed?”

“You see, that’s the problem! You’re always checking the cost of everything, counting pennies like your life depends on it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Why shouldn’t I check the cost of things …?” I cut him off.

“If that’s how you want to live your life, go ahead, but stop trying to drag me into it ’cause it won’t work.”

I rinsed my mouth, left him and went to the bedroom fuming. This argument had been smouldering under the surface of our exchanges about money matters for a long while, dating back to our courtship days. Desmond visited me once then and was alarmed that I drank bottled water at home! Apparently, as far as he was concerned, bottled water was meant solely for special occasions. Lol!

In six of the eight months that we’ve been married, he has made a show of being frugal by avoiding things he considered luxuries like jam, mayonnaise, eggs, corn flakes, stuff like that. He expected me to follow suit. But I pretended I didn’t notice. So if he skipped them while shopping, I bought them when I did.

Realising that subtle won’t do it, he began to voice his concerns. I refused to engage because I didn’t see what he hoped to accomplish and I didn’t want to create bad blood by arguing with him about it. But instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, he decided to push his agenda by bringing that cup of water to me. Well, I’d had enough and was glad I’d made my stance plain. In fact, I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to let him know I wasn’t having the environment of deprivation he was trying to foist on our home. So I went searching for him.

He was switching on the TV by remote to listen to the news but that wasn’t gonna happen.

“Why are you trying to make my life miserable? How can you deliberately punish us by cutting off the few comforts we have?”

I was expanding the scope of the argument to encompass all the cuts Desmond had made lately like lowering our cable TV subscription to the cheapest bouquet that entitles one to watch only several channels (mostly news stations) and refusing to repair our generator, forcing us to stay without power when the utility company failed us (which was like every other day).

“Stop the drama, Gladys! We can do without a few luxuries until the economy improves.”

“No, we cannot! It’s not like we’ve been living large. Not even close. And now, you want to make our lives unbearable!”

“Listen to yourself. If you want to know the true meaning of ‘unbearable’, go to the villages ….”

“Stop! Just stop with the guilt-tripping. I’m not responsible for the people in the villages and I won’t improve their situation by punishing myself. We need to live our lives with as much comfort as we can afford. Otherwise, we might be cutting our lives short unnecessarily.”

“Things are hard …”

“Will you stop saying that? I haven’t told you to buy a new car or build a house. I’m not making any frivolous demand but I can assure you that I won’t let you tie me up in wretchedness the way you are planning.”

“When the economy improves ….”

“And when will that be? Does the country look like things will look up anytime soon? The only way to handle this situation is to use your resources to live your life, otherwise one will go crazy.”

“Can we talk about this some other time? I do need to listen to the news.”

“Why? So that you can hear of more doom and gloom to justify tightening our belts further? Anyway, there’s nothing more to talk about. I won’t allow my life and happiness to be stifled by Nigeria’s poor economic fortunes. And you better not harass me anymore about this.”

Desmond was no longer paying attention. He had selected a local news station and was raising the sound.

I went to the bedroom and got dressed. I felt I still needed to drive my point home. So I went to a nearby street vendor and bought fresh fruits worth a thousand Naira (a few each of mangoes, oranges and avocado pears).

When I got home, I washed the pears to eat bread with them. I invited Desmond to join me and, sure enough, he asked me what I paid for each pear.

“A hundred and fifty Naira,” I replied. “I want to eat pears and I will buy them if I have the money, irrespective of the cost.”

Desmond declined and I laughed knowing that he will later eat it. I’m so thankful I have a good job and we’re keeping our finances separate. Otherwise he might just kill himself, not me, with this his penny-pinching habit and I’m not ready to be a widow. And to further save him from himself, I will fix that generator today or buy a new one. I will also restore our former cable bouquet so we can have our pick of great shows to relax with after a hard day’s work.

You only live once, they say. Bad economy or not, Desmond and I will enjoy our lives. He may argue a little at first but I know he’ll have fun and we’ll be happy as we deserve to be.

As I watched him frowning as he focused on the news, I felt I may have been brash in talking to Desmond earlier. I didn’t want him to feel bad ’cause our differences aside, I love him very much and want nothing but the best for him. So I left my food and went to him for a cuddle. So much for watching the news! #winks

-The end-
Ⓒ Edith Ugochi Ohaja 2017

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Which of these characters are you like: Gladys or Desmond?

Do you think Gladys is being unreasonable about how to spend money?

Are there some strategies you have adopted to cope with the high cost of living? Do share with us.


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  • Ma this is indeed interesting. Being mindful of the state of the economy is not a bad idea but living our lives uncomfortably when we can grant that comfort is absurd. I believe what people in situations like that of Desmond and Gladys need is understanding because when there is understanding in the house, the home would be nothing but splendid

    • Edith Ohaja

      You’re right, my dear. They do have understanding even though they may not totally agree, hence the cuddle at the end. Thanks for your lovely comment and be highly blessed in Jesus’ name.

    • Kooyon Abigail Aershimana

      This is really funny!
      My dad posess same characters of Gladys while my mom’s is just like Desmond.Lols!

      It’s good to live a sweet life but not carelessly.
      It won’t be an exaggeration saying that “No one hates enjoyment”,be careful with how you spend & also be mindful that you live your life just once.Enjoy yourself provided you have the required means not the other way round..
      I must say that Desmond was only being frugal,selfish and unfair unto himself and his wife.
      The economic status of the country shouldn’t be an obstacle to your life of comfort.

  • Enwerem Chiamaka

    My mum said that a couple won’t always agree, but since they love and understand each other I know they’ll work something out. Nice ma

  • I honestly like this one

  • Ugwu chika

    I don’t blame Desmond for he is being careful to survive this hardship. One thing about women is they live the life of spending, they don’t know the economy is hard and whenever things are hard the woman blames the man or even makes him take his own life in hustling to see the family live a standard life.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Na waa oh! Not all women are like that. Some women are the breadwinners in their homes. And not all men are hardworking. There are good and bad qualities in both men and women. Bless you!

  • Eze chinyere chidera

    I think its nice that both tried to get along even with differences on how to spend.

  • okeke chisom

    i think both of them are right in their own ways, even though the wife happens to understand the husband’s point of view she still doesn’t want to live wretchedly just because the economy is hard.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yeah, there’s something to be said for both points of view. They just need to reach a compromise. You are blessed, Chisom!

  • Faith aforka

    One really needs to cut down on expenses especially since the income isn’t increased like goods and services. I quite agree with Desmond’s stand, what’s so wrong with tap water for brushing anyway. With proper communication they will surely reach a consensus. The story is typical of the times.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Glad to hear from you, Faith. My dear, I agree with Desmond too, esp about the tap water. Lol! One cannot but notice the rate of inflation and make certain adjustments. However, I also envy people like Gladys who don’t worry or deny themselves so much because of it. You are richly blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Sima Essien

    A very funny, yet thought-provoking story about different points of view on how to survive in a recession. I believe that a balance could be struck by the couple in the narrative; sustain some affordable luxuries and enforce some belt-tightening measures. But the most important thing to learn here, as many have pointed out is that their differences not be allowed to drive a wedge between them (the couple). Understanding is key in every relationship.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Delighted to hear from you, Sima! I concur. What God has joined together, let the recession not put asunder. Hope all is well with you.

  • I hope Gladys won’t use bottle water to cook since she can’t use tap water to brush, Gladys sef. Really,times are hard, there’s nothing wrong in cutting some unnecessary expenses, but there should be a balance, not to the extent of making one’s life miserable. Lol

  • Eze Charity Ginika

    Indeed, this piece is funny and educative as well. I believe that what we consume for the purpose of having a fit and healthier life should be our top priority irrespective of the economic situation in the country. And pls Desmond should b happy dat his wife is not complaining and is ever ready to bring money from her salary to support their family.

    • Edith Ohaja

      I actually think they complement each other well. If one spends without thinking, it’s good they are with someone who counts the cost before they eat themselves into penury. God bless you, Charity.


    lovely, nice one Ma.

  • victor chukwudi udeh

    Mum, one thing i love about this piece is that Gladys reflected my life. I cannot afford to kill myself because of economic condition.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lol! That means you have some means of sustenance. Otherwise, you can’t reason like that. Bless you, Victor!

  • Kat

    This is so much like what happens in my home. My father wants us to manage everything: from one sachet of milk and milo each down to switching off lights everytime we are not in the room to conserve energy and make the pre-paid meter last longer. Seriously! My mother, on the other hand, believes life is to enjoy not endure. Personally, I think if you have the money, why not spend it? Reasonably, mind you. Just be comfortable without being overly frugal.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Okay, so you’re like your mum and Gladys. Interesting. I think your parents complement each other well. They have the features from both sides to live well without being wasteful. Bless you, Kat!

  • Izuogu Ozioma Precious

    The truth is that, understanding is the key to success in marriage and relationship, and also money is good!

  • joana ushie

    Hmmm, this is a very good story…I think the problem of the couple is that the wife is living a high class life irrespective of how the economy of the country is. I mean, who brushes their teeth with pure water in this present time…my advice to the woman is to stop that habit at once so she can live a peaceful life with her husband cause even if her husband loves her and would tolerate her character, what will happen when she give birth to children…? will she train them that way and what if they don’t have enough funds to support that lifestyle, what happens?

    • Edith Ohaja

      Thanks for your comment, Joana! You’ve raised some pertinent questions but I’m not sure the woman is living high-class. Rather, I think that the way the economy has been, things that people normally took for granted are receiving a hard look, with the aim of dropping some. The pure water matter I do not support though. You are blessed, my dear!

  • Okorie Adaora

    OMG!! Mum this is so interesting.Would have asked for a long story tho so as to keep laughing…lol. i really love Gladys because we are alike and Desmond is just like a friend of mine….This are his lines: Ada cant you save?lol

  • Judith okeke

    It’s interesting, yes the economy seems bad, but I really love Gladys’ sense of humor, though I’m not like her. it’s good there is some sort of understanding in their marriage. As a lady, I don’t think starving is the remedy for saving. Desmond has a point, yes, but I still stand for the saying, ‘Enjoy it while it lasts’.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Yes, my dear, there’s something good on both sides but moderation is called for all around. You are blessed!

  • Akuma Victor

    The marital life of Gladys and Desmond is one that lacks mutual understanding. i think that Gladys defaulted in some ways as i consider it not appropriate to spend unreasonably, it might not be totally unreasonable though but there must be an alarming necessity before one should spend considering the present state of the economy. on the other hand, there are some spending that don’t worth making emphasis on as they are necessary, just like the buying of fruits and some other little things required for the upkeep and well-being of the family.
    Am a bit like Desmond but not totally, i will prefer my wife spending less on luxuries and save more for the rainy day.
    To some extent Gladys is unreasonable. i don’t see anything wrong in brushing with tap water.
    Yes, considering the current status of the economy one can’t help but be conscious of his or her spending. So considering this, i go for my utmost priority at that point in time.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Hi Victor! I really don’t see Gladys as a spendthrift going by what she itemized she wanted to spend on. I guess if one is not accustomed to those things or earns little, they will be forced to forgo them. The tap water matter though was over the top. You are blessed!

  • A very funny piece if I must say so. To my understanding, Desmond isn’t wrong but I guess he pushed things a little bit to the extreme and as always, a woman is there to help complete him and also help add a spice to his life. Couples who are more of the opposite of each other share more love than the vice versa. Lol, just saying based on observation though.

  • Emmanuel Ujevwe

    No matter the situation in your country man must survive.Desmond motives were to make things better but he takes it too far at least someone should have fun in life, love is paramount in the life of these couple but Desmond should try to Netflix and chill because life is too short.

  • Udeobasi Ngozi B.

    the story is quite interesting and educative…one should always try to live a happy life irrespective of the poor economic situations. all the same, love and mutual understanding matters most in every relationship.

  • Ugwuaneke Grace .u.

    The story “my penny-pinching-husband” is quite an interesting one, it describes what can be seen in Nigerian families in this state of our country. Desmond as the head of the family tries to pinch the penny for future survival but Gladys sees it in a different way. for her, it’s just to satisfy oneself at the moment and leave tomorrow to think for itself. despite their differences, they still love each other. hmmm! that’s an interesting story

  • Okoye Ezinne

    WOW, this is really a nice one ma, any way, Desmond is not to be blamed for checking the cost of things but despite the economy, we should try to live our lives comfortably.

  • Otti Uzoma Augusta

    Great piece. Desmond is just hyperactive about the economic situation of Nigeria, he should be thankful that Gladys is not solely dependent on him for everything.
    Gladys is a good wife who doesn’t want her husband to die before his time!

    • Edith Ohaja

      I agree with your assessment. It’s good to be careful but moderation is needed even when we’re doing a good thing, otherwise it becomes bad. Showers of blessings on you, my dear, in Jesus’ name.

    • Okere Grace Onyinyechi

      I learnt a new word “penny-pinching”?.
      I must commend Gladys on how she handles her marraige and husband Desmond. She’s a very wise woman. This is a situation which will make most women let hell loose but Gladys managed it so well.
      Kudos her!

  • Ezenwa chinaza

    this is nice Ma. I am with Gladys. we have to enjoy life and put the devil to shame jarri.

  • Oleighibe Oluebube Tessy

    Just because the economy is bad does not mean I should live uncomfortably, when I could grant most of my needs. Though, some things should be stopped to avoid unnecessary spending. I hope Gladys won’t change from using sachet water to bottle water for her mouth washing. Lol.


    The story is a touching one. It teaches love, care, understanding and economizing. Once there is love in the family, it will grow, our society will improve and for that, THERE WILL BE PEACE IN NIGERIA


    I’d love to say that I like particularly Desmond because considering the way Gladys responded, he might have beaten her if he was hot tempered. I like the fact that he was able to control himself although at the end, she remembered love and went back to him. The fact remains that one has only one life to live so spending the money is obviously not a bad idea either.

    • Edith Ohaja

      My dear, any man who resorts to beating his wife because she’s outspoken has a serious problem. Cheers!

  • harmony

    am in support of the husband’s attitude. it is good to limit some things that waste our money especially in these hard times

  • Too much of everything is bad, Yes, Desmond is considering how bad the economy is, he should also consider the happiness of his wife. For Gladys, she should know the kind of character she is married to. I think if they moderate things at each other’s test, they won’t notice their flaws again.


    the husband wants to save the family from spending more than they earn and that’s commendable. they should both arrive at a compromise to provide all their needs while spending moderately. thumbs up ma.

  • Onele Victor

    we are of the same view my sister

  • Otung Theresa

    An interesting story indeed!! No matter the situation of the economy, one should still learn to enjoy life but should do so moderately. Inconveniencing yourself because of the economic situation won’t yield any good nor change d situation of d economy. Although Gladys had made her points but she still went back to Desmond becos she truly loved him poor economy aside.

  • Ugwu Chiamaka

    The fact that the economy is bad doesn’t mean that one should live in abject poverty and difficulty. Gladys only wanted a comfortable life, not necessarily luxurious. Desmond, on the other hand, meant well but his manner of approach was offensive.

  • Ibeh chiamaka

    Nice story. I love the way Gladys spoke her mind. The fact that there is an economic downturn in the country doesn’t mean that they should not enjoy some of the luxuries they have both been enjoying before. There are still other ways of managing their incomes. I thank God that Gladys had a job. If not, it would have turned into something else. Life is too short and so, we should at least try to enjoy our lives and have fun.

  • Dike Gerald

    Though extravagant, Gladys is not totally wrong for wanting to maintain her health. But I think it necessary that she considers the nature of the economy and mellow down the high purchases. Nevertheless, thee exchange of words is not even harsh. I think their union can last long since there is understanding mingled with tolerance even in the midst of differences.

  • Obidigbo Ifunanya Nino

    This short story is indeed interesting and funny. I wont blame Desmond because the way this country is going, no one can predict tomorrow. he is a husband that wants what is best for his family. But Desmond’s managing skills are inconveniencing to his wife. Left for me, i wouldn’t want to live with a man with all those characters. Since Gladys wants to live a life with luxury, she should contribute reasonably to the family.

  • Ugama Gloria Nkechinyere

    I can’t stop laughing at Desmond’s character, he is so penny-pinching, lolz, I can’t marry one like him. I like the character of Gladys because even with the way Desmond behaves, she still loves and respects him. that is the feature of a good wife. Wonderful Ma! Kudos!

  • Arene Ifeyinwa Ketochukwu

    A hilarious story. Nice one. A marriage will last when couples understand each other and try to balance the economy with their earnings.

  • Njoku Chiamaka Constance

    Wow! This story was straight to the point. It is true that the economy is hard but that shouldn’t stop one from living a comfortable life when he can very much afford it. Why else does one work if not to live comfortably? Desmond should understand that cutting off some of their needs will not improve the economy.
    Every woman in my opinion should also have something doing and not solely depending on a man. If Gladys had nothing doing, she wouldn’t have a choice but to live a life she was not used to and didn’t want.
    In spite of the little argument between Gladys and Desmond, Gladys didn’t find that as a ground to disrespect her husband. Gladys didn’t neglect her husband even when she provided what Desmond called luxury for her family due to his penny pinching attitude. Instead, she carried him along.


    This story is quite interesting. one important thing in marriage is understanding. Gladys and Desmond understand each other despite the fact that the economy of the country was so bad which almost caused problem in their family but because of the love and understanding they have for each other, they were able to overcome the problem. Gladys has the qualities of a good wife which every woman should possess. Thank you very much ma for this wonderful story.

  • Mbata Jemita Chiemika

    Really an interesting story ma, back to economy I know things are hard and people see it as an excuse for not eating good food and living comfortable, moving with the slogan “Things are hard.” I will say that Gladys ideas are not bad, after all life is lived once so you enjoy while you still can.

  • Essien Anietie Archibong

    funny characters though but Gladys didnt really have to be like that at first, its marriage though, everything happens, and thats what makes couples stronger, surviving the hard times and understanding each other.

  • juliet

    lol this recession isn’t putting a smile on people’s face

  • Ezema uchechukwu peace - mass communication

    wow! this story is short, educating and very interesting. the fact that the economy is bad is not enough reason for living an uncomfortable life, rather it calls for carefulness and not spending extravagantly. i am not married yet but i believe that understanding and co-operation is what sustains marriage. having a good job shouldn’t delete the fact that the economy can affect it dangerously; therefore i am not supporting Desmond or his wife, but am of the opinion that whether the economy is bad or good, it is important to save for the rainy days which no one can predict. we should learn even as youths to enjoy our money wisely, not foolishly or extravagantly.

  • Nnamani Esther

    A very good piece Ma. The story is a typical reflection of the average African couple, one spouse is tight fisted and expects the other to follow suit. However, couples don’t always think alike. They have to be different so that one can correct the other in any case of doing wrong.

  • Emmanuel Gerald

    Desmond shares similar traits with my dad, to some extent thouhgh. But i would like to note that Desmond’s penny pinching habit is on the extreme. It’s pious and considered rational for one to be frugal with funds and avoid leading an extravagnat lifestyle, but on the other hand, there are basic expenditures that should be made, provided the funds are in existence.
    I actually do not support the idea of refusing to get the generator set repaired, irrespective of the fact that power outages happens to be on a regular basis.
    Also, money worked for should be spent to provide necesseties, and also add spice to one’s life and that of others also.

  • Iroegbu Amarachi

    well i don’t think Gladys was wrong in her desires to live a comfortable life. As she said, life can only be lived once. However, this does not mean one should be extravagant but one should be able to live comfortably with the resources available. Great piece, Ma!

  • Agugbua Chisom

    The story is really fantastic. However, from my point of view, Desmond was trying to help but he didn’t do it the right way. He should have at least used the money to take care of important needs. Even at that, he was trying to make their lives better.


    Despite the bad situation of the country, Gladys still wanted to enjoy her married life. Desmond, on the other hand, being aware of the state of things, thought it wise to reduce the rate of their spending in other to save more. Gladys never understood her husbands motive but thought it as being Penny- pinching. To her one’s got but one life to live and so must enjoy it while still alive, so whether good or bad economy one got to enjoy. And I also think that Desmond responded to the bad economy in a hard way by trying to penny-pinch even to his own detriment. The state of the economy should not dictate to one how to live your life. This was the angle Gladys was coming from. In all, one needs to be wise in terms of monetary expenses.


    This story has an amazing content. For Gladys, its just one life one’s got and so should enjoy while one still can. ” when the economy improves” as Desmond would say, but the truth still remains that, such time might not come in your life time. Yes, extravagance in spending isn’t good at all, but this doesn’t mean that while you need a thing and can get it, you suffer yourself not to. The problem I’ll say with Desmond is a miserly habit. I mean, why would one choose not to spend even to the obvious detriment of his health? and through the text, one would see that Desmond wanted and helped in the consumption of those things bought by Gladys. To me, Gladys’ actions weren’t wrong. It is therefore important that one spend while one can and need to but also avoid extravagance.

  • adonu ifeanyichukwu B

    This story is interesting. It’s a must read for all couples because it treated the issue of financial independence and management between couples. Though the whole scenario is hilarious, I think couples should learn from the situation and accommodate each other’s differences and make compromise. It is a beautiful piece.

  • Ugwuda Mathew .e

    Wow!!! This is a nice post. I don’t believe this kind of stinginess still exists. even though there is a hardship in the country, that shouldn’t deprive us the privilege of taking good care of ourselves. Desmond should learn how to stabilize the economy and see reasons with his wife and to make things right.

    • Edith Ohaja

      It exists, even possibly worse forms, my dear. And by stabilizing the economy, I believe you’re talking about his family. Nothing much he can do about Nigeria’s economy other than pray. Cheers!

  • Amaobi Precious

    The story is absolutely not what I expected. having seen the title of the story, I thought it would be about a stingy man and an extravagant wife. But, this wasn’t so in the story. Desmond isn’t stingy, he’s only trying to limit how he spends. Gladys also isn’t extravagant, but doesn’t want to live her life in misery either just because she’s trying to manage the economy. All that is required here is for both to reach a compromise which is what the woman did. I like how Gladys handled the situation and did not let it escalate. This is one beautiful story.

    • Edith Ohaja

      Lovely comment. The wife, who is the narrator, does feel her husband is a penny-pincher tho’. She gave examples but I guess it depends on one’s way of seeing things. Cheers!

  • okwor Blessing Amuche

    There are difficult times in a family but the most important thing is the ability of couples to stand their ground and remember their vows (for better for worse).

  • Ugwuoke Blessing Nnedinso

    The husband has good intentions toward the wife and their finances. So far Gladys is financially stable, she can help out to ease the husband’s financial stresses and make her marriage peaceful.

    • Edith Ohaja

      She is doing just that. I think her desire to step in to make life comfortable for them in the face of the bad economy is admirable.

  • Mamah Daniella Chinenye

    Desmond and Gladys think differently. the husband seems not to do all things needed from him financially but his intention was to overcome the bad economy and save during the hardship. marriage is union of two, so the struggle is for the two of them and Gladys should accommodate the nature of things and support since her work is stable in order to avoid their usual quarrels on expenses.

    • Edith Ohaja

      My dear, this is their first open quarrel about it, according to the story, and Gladys is picking up the slack, isn’t she? You are blessed!


    Gladys is a bit too much of a frivolous spender and a tad materialistic. I do have a strong attachment to the habit displayed by Desmond. I feel that way because we all need to be careful with spending, especially with the situation the country is in. It’s really quite sad when you’re trying to manage the little you have and your spouse seems hell-bent on making you bankrupt!

  • Onwusonye Promise

    How I wish she will amend even if it is in a little way. I wish also that Desmond does not deny himself of necessary things that sustain good health. I can say that both of them are good since their differences do not bring disunity. I really appreciate

  • omenma ndidiamaka

    my dad always tell me to save before I spend. Desmond was only trying to save since things are getting hard in the country. Gladys should have understood that. She can do without luxurious things for a while.

  • Ogidi gift uzoma

    Fabulous story ma! Lol Desmond is using the bad economy as an excuse for his stinginess or better his ‘penny- pinching’ attitude like it is said in the story

  • Mbagwu Henry Ugochukwu

    The husband, Desmond, tries to be frugal but the wife, Gladys, wants a seemingly lavish life but a balance is all there should be in a marriage.

  • ogbodo somtochukwu

    nice story. am in love with that woman……..
    the story tries to tell us that even as we plan our life , we should not live in the fear of tomorrow


    what a wonderful satirical story. ma, i think it is common among the menfolk today. being thrifty or frugal is not a way out of recession or economic drought. husbands hear o!

    • Edith Ohaja

      I no send you oh! Lols! There is need for frugality alright but moderation is required before somebody kills himself.

  • ojimadu kingsley

    desmond wants to economize but went too far

  • Anyalewechi chinaza victory

    Although the economy of Nigeria is bad and it seems like it’s not going to be good soon, that doesn’t warrant us to deprive ourselves of the little enjoyment we can afford. Gladys, although she wasn’t happy about the attitude of her husband, she isn’t a nagging wife and seeks ways to make him happy.

  • Izuogu Ozioma Precious

    Understanding is the key holding every marriage and even relationship. Money is not actually love, but it adds value to love and respect.

  • Lol mr Desmond is pouring the condition of our economy on his wife hmmm. my mother is more like Mr Desmond but trust me she spends more than Gladys. Lol, I know this is confusing but believe me, mr Desmond is right we should learn to manage.

  • Ayogu Lovina Chinenye

    I think the problem this couples are having is lack of mutual understanding. i don’t see anything wrong in Gladys using sachet water to brush her teeth. Despite the economic situation of the country, it doesn’t mean one should not eat even good food and enjoy his life.

    • Edith Ohaja

      My dear, no one is supporting not eating good food but to brush one’s teeth with sachet water where tap water is available? That, I think is waste as her husband rightly pointed out. Cheers!

  • Nweke jane

    Desmond and Gladys are married I think they should learn to live together and Gladys should understand Desmond more.

  • Euphy Christ

    Interesting short story… I agree that you only live once so one should live life to the fullest.

  • Ijeoma okoroafor

    I am like Gladys o, (Aye okpe meji o) we only live once, right abintio Nigerians have always had backward economy, pipu are still making it, and will continue to make it, people are still feeding and will continue to feed. Lovely story, making me imagine marriage life, lol.

  • Joseph joy

    This story is funny thou, is also an advice to the couples because it treated the issue of financial independence and how to manage. Couples should understand each other for a happy home.

  • Ikwuakam Oluchi Francisca

    This is a good one Indeed. Gladys really loves her husband as seen in the story. In marriage, arguments will arise but love conquers all, so a little advice, marry the person you love.

  • Nwata Blessing Chinyere

    Lol! Desmond is really penny-pinching. The story is an interesting one. Times are hard? Yes! And we really need to cut down some unnecessary expenses. Desmond’s case is different, he is so economical.
    One should be economical but to some extent. Nice piece , ma.

  • Ezeudu Chioma

    Lol, Nice story… Sadly we still have men who thinks like Desmond today always complaining and depriving both themselves and their families of things they need all in the name of minimizing cost. Gladys did well by giving him just a little push but still acknowledged that she loves him no matter what…

  • Dorcas Philip

    Being frugal with spending should have limits,deriving oneself of some basic needs simply because the economy is running dry is not a solution,instead cut down on the quantity not the quality of what satisfies your nutritional and physical need.Desmond is taking it too far!

  • Matthew Nwachukwu

    in this our recessive economy? Both of them are typical example of my uncle and my aunt (his wife).

  • Oba Cindy Biobele

    There are many strategies that many families in Nigeria inculcate to keep up with the economy. Although Desmond’s method is good, he is being too extreme about it. Managing is not dying. I like Gladys’ strategy. It should have limits though.

  • Nwatu chetachukwu Francisca

    The key to marriage is understanding. No two persons are the same. Although the economy is hard but at times enjoy your self. Nice one ma.

  • theophilus

    we are in a Buharicious state, son it is possible.


    Understanding,love and most of all, God factor is the bedrock of all companionship.Desmond being frugal is not bad,but understanding the needs of the body,the economy and state of his family should contribute to factors the wife should to note or consider before assessing her husband like that.A worthwhile and an eye opener to young couples.Marriage should be based on understanding,being unselfish and sacrifice.As little as these things,it could wreak havoc in a couples should beware.


    This is the typical character,attitudes,behaviors and culture in most homes.i believe this story reveals to us what happens when the economy is not smiling at anybody and also what is obtainable in a relationship.It either,one of the partner is either not enlighten,educated,tight -fisted or is too loving.Enlighten in knowing how,when to spend and the usefulness of what you spent.tight-fisted in the sense that a little enjoyment is bad.Educated in the sense that everyone is claiming right. .


    A story marked by the inevitable and realities of marriage. What is most striking and what I loved at the end was the fact that she felt for her husband and that love was still there.Sacrifice,commitment and knowing each other should be the first qualities and duties before one settles down.there must always be quarrels in any marriage but realizing and apologizing afterwards shows you care.Every one born has a mentality,value.they have an opinion of what is good,bad,great,lovely,extravagant, is left for the couples to get to know these differences,adjust,adhere,sacrifice and let go when needed.

  • Eze Chioma

    Being mindful about the state of the economy is logical but it shouldn’t be the reason for living uncomfortable lives when you can comfortably afford yourself some luxuries. Trying to live a lifestyle according to your pocket is key

  • Udosen Agnes

    No I don’t think she is being unreasonable she is only concerned about their health. It’s good to live well as long as you have ostensible means of doing so

  • Ebere

    Wow!this is lovely,weather the economy is good or bad we shouldn’t allow it to deprive the family keeps the family together.

  • Nwachukwu chidinma

    This story is funny thou, is also an advice to the couples because it treated the issue of financial independence and how to manage. Couples should understand each other for a happy home

  • Eze Chioma Uzoamaka

    Being mindful about the state of the economy is logical but it shouldn’t be the reason for living uncomfortable lives when you can comfortably afford yourself some luxuries. Trying to live a lifestyle according to your pocket is key

  • Obiemeka favour chukwugozie

    Life is short so it should be lived to the fullest but with limit .Gladys should be careful of the way she spends

  • Chah ugochukwu

    It’s really not bad to be mindful of the economy but it’s really bad to be so mindful that You forget how to live ur life cus if u are to procrastinate it till when the economy gets better, then one myt as well die young. That of course doesn’t mean one should spend unnecessarily oh

  • Godwin Grace

    Nawa o! This kind of husband sef. Why doesn’t he count the drops of water they use then? If one keeps waiting for Nigerian economy to get better, one will just die before his time. I believe you should make the most of what you have and not to keep waiting for manna to fall. Life can only get better if you make it better. Please o, what is one working for if you can’t enjoy the money? Are you saving it for your ancestors? ??

  • Heriet

    Thanks alot for the opportunity to share my thoughts ???
    Gladys should learn to adapt to the country’s economy like it is said “when the music tune changes your dance steps follows suit”
    And Desmond should not take up every available opportunity to talk on her expenditures . The country’s economy has shaped some families in some unimaginable ways

  • In the story, they are both right on their views except they are taking it to new lengths. Gladys has accepted that the economy is bad and may never improve but she should acknowledge it and try to minimize the money she spends. On the other hand Desmond is trying to save money but what are you saving money for it not to use it, yes, he should save but he should also indulge in things once in a while.

  • Oma

    Gladys is my role.model , when you have money leave life to the fullest , enjoy with whatever you have.

  • Nkwocha Chibueze Innocent

    This is a typical igbo man situation but I don’t think what Gladys did is wrong, is not not like you are not making income they have a paid job and you still want to live in hardship, as long as the income is there spending shouldn’t be a problem, you earn money to take care of yourself self not to be ” okpa aku erie ri”

  • Ezera Favour

    Lol, Desmond is like so many other men and women out there, the country is not getting any better, so she you have the money you spend it but wisely. Gladys is a good wife even if she has her own problem, Lols, but she still respects her husband… Aww.

  • Favour obi

    Well, I wouldn’t say Gladys was wrong. I think I go with her perspective of getting what she needs , as long as she could afford it. We better not be stingy to ourselves all in the name of being economical. Or deprive ourselves of essential needs just because of the state of the country’s economy. So, I believe I could go after my needs as long as I have it within my financial ability to get them. Especially, if it’s essential for my living.

  • Joseph joy

    I don’t blame Desmond because he’s the man of the house, he’s trying not to live a lavishing lifestyle, in the second hand Gladys is right too because those stuffs are something they can still afford, so no need of starving yourself when you can afford the cost, but at the end love conquers everything.

  • Emmanuel chibuike

    This is more than just a write up, but as a didactic story it used the role of Desmond and Gladys to teach us some lessons. No doubt the economic situation of our country is bad but that is not a good reason for us to make life miserable for ourselves when we know we can still survive comfortable. Desmond was not the types that fancied a luxurious life but his was worsened by him allowing such character to get to the way he fed and managed his family.
    On the other hand Gladys is an epitome of goodness, just like the biblical Rechel. Even when she knew that her husband was stingy, she still loved him and corrected him. She was hardworking and a salary earner. She would do some domestic expenditures without waiting for her husband. I would end by asking this question can we still find women like Gladys in this our own time

  • Tiger Freda Jarip

    Desmond is having a hard time, we know . But taking out his anger on his wife is a little too harsh. There is a way to talk to someone without being all bossy and controlling, he married Gladys after all , so he should know how to go about it. And as for Gladys she’s being too insensitive and should try to be a little understanding.

  • Duruji Veralin Ogochukwu

    I like Gladys’approach to life and thankfully she has a job to finance her needs. Living frugally won’t improve the economy but cut short the person’s life.

  • I understand Desmond’s desire to reduce expenses but there’s a fine line between saving and suffering. They don’t even have kids so what is he punishing himself for. What he’s referring to as luxuries are everyday supplies for some people. Gladys is not wasting or anything like that, she’s just trying to live a good life Simple

  • Chukwunwenwa Chinenye

    Lol. Gladys is my kind of woman o. Once I know I can afford a thing, I go for it. I can’t come and kill my self biko. (This doesn’t mean that I don’t save…. I do save very well but I try to strike a balance)
    Well, I’m torn between saying that Desmond has poverty stricken mentality and saying that he is being economical. I don’t know exactly how to classify him.
    Gladys should adjust a bit so her husband won’t faint one day lol. Last last they’ll be alright.
    I like that she went to cuddle her husband after their disagreements.

  • Stephens Chinecherem Grace

    Desmond in my opinion is being unnecessarily stingy, it’s not like his wife doesn’t have a job and supporting the family’s finance. The economy is bad, it keeps getting worse but like Gladys said “ you only live once”, so why not enjoy what you can afford? It only becomes a luxury when you can’t afford it.

  • Vanessa Stephen

    Lol!!Nawoah for Desmond oo,his penny -pinching habit is totally unbearable.I understand,the economy is bad but he should give Gladys a breathing space,I also admire the fact that Gladys is an independent woman,she is earns some money and she can afford whatever she wants.I want to be like her when I grow up,haha!!!Also Desmond should live a little,life is just once oo,make the most of it.Am not saying he shouldn’t save but aah he should enjoy life abeg,let tomorrow worry about itself.
    Thanks Ma.

  • Joseph Chizoba Kingsley

    The nature of economy in the country call for resource management but I have to enjoy myself when I have at least. However one has to spend with care. I discouraged extravagant spending. So I advice Gladys to not to spend extravagantly. Also, Desmond should not keep his family suffering in the name saving

  • Ezema onyekachukwu Gideon

    Yes, one only got but ones to live. This however does not call for unreasonable n extravagantly luxurious life. Gladys judging from the final paragraph doesn’t appear to me like an unreasonable wife. She’s just being a woman that knows her value and that of her husband. Hence, she has to enjoy from the little comfort they got and not starve to death unbahalf of the downing economy.. I respect Gladys for her silence during the course of Desmond’s rantings which is unlike our modern women who would at every slightest opportunity push their husband to the extreme. I also on the other hand respect Desmond’s subsequent silence too when Gladys started her own madness. The attitude of this couple does not only show that nothing is achieved when two persons are mad in a relationship but also goes a long way in affirming the dictum that “silent sometimes sounds louder than shouts..”

  • Agbo onyekachi obumneme

    I think Gladys is being unreasonable because she ought to have understood her husband. The economic situation in this country calls for wisdom in spending; otherwise it will be difficult to save. I must also point out that being wise in spending does not mean stinginess. I do not imply that getting the things necessary for subsistence is extravagance. The only problem I have with Gladys is that she argues with her husband as if to say that she does not understand what he was saying. It calls for reasoning together rather than arguments.

  • Ezike winifred udochukwu

    I think the reason we work hard is to enjoy life and all d goodies that come with it…i can work solo hard and after everything still suffer ….doesnt make sense..,i mean its wise enough to manage resources well but not to our own detriment plz.

  • Ibe favour kalu

    Haha. The characters are funny. In as much as Desmond wants to save up because of bad economy,he shouldn’t make life uncomfortable for his wife and family. Yes,we should be frugal with spending, but we should also know that we can only live once. Though Gladys was angry at Desmond and talked to him in a rude way, she is still a good wife because she settled the quarrel with her husband peacefully.

  • Nwanze Josephine Chidera

    Both characters are right from their point of view. With the hard economy, you would want to pinch every money that comes into your hands. But bad economy does not mean I should starve. I love Gladys’s attitude, in as much as she doesn’t want her husband to be so much overcome by the bad economy, she doesn’t also want to see her husband unhappy. I certainly love this story.

  • John Adaobi Benedicta

    In marriage, there are surely many things to cater for, in fact, spending actually helps in the growth and success of a family. But in spending, we should do it wisely so as not to spend money extravagantly. Really nice MA.

  • Nwoye chiamaka favour

    It is indeed true that the country is hard but then a little spending won’t make one poor but then spending with caution is necessary and this was Gladys point.
    It is good that couples are in love deeply with each other and understand themselves so that in case of differences, it wont take time before they are back again just like Gladys and her husband.

  • Onyia ujunwa sandra

    Very interesting story. Enjoy life to the fullest when you have the money because life is short but that doesn’t mean you should spend money unnecessarily.

  • Ossai Chidimma Linda

    Penny pinching is the reason why ladies are advised to work and not to be a housewife, if you don’t earn, life becomes unbearable especially when you have a miser for a husband.

  • Epunam obianuju

    Lol.. Most men are just like that, but nobody can blame them, they always have a lot to think about and also use money for, like school fees, house rent, electricity bill etc. But when it starts getting too much, a reaction might be needed for a correction.

  • Ezeoyili Ogochukwu Perpetual

    This is very Lovely. I don’t think Gladys was being unreasonable about how to spend money. She was just trying to live comfortably despite the bad economy. Desmond on the other hand was just being economical. I love the fact that they have a healthy Marriage and that they really understand each other.

  • Nwosu Victoria

    once money is used to cater for a need, it is not a waste. using money for necessities does not make one wasteful. what is the essence of saving and saving when you can’t even use the money to solve a problem? Husband needs to relax, afterall money needs to be spent.

  • Ugwoke Victor Nnabuike

    The country is hard. No doubt. But the level Desmond is taking the hardship upon himself is even harder than the country’s economic itself, lol…. Oh well, I support Gladys. Desmond need to be reminded that life is all about balance.⚖ Work hard, play harder.
    Kind regards, Dr. Edith.

  • Okere Grace

    ?? This is so interesting and hilarious as well. I learnt a new word ” penny-pinching”. The issue between Gladys and Desmond is something typical amongst some couple.
    I understand the fact that Desmond is trying to be prudent considering the predominant economic situation in the country, but taking it to the extreme is not so good. Gladys as well shouldn’t get really irritated because the motive is right.

  • Eze vivian Nkiruka

    I don’t think Gladys is being unreasonable about spending money,because life is once and should be enjoyed to the fullest once u have the resources,no matter the ecomic situation,that is why Gladys refuses to allow her life and happiness to be stifled by Nigerian spoilt economic fortune

  • Chioma Christy Agbaraka

    Awww… I love the hug at the end. Gladys is a sweet woman. I don’t think she is being unreasonable at all. What she was requesting for were basic needs not extravagant stuffs. Desmond is just too extra, he is lucky Gladys genuinely loves him.

    It’s really not easy paying bills and no matter how you chose to economize and save, at the end, expenses will take it all.

    It’s well at the end. You only live once. Enjoy and be wise with spendings.

  • Aroh Cynthia Chioma

    Wow!!! Loving this piece it tries to reminds we ladies that being dependent on your husband is not encouraging.
    If Glady’s wouldn’t have been earning something she wouldn’t have taught of fixing the generator or buying new one to make the family a progressive one. Notwithstanding her husband economical life, she still loves him and tries in making him to understand that we have only one life to live which must be enjoyed.
    God bless you Ma!

  • Egelebe uzoma geraldine

    Most people here keep saying Gladys is unreasonable being realistic that’s not the case she has a very good stance if you keep on following Nigeria’s economy you’ll become wretched make do with what you have that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save try to live a comfortable and healthy life which satisfies you because if you keep on waiting for the economy to be stable for you to balance your life you’ll be sorry for yourself

  • Egelebe uzoma geraldine

    Many people here are criticising Gladys but she is very realistic about her thoughts of Nigeria’s economy it cannot be stabilized presently so waiting to spend money when the economy is stable is like waiting for rain to fall in Sahara desert therefore like she said use the money but it should be done wisely and live comfortable while you can afford to do so.


    I don’t see any reason why Gladys can’t brush with tap water. After all, she knew he was like that before venturing into the marriage.
    But Desmond on the other hand complains a lot,sometimes you just have to let your woman have her ways.

  • Okere Jovita

    The fact that the country is hard doesn’t mean that one should live a miserable life
    But there is nothing wrong with using tap water to brush that’s where Gladys is getting it all wrong

  • Gladys spending is not unnecessary! Yes quite alright the price of things has skyrocketed but doesn’t mean that she should be deprived of the things that should keep her in good health. It is quite good to curtail expenses based on the amount of money you earn but Gladys is earning well, so that is moral behind her actions

  • Egenti Blossom Mmesoma

    You won’t really blame Desmond, the economy is very bad and things are more expensive than ever. But seeing things too from Gladys’ perspective, he is really uptight about the way he insists they should spend money. You don’t have to deprive yourself of basic necessities you need like elelectricity, because the economy is bad, even when you can afford it. Desmond should really try to live a little, we only live once and we should make the most out of it.

  • Onah Joy Chimdalu

    Adjusting to the country’s economy is not a suicide mission biko… that’s why is good to be financially independent

  • Joy Morgan

    Life is too short to deprive yourself of some joys of lifebut we shouldn’t be wasteful because it is a sin.

  • Adiukwu Desire

    The fear of POVERTY can change one perspective negatively about life. Desmond in this story is a good example. He was scared of poverty. The cause of poverty is bad economy sometimes. But Desmond case was quite different. He has the resources to make his home comfortable but he deprived his home such happiness. God forbid! Thank God for a woman like Gladys. That is the type of woman I like. But Gladys using sachet water for brushing teeth, Haba! Take it easy, my dear. What an enjoyable story! It made my day.

  • Duru Joselyn Amarachi

    To start with, I am like Gladys because u don’t see anything wrong in someone living well if he can comfortably afford such.
    Gladys is right a little bit of those things won’t cause any harm. From the look of things, she is not materialistic. She wasn’t demanding for a house or a car but was demanding for mere necessities. My only problem is the fact that she uses sachet water to brush her teeth. I mean, who does that?

  • Omaga Chiagozie

    The economy is bad there is no disputing that fact but that does not mean we should live in discomfort. If am in Gladys shoe I will do the same thing Gladys did. If you can afford something go for it don’t allow poverty mentality to ruin your happiness. Life is too short enjoy it why you still can. But more importantly communication is important in a relationship they should try and reach a compromise that way they will be happy.

  • Vincentia Charles

    I think I am a replica of Gladys. If I can afford to buy coconut oil and still have not been thinly stretched financially, why would I want to settle for groundnut oil. It’s okay to live in comfort if you can buy one.

  • Ejiofor Emmanuel

    We live but once. I am not advocating for an extravagant lifestyle but we should learn to treat ourselves well. We can’t starve ourselves because things are hard. I can’t be stringy to myself, not when I have enough money. Desmond is not doing well seriously. He is making his wife feel uncomfortable with trying to inspect the price of everything and not doing the necessary things when he has enough money

  • Andeshi Monica

    Lol… this couple is really giving me so much joy sha, God really combined both of them well, imagine it was two of Desmond or two of Gladys together. Also, I like the fact that Gladys makes her own money because that’s where more problems would have come from, but since it’s the way it is, Desmond should be more open-minded. Problems never finish in life, so he should never deprive himself of a little comfort because of the problems or issues of the economy. They can also see a counselor, it will really help.

  • Uyanna Chibuike

    I’m actually like Gladys, I don’t like to stress myself and i always try to live my life to the fullest of my capability.

  • Ebi osinachi mercy

    The ending just made me smile… Trust me things are hard and sometimes you need to cut down things, but that doesn’t mean a person should be so selfish to his or her own self, cause like she said yolo( you only live ones) and funny enough when a person die, it’s that same money the person is saving, will be used to add up for the persons burial … So in the process of savings and budgeting, let’s not forget self-care and try to spoil ourselves at time

  • Edebeatu Ebere Nelly

    The story is quite interesting and educative too. When couples have different approaches to life such as different spending habits or values around money these differences can create conflict and it is only understanding each other’s perspective that is needed to solve such a problem.

  • Ejim Juliet Ifechukwu

    Being mindful of the state of the economy is not a bad idea but living our lives uncomfortably when we can grant that comfort is absurd. I believe what people in situations like that of Desmond and Gladys need is understanding because when there is understanding in the house, the home would be nothing but splendid.

  • Okoh Stephanie Chinenye

    The story “my penny-pinching-husband” is quite an interesting one, it describes what can be seen in Nigerian families in this state of our country. Desmond as the head of the family tries to pinch the penny for future survival but Gladys sees it in a different way. for her, it’s just to satisfy oneself at the moment and leave tomorrow to think for itself. despite their differences, they still love each other. hmmm! that’s an interesting story

  • Onogwu chinenye blessing

    Understanding can resolve couples differences

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